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									   Animal Testing
No on Animal Suffering
      By Jordon Rosson
• Animal Testing- The process of using animals
  to test new antibiotics, makeup, and other
  products for humans.
• Euthanasia- The complicated word for mercy
• Haven- An area where no harm should come,
  such as a preserve, most of the time.
• Vivisection- A fancy word for animal testing.
               Animals used in testing
                     Numbers of animals used in the UK in 2000
                Animals                                  Number Used
Mouse                                     1,607,000
Rat                                       535,000
Other Rodent                              71,500
Rabbit                                    39,700
Carnivore                                 11,600
Hoofed mammal                             63,000
Primate                                   3,700
Other mammal                              500
Bird                                      124,200
Reptile                                   15,600
Fish                                      243,000
TOTAL                                     2,714,800
                                Moral Chart
                                 Is animal testing morally right?

                       Yes                                                No

Human life has greater intrinsic value than         Animals have as much right to life as human
   animal life                                         beings
Legislation protects all lab animals from cruelty   Strict controls have not prevented researchers
   or mistreatment                                       from abusing animals - although such
                                                         instances are rare

Millions of animals are killed for food every       Deaths through research are absolutely
    year - if anything, medical research is a          unnecessary and are morally no different
    more worthy death                                  from murder

Few animals feel any pain as they are killed        When locked up they suffer tremendous stress.
   before they have the chance to suffer               Can we know they don't feel pain?
           Medical Advantage Chart
                                   Does animal testing work?

                      Yes                                                 No

Animal testing has helped to develop vaccines      Animal experiments can be misleading. An
   against diseases like rabies, polio, measles,      animal's response to a drug can be different
   mumps, rubella and TB                              to a human's
Antibiotics, HIV drugs, insulin and cancer         Successful alternatives include test tube studies
    treatments rely on animal tests. Other            on human tissue cultures, statistics and
    testing methods aren't advanced enough            computer models
Scientists claim there are no differences in lab   The stress that animals endure in labs can affect
    animals and humans that cannot be factored         experiments, making the results
    into tests                                         meaningless
Operations on animals helped to develop organ      Animals are still used to test items like cleaning
   transplant and open-heart surgery                  products, which benefit mankind less than
   techniques                                         medicines or surgery
   Groups known to help prevent
         Animal testing.
• PETA: The group most well known. They
  are usually out in front of medical labs,
• ISAR: International Society of Animal
  Rights, They are usually more quiet in
  their attempts to help Animals.
• Fund For Animals: Not well known, they
  have known to collect money for animals.
               Help Provided
• Avon, one of the largest
  makeup companies in
  the world, is known as
  one of the first
  companies to stop
  testing on animals.
• In 2000, Bill Clinton
  signed an act to make
  a Chimp Haven in
  Shreveport, Louisiana,
  for the primates that
  weren’t euthanized.
 Tested Products and Procedures.
• Many things, such as cleaners for
  windows and immunizations, are tested on
  animals. You wonder how they know that
  the shampoo is tear free? They put in an
  animal’s eyes, and observe what happens!
  They don’t even have to use animals, they
  could use human tissue samples.
My Interview with Steven Kaufman,
• Q. How large is the industry today?
• A. It is difficult to know about the number of animals
  involved with the greater use of transgenic mice. At least
  in England, where they do keep decent statistics, the
  number of animals used was declining slowly through
  the 1990's, but it has started to increase again. The
  number of non-rodents used has not changed much. It
  might be declining slightly, but still, in England, they've
  used about five or six million animals per year. So, by
  extrapolation, our vivisection industry is certainly much
  larger than theirs several times larger. So, 20 million
  animals is a pretty conservative estimate. I think, for the
  number of animals used, but, of course, no one really
          Interview continued
•   What are transgenic mice?
    These are mice with various genetic defects.
    Some lack certain genes, others have certain
    genes, purportedly to yield insight as to what is
    going on with humans who have various
    genetic abnormalities.
•   Q. Were the mice naturally transgenic?
      We didn't create the mouse, but
      experimenters have been involved in
      changing certain of their attributes to make
      them conducive to experimentation.
               Interview ended
• Q. Are they testing everyday exposure levels, or are they
  dumping shampoo into eyes?
• A. They are doing all sorts of different things. Chronic
  exposure, acute toxic exposure--all sorts of things. Lots
  of animals are still used in toxicity testing. And, for
  pharmaceutical companies, there are a whole battery of
  things that are required by the FDA. Any pharmaceutical
  that comes out is going to have undergone quite a
  volume of experimentation.
• Q. What kinds of animals are used most in experiments?
• A. Rats and mice. The number of other animals used is
  still huge, but it is much lower than the number of rats
  and mice. For instance, many thousands of dogs, cats,
  monkeys, and the like have been used, but rats and
  mice are in the million.
                     My Opinion
I believe that the testing on
   animals for products other
   than medicine is wrong. Even
   testing them with medicine is
   wrong. Our life is no more
   important then theirs. And
   putting them to sleep
   afterwards proves that they
   are putting them out of
   suffering from these trials!
   The scientists even admit
   that sometimes animals have
   different reactions. So
   sometimes it is a worthless
   test that hurts. That is my
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