No Contact Order from Montclair State University Coordinator of Student Conduct Jerry S. Collins to Joseph Aziz_ October 9_ 2012 by thefire


									                                          University No-Contact Order (UNCO)
October 9, 2012
Joseph S. Aziz

Dear Mr. Aziz:
I have received information, which indicates you may have been involved in a situation involving one or more violations of
University policies or community standards. Until further notice, you are hereby directed to have no contact with Ms.
                    , effective immediately.
This directive includes, but is not limited to: written, verbal, or electronic contact; physical or “in person” contact; or contact
by third parties. You are required to physically avoid being in the presence of Ms.                          In addition, you may be
held in violation of this directive if you or anyone who may be communicating on your behalf: leave messages on Ms.
                       voice-mail, texts messages, any social media regarding Ms.          , or on her web log or message board, if
she has one, as well as contacting her in any other manner.
If you are enrolled in classes with Ms.                    , currently or in the future, you are to inform your faculty that you
have the UNCO with Ms.                         . This means you are not to be paired together in groups for the class and you
should sit in opposite areas of the classroom. If your faculty has any concerns, please have them contact my office. If you are
both in common areas of the University (i.e. Student Center, dining halls, Student Recreation Center, etc…), you are to keep
as much distance as possible away from one-another. Further, this UNCO also includes off-campus locations, including but
not limited to, personal residences and places of employment.
Further, you are not to respond to any phone messages, e-mail messages, or any other communication from Ms.
     . If Ms.                     contacts you, you are to inform me and refrain from responding. These same instructions
have been issued to Ms.                     .
Failure to comply with these instructions may result in legal action. Further, the University does not tolerate students violating
established UNCOs. As such, it will lead to charges of violation of the University Code of Conduct, which could lead to
University Suspension and/or University Expulsion. If you have any questions about what is expected of you, it is important
that you contact me as soon as possible so that you do not violate these instructions. Please feel free to contact me if you have
any questions about this letter.

Jerry S. Collins
Coordinator of Student Conduct
c:      Dr. Shannon Gary, Associate Dean of Students
        Lt. Kieran Barrett, Montclair State University Police Department

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