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									 On the Move
                 Andy Ball,                      Anthony
                 Silicon Val-                    Hill,
                 ley Leader-                     ASSIA
                 ship Group                      The Red-
                 The San Jose                    wood City
                 nonprofit                       provider of
                 organization                    high-per-
that represents employ-          formance software tools
ers on issues, programs          for dynamic spectrum
and campaigns that affect        management of digital sub-
the economic health and          scriber line and Wi-Fi net-
quality of life appointed        works appointed Anthony
Andy Ball to its board of        Hill senior vice president of
directors. He is president of    global sales. Previously, he
the West region at Suffolk       held positions at Nokia Sie-
Construction.                    mens Networks, Hewlett-
                                 Packard and Verizon.
               Brennan,                           Catherine
               Asian Art                          Moreno,
               Museum of                          Wilson
               San Fran-                          Sonsini
               cisco                              Goodrich &
               The museum                         Rosati
that displays more than                           The global
18,000 Asian art treasures       provider of legal services
appointed Nancy Brennan          in technology, life sciences
chief philanthropy officer.      and growth enterprises
She is former executive          industries named Cath-
director of the Rose F. Ken-     erine Moreno as a litigation
nedy Greenway Conser-            partner in its Palo Alto
vancy.                           office. Her area of expertise
                                 is securities litigation and
               Scott Clark,
               The                               David
               Campbell                          Pefley,
               technology                        Adaptive
               company                           Planning
               that applies                      The Moun-
optics to transform identity                     tain View
verification and wireless                        provider of
communications appointed         cloud-based corporate
Scott Clark vice president       performance management
of operations. He is former      and business intelligence
vice president of opera-         software appointed David
tions at Arecont Vision.         Pefley chief financial officer.
                                 Previously, he held execu-
                                 tive positions at KLA-Ten-
                                 cor, National Semiconduc-
                                 tor and Yield Dynamics.
               Silicon Val-
               ley Leader-
               ship Group                       Joe
               The San Jose                     Scuncio,
               nonprofit or-                    Kidder
ganization that represents                      Mathews
employers on issues, pro-                       The inde-
grams and campaigns that                        pendently
affect the economic health                      owned
and quality of life appointed    commercial real estate firm
William Enquist to its board     on the West Coast named
of directors. He is president    Joe Scuncio senior vice
at Stryker Endoscopy.            president, and he will work
                                 in the San Jose office. A
                                 humanitarian, Scuncio also
                 Laura Guio,
                                 directs a program to collect
                 Silicon Val-
                                 warm clothing and blankets
                 ley Leader-
                                 for the San Jose Family
                 ship Group
                 The San Jose
                 organization                   Maya
that represents employers                       Skubatch,
on issues, programs and                         Wilson
campaigns that affect the                       Sonsini
economic health and qual-                       Goodrich &
ity of life appointed Laura                     Rosati
Guio to its board of direc-                     The global
tors. Currently, she serves      provider of legal services
as a vice president at IBM.      in technology, life sciences
                                 and growth enterprises
                                 industries named Maya
                                 Skubatch as an intellec-
                                 tual property partner in its
                                 Palo Alto office. Her focus
                                 includes patent prosecu-
                                 tion and strategic patent

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