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					 C a l i f o r n i a                 L a n d s c a p e            C o n t r a c t o r s              A s s o c i a t i o n

                                                                                                 AUGUST 2005 • Vol. 29, Issue No. 8

                                               B B       ay reeze
                                                       w w w. c l c a s f b a . o r g    San Francisco Bay Area Chapter

                                                                                                A tradition of excellence.

Tournament Set for
October 4
This year, the annual chapter golf
tournament, scheduled for October 4th, will
be played in honor of the late Paul Shogren.
And, there will be more goodies in your
bag including:
•1st, 2nd and 3rd place prizes, donated by
 Tractor Equipment Service, for the closest
 to the pin on the 4th hole.
•A foursome package, including golf, cart
 and lunch, donated by Spring Valley Golf
 Course, for closest to the pin on Paul’s
 special hole, number 11.
•A fantastic post game BBQ.
This year’s tournament is restricted to 92
golfers, so get your reservations and money
in to the chapter A.S.A.P. Please see the
enclosed flyer for registration details.
                                                         SFBA Chapter Family Picnic
                                                                     Sunday, September 11, 2005
                                                            Picnic and Horseshoe Competition 11:00 a.m.
                                                                       BBQ Lunch 12:30 p.m.
                                                                     Organized Games 2 - 3 p.m.
                                                                    Cuesta Park, Mountain View
                                                                   (Grant Road and Cuesta Drive)
                                                                  $15 per family - $5 per individual

                                               •Annual horseshoe tournament, volleyball, children’s organized games, kickball,
                                                ringtoss, sackrace, a playground and more.
                                               •Finger dessert competition (children and/or adults may enter.).
                                               •Horseshoe competition begins at 11:00 A.M. Sharp! Sign up as many teams as you
                                                like – we need the names of all participants. If you don’t have a partner we will find
                                                one for you!
                                               See inside this Bay Breeze for the Reservation Form. Return your reservation early
                                               so we can make sure that there is enough food and fun for all.
  2005 SF Bay Area Chapter Contacts
 Landmark Landscapes
                                           (408) 266-7785
                                                               P          artners for         S            uccess
                                                                                                                              By John Bass, Associate Liaison
 MICHAEL HERTZER                           (408) 371-4477      Thank you to the following companies for their support of the CLCA SFBA chapter. Please
 Modern Landscaping      go the extra mile to thank and patronize these companies that support our chapter.
 MICHELLE GASPAR                           (650) 592-9440      Diamond Partners
 The Village Gardener
                                                               The Urban Farmer Store • FX Luminaire • Hunter Industries • Ewing Irrigation
 KEVIN BURNS                               (650) 992-6206
                                                               Horizon Irrigation • Pacific Sod • Delta Blue Grass • Lyngso Garden Materials Inc.
 Maximum Service Landscaping                                   Vista Professional Outdoor Lighting • Blue Sky Design Inc.
                                                               Landscape Contractors Insurance Services Inc. • Pacific Nurseries • Satake Nursery Inc.
 CRAIG RAPP                                (408) 446-4555      Tractor Equipment Sales • Rain Bird Corporation • Grass Farm Inc.
 Jensen Landscape Services
                                                               Platinum Partners
 JOHN BASS                                 (866) 251-5559      Jensen Corp. Landscape Contractors • Confidence Landscape Inc.
 FX Luminaire                    
                                                               Maximum Service Landscaping Inc. • The Celtis Group • R.V. Cloud
 LESLEY PETERS                             (650) 948-7260
                                                               Blue Spruce Landscape • Bobcat West • Colony Landscape and Maintenance Inc.
                                 Gachina Landscape Management
 DIANA WHITNEY                             (650) 941-9677      Gold Partners
 AUXILIARY VICE PRESIDENT                                      Modern Landscaping Inc. • Coney Landscaping • SPJ Lighting Inc.
 VIVIAN RAPP                               (408) 209-8421      United Green Mark Inc. • Boething Treeland Farms Inc. • Arborwell
 TANYA SINGLEY                             (408) 298-7811      San Francisco Flower and Garden Show
 Blue Spruce Landscape
                                                               Achievement Awards Sponsors
 BETH O’CONNOR                             (408) 296-1127      The Village Gardener Inc. • SPJ Lighting Inc. • Target Specialty Products
                                                               United Green Mark Inc.
 LARA JOHNSON                              (408) 561-9339      Garden Tour Sponsors
                                                               The Urban Farmer Store • In Bloom Garden Design • Schaub Design
 JERRIE BEARD                        voice (530) 621-1701      Jolee Horne Landscape Design • California Gardens
 Jerrie Beard & Associates                fax (530) 621-2043                                       Golf Sponsors
          CLCA State Headquarters                              FX Luminaire • Ewing Irrigation • Myers Landscaping Inc.

 1491 River Park Drive, Ste. 100                               Student Sponsors
 Sacramento CA 95815-8899                                      Modern Landscaping Inc. • Landmark Landscapes • The Village Gardener Inc.
 (916) 830-2780 • (800) 448-2522
                                                               Blue Spruce Landscape • Maximum Service Landscaping Inc. • Girvin Peters Landscape
 (916) 830-2788 Fax
 email:                                            Confidence Landscape Inc. • Jensen Corp. Landscape Contractors • Gardenworks Inc.
                                                               Samscaping Inc. • EvLand LLC • Plant Providers • Beth O’Connor
 CLCA Mission Statement
 The California Landscape Contractors Association
 serves the interests of its members, promotes
 professionalism, and advances public awareness of
 the landscape industry.                                         2005 CLT Training Seminar
 The CLCA SFBA Chapter newsletter is published month-
                                                                 Don’t miss this opportunity to prepare for the Certified Landscape Technician test.
 ly. Copy and advertising deadlines are the 10th of the
 month preceding publication. Please send all copy,              The next test will be given October 1-2 in Sacramento. The training session will be
 black & white photos, line art and ad materials to: Jerrie
 Beard & Associates, 1024 Simon Dr., Ste. F, Placerville
                                                                 held September 17, from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. at Foothill College in Los Altos and feature
 CA 95667. Emailed submissions are also welcome at               hands on training in: For information on advertis-
 ing and rates, contact Jerrie Beard at (530) 621-1701.          •Truck and Trailer         •Plan Reading               •Plant ID
 Articles submitted are subject to approval and modifi-          •Pesticides                •Irrigation
 cation. Chapter or Editor are not liable for misprints or       Learn from industry professionals and other CLT’s in English and in Spanish. For
 errors, and do not necessarily agree with opinions
 expressed in byline articles. Articles may be used by           more information, see the flyer in this issue or call Tony Lorocco at (408) 298-5003 or
 other CLCA chapter newsletters, giving proper credit to
 their source.

2 • August 2005                                                                                                          CLCA San Francisco Bay Area Chapter
 A Message from the President                                                                      COMING SOON!
                                                                                                   SFBA 2006
Don’t let heat take its toll                                                                       Chapter Project
on Customer Relations.
                                                                                                   Call for project applications for our CLCA-
By Mike Hertzer, Modern Landscaping Inc.
                                                                                                   SFBA 2006 Chapter Project.
                                                                                                   If you know of a project that you’d like
Summer is the busiest time of the year for       under-nourishment, but are showing signs          to have considered for the 2006 Chapter
most landscapers. We are finally over the        of rust and of fungus; many homeowners            Project, look for our list of criteria that
rains and able to work for more than three       think fertilizer and more water will solve        each project is judged by. The list will be
days in a row without being stopped.             the problem, but it feeds infestations as         published in next months’ edition of the
Unfortunately, the searing weather has its       well. We as landscapers have a                    Bay Breeze. We are hoping to get a head
downsides. The topical heat has been             responsibility to ensure our client’s             start on the project by getting some of
affecting many aspects of our industry. I        happiness with our product. This means            the organizational work done early.
have recently been seeing many lawns with        paying attention to the factors that
rust and fungus problems. The late rain and      influence our work and providing a timely         If you’ve never helped out on a Chapter
sudden heat has developed many                   solution to the problem. In a perfect world       Project before, it is a great way to get
challenges on the jobsites, both in              we would not even have the word "fungus",         involved. If you’re a new member
maintenance and construction. When new           but unfortunately, we all know, this world        looking for a way to get to know your
plants are installed this time of year, the      is not perfect. What we do have is the            fellow members, this is a way to get to
leaves transpire faster than they are able to    ability to relate to our client’s predicament,    know people while working alongside
absorb the water from the ground; the end        and offer all that is in our power. If this       them providing a valuable community
result: things look parched and wilted. On       simply means the phone number for a               service. You’ll have super fun, learn a lot
the construction end, clients are reasonably     specialist, or a radical new technique like a     and feel great at the end of the day.
disgruntled when the Cornus "Eddie’s             new-age healer, it is our job to explain their    Consider joining us as we form our 2006
White Wonder" that they just paid                options and help guide them to a decision         Chapter Project committee.
hundreds of dollars for is suffering             that befits their lifestyle. It may be that you
miserably in their newly landscaped yard.        have a client that has money to burn and          For more information, contact:
On the maintenance end, lawns are                doesn’t mind replacing his or her lawn            Rick Camin                  (650) 964-1078
particularly susceptible to the constant         every month for the next six, but more than       2005 Chapter Project Co-Chair
fluctuations of the precipitation that we in     likely, your client simply wants a fast, easy
the Bay Area have been experiencing of           solution to their less than perfect yard.
late. Their languishing appearance in-           There needs to be open lines of                   Kevin Burns, CLT            (650) 992-6206
between our weekly visits screams for            communication between landscaper and              2003-04 Chapter Project Chair
attention from the homeowner. What most          client. If your client knows that you are
homeowners are unaware of is that extra          willing to do everything in your power to
water does not help, except for an               correct their problem, even if you don’t
occasional misting of the foliage in the early   succeed, your reputation will. Candidness
mornings and evenings. A mid-day                 and honesty are the keys to a successful
watering will only burn things more. These       relationship, especially in these trying times
lawns and plants are not suffering from          of rust and fungus.                                                                                                                  August 2005 • 3

       T         he Board Meets
                            By Craig Rapp
                            President Mike Hertzer              installation of native plants. Dates for this
                                                                                                                The chapter website is active. If you have
                                                                                                                publications, correspondence, committee
                                                                                                                information, etc. to include on the web,
                                                                                                                contact Jerrie Beard. Setting up a member
                            called the meeting to               event will be forthcoming.                      chat room, photo archive and possibly
order at 5:30 p.m. on June 22, 2005.                            Membership Committee                            linking to the state roster were discussed.
Roll Call                                                       There are five new members for June. A          Chapter Project
Mike Hertzer, Michelle Gaspar, Kevin                            member survey via the internet is being set     A reporter from the San Jose Mercury News
Burns, Craig Rapp, Dale von Dohren, Jess                        up to get member response and input.            wrote an article pertaining to the memorial
Running, Tom Glazener, Charlene Ott, Rick                       Education Committee                             garden installed by the SFBA Chapter. The
Camin, Mike Ruscoe, Frank Niccoli, Lara                                                                         article was published on June 2nd.
                                                                Upcoming events include a First Aid
Johnson, Mark Bourne, Saleem Soomro, Jeff                                                                       Archives
                                                                seminar and CLT training.
Sheehan, Girvin Peters, Leslie Peters, Scott
                                                                Partners for Success                            If anyone has information about the
Persson, Tom Ellington, Barry Cohen,
                                                                                                                chapter’s history; past, present and future
Simon Parrott and Tony Larocca present.                         Committee is considering avenues to
                                                                                                                and wishes to share it with the members,
                                                                increase income opportunities.
Minutes                                                                                                         please put it on a disk and forward it to
Minutes reviewed. Motion made by Barry
                                                                Awards Program
                                                                                                                Barry Cohen or the CLCA SFBA Board.
C., seconded by Tom G. to accept minutes                        Banquet on June 18th was a huge success.
                                                                                                                Golf Tournament
as stated. Motion carried.                                      We were honored with the presence of
                                                                                                                The October 4th event is open to the first 92
                                                                CLCA President, Barbara Alvarez. Thank
Treasurer’s Report                                                                                              players to sign up.
                                                                you to everyone who volunteered to help
Treasurer’s Report reviewed. Motion made                                                                        State Level Student Liaison
                                                                make the event one of the best ever! The
by Michelle G., seconded by Dale to
                                                                chapter received 105 entries this year. Over    On the state level, the education director
approve the May 2005 Treasurer’s Report.
                                                                200 people attended the banquet.                held a round table discussion with
Motion carried.
                                                                Women’s Auxiliary                               community colleges to assist with solutions
New Business                                                                                                    to declining enrollment in horticulture
                                                                The Leaf Raffle at the Awards Banquet
Plan to attend SFX. Make your reservations                                                                      programs. The student clubs showing
                                                                totaled over $2,000 in donations. The
soon and pass this information to others.                                                                       activity are at Foothill College and Cal Poly,
                                                                annual Pot Luck Dinner will be August 27.
Correspondence                                                                                                  San Luis Obispo. A student club committee
                                                                The 2005 Picnic is September 11th at Cuesta
                                                                                                                is planned to further the involvement of
The City of Palo Alto City Council met on                       Park. The Holiday Party will be December
                                                                                                                students. The three main criteria necessary
June 13th to review the usage/ ban of gas                       8th at The Crowne Plaza Cabana, Palo Alto.
                                                                                                                for a successful student club are an active
powered blowers. Results of this meeting                        Programs Committee
                                                                                                                educator, student and industry leader base.
were that gas blowers are prohibited for all
                                                                The next dinner meeting is October 20th.        Contact Tony Larocca at Blue Spruce
residential, public and commercial areas
within 500 feet of residential and public
                                                                State Liaison                                   Landscape to become involved.

areas. This ruling went into effect July 1,                     CLCA is actively involved in AB2717 with        Student Club
2005. The council will review the current                       seven members. Land Pac was given funds         A dry stack building seminar was held with
technology of equipment in one year to                          from the state general fund for fund raising    19 students taking part. Officer elections,
determine if it has become quiet enough.                        opportunities. Workers compensation and         fund raisers and social events are planned
    The California Plant Society is planning                    water issues will continue to be important      when school year convenes in the fall. The
a one day seminar on the selection and                          items in our businesses.                        membership has increased to over sixty.

  No. California: phone (800) 272-8733 fax (650) 851-4252
 Lodi Sales Office: phone (888) 990-0400 fax (209) 727-9701
  So. California: phone (800) 995-8744 fax (818) 712-6979
               Call Monday through Friday 7-4:30
  Full line of trees & shrubs available for next day delivery
4 • August 2005                                                                                                          CLCA San Francisco Bay Area Chapter
              W omen’s Auxiliary Report                                                          help support the CLCA. If you are
                                                                                                 interested in joining, please give Lesley
                                                                                                 Peters a call at 650-948-7260 or email her at
                   As the last month of         prize of a two night stay at the Pan Pacific
                                                                                                    The Annual Golf Tournament will be
              summer, August always             Hotel in San Francisco was won by Rick
                                                                                                 held October 4th. If anyone is interested
 seems to be the month to hurry up and          LaMantain of Valley Crest Tree Company.
                                                                                                 in helping with the betting hole, please
 squeeze the last bit of fun into your          First prize of a two night stay at the Hyatt
                                                                                                 contact Lesley Peters at 650-948-7260.
 weekends before school starts again.           Regency at Incline Village, Nevada was
                                                                                                 Birth Announcements:
 Make sure that one of the fun weekends         won by Kevin Burns of Maximum
                                                Landscape. The second prize                      Brigitte and Ernst Lehmann are
 this month includes the Women’s
                                                "Hollywood" basket was won by Andy               grandparents for the 4th time. Their
 Auxiliary Potluck on Saturday, August
                                                Gagnon, a judge for this year's awards.          newest grandson, Aiden Peter Deffer
 27th. It will be hosted by Richard and
                                                The third prize garden centerpiece was           arrived July 6, 2005. Parents Andrea and
 Cindy Singletary at their home in
                                                won by landscape architect Kenneth               Pete are doing fine. Grandparents Brigitte
                                                Schoppet. The fourth prize $100 gift             and Ernst now have two granddaughters
     Next month is the SFBA Chapter
                                                certificate for dinner at Trader Vic’s in Palo   and two grandsons. Congratulations.
 Picnic. This year it will be held at Cuesta
 Park in Mountain View on Sunday,               Alto was won by Paul Truyts of Garden            Happy Birthday Wishes:
 September 11th. It’s always great fun for      Materials. In addition, Lani Hanker won a        Frank Niccoli on August 24th.
 the entire family. There is the horseshoe      fountain and Linda Lyngso won a palm             Upcoming Events:
 competition for the adults, lots of games      tree. Congratulations to the lucky
                                                                                                 Holiday Party, Thursday, December 8th.
 for the kids, and lots of food for all.        winners.
                                                                                                 Crowne Plaza Cabana, Palo Alto.
     As promised last month, here is the list      Check your mailbox in August for
 of the raffle winners at the 32nd Annual       Women’s Auxiliary Membership renewals.
                                                                                                                    Toni vonDohren, reporting
 Awards Banquet held in June. Grand             The Women’s Auxiliary is a great way to

                                                        PARTNER SOUGHT
                                                        Successful Residential Design/Build
                                                        Firm Seeks a Partner.
                                                        After 25 years of designing and managing the installation of
                                                        each project, David Kato, of Katoscapes Inc. is interviewing
                                                        potential business partners. Interested persons must have an
                                                        active unblemished C-27 license and several years experience
                                                        running a local landscape business with emphasis in high-
                                                        end landscape construction. David will consider merging an
                                                        existing small company with Katoscapes, Inc. to achieve the
                                                        results he’s looking for.

                                                        To pursue this opportunity, contact
                   PO Box 2048
                   Los Gatos CA 95031-2048
                   Lic. No. 593911
                                                        Vicki or David Kato at (408) 353-2805.                                                                                                                 August 2005 • 5
A Night Among the Stars                                                                        themes played as each award recipient
                                                                                               walked to the stage were great. Back at the
By Craig Rapp                                   special lighting, and Ilan Kutok took center   microphone, Brian delighted and
                                                stage and finished the preparations for the    entertained us while the winners were
This year marked the 32nd anniversary of        slide show. Nancy Ramie prepared all of        accepting their prestigious accolades. The
the San Francisco Bay Area Chapter’s            the banquet programs for the evening’s         presentations went smoothly and quickly.
Achievement Awards. The event was held          guests. Mike Hertzer played more of his        John Gachina practiced his acceptance walk
on June 18, at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in        musical themes and Jim Everett and             and Sam Whitney gave a few words on
Foster City, with a theme of “A Night           Rebecca Todd put the finishing touches on      stage after accepting one of his many
Among Stars”. This year the set up, the         the table settings. A special thanks to        awards.
actual ceremony and presentation, and the       Lesley Peters who accepted the evening’s          Congratulations to all of the award
after party all went off without a hitch.       reservations.                                  winners and thank you to all of the
   At 7 a.m. on Saturday, June 18th, the big       A Night Among Stars was ready for the       contractors who entered such amazing
party began. A group of volunteers began        premier showing! The cocktail hour got         work. Special congratulations to Oliver
setting up the decorations organized by our     started with great drinks and appetizers. A    Frank of Landscapia for taking top honors
banquet designer, Jill Hertzer. Chapter         special addition was the chance to be          in winning the Landscape Awards
President Mike Hertzer added musical tales      photographed in Hollywood, which many          Sweepstakes! A special toast to everyone!
as the stage was arranged. Michelle             people enjoyed. The crowd of over 200
Gaspar, Rick Camin and Girvin Peters            people moved into the banquet room to          The awards program is the chapter’s
prepared the "Hollywood" backdrop, and          continue with more fun and food prepared       biggest and most rewarding effort. But, it
the "Box of Popcorn" was assembled and          by our fabulous chef. Mike Hertzer opened      requires the work of many volunteers to
put in place. The awards plaques were set       the evening with a warm and heart-felt         make it a success and also to keep it from
out for the presentation later in the evening   welcome to everyone.                           being a burden to those who participate on
by special guests Robert Burns and Bryan           Our Master of Ceremonies, Brian             the awards committee. If you would like to
Rapp.                                           Michael was fabulous. His quick wit and        help with the 2006 Awards program,
   Magnificent palm trees were placed in        humor had us laughing and enjoying the         contact Mike Hertzer at (408) 371-4477 or
special spots with the help of Jess Running.    evening to the end. Our digital slide show     Craig Rapp at (408) 446-4555.
The show was almost set. John Bass added        went off without a hitch. The musical

                                                                                               •Linda Ramsey-Edron Schneider
  2005 LEAF Scholarship Winners Names                                                           Memorial Scholarship and an award from
  Continuing its mission to nurture and encourage the professional goals of California’s        CLCA Women’s Auxiliary.
  next generation of green industry professionals, the Landscape Educational                   •Juan Ruelas-CLCA Women’s Auxiliary
  Advancement Foundation (LEAF) has named the following students as recipients of its           and Los Angeles/San Gabriel Chapter
  2005 scholarship awards.                                                                      Scholarships.
                                                                                               •Keri Running-Ron Heaviland Memorial
 •Drew Babcock - The Herb Frank                 •John Donovan - John Redmond Memorial
                                                                                                Scholarship and an award from CLCA
   Memorial Scholarship.                         Scholarship and an award from CLCA
                                                                                                Women’s Auxiliary.
 •Keri Cush - Elizabeth Lloyd-Davis,             Women’s Auxiliary.
                                                                                               •Devon Scarber-Bill Hayes Memorial
   Robert Kaplanak Memorial and Hans            •Laura Johnson-Joy and Warren Thurston
                                                                                                Scholarship and an award from CLCA
   Biland Memorial Scholarships.                 Memorial, SFBA Chapter and CLCA
                                                                                                Women’s Auxiliary.
 •Noel Day - CLCA Women’s Auxiliary              Women’s Auxiliary Scholarships.
                                                                                               •Joey Silva-Tom Yanase and Tom Takahara
   and the Long Beach Orange County             •Jennifer Lara-Redwood Landscape and
                                                                                                Scholarships and an award from CLCA
   Chapter, and Tom Matsuoka Memorial            CLCA Women’s Auxiliary Scholarships.
                                                                                                Women’s Auxiliary.
   Scholarships.                                •Alexander Lehman-John Lyngso
                                                                                               •Patricia Stanifer-Ken Jenner Memorial
 •Kathryn DeClercq - Awards from the San         Memorial and Ben Slade Memorial
                                                                                                Scholarship and an award from CLCA
   Francisco Bay Area East and Sacramento        Scholarships and an award from CLCA
                                                                                                Women’s Auxiliary.
   chapters and CLCA Women’s Auxiliary.          Women’s Auxiliary.
                                                                                               •Peter Zendejas-Hi Kellogg Memorial and
 •Lauren Derry - CLCA Women’s Auxiliary         •Angelic Rael-Awards from the Associate
                                                                                                Jere Driscoll Memorial Scholarships and
   and Sigrid Raeth Memorial Scholarships.       Member Organization, San Fernando
                                                                                                an award from CLCA Women’s Auxiliary.
                                                 Valley and CLCA Women’s Auxiliary.

6 • August 2005                                                                                          CLCA San Francisco Bay Area Chapter
Unlicensed Operators!                                                                               performing the work but not the person
                                                                                                    hiring him. Perhaps it is against the law, but

Are they really a problem?                                                                          is it an offense that carries any real
                                                                                                    consequence? If the CSLB has limited
By Kevin Burns
                                                                                                    resources, how might I help to present a

In last months’ edition of The Cutting Edge I   the target, however, given my geographic            solution? To answer questions such as these

read "Nearly Three Dozen Unlicensed             location (northern S.F. peninsula) there is         is the purpose of our Task Force.

Operators Stung With Help Of CLCA               quite a lot of competition already for the              It was suggested at our meeting that our

Chapter" which described the two-day sting      larger jobs. When the economy suffers, a            Task Force might work to get on the agenda

operation that was recently conducted by        $50,000 job can sometimes be considered a           at local city council meetings and inform

the California State License Board with the     big job. I imagine the same is true for             the many Boards of Directors of the cities in

assistance of CLCA’s San Luis Obispo            contractors who operate outside of the              which we work of the risks that unlicensed

Chapter. Good for them! It got me thinking      larger metropolitan areas.                          operators pose to their citizens. If they

about how many CLCA member                         After the conversation at our board              perceive this to be a problem, perhaps

contractors are affected by the seeming         meeting, we decided to form a local Task            they’ll consider more stringent enforcement

escalation of work being performed by           Force to investigate the problem and put            through their permitting agencies.

these unlicensed operators.                     together suggestions for possible solutions.            Have you ever lost work to an

   I wondered if I perceived the problem to     In my opinion, I believe that perhaps no            unlicensed operator? Does this problem

be escalating only because of my recent         one program can be very effective without           affect you? Check out the state website at

experiences with losing work which I            others in place working hand in hand. I   

suspect has been awarded to the                 really like the idea of Operation Helping           tractors.php which discusses "Making

unlicensed. I realized any answer I came up     Hand but wonder how many people truly               Illegal Operators Disappear". If this article

with on my own would only be a guess. I         make use of it. If the unlicensed can               has stirred your interest, perhaps you have

decided to bring up the topic at our last       proceed without penalty, why bother                 questions, comments or suggestions you’d

CLCA board meeting. This prompted a             getting licensed?                                   like to offer. Perhaps you’d like to join our

quick discussion about the problem, and            So, are these unlicensed operators really        Task Force and help us to keep vigilant in

the multitude of problems inherent in           a problem? We’ve all heard the question:            bringing a solution to this problem. Your

creating a solution. This is a problem that     When a tree falls in the forest does it make        participation would be greatly appreciated.

CLCA has been dealing with since its            a sound? The question, of course, refers to         You can contact the Task Force by email at:

inception.                                      our perception. If I didn’t hear it, if it didn’t Working together,

   The pieces of the puzzle that make up        affect me, did it really make a sound?              we can make a difference that will benefit

the solution range from very positive              I imagine that many unlicensed                   us all. One thing is clear, if I want action,

attitudes directed at helping these             operators don’t claim their income, which           I’ve got to take action. Are you with me?

individuals become licensed (such as            means that they don’t pay any of the taxes
CLCA’s Operation Helping Hand which             that I have to pay. I also imagine that many
was spearheaded by our own Jeff Sheehan)        of them don’t carry Liability or Workers’
to very negative attitudes that include         Compensation Insurance, a hefty bill that
vigilantism. I don’t know that there can        I’m required to pay. Many pay their
ever be a perfect remedy, but it seems to me    employees under the table, which means
that the problem currently has no lasting       that there is no payroll burden. I wonder
solution. This may be because the people        how that affects my insurance rates. How
most affected by the problem get tired of       about medical coverage for employees? I’ve
keeping up the vigil and fighting what          personally heard of many instances where
seems to be a losing battle.                    unlicensed operators either did terrible
                                                                                                          Rusty Browning         • 800 acres in northern and
   It has been suggested that by building       work or left projects unfinished. How do                  Sales Representative
                                                                                                                                   southern California
my company up to handle only larger             you suppose this affects our industry as a           8501 Calaveras Road         • 15 gallon thru 72” box inventory
                                                                                                         Sunol, CA 94586         • Certified arborists on staff
projects, jobs that the unlicensed don’t dare   whole? I wonder why it is that contracting           phone 925.862.2485          • Mature specimen trees and palms
bid on, would limit my exposure to this         to build work over $500.00 without having               fax 925.862.2935         • Large inventory on hand
                                                                                                                                 • Tree relocation and preservation
problem. I understand the idea of moving        a license is against the law for the person                                                                                                                                       August 2005 • 7
8 • August 2005   CLCA San Francisco Bay Area Chapter
                                                                                                       recommendations from the task force about
Water Budgets and Tiered Rates...They’re Coming
                                                                                                       discouraging its use. Instead, I believe there
By Warren S. Gorowitz, Ewing Irrigation Products, CLCA Director Water Resources
                                                                                                       will be much weight placed on the water
As many of you know, I have been selected             the revision of AB 325.                          budget and irrigation efficiency.
as the Vice-Chair of the Irrigation Work                  Much emphasis has been placed on the            We still have several more months to
Group. The main goal of this group is to              feasibility of incorporating various             discuss how these recommendations will be
promote water conservation. To that end,              Conservation Rate Structures. A                  shaped. I really encourage you to continue
we are reviewing the Model Ordinance for              conservation rate structure requires the         to monitor the CUWCC’s website
Landscape and Water Efficiency (AB 325) to            water district to develop a water budget for     ( - click on AB2717) where
determine what updates need to be made.               each site based on the square footage of         information is provided and input is
   There was recently a meeting that dealt            irrigated landscape. These rate structures       encouraged. What comes out of these
with Training and Certification where many            reward sites that use less water and punish      meetings and recommendations will change
problems and solutions were evaluated. The            sites that use more water than their             the way landscaping is done in California
challenge for our group is to determine how           budgeted amount. The rates are tiered            and eventually in other states. I also suggest
to better educate those involved in                   similarly to the electricity rates. Money        you think about how your company can
installing and maintaining irrigation. The            received from those that go over their           become better educated in water
ideas that were discussed ranged from                 budget is put back into conservation. On         management because that too will be an
creating a separate license for irrigation to         the surface, it seems like the natural way to    important focus of the future.
requiring certification for everyone                  help encourage water conservation, but              Rest assured, your interests are being
responsible in dealing with irrigation.               much is required to make it work properly.       well represented by myself and others from
Before you get too alarmed, keep in mind              For instance, water districts must change        CLCA. That's another benefit of being a
these discussions are only preliminary. We            their billing system to accommodate this.        CLCA member!
do not intend to recommend more                       Who’s going to pay for these changes?
regulations and restrictions. However, in                 The other work groups have been
order to further the cause of conservation,           discussing plants and their relationship to
                                                                                                        Not a Member Yet?
changes must be made.                                 water conservation. These groups are
                                                                                                        CLCA membership has any number
   It was encouraging to hear many times              trying hard to shy away from plant lists and
                                                                                                        of advantages. From the insurance, to
in our meeting that CLCA serves as the                plant requirements, thanks to the help of
                                                                                                        the educational programs, to the
voice of the landscape contractors in                 several of our members, including our
                                                                                                        networking opportunities, CLCA
California. It was even discussed how                 Legislative Director, Bob Wade. There is
                                                                                                        members will tell you that their
CLCA can help promote education and                   emphasis on the usage of California
training to contractors. The CLT Program              Friendly plants that are native and use less
                                                                                                        involvement with the association is

was also mentioned as a tool for training.            water. As always, there is a lot of discussion    invaluable.
We then looked at the Irrigation                      about turfgrass and its proper use.                  For more information or to join,
Association’s Certification Programs as a             Turfgrass seems to be an easy target but          visit or call tollfree at
possible tool that could be incorporated into         don’t expect there to be any final                (800) 448-2522.


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                                                                                                                                                             August 2005 • 9
10 • August 2005   CLCA San Francisco Bay Area Chapter
                                                                                                 turf varieties: durability, appearance and
The NFL on Artificial Turf                                                                       low maintenance. Time will tell how well
By Erin Gil, Production Manager, Grass Farm                                                      and where they fit in our landscapes. For
With all of the talk about the new                  There have been many who have tried to       the past four years, we’ve been selling kits
advancements in artificial turf, as a supplier   replace turf. And as a grower, we wouldn’t      for artificial putting greens. That’s
or contractor, there are some interesting        have any problem providing any alternative      definitely a place the average homeowner
things you should know when making that          that presents itself as a good quality          needs to be, if they desire to ‘putt’ around
recommendation to a client.                      solution. We always have an inquiry as to       their yard.
   Being a turf grower, one might pass this      the name of the grass variety which doesn’t        In a recent 2004 opinion survey of the
article off as one who is just trying to         need water, mowing, sunlight, tolerates         NFLPA (National Football League Players
protect his own interest. Though our family      high traffic and was recommended by a           Association), players were asked, "Which
has now produced cool season grasses for         leading horticulturist somewhere in the         surface do you think is more likely to
the past 36 years, we have looked at many        world.                                          shorten your career?" See the box at lower
alternatives to what we perceive as a               Sure sounds like ‘Astroturf’ to me. I, for   left for their responses.
remarkable ground cover: Turfgrass.              one, see the benefits of the new artificial        For us in the Turf business, the results of
                                                                                                 the survey seem self evident. For those
  Which surface do you think is more likely to shorten your career?                              outside our industry, they should make you
  Club                         Real Grass                 Artificial Turf        Neither         think. Although the NFLPA survey has
  Arizona Cardinals                0.0%                        87.8%               12.2%         only one part released to the association
  Atlanta Falcons                  0.0.%                       82.4%               17.6%         ‘Turfgrass Producers International,’ it is
  Baltimore Ravens                 0.0%                        83.0%               17.0%         eye-opening. As professionals, we must
  Buffalo Bills                    1.8%                        89.3%                8.9%         remember to review all of the aspects when
  Carolina Panthers                0.0%                        86.3%               13.7%         using and recommending products.
  Chicago Bears                    0.0%                        88.9%               11.1%         Erin Gil is the Production Manager for Grass
  Cincinnati Bengals               2.0%                        72.0%               26.0%         Farm, 602 Palm Ave., Morgan Hill, CA 95037.
  Cleveland Browns                 0.0%                        79.7%               20.3%         Email her at
  Dallas Cowboys                   0.0%                        82.5%               17.5%         or call 408/463-0500.
  Denver Broncos                   0.0%                        80.0%               20.0%
  Detroit Lions                    0.0%                        80.4%               19.6%
  Green Bay Packers                0.0%                        89.7%               10.3%
  Houston Texans                   0.0%                        96.2%                3.8%
  Indianapolis Colts               0.0%                        89.7%               10.3%
  Jacksonville Jaguars             0.0%                        92.5%                7.5%
  Kansas City Chiefs               0.0%                        92.9%                7.1%
  Miami Dolphins                   0.0%                        92.1%                7.9%
  Minnesota Vikings                3.8%                        78.8%               17.3%
  New England Patriots             1.8%                        91.1%                7.1%
  New Orleans Saints               0.0%                        88.4%               11.6%
  New York Giants                  0.0%                        76.1%               23.9%
  New York Jets                    0.0%                        84.4%               15.6%
  Oakland Raiders                  0.0%                        82.9%               17.1%
  Philadelphia Eagles              0.0%                        87.8%               12.2%
  Pittsburgh Steelers              1.9%                        84.6%               13.5%
  St. Louis Rams                   2.1%                        83.3%               14.6%
  San Diego Chargers               0.0%                        93.2%                6.8%
  San Francisco 49ers              0.0%                        86.7%               13.3%
  Seattle Seahawks                 0.0%                        83.7%               16.3%
  Tampa Bay Buccaneers             2.6%                        84.6%               12.8%
  Tennessee Titans                 2.1%                        87.2%                 10.6
  Washington Redskins              0.0%                        90.0%               10.0%
  Average                         .57 %                      84.95%              13.55%                                                                                                               August 2005 • 11
                                  Ralph Esquivel
                            831 636-8569 800 735-7879
                      400 Park Center Dr., #7 • Hollister, CA 95023

                   Growers of Quality Bluegrass, Fescue & Bermuda Sod

12 • August 2005                           CLCA San Francisco Bay Area Chapter
Stop and                                           time. For many, that just means we add
                                                   more stuff to our to do lists. But, does doing
                                                                                                    laundry, soccer games, volunteering, bill
                                                                                                    paying, and working.
Smell the Roses                                    more make the roses smell any sweeter? Do
                                                   we even remember what a rose smells like?!
                                                                                                       The Jaie H. Wallace Memorial
                                                                                                    Scholarship will be created to provide hope,
by Jerrie Beard, Bay Breeze Editor
Many of you may have already read of the              One of these days I will come to the end      inspiration, and financial support to those

passing of Jaie Hiromi Wallace, wife of Ed         of my to do list of life. Hopefully it will be   students who show the drive and deter-

Wallace, CLCA Communications Director.             later rather than sooner. But, when I get        mination shown by Jaie throughout her

Jaie battled a rare form of genetic cancer for     there, I hope that I have crossed off a lot      short but exciting life. Contributions to the

the past 52 years of her life. I also learned of   more lattes on the porch and hours playing       Jaie H. Wallace Memorial Scholarship may

the passing of a friend of mine last week          with my son and a few less committee             be sent to LEAF, c/o CLCA, 1491 River

from stomach cancer. She was only a couple         meetings, yard work, special projects,           Park Drive, #100, Sacramento CA 95815.

of years older than me, which has really
made me stop and think.
   I am a very task oriented person. I have
to do lists of my to do lists. I just love to
cross things off my list, but more often than
not, I add three things for every one that I
cross off. In all this to do-ing, I find myself
forgetting to stop and enjoy the simple
pleasures in life.
   Everyday I drive by a Starbucks that has
an outdoor seating area. I often say, “Gee, I
wish I had time to just sit there, enjoy a
latte and watch the people go by.” I told
someone that recently and they said,
“What’s stopping you?” My to do list.
   I “in-a-minute” my son for hours.
“Mommy, look at this!” In a minute when I
finish the dishes. “Mommy, play with me!”
In a minute when I finish the laundry.
“Mommy, I’m going to do a swan dive off
the deck!” In a minute... hey, wait a minute!
All those minutes are adding up to precious
hours that I will never be able to recapture.
   Maybe it’s time to chuck the to do list.
Maybe it’s time to start prioritizing,
delegating or just eliminating some of the
“noise”. It seems that all our modern
technology, has made our lives more hectic
instead of less. Now we can do more in less                                                                                                                  August 2005 • 13
14 • August 2005   CLCA San Francisco Bay Area Chapter
                                                   Green Tips
                   by Frank Nicolli                                not plant an Acer circinatum instead. It is
                   First off, I want to thank Fran Adams for       resistant to Verticillium. Another
                   her work in starting this column and for        wonderful shrub that needs to be planted
                   writing 41 articles for this newsletter. I      more often is Myrica californica.
                   had the distinct honor to co-teach                 And don’t forget the bulbs. Brodiaea,
                   California Natives at Foothill College this     Dichelostemma and Triteleia are among
                   past spring with Fran, and it was a             the easiest and most versatile bulbs to
                   wonderful experience. Her design skills         grow. They do very well in a mixed
                   coupled with her knowledge of natives           border of native and Mediterranean
                   provided a unique learning experience           plants. Alliums represent over 50 species
                   for that class. I look forward to working       of native bulbs for rocky areas. Clochortus
                   with her again. In her honor I want to          superbus not only love the sun, but they
                   write my first Green Tips column about          require summer drought. Plant them in
                   natives.                                        and among native grasses, wildflowers,
                      I find it incredible that most people in     or in front of shrubs. Erythroniums add a
                   our industry know more about                    special touch to native gardens. This bulb
                   introduced species of plant material than       is planted in the foreground part of your
                   they do about natives. We have                  garden and should be planted in groups.
                   opportunities to use plants that are               Look for opportunities to use
                   efficient water users, love this climate        California natives in your gardens. All it
                   and are beautiful and we chose not to use       takes is a few minutes of your time to
                   them. Let’s take a non-native and replace       look up a replacement plant for that
                   it with a native. While an Acer palmatum        introduced species. The natives will add
                   is a wonderful tree in the right location, it   spice to your plantings, reduce water use
                   is susceptible to Verticillium wilt. Why        and you will have learned a new plant.                                                                                 August 2005 • 15
 San Francisco
Bay Area Chapter
  California Landscape Contractors Association
         San Francisco Bay Area Chapter
           214 Cristich Lane, Suite 101
              Campbell CA 95008


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 SFBA Chapter                                          Refreshments 5:00 p.m., Jensen                Refreshments 5:00 p.m., Jensen
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                                                 November                                      December
                                                 TBA CPR Seminar. All Day. Location to            8 Holiday Party. Crown Plaza, Palo
 Events                                                be announced.                                 Alto. Details to be announced.
                                                  10 Dinner Meeting, Installation Night.         15 Board Appreciation Dinner Meeting.
                                                       5:30 p.m. Location to be announced.           6:30 p.m. Location to be announced.
   24 Board BBQ, 5:00 p.m. Shoup Park,
       Los Altos.
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   27 Auxiliary Potluck at the Singletary         Did you know that all of the following contractor support tools are available to you as
       residence. Watch for details.              a CLCA member to help develop and grow your business?
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   11 Women’s Auxiliary/Chapter Picnic
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