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									                           Women’s are Unsafe in Delhi

Women’s safety has been concern from aegis, it’s not just the recent spate that made us rethink
on the issue but women’s do have to fight to get respect in the society, and it’s sad that even
today situation for women is not that safe. The feeling of being unsafe in this city is from long
time and women’s can’t even think to go anywhere alone at night otherwise they might have to
face ugly incidence. In a poll conducted in Delhi almost two-third feel completely unsafe, it’s
like more than 70% of women do feel that they are not safe in the city. It’s not just the perception
but clearly majority speaks in support of this view.

Just ask any girl in Delhi whether she feels herself safe on Delhi roads then reply will be no from
majority of girls. Cases of molestation and rape are being heard every other day. Eve-teasing
seems to be a trend in Delhi and girls has to face with more heinous crimes on a regular basis.
People do say generally that public transportation is safe but it all seems to be just an illusion.
Recent Delhi rape case proves the negligence and failure of a complete system.

So many debates and programmers keep on going in Delhi for the safety of women but nothing
seems to be productive. Women’s are still unsafe, even worse point is that they are scared to
approach police too. Negligence from police is making situation even worse for women’s.
Generally people feel that buses are most unsafe for women’s, taxi’s are still better and auto
rickshaws are still safer of all. The NCR areas seem to be even scarier, one can’t even imagine
being out at night alone. Even if you are out with your parents you can’t stay totally safe. Crime
News is increasing especially against women. It seems society have forgotten. We do pray
female goddesses but when it comes to the safety of women.

If you are using your own vehicle then things are still better for you. There is lot more to be
done. Government really needs to take much stronger steps in this issue. Especially after Delhi
rape case people are full of anger and are not ready to hear any non sense excuse from the
government and system. People are demanding stringent punishment for the rapist so that they
think 100 times before getting into this crime. As a citizen we all need to take steps only then we
can make our Delhi safe for women’s. We should ask this question that-do we need such
incidences to wake up?

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