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To:    Distribution

From: Glenn Klinksiek


Because of the national emergency and impending military action abroad, the
University should specifically caution those participating in University activities
abroad about the implications to their safety. Attached is an advisory which
summarizes the views of “crisis consultants,” firms that specialize in private
resolution of kidnap and extortion events. Although the State Department has
posted new travel advisories for just three countries (Pakistan, Yemen and
Uzbekistan) to their web site, the
“crisis consultants” advise that employees in Afghanistan, Pakistan and Yemen
should be evacuated and that travel to twelve other countries should be for
essential travel only. If you are aware of any plans for travel to these countries,
you should inform participants in writing that:

       1.     Participants travel at their own risk and that the University cannot
              guarantee their safety or security in the destination country or their

       2.     Insurance (including personal insurance policies such as life
              insurance and emergency medical evacuation coverage) usually
              exclude war. While the insurance industry has committed not to
              apply war exclusions to the September 11 events, they might apply
              them to future events.

Please forward this to anyone who may be aware of travel to these countries. I
have sent this information to the Oriental Institute.


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