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									A Day in Flight Coordination with Margaret Anderson
By: Angel MedFlight Contributor

If you have ever been in a position to call on our services, you
assuredly have had the opportunity to speak with one of our
medically trained Flight Coordinators.

They have a great amount of responsibility when it comes to
the care of a patient who is in need of an air ambulance
transport. Flight Coordinators ensure that a patients best
interest is in mind, every step of the way. Our dedicated team
helps you focus on what matters most - the health of yourself,
a patient or loved one.

Angel MedFlight Worldwide Air Ambulance would like to share
a little more about the daily duties of one of our Flight
Coordinators, Margaret Anderson.

Angel MedFlight:

Explain your typical day in Flight Coordination.


"My typical day begins with checking in on the families of the patient we're transporting to see how
they are doing. From personal experience, I understand what they are going through - they are tired,
overwhelmed, and scared. I have always put myself in their shoes, and that is what motivates me to
make those calls every day - sometimes 3-4 times a day or more. I want them to know they have an
advocate that is honest and experienced and can help them navigate through their situation. I also want
them to understand that we are a team and that there is a light at the end of the tunnel and I will hold
their hand while we make it through.

I check in with the Case Managers and Social Workers who are coordinating patient flights with the
same diligence, knowing that this particular patient transfer isn’t the only responsibility they have. Many
of them have 30-40 other patients they are overseeing on a daily basis and I want them to know that
when they call me with a transfer, they will only have to make that one call and I will be there
supporting them the whole way through. I want them to know that while they are taking care of their
other patients I am doing the leg work for the air ambulance transfer. Each morning, I check in with
them and give updates as needed. As the day goes on, I check in again to assure that they are kept in
the loop. I strive to make this process as simple as possible for them knowing they have other patients
that need care too.

I have been a Flight Coordinator for more than 8 years and I still feel honored when a family trusts me
with their loved one. I am overwhelmed when I receive a post flight call or email from a family member
sharing with me how well their patient is doing or how grateful they are that we were able to get their
family member home to be with loved ones during their last days.

I start every day with hope and leave every day with gratitude."

If you have a patient or loved one in need of a transfer or are interested in learning more about Angel
MedFlight Worldwide Air Ambulance, please visit our website - http://www.angelmedflight.com.

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