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Corporate Credit Card Process


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									Corporate Credit Card Process
1.0          Purpose

To ensure effective controls are in place with respect to the use of corporate credit cards. Mount Isa
Skills Association Inc.’s corporate credit cards have been implemented to allow the organisation to
carry out its business in a more efficient manner and at the same time provide staff with a more
convenient method to meet the costs they incur on Mount Isa Skills Association Inc.’s behalf.

2.0          Scope

This process applies to all employees who have been issued with a Corporate Credit Card.

3.0          Responsible People

Executive Management Team
Frontline Managers

4.0          References

Preferred Suppliers List

5.0          Procedure

5.1          Accounts

5.1.1 Where Mount Isa Skills Association Inc. has an account with a particular supplier; the
corporate credit cards are not to be used for expenditure. All purchases shall be made in accordance
with the Preferred Suppliers List.

5.2          Misuse

5.2.1 Corporate credit cards should be recognised as a valuable tool for the efficient and effective
operation of Mount Isa Skills Association Inc.’s business and not as a benefit assigned to a specific

5.2.2 There are certain items that are required for business but are not approved to be purchased
on the corporate credit card, some of these items include:

             Stationery                   IT Supplies
             Staff personal items         Birth Certificates
             Blue Cards                   Mobile Phones

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    5.2.3    For remote sites please see your manger as this may be different.

    5.2.4 All items that are excluded for purchase on the corporate credit card are excluded for a
    reason, as there are different payment methods involved. If any staff member is unclear on the
    excluded items listed then please contact the General Manager Finance for confirmation.

    5.2.5 Under no circumstances will the corporate credit card be used for non business expenditure.
    Misuse of a corporate credit card may result in disciplinary action or termination of employment
    depending on the severity of the misuse in accordance with the Disciplinary Procedure.

    5.3      All Purchases

    5.3.1 Any staff member making a purchase shall submit a Purchase Order Request Form (MISA
    135) to their manager for approval. The cardholder shall ensure that all details including correct Job
    Codes, Expense Codes or account codes are completed on the Purchase Order Request form before
    the corporate credit card is signed out.

    5.3.2 Once the staff member has incurred the approved expenditure, a tax invoice shall be
    obtained and the corporate credit card to be signed back into the manager’s possession, along with
    the tax invoice and the Purchase Order.

    5.4      Considerations

    5.4.1 Many potential health and safety issues can be avoided if purchasing is effectively managed.
    The inclusion of health and safety considerations into the purchasing process reduces the potential
    for the purchase of goods, substances or services which may lead to health and safety concerns in
    the future, either in provisions of the items purchased or with the associated work practices.

    5.4.2 Health and Safety consideration is to be given when purchases could impact on any of the
    following elements:

   Manual handling;
   Ergonomics;
   Noise;
   Waste management;
   Confined spaces;
   Maintenance service;
   Training requirements.

    5.4.3 The above list is not meant to be exhaustive, given the diverse range of activities under the
    scope of Mount Isa Skills Association Inc. Before expenditure is incurred the cardholder shall conduct
    a risk assessment on items being proposed for purchase.


   What are the WH&S Elements of the item?
   What can go wrong once the item is in possession?
   What can be done to reduce the risk?
   Should we buy this item?

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    5.4.4 All expenditure incurred on the corporate credit card shall be via the corporate credit card
    issued to the specific department for example:

     Community Development Employment             Expenditure from CDEP Managers credit card
     Job Services Australia                       Expenditure from JSA Managers credit card
     Youth Services                               Expenditure from YSC Coordinator credit card
     Quality Assurance                            Expenditure from General Manager Operations credit
     Training Services                            Expenditure from General Manager
                                                  Training/Security/OHS credit card
     Post School Services                         Expenditure from Disability Coordinator’s credit card
     Disability Employment Services               Expenditure from DES Coordinator’s credit card
     Human Resources                              Expenditure from General Manager Operations credit
     Information Technology                       Expenditure from General Manager Finance credit card
     Finance                                      Expenditure from General Manager Finance credit card

    5.5      How to use the Corporate Credit Card

    5.5.1 When the Corporate credit card is first issued to the card holder the General Manager
    Finance shall provide the card holder with a Corporate Credit Card folder, this folder will be in the
    location where the card holder is responsible for storing the receipts for expenditure relating to that
    card. The folder will contain the following:

   A list of do’s and don’ts;
   The Corporate Credit Card policy;
   Corporate credit card register; and
   A pocket for storing all receipts.

    5.5.2 The card holder is responsible to maintain all records and provide receipts with approved
    Purchase Order Requests (MISA 135) to the General Manager Finance every Friday.

    5.5.3 The following provides information as to the appropriate use of a corporate credit card and
    reconciliation procedures. In the event that the Cardholder does not understand any of the
    conditions set out below they should contact the General Manager Finance for advice and/or
    training prior to incurring any expenditure.

    5.6      Before Incurring Expenditure

    5.6.1    Upon receipt of the new corporate credit card the Cardholder shall:

   Sign the reverse of the card immediately and activate the card by following the instructions provided
    with the corporate card by the credit provider;
   Ensure the safe keeping of the credit card and the PIN at all times; and
   Read this document thoroughly and source related policy documents to become familiar with the
    requirements of Mount Isa Skills Association Inc.

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    5.7      Actual Usage

    5.7.1 A supplier must provide a Tax invoice for all goods and services; it is the responsibility of the
    card holder to ensure a receipt is obtained for every expenditure.

    5.7.2    When using the credit card the Cardholder shall:

   Obtain an invoice/receipt displaying the suppliers ABN for goods;
   Ensure suppliers record full and proper descriptions of items or services on invoices/receipts;
   Confirm the supplier site is secure when placing an order via the internet;
   Ensure goods and services are received in good order and condition;
   Ensure a credit is received for any returns or refunds;
   Ensure that if credit is received for any returns or refunds that it is credited onto the card and not as
    a cash refund;
   Ensure that if a return or refund is processed that the purchase documentation is attached to an
    approved Purchase Order Request form (MISA 135); and
   Report lost, stolen or damaged cards immediately to the General Manager Finance.

    5.7.3    All corporate credit cards have a limit of $500 per day.

    5.8      Statement Reconciliations

    5.8.1 Statement reconciliations are carried out by the finance department. For the finance team
    to successfully carry out the reconciliations the card holder shall:

   Ensure all receipts are kept in the finance folder provided at the time of issue of the corporate credit
   Ensure that every Friday they provide the finance department with all Purchase Order Requests
    (MISA 135) with receipts attached;
   In the event that a supplier cannot reproduce/duplicate a receipt/invoice where it is lost, a
    declaration form of authenticity of the transaction shall be submitted by the cardholder.

    5.8.2    On receipt of the statement the General Manager Finance shall:

   Check each transaction for accuracy, and for the appropriate job codes against each item and that a
    full description of the goods/service is provided; and
   Attach all invoices/receipts and other necessary documentation to the statement.

    5.8.3 Where a cardholder is intending to go on leave and cannot meet the reconciliation
    requirements the card holder shall contact the General Manager Finance to make prior
    arrangements to ensure reconciliation is able to occur.

    5.8.4 In the event that the General Manager Finance identifies expenditure that is inappropriate
    the Cardholder should be informed immediately of the breach of conditions and corrective action
    taken to ensure Mount Isa Skills Association Inc. requirements are not undermined. The Cardholder
    may be required to reimburse the organisation and/or disciplinary action may occur in accordance
    with the disciplinary procedure.

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