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					     You can make a difference as a Masonic Scholar!
       Receive a scholarship (12 graduate credits) to earn Fairleigh Dickinson University’s
       Orton Gillingham Teacher Certificate, a program nationally accredited by The
       International Multisensory Structured Language Education Council (IMSLEC).

Fairleigh Dickinson University has joined forces with the 32° Masonic Children's learning
Centers of New Jersey in instituting a teacher scholarship program that covers the cost of
twelve graduate credits for four courses in the Orton Gillingham (OG) approach. This
program forms the core of FDU's nationally accredited Orton Gillingham Dyslexia
Specialist Training Course. FDU is the only university with a comprehensive certificate
program for training teachers in multisensory structured language teaching based on the
work of Samuel T. Orton.

At the start of training, teachers attend lecture sessions. Thereafter, teachers are given
supervised practicum experience at one of the Children's learning Centers that are located in
Burlington, Hasbrouck Heights, Mays Landing, Newark, Scotch Plains and
Tenafly/Teaneck. Practicum sessions meet twice each week for approximately ten weeks in
the fall, and for fifteen weeks in the Spring on either Mondays & Wednesdays or Tuesdays
& Thursdays. During these sessions, teachers in training instruct two children with
dyslexia, for one hour each, using the OG approach. Informal seminars, conferences with
Center supervisors, and lesson plan help follow the sessions with the children.

           This is what some of our Teachers in Training have to say about our Program:

       "Teachers receive extensive hands-on learning experiences in the OFG approach. This
       program emphasizes the rules of language and facilitates the reading process."

       "I knew I needed this training and the scholarship aspect of this program has made it

       "My approach to teaching has been changed forever... for the better."

       "The OG Program has been beneficial to me and my students. I can honestly say that
       my teaching has improved in all subjects."

       "This program speaks for itself-it really works!"

       "I am glad to be part of such a wonderful idea and opportunity "
Scholarship preference may be given to teachers who have preliminary training or experience
in teaching multisensory reading and/or who have experience in special education. However,
classroom teachers from primary, middle, and secondary schools, interested in Orton
training as a means of improving their classroom environments, are encouraged to apply.

               Application process requires submission of:

                     Scholarship Application*
                     Two Letters of Recommendation
                     Resume
                     Copy of College Transcripts (an undergraduate or graduate GPA of 3.0
                      is required for admission)

               Submit materials to:

                  Ms. Grace Hottinger
                  Graduate Programs in Learning Disabilities
                  Fairleigh Dickinson University
                  1000 River Road, T-RH5-2
                  Teaneck, New Jersey 07666

*Download an electronic version of this application at the following Web address:


Applications are presently being accepted for consideration for training scheduled for the
2002-2003 school year. Applications and all required components must be submitted by
March 1, 2003. Scholarship awards will be announced by May 2003.

The 32° Masonic Children’s Learning Centers of New Jersey provide Orton Gillingham
instruction to pupils with dyslexia, grades 1 to 12, at no cost. To determine eligibility for this
program, parents must provide reports of a comprehensive psychoeducational evaluation
conducted either by their school district or a properly licensed professional indicating that
the pupil has a learning disability characterized by particular difficulty in decoding (sounding
out words) and spelling. To request an application for admission to the Children’s Learning
Centers or further information, call 1-888-862-6200.

                                 32° Masonic Learning Centers for Children, Inc.
                                    is a service to the Community provided by
                                             the Scottish Rite Masons.

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