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									                                     Welcome to
                                Mount Royal Collegiate

The school crest symbolizes royalty and Knighthood conveying the idea that students of Mount Royal Collegiate are arming
themselves with truth and wisdom on a foundation of honour.

This booklet has been produced to assist students, parents, and guardians in making informed decisions about future course
selections. Academic requirements and interests should be carefully assessed when selecting courses for the upcoming school
year(s). If you have any questions, please make an appointment with our counsellors either in person or by telephone (683-7806).

Community School Information
In September 2001, Mount Royal Collegiate became an officially designated Community School. As such, the school receives
annual, special funding to engage in community development activities and enhance the learning program for all students, their
families and the community. A Community School Coordinator works with students, staff and community members to develop
programs and activities appropriate for individuals and for the community.

School to Work Education
Mount Royal Collegiate is a leader in “school-to-work” education in Saskatoon. We have a strong tradition of academic excellence
at Mount Royal. In addition to offering this academic curriculum in a regular classroom setting, MRC also has the facility advantage
of being able to offer a strong academic curriculum in the following Practical and Applied Arts areas:

                 Accounting                                 ♦     Machining
                 Aviation Maintenance Orientation           ♦     Mechanics
                 Animation                                  ♦     Photography
                 Commercial Cooking                         ♦     Sewing
                 Cosmetology                                ♦     Tourism and Hospitality
                 Drafting                                   ♦      Welding
                 Electronics/Electricity                    ♦      Wood Construction
                 High School Carpentry Apprenticeship Program
                 Mount Royal has three modern computer labs and a “state-of-the-art” graphic arts and digital photography area.

Mount Royal Partnerships
Saskatoon Public Schools along with our principal partners, Saskatchewan Institute of Applied Science and Technology (SIAST),
Saskatchewan Indian Institute of Technology (SIIT), and Dumont Technical Institute (DTI) are proud of the Saskatoon Trades and
Skills Centre at Mount Royal Collegiate. In responding to the needs of industry, this facility trains and prepares individuals of all
ages for occupations that are in need of a skilled workforce. Working together, the aforementioned organizations provide a
seamless transition from high school to post secondary education. For more information on partnerships see page 53.

                                                          Mount Royal Collegiate
                                                          2220 Rusholme Road
                                                         Saskatoon, SK, S7L 4A4
                                               Phone: (306) 683-7800 Fax: (306) 657-3950
                                          Office hours: Monday to Friday, 8:00 a.m. — 4:30 p.m.

                                                      Mr. Bruce Bradshaw, Principal
                                                  Mr. David Sloboda, Assistant Principal
                                                   Mrs. Wendy Benson, Vice Principal
                                                 Table of Contents
    Welcome to Mount Royal Collegiate………………………..……………………………………………………………….1
    Information For Students, Parents & Guardians……………..…………………………………………………………….3

    Literacy For Life/Just Read, English as an Additional Language .............................................................................. 4
    Grade 9 Programming ............................................................................................................................................... 5
    Compulsory Courses ..............................................................................................................................................6-7
    Survey Courses ......................................................................................................................................................... 8
GRADES 10, 11, & 12
    Introduction/Levels of Learning ............................................................................................................................... 10
    Credit Policy ............................................................................................................................................................ 11
    Required Courses of Study ..................................................................................................................................... 11
    Elective Selections .................................................................................................................................................. 12
    Graduation Requirements & Three Year Plan ......................................................................................................... 13
    Commerce & Computer Education, Career Exploration .....................................................................................15-16
    English Language Arts ............................................................................................................................................ 17
    Fine Arts/Practical & Applied Arts .......................................................................................................................18-20
    Home Economics .................................................................................................................................................... 21
    Commercial Cooking ............................................................................................................................................... 22
    Languages ............................................................................................................................................................... 23
    Mathematics .......................................................................................................................................................24-29
    Physical Education .................................................................................................................................................. 30
    Sciences .............................................................................................................................................................31-32
    Social Sciences ..................................................................................................................................................33-34
    Technologies ......................................................................................................................................................35-37
    Unique Programs Found in Saskatoon Public Schools ......................................................................................38-40
    Aviation Maintenance Orientation Program ............................................................................................................. 41
    High School Carpentry Apprenticeship Program ..................................................................................................... 42

    Course Selection Flow Chart ................................................................................................................................... 43
    Night School ............................................................................................................................................................ 44
   Online Courses ......................................................................................................................................................... 44
   Special Programs and Support Services .............................................................................................................45-46
   Royal West Campus ................................................................................................................................................. 47
   University Requirements (Saskatoon/Regina) .....................................................................................................48-49
   SIAST Course and Campus Information .............................................................................................................50-51
   Partnership Programs ............................................................................................................................................... 53
   Extra Curricular Activities.....................................................................................................................................54-55
   Index (Alphabetical) .............................................................................................................................................57-58
                        Information for Prospective
                      Students, Parents & Guardians

The Collegiate
Mount Royal Collegiate is located at the corner of Avenue W and Rusholme Road. It is easily reached by public
transit on both special and regularly scheduled school buses. Mount Royal is a Comprehensive Collegiate and is
proud to serve students from across Saskatoon and Saskatchewan. The diversity in our students, staff, and
programming provides opportunities for youth to be successful in our ever changing world. Experience our diversity,
and share your future with us!

Comprehensive Programming
Being comprehensive, the school offers a full academic program—and much, much more. In addition to academic
courses, students may choose from specialized areas such as Graphic Arts, Animation, Commerce and Computer
Education, Commercial Cooking, Computer Science, Interior Design, Tourism and Hospitality, Mechanics, Welding,
Electronics, Construction, Machining, Drafting, Aviation Maintenance Orientation and Cosmetology. The
comprehensive nature of the school allows the student to explore a vast array of courses in preparation for post-
secondary studies or direct entry into the world of work.

Academic Excellence
The comprehensive offerings at Mount Royal include an outstanding academic program which is acknowledged
throughout the province. Our graduates receive many awards and scholarships each year. In 2010, this list included
ten Saskatchewan General Proficiency awards, plus the Governor General’s Bronze Medal—presented annually to
the most outstanding graduate in each collegiate. Last year, Mitchell Marquette was nominated for the Saskatoon
School Board Award of Excellence.

Caring for Students
The collegiate’s diversity is one of its strengths. As a large collegiate, Mount Royal offers each student a wide range
of course offerings and flexibility in courses. This ensures personalization of each student’s timetable. Our staff takes
pride in warmly welcoming all students into the “Royal Family” by offering experiences in a personalized and caring
manner ensuring that all students can be successful learners.

Semestered and Quartered Programming
Mount Royal Collegiate offers both semestered, (two starts in Sept. and Jan.) and quartered, (four starts in Sept.,
Nov., Jan., and Apr.) methods of class scheduling. In operating a dual-delivery system, students have the flexibility to
manipulate their schedules to match their interests. The semestered model continues to allow for a more traditional
high school experience, while the quartered model accommodates those students looking to focus on a particular
area of interest. The quartered model also assists older students who may have out-of-school commitments.

Special Services
Specialized services and programs are provided by the collegiate to assist students with particular needs. The facility
is accessible by wheelchair and special care has been taken to provide for the needs of disabled students.

                                           Get Involved
                              Commitment and involvement are keys to student success.
                               Students are encouraged to take full academic programs
                            throughout their years at Mount Royal and to become involved
                    in the extensive extra-curricular athletic, social and cultural programs offered.

                                       Literacy for Life
    Just Read is a K-12 initiative based on the foundational belief “the more a person reads, the better a
    person reads.” Just like practice improves performance in any sport, practicing reading improves a
    person’s reading and writing skills. Just Read is a district-wide program to increase student independent
    reading, particularly at home. The rationale is direct: students need to read widely to consolidate skills
    and explore the world that lies within books. Just Read involves the entire school and neighborhood
    community in an active research effort to ensure that all students are reading independently.

    Read to Succeed (Developmental English Language Arts): This program is specially designed to improve the
    reading level of students by helping students build and communicate meaning using all language strands. Students
    will be recognized as needing Read support through a process of assessments as well as meetings with previous
    teachers. Throughout the year, students will be offered support and resources through this outreach program within
    their classes.

         English as an Additional Language
Mount Royal Collegiate offers support to students who are learning English. The goal of supporting English language learners
is to enable them to succeed academically and complete graduation requirements.
Support to learn English may be provided in three ways: direct instruction classes, sheltered classes and EAL support classes.
Specific course offerings will depend on enrolment and student need at each collegiate.
Direct instruction classes are focused on language proficiency: the ability to speak, read, write, and listen with comprehension.
The direct instruction class may take themes from content classes such as social studies, math, science or English language
arts in an effort to build the vocabulary and academic skills necessary for students to be fully integrated into the regular class-
room. Most direct instruction classes may provide an elective credit. They may be offered at all levels of language proficiency
and for all grades.
Sheltered classes provide students with an environment in which they can learn the regular course content while the teacher
adapts the material for English language learners. For example, a special section of English Language Arts may be offered to
English language learners only. If the student reaches the course outcomes, they will receive a credit for this class. Sheltered
classes are intended for students with more advanced language proficiency.
An EAL support class is a period in which a student can receive additional time and assistance to complete course work from
his/her classes. There is no credit for this class.
Language learning is a process that takes a lot of time and hard work. The speed at which a student learns the language is
affected by many factors. Students should consult with the guidance counsellor and/or EAL teacher to choose their classes.

Grade 9 Programming at Mount Royal

 Our Grade Nine Learning Community is designed to help students in their transition from Grade
 Eight to a high school setting. A small group of staff work together as a team in setting goals
 and delivering the academic program. We provide a safe, caring and culturally-inclusive
 learning environment and build positive relationships with all students. Our goal is to help
 students develop independent thinking, self-confidence, and a sense of social responsibility as
 they discover their own strengths and talents.

 We recognize that students have a natural curiosity and need for relevance and meaning in what
 they are studying. Connecting their learning experiences in a meaningful way is crucial in
 keeping students engaged as active learners. To foster student engagement we equip students
 with the necessary skills to plan and assess their own learning.

 To meet these goals we provide an integrated curriculum that balances academic (with an
 emphasis on Literacy), artistic, practical and applied arts and career education. The curriculum
 prepares students for senior high school and also teaches about basic human values including
 respect, honesty, trust, determination, and responsibility. Career education and service projects
 both within the school and in the larger community foster qualities that will help students be
 successful citizens. All students are encouraged to participate in extra-curricular activities and
 outdoor educational opportunities which teach them to meet new physical and social challenges.

         Required Courses
                      English 9A                                   Survey Course
                      English 9B
                    Social Studies 9                              Practical and Applied Arts Survey:
                       Science 9                                    In this course students will spend
                     Mathematics 9                               time in Woods Construction, Welding,
                  Physical Education 9                         Machining, Auto Mechanics, Cosmetology,
                        Health 9                                   Commercial Cooking, Clothing, and
                  Career Education 9                                          Computer labs.
                         Art 9                                             Fine Arts Survey:
                                                                Visual Art, Music, Drama and Dance
 Please refer to the course selection book for in-depth
                  course descriptions.

 Compulsory Courses for Grade 9 Students

    English Language Arts 9                    Mathematics 9                             Science 9
Students are required to take both    Students in Grade 9 Mathematics        Science 9 is an introductory
English 9A and English 9B. Each       will work on developing and            science course designed to
course is organized using a           applying reasoning processes,          familiarize students with the
thematic framework. Students          skills and strategies to examine       scientific method and
learn to compose and create           the relationships and roles of         experimental procedures. A
based on reading and viewing a        numbers, geometric shapes and          diverse range of classroom and
variety of materials. Students are    objects. Mathematics 9 furthers        laboratory experiences are used
able to comprehend and respond        student understanding of 2D and        to address topics in chemistry,
to a multitude of media resources.    3D objects. Students develop an        electricity, cell reproduction, and
Students also reflect and assess      understanding of Math as a way of      space exploration. Students
based upon the criteria developed     knowing the world.                     acquire skills in observing,
within the class.                                                            calculating and laboratory report
                                                  Resource                   writing.
           English 9A                 We have full time resource
The themes, chosen according to       teachers that co teach in all of our           Social Studies 9
student interest, are selected from   Grade 9 Mathematics classrooms.
such possible options as: “All That   Students are also able to receive      In Social Studies 9 students study
I Am-The Search For Self,”            extra support when needed.             the roots of our modern Canadian
“Indigenous and Norse                                                        worldview by looking at the origins
Narratives,” and “Conflicts, Issues     Health/Physical Education 9          of our Canadian way of life.
and Choices - Doing The Right                                                Students explore the relationships
                                      Our health courses are taught in       between individuals, societies,
                                      conjunction with physical              cultures, and nations. By
                                      education. In our health classes,      examining Saskatchewan First
           English 9B                 students are challenged to think       Nations cultures, ancient
                                      about their own needs and              civilizations like Greece or Rome,
The themes, chosen according to       interests. They use health related     the Middle Ages or the
student interest, are selected from   information to become more             Renaissance, students can
such possible options as:             knowledgeable about a healthy          analyze how land, ideas, events
“Surviving and Conquering” and        self, family, community and            and the environment have
“Looking beyond– Imagining New        environment. They explore ways         influenced people.
Worlds and the Future.”               to reduce health-compromising
                                      behaviours and apply their health
                                      knowledge and skills throughout
                                      their lives.

                  Fine Arts Survey 9                                               Career Education 9
Grade 9 students at Mount Royal are required to take             Students entering the work force in the twenty-first
one Art 9 course during their Grade 9 year. Through              century face a multitude of challenges never seen
this course students have the opportunity to explore the         before. To help students navigate their unchartered
arts through the study of four different strands contained       futures, they examine the realities of the workplace
within this course- dance, drama, music and visual arts.         through exploration of career information. This course
                                                                 provides students with an opportunity to envision their
                                                                 life in the future.

             Practical & Applied Arts Survey
Technology 9: (Drafting, Foods, Electronics, Machining, Mechanics, Welding and Woodworking depending on lab
availability). Students have an opportunity to explore 6 PAA areas. During the rotation, students spend
approximately 15 hours in each area. The program is appropriate for both males and females.

                    Drafting 9                                                Machining 9
Drafting students learn the basics of drafting and         Students learn how to use the band saw, drill press,
design.                                                    lathe and several hand tools. Two small steel take-
                                                           home projects are made by each student by means
                                                           of marking, center punching, hand hack sawing and
                  Electronics 9
                                                           lathe work.
Electronic students are introduced to electronic
components, circuit board preparation and soldering                           Mechanics 9
techniques while completing a battery powered              Students learn about mechanical systems such as
flashing light. Students also complete some basic          gasoline and diesel engines, hydraulics and vehicle
house wiring circuits, which include receptacles,          design. They also dismantle and assemble a small
lights and switches.                                       gasoline engine.

                     Foods 9                                                    Welding 9
Students learn how to handle food safely, read and         Students spend their time equally between electric
follow a recipe and measure accurately.                    arc and oxyacetylene welding. Safety precautions
                                                           are stressed while students attain a degree of
                                                           proficiency in joining pieces of metal. Three to four
                     Guitar 9
                                                           hours are allocated to project work.
No musical experience is necessary. The only
requirement is a strong interest in learning how to                         Woodworking 9
play the guitar. Students learn both note reading          Students learn proper operation of the basic power
and chording with both major and minor chords.
                                                           machines used in the woodworking field while
                                                           completing a small project. Safety, precision, and
                Sew and Home 9                             craftsmanship are stressed.
Sew a project, design a room! Students learn basic
``how to sew`` techniques and basic design
concepts. Students sew projects which may include
pillows, lunch bags, boxer shorts or pajama pants.

                            Other Grade 9 Courses

              Band 9                                  Choral 9                                Resource
This course is offered to students      This course is designed for students      Students who experience
who have completed at least two         who are interested in singing in a        challenges with academics are
years in a band program at an           group. Choral 9 students are able         eligible for resource support. The
elementary school or who have           to study with Grade 10, 11 & 12           resource teacher, classroom
permission from the music teacher.      choral students.        The course        teachers, and parent or guardians
A wide variety of music and musical     includes some basic theory and ear        work together in developing
techniques are studied. Students        training as well as singing activities.   strategies to help each student.
participate in performances and         The music covers a variety of styles
festivals.   The class may be           and periods. Students participate in
scheduled with band students from       performances and festivals.
Grades 10, 11 & 12.

    English as An Additional
        Language (EAL)
English as an Additional Language
support is available to any student
whose first language is not English
and who is developing and
enhancing their English skills.
Students may take intensive
instruction in EAL in order to
become integrated into regular
classes successfully. Upon arrival, a
student is assessed and scheduled
into classes based on their
language benchmark. The four
aspects of language -listening,
speaking, reading and writing- are
emphasized, along with
programming to help to integrate
into Canadian culture.

             Course Selection Information for
                   Grades 10, 11, & 12
The following sections of this booklet have been produced to assist students, parents and guardians in making informed
decisions about future course selections. Academic requirements, interests, and future plans should be carefully assessed
when selecting courses for the upcoming school year(s). If you have any questions, please make an appointment with our
counsellors either in person or by phone (683-7806).

Comprehensive Programming
Mount Royal Collegiate offers a wide variety of courses including a broad range of academic classes as well as technical
and business programs. The school program offers three English as an Additional Language (EAL) classrooms, three Life
Skills/Work Study (LSWS) classes and various support programs including Re-Entry classrooms for students who need to
start classes at a non-traditional time or work on courses in a individually-paced program.

Classes at Mount Royal Collegiate are either semestered or quartered. Semestered classes are offered for an hour each
day for approximately five-months of the school year. Quartered classes are two hours in length, and are 2 ½ months in

                                 Levels of Learning
                                      Courses are offered at three different levels:

1. Student Enrichment is offered in all classes at Mount Royal.

2. Regular Grades 10, 11 & 12: The pace of instruction is moderate and there is sufficient repetition to ensure mastery.
These courses are designed for students who are at an average level of skill development and achievement in the subject

3. Modified (M) Grades 10, 11 & 12: These courses are designed for students who would experience difficulty in the
subject at the regular level. The pace of instruction is slower and course content, concepts and assignments are specially
adapted. These courses are identified as 11, 21 and 31 level courses.

Current Mount Royal Collegiate students should choose course levels following consultation with teachers and appropriate
discussion with parents/guardians. Parents/guardians must sign the course request form. If there are differences between
a student’s course requests and the teacher/department recommendations, consultations will be arranged between the
department, the student and/or parents/guardians.

Course availability will be based on the number of students requesting these courses.

                                       Credit Policy
The following chart outlines the credit policy for secondary education in Saskatchewan for students entering
Grade 10 since the fall of 1997.

Area of Study                                Number of Compulsory Subject Credits Required
English Language Arts                                      5
Mathematics                                                2
Science                                                    2
Social Studies (includes Canadian Studies)                 3
Health Education / Physical Education                      1    Note:
Arts Education / Practical & Applied Arts                  2    1 Credit = 100 hours classroom instruction
               Sub Total                                  15
Additional Electives                                       9
              TOTAL                                       24

                Mount Royal Collegiate
             Required Courses of Study for:
 Grade 10                                                      Grade 11
      English 10A or 11A                                          English 20 or 21
      English 10B or 11B                                          Apprenticeship 20, Pre-Calculus 20, or
      History 10 or 11 or Native Studies 10                         Foundations of Mathematics 20 or Math 21
      Apprenticeship Math 10, Foundations of Math                 (1) Science – Biology 20, Chemistry 20,
        and Pre-calculus 10, or Math 11                                 Physics 20 or Science 21, Computer
      Science 10 or 11                                                 Science 20
      Wellness 10 Boys/Girls                                      (1) *Social Science – Economics 30,
                                                                         History 20 or 21, Law 30,
 Grade 12                                                                Native Studies 20, Psychology 20, or
      English 30A or 31A                                               Psychology 30
      English 30B or 31B                                     *May be taken in either Grade 11 or 12.
      Native Studies 30 or History 30/31

 A total of 5 Grade 12 courses are required. See the following page for electives.

                                     Additional Requirements
         Credits to total 24 credits, two of which must be either an Arts Education or a Practical & Applied Art.
        NOTE: Additional Mathematics, Science or Social Science courses may be taken as electives.

     Mount Royal Collegiate Elective Selection

          Grade 10                                      Grade 11                                      Grade 12
Arts Education                                Arts Education                                Arts Education
Band 10 (BAN10)                               Band 20 (BAN20)                               Band 30 (BAN30)
Choral 10 (CHO10)                             Choral 20(CHO20)                              Choral 30 (CHO30)
Drama 10 (DRA10)                              Drama 20 (DRA20)                              Drama 30 (DRA30)
Guitar 10 Beginner (GUI10)                    Guitar 20 (GUI20)                             General Art 30 (VAR30G)
Visual Art 10 (VAR10)                         Rock Band (GUI20E)                            Guitar 30 (GUI30)
World Music 10 (MUS10)                        Song Writing/Recording 20 (MUS20)             Song Writing/Recording 30 (MUS30)
                                              Visual Art 20 (VAR20)                         Visual Art 30 (VAR30)
Practical & Applied Arts
Accounting 10 (ACC10)                         Practical & Applied Arts                      Practical & Applied Arts
Career/Work Exploration 10 (CWE10)                                                          Accounting 30 (ACC30)
                                              Accounting 20 (ACC20)
Clothing, Textiles & Fashion 10 (CLO10)                                                     Air Craft Maintenance (ACA30-Q, ACB30-Q)
                                              Career/Work Exploration 20 (CWE20)
Commercial Cooking 10 (COC10)                                                                 Orientation Program 30A, 30B
                                              Commercial Cooking 20 (COC20)
Computer Information Processing 10 (INF10)                                                  Career/Work Exploration 30A/30B (CWA30,CWB30)
                                              Computer Animation 20 (CPT20)
Cosmetology 10 (COS10)                                                                      Clothing, Textiles & Fashion 30 (CLO30)
                                              Computer Information Processing 20 (INF20)
Creative Image Design 10 (CPT10)              Cosmetology 20 (COS20)                        Commercial Cooking 30 (COC30)
Drafting & Computer Aided Design 10 (DRC10)   Drafting & Computer Aided Design 20 (DRC20)   Computer Animation 30 (CPT30)
Electronics 10 (EEO10)                        Electronics 20 (EEO20)                        Computer Information Processing 30 (INF30)
Machining 10 (MAC10)                                                                        Cosmetology 30 (COS30)
                                              Graphic Arts 20 (GRA20)
Mechanics 10(MEC10)                           Life Transitions 20 (LIF20)                   Drafting & Computer Aided Design 30 (DRC30)
PhotoGraphics 10 (PHO10)                                                                    Electronics 30 (EEO30)
                                              Machining 20 (MAC20)
Welding 10 (WLD10)                                                                          Entrepreneurship 30 (ENT30)
                                              Mechanics 20 (MEC20)
Wood Construction 10(WOO10)                                                                 Foods 30 (FOO30)
                                              Photography 20 (PHO20)
                                                                                            Graphic Arts 30 (GRA30)
                                              Welding 20 (WLD20)
                                                                                            Interior Design 30 (IND30)
Other Electives                               Wood Construction 20 (WOO20)
                                                                                            Life Transitions 30 (LIF30)
Cree 10 (CRE10)                                                                             Machining 30 (MAC30)
Developmental Eng/Read To Succeed             Other Electives                               Mechanics 30 (MEC30)
French 10 (FRE10)                             Active Living 20 (ALF20)                      Photography 30 (PHO30)
Native Studies 10 (NAT10)                     Biology 20 (BIO20)                            Tourism & Hospitality 30 (TOA30)
                                              Chemistry 20 (CHE20)                          Welding 30 (WLD30)
                                              Communications 20 (ELC20)                     Wood Construction 30(WOO30)
                                              Computer Science 20 (CSC20)
                                              Creative Writing 20 (CRW20)                   Other Electives
                                              Cree 20 (CRE20)                               Active Sport Performance (PED30)
                                              Developmental Eng/Read to Succeed 20          Applied Global Citizenship 30 (GLO30)
                                              French 20 (FRE20)                             Biology 30 (BIO30)
                                              History 20 or 21 (HIS20, HIS21)               Calculus 30 (CAL30)
                                              I-Movie and Film 20 (ELM20)                   Career Focus Program 30L (CFO30)
                                              Native Studies 20 (NAT20)                     Chemistry 30 (CHE30)
      All students are encouraged to          Physical Education 20 Boys (PEM20)            Computer Science 30 (CSC30)
      take 10 classes. A minimum of 4         Physical Education 20 Girls (PEF20)           Creative Writing 30 (CRW30)
      classes per semester are required       Physics 20 (PHY20)                            Cree 30 (CRE30)
      unless extenuating circumstances        Psychology 20 (PSY20)                         Economics 30 (ECO30)
                                                                                            Foundations of Mathematics 30 (MAF30)
      dictate otherwise.                                                                    French 30 (FRE30)
                                                                                            Law 30 (LAW30)
                                                                                            Native Studies 30 (NAT30)
                                                                                            Physical Education 30 Boys (PEM30)
                                                                                            Physical Education 30 Girls (PEF30)
                                                                                            Physics 30 (PHY30)
       Note: Meeting minimum graduation requirements does not                               Pre-Calculus 30 (CAL30)
             necessarily satisfy entrance requirements for most post-                       Psychology 30 (PSY30)
             secondary institutions. Please see a counsellor to                             Workplace & Apprenticeship Mathematics 30
             confirm those requirements.                                                    World Religions 30 (WOR30)

MOUNT ROYAL COLLEGIATE ~ Graduation Requirements & Three Year Plan

                            POST SECONDARY & AWARD REQUIREMENTS:
        Some post secondary programs and award requirements may require one or more subjects in
       addition to those needed for Grade 12 Graduation. See Student Services for more information.

             GRADE 10                                   GRADE 11                                 GRADE 12

  REQUIRED COURSES:                       REQUIRED COURSES:                          REQUIRED COURSES:

  English 10A              _______        English 20                 _______         English 30A              _______
  Or English 11A MOD       _______        Or English 21 MOD          _______         Or English 31A MOD       _______
                                          One of:
  English 10B              _______        Foundations of Math 20     _______         English 30B              _______
  Or English 11B MOD       _______        Math 21 MOD                _______         Or English 31B MOD       _______
                                          Pre-Calculus 20            _______
  History 10               _______        Apprenticeship 20          _______         History 30               _______
  Or History 11 MOD        _______        One of:                                    Or History 31 MOD        _______
  Or Native Studies 10     _______        Biology 20                 _______         Or Native Studies 30     _______
                                          Chemistry 20               _______
  Apprenticeship Math 10                  Physics 20                 _______
                                          Science 21 MOD             _______
  Foundations of Math 10                  Computer Sci. 20           _______
  Or Math 11 MOD         _______                                                     Elective credits are listed on

  Science 10               _______                                             ONE OF:
  Or Science 11 MOD        _______
                                          History 20              ______            Law 30            _______
                                          History 21              ______            Psychology 30     _______
  Boys Wellness 10          _______
                                          Native Studies 20       ______            Economics 30      _______
  Or Girls Wellness 10     _______
                                          Psychology 20           ______

   Electives (Grade 10):                   Electives (Grade 11):                     Electives (Grade 12):

   1. ____________________                 1.   ____________________                 1.   ____________________
   2. ____________________                 2.   ____________________                 2.   ____________________
                                           3.   ____________________                 3.   ____________________
   3. ____________________
                                           4.   ____________________                 4.   ____________________
   4. ____________________
                                           5.   ____________________                 5.   ____________________
   5. ____________________                 6.   ____________________                 6.   ____________________
   6. ____________________                 7.   ____________________                 7.   ____________________
                                           8.   ____________________                 8.   ____________________

                                          Elective credits are listed on             Course selection sheets.
                                          course selection sheets.

  Total Credits Grade 10                  Total Credits Grade 11                     Total Credits Grade 12

        1. Arts Education (Art 10/20/30 ~ Band 10/20/30 ~ Choral 10/20/30 ~ Drama 10/20/30 ~ Guitar 10/20/30)
 and/or 2. Practical & Applied Arts (Business Ed. ~ Work Ed. ~ Computer ~ Technologies ~ Home Ec./Commercial
           Cooking ~ Graphic Arts ~ Life Transitions ~ Entrepreneurship).

                           AT THE GRADE 12 LEVEL

Mount Royal Collegiate

           Commerce & Computer Education /
              Career & Work Exploration
Accounting 10 (ACC10)                         1 Credit         Career & Work Exploration 10 (CWE10)           1 Credit
Prerequisite: None                                             Prerequisite: Grade 10 Student
                                                               This course, available to grade ten students, offers an
Accounting 10 introduces students to the skills required to
                                                               opportunity to access career development information in both
keep accurate business records. The areas covered
                                                               the classroom and in a community setting. The in-school
include journalizing, business transactions from source
                                                               component emphasizes understanding of portfolios, personal
documents, handling ledger accounts, preparing
                                                               assessment, job search strategies, work ethics, WHMIS and
worksheets and financial statements and making
                                                               employability skills. The on-the-job expectation is that the
adjusting/closing entries. If possible, students should
                                                               student will do volunteer work in the community and school
continue with Accounting 20 and 30 in the following
                                                               placements on Thursday afternoons from 1:00 – 4:00 p.m.
                                                               Students are responsible for their own transportation to work
This course will also be offered online, via the
computer, through the Saskatoon Public School
Division’s Online Learning Centre (see page 44).               Career & Work Exploration 20 (CWE20)        1 Credit
                                                               Prerequisite: Grade 11 Student
Accounting 20 (ACC20)                         1 Credit         (recommended 16 years of age)
Recommendation: Accounting 10
                                                               This course, available to grade eleven students, provides an
This class is an expansion of Accounting 10. It includes       opportunity to explore career development as well as do some
using specialized journals and subsidiary ledgers, making      career planning. A wide range of interactive activities and
basic adjustments in asset and liability accounts, as well     work experience components facilitate the career planning
as further developing worksheet and financial statements.      process.      The in-school component emphasizes an
It also includes payroll, depreciation, handling of bad        understanding of Occupational Health and Safety, Labour
debts and sales tax.         Students may receive an           Standards Act, WHMIS, portfolios, personal assessment, job
introduction to computerized accounting.                       search strategies, apprenticeship, entrepreneurship, and
This course will also be offered online, via the               employability skills. Students may spend up to eight weeks in
computer, through the Saskatoon Public School                  actual work experience. The on-the-job expectation is that the
Division’s Online Learning Centre (see page 44).               student complies with the regular afternoon work hours of the
                                                               cooperating firm (e.g. 1:00 p.m.- 4:00 p.m.). Students are
Accounting 30 (ACC30)                          1 Credit        responsible for their own transportation.
Prerequisite: Accounting 20
                                                               Career & Work Exploration 30 (CWA30, CWB30)        1 Credit
Accounting 30 introduces students to more advanced             Prerequisite: Grade 12 Student
accounting principles and to specific careers. It is
extremely beneficial to those entering post-secondary
                                                               This program is available to grade twelve students. These
study in the accounting field. Specific areas of study are
                                                               courses maximize opportunities for students to access the
partnership, corporate and managerial accounting.
                                                               workplace.      The instructional in-school component is
This course will also be offered online, via the
                                                               complemented by appropriate practical work experiences in
computer, through the Saskatoon Public School
                                                               the local business community. The classroom component
Division’s Online Learning Centre (see page 44).
                                                               concentrates on personal career preparation relative to
                                                               student interests, abilities and economic reality. The domains
                                                               of interpersonal and communication skills are highlighted
                                                               relative to creative job search techniques and career
                                                               preparation models. Students may spend up to nine weeks in
                                                               actual work experience. The on-the-job expectation is that the
                                                               student complies with the regular afternoon work hours of the
                                                               cooperating firm (e.g. 1:00 p.m. – 4:00 p.m.). Students are
                                                               responsible for their own transportation. The course follows
                                                               the learning-by-doing approach. The activities provide many
                                                               new experiences that help students make career choices and
                                                               improve the skills to find, get and keep a job.
Computer Information Processing 10 (INF10) 1 Credit                    Entrepreneurship 30 (ENT30)                        1 Credit
Prerequisite: None                                                     (Business Sense)
                                                                       Prerequisite: None
The emphasis in this course is on the personal use of
information processing. Using Microsoft Office, students will          Want to learn how to start your own business? Students
learn introductory word processing, spreadsheet, and data              develop entrepreneurial skills that enable them to creatively
base programs. Students may use the Internet and                       solve problems, identify entrepreneurial opportunities,
PowerPoint to complete class assignments. This course is               generate ideas, and develop a successful business plan.
taught entirely on the computer and is designed to develop             There may be a variety of presentations, speakers and field
efficient touch-typing skills. Students will work on developing        trips. This course opens doors for students who are
speed and accuracy while completing their word processing,             undecided about their future plans.
spreadsheet, data base projects and assignments.
                                                                       Tourism and Hospitality 30 (TOA30, TOB30) 1 Credit Each
                                                                       Canadian Academy of Travel & Tourism
Computer Information Processing 20 (INF20) 1 Credit
                                                                       Prerequisite: None
Recommendation: Computer Information Processing 10

The emphasis in this course is on the business focus of                Mount Royal Collegiate is the newest member of the
information processing. The course is taught entirely on               Canadian Academy of Travel & Tourism (CATT). Students
computers. Students will use intermediate level Microsoft              at CATT schools are eligible to work toward certification
Office skills to assist them in enhancing production work.             recognized by the travel and tourism industry. Those who
Students use computer software integration capabilities to             complete Mount Royal’s Tourism, Hospitality and
produce appropriate solutions to problems. Students will               Entrepreneurship (the 30 A/B) courses may work toward
complete a module in Desktop Publishing. The Cortez                    Level I and Level II recognition.
Peters Typing Program will be introduced to assist in the
development of speed and accuracy when keyboarding.                    Tourism and Hospitality A30 - 1 Credit
Individual growth and improvement in relation to computer              50 hours (in class) 50 hours (work experience)
usage is emphasized.                                                   Course Topics:
                                                                       ▪ Entrepreneurship
                                                                       ▪ Tourism Essential Skills
Computer Information Processing 30 (INF30) 1 Credit                    ▪ Service Best
Recommendation: Computer Information Processing 10                     ▪ Food Safe
& INF 20                                                               ▪ Serve it Right

The emphasis in this course is on the managerial focus of              Tourism and Hospitality B30 - 1 Credit
information processing. This course is taught entirely on              50 hours (in class) 50 hours (work experience)
computers. Students use word processing intermediate and               ▪ Employment and Business Opportunities
advanced functions to assist them in enhancing production              ▪ Marketing
work. There will be more emphasis on using the Internet to             ▪ Creating a Venture
obtain information to enhance desktop publishing projects,             ▪ Tourism Essential Skills
and may design their own web page. Students continue to                ▪ Discovering Tourism
develop word processing speed and accuracy with the use
of the Cortez Peters Typing Program.                                   Students will receive certificates in CPR/First Aid, GATT
                                                                       Level II.

                          English Language Arts
 The English Language Arts curriculum is centered on the philosophy of language as the base for communicating, learning and thinking.
 It promotes language growth by giving students opportunities to:
  Learn language through experiences with the English language;
  Learn about language including its elements, conventions and process as they speak, listen, write and read;
  Learn through language as they use it to learn about life, literature and language itself.

English 10A & 10B           1 Credit Each     English 20 (ELA20)                  1 Credit    English 30A & 30B                1 Credit Each
(ELA10, ELB10)                                Prerequisite: English 10A & 10B                 Prerequisite: English 20 (for either 30A or
                                                                                              30B)            (ELA30, ELB30)
ELA 10A themes include “The Unknown –         ELA 20 is organized around themes which
Hopes and Fear”, “Challenges,                 are of particular interest to adolescents.      ELA 30A - In this class, students address
Opportunities and Obstacles,” and             The focus is on self, society and what it       national issues as reflected in the traditional
“Canadian Frontiers and Homeland –            means to be human. There are two major          and contemporary literature of Canada and
Journeys and Discoveries.”                    focuses for the course. One focus is            its regions.     The three themes are;
ELA 10B themes include “Equality – Pain       "Recollections: A Journey Back". A second       "Canada:      The Experience of Place",
and Pride”, “Decisions – Actions or           focus is "Anticipation: On the Threshold".      "Canada: The National Character", and
Apathy?” and “Environment and                 In this course students use language to         "Canada: Our Social Experience".
Technology – Reality and Responsibility.”     learn, think and communicate effectively
Two of the three suggested themes will be     and to understand the functions and forms       ELA 30B - This course examines global
studied in each course. Both courses          of language.                                    perspectives using traditional and
involve study of novels, poetry, essays,                                                      contemporary world literature in a
                                              I-Movie and Film 20 (ELM20)         1 Credit    comparative manner. The three themes
drama, short stories and film.
                                              Prerequisite: English 10A or 10B
                                                                                              are;    “World Perspectives:      Cultural
Creative Writing 20 (ELW20)     1 Credit                                                      Heroes“, “World Perspectives: The Human
                                              Considering a career in the film industry?
Prerequisite: English 10A & 10B                                                               Condition", and "World Perspectives: The
                                              Through the use of MAC computers and the
                                              I-Movie program, digital video cameras and      Social Experience."
Creative Writing 20 fosters the excitement                                                    These courses will also be offered
of writing in a relaxed atmosphere where      the green screen, produce your own
                                              documentaries, commercials, and music           online, via the computer, through
students have numerous opportunities to                                                       Saskatoon Public School’s Online
write from experience about what interests    videos. A look at all aspects of media with
                                              a critical view. With no tests or final exam,   Learning Centre (see page 44).
them. They acquire the expertise to
generate ideas, develop language              this new project based course invites
                                                                                              Creative Writing 30 (CRW30)            1 Credit
precision, edit with understanding and        mature and creative students to enter a         Prerequisite: English 20
confidently deliver a published work to an    world of media opportunity and exploration.
audience. Creative Writing is a one-of-a                                                      This course is designed for self-disciplined
kind English Language Arts program that       English                            1 Credit     and self-directed senior students who have
develops such important life skills as        (ELA21, ELA31A, ELA31B)                         both a keen interest and proven ability in
communication, time management, self-                                                         creative writing. The course helps students
                                              These courses stress the continued              foster a special interest and talent in writing.
expression, and critical and creative         improvement of basic skills in reading,
thinking. In addition, it is an excellent                                                     Students must have their English teacher’s
                                              writing, speaking and listening. Reading        recommendation to register.
preparation for the senior English Language   skills are developed through high interest
Arts programs. Students must have their                                                       This course will also be offered online,
                                              texts.                                          via the computer, through Saskatoon
English teacher’s recommendation to           Teachers assess the needs of the classes
register.                                                                                     Public School’s Online Learning Centre
                                              and tailor selections and depth of study to     (see page 44).
This course will also be offered online,      meet the needs of individuals. Writing,
via the computer, through Saskatoon           speaking and listening skills are integrated
Public School’s Online Learning Centre        into daily classroom activities.
(see page 44).

            Read to Succeed is designed to increase the reading level of students by helping students build and
            communicate meaning using all the language strands. Students will develop sufficient language skills that allow
            them to meet personal, social, and academic goals and address both the functional and aesthetic purpose of
            language. This is one element of our system’s Literacy for Life initiative.

        Fine Arts/Practical & Applied Arts
Band 10 (BAN10)                 1 Credit       Computer Animation 20 (CMED20)                Creative Image Design 10 (CMED10)
Prerequisite: Experience in a band             Prerequisite: None           1 Credit         Prerequisite: None            1 Credit
program or permission from the Music
teacher.                                       This course is intended to introduce          This course expands the knowledge,
                                               students to multimedia animation.             improves the skills and abilities used in
The class may include music students from      Students taking this course develop an        communication production technologies.
Grades 9 through 12.           The course      understanding of a range of animation         Students use Photoshop to achieve
emphasizes individual development, quality     techniques and products, develop basic        sophisticated results by compositing
repertoire, technical studies, scales and      skills in animation and use production        images, text and effects.           Illustrator
theory. Performances at festivals and          techniques in animation. They will use        software is an essential tool for anyone who
concerts are part of the program.              software and work in the areas of “cel” and   needs to express ideas visually in print, on
                                               “pixel” animation. Students will work with    the Web or in any other medium. Powerful
Band 20 (BAN20)                  1 Credit      storyboards and create short animation        new 3D features, advanced typographical
Prerequisite: Four years in a band             projects such as a bouncing ball, a bird      controls, enhanced printing options, and
program or permission from the Music           flying, a figure walking, etc. All students   faster performance helps one explore their
teacher.                                       will be expected to complete at least two     creative vision and efficiently publish their
                                               major projects which may include: an ad       artwork. Some projects include: poster
This is an advanced music class                campaign for a business (or product), an      design, logo design, picture restoration and
emphasizing proper tone, individual            intro to a music video, a four minute         coloring, collages and painting. If time
development in scales, quality repertoire,     animated short story, or a multimedia         permits, students explore the production
studies and theory.         Performance at     introduction to Mount Royal. Students         power and creative freedom in web design
concerts and festivals are important aspects   completing the course will receive a credit   using the software, Dreamweaver.
of the program.                                for Communication Media 20. This is a         Students completing the course receive a
                                               Practical and Applied Art credit.             credit for Communication Media 10. This is
Band 30 (BAN30)                  1 Credit                                                    a Practical and Applied Art credit.
Prerequisite: Four years in a band             Computer Animation 30 (CMED30)
program or permission from the Music           Prerequisite: None         1 Credit
                                               Involve yourself in the world of 3D-
Band 30 is the most advanced band class        character design. Create 3D figures using
and may be combined with Band 10 and 20        a diverse collection of ready-to-use 3D
students. This class continues the individu-   human and animal models. Be ready to
al development in scales, studies, theory      explore the endless possibilities of posing
and quality repertoire. Performances at        figures, adding photo-realistic textures,
concerts, festivals and tours are important    manipulating facial expressions, and
aspects of the program.                        designing realistic hair.      Move your
                                               characters into 3D scenes and make them
Choral 10, 20 & 30           1 Credit Each     come alive through animation.
Prerequisite: None                             In this course students will have the
(CHO10,CHO20,CHO30)                            opportunity to develop several production
Previous singing experience is not neces-      projects involving storyboarding, audio,
sary. Males and females from all grade lev-    video and animation. The opportunity will
els are eligible for the course.               be available for students to pursue a topic
                                               of special interest.
This course is designed for students inter-
ested in the techniques of choral and con-     Students completing the course will
temporary singing. The music covers a va-      receive a credit for Communication Media
riety of styles. The class includes some       30. This is a Practical and Applied Art
emphasis on basic notation, theory, sight      credit.
singing and ear training. Students are re-
quired to participate in performances and

Cartoon Arts 20 (GRA20-G)            1 Credit     Graphic Arts 30 (GRA30)              1 Credit     Guitar 30 (GUI30)                1 Credit
Graphic Arts 20 Credit                            Prerequisite: None                                Prerequisite: Guitar 20 or permission from
                                                                                                    the music teacher. Guitars are supplied.
This new course is a must for Art Students.       This course allows the senior student of
Study cartooning from Looney Tunes,               Graphic Art to concentrate on design and          This course is a continuation of Guitar 20.
Disney, Marvel to Manga. Working from             illustration. Techniques in Illustration in-      There is an emphasis placed on advanced
pencil to computer you will improve your          clude pen and ink, pencil crayon, acrylic         classical guitar technique, note reading and
drawing dramatically. Make your characters        and airbursh. Digital Photo Image manipula-       finger picking. Students learn bar chords in
come to life. Create mood, personality,           tion is enhanced with further use of Pho-         major and minor keys (major, minor, 7th,
understand anatomy and build awesome              toshop. This is a Practical and Applied Art       major 7th, and 9th forms), advanced rhythms
action poses. Learn the secrets of cartoon        credit.                                           and notation, major, minor, blues, pentatonic
artists. This is a Practical and Applied Art                                                        and modal scales and advanced
credit.                                                                                             improvisation. Students are required to play
                                                  Guitar 10 – Beginner Level (GUI10)   1 Credit     beyond second position and study three and
Drama 10 (DRA10)                     1 Credit     Prerequisite: None                                four-part note reading. Students will play in
Prerequisite: None                                Guitars are supplied.                             ensembles.
                                                                                                    Theory: The students learn to recognize and
The main intent of this course is the study       No musical experience is necessary. The           construct major, minor, 7th, 9th, Dim. and
of creative drama and the introduction to         only requirement is a strong interest in          Aug. cords and triads, two and three octave
theatre skills. Topics include speech,            learning how to play the guitar. Students         major and minor, all major and minor key
mime, teamwork, trust, concentration, the         learn both note reading (lead guitar) and         signatures, more advanced melody and song
history of theatre, basic theatre art and an      chording (rhythm guitar) with both major          writing, complex rhythmic, melodic and
introduction to script analysis.                  and minor chords. The course emphasizes           harmonic dictation and ear training.
                                                  various styles of music and classical guitar
                                                  technique. Students gain a basic under-           Rock Band (GUI20E)                1 Credit
Drama 20 (DRA20)                     1 Credit     standing of musical theory, ear training and      Prerequisite: One or more of the following
Prerequisite: None                                composition. Students are encouraged to           classes: Guitar 10; Concert Band; Choir or
                                                  participate in performances. The computer         an audition with the instructor.
The components in Drama 20 will continue          is an integral part of all guitar classes in      Guitars are supplied.
to develop skills learned in Drama 10, with       which the students will record guitar test,
                                                  compose music and learn how to operate            This course is for students who have previous
an emphasis on improvisation, character
                                                  Garage Band!                                      experience playing a musical instrument and
development and interpretation. Reviewing
                                                                                                    are interested in learning how to play with
and writing plays will also be a part of this
                                                                                                    others in an ensemble or band focusing on
course.                                           Guitar 20 (GUI20)               1 Credit
                                                                                                    various styles of contemporary rock music. In
                                                  Prerequisite: Guitar 10 or permission
                                                                                                    this course we will explore various styles and
Drama 30 (DRA30)                     1 Credit     from the music teacher.
                                                                                                    genres of music from Blues, Rhythm and
Prerequisite: None                                Guitars are supplied.
                                                                                                    Blues, Folk, Country and Rock. Course topics
The Drama 30 course is a senior level             This course is a continuation of Guitar 10.       and material that will be studied will include:
class.     The components will include            There is an emphasis placed on classical          The history of various music styles and
building on skills such as improv, mime,          guitar style and note reading. Students           genres; learning songs by ear, charts and
monologues and dialogues. Puppetry and            learn I, II, IV, V, V7 and VI chords in various   various styles of musical notation; arranging
mask work may also be included. Viewing           keys, bar chords in all major keys, more          songs together with a ban; set up and
performances and visiting studios will be an      complex rhythms and notations and major           operation of P.A. systems, amplifiers and
integral part of the program.                     and minor scales. Additional emphasis is          recording equipment along with computer
                                                  placed on various styles of improvisation         recording software.
                                                  and blues, introduction to position playing,      Students are required to have previous
Graphic Arts 20 (GRA20)              1 Credit                                                       experience in playing at least one instrument
Prerequisite: None                                and two and three part note reading.
                                                  Theory: Students study key signatures,            such as: guitar; bass; drums; keyboards; wind
This second level course consists of de-          (circle of keys), intervals and chord             or brass instruments. Vocalists without a
sign, composition, and airbrush illustration.     construction, writing melodies, ear training      musical instrument are welcome but need
The student will master many techniques           and listening including an introduction to        approval from the teacher. Learning how to
through their airbrush illustrations. This is a   rhythmic and melodic dictation.                   be a vocalist in band will be explored and
Practical and Applied Art credit.                                                                   required for all participating in class.
                                                                                                    Students in this course will be required to
                                                                                                    perform for “Rockin’ Royals and various
                                                                                                    assemblies as part of the course

Song Writing/Recording 20 (MUS20)            Photography 30 (PHO30)    1 Credit          Visual Art 10 (VAR10)      1 Credit
Prerequisite: Permission from the            Prerequisite: Photography 20                Prerequisite: Visual Art 9
Instructor               1 Credit
                                             In this Senior level class, the student     Exploration of techniques in drawing,
This class integrates elements of            will build a portfolio of work. Course of   image making, collage, sculpture and
Creative Writing 20, Media Studies 20        study will include darkroom printing        painting combined with the creative
and Music. Students in this class will       techniques, commercial photography          process makes this the perfect follow-
study melody writing, lyric writing,         (advertising, people, products),            up to Visual Art 9 or an introduction to
arranging, mixing and recording. This        advanced portraiture and digital            the Visual Arts.
class is open to students in Grades 11       photography. This is a Practical and        **All Art students are required to
and 12 only. A students ability to play      Applied Art credit.                         purchase and bring art supplies to class
an instrument is an asset but not                                                        (e.g. pencils, brushes, rulers, erasers
                                             General Art 30 (VAR30G)     1 Credit
required.                                                                                and a sketch book).
                                             Prerequisite: None
Students will receive a Music 20 credit                                                  Visual Art 20 (VAR20)        1 Credit
for this class.                              This course is designed for the senior
                                             student who has not taken Visual Art        Prerequisite: None
                                             09, 10, or 20 and requires a senior         Advanced techniques in drawing,
Song Writing/Recording 30 (MUS30)            elective. This course includes projects
Prerequisite: Song Writing-                                                              picture making, collage, sculpture,
                                             in drawing, painting, clay, sculpture and   ceramics and painting are offered. Art
Recording 20                1 Credit         design. The course will integrate art       history and the process of image
This class will build on the lyric, melody   history, independent studies and field      creation are the key elements in this
writing and recording skills acquired in     trips. Since the student may be             course.
songwriting 20. Further development          inexperienced in art skills, content and    **All Art students are required to
and exploration of styles, and               progress are geared to the student's        purchase and bring art supplies to class
techniques in both writing and recording     ability.                                    (e.g. pencils, brushes, rulers, erasers
the students original material. The final    **All Art students are required to          and a sketch book).
project will be a demo CD of original        purchase and bring art supplies to class
material.                                    (e.g. pencils, brushes, rulers, erasers     Visual Art 30 (VAR30)         1 Credit
Student will receive a Music 30 credit       and a sketch book).                         Prerequisite: None
for this class.
                                                                                         This is the senior level Visual Art course
PhotoGraphics 10 (PHO10)        1 Credit                                                 at M.R.C.I. The student will produce a
Prerequisite: None                                                                       portfolio of their work comprised of
                                                                                         drawings, paintings and sculpture.
This is the introductory course to the                                                   Mural painting, out-of-school
Graphic Arts field involving the basics of                                               installations and gallery visits are an
layout and design, digital photography                                                   integral part of experiencing the visual
and illustration.         Students are                                                   world around us.
introduced to the computer programs                                                      **All Art students are required to
Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop.                                                         purchase and bring art supplies to class
Image creation is enhanced through                                                       (e.g. pencils, brushes, rulers, erasers
digital imaging. This is a Practical and                                                 and a sketch book).
Applied Art credit.
Photography 20 (PHO20)          1 Credit
Prerequisite: None
Students will work with roll film and the
digital image. Colour digital imaging will
be enhanced with the use of Adobe
Photoshop.       “Communicating a
message” with our illustrative photos
will be the foundation of this course.
This is a Practical and Applied Art

                                        Home Economics
Clothing, Textiles & Fashion 10 (CLO10)              1 Credit            Clothing, Textiles & Fashion 30 (CLO30)           1 Credit
Prerequisite: None                                                       Prerequisite: None
This is a continuation of the Grade 9 “How to Sew” program.              Are you interested in fashion, sewing and design? This is the
Students will expand knowledge of sewing techniques,                     course for you. Based on the fashion industry, students
textiles and fashion manufacturing. Projects vary from small             follow the process of fashion design from the idea stage,
(mittens, crafts) to large (shirts, pants, or vests, etc.) Sewing        through to sewing or manufacturing, and concluding with the
experience is expanded through samples and projects based                retail fashion industry. Students will choose projects to sew
on student skill level. Commercial patterns are used.                    based on their sewing skill level and current fashion trends.
Supplies and fabric costs range from $30 - $50 according to              More challenging projects including sportswear, aerobic wear,
projects chosen.                                                         casual wear, jackets and formal wear are encouraged.
                                                                         Sewing supplies and fabric costs will vary according to
                                                                         chosen projects.
Foods Studies 30 (FOO30)                            1 Credit
Prerequisite: None

Making food choices has become more challenging due to
conflicting information about food and nutrition, the variety of
food in the market and the avalanche of food advertising. In
this course students will:
  introduced to basic nutrition concepts as part of a
     healthy lifestyle;
   Prepare and taste foods from some other cultures such
     as Chinese, Italian and Mexican foods;
   Focus on learning practical cooking skills for everyday
     menus and casual entertaining;
   Learn how to get the most from the food dollar.

                                 Commercial Cooking
Commercial Cooking 10 (COC10)               1 Credit
Prerequisite: None

[Suitable for both male and female students in Grades
10, 11 & 12.]
This introductory class gives students a chance to
develop basic cooking skills used in the food service
 Prepare These Menu Favorites:
   Garnishes, sandwiches, soups, baking, salads and
   basic cake decorating.
 Learn About:
   Kitchen safety, sanitation, tools & equipment, the
   restaurant industry and job training.
 Earn:
    A Foodsafe Certificate which will enhance
    employment opportunities.

Commercial Cooking 20 (COC20)       1 Credit
Prerequisite: Commercial Cooking 10
The class provides the student an opportunity to learn
the procedures and techniques of working in the
commercial kitchen. As well, students will:
 Become acquainted with kitchen organization and
   the work station concept;
 Prepare these menu favorites: Sauces, breakfast
   items, and cooking principles;
 Prepare food for the cafeteria line and catering
 Enhance their skills through exposure to a variety
   of recipes and industrial equipment;
 Learn special occasion cake decorating;
 Reinforce safe food handling.

Commercial Cooking 30 (COC30)        1 Credit
Prerequisite: Commercial Cooking 10 & 20
The purpose of this course is to provide the student
with opportunities to further develop skills in cooking,
as well as an understanding of cooking theory and
ingredient information. Practical experience includes
preparation of popular items on menus such as
appetizers, custards, puddings, soufflés, chicken,
beef, pork, and seafood. Students will decorate an
occasion cake using the basket weave technique and
roses. There will be opportunity for tours of hotels,
restaurants and meat shops.

Cree 10 (CRE10)              1 Credit       Cree 30 (CRE30)               1 Credit       French 10 (FRE10)             1 Credit
Prerequisite: None                          Prerequisite: Cree 20                        Prerequisite: None
This course will be available to any high   The Cree 30 course is designed to            This course uses the communicative
school student who wants to acquire a       further enhance the speaking of Cree.        approach wherever possible. There is
language elective at the Grade 10 level.    Cree 30 focuses on:                          frequent student interaction in pairs and
Previous knowledge of the Cree                Extending oral communication skills      larger groups. Some of the themes
language is not required. The course            in speaking, reading, writing and lis-   include consumerism, personal
will be taught at the beginner level.           tening skills in Cree;                   independence, friendship and learning
                                              Developing an appreciation of the        about Francophone countries.
Course content and goals include the
                                                rich cultures of First Nations;
                                              Enhancing competence in communi-
 Promoting an awareness and value
                                                cating with peers, parents, caregiv-
   of Native language;                                                                   French 20 (FRE20)             1 Credit
                                                ers and Elders.
 Preserving and expanding the use of                                                   Prerequisite: French 10
   the Cree language;
 Developing communication skills in                                                    Authentic articles and situations are
   the areas of listening, speaking,                                                     used to promote the themes in this
   reading and writing.                                                                  curriculum.      The themes make
                                                                                         reference to lifestyle, travel, the arts,
                                                                                         and the media. The student will apply
Cree 20 (CRE20)           1 Credit                                                       her/his own ideas and interpretations to
Prerequisite: Cree 10 or permission                                                      life situations.
from the instructor.

Students enrolled in Cree 20 should
have a basic knowledge of the Plains
Cree language. The Cree 20 course is                                                     French 30 (FRE30)             1 Credit
designed to further enhance Cree                                                         Prerequisite: French 20
language with a focus on:                                                                The final year of the French curriculum
 Cree culture;                                                                         continues to emphasize themes that are
 Extending oral communication skills;                                                  of current interest in day-to-day life.
 Extending vocabulary using the                                                        These themes include crime, violence,
   conjunct mode;                                                                        world issues and life after high school.
 Writing complex sentences;
 Writing short stories in Cree.

Foundations of Mathematics 1 Credit         Foundations of Mathematics 20                   Mathematics 21 (MTH 21) 1 Credit
And Pre-Calculus 10 (MFP 10)                (MAF20)                    1 Credit             Prerequisite: Mathematics 11 or
Prerequisite: Mathematics 9                 Prerequisite: Foundations &                     Mathematics 10 and teacher
This course is designed to provide          Pre-Calculus 10                                 Recommendation.
students with the mathematical              This course is designed to provide              This is a credit that does not meet
understandings and critical thinking        students with the mathematical                  entrance requirements for University or
skills identified for entry into post-      understandings and critical thinking            two-year programs at SIAST. Students
secondary programs. Topics include:         skills identified for post-secondary            should consult a counselor about their
Measurement, trigonometry, exponents,       programs that do not require the study          career plans. This course is designed
polynomials, factoring, irrational          of theoretical calculus. Topics include         to relate mathematics to everyday
numbers and relations and functions.        logical reasoning, proportional                 living. It is a continuation of the
                                            reasoning, geometry, trigonometry,              Mathematics 11 program. Course
                                            algebra, statistics and probability.            topics covered are irrational numbers,
Workplace and Apprenticeship                                                                probability, geometry and consumer
Mathematics 10 (MWA 10) 1 Credit                                                            math.
Prerequisite: Mathematics 9                 Workplace and Apprenticeship
This course is designed to provide          Mathematics 20 (MWA 20) 1 Credit                Pre-Calculus 20 (MPC20) 1 Credit
students with the mathematical              Prerequisite: Workplace and                     Prerequisite: Foundations &
understandings and critical thinking        Apprenticeship 10                               Pre– Calculus 10
skills identified for entry into post-      This course is designed to provide              This pathway is designed to provide
secondary programs in trades and            students with the mathematical                  students with the mathematical
technology, and for direct entry into the   understandings and critical-thinking            understandings and critical thinking
work force.         Topics include:         skills identified for entry into the majority   skills identified for entry into post-
measurement, trigonometry, geometry,        of trades and for direct entry into the         secondary programs that require the
consumer math, and proportional             work force. Topics include financial            study of theoretical calculus. Topics
reasoning.                                  mathematics, proportional reasoning,            include absolute value, radicals,
                                            logical reasoning, geometry, and                trigonometry, rational expressions and
                                            number sense.                                   equations, factoring, quadratic
Mathematics 11 (MTH11)      1 Credit
Prerequisite: Essential Math 9, or                                                          functions, quadratic equations,
Math 9 and teacher recommendation.                                                          inequalities, reciprocal functions,
                                                                                            sequences and series.
Mathematics 11 is a modified 10 level
mathematics course. This course
focuses on improving basic math and
algebraic skills taught in grade nine as
well as developing math skills used in
everyday life at a learning pace suited
for all students in the class. Topics
include algebra skills, consumer math,
the right triangle, linear equations and
linear functions. This course is a
prerequisite for Mathematics 21.

Workplace and Apprenticeship                         1 Credit           Pre-Calculus 30 (MPC30)                               1 Credit
Mathematics 30 (MWA30)                                                  Prerequisite: Pre-Calculus 20 (Math B30)
Prerequisite: Workplace and Apprenticeship
Mathematics 20 (Math A30)                                               This pathway is designed to provide students with the
                                                                        mathematical understands and critical-thinking skills identified
This course is designed to provide students with the                    for entry into post-secondary programs that require the study
mathematical understandings and critical-thinking skills                of theoretical calculus. Topics include: the unit circle,
identified for entry into the majority of trades and for direct         trigonometric functions, trigonometric equations and
entry into the work force. Topics include: trigonometry and             identities, logarithmic and exponential functions and
measurement, transformations, logical reasoning, measures               equations, counting principles, transformations and
of central tendency, linear relations, probability, business and        composition of functions, radical functions, rational function
financial mathematics.                                                  and polynomial functions.

Foundations of Mathematics 30 (MAF30)                 1 Credit          Calculus 30 (CAL30)                                  1 Credit
Prerequisite: Foundations of Mathematics 20                             Prerequisite: Pre-Calculus 20
(Math A30)
                                                                        This introductory course is designed to give students a basic
This course is designed to provide students with the                    understanding of calculus. It is an option for students who
mathematical understandings and critical-thinking skills                intend to pursue engineering, veterinary medicine,
identified for post-secondary studies in programs that do not           commerce, computer science, nursing, medicine, or
require the study of theoretical calculus. Topics include:              pharmacy at university. The class deals with limits,
financial decision making, logical reasoning, counting                  derivatives, problem solving, integration and related topics.
principles, probability, polynomial functions, periodic                 Any member of the Mathematics Department may be
functions, logarithmic and exponential functions.                       consulted for additional information. Students should note
                                                                        that this course will be a prerequisite for entrance into the
                                                                        Engineering Program at University.

                         Selec ng Secondary Mathema cs Courses  
 The renewed mathematics curriculum consists of three pathways designed to meet the needs
 of students as they prepare for post-secondary education and the workforce.

  Workplace & Apprenticeship             Foundations of Mathematics                      Pre-Calculus
                                      This pathway is designed for stu-       This pathway is designed for stu-
This pathway is designed for stu-     dents who want to attend a uni-         dents who want to study mathe-
dents interested in learning the      versity, college, or technical insti-   matics or sciences at a university,
mathematics needed to enter most      tute after high school, but do not      college, or technical institute and
trades or to enter the workforce      need calculus skills.                   go on to a related career.
after high school.                    Students will study the greatest        Pre-Calculus is for students who
Note: Some technical school pro-      variety of mathematical topics in       plan to enter post-secondary pro-
grams that require study in calcu-    these courses. This path will ful-      grams such as engineering, math-
lus will not accept this pathway      fill most students' needs.              ematics, sciences, some business
for admission.                                                                studies, or other programs that
                                                                              require calculus.

        Note: Students will require at least one 20 level credit in any of the three
              pathways or Math 21 for graduation.

         Some Possible Pathways
         Students and parents may want to consider several options depending on student’s interests
         and their post-secondary plans.

         Option 1 - Students considering a post-secondary program but are unsure of program study.

                                                                        Notes for Consideration
  Grade                Semester 1                 Semester 2

                         Foundations and Pre-Calculus 10                This plan will also be suitable for
    10            (Workplace & Apprenticeship 10 recommended as an      students that are likely to apply for
                                       elective)                         university programs in the arts or the
                                                                        Most university admission requirements
    11                   Foundations 20 (either semester)
                                                                         will use a 30 level math. With this
                                                                         plan students will not have a choice of
    12                   Foundations 30 (either semester)                marks that they can use to submit for
         B                                     OR
  Grade              Semester 1              Semester 2                    Notes for Consideration
                   Foundations and                                This plan will have students take more math
      10                                   Foundations 20
                   Pre-Calculus 10                                  courses than required by any post-
      11           Pre-Calculus 20         Foundations 30           secondary institution.
                                                                  If, at the end of grade 11, students decide
                                                                    not to take Calculus 30 they can choose
      12           Pre-Calculus 30           Calculus 30            Pre-Calculus 30 as an elective if they wish

Option 2 - Students considering a technical school program (not focused on math or science), community
colleges, or the workforce.

           Grade       Semester 1       Semester 2         Notes for Consideration
             10        Workplace & Apprenticeship 10       Most university programs will not accept cours-
                                                            es from W&A for admission.
             11        W&A 20 (either semester)
                                                           Some technical school programs will not ac-
           12     W&A 30 (either semester)                  cept courses from the W&A pathway.
Option 3 - Students considering a theoretical math or science program at a university or technical school.

Grade               Semester 1               Semester 2                        Notes for Consideration
                      Foundations and Pre-Calculus 10
 10*               (Workplace & Apprenticeship 10 recommended           Most university admission requirements
                                  as an elective)                        will use a 30 level math for admission
 11                Foundations 20             Pre-Calculus 20           Students may choose to take Foundations
                                                                         20 in grade 10 and Foundations 30 in
 12                Pre-Calculus 30              Calculus 30              grade 11.
 or                Foundations 30             Pre-Calculus 30
Option 4 - Students who struggle with abstract mathematics may choose to study modified mathematics.

       Grade      Semester 1            Semester 2        Notes for Consideration
         10                                               Math 21 will allow students to graduate.
                     Math 11 (either semester)
                                                          Most university and technical school programs
         11          Math 21 (either semester)             will not accept Math 21 for admission.
 Option 5 – Students who are considering taking Advanced Placement Calculus

Grade     Semester 1                    Semester 2                    Notes for Consideration
          Foundations and        Pre-                                 Suggested only for students that are
  10            Calculus 10                  Foundations 20            sure of program choice and who have
                                                                       a strong interest and aptitude in math-
  11           Pre-Calculus 20               Foundations 30

           Pre-Calculus 30 / Calculus 30 / Advanced Calculus

   Option IB - Students who want to enroll in the International Baccalaureate program.


     When deciding upon the pathway(s) that will be of the greatest
      benefit to students, several factors should be considered:

 Which pathway is interes ng to the student?                                    It is expected that
                                                                                some students will
 Where are the student’s strengths?                                             change their pro-
 Which math topics would be most relevant for the post‐secondary                gram of interest
                                                                                after graduation.
 plans of the student?                                                          Many options for
                                                                                acquiring program
       Career in Math and/or Science – Pre‐Calculus                             prerequisites exist.
                                                                                Contact a school
       Career in Arts and/or Humani es – Founda ons                             counsellor to dis-
                                                                                cuss which option
       Career in Trades or Workplace – Workplace & Appren ceship                might best suit
                                                                                your needs.

 Is the student interested in taking more than one math pathway?

In Grade 10, students are encouraged to consider taking both math courses: Workplace &
Apprenticeship Mathematics 10 and Foundations of Mathematics and Pre-Calculus 10.
For university bound students, Workplace & Apprenticeship Mathematics 10 is not a
prerequisite for admission but it will contain content that will be useful to the student in other
subjects, the workplace and their everyday lives.
For students with a strong interest in theoretical math and/or science, it may be advisable to
consider Foundations of Mathematics 20 in the second semester rather than the Workplace &
Apprenticeship Mathematics10.
Some students may decide that the regular mathematics pathways will not meet their needs.
The modified math courses (Math 11 and 21) may be more suitable. It is advisable to talk to
your grade 9 math teacher(s) before making this decision to discuss the benefits and
implications of modified math.

                                     Physical Education
Wellness 10 Boys/Girls (WLM10, WLF10)                    1 Credit          Active Living - Fitness Leadership 30 (ALF30)          1 Credit
Prerequisite: Physical Education 9                                         Prerequisite: Wellness 10
The emphasis is on new activities with some exposure to                    This course is for those students who have made positive
individual sports. Activities may include aerobics, archery,               decisions regarding their own health and wellness and are
soccer, touch football, rugby, cross-country skiing, golf,                 ready to be a leader for others as they see the benefit of
combatives, lacrosse, weight training, badminton, social                   promoting and encouraging healthy, active lifestyles for a
dance (co-ed), and jazz/hip-hop dance. Movement concepts,                  lifetime for themselves and others.
rules and the basic skills of these activities are covered.
Evaluation is based on effort to maintain and improve
personal fitness level, wellness assignments and self-directed             Physical Education 30 Boys/Girls (PEM30, PEF30)
warm up. Wellness units include stress management, healthy                 Prerequisite: Wellness 10                    1 Credit
eating and relationships.                                                  The majority of classes for Physical Education 30 use
A positive attitude toward physical education and attendance               facilities outside of the school. This course exposes students
are key factors in evaluation. It is an expectation that all               to new lifetime activities and allows for improvement in skill,
students enrolled in this course change into phys-ed clothing.             strategy and game play of some of the activities from the P.E.
                                                                           20 program. Activities may include aquatics, kayaking, scuba
Physical Education 20 Boys/Girls (PEM20,PEF20)                             diving, 10-pin bowling, golf, social dance, squash, archery,
Prerequisite: Wellness 10                   1 Credit                       skiing (downhill and cross country), orienteering, tennis and
The majority of class time for Physical Education 20 is in                 fitness activities. Participation and written exams are used to
facilities outside of the school.                                          assess progress. It is advisable that students have an
This course is designed to acquaint the student with lifetime              enthusiastic approach to Physical Education and participation
activities. Emphasis is placed on basic skills, techniques and             in general. There is a $60 fee for students taking the course
rules. Activities may include tennis, 5-pin bowling, swimming,             to cover facility rentals. This course is offered as a quartered
badminton, fitness, racquetball, curling, ice games, social                class.
dance, cycling, golf, combatives and first aid. Participation
and written tests are the methods of evaluation. It is                     Active Sport Performance 30 (ALF30)                  1 Credit
advisable that students have an enthusiastic approach to                   Prerequisite: Wellness 10
Physical Education and participation in general. There is a                This course will utilize both Mount Royal and community
$50 fee for students taking the course to cover facility rentals.          facilities. Objectives of this course will focus on the students’
This class is offered as a quarter class. Classes in certain               willingness to have fun while meeting their physical strength
activities may extend over regularly scheduled class time.                 and fitness goals. Students will gain practical experience in
                                                                           their respective activity or sport. The concepts of this course
Active Living - Fitness Leadership 20 (ALF20)            1 Credit          will cover: basic coaching strategies, maintaining fitness
Prerequisite: Wellness 10                                                  programs, and understanding the importance of nutrition. This
                                                                           course is open to both males and females and is in the
This is a course for students who love all kinds of activities             semester system. Some of the activities may include:
that improve their fitness level and enjoy teaching and                    aquatics, cycling, cross-country skiing, combatives and
coaching others. This course is different from the traditional             fitness clubs. To cover the cost of community facilities there
SPED 20 and 30 courses. In this course students will study                 will be a $50.00 fee. Students will have to choose one of the
basic fitness theory through lectures, labs, and activities such           two Special Physical Education 30 courses for credit.
as circuit training, core body training, boxing/martial arts
classes, spinning (indoor biking), weight training, and yoga.
Students will have the opportunity to observe and participate
in the latest group fitness classes at city facilities and/or
private gyms. Students will learn “how to” design and instruct
fitness activities to other students. Students will also be able
to explore careers within the fitness industry. There will be a
$50.00 fee for this course for facility/instructor costs. This is a
perfect class for those students who wish to pursue a fitness
or teaching career after high school.
Students can take this course in addition to PE20/30
courses for credit.

Science 10 (SCI10)           1 Credit       Biology 20 (BIO20)       1 Credit           Chemistry 20 (CHE20)     1 Credit
Prerequisite: Science 9                     Prerequisite: Science 10                    Prerequisite: Science 10

The four main units in this course are      Biology 20 is designed to introduce         This chemistry course is a continuation
Sustainability of Ecosystems, Chemical      students to the world of biology. The       of Science 10 with special emphasis on
Reactions, Motion in our World, and         course includes the study of cells, the     the composition of matter. The main
Dynamics. These topics will serve as        classification of living things, with the   areas of study include atomic and
the context for developing scientifically   examination of living organisms and         molecular structure, the mole concept,
literate students.                          their environments. The major               chemical reactions, the behaviour of
Throughout this course, practical           emphasis of the course will be placed       gases, and stoichiometric ratios. The
applications of the topics are              on the diverse life of our planet. This     program also includes the gathering of
considered.                                 includes the multiplicity of viruses,       laboratory data and relating that
                                            bacteria, single celled organisms,          information in a quantitative problem-
                                            plants, invertebrates and vertebrates.      solving manner to specific scientific
Science 11 (SCI11)           1 Credit       Throughout this course, students will       laws and theories.
Prerequisite: Science 9                     familiarize themselves with the skills in
                                            biology which include the use of
This course is intended for those           different microscopes and the ability to    Chemistry 30 (CHE30)      1 Credit
students who have experienced               dissect various specimens.                  Prerequisite: Chemistry 20
difficulty in previous science classes.
                                                                                        This course adds to the knowledge of
To assist in understanding science,
                                            Biology 30 (BIO30)        1 Credit          the structure of matter gained in
material is presented at a flexible pace.
                                            Prerequisite: Science 10;                   Chemistry 20.          Thermodynamics,
On completion, students should select
                                            Biology 20 is strongly                      reaction rates, equilibrium, solubility,
Science 21.
                                            recommended.                                acids and bases, and electrochemistry
                                                                                        are the main units examined in this
Science 21 (SCI21)         1 Credit         The unifying elements of this course are    course. Students will be involved in
Prerequisite: Science 10/11                 biochemistry and cell biology. Using        research, problem solving and
Course is designed for Grade 11             this approach, the goal is to understand    laboratory activities.
students.                                   how the human body works, right down        NOTE:       This course, along with
                                            to the cellular and molecular level. This   Chemistry 20, is intended to provide the
The main units of study for this course     includes studies of DNA and human           content necessary as a prerequisite for
include topics in Ecology, Medical          genetics.                                   university or technical school chemistry
Issues and the Human Body. This             This course will also be offered            courses.
course is intended for students who         online, via the computer, through the
work well independently as the units are    Saskatoon Public School Division’s
set up as individual modules. Students      Online Learning Centre (see page
enrolled in this course should consider     44).
all of their options beforehand. This
class is NOT a prerequisite for
university and other post-secondary
institutions; it is a course that is
intended for students in the Modified

Physics 20 (PHY20)                                  1 Credit          Physics 30 (PHY30)                           1 Credit
Prerequisite: Science 10                                              Prerequisite: Pre-Calucus 20, Foundations of
                                                                      Mathematics 30 or Physics 20
Strongly recommended: Successful completion of
Foundations of Mathematics and Pre-Calculus 10 and                    It is STRONGLY RECOMMENDED that students successfully
preferably Foundations of Mathematics 20.                             complete Foundations of Mathematics 30 and preferably Pre-
                                                                      Calculus 30 before attempting this course. There is much
This is an introductory course that stresses how knowledge is
                                                                      more mathematics involved in this course than in Physics 20.
acquired in the physical sciences. Measurement and the
mathematics required to do the problems are reviewed. The             This course forms the basis of skills needed for first year
major focus of this course is a comprehensive study of how            Engineering and Physical Science programs at all post-
light behaves. This leads to an examination of wave                   secondary institutions. The main focus of the course is
properties in general. The understanding of wave motion is            mechanics – the physics of how and why objects move. A
then applied to a short study of sound, how it is produced,           mathematical approach to understanding electricity is also
transmitted and how it affects humans. Finally, the concept of        included, as well as an introduction to nuclear physics.
heat is studied. Applications of physics to everyday                  This course will also be offered online, via the computer,
phenomena will be emphasized throughout the course.                   through Saskatoon Public School’s Online Learning
                                                                      Centre (see page 44).

Computer Science 20                               1 Credit            Computer Science 30                              1 Credit
(CSC20).                                                              (CSC30).
Students are introduced to fundamental computer                       Students are introduced to object oriented computer
programming concepts. Students are QBASIC and work                    programming. Students use Visual BasicNET and work
through a series of self-directed assignments. Concepts               through a series of self-directed assignments.
covered include looping, decision making, functions and               This class may be used as a Science credit.
This class may be used as a Science credit.

                                            Social Sciences
History 10 (HIS10)            1 Credit       History 30 (HIS30)             1 Credit     Native Studies 10 (NAT10) 1 Credit
Prerequisite: Social Studies 9               Prerequisite: None                          Prerequisite: Social Studies 9
                                             It is recommended that History 30 be
History 10 is a continuation of the study                                                (Native Studies may be taken instead of
                                             taken in the final year of high school.
of man and his societies with an                                                         History 10.)
emphasis on social organizations. The        History 30 is a Canadian Studies            The aim of Native Studies 10 is to help
course looks at the historical period        program emphasizing those forces            the student develop a personal and cul-
from 1789 to 1914. Units include the         which have shaped and continue to           tural awareness and understanding of
following topics: The French Revolution,     shape the Canadian nation. The major        Indian and Métis people. The student
Industrial Revolution, Nation State,         topics examined in the course are the       learns to recognize biased and racist
Imperialism, and World War I. The            land and its resources, the culture and     information and to promote the develop-
major course emphasis is on European         history of the First Nations peoples, The   ment of positive attitudes of all citizens
history during this period with a            French/English foundation of Canada,        towards Indian and Métis people. Stu-
provision made for current events.           confederation, the development of the       dents become familiar with the Aborigi-
                                             west, the international role of Canada in   nal people of Canada and some as-
History 11 (HIS11)             1 Credit      the twentieth century, the depression       pects of traditional philosophy. This
Prerequisite: None                           and Canada since 1945. There is an          goal will be met by focusing on the spir-
This is a modified course designed for       emphasis on current events and              itual, family, political, treaties, econom-
students who wish to complete the            understanding the forces at work in         ic, educational, land and social life of
basic requirements for a Grade 10 cred-      modern Canada that are shaping the          Aboriginal people.
it. See the basic course description in      future of the nation.
History 10.                                  This course will also be offered            Native Studies 20 (NAT20) 1 credit
                                             online, via the computer, through           Prerequisite: None
                                             Saskatoon Public School’s Online            Students are strongly urged to
History 20 (HIS20)              1 Credit
                                             Learning Centre (see page 46).              complete Native Studies 10 before
Prerequisite: None
                                                                                         taking Native Studies 20.
History 20 is a world studies course         History 31 (HIS31)            1 Credit      This course will examine issues and
which concentrates on the twentieth          Prerequisite: History 10 or 11, or          concerns of Aboriginal people on both a
century and the forces that shape not        Native Studies 10.                          national and international level. The
only our own times, but the future.          It is recommended that History 31 be        course will focus on the concepts of self
World War I, modern ideologies (such         taken in the final year of high school.     -determination, land claims, future
as communism, nazism), World War II,                                                     development, urbanization, poverty,
the Cold War and current world issues        This is a modified course designed for      multinational corporations, human rights
are the focus of the course.                 students who wish to complete the           and Aboriginal justice systems.
                                             basic requirements of Grade 12.
History 21 (HIS21)            1 Credit                                                   Native Studies 30 (NAT30)1 Credit
Prerequisite: None                                                                       Prerequisite: History 10

This is a modified course designed for                                                   This is a course that examines
students who wish to complete the                                                        contemporary Canadian Aboriginal
basic requirements for a Grade 11                                                        issues. Major units include Aboriginal
credit. The goal of the History 21                                                       and treaty rights; governance; land
course is to help students understand                                                    claims and treaty land entitlements;
the major issues facing humanity in the                                                  economic and social development.
early 21st century. The course will                                                      Historical basis are traced to gain
examine issues such as human rights,                                                     insights into current issues that face
world conflict, notable systems of                                                       Canada's Aboriginal people.
government, post World War II                                                            This course will also be offered
globalism and interdependence, the                                                       online, via the computer, through
Cold War, the modern world structure,                                                    Saskatoon Public School’s Online
and current conflicts and challenges to                                                  Learning Centre (see page 44).

Psychology 20 (PSY20)          1 Credit      World Religions 30 (WOR30) 1 Credit          Economics 30 (ECO30)           1 Credit
Prerequisite: None                           Prerequisite: None                           Prerequisite: History 10
Psychology 20 is an introduction to the      This course is a comparative                 This course has a Canadian
study of human behavior. This class is       examination of many of the world’s           perspective with special attention given
designed to help students know               religions.     Students will have an         to the global economy. Activities
themselves and the influences of their       opportunity to study the origins,            occurring in Canada and around the
world in a very practical way. Major         development and principal beliefs of         world form a major portion of the
units of study include the nature of         these religions.         In addition,        course. The topics include areas
psychology, group dynamics,                  opportunities will be provided for           related to personal finance, competition,
personality development, behavior,           students to understand the influential       business organization, banking,
learning, intelligence, conformity, stress   role religion has played, or is playing,     organized labour, government role in
and mental health.                           on a personal, cultural, national and        the economy, monopoly.
                                             international level.                         Saskatchewan’s economy, international
Psychology 30 (PSY30)           1 Credit                                                  trade and the global economy.
Prerequisite: None                           Law 30 (LAW30)                   1 Credit
                                             Prerequisite: None                           Applied Global Citizenship (GLO 30)
“Ages & Stages”                                                                                                        1 Credit
                                             Law 30 introduces the student to an
Psychology 30 examines a person’s life
                                             academic study of the Canadian legal
span from pre-conception to old age.                                                      The purpose of this course is to create
                                             system as it affects one's rights and
The course includes: preconception,                                                       an awareness for each student of her/
                                             responsibilities. Topics in this course
infancy, early childhood, middle                                                          his global footprint. The course has
                                             are the court system, criminal law, civil
childhood, adolescence and adulthood.                                                     three strands: political literacy, social
                                             law, contracts, family law, wills, etc. A
The course revolves around the                                                            r e sp on sib ilit y, an d comm u nit y
                                             variety of activities may be used to
physical, emotional and mental                                                            involvement. It is a practical course
                                             assist the student in understanding the
changes that a person goes through as                                                     that includes a service project.
                                             law as it applies to everyday life.
they mature.                                                                              Students acquire skills to address and
                                                                                          respond to local and global issues for
                                                                                          the purpose of becoming active and
                                                                                          responsible global citizens.

Life Transitions 20 (LIF20)                          1 Credit        Life Transitions 30 (LIF30)                        1 Credit
Prerequisite: None                                                   Prerequisite: None
                                                                     This course looks at major changes in students’ lives as they
Life Transitions 20 is a course that deals with the major
                                                                     prepare for new roles after high school. Students will learn
changes encountered in a student's personal life,
                                                                     decision-making skills that are needed in today's world.
relationships, community and career planning. Today, it is
                                                                     Topics to be covered include life roles, sexual and
essential that young people are able to cope effectively with
                                                                     reproductive health, conflict resolution, parenting, money
change. Some of the topics covered are self-esteem, human
                                                                     management and career planning.
sexuality, communication, personal relationships, time
management, community issues and careers.

Mount Royal Collegiate offers “state of the art” graphic art, photography, cosmetology and technology labs.

 Cosmetology 10 (COS10)          1 Credit    Drafting and Computer           1 Credit     Electronics 9
 Prerequisite: None                          Aided Design 10 (DRC10)                      Grade 9’s are introduced to electronic
                                             Prerequisite: None                           components, circuit board preparation
 Cosmetology 10 involves the study and                                                    and soldering techniques while
 skill development for career and            Students will learn how to draw using        completing a battery powered flashlight.
 personal use in the beauty industry.        different computer programs. A variety       Students will also complete some basic
 This course will focus on an introduction   of mechanical and architectural              house wiring circuits, which include
 to the salon, career opportunities,         drawings will be completed. Students         receptacles, lights and switches.
 decontamination, draping/brushing/          will learn the various career
 shampooing, hairstyling techniques,         opportunities related to the industry.
 and esthetics (nail care, manicures,                                                     Electronics 10 (EEO10)         1 Credit
 skin care, facials and make-up              Drafting and Computer           1 Credit     Prerequisite: None
 application). Students will begin with      Aided Design 20 (DRC20)
 basic skill development in these areas                                                   This course examines the generation,
                                             Prerequisite: DRC 10
 and progress to practicing on each                                                       control and use of electrical energy.
 other.      Theory work and class           This course is a continuation of the         This happens through experimentation,
 participation are major components of       DCC10 at a more advanced level.              demonstration, discussion and by
 this course. Client days are introduced     Students will draw floor and foundation      construction of take-home projects.
 for practicing skills.                      plans, wall sections and elevation           Students will construct an audio
                                             views. They will continue to learn about     amplifier and will be able to choose
 Cosmetology 20 (COS20)     1 Credit         career opportunities related to the          from a number of other projects to
 Prerequisite: Cosmetology 10                drafting trade.                              complete. The course will also focus on
                                                                                          developing students understanding of
 Cosmetology 20 is a continuation of the     Drafting and Computer           1 Credit     basic house wiring skills and
 course objectives of Cosmetology 10.        Aided Design 30 (DRC30)                      techniques. This course offers the
 Modules include review and expansion        Prerequisite: DRC 20                         fundamentals of what might later
 of the skills taught in Cosmetology 10,                                                  become an occupation or the
 plus hair and scalp treatments,             Students complete this course by             development of a hobby.
 advanced hairstyling, foot care/            designing their own home. They will
 pedicures, and basic hair removal.          complete a set of plans including floor      Electronics 20 (EEO20)       1 Credit
 Theory work and class participation as      plans and elevation views with sectional     Prerequisite: Electronics 10
 models along with continuing client         views to explain deviations. Students
 days are major components of this           will learn the basic principals of           This course covers the care and use of
 course.                                     surveying. There will be continued           test equipment, immediate house
                                             exploration into career opportunities.       wiring, and an introduction to basic
 Cosmetology 30 (COS30)     1 Credit                                                      robotics.    The course involves a
 Prerequisite: Cosmetology 20                Career Focus Program 30 1 Credit             partnership with SaskTel through which
 Students enrolled in Cosmetology 30         (CFL30)                                      the students will learn how to make
 are at an advanced level of skill           Prerequisite: Grade 10 standing or           internet connections, phone line
 development. New areas of study             17 years of age                              connections and hook up SaskTel MAX.
 include women’s and men’s haircutting,      This course is of interest to students
 salon management, permanent waving          who are considering apprenticeship or        Electronics 30 (EEO30)       1 Credit
 and basic hair coloring. Professionalism    attending trades training at SIAST. The      Prerequisite: Electronics 20
 is emphasized through student               program develops necessary skills in         This course is a continuation of the
 participation and client days.              trade related math and                       basic ideas developed in previous
                                             communications.        The course will       electronics classes. Residential wiring
                                             include the requirements for the SIAST       and robotics will be further explored. A
                                             courses Trades Measurement 105 and           partnership with SaskTel continues in
                                             Communications 127. Students may be          this class and students will experience
                                             allowed to write the SIAST exams and         internet, phone and television
                                             receive credit for these courses. This       connections in more detail.
                                             course will also offer students a 30 level
                                             credit from Sask Learning.

Air Craft Maintenance Orientation            Machining 30 (MAC30)              1 Credit Mechanics 20 (MEC20)       1 Credit
Program (ACA30-Q, ACB30-Q)                   Prerequisite: Machining 20                 Prerequisite: Mechanics 10
(AMOP)                      2 Credits
                                             Students learn advanced techniques on         In this course students progress at their
Students will learn the basics of aircraft   the lathe and mill. Students will turn        own rate, doing both written and lab
maintenance in a hands-on class. They        tapers, bore, plot bolt circles and use the   work in the basics of mechanics. There
will work on both rotary wing                boring head in the mill. There is             is an opportunity to choose areas of
(helicopters) and fixed wing (airplanes)     sufficient time available for the students    particular interest. Major topics of study
aircraft in the school lab, and on a work    to do a personally designed project.          are automotive electrical systems,
experience component at the airport.                                                       cooling systems, fuel systems
During the class students will learn the     Mechanics 10 (MEC10)             1 Credit     controlling, and transmitting power
theory of flight, basic aircraft design,     Prerequisite: None                            through mechanical systems. Students
and the purpose of aircraft systems.                                                       have the option of working on a wide
                                             This course examines internal
Good maintenance practice will be the                                                      range of their own mechanical
                                             combustion engines and the control and
focus of this class. This class will be a                                                  equipment. Emphasis is placed on a
                                             transmission of power through the use
combination of classroom theory, school                                                    broad view of the mechanical field so
                                             of mechanical systems. Lab activities
lab work and work experience.                                                              that students can apply what they have
                                             include the disassembly and rebuilding
The class will be taught in a 2 hour block                                                 learned to a variety of situations.
                                             of a one-cylinder four-stroke cycle
for 1 semester. Students will be granted
                                             gasoline engine. Students learn to
two 30 level credits with completion.                                                      Mechanics 30 (MEC30)       1 Credit
                                             decide whether parts are useable or
                                             whether they should be replaced.              Prerequisite: Mechanics 20
Machining 10 (MAC10)             1 Credit
Prerequisite: None                           Instruments such as the micrometer and        This course is for students with a
                                             torque wrench are used. The student           genuine interest in mechanics. The
This course is designed to provide           has an opportunity to work with               emphasis is on safety and responsibility.
learning experiences in measurement          precision and accuracy, an ability            The lab and lab equipment are made
and the use of many precision tools and      required in many hobbies and                  available to the student for personal
machines. The fundamentals of layout,        occupations. Cost of owning and               projects. These personal projects can
bench work, drill presses, lathes, band      operating a vehicle, motorcycle               be related to topics introduced and
saws and grinders are taught.                maintenance, outboard maintenance             developed in Mechanics 10 and 20.
Emphasis (by group discussion and            and engine troubleshooting are also           Some examples of major projects are
demonstration) is placed on various          included in the learning. experiences.        engine tune-up, brake system overhaul,
machining processes and techniques                                                         wheel alignment and safety inspection.
through compulsory and student                                                             Troubleshooting procedures are also
designed projects.                                                                         included. Students are encouraged to
                                                                                           apply their knowledge to a broad range
Machining 20 (MAC20)             1 Credit                                                  of mechanical systems.
Prerequisite: Machining 10
During this course, machining practice
can be explored in depth. Objectives
include acquainting the students with the
machining industry, emphasizing skills
sufficiently to machine; simple
components; and developing good work
habits. Students build on lathe skills
learned in Machining 10 and learn to do
more in depth processes on the milling
machine. There is sufficient time
available for the student to do a
personally designed project.

Welding 10 (WLD10)             1 Credit    Welding 30 (WLD30)             1 Credit     Wood Construction 20 (WOO20)
Prerequisite: None                         Prerequisite: Welding 20                    Prerequisite: Wood Construction 10
                                           This course is an advanced course in                                   1 Credit
This course is designed to introduce
students to three basic welding            welding. Students will spend time           Construction 20 involves students in
techniques. Students will learn about      perfecting their welding technique and      hands-on experiences working on
welding safety, equipment safety,          learn more theory involved in welding.      teacher designed and student designed
operation and welding theory. The          Students will learn different techniques    projects. Hand and machine tool
three areas of welding covered in this     for identifying metal, how to weld in       operations, use of joints, clamping,
course are oxy-acetylene welding/          different positions, and the different      finishing materials and project design
cutting, electric air welding and gas      techniques used to cut metal. Students      are studied. A portion of the course will
metal arc welding also known as M.I.G.     will be introduced to arc air cutting and   be devoted to residential building
welding. Students will do various types    gas tungsten arc welding also known as      construction, specifically foundations,
of welds and then apply techniques to      T.I.G. welding. In the end, students will   floor systems and wall systems. A
projects.                                  develop an advanced project and             project to demonstrate wall framing will
                                           create this project in class.               be undertaken.
Welding 20 (WLD20)             1 Credit
Prerequisite: Welding 10                   Wood Construction 10 (WOO10)                Wood Construction 30 (WOO30)
                                           Prerequisite: None       1 Credit           Prerequisite: Wood Construction 20
This course is designed to further                                                                                1 Credit
                                           This Grade 10 course is designed to
develop student’s skills in the welding
                                           increase students' skills and knowledge     Construction 30 uses teacher and
trade. Students will learn intermediate
                                           in the use of basic woodworking             student designed projects to learn more
safety, theory, basic measuring skills
                                           equipment. Students are introduced to       advanced methods of cabinet and
and blueprint reading skills. In this
                                           plan reading, developing cut lists and      furniture making. Specialty joints,
course students will be required to
                                           operating a CNC router. Emphasis is on      fixtures, and methods are studied in a
complete intermediate level welds using
                                           “learning by doing” through assigned        hands-on environment. Residential
the same techniques learned in
                                           and individual projects.        Special     building construction is reviewed and
Welding 10.           Students will be
                                           consideration is given to safety            roof systems are studied in detail. A
introduced to plasma cutting and oxy-
                                           procedures.                                 practical follow-up activity in roof
acetylene braze welding. In the end,
                                           Students are introduced to plan             construction occurs. Students also
students will use their knowledge to
                                           reading, developing cut lists and           study concrete forming and finishing as
create a blueprint of a project and make
                                           operating a CNC router.                     well as basic surveying.
the project in class.

                   Unique programs found in
                   Saskatoon Public Schools
Saskatoon’s Public Schools offers the most diverse programming options in our province. We work hard to ensure all students are
engaged in their learning. Below is a sample of some of the unique programs found in each of our collegiates.
For detailed information on these and other programs at each school, including how to register, please visit each school’s website;
visit (Schools & Programs link), or telephone the Student Services Office at each school
(numbers are on page 1432 of the yellow pages in the SaskTel phone book).

Aden Bowman Collegiate                                                                               Mount Royal Collegiate
                    Collective Voice (Grade 9) - Application required                                                   Aviation Maintenance Orientation Program
                    Dance                                                                                               Computer Animation
                    Earthkeepers (Grade10) - Application required                                                       Cosmetology
                    Integrated English/Drama (Grade 11)                                                                 Full Vocational Options (Commercial Cooking, Graphic Arts, Welding,
                    Integrated English/History (Grade 10)                                                                  Mechanics, Machining, Wood and Electronics)
                    Integrated English/History (Grade 12)                                                               High School Carpentry Apprentice Program with Whitecap (Grades 11
                    Integrated Global Citizenship/History/English (Grade12)                                                and 12) – Application required
                    Jazz 20                                                                                             Languages: Cree and French
                                                                                                                        Night Classes (Grades 11 and 12) – Application required
Bedford Road Collegiate                                                                                                 Post secondary programming (SIAST, SIIT) for students 18 and over
                      Advanced Program (Grades 9 to 12) – Application required                                          Saskatoon Trades and Skills Centre for students 18 and over
                      Cheerleading (Grade 9)                                                                            Semester and Quarter Classes
                      Dance Program                                                                                     Song Writing/Recording
                      Esthetics (Grade 9)                                                                               Tourism/Hospitality (Grade 12)
                      Hockey Program
                      International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (Grades 11 and 12) –             Royal West Campus
                         Application required                                                                         Adult Education for students 18 and over
                                                                                                                      University of Saskatchewan Arts & Science Transition Program
Centennial Collegiate
                        Advanced Placement Calculus, English and Studio Art (Grade 12)
                        Dance Academy (Grades 9 to 12)
                        High Performance/Personal Fitness/Physical Education (Grades 11              Nutana Collegiate
                           and 12)                                                                                       Academic Upgrading Academy
                        History Study Tour Program (Grade 11)                                                            Adult Education for Students 18 and over
                        Leadership (Grade 12)                                                                            Career Academics Readiness Program (Grade 9)
                        Soccer Academy (Grades 9 to 12)                                                                  Career and Experiential Learning Academy
                        University of Saskatchewan Early Start Program – Application required                            Community Engagement Academy
                                                                                                                         Quarter Classes Offered – 10 week duration
City Park Collegiate                                                                                                     Tourism Academy
                        Cultural Arts (Graded 10 to 12)                                                                  Wildlife Management (Grades 11 and 12)
                        Dance/Drama (Grades 10 to 12)
                        Grade 8 Program                                                              Tommy Douglas Collegiate
                        “Movement Matters” Resource Room                                                              Advanced Placement English
                        V.I.S.I.O.N Program (Re-entry) – Junior & Senior                                              Aquatics, Recreational, Competitive Sport & Outdoor Ed Physical
                        Work Education Programming                                                                       Education (Grades 11 and 12)
                                                                                                                      Dance Program
Evan Hardy Collegiate                                                                                                 French Immersion (Grades 9 to 11)
                        Advanced Placement Calculus and Studio Art                                                    Full Fine and Performing Arts options - Choral, Drama, Dance, Guitar,
                        Autism/Aspergers Resource Program                                                                Jazz
                        Dance (Grades 10 and 11)                                                                      Languages: Cree and French
                        Design (Grade 11)                                                                             SAT Writing Site (Standardized Test for College admission in the United
                        Integrated Canadian Studies (History/English Grade 12)                                           States)
                        Jazz Studies (Grade 11)                                                                       Softball Academy – Application required
                        Kinesiology - 2 credits (Grade 12)
                        Languages: Spanish, Mandarin, French, Japanese                               Walter Murray Collegiate
                        Media School (Grade 11) – Application required                                                  Advanced Program (Grades 9 to 12) – Application required
                        Saskatoon International High School Program                                                     Aviation Studies (Grades 11 and 12)
                                                                                                                        Band, Guitar, Jazz Studies, Choral
Marion M. Graham Collegiate                                                                                             Dance 10 (Grades 10 and 11)
                     Advanced Placement Calculus                                                                        French Immersion (Grades 9 to 12)
                     Band, Choral, Guitar, Jazz Studies                                                                 Full Vocational Options (Commercial Cooking, Graphic Arts, Welding,
                     Dance Academy (Grades 9 to 12)                                                                        Mechanics, Machining, Wood and Electronics)
                     Fine and Performing Arts Academy (Grades 9 to 12)                                                  Hockey Program (Grades 9 and 10)
                     French Immersion (Grades 9 to 12)                                                                  Languages: German, Japanese, French
                     Language through Philosophy (Special ELB30)                                                        Robotics (Grades 11 and 12)
                     Languages: French and German                                                                       STOC (Sub Trades of Construction)
                     Musical Theatre Academy (Grades 10 to 12)
                     Outdoor School (Grade 11) – Application required

                 System-wide courses and alternative delivery models offered in
                 Saskatoon Public Schools
The following one-semester courses and alternative delivery models are open to all high school students. Please see Student
Services for information about how to apply for one of these options. Some are available for only one semester, some for both

Advanced Program (Grades 9 to 12 - BRCI, WMCI)                                         High School Carpentry Program (HCAP) (Grades 11 and 12 - MRCI)
The Advanced Program is based on the integration of concepts across                    The HCAP program provides an opportunity for students to see what it is like
subject areas and the development of critical and creative thinking skills.            to work in the trades. Students work with a journeyman carpenter building a
This interdisciplinary approach allows Advanced Program students to master             house for “Habitat for Humanity“. While working with the tools of the trade,
subject content and concepts without an appreciable increase in workload               the students earn 6 high school credits: Entrepreneurship 30; Wood
compared to students in enriched levels. Students in the program typically             Construction 20; Wood Construction 30; Career Work Education 30A,
earn comparable marks in courses inside and outside the program. Students              Career Work Education 30B and Career Focus (trades, math and
wishing to participate in the Advanced Program must apply while in Grade 8.            communication).
Selection is made by a committee in consultation with the staff of the
student’s current school. Criteria for selection includes standardized test            These combined courses form an integrated package that focuses on house
scores, teacher recommendation and a student writing task. It is not possible          construction and the trades. Students develop skills in all aspects of the
to be registered in the Advanced Program and French Immersion at the                   housing construction industry in a real life work environment. Students
same time. For more information contact Student Services at Bedford Road               receive hours with the Saskatchewan Apprenticeship and Trade Certification
or Walter Murray Collegiates.                                                          Commission. The HCAP program is open to senior students who are in
                                                                                       Grade 11 or 12.
Aviation Maintenance Orientation Program (MRCI)
In this innovative program, students learn the basics of aircraft maintenance.         The International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (Grades 11 and
They work on both rotary wing (helicopters) and fixed wing aircraft                    12 - BRCI)
(airplanes) in both the school lab and at the John G. Diefenbaker Airport.             The International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma Programme is a two year
During the class students learn the theory of flight, basic aircraft design and        programme that starts in Grade 11 for students who are academically
purpose of aircraft systems. Superior maintenance practices are the focus of           motivated, service oriented and who desire the rigorous international
this class. A.M.O.P. is offered in a two-hour afternoon block for semester             curriculum that focuses on our role as citizens in a global society. The
one at Mount Royal Collegiate. Students from all collegiates are welcome to            International Baccalaureate Organization’s goal is to provide students with
apply. Students are not required to transfer schools to participate but will           the values and opportunities that will enable them to develop sound
need to find their own transportation to Mount Royal each day by 1:00 pm. At           judgement, make wise choices, and respect others in our global community.
completion of the course, students will earn two 30 level credits.
                                                                                       Over a two year period, IB Diploma students must study six academic
Earthkeepers Program (Grade 10 - ABCI)                                                 subjects, one from each group on the hexagon, although a second group 2-4
Earthkeepers is a one semester 5 credit integrated program for Grade 10                subject may supplant group 6. Students must also fulfill the requirements of
students. The program aims to equip students with the skills and values                the Theory of Knowledge (ToK), Creativity, Action, Service (CAS) and the
necessary to be leaders in the areas of sustainable living and active                  Extended Essay. Three subjects must be studied at the higher level (HL) and
citizenship.                                                                           three at the standard level (SL).

Students are brought together from all areas of the city and are quick to form
a close knit group as they take on action projects in their community and
work to redefine a lifestyle for the next generation. Students gain
perspective and experience in the areas of sustainable design, self
sufficiency, and community development through three major projects that
engage their mind, hands and spirit. Enrichment is provided often in the
form of single and multiday trips, consultation with field experts and an
abundance of practical hands on activities. If you are an active learner who
likes to meet new people and dreams about making a difference in the world
then this is the program for you!

For applications, photos and more detailed information about the program
visit the Earthkeepers website at

Credits: English 10A, Science 10, Wellness 10, and Practical Arts 10
including a survey of design, horticulture and food studies. Math and/or
Band options will be available.

Most universities around the world recognize/recruit the IB graduate – at the            If  you are interested in this type of learning and want to find out more, log on
University of Saskatchewan, students can receive transfer credit for each                to (please note there is no www. in the address). For
higher level subject with an IB mark of at least 5 (on a scale of 1-7). Students         more information call 683-8313.
who complete the IB Diploma Programme also gain a Saskatchewan high
school diploma.                                                                          Online courses planned for 2012-2013 include: Accounting 10, Accounting
                                                                                         20, Accounting 30, Biology 30, Chemistry 30, Computer Science 20,
BRCI offers the following IB subjects:                                                   Computer Science 30, Creative Writing 20, Creative Writing 30, ELA 10A,
  Group 1 - Language A1: English, HL                                                    ELA 10B, ELA 20, ELA 30A, ELA 30B, Geography 30, German 10, History
  Group 2 - Language B: French B, SL                                                    30, Journalism 20, Law 30, Math 10 Foundations & Pre-Calculus, Math 10
  Group 3 - Individuals and Societies: History, HL                                      Workplace & Apprenticeship, Math 20 Foundations, Math 20 Pre-Calculus,
  Group 4 - Experimental Sciences: Biology, HL and/or Chemistry, SL                     Math 20 Workplace & Apprenticeship, Math 30 Foundations, Math 30 Pre-
  Group 5 - Mathematics: Math, SL                                                       Calculus, Math 30 Workplace & Apprenticeship, Native Studies 30,
  Group 6 - Arts/Electives: Visual Arts, SL or Theatre, SL                              Photography 20, Physics 30. ** There may be other courses that become
                                                                                         available online for 2012-2013 so please check our website
Students entering Grade 9 who are interested in the IB Diploma Programme        for updated information.
should contact Bedford Road about our Pre-IB Programme. Interested
students will be guided in course options that will satisfy the prerequisites for        Outdoor School Program (Grade 11 - MGCI)
the IB Diploma Programme.                                                                Pre-Requisites: Science 10, ELA 10.

Media School Program (Grade 11 - EHCI)                                                   Courses Offered: Biology 20, English Language Arts 20, Geography 20,
In one Grade 11 semester, Media School combines five courses and                         Physical Education 20, and Wildlife Management 20.
focuses on film and video production. The first part of the course looks at
producing, writing, cinematography, audio, lighting, art direction and editing.          Join the Outdoor School program for the opportunity of a lifetime. Travel
In the second part students specialize in one or two of these areas. We                  throughout the province and embark on a semester-long outdoor adventure
watch and study some of the most important movies ever produced. We                      with 23 new friends as you earn five regular academic credits. You won’t find
learn how the physical properties of sound and light are important for                   bells or desks in our classroom(s), but you will find backcountry camping,
creating high quality films and TV.                                                      white-water canoeing, backpacking, cycling, wall climbing, skiing,
                                                                                         snowboarding and more! We play hard and we work hard.
However, most of your time is spent on creating video to be broadcast on
television, entered into festivals and contests or distributed on our web site.          Study boreal forest ecology as you paddle through some of the world’s most
Media School has semi-professional video and audio gear and high                         beautiful northern lakes. Immerse yourself in the natural history of the plains
performance computers. You get to talk with people actually working in the               bison as you hike along side them in their historic grasslands. Experience
film and television industry. We visit the Sound Stage where Corner Gas and              ecological sustainability as you work with some of our province’s most
major motion pictures are produced. Every student is trained on Set Safety               innovative thinkers and discover the secrets of Saskatoon’s past, present,
and Protocol - this course lets you work on film and television sets.                    and future through our study of urban geography. Discover a new level of
                                                                                         confidence as you engage in a number of integrated research projects that
Night Classes (Grades 11 and 12 - Royal West Campus)                                     lead to five regular Grade 11 credits in Biology, English Language Arts,
Night classes are offered through Royal West Campus to accommodate                       Geography, Physical Education, and Wildlife Management.
students wishing to complete their Grade 12 or upgrade for entrance into a
post secondary institution. English Language Arts 30A and B, Math 30A and                Not the outdoorsy type? No problem! Our course is designed to give you all
Chemistry 30 are offered on site at Royal West Campus in both semesters.                 the skills you might require. We cover a range of outdoor training including
Cosmetology 20 and 30 are offered at Mount Royal Collegiate in semester 1                how to dress for the outdoors, fire building, map & compass, survival skills,
only.      For further information please visit our web site at:                         packing and much more! We provide canoes, paddles, personal flotation, contact Royal West Campus at                        devices, skis, snowshoes, large backpacks, sleeping bags, thermarests,
683-7540, or consult Student Services in your collegiate.                                tents, and camp kitchens.

             Online Learning Centre (OLC)                                                For one high school semester… take a chance on something different… and
             Saskatoon Public School’s Online Learning Centre offers                     step into the outdoors!
             highly interactive courses in a variety of subject areas, via
             computer. Specific courses offered vary from year to year                   Feel free to contact the teachers of the outdoor school if you have any
depending on student interest and teacher availability. The content of each              questions at 222-4275 or 222-4255. Application packages are available
course follows provincially authorized curriculum. Our online course content             from the student services office in each collegiate.
covers topics presented in face-to-face instruction, except the content is
presented online via the World Wide Web.

Are you the type of learner who would do well in an online
environment? To discover your potential as an online learner, take the online
self-evaluation quiz at:
To determine if you have online learning qualities, read the
“Profile of the Successful Online Student” at:  
      Aviation Maintenance Orientation Program
In this innovative program, students learn the basics of aircraft maintenance. They work on both rotary
wing (helicopters) and fixed wing aircraft (airplanes) in both the school lab and at the John G. Diefenbaker
Airport. During the class students learn the theory of flight, basic aircraft design and purpose of aircraft
systems. Superior maintenance practices area focus of this class. A.M.O.P. is offered in a two-hour
afternoon block for semester one at Mount Royal Collegiate. Students from all collegiates are welcome to
apply. Students are not required to transfer schools to participate but will need to find their own
transportation to Mount Royal each day by 1:00 PM. At completion of the course, students earn two 30
level credits (Aviation maintenance 30 & Work Experience 30).

              For information please see student services or call
                     Mount Royal Collegiate at 683-7800
 High School Carpentry Apprenticeship Program

The HCAP program provides an opportunity for students to experience a “hands on” approach to learning. Students will
spend a semester working with a School Board Journeyperson Carpenter/Teacher, building a house.
Students are allowed the opportunity to explore a variety of trades. These trades may, one day, lead to a career choice.
While building the house, students will experience all aspects of housing: framing, insulation, vapour barrier, installation of
windows and doors, finishing, roofing, concrete, dry walling, painting, siding as well as, assisting Journeypersons,
Electricians and Plumbers. Students will be working with the tools that are presently used in todays construction.
Students earn a total of six high school credits—Wood Construction 20; Wood Construction 30; Career Work Education 30A;
Career Work Education 30B; Entrepreneurship 30 and Career Focus 30. The students will also receive a large variety of
short course certifications such as fall restraint, powder accuated fastening, first aid, construction safety certification,
insulated concrete foundation. Finally, students will also be allowed the opportunity to have this time recognized as
apprenticeship time toward a trade of their choice, if they pursue a trade after school. Students will register 600 hours of
work with Saskatchewan Apprenticeship and Trade Commission and an additional 300 hours will be registered through a
program called Sask Youth Apprenticeship (S.Y.A.).
The course combines an integrated package that focuses on housing construction and the related trades. Students develop
skills in a real-life work environment by building a house that will become someone’s home.
The HCAP program is open to senior students who are in their Grade 11 or 12 year of high school. Application packages
are available through Student Services at all high schools.

                      Course Selection Flow Chart


English 9A                 English 10A/11A                      English 20/21                  English 30A/31A
                                                                *Creative Writing 20           English 30B/31B
English 9B                 English 10B/11B                      *Media Studies 20              *Creative Writing 30
                                                                *Movie and Film 20

*These classes may not be submitted for the compulsory ELA 20 or 30 credits.
Note: It is strongly recommended that students take a second ELA 20 class at the Grade 11 level. They can choose
      from Communications 20, Creative Writing 20, Media Studies 20 or Journalism 20. It is advised that students
      complete one grade level before moving on to the next.


                                    See Mathematic Flow Chart on page 26-28.


                                                          Biology 20                          Biology 30
Science 9                    Science 10                   Chemistry 20                        Chemistry 30
                                                          Comp. Prog 20                       Comp. Prog 30
                                                          Physics 20                          Physics 30

                             Science 11                   Science 21

                                                   Social Sciences

Social Studies 9             Native Studies 10            Native Studies 20                   Native Studies 30
                                                          History 20/21                       History 30/31
                                                          Psychology 20                       *World Religions 30
                             History 10/11                Psychology 30
                                                          Law 30

Note: Students need to select at least one credit from the Social Science electives (BOLD) at the 20/30 level to meet
        graduation requirements.
*At the 30 level students must take either Native Studies 30 or History 30/31. World Religions 30 is an additional
 Social Science elective and DOES NOT replace Native Studies 30 or History 30/31 as a graduation requirement.

                      Night School Learning Centre
Saskatoon Public Schools’ Night School Learning Centre offers courses in the evening time slot. A variety of subjects are
offered. Specific courses offered will vary from semester to semester depending on student interest and teacher
availability. The content of each course follows provincially authorized curriculum. These night school courses are open
for anyone, regardless of age, to attend.

If you are interested in an evening learning time, please contact Mount Royal Collegiate Student Services at 683-7806, or
to register see a counselor in Student Services at your school.

Night school offerings have included: Cosmetology 10, Cree 10, Graphic Arts 10, Photography 10, English 20, English
30A, English 30B, Biology 30, History 30, Workplace and Apprenticeship Mathematics 30, Foundations of Mathematics 30,
Calculus 30 and Intro to Metal Fabrication (PAA30).

                              Online Learning Centre
Saskatoon Public Schools (SPS) is offering a limited number of students the opportunity to take a full
credit course using the internet as the primary means of communication between the teacher and
students. Our courses are based on a semester system. Semester one begins early September and
ends in mid-January. Semester two begins late January and ends in mid-June. To help determine if
online learning is a good choice for you, please see: What Makes a Successful Online Student?

Students wishing to register for an online course must be self-motivated, be a good independent learner, and have the
time available to participate in their course on a daily basis. Students should also be aware that online courses typically
require more time than taking a course by traditional face-to-face instruction, and can be more challenging due to the
independent nature of the learning. Due to the limited number of spots available, it is important to be sure that you
possess the time and skills necessary to be successful.

If you wish to register for an online course listed below, and currently attend an SPS Collegiate, please meet with a
guidance counsellor to discuss online learning. If you have any program questions call, please call 683–8313. Our general
policy is to limit student registrations to one class per semester.

Online courses planned for 2012 - 2013 include: Accounting 10, Accounting 20, Accounting 30, Biology 30, Chemistry
20, Chemistry 30, Computer Science 20, Computer Science 30, Creative Writing 20, Creative Writing 30, ELA 10A, ELA
10B, ELA 20, ELA 30A, ELA 30B, Geography 30, German 10, History 30, Journalism 20, Law 30, Math 10 Foundations &
Pre-Calc, Math 10 Workplace & App, Math 20 Foundations, Math 20 Pre-Calc, Math 20 Workplace & App, Math 30
Foundations, Math 30 Pre-Calc, Math 30 Workplace & App, Native Studies 30, Photography 20, Physics 30.

Remember, your electronic selection of an online class must be followed up with an appointment with your school
counselor to discuss your suitability for this type of learning, and to complete the required paper registration form. We
recommend a maximum of one online class per semester.

                 Support Services & Special Programs

               Support Services                                       English As An Additional Language
Student Services                                                                    (EAL)
The Student Services Department provides a program that
                                                                      This program is available to any student whose first language
focuses on the needs of students through personal
                                                                      is not English and whose lack of skills in English may prove a
counselling, educational counselling and career development.
                                                                      barrier in regular classes. Students may take intensive
Activities include individual and group counselling and class
                                                                      instruction in EAL until they are capable of joining regular
presentations. Each of the three counsellors are responsible
                                                                      classes. The four aspects of language - listening, speaking,
for a different grade.
                                                                      reading and writing - are emphasized according to the
                                                                      student's needs. Students may be assigned to individual
Restorative Justice
                                                                      programs or small groups for appropriate instruction.
The Restorative Action Program assists students, staff and
community members by building conflict resolution skills
                                                                      Grade 10 EAL for Credit is a locally developed program
through education and mediation.
                                                                      designed to serve the needs of students at the Intermediate -
                                                                      Advanced ESL/EAL level. Grade 10 EAL for Credit provides
Health Resources
                                                                      two credits and opportunities for students to:
A school nurse is available one day a week, a nurse
practitioner is available three days a week, and an addiction
                                                                          a) Develop important cultural understanding essential to
counsellor is in the building one day each week. Please see
                                                                             succeed in high school;
Student Services staff for health professional schedules.
                                                                          b) Recognize and address language needs in terms of
                                                                             skills, structures, vocabulary and processes required
Outreach Program
                                                                             for successful performance in subject areas.
An In-school liaison worker is situated in the SaskTel
Innovation Station to help students with tutoring and
developing personal skills to be successful in school.

               Bridges Program
Bridges is a satellite program within the Saskatoon Public
                                                                                    Hearing Impaired
School Division and is affiliated with Mount Royal Collegiate.        Students with hearing losses receive individual
Bridges is a temporary placement for young people 14 to 16
                                                                      instruction in the subject areas of the regular academic
who are not successful within the regular school setting for a
variety of reasons. The focus is on academics, lifestyles and         program, as well as in speech, language and auditory
social skills. Placement at Bridges is by referral only.              training.

                                                                                    Visually Impaired
        Life Skills Work Study
                       (LSWS)                                         Specific equipment and aids are used to assist the
This alternative education program is designed to assist              visually impaired student with the regular program.
students to prepare for independent living in the school, home        Other program components include orientation and
and community, focusing on functional academic skills,                mobility, communication skills and daily living skills.
independent and social living skills as well as career and
employment skills. Each classroom has a lower teacher/pupil
ratio and an Education Assistant, which lends itself to
individualized programming and one-to-one assistance.
Students in Grades 9 to 12 have the opportunity to enroll in
the many and varied classes within the school as well as
participate in volunteer work placements within the school
and at charitable organizations. The Grade 11 and 12
Program focuses on integration into the community through
employment and career explorations. This program is
accredited by Saskatchewan Learning and requires 24 credits
for graduation.

                  Support Services & Special Programs

                         Resource                                                       Phoenix Program
Students who experience challenges with reading, spelling                The Phoenix Program is offered to students who have had
and/or mathematics are eligible for resource support. The                difficulty achieving success in the regular classroom setting.
resource teacher, classroom teachers, parents and guardians              Students in the program work individually in a variety of
work together in developing strategies to help each student.             subject areas in order to achieve a credit. Phoenix teachers
                                                                         use a flexible and individualized approach that allows
                                                                         students to proceed at their own rate of learning. These
     Orthopedically Handicapped                                          classrooms maintain a low student to staff ratio in order to
                                                                         adequately assist students.
Assistance is provided at Mount Royal Collegiate so that
orthopedically handicapped students can participate to the               The Pheonix classrooms are also available for students in
extent of their abilities. Students requiring this service should        Grades 9 through 12 whose educational progress has been
make early contact with the Student Services Department.                 disrupted by family relocation or other factors. The focus of
                                                                         this program is short-term academic support to prepare
                                                                         students to re-enter the regular academic program.
                Driver Education
Driver Education                                       0 Credit
Students must complete a Driver Education course to
qualify for a driver’s license.                                          Sharon Van Cleave Child Care Center
                                                                         The Sharon Van Cleave Child Care Centre provides childcare
This non-credit course includes the theoretical and practical            for children from 2 weeks to 2 1/2 years of age, and offers a
phases necessary for motor vehicle operation. Preparation                variety of parent support programs. There are no child care
for, and the writing of, the provincial learner's license is             fees for parents who are under 22 years of age and are
included in the course. Students must be at least 15 years               attending high school. Applications are available from
old before beginning the course.                                         Student Services or the Child Care Centre at 683-8383.
Driver Education has been incorporated into the school
program for semesters I and II. Students who wish to take
this course should choose it on their course selection form.
Check with a counsellor if you were not scheduled for driver

The complete course is also offered twice during the summer
months. Further information may be obtained from the Driver
Education Manager at the Board of Education Office at

Royal West Campus is a satellite program of Mount Royal Collegiate which offers Grade 12 classes in a mature,
campus like environment. The school’s flexible nature is set up to meet the needs of its older population. Royal
West offers classes in the traditional semester system, but also offers extension classes, and courses through the
independent study program where students are able to complete their studies in a more independent manner.
Students who have commitments to family, work, etc. and can’t be at school on a daily basis can take one class
at a time through the extensions program. To register, students must meet one of the following circumstances:

        Grade 12 graduate who is trying to enhance an existing mark in a Grade 12 class;
        Student who is returning for a fifth year or more of high school and would like
          to complete their 24 credits required to graduate. This is available to students
          who require Grade 12 classes only;
        Student who is 19 years of age or older* or has been out of school for longer
          than a year and would like to obtain their Grade 12 via an Adult 12 status.
          This program requires a student to take five compulsory and two elective
          Grade 12 classes. No Grade 10 or Grade 11 prerequisites are needed.
          It should be noted that taking Grade 12 classes without the Grade 11 foundation
          is a difficult task.

       *Students who are 22 years of age or older are required to pay a tuition fee for each class.

Royal West students who are interested in the variety of electives that a comprehensive collegiate offers are most
welcome to tap into the course selections that Mount Royal Collegiate offers. Mount Royal is a short, three-block
walk from Royal West. An offset daily schedule allows 15 minutes to make the commute. A subsidized daycare
for children 2 weeks to 5 years old, is available on campus. For further information, feel free to drop in to Royal
West Campus at 441 Witney Avenue North or call (306) 683-7540. Visit the website at

The University of Saskatchewan has partnered with Saskatoon Public Schools to offer the Arts and Science
Transition Program at Royal West Campus. Please refer to the ad below for more information.

                                    University Of Saskatchewan And University Of Regina
           STEP I - Grade 12 completion.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Or Fine Arts or
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          2nd Language
           STEP II - Subject prerequisites for each college are noted in the chart to the right.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Chemistry 30
                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Calculus 30

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Physics 30

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Science 20
           STEP III - A minimum required average of 70% or higher based on these Grade 12

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             Biology 30

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Social 30
           subjects: 1 English, 1 Math and 3 subjects in combination from Natural Science,

           Social Science, and/or Fine/Performing Arts.

                                       CHART KEY:
                                       1 - Recommended                                                                                              Agriculture                                2                 2                                                X                    X
                                       2 - One of . . .
                                       3 - One of . . .                                                                                             Arts &                                     2                 2
       University of Saskatchewan

                                                                                                                      Direct Entry
        Admission Requirements

                                        *B.S.A. requirements only.                                                                                  Commerce                                   2                 1                        1
                                       **Some Education programs are
                                       Direct Entry, most are not.                                                                                  Engineering                                                 X                         X                                            X             X

                                                                                                                                                    Kinesiology                                2                 2                                                X                     3            3
                                                                                                                                                    Education                                  2                 2                                                3                     3            3         X               X

                                                            Dentistry             2 pre-Dental years in Arts & Science, DAT, interview                                                       2                  2                                                 X                    X              X

                                                            Medicine              2 pre-Medicine years in Arts & Science, MCAT, interview                                                    2                  1                                                 X                    X              X
                                         Non Direct Entry

                                                            Nutrition &           1 pre-Nutrition year in Arts & Science, essay, profile                                                     2                  2                                                 X                    X              1
                                                            Pharmacy              1 pre-Pharmacy year in Arts & Science, essay, profile                                                                        X                                                  X                    X              1

                                                            Physical Therapy      2 pre-Phys. Therapy years in Arts & Science, interview                                                     2                  1                                                 X                    1

                                                            Veterinary            2 pre-Vet. Medicine Years in Arts & Science, interview                                                     2                  1                                                 X                    X              X
                                                            Law                   A university degree or 2 university pre-Law years, LSAT
                                                                                                                                                                                           See High School requirements for the
                                                                                                                                                                                            college program you wish to enter.

                                       3 STEP PROCESS - for Direct Entry Faculties
                                       STEP I - Grade 12 completion
                                       STEP II - Subject pre-requisites for each faculty are noted
                                       in the chart to the right.
                                       STEP III - A minimum required average of 65% (70% for
                                                                                                                                     English L.A. A30 & B30
Admission Requirements

                                       Engineering) is based on the faculty pre-requisites.
  University of Regina

                                    CHART KEY:
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Social Studies 30

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          30 level subjects

                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Science level 30

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Approved 20 &

                                    1 – Recommended
                                                                                                                                                                                           Chemistry 30

                                    2 – One 30 level 2nd
                                                                                                                                                                                                          Physics 30
                                                                                                                                                                              Biology 30

                                    Language, Social Science or

                                    Fine Art.

                                    3 – Two additional 30 level
                                    4 – One of . . .
                                    5 – One of . . .                                                Education                             X                    4        4                                                    4                                               2, 3
                                                                                     Direct Entry

                                                                                                    Arts                                  X                    4        4                                                    4                                               2, 3
                                      *Early Application
                                     Deadline: March 15th.                                          Engineering                           X                            X                      X              X
                                                                                                    Fine Arts                             X                    4        4                                                    4                                               2, 3
                                                                                                    Kinesiology & Health                  X                            X         4             4              4                                                                  X

                                                                                                    Science                               X                            X         4             4              4              4

                                                                                                    Administration                                                     X      1 pre-administration year in Arts &
                                                                               Non Direct

                                                                                                    Journalism                       2 pre-Journalism year in Faculty of Arts

                                                                                                    Human Justice                    See Faculty of Arts

                                                                                                    Social Work                      See Faculty of Arts

                             UNIVERSITY ADMISSION REQUIREMENTS

                                              University of Saskatchewan
             For up-to-date admissions requirements, please visit their website:
                                                     University of Regina
                      For up-to-date admissions requirement, please visit their website:

University of Saskatchewan          Kelsey SIAST Campus – Saskatoon                Palliser SIAST Campus – Moose Jaw
Recruitment & Admissions             New Student Advisor                                    New Student Advisor
(306) 966-5788                       (306) 933-8344                                         (306) 694-3386
Email:           Email:                           Email:
University of Regina                      Wascana SIAST Campus – Regina Woodland SIASTCampus – Prince Albert
Admissions Office                          New Student Advisor                          New Student Advisor
Toll Free 1-800-644-4756                   (306) 798-5004                               (306) 953-7154
Email:        Email:                Email:
Toll Free 1-866-goSIAST          (306) 931-1800 (Saskatoon Campus)
Website:         website:
Saskatchewan Indian Institute of Technologies                                     Dumont Technical Institute
(306) 242-6074 (306) 373-4777 (Saskatoon Campus)                                  1-877-488-6888
Website:                                                          Website:

 Each year Mount Royal students are given the opportunity to supplement their academic programs through a variety
 of educational and cultural exchanges. These programs are recognized as excellent additions to the language
 programs offered in our collegiate.
                                    Student Exchange & Travel Opportunities

                            Quebec                  Japan                 Germany              Quebec City          France

          Length             3 months               2 weeks                 3 months              2 months           10 days

         Hosting             Grade 11           Possible: various           Grade 11           Sept/Oct or Feb/        N/A
                             Sept-Nov                                    late Aug to late            Mar
          Travel             Grade 11           Grade 11 or 12 -            Grade 11           Feb/Mar or Sept/     Grade 11
                            Jan - March             Easter                 April - June              Oct             Easter
        Application          Grade 10          Grade 10, 11, or 12          Grade 10               Grade 9          Grade 10

       Eligibility:       Core French or       Japanese, has host-          German            French Immersion    Core French or
      Enrolment in       French Immersion               ed,                                                       French Immer-
                                              or has a keen interest                                                   sion
                                                 in the Japanese

      Approx. Cost       $300 (subsidized)         $3,500.00               $1,600.00              $1,500.00         $3,000.00

         School           French Teacher       Japanese Teacher          German Teacher       French Immersion    French Teacher
         Contact                                                                                  Teacher

           Note: Costs do not include personal spending money and expenses related to hosting a student.
MOOSE JAW                                                              PRINCE ALBERT
Credit programs offered at SIAST Palliser Campus.                      Credit programs offered at SIAST Woodland Campus.
——————————————————————————————                                         ——————————————————————————————

BUSINESS                                                               APPLIED/VISUAL ARTS
Business Certificate                                                   Media Arts Production
Business Diploma specialties:                                          New Media Communications
        Accountancy                                                    ——————————————————————————————

        Administration                                                 BUSINESS
        Computer Information Systems                                   Business Certificate
        Financial Services                                             Entrepreneurship and Small Business
        Human Resource Management                                      Office Education
        Marketing                                                      COMMUNITY/HUMAN SERVICES
Office Automation/Administration                                       Correctional Studies
Office Education                                                       Early Childhood Education

ENGINEERING TECHNOLOGY                                                 Esthetician
Civil Engineering Technology                                           Hairstylist
Computer Aided Design and Drafting Technology

                                                                       HEALTH SERVICES/SCIENCES
Computer Engineering Technology
                                                                       Addictions Counselling
Electrical Engineering Technology
Electronics Engineering Technology                                     Continuing Care Assistant

Environmental Engineering Technology                                   HOSPITALITY/FOOD SERVICES
Geomatics Technology                                                   Institutional Cooking
Instrumentation Engineering Technology                                 Professional Cooking
Water Resources Engineering Technology                                 Short Order Cooking
HOSPITALITY/FOOD SERVICES                                              INDUSTRIAL/TRADES
Professional Cooking                                                   Carpentry
Short Order Cooking                                                    Electrician

INDUSTRIAL/TRADES                                                      Industrial Mechanics
Automotive Service Technician                                          Outdoor Power Equipment Technician specialties:
Carpentry                                                                       Lawn and Garden
Electrician                                                                     Marine
Welding                                                                         Motorcycle

TECHNOLOGY                                                                      Snowmobile
Architectural and Building Technologies                                Welding

Architectural and Interior Technologies                                NATURAL RESOURCES
Water and Wastewater Technician                                        Forest Ecosystem Technology
                                                                       Geographic Information Science for Resource Management
     Academic – Check with Student Services or the SIAST               Integrated Resource Management
     Website at for program information, admis-        Resource and Environmental Law
     sion requirements and course descriptions; determine if you       ——————————————————————————————

     have the academic requirements or if you need to upgrade;         NURSING
     check potential start dates for programs of interest; ask for     Practical Nursing
     help filling out the application form.                            ——————————————————————————————

     Career – Drop by Career Services at any campus and
     research education and training options; take an interest
     and skills inventory test; talk to a New Student Advisor
     about the tasks, expectations and employment opportunities
     of the occupation; find out if the program holds a public
     Information Session; Spend-a-Day in the program with
     instructors, students and program counsellor; consider
     other careers in the same field; attend a SIAST Open House
     to check out other careers in the same field; talk to an
     employed graduate and an employer; make an appointment
     with a counsellor if you are unsure about your career choices.

REGINA                                             SASKATOON
Credit programs offered at SIAST Wascana Campus.   Credit programs offered at SIAST Kelsey Campus.
——————————————————————————————                     ——————————————————————————————

AGRICULTURE                                        AVIATION
Beef Cattle Production                             Commercial Pilot
——————————————————————————————                     ——————————————————————————————

Applied Photography                                Early Childhood Education
Graphic Arts Production                            Educational Assistant
New Media Communications                           Funeral Service
                                                   Rehabilitation Worker
BUSINESS                                           Therapeutic Recreation
Office Education                                   Youth Care Worker
Early Childhood Education                          CAD-CAM Engineering Technology
Educational Assistant                              Electronics Systems Engineering Technology

HEALTH SERVICES/SCIENCES                           Mechanical Engineering Technology

Advanced Care Paramedic                            HEALTH SERVICES/SCIENCES
Continuing Care Assistant                          Biotechnology
Dental Assisting                                   Chemical Technology
Dental Hygiene                                     Combined Laboratory and X-ray Technician
Health Information Management                      Continuing Care Assistant
Intermediate Care Paramedic                        Intermediate Care Paramedic
Primary Care Paramedic                             Medical Laboratory Technology
                                                   Medical Radiologic Technology
INDUSTRIAL/TRADES                                  Pharmacy Technician
Auto Body Technician                               Primary Care Paramedic
Machine Shop                                       Veterinary Technology
Outdoor Power Equipment Technician specialties:    ——————————————————————————————

       Lawn and Garden                             HOSPITALITY/FOOD SERVICES
                                                   Food and Nutrition Management
                                                   Hotel and Restaurant Administration
                                                   Professional Cooking
       Snowmobile                                  Retail Meat Cutting
Welding                                            ——————————————————————————————
NURSING                                            Agricultural Machinery Technician
Nursing Education Program of Saskatchewan (NEPS)   Auto Body Technician
Practical Nursing                                  Automotive Service Technician

TECHNOLOGY                                         Heavy Equipment Mechanic and Truck & Transport Technician
Building Systems Technician                        Industrial Mechanics
Computer Networking Technician                     Machine Shop
Electronics Technician                             Parts Management Technician
                                                   Refrigeration and Air Conditioning
          SIAST information courtesy of            ——————————————————————————————

        SIAST 2007/08 program overview.            NURSING
                                                   Nursing Education Program of Saskatchewan (NEPS)

                                                   Recreation and Tourism Management

                                                   Computer Systems Technology
                                                   Electronics Technician
                                                   Library and Information Technology
                                                   Power Engineering Technician
                                                   Power Engineering Technology


                    University of Saskatchewan
                     Recruitment & Admissions
           (306) 966-5788 or email:
 For up-to-date admissions requirements, please visit their website:

                       University of Regina
            Admissions Office Toll Free 1-800-644-4756
 For up-to-date admissions requirement, please visit their website:

                 First Nations University of Canada

                         SIAST Campuses
                     Toll Free 1-866-goSIAST

  Kelsey Campus – Saskatoon            Palliser Campus – Moose Jaw
   (306) 659-4300                       (306) 691-8200
 Email:         Email:

 Wascana Campus – Regina      Woodland Campus – Prince Albert
   (306) 775-7300               (306) 765-1500
Email: Email:

           Saskatchewan Indian Institute of Technologies
                         (306) 373-4777

                     Partnership Programs
                   at Mount Royal Collegiate
As a community school, Mount Royal strives to provide educational opportunities within the community or by
utilizing community resources. These partnerships help to implement programs that meet the needs of our
entire student population. We would like to thank all the agencies, clubs and business who are involved in our
school. Over the last seven years many strong partnerships have been developed with:

                                               Post Secondary Partnerships
                      Through our Royal West Campus we are entering the sixth year of a strong partnership with
                      the University of Saskatchewan. A Transition Program allows students to take first year
                      university classes at Royal West in an environment that is familiar to them. Mount Royal
                      Collegiate is entering its sixth year of partnership with the Saskatoon Rotary Club. The
                      Rotarians assist in funding for our Restorative Action Program (RAP).

                      Saskatoon Public Schools along with our principal partners, Saskatchewan Institute of
                      Applied Science and Technology (SIAST), Saskatchewan Indian Institute of Technologies
                      (SIIT), and Dumont Technical Institute (DTI) are proud to announce the opening of the
                      Saskatoon Trades and Skills Centre at Mount Royal Collegiate. In responding to the
                      needs of industry, this facility trains and prepares individuals of all ages for occupations that
                      are in need of a skilled workforce. Working together, the aforementioned organizations
                      provide a seamless transition from high school to post secondary education.

                      Courses offered through Saskatoon Trades and Skills Centre to date include:

                       Culinary Arts                            Framing
                       Production Line Welding                  Ready to Work Food and
                       Machining                                   Beverage
                       Electronics Assembly                     Commercial Painting
                       Steel Stud and Drywall                   Early Childhood Education
                       Stucco
                       Masonry
                      In addition to the Saskatoon Trades and Skills Centre, Kelsey SIAST Campus @
                      Avenue W Centre offers the following certificate/diploma programs based around a
                      State of the Art Demonstration Daycare:
                       Early Childhood Education
                       Educational Assistant
                       Youth Care Worker
                       Therapeutic Recreation Program
                       Disability Support Worker
                      Other Kelsey SIAST programming includes Language Instruction for new
                      Canadians (LINC).

                  Extra-Curricular Programs
At Mount Royal Collegiate students have many opportunities to work with other students and teachers
outside of the classroom. Students are encouraged to get involved in extra-curricular activities whether
those be the sports teams, clubs and groups or special events listed below.

Clubs and Groups
Aboriginal Culture Group
  Art Club
      Book Club
         Choir and Band
             Crime Stoppers
                Diversity Club (Anti Racism & Cross Cultural Training)
                           Drama Club
                          Jazz Club
                          Math Club
                          Media and Video Clubs
                          Model United Nations
                          Photography Club
                          REAL– Royal Eco Action Leaders Club
                          SADD – Students Against Drinking and Driving
                          SRC—Student Representative Council
                          Tech Club

                            Special Events
                            Academic Awards Banquet
                            Athletic Awards Banquet
                            Bowlt Classic Basketball Tournament
                            Career Fairs
                            Dessert Night
                            Grade 8 Spend-A-Morning
                            Intertribal Powwow
                            Multicultural Fair
                            Mustang Volley Tournament
                            Pep Rallies and Welcome Week
                                    Student Dances
                                    Student Forums
                            Public Speaking Opportunities

                  Extra-Curricular Programs

                                                Mount Royal participates in league
                                                play, city playoffs and provincial
                                                competitions in all inter-collegiate
                                                sports. A combination of frosh, junior
                                                and senior teams compete in the
                                                following sports:

                                                Badminton            Curling             Track and Field
                                                Basketball           Football            Volleyball
                                                Cheerleading         Golf                Wrestling
                                                Cross Country        Soccer

Nothing to do at lunch hour? Want to improve your physical
fitness, meet new friends and become part of the Mustang Spirit?
Then come and take part in the Intramural Program. No degree of
skill is required to play. Students earn intramural points and the
opportunity to go on a year end retreat. Here is a list of typical

Aerobics           Dodge Ball
Badminton          Floor Hockey
Basketball         Soccer
Volleyball         Weight Training
Yoga               Zumba

Sports at Mount Royal Collegiate

           BELIEVE THEY CAN.

                                   Alphabetical Index
Accounting 10, 20, 30                           15         Graduation Requirements                            13
Air Craft Maintenance Orientation 30            36, 41     Graphic Arts 20, 30                                19
Applied Global Citizenship 30                   34         Guitar 9                                           8
Band 9                                          9          Guitar 10 Beginner , 20 Regular, 30                19
Band 10, 20, 30                                 18         Hearing Impaired                                   45
Biology 20, 30                                  31         High School Carpentry Apprenticeship Program (HCAP) 42
Bridges Program                                 45         History 10/20/30, 11/21/31                         33
Calculus 30                                     25         I-Movie & Film 20                                  17
Career and Work Exploration 10, 20, 30A/30B     15
                                                           Information For Grade 9’s, Parents & Guardians     5
Career Focus Program                            35
                                                           Introduction for Grades 10, 11 & 12                10
Cartoon Arts 20                                 19
                                                           Law 30                                             34
Chemistry 20, 30                                31
Choral 9                                        9          Levels of Learning (10 – 12)                       10
Choral 10, 20 & 30                              18         Life Skills Work Study (LSWS)                      45
Clothing, Textiles & Fashion 10, 30             21         Life Transitions 20, 30                            34
Commercial Cooking 10, 20, 30                   22         Literacy For Life                                  4
Computer Animation 20, 30                       18
                                                           Machining 9                                        8
Computer Information Processing 10, 20, 30      16
                                                           Machining 10, 20, 30                               36
Computer Science 20/30                          32
Cosmetology 10, 20, 30                          35         Mathematics 9                                      6
Course Selection Flow Chart                     43         Mathematics (10-12)                                24-25
Course Selection Information (10 – 12)          10         Mathematics 11                                     24
Creative Image Design 10                        18         Mathematics 21                                     24
Creative Writing 20, 30                         17         Mechanics 9                                        8
Credit Policy (10 – 12)                         11
                                                           Mechanics 10, 20, 30                               36
Cree 10, 20, 30                                 23
                                                           Media School Program                               40
Drafting 9                                      8
                                                           Mount Royal Collegiate Partnerships                38-40
Drafting and Computer Aided Design 10, 20, 30   35
                                                           Native Studies 10, 20, 30                          33
Drama 10, 20, 30                                20
                                                           Night School Learning Centre                       44
Driver Education                                46
Economics 30                                    34         On-Line Courses                                    44
Elective Selection (10 – 12)                    12         Orthopedically Handicapped                         46
Electronics 9                                   8          Phoenix Program                                    46
Electronics 10, 20, 30                          35         PhotoGraphics 10                                   20
English 9A, 9B                                  6          Photography 20, 30                                 20
English 10A, 10B                                17         Physical Education 20 (Boys & Girls)               30
English 20                                      17         Physical Education 30 (Boys & Girls)               30
English 21                                      17         Physics 20, 30                                     32
English 30A, 30B                                17         Post Secondary Information                         52-53
English 31A, 31B                                17         Practical & Applied Arts 9                         8
English As An Additional Language (EAL)         4, 9, 45   Pre-Calculus 20                                    24
Entrepreneurship 30                             16         Pre-Calculus 30                                    25
Extra Curricular Programs                       54-55      Psychology 20, 30                                  34
Fine Arts 9                                     7          Required Courses of Study (10 – 12)                11
Foods Studies 30                                21         Resource                                           6, 46
Foundations of Mathematics 20                   24         Rock Band                                          19
Foundations of Mathematics 30                   25         Royal West Campus                                  47
French 10, 20, 30                               23         Saskatoon Trades & Skills Centre                   53
General Art 30                                  20
                                       Alphabetical Index

Science 9                                      6
Science 10, 11, 21                             31
Sew and Home Survey 9                          8
Sharon Van Cleave Child Care Centre            46
SIAST Programs                                 50-51
Social Studies 9                               6
Song Writing/Recording 20/30                   20
Student Services                               45
Tourism and Hospitality 30                     16
University Admissions Information              48-49
Visual Art 10, 20, 30                          20
Visually Impaired                              45
Welding 9                                      8
Welding 10, 20, 30                             37
Wellness 10 (Boys & Girls)                     30
Wood Construction 10, 20, 30                   37
Woodworking 9                                  8
Workplace & Apprenticeship Mathematics 10/20   24
Workplace & Apprenticeship Mathematics 30      25
World Religions 30                             34

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