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Vol. 64 - No. 2                                                                                                                                                                                       January 15, 2010

                                                                                                                                                     American Chemical Society Awards
  Thomas Roser Named C-AD Chair                                                                                                                      Stanislaus Wong of BNL, SBU
  Thomas Roser, a senior physi-                                                               to the RHIC facility and called                        Stanislaus S. Wong, a scientist
  cist who joined BNL in 1991,                                                                eRHIC, might make it possible                          with a joint appointment at
  has been named chair of the                                                                 to discover yet another new                            BNL and Stony Brook University
  Collider-Accelerator Depart-                                                                state of nuclear matter. Cur-                          (SBU), has won the Buck-Whit-
  ment (C-AD), effective January                                                              rently under construction and                          ney Award from the American
  1, 2010. He replaces Derek                                                                  due to start operations in 2011                        Chemical Society (ACS) Eastern
  Lowenstein, who served as                                                                   is an Energy Recovery Linac,                           New York Section. The award
  C-AD chair for 27 years, and                                                                which will be used for accelera-                       recognizes excellent original con-

                                                                         Roger Stoutenburgh
  will continue to play key roles                                                             tor research and development                           tributions to pure and applied
  in the department.                                                                          of the high-intensity electron                         chemistry. Wong received the

                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Roger Stoutenburgh
      With about 400 employ-                                                                  beams required for eRHIC.                              award at the ACS Eastern New
  ees and an annual budget of                                                                    Also part of the C-AD com-                          York Section meeting in Albany
  $140 million, C-AD develops,                                                                plex is the Booster accelerator,                       on November 19.
  improves and operates a suite                                                               which supplies the ion beams                              “I enjoy exploring the chemis-

  of accelerators used for ex-                                                                for the NASA Space Radiation                           try of nanostructures – structures
  periments by an international                                                               Laboratory (NSRL) at BNL,                              with dimensions measuring

  community of about 1,500                Future challenges include                           where scientists study the effects                     mere billionths of a meter – as
  scientists. The department also     an upgrade of the Relativistic                          of simulated space radiation on                        these hold promise for numer-
  designs and constructs new          Heavy Ion Collider (RHIC),                              biological and physical systems.                       ous future applications, and I am    that is just a few nanometers
  accelerators in support of the      BNL’s world-class accelerator,                          The goal of this research is to                        gratified that my research has       thick, or about 1/50,000 the
  Lab’s and national missions.        where physicists have discov-                           develop methods and materials                          been recognized by my peers,”        thickness of a human hair, and
      “I am grateful for Derek        ered a type of matter — known                           to reduce the risk of radiation                        Wong said.                           have potential applications in
  Lowenstein’s leadership of          as quark-gluon plasma — that                            damage to astronauts on pro-                              Wong studies carbon nano-         electronics, optics, and materi-
  C-AD, which has helped to           is believed to have existed just                        longed space missions. Roser                           tubes as well as metal oxide         als science. Nanotubes possess
  make the department one of          microseconds after the Big                              indicated that the facility might                      nanostructures in order to gain      intrinsic advantages including
  the premier institutions for ac-    Bang. The upgraded accelerator                          be expanded to allow research                          a basic understanding of their       high surface areas, structural
  celerator science and technol-      will provide many more heavy                            on the use of ions for cancer                          synthesis and properties. In addi-   flexibility, and high mechanical
  ogy in the world,” Roser said. “I   ion collisions and allow physi-                         treatment, a therapy that is                           tion, he modifies the nanotubes      strength. In fact, they might be
  hope to build on his success as     cists to study the quark-gluon                          successfully being employed in                         using chemical strategies to make    stiffer and stronger than poten-
  I look forward to exciting new      plasma in greater detail. A fu-                         Japan and Europe.                                      them suitable for various applica-   tially any other known material,
  challenges in the new decade.”      ture electron accelerator, added                                      See Roser on pg. 3                       tions. Carbon nanotubes have         which is key for the design of…
                                                                                                                                                     a hollow cylindrical structure          See Wong’s ACS Award on pg. 3

Six BNLers Elected as American Physical Society Fellows
Six BNL scientists have been          than 47,000 members. Election                           year, and election for this honor                      a brief summary of the contribu-     and Thomas Ullrich, follows on
named Fellows of the American         to APS Fellowship is limited to no                      indicates recognition by scientific                    tions of each new Fellow, James      pg. 2. For more detail, see www.
Physical Society (APS), a profes-     more than one half of one per-                          peers for outstanding contribu-                        Alessi, Charles Black, G. Lawrence
sional organization with more         cent of its membership in a given                       tions to physics. The citation and                     Carr, Milind Diwan, Gregory Hall,    play.asp?prID=1057.
                                                                                                               Roger Stoutenburgh

                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Roger Stoutenburgh


                                                                                                James Alessi                                                                                                 Milind Diwan
                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Roger Stoutenburgh
                                                                                                               Joseph Rubino


Charles Black                                                                                                                                                                                                Gregory Hall
                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Roger Stoutenburgh
                                                                                                               Joseph Rubino


                                                                                 G. Lawrence Carr                                   Thomas Ullrich
The Bulletin                                                                                                                                                                                   January 15, 2010

           Calendar                                     Ward Melville Senior Wins
                                                        Siemens Competition Top Prize
                                                                                                                                            In Memoriam:
                                                                                                                                            Robert ‘Bob’ Best
        of   laboratory events
  • The BERA Store in Berkner Hall is open week-
    days from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. For more informa-
                                                        Research Done at SBU and NY Blue at BNL
    tion on BERA events, contact Andrea Dehler,
    Ext. 3347, or Christine Carter, Ext. 2873.
                                                        Ruoyi Jiang, a                                           resistance to che-         Robert “Bob” Best, a technical
  • Additional information for Hospitality may be       senior at Ward Mel-                                      motherapy. Jiang’s         associate II in the National Syn-
    found at      ville High School                                        success also relied        chrotron Light Source (NSLS)
  • The Recreation Building #317 (Rec. Hall)            in East Setauket                                         on his ability to          Electrical Support Group, died on
    is located in the apartment area.
  • Events flagged with an asterisk (*) have an
                                                        was named the                                            learn to use New           December 2, 2009. He was 53.
    accompanying story in this week’s Bulletin.         individual Grand                                         York Blue, the IBM             Remembered by colleagues
                                                        Prize winner in the                                      s u p e rc o m p u t e r   as extremely witty and an inde-
      — ReGULARLy —                                     nationwide 2009                                          owned by SBU and           pendent and hard worker, Best
  Weekdays: Free English for Speakers                   Siemens Compe-                                           operated by BNL,           first joined the NSLS as a guest

                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Joseph Rubino
  Of Other Languages Classes                            tition in Math,                                          which is among             electrical technician on March
  Beginner, Intermed., Adv. classes, various
  times. All welcome. Learn English, make
                                                        Science & Technol-                                       the 50 fastest com-        25, 1983. He was hired on June
  friends. See        ogy on December          Ruoyi Jiang                     puters in the world.       20, 1984, as a principal techni-
  asp for schedule. Jen Lynch, Ext. 4894                8, 2009, and will                                        His research was           cian. Before celebrating his 25th
  Mondays: BNL Social & Cultural Club                   receive a $100,000 scholarship           sponsored by the Academy of                year at Brookhaven in 2009, he

  Noon–1 p.m., Brookhaven Center, South                 for his research on chemotherapy         Applied Scientists and used com-           was promoted to technical spe-
  Room, free beginners dance lessons. Rudy
  Alforque, Ext. 4733,
                                                        drug resistance.                         putational resources at the New            cialist in April 1987, to senior
                                                            Jiang conducted his research         York Center for Computational              technical specialist in October       once Bob arrived on the scene,
  Mondays & Thursdays: Kickboxing                       at Stony Brook University (SBU)          Sciences at BNL.                           1991, and to technical associate      he would resolve the problem
  $5 per class. Noon–1 p.m. in the gym. Pay as
  you go. Ext. 2873.                                    and BNL under the mentorship                “The significance of this               II in October 1998.                   quickly and operations would
                                                        of Carlos Simmerling, a professor        study was that through com-                    “Bob made people laugh            begin again.”
  Mon., Tues., Thurs., & Fri.: Tai Chi
  Noon–1 p.m., B’haven Cntr N. Rm. Adam                 of chemistry at SBU and guest            putational methods we were                 even during the most inappro-            During lunch breaks, Bob
  Rusek, Ext. 5830,                      scientist at BNL. Jiang was also         able to provide detailed insights          priate times,” said John Gal-         could often be found playing
  Tuesdays: Zumba                                       supported by his advisor at Ward         into an extremely complex                  lagher, his supervisor for more       “very vocal” and sometimes
  Tuesdays, 12:15–1:15 p.m. Gym. Regis-                 Melville, George Baldo, director of      mechanism of chemotherapy                  than 20 years. “When he first         “volatile” games of Hearts with
  tration is required. Ext. 2873.                       the InSTAR program there.                drug resistance,” Jiang said in            met somebody, he didn’t usu-          his coworkers.
  Tuesdays: Knitting Class                                  “This is an incredible accom-        his project presentation. “We              ally embrace them very quickly.          “He was very competitive,”
  2–4 p.m. Rec. Hall. All levels of skill. Free. Ext.   plishment,” said SBU President           were also able to provide in-              But once he did, he would do          Gallagher said. “He hated to
  5090 for information.
                                                        Samuel L. Stanley, Jr. “For a high       sight into the means by which              anything for them.”                   lose, and I loved to beat him
  Tuesdays: Toastmasters                                school senior to dig this deeply         a newly discovered drug is able                At the NSLS, Best became a        when I could.”
  Two monthly meetings: 1st & 3rd Tuesdays,
  5:30 p.m., Bldg. 463, Rm 160. Guests and visi-
                                                        into such a complex problem, and         to overcome this drug resistance           specialist in the machine’s in-          Although he struggled with
  tors welcome.         present it in such acute detail, well,   mechanism. Based on this it is             terlocks system, a safety feature     heart complications, Best did
  ties/toastmstrs/.                                     he will be an asset to any institu-      possible to design drugs that              that prevents anyone from be-         not let physical limitations get
  Tue., Wed., & Thurs.: Rec Hall Activities             tion lucky enough to have him.           are even more effective and can            ing in an area with hazardous         in the way of how he wanted to
  5:30–9:30 p.m. General activities, TV, ping           My congratulations to all at Stony       overcome this form of resistance           radiation and automatically           live his life, said Wayne Rambo,
  pong, chess, games, socializing. Christine
  Carter, Ext. 5090.
                                                        Brook and Brookhaven National            in clinical studies.”                      turns off the radiation source if     the head of the NSLS Electri-
                                                        Lab who supported Ruoyi in his              Simmerling said the project             a person somehow gets in.             cal Support Group. He loved
  Tuesday & Thursday: Aqua Aerobics                     research process.”                       involved an understanding of                   “Bob was our interlocks           to fish, often making trips out
  5:30–6:30 p.m., Pool. Registration is required.
  Ext. 2873.                                                Working as part of Simmer-           the complex cancer drug Taxol              guy,” Gallagher said. “He had a       to Montauk and other parts of
                                                        ling’s team, Jiang won for a             and an extremely complicated               wealth of accumulated knowl-          eastern Long Island in search of
  Wednesdays: On-Site Play Group
  10 a.m.–noon. Apartment area playground.              project entitled “Targeting Loop         mechanism of drug resistance.              edge on the interlocks system,        a good catch.
  Infant/toddler drop-in event. Parents meet            Dynamics in BetaI / BetaIII Isotype      The research required Jiang to             and I often deferred to him              A resident of Center
  while children play. Ext. 2873.                       Tubulin: The Application of In           have an understanding of or-               when we needed to solve a             Moriches, Best is survived by
  Wednesdays: Ballroom Dance Class                      Silico Techniques in Combating           ganic chemistry, physics and               problem.”                             his wife, Donna Best; his sister,
  Classes at 5:15, 6:15, and 7:15 p.m.,                 Chemotherapy Drug Resistance.”           molecular biology, as well as to be            Added Gallagher, “He was          Robin Barton; and his parents,
  based on experience. North Ballroom,
  B’haven Center. Donna Grabowski,                      Jiang evaluated drugs that pre-          able to use the New York Blue...           very valuable for off-hour call-      Frances and Ordel Best.
  Ext. 2720.                                            vent cancer cells from developing                    See HS Student on pg. 3        ins. You could be assured that                          — Kendra Snyder
  Wednesdays: Yoga

                                                        Six BNLers Named APS Fellows
  Noon–1 p.m., B’haven Center. Free. Ila Camp-
  bell, Ext. 2206,
                                                                                                                                                                                              (continued from pg. 1)
  1st Wednesday of month: LabVIEW
  1:30–3 p.m., Bldg. 515, 2nd fl. Seminar Rm.           James Alessi                             scale polymer self-assembly in             frequencies in studying the           derstand how molecules col-
  Free technical assistance from LabVIEW
                                                        “For his many groundbreaking             the fabrication of high-perfor-            electronic behavior of materi-        lide, exchange energy, react,
  consultants. Ext. 5304, or Terry Stratoudakis,
  (347) 228-7379.                                       contributions to the development         mance semiconductor micro-                 als such as semiconductors and        and break apart. He and his
                                                                                                 electronic devices.”                       superconductors.                      colleagues have developed and
  Thursdays: BNL Cycletrons Club                        of intense negatively charged hy-
  5 p.m., Brookhaven Center. First Thurs. of            drogen (H-) beam sources, both           During his career at IBM, Black                                                  applied experimental tech-
  month. Tim Devine, Ext. 2350.                                                                  pioneered the use of self-as-              Milind Diwan                          niques using very sensitively
                                                        unpolarized and spin-polarized,
  Thursdays: Reiki Healing Class                        and the development of a high            sembly in nanotechnology to                “For his contributions to neutrino    controlled laser light to mea-
  Noon–1 p.m., Call for location. Nicole Bern-          intensity Electron Beam Ion Source       fabricate high-performance                 and kaon physics.”                    sure the flow of energy inside
  holc, Ext. 2027.                                                                               semiconductor devices used in              Diwan studies neutrinos, un-          a molecule as it breaks apart.
                                                        for the production of beams of high
  Fridays: BNL Social & Cultural Club                   charge state heavy ions.”                microelectronics. Self-assembly            usual particles that can pass         Using this light, he can also
  Noon–1 p.m., B’haven Center, S. Room, free
                                                        Alessi develops ion sources to           is the spontaneous organization            through anything in their             measure velocities of molecules,
  beginners dance lessons. 7-11:30 p.m. N.
  Ballroom, Dance Social, workshops. Rudy Al-           generate beams of particles              of materials into regular pat-             path. Neutrinos have intrigued        the orientation of rotating mol-
  forque, Ext. 4733,                  used in various accelerators             terns. Under controlled condi-             scientists around the world, in-      ecules, and molecular collisions
  Fridays: Family Swim Night                            at Brookhaven, including the             tions, certain materials will self-        cluding BNL chemist Raymond           that lead to chemical reactions
  5–8 p.m. BNL Pool. $5 per family. Ext. 2873.          world-class nuclear physics              organize into patterns on the              Davis, Jr., who won the Nobel         or energy transfer between
                                                        accelerator, the Relativistic            scale of tens of nanometers with           Prize in Physics in 2002 for de-      molecules. This information
  Fridays: Family Gym Night
  5–8 p.m. Family gym activities. Free. Ext. 2873.      Heavy Ion Collider (RHIC). At            dimensions and uniformity                  tecting neutrinos originating in      provides a basis for testing theo-
                                                        RHIC, physicists from around             unattainable by conventional               the sun. In particular, Diwan is      ries used in computer models
                                                        the world study extremely hot,           means. After joining BNL in                trying to determine if neutrinos      of combustion, which are used,
   Arrivals & Departures                                dense matter that is thought to          2006, in his current research at
                                                                                                 the Lab’s Center for Functional
                                                                                                                                            play a part in the asymmetry of
                                                                                                                                            matter and antimatter in the
                                                                                                                                                                                  for instance, by combustion en-
                                                                                                                                                                                  gineers to design fuel-efficient
                 — Arrivals —                           have existed a few millionths of
                                                        a second after the Big Bang. A           Nanomaterials (CFN), Black is              universe, a puzzle that has con-      and environmentally friendly
Stoyan Bliznakov ..........Chemistry
                                                        new Electron Beam Ion Source             designing and applying self-               founded physicists for decades.       combustion devices.
              — Departures —                                                                     assembly approaches to build                  Diwan also studies heavy
Kathryn Warburton .............. NSLS                   now being commissioned will
                                                                                                 nanostructured solar cells from            subatomic particles called ka-        Thomas Ullrich
                                                        generate heavy ion beams for
                                                                                                 low-cost polymer and nano-                 ons at the Lab’s Alternating          “For his leading contributions to
TIAA-CREF One-on-One                                    both the NASA Space Radia-
                                                        tion Laboratory at Brookhaven,           crystal materials.                         Gradient Synchrotron. Kaons           the study of electrons, and hadrons
Retirement Counseling                                                                                                                       spontaneously break down, or          containing charm and bottom
                                                        where researchers assess the
 A TIAA-CREF consultant will                                                                     G. Lawrence Carr                           decay, in various ways, some of       quarks in relativistic heavy ion
                                                        effects of high-energy charged
visit BNL on Thursday and Fri-                          particles on biological systems,         “For applications of synchrotron           them occurring as infrequently        collisions.”
day, January 21 and 22; Tuesday                         materials, and instruments in            and terahertz radiation to con-            as one in ten billion particle        Measurements from RHIC ex-
and Thursday, February 2 and 4,                         an effort to understand the po-          densed-matter systems.”                    interactions. If these rare kaon      periments have revealed com-
to answer employees’ questions                          tential risks of exposure to space       At BNL’s National Synchrotron              decays occur significantly more       pelling evidence for a new state
about their finances. The consul-                       radiation, and RHIC. Alessi also         Light Source (NSLS), scientists            often than predicted by the           of nuclear matter created at the
tant will help you: understand                          developed high-intensity ion             use light that spans a very wide           Standard Model, the modern            extremely high densities and
the importance of protecting                            sources, such as that used for           range of energies along the                physics theory of elementary          temperatures achieved in heavy
your assets against inflation, find                     the Brookhaven Linac Isotope             electromagnetic spectrum, from             particles, then new physics will      ion collisions. This type of mat-
the right allocation mix, learn                         Producer, which makes short-             x-rays to microwaves, to study             have been discovered.                 ter is believed to have existed
about TIAA-CREF retirement                              lived radioisotopes that are used        materials as diverse as computer                                                 just microseconds after the Big
income flexibility, and compare                                                                  chips and viruses. The spectral            Gregory Hall                          Bang. By studying electrons
                                                        as diagnostic, research and cali-
lifetime income vs. cash with-                          bration agents in hospitals and          range of light between infrared            “For innovative applications of       and charm and bottom quarks
drawal options. For an appoint-                         research institutions.                   and microwaves is known as                 high resolution molecular spectros-   produced at RHIC, Ullrich has
ment, call 1-800-732-8353 or                                                                     terahertz, which describes the             copy to photodissociation dynam-      found intriguing hints about
visit and                         Charles Black                            light’s frequency. Carr’s research         ics, energy transfer and bimolecu-    the properties of the dense mat-
select “Set up a Meeting” located                       “For pioneering contributions to         at the NSLS has demonstrated               lar reactions.”                       ter created in these collisions.
on the bottom tab of the page.                          the integration of nanometer-            the importance of terahertz                Hall works with lasers to un-                       — Diane Greenberg
The Bulletin                                                                                                                                                                       January 15, 2010

Stony Brook Students Win Computing Challenge                                                                                                                                Calendar
Students supported by SBU and BNL’s New York Center for Computational Science                                                                                         — WeeK of 1/18 —
A team of Stony Brook Univer-
sity (SBU) undergraduates who                                                                                                                                                Monday, 1/18
received support from the New                                                                                                                                        Martin Luther King, Jr. Day
York Center for Computational                                                                                                                                        floating Holiday: Lab Closed
Sciences (NYCCS), a joint ven-                                                                                                                                       No Bulletin on Friday, 1/22.
ture of SBU and BNL, won a
                                                                                                                                                                            Saturday, 1/23
high-performance computing
challenge at the top super-                                                                                                                                          *Gathering of the Slides Concert
computing conference, SC09.                                                                                                                                          8 p.m. Berkner Hall. Eighth an-
                                                                                                                                                                     nual slides blues concert, back
The event was held November                                                                                                                                          by popular request, featuring
14-20 in Portland, Oregon, and                                                                                                                                       the Kerry Kearney Band, with
was attended by more than                                                                                                                                            Kane Daily, TaleWaGon, and
11,000 people.                              The winning team at the SC09 computing contest (from right): Professor Jim Jiao, Aaron Pellman-Isaacs, Anthony           Lonesome Dan and the Cur-
                                            Biondo, William Chan, Xincheng Zhang, Jan Kasiak, and yuwei Gui, with Guy Ludden of Advanced Micro Devices.              mudgeons. Open to the pub-
   “This is a big deal for                                                                                                                                           lic. For more information and
us — all the DOE Labs are                   judged on how well their                    The SBU team was spon-             NYCCS in 2007 to develop                  ticket price, see page 4. All visi-
represented and it’s a chance to            systems performed under a                sored by Dell, Advanced Micro         high-performance computing                tors to the Lab of 16 and over
                                                                                                                                                                     must carry a photo ID.
show off what we’ve done in                 comprehensive “stress test”              Devices (AMD), and Mellanox.          on a range of topics in science
the past year in computational              and how quickly they could               along with the NYCCS. James           and technology. The mission of
                                                                                                                                                                      — WeeK of 1/25 —
science,” said Jim Davenport,               complete a series of demanding           Glimm, SBU professor and              NYCCS is to advance scientific
director of the Computational               computing applications.                  chair of Applied Mathematics          discovery in areas related to                     Monday, 1/25
Science Center (CSC) at BNL.                   The winning team — Aaron              & Statistics and CSC head of          the goals of its partner institu-         *Defensive Driving, Part I of II
   This year’s Student Cluster              Pellman-Isaacs, Anthony Biondo,          applied mathematics at BNL,           tions, and further the broader            6-9:15 p.m. Brookhaven Center
Competition emphasized en-                  William Chan, Yuwei Gui, Jan Ka-         aided the team’s negotiations         scientific agenda and economic            South Room. See notice, left.
ergy efficiency and low power               siak, and Xincheng Zhang — was           with Dell and AMD for hard-           development of New York State             IBeW Meeting
consumption. The teams,                     supervised by professor Jim Jiao         ware, recruited the students,         in general.                               6 p.m. Centereach Knights of
limited to high school and                  of SBU’s Department of Applied           and helped train them.                   See also            Columbus Hall, 41 Horseblock
undergraduate students, were                Mathematics & Statistics.                   BNL and SBU formed the             story.asp?ITEM_NO=1546.                   Rd., Centereach. A meeting for
                                                                                                                                                                     shift workers will be held at
Talk: Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, 1/26                                                   Defensive Driving Course: Two Parts, 1/25 & 28                                  3 p.m. in the union office. The
                                                                                                                                                                     agenda includes regular busi-
                                                                                     The next six-hour Defensive Driving (Point & Insurance Re-                      ness, committee reports, and
All are invited to attend a pre-                                                                                                                                     the president’s report.
                                                                                     duction) course will be held in two parts on Monday and
sentation on Tuesday, January
                                                                                     Thursday, January 25 and 28, in the Brookhaven Center South
26, at noon in Berkner Hall,                                                                                                                                                 Tuesday, 1/26
                                                                                     Room, 6-9:15 p.m. The course is open to BNL, BSA, and DOE
featuring Ather Mirza, an or-                                                                                                                                        Talk on Carpel Tunnel, More
                                                                                     employees, facility-users, and their families. The cost is $38 per
thopedist and hand surgeon                                                                                                                                           Noon. Berkner Hall. Surgeon
                                                                                     person. Preregistration is required. To register, call Ed Sierra, 821-
who has patented six surgical                                                                                                                                        Ather Mira will discuss ways
                                                                                     1013, and leave a message. Or take a New York DMV approved                      to diagnose and surgical
procedures. During his talk,
                                                                                     course (Use code: “SAVE10” for $10 discount) online: http://www.                techniques for carpal tunnel
Mirza will discuss various en-
                                                                                                                                          and other syndromes. All are
doscopic surgical techniques as                                                                                                                                      welcome to this free talk. See
well as how to diagnose carpal                                                       Fidelity One-on-One Counseling On Site                                          notice at left.
tunnel and cubital tunnel syn-
dromes. Mirza has been chosen
                                                                                     A Fidelity representative will be in Bldg. 400B in the Human Re-                       Thursday, 1/28
                                                                                     sources & Occupational Medicine Division on Friday, February 5
as one of the “Best Doctors in                                         Ather Mirza                                                                                   Sam’s Club
                                                                                     and Friday, March 12, to answer employees’ questions about their
New York State” by New York                                                                                                                                          11:a.m.-1:30 p.m. Berkner Hall
                                                                                     financial matters. The financial consultant will help you with Fi-              lobby. Representatives from
Magazine and was recently fea-              tunnel release technique, a pro-
                                                                                     delity fund choices, finding the right allocation mix, or retirement            Sam’s Club warehouse retail
tured on the Discovery Chan-                cedure he has performed more                                                                                             chain will give $10 gift certifi-
                                                                                     and financial counseling. For an approximately half-hour appoint-
nel for his endoscopic carpal               than 1,800 times.                                                                                                        cates to all who join or renew
                                                                                     ment, call 1-800-642-7131 (Monday-Friday; 8 a.m.–midnight EST)                  membership. Contact Mireya
                                                                                     or go to                                  Lombardo, 447-0227.
  Standard Freshman Composition:                                                     Wong’s ACS Award from pg. 1           tivity, and gas-sensing capabilities.     *Defensive Driving, Part II of II
  Core SCCC Course Offered on Site                                                   …high-performance composite           Applications include catalysts,           6-9:15 p.m. Brookhaven Cen-
                                                                                                                                                                     ter South Room. See notice,
                                                                                     materials. Moreover, their struc-     chemical and optical sensors, fill-       at left.
  Suffolk County Community College (SCCC) will offer the fol-
                                                                                     ture — for example, the way in        ers, coatings, energy storage media,
  lowing course on site for the spring 2010 semester. This is a
                                                                                     which these tubes are rolled up —     fuel cells, power generation, and
  core course for most SCCC degrees.
                                                                                     determines whether they are           solar cells as well as environmental
      ENG101 – Standard Freshman Composition
      Explores principles of rhetoric and stresses effective expository writing.
      Primarily a course in organization of ideas and development of these
                                                                                     semiconducting or metallic.
                                                                                     It is not surprising, therefore,
                                                                                                                           remediation and sensing. In his
                                                                                                                           research over the years, Wong has       BERA Updates
      ideas through use of specific information. Also deals with matters of          that nanotubes are thought to         worked closely with innumerable         Tickets for any trip or event can be
      style, sentence structure, paragraph development, punctuation and vo-
                                                                                     have a host of wide-ranging,          colleagues at BNL and has used          purchased Monday through Friday
      cabulary. 3 credit hours.
                                                                                     potential applications, including     two of the Lab’s world-class fa-        from 9 a.m. until 3 p.m. at the
  Employees who take college courses may apply for tuition                           their use as catalyst supports,       cilities: the Center for Functional     BERA Store in Berkner Hall, Bldg.
  assistance. BNL offers tuition advances or reimbursements at                       field emitters for flat panel dis-    Nanomaterials and the National          488. For more information, go to
  75 percent for undergraduate courses. For more information,                        plays, high strength engineering      Synchrotron Light Source.     
  contact Starr Munson, or Ext. 7631.                                 fibers in bulletproof clothing,           Stanislaus S. Wong earned a         2010 Virtual Swim: Join this
                                                                                     sensors, gas storage media, and as    B.Sc. in chemistry from McGill          year’s “virtual swim” in mem-
Roser from pg. 1                            assistant professor of physics at        molecular wires for the next gen-     University in 1994 and a Ph.D. in       ory of Pavel Rehak, an original
   The LINAC, a linear accel-               the university in 1990. He joined        eration of electronics devices such   chemistry from Harvard Univer-          member of the BNL Swim Club.
erator that supplies beams of               BNL as an associate physicist in         as transistors.                       sity in 1999. He was a postdoctoral     This year’s swim of the Euro-
polarized protons for RHIC, also            1991, and, in 1994, he became                Wong also creates metal oxide     fellow at Columbia University be-       pean 1,771-mile-long Danube
provides high intensity proton              the head of the Accelerator Divi-        and fluoride nanostructures of pre-   fore simultaneously joining SBU         River begins January 4. Sign up
beams for the production of                 sion for the Lab’s Alternating Gra-      dictable size, chemical composi-      in 2000 as an Assistant Professor       at the pool.
medical isotopes at the BNL                 dient Synchrotron Department,            tion, and shape using benign, green   in the Chemistry Department and         Fitness Classes: Zumba, Aqua
Linac Isotope Producer facility.            which later became C-AD. In              techniques. Specifically, he has      BNL as a scientific staff member        Aerobics, kick boxing, aerobics,
The isotopes are used for medical           1999, he was promoted to senior          generated pure spherical particles,   in the Materials Sciences Divi-         and ballroom dancing
imaging, cancer treatment, and              physicist with tenure, and he            cubes, arrays, aggregates, and        sion. In 2006, he was promoted to       Trip to the American Mu-
research at hospitals and medical           became the accelerator division          three-dimensional assemblies, as      Associate Professor, the position       seum of Natural History:
centers around the world. Roser             head at C-AD, in charge of com-          well as one-dimensional tubes and     he still maintains. Currently, he       Saturday, February 27. Includes
said this facility might also be            missioning RHIC. In addition, he         wires in order to understand how      works in the Lab’s Condensed            transportation, general admis-
expanded or replaced within the             was appointed associate chair for        their characteristics change with     Matter Physics & Materials              sion, and Journey to the Stars, a
next several years.                         accelerators in 2002.                    these controlled modifications        Science Department.                     planetarium movie show. $25
   The Tandem Van de Graaff                     Roser is a fellow of the Ameri-      in structure.                             Wong has been honored with          per adult and $18 per child
electrostatic accelerators provide          can Association for the Advance-             Metal oxides, in particular,      numerous awards, including the          (ages 12 and younger).
ions for the RHIC accelerator               ment of Science, the American            represent one of the most diverse     3M Nontenured Faculty Award,
                                                                                                                                                                   American Red Cross Life-
injector chain and for the NSRL             Physical Society, and the IEEE.          classes of materials, with impor-     the National Science Foundation’s
                                                                                                                                                                   guard Training: Participants
facility. In 2011, this function will       He was honored with BNL’s Sam-           tant structure-related properties,    CAREER Award, and an Alfred P.
                                                                                                                                                                   must pass a mandatory pre-test
be taken over by the more efficient         bamurti Memorial Lectureship             including superconductivity, fer-     Sloan Foundation Research Fel-
                                                                                                                                                                   on Saturday, January 23, or
Electron Beam Ion Source, a pre-            Award in 1994, the BNL Science           roelectricity, magnetism, conduc-     lowship.        — Diane Greenberg
                                                                                                                                                                   Sunday, January 24. Call 921-
injector system designed by C-AD.           & Technology Award in 2000, and
                                                                                                                                                                   6218 for more information.
The Tandem accelerators also sup-           the Nuclear & Plasma Sciences            ...supercomputer at BNL, he said.     in a Ph.D. thesis.”
ply ions for radiation testing of           Society/IEEE Particle Accelerator            “I actually tried to talk him         Jiang hopes to become a research    Family Time at the Gym
electronic components and manu-             Science & Technology Award in            out of his project a few times. I     lab director upon completion of         and Pool: Fridays from 5–9
facturing of industrial materials.          2005. He has served on numerous          kept telling him it was too com-      his studies. In addition, he spends     p.m. in the gym (no charge)
   Roser earned a Ph.D. in physics          advisory committees, and he is           plicated,” said Simmerling, who       his free time doing volunteer work      and 5–8:30 p.m. at the pool ($5
from the Swiss Federal Institute of         currently chair of both the CERN         worked with Jiang for two years.      at SBU Hospital. He enjoys playing      per family).
Technology in Zurich in 1984.               Machine Advisory Committee               “Nobody has ever gone all the         the violin and tennis and loves         All recreation facilities will be
He became a research fellow at              and the Organizing Committee             way from quantum physics to the       to draw. He also speaks fluent          closed January 16 –18 in ob-
the University of Michigan in               of the Particle Accelerator Confer-      biology in one experiment. His        Mandarin.                               servance of Martin Luther King
the same year and was appointed             ences.          — Diane Greenberg        project had the range we expect                                               Jr. Day.
                                                     application of advanced project manage-
                                                     ment techniques or certification as a Proj-
                                                                                                       major Lab programs and initiatives, and is-
                                                                                                       sues of interest or concern to internal audi-      ‘Gathering of the Slides’ Blues, 1/23
                                                     ect Management Professional (PMP) is re-          ences. Will develop with the help of subject
      Advertisements                                 quired. Extensive experience in engineering       matter experts materials for managers and          The eighth annual “Gathering of the Slides,”
                                                     analysis techniques and the use of Finite         supervisors to use in their organizations to       a blues concert featuring the Kerry Kearney
                                                     Element Analysis (FEA) tools such as AN-          ensure consistency of messages and en-
To apply for a position, go to Select
                                                     SYS, CAEPIPE, Sinda/Fluint, or equivalent         gagement with internal publics across the
                                                                                                                                                          Band, Kane Daily, and TaleWaGon and Lone-
“Job Opportunities,” then “Search Job List.”                                                                                                              some Dan and the Curmudgeons, will be held
                                                     software packages is required. Experience         Lab. Community, Education, Government &
OPEN RECRUITMENT – Opportunities for                 with 3-D modeling software such as Inven-         Public Affairs. Apply to Job ID #15174.            on Saturday, January 23, at 8 p.m. in Berkner
Lab employees and outside candidates.                tor or ProE is a plus. Requires excellent writ-   *NOTE: BNL policy states that Research             Hall. Sponsored by the BNL Music Club, the
POSTDOCTORAL RESEARCH ASSOCIATE                      ten and verbal communication skills, good         Associate appointments may be made to
(Theoretical or Experimental Particle and            interpersonal skills, and office computer         those who have received their doctoral de-         concert is open to the public. All visitors to the
High Energy Physics) – Requires a Ph.D. in           skills. Will lead the cryogenic engineering       grees within the past five years.                  Lab 16 and older must bring a photo I.D.
high energy physics or nuclear physics. Ex-          team within the Collider-Accelerator De-
                                                     partment (C-AD) Cryogenic Group in efforts                                                              Back for an eighth year at BNL, Kearney (at
perience in theoretical or experimental par-                                                           Motor Vehicles & Supplies
ticle and high energy nuclear physics and            to improve Relativistic Heavy Ion Collider
                                                                                                       00 HYUNDAI ELANTRA GLS – 130K mi. a/t,
                                                                                                                                                          right) performs his unique brand of upbeat
solid knowledge in computing and process             (RHIC) system performance and reliability
                                                     and the design, development, installation,        4cyl, 4dr, cd, c/c, p/w, a/c, no accid. recrd,     blues and electrifying slide guitar that he calls
modeling are highly desirable. Will work
on the realization of an e+A physics event           and commissioning of new systems to sup-          new rad. $1,900 neg. 344-4398.                     “Psychedelta.” The Kerry Kearney Band has
                                                                                                       00 FORD EXPLORER – 110K mi. V-8, AWD,
generator for a future Electron Ion Collider         port superconducting RF development with
                                                                                                       excel. cond. $4,950 neg. Chris, 831-3469.
                                                                                                                                                          performed at music festivals across the country
(EIC). The anticipated result of this project        C-AD. Responsibilities will include project
                                                     management, overall system engineering,           97 FORD CROWN VICTORIA LX – 23.281K                and internationally, and has received the Long
is a state-of-the-art e+A event generator
that simulates the majority of proposed              equipment specification and procurement,          mi. orig owner, all pwr, clim. contr, gar, anti-   Island Sound Award (LISA) from the Long
                                                     and leading the cryogenic engineering team        lck brkes, excel. $3,995 neg. 732-1899.
measurements at an EIC including the con-                                                                                                                 Island Music Hall of Fame. Band members
jectured phenomena one hopes to observe              to deliver projects within the constraints of     94 BUICK PARK AVE. – 105K mi. new parts:
(e.g. saturation). Will be expected to guide         schedule, budget, and scope. The C-AD             tires, brakes, etc, gar, v/gd cond, rec. in-       include Kearney on guitar and vocals, Frank
the effort. Good communication skills are            Cryogenics Group is responsible for the op-       spctd, call for pics. $2,800 neg. 603-6285.        Celenza on bass, Eileen Murphy on drums,
required in order to build an international ef-      eration and upgrade of the 12 KW RHIC su-         93 NISSAN ALTIMA – 136K mi. v/gd/cond.
                                                     perconducting magnet cryogenic system,
                                                                                                                                                          Charlie Wolf on harmonica, and Tony Campo on keyboard.
fort around this project. Under the direction                                                          $900 neg. Anne,
of T. Ullrich, Physics Department. Apply to          the Energy Recovery Linac and SCRF test           CUSTOM MATS – Cabella, Chevy Trail-                   Kane Daily is singer, songwriter, and guitarist for TaleWaGon, a
Job ID #15168. *See NOTE.                            facility cryogenic systems, and other exist-      blazer, front/rear/cargo, pd $300 sell/$75.        blues/rock group based on Long Island. Daily is best known for his
                                                     ing and planned systems for the complex.          Stephen, Ext. 4482, 924-3678.
                                                     ERAP Eligible $1000. Apply to Job ID#4106.                                                           delta-style blues on acoustic and slide guitar. Lonesome Dan and the
ATE (Electrochemistry) – Requires a Ph.D.
in chemistry, materials science, or a related        SR. TECHNICAL SPECIALIST– SURVEY &                furnishings & Appliances                           Curmudgeons perform music that can be described as Americana, as
field with a background in electrochemistry.         ALIGNMENT (T-3) - The NSLS-II Mechanical          55” TOSHIBA REAR PROJCTN TV – PIP pic              well as a combination of blues and rock. This band’s website states
                                                     Engineering Group is seeking a highly skilled     in pic, 60”h 48”w 18”d, cabinet, on rollers, 3
Demonstrated experience of mechanistic
                                                                                                       remotes, orig papers. Ke. 516-768-5615.
                                                                                                                                                          that they make music “for baby boomers who have survived the
and kinetics studies using electrochemical           technician to carry out complex assign-
techniques is also required. Experience in           ments regarding the precision alignment of        COFFEE/END TABLE PAIR – rect/wood                  middle-class meat grinder with their sense of humor intact.”
synthesis and characterization of nano-              girder-magnet assemblies using laser-track-       frame glass tops/$75; SS d/w $50; range               Tickets are $15 in advance and $20 at the door. Some “Golden”
structured materials and/or transition metal         er-based survey and alignment equipment.          hood/$15; f/p $100. Karl, Ext. 3116.
                                                     Will also assist in the development of the
                                                                                                                                                          tickets — a limited number — are available for $30. Each Golden
complexes, in situ synchrotron radiation                                                               ENTERTAINM’T CABINET – lg, wood, for TV,
based techniques (XANES, EXAFS, XRD),                primary and secondary survey networks for         stereo sys, tapes, gd cond, u-pic-up, pho-         ticket comes with dinner, a meet and greet with the bands, and a lim-
electrochemical reactor design, IR spec-             the NSLS-II facility. Requires an AAS degree      tos, ask/$50. Ext. 2815,          ited edition signed poster for the event. Buy tickets at the BERA Store,
troscopy is desired. The research program            in electro/mechanical technology or equiva-       FIRE ENGINE TODDLER BEDS – 2, gd
                                                     lent capabilities, a minimum of six years of                                                         through, or at the door.. Buy tickets soon: “Gath-
will comprise the tasks from the LDRD proj-                                                            cond, $100/both, incl mattresses, will con-
ect “Photoelectrochemical Fuel Generation            survey experience, strong background and          sider selling indiv. Ext. 2055 or    ering of the Slides” concerts are often sold out.     — Jane Koropsak
from Water and Carbon Dioxide.” The tasks            demonstrated competence in the use of             FURNISHINGS – Love seat, antique din-
will involve synthesis and characterization
of molecular catalysts immobilized on elec-
                                                     modern survey tools such as: laser trackers,
                                                     mekometers, and optical tooling as well as
                                                                                                       ing suite/chairs/ hall tree/book cases,
                                                                                                       20.5 and 36”w, 4’h. 321-0010.
                                                                                                                                                          A Reminder From the Benefits Office
trode surfaces and nanostructed materials            data analysis, a high degree of initiative and                                                       All VYTRA and CIGNA participants (excluding IBEW hired prior
                                                                                                       GLASS PICNIC TABLE – w/6 chairs, $75.
catalysts for solar H2 generation, CO2 reduc-        judgment, and the ability to plan, coordinate
tion, and syngas production. The program             and perform technical assignments under
                                                                                                       Joseph, 603-6285.                                  to 8/1/06 and IBEW retirees who terminated between 8/1/00 and
                                                                                                       METAL BUNK BED – twin over full metal
will pursue fundamental mechanistic and              general direction. Previous experience in
                                                                                                       bunk bed, red, $350/neg; pic avail upon
                                                                                                                                                          7/31/06) have a prescription drug deductible of $100 per per-
kinetics studies of the reactions on new             an accelerator or a light-source facility and
                                                     working knowledge of PC software such as          request.                        son/$300 per family every calendar year. As a result, you must satisfy
catalysts using various in situ experimental
methods such as electrochemical (RDE),               Autocad, Inventor, Word and Excel is highly       Audio, Video & Computers                           a new deductible beginning January 1, 2010. Also, new insurance
spectroscopic (IR), and synchrotron radia-           desirable. Reports to the Group Leader, Me-
                                                                                                       RCA TV – 52” prjction tv, 2.5 yrs old, excel       identification cards will not be sent to you unless you made a change
tion based (XAS, XRD) techniques. Under              chanical Engineering. National Synchrotron
                                                     Light Source II. ERAP eligible - $500. Apply      cond, RCA model #R52WH76, ask/$500,                to your coverage that would require a new identification card (for
the direction of J. Muckerman and K. Sa-
                                                     to Job ID #15166.                                 too lg for us, u-pic-up. Ext. 7216, 445-4027.      example, changing from one insurance company to another).
saki, Chemistry Department. Apply to Job
ID #15169. *See NOTE.                                TECHNICAL SPECIALIST– MECHANICAL                  Sports, Hobbies & Pets
POSTDOCTORAL RESEARCH ASSOCIATE                      VACUUM SYSTEMS (T-2) - The NSLS-II                BOWFLEX MOTIVATOR – w/lat pulldown &
(Lithium Batteries) - Requires a Ph.D. in ma-        Vacuum Group is seeking a skilled mechani-        leg extensn, excel cond, $450. 902-5453.           BABY’S – swing $50; pink vibratg chr w/          WADING RIVER – 2 or 3 bdrms hse, eik,
terials science, physics, electrochemistry,          cal technician to carry out complex assign-       BOWFLEX POWER PRO – v/gd cond,                     toys/$15; exrcse flr plymte w/toys $10;          d/w, w/d, d/r, All wood flrs big back yd,
chemical engineering, or chemistry and two           ments regarding the fabrication, assembly         300lbs pwr rods, capac 400lbs, folds to fit        Evenflo Exersauce/$35; 2 lg bags girl 3-6        no smkg, credit check. $1,650/mo. Paula
years’ working experience in lithium battery         and precision measurement of hardware,            lg closet, pic, $100/firm. Fred, Ext. 2323.        mos sumr clthes/$20/ea. breast pump/$100,        or Dr. Ron, 209-0050.
research field. Experience in using synchro-         as well as measurement, troubleshooting,          ENGLISH RIDING SADDLES – 2, top                    infant car seat/$50, Kathleen, Ext. 4503.        N. MYRTLE BEACH, SC – 2 bdrm 4 beds,
tron based x-ray diffraction and absorption          repair and maintenance of vacuum compo-           quality, call for details & photos. Yvette,        FULL SIZE SHEETS – QVC, blueberry med            2.5bath, Townhouse on golf course w/
techniques to study lithium battery materi-          nents and systems for the Vacuum Group.           Ext. 5591 or                      blue, unopened/$25; kitchen food scale,          comm pool, daily/wkly/mo rates avail.
als. Knowledge of operating beamline fa-             Requires an AAS degree in electro/mechan-                                                            white, in box, unused, $25. 878-2425.            $590/wk. Chris, 516-660-0290.
                                                                                                       INVERSION TABLE – new, just assembled,
cilities to do data acquisition and analysis.        ical technology or equivalent capabilities,                                                          JEEP WAGONEER DBLE STROLLER – Kol-
                                                                                                       $199/new, 50% sale/$100, will sell for $80/                                                         Real estate for Sale
Ability to design new synchrotron based              minimum of four years’ experience in the                                                             craft Du Pont Teflon Fabric Protected, brnd
                                                                                                       firm. Stephen, Ext. 2575 or
experiments for lithium battery research.            fabrication, assembly and testing of elec-                                                           new, ask/$200, pic, dimens avail. Ext. 3500.     RIDGE – Horselovers paradise! 1.5 acres
Transmission Electron Microscopy (TEM)               tro-mechanical equipment, experience in           MARLIN MODEL 1895 – Caliber.45-70 Seri-
                                                                                                                                                          NORMAN ROCKWELL BOOK – the Art-                  adj NYS land, 4bdrm, 2 bath, M/D, Colonial,
studies for lithium battery materials. Cyclic        the use of hand tools, a working knowledge        al#26078657, Leupold Vari-X III 1.5-5 scope.
                                                                                                                                                          ist and Illustrator Coffee Table Book,           updated bath & kit, 2 stall barn w/paddock,
voltammetry (CV) on electrolyte studies              of machine shop processes, the ability to         cond/80%, $450. 516-250-4600.
                                                                                                                                                          13”x17”, orig/$85, ask/$45. Ext. 2272.           fin bsmt, f/p, igs, cac, $479,000. Rick, Ext.
for lithium batteries. Good writing and oral         work from drawings, schematics and verbal         RANGER TICKETS – 2 prs: 1/19-Atlanta                                                                6183, 924-6199.
                                                                                                       Thrashers; 3/18-St. Louis Blues-GREAT
communications skills for publications and           instructions. Must be self motivated, able to
                                                                                                       seats. Laura, Ext. 7278.
                                                                                                                                                          Lost & found                                     YAPHANK – 2 bdrm., 1 bath, d/r, lge l/r
presentations. The research programs that            work with minimum supervision, and have                                                                                                               w/vaulted ceiling, hdwd flrs, updated kit &
                                                                                                       SAKO AIII 7MM MAGNUM – S/N544531;                  KEYS FOUND – on 2nd flr, Bldg. 1005S.
the research associate will be assigned at           good communication skills. Proficiency                                                                                                                bath, bsmt, priv. comm. on Y’hank lake, tax-
                                                                                                       Redfield 2-7 scope; cond 99%, $700. Ed,            Toni, Ext. 5257.
BNL is to use a combination of in situ x-            PC software such as Microsoft Excel, elec-                                                                                                            es w/Star $2,800. $185,000 neg. 645-4359.
                                                     tronics experience, and experience in the         Ext. 3277, 516-250-4600,           KEYS FOUND – in Biology East prkg lot
ray diffraction (XRD) and x-ray absorption
spectroscopy (XAS) at National Synchro-              assembly and operation of High Vacuum             SNOW SKIS – Numerous sets available                on Jan 6, Contact Biology Admin. Office,         Community Involvement
                                                     equipment is highly desirable. Reports to         w/ poles, boots and bindings, call for de-         must be able to identify key chain. Ext.
tron Light Source (NSLS) to study the cath-                                                                                                                                                                BNL MUSIC CLUB – Enjoy music? Like
                                                     the Technical Supervisor, Vacuum Systems.         tails. Chris, 831-3469.                            3415.
ode and anode materials for energy storage                                                                                                                                                                 working behind the scenes? The BNL
devices such as lithium ion batteries and            National Synchrotron Light Source II. ERAP
                                                                                                       Tools, House & Garden                              Real estate for Rent                             Music Club is looking for volunteers.
supercapacitors. Under the direction of X-Q          eligible - $500.Apply to Job ID #15167.                                                                                                               Help produce and promote live musical
                                                                                                       SNAPPER SNOW BLOWER – Model 8265,                  FARMINGVILLE – lg upstairs rm, share
Yang, Chemistry Department. Apply to Job                                                                                                                                                                   events. Joseph, Ext. 3846.
                                                     SR. TECHNICIAN (TW-3, reposting) - Re-                                                               bath w/1 in house, full kit, d/r, l/r, cable,
ID #15170. *See NOTE.                                                                                  26” 6/Forward, 1/Reverse, 8hp Tecumseh,
                                                     quires an associate’s degree in a technical                                                          phone, wifi. $645/mo. Ben, 513-8275 or           Happenings
                                                                                                       $550. Ext. 4921 or
ASSISTANT SCIENTIST (S-1) Basic Energy               field or equivalent relevant experience plus                                               
Science - Requires a Ph.D. in physics or             demonstrated experience in the use of hand        SNOW BLOWER – Sears 9HP 29”, excel                                                                  BENEFIT CONCERT FOR ADAM LAM-
                                                                                                       cond, new/$1200, ask/$600. Ext. 7330,              MASTIC – 1 bdrm, eik, full bath, den,
engineering and at least six years of expe-          tools, power tools, and mechanical mea-                                                                                                               SON – fundraiser features The Fugitives,
                                                                                                       807-1380.                                          own ent/drway, 10 min to Lab, 1 mo sec,
rience in surface science techniques such            suring equipment, such as micrometers,                                                                                                                the Tommy Keyes Band, more at Vail-
                                                                                                                                                          no smkg/pets. $850/mo. Giuseppe, Ext.
as plasma-based reaction chambers, x-ray                                                                                                                                                                   Leavitt Music Hall, Riverhead, 7pm, Jan
photoemission spectroscopy, Auger emis-
                                                     calipers, and height gauges. Must have the
                                                     ability to work alone or in a group from ver-
                                                                                                       Wanted                                             3499, 219-7241.
                                                                                                                                                                                                           30 for former BNL summer intern battling
                                                                                                       1-MONTH SUMMER RENTAL HOUSE –                      MEDFORD – lg master bdrm w/ priv bath,           cancer. Food is included in the advanced
sion spectroscopy, electron microscopy and           bal instructions and/or written procedures.                                                          avail immed, mature professional only,
at least 4 years experience of growing and           Familiarity with machine shop equipment           seeking house sit or rental for family visit                                                        order ticket price of $40. Also, raffles/
                                                                                                       mid July-mid Aug. Prefer home for 8 peo-           kit privileges, 10 min to Lab. $140/wk.          auctions for wine baskets {Baiting Hollow
characterizing thin oxide films under clean          is preferred. The use of forklifts, overhead                                                         708-4778.
conditions. Requires a total of at least six         cranes, and other material handling equip-        ple, near beach, yd sp. Ext. 2089.                                                                  Farm Vineyard} and autographed sports
                                                                                                       2001 HYUNDAI ACCENT – parts: 2/dr                  MILLER PLACE – share lg furn Colonial            memorabilia. Go to to
years of experience working in a clean room          ment will be an important part of this job
                                                                                                       w/dark gray int or the driver’s side front         house, 8mi to BNL, own bdrm. full kit            purchase tickets/donations. Thank you
environment suitable for semiconductor               after proper training is completed. A knowl-
                                                                                                       seat, it does not need to run. 603-6285.           int/tv/heat/ac/util incl, responsible non-       so much.
processing. At least four years’ experience          edge of basic wiring and soldering is also
                                                                                                       ADOPT-A-PLATOON – Monetary dona-                   smkr. $675/mo. 744-8386.
with synchrotron-based techniques pre-               preferred. Responsibilities will include fab-                                                                                                         SHEN YUN PERFORMING ARTS – Chi-
ferred. Will build on previous development           ricating, assembly, testing, and operation        tions gratefully accepted towards mailing          PATCHOGUE – 1 bdrm apt, loft style,
                                                                                                                                                                                                           nese New Year Show in Radio City, Feb
of a new planar technology for the produc-           of mechanical machines and tooling that           shipments to military overseas. Thanks.            bath, l/r, eik, w/d, priv ent/yd, patio area,
                                                                                                                                                                                                           13-21-2010, BNL Discount Code & Link:
tion of pixilated x-ray detectors based on           is used to build superconducting magnets          Joanne, Ext. 8481.                                 util incl, 1/2 mo sec, no pets, 15 min to
germanium. Will also perform process de-             and their components. Superconducting             FIREARMS – want to buy new or old, fair            lab. $900/mo. Beth, Ext. 2852, 758-0830.
                                                                                                                                                                                                           ny/ Brilliant,Inspiring,Glorious. Ext. 4033.
velopment and optimization of ion implanta-          Magnet Division. Apply to Job ID #15030.          $$$ pd. Joe, Ext. 3783, 487-1479.                  PORT JEFF STATION – Colonial, 3bdrm,
tion regimes, growth of stable insulating ox-        WRITER, INTERNAL COMMUNICATIONS/                  KNIFE COLLECTION – to purchase one                 1.5 bath, l/r,d/r,eik, fin bsmt w/poss. 4th      In Appreciation
ide films on germanium at low temperature                                                              or many at fair $$$ paid, I am a knife col-        bdrm, w/d, d/w, fen yd, gas heat, no smkg,       I would like to thank all my friends in ES&T
                                                     Sr. Public Affairs Representative (A-6) – Re-                                                        Comsewogue SD, young families on block,
and development of stable metal contacts             quires a bachelor’s degree in journalism,         lector. Butch, 924-5249.                                                                            Dept. for the very generous donation made
to the active regions of the detectors. Un-                                                                                                               sec dep. req. $1,800/mo. 413-5012.               to Good Shepherd Hospice Center in Port
                                                     communications, public relations or a re-         KNITTING SUPPLIES & NEW BOOKS
der direction of Dr. Peter Siddons, Beamline                                                           – Please donate to Hospitality class. All          RIDGE – 1 bdrm apt, priv ent, full bath,         Jefferson in memory of my Dad, Carmine
                                                     lated field and a minimum of four, preferably
Controls and Detector Development Sec-                                                                 welcome to come to the Rec Hall Tues               microwave, lg closet no smkg, mins to            Vaianella, and for their support and comfort
                                                     six, years of progressively responsible relat-
tion Head. Apply to Job ID #15135.                                                                     at 2pm. NEW Books needed for Dorm &                Lab. $650/mo. Dottie, 775-6957.                  during this very difficult time. Your thoughts
                                                     ed work experience writing for multiple au-
SR. PROJECT CRYOGENICS ENGINEER                      diences in a fast-paced environment. Ability      Rec Hall exchange prog. Christine, Ext.            ROCKY POINT – 1 bdrm upper unit, kit,            and prayers were greatly appreciated.
(P-10, reposting) - Requires a bachelor’s or         to write for traditional and new media, as        5090.                                              bath, l/r, balcy, quiet co-op comm, nr stores,                                — Maryann Julian
master’s degree preferred in an engineering          well as print and web-based publications is       MADELA BREAST PUMP(S) – & pack &                   lndry rm on prem, prkg, no smkg/pets, cac,
                                                                                                                                                          incl gas/water. $1,150/mo. 806-5965.             Thank you to all my friends in C-AD for their
discipline or closely related field of study         essential. Under general direction provides       plays (3), expecting triplets; must be excel                                                        condolences and comfort after the difficult
and a minimum of 15 years of progressively           advanced writing and editing expertise on         cond & reasonable.               ROCKY POINT, – 1 bdrm, 2nd flr, priv
                                                                                                                                                                                                           time of my mother’s passing. Your generous
responsible work experience with cryogen-            the production of print, broadcast and on-        NEW/GENTLY USED CLOTHES – from                     drwy, incl some util no smkg/pets. $795/
                                                                                                                                                                                                           donation went to the Wuesthoff Hospice in
ic equipment for superconducting applica-            line communications targeted to the Lab’s         tots to teens, all donated to 76 families          mo. 821-3287.
                                                                                                                                                                                                           Florida who provided comfort to my mom
tions and knowledge of cryogenic and pres-           internal stakeholders, including employees,       living in 1 local area shelter. $$ donations       SHIRLEY – lg 1 bdrm bsmt apt, suitable           during her last days. Your thoughts and
sure safety standards, piping, and pressure          retirees, facility users, visitors and guests.    also welcome. Thank you! Laura, Ext.               for one, close to beaches/parks/free-            prayers are greatly appreciated. —Tony Arno
vessel design, vacuum systems, and instru-           Reporting to the Manager, Internal Com-           4027 or                          ways/lirr/ lab, all incl 1 mo rent + 2 mos
mentation and control systems. Outstand-             munications, will support the implementa-                                                            sec, very nice. $700/mo. Ext. 3846.              Services
ing achievements in project engineering              tion of communications plans and activities       Miscellaneous                                      SHOREHAM – Cozy 1 bdrm apt, priv ent,            For a paper list of services provided by
leadership in the design and construction of         to provide information and engage internal        8 TICKETS ON SALE – for Shen Yun Per-              cath. ceilings, w/w/carpet, lg windows,          BNLers, from writing coaches to house-
large-scale cryogenic projects, preferably           audiences regarding the Lab’s strategic and       forming Arts, Radio City, Feb 14, 5 pm, $48/       l/r kit combo, br, bath, avail immed, mins       cleaners, bricklayers, photographers, many
for particle accelerators, and demonstrated          annual plans and its improvement agenda,          ea, 30% off from $68. Ext. 4033.                   from lab. utils incl. $800/mo. 821-0767.         more, call 344-2346, leave your address.

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