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July/August 2009               

President’s Message

                                                                                  Pam Davidson, CSI

After 20 years as a member, I have finally decided to     Cliff Watson who has been a member in the Memphis
take the role of Chapter President. When I first began    Chapter for 50 years. Cliff received his “50” year
attending Chapter Meetings back in 1986, I was only       service pin at our Awards Dinner back in June. The
going because Rod Vreeland thought it was necessary       50th committee members, Byron Graves, Jim Neison,
for me to attend. I was reluctant, as I could think of    Wally Bostelmann, Ron Roberts, Tommy Smith, Harvey
other things to do, such as going home after work,        and Carol Wilmoth, June and Dexter Varnell, and
attending to family, working in the yard, and of course   Charles Cooper have really worked hard on this event.
shopping! But as I got more involved and eventually       Our editor, Duke Walker, has helped with the special
joined in 1989 under the reign of Byron Graves,           50th issue of the Memphis PerSPECtive. When Duke
membership has been worth the time and effort. The        had to leave for his trip out of the country, Terry
specifications that have been established by CSI, the     Lawson of Allen & Hoshall finished up the magazine.
networking, the communication, the technical data,        Terry also helped tremendously with the invitations. I
and friendships, are just a small part of what one gets   would like to say a special “Thank You” to Allen &
from being involved in CSI. Most companies                Hoshall for being so supportive financially.
encourage employees to be involved in a professional
organization. Allen & Hoshall has definitely been         As you look through this 50th Anniversary issue of the
behind my being a member, giving me encouragement         Memphis PerSPECtive, you will be amazed at how the
to be Chapter President.                                  Memphis Chapter has been involved at the Regional
                                                          and Institute levels. We have hosted Regional and
As I look at the list of members, some of whom I don’t    Leadership Conferences and have had many members
know, I am looking forward to meeting everyone at         attend Institute conventions. Our Products Display
the monthly meetings. Our meetings will resume on         Show has been successful every year. As in any
September 17th at the new location of The Racquet         organization, membership has gone up and down, but
Club on Sanderlin where we will welcome A.C.              how many chapters do you know that still have their
Wharton as guest speaker. He will share his vision of     past presidents as active in their chapter as we do?
the development of Shelby County’s future. I              Our members have received numerous awards from
encourage you to get involved, attend the meetings        the Institute and Regional level. So you might say, we
and see the benefits of being a CSI member.               are “Memphis Chapter Proud”.

This year is also the 50th Anniversary of the Memphis     One final note. I would also like to extend the
Chapter! This is really going to be an exciting year as   Chapter’s deepest sympathy to the Eades family, in the
the CSI Memphis Chapter moves forward and achieves        loss of William “Bill” Eades, a longtime member of CSI
our goal to take care of our members. We will be          Memphis Chapter. Bill will be missed by all of us.
celebrating the 50th anniversary at the Racquet Club
on August 29, 2009, with social hour beginning at 5:00    Pam Davidson, CSI
pm and the dinner at 6:00 p.m. Congratulations to         Chapter President

P AGE 2                                                                                     50 TH A NNIVERSARY I SSUE
Table of Contents
          2   President’s Message
          4   A Founding Members Recollections
              A Message from a Charter Member
          5   25 Years Ago...
          6   Remembering 50 years
              Recollections of Past Presidents
          9   Members Empowering CSI
      13      Bringing Everyone Together
              Memphis Chapter Products Display Show
      16      Bill’s Pet Project
              A CSI Memphis Blessing
      17      A PerSPECtive on a Successful Chapter
              Memphis Chapter Publications
      21      Sharing Ideas and Efforts
              Memphis Chapter Contributes to Gulf States Region
      25      Committing to Future Knowledge
              Dempsie B. Morrison Scholarship Fund
      29      Impacting the Institute for 50 years
              Memphis Chapter Contributes to the Institute
      31      Building the Future of CSI
              The Memphis Chapter Student Affiliate
      35      Its About Time
              Acknowledging Time Spent
      37      Achievement Recognized
              Region and Institute Recognition Received

                                                                          August 2009
                                                          Sun       Mon        Tue       Wed        Thu        Fri        Sat

    Schedule At A Glance                                                                                             1
    7-8 Leadership Conference                        2          3         4          5         6          7          8
        Little Rock, AR
    20 Board of Directors Meeting
        5:30 PM Allen & Hoshall                      9          10        11         12        13         14         15
    29 CSI 50th Banquet - Racquet Club
        5:00 PM Social
                                                     16         17        18         19        20         21         22
        6:00 PM Dinner
    17 Board Meeting - 4:00PM                        23         24        25         26        27         28         29
        Chapter Meeting - 5:30PM
        Racquet Club
       (Speaker: A. C. Wharton, Mayor)               30         31

T HE M EMPHIS P ER SPEC TIVE - J ULY /A UGUST 2009                                                                        P AGE 3
A Founding Members Recollections
A Message from a Charter Member
I was employed as an estimator/project manager      meetings. Thomson was the first president, and I
for the firm of F. T. Thayer, Jr., General          was secretary-treasurer. The late Joe Haas had
Contractor, a local construction company which      a complete list of all the original Board of
was quite successful and prominent in local         Directors and officers. At first there was a big
construction circles.   We successfully bid and     difference between “Professional Members” and
constructed several projects which were designed    “Industry Members”. Industry members could not
by Walk C. Jones-Walk C. Jones Jr., a prestigious   vote and could not hold any office higher than
Memphis architectural firm. Thomsen Guth was        secretary-treasurer.
an employee with the Jones firm and appeared to
be in charge of their field operations and          We met once a month at the old Rainbow Lake
inspections.                                        ballroom on Lamar Ave. We had some
                                                    letterhead stationary printed, and I and my
Thomsen (or “TOP”) and I worked together on         secretary at Thayer would mail meeting notices to
jobs which Thayer had with the Jones firm, and      every architect, engineer, contractor and sub-
the tie was even closer as Thayer’s general         contractor in the Yellow Pages. A manufacturer’s
superintendent, John Guth and Top were half         rep, named Salvatore Juiseppi Bucciantini,
brothers. One day Top approached me about           (nicknamed “Buck”) and I ran the pre-meeting
forming a CSI chapter in Memphis. At that time,     social hour bar. The selection was limited to
every architectural firm had its own format for     bourbon for the contractors and Scotch for the
specifications – there is not enough time to go     architects. The charge was $0.50 per drink, and
into the different spec layouts which were          the sales helped to finance the Chapter. The
encountered. As I recall, the idea of forming an    meetings were informal, and the architects who
organization like CSI was first advanced by some    were brave enough to attend received plenty of
spec writers in Washington, D. C. who were          “constructive” criticism from the Industry
involved in government projects. Their efforts,     members. I recall one of my favorite architects,
however, did not get very far due to the usual      Mr. Everett Woods, commenting to me that the
government bureaucracy.                             meetings should be titled, “Insult Your Architect
I agreed to help, and we somehow pulled
together a group of people and started having           Robert W. “Bob” Shafer, Charter Member

P AGE 4                                                                            50 TH A NNIVERSARY I SSUE
25 years ago...

  Bill Cox, Founding Member and Former President
  of CSI-Memphis addresses membership during its
  25th Anniversary Celebration, August 1984
                                                     Reprint from “CSI-Memphis” September, 1984

T HE M EMPHIS P ER SPEC TIVE - J ULY /A UGUST 2009                                      P AGE 5
Remembering 50 years
Recollections of Past Presidents
At the request and urging of Ron Roberts,
President 1999-2000, each living past president
has provided a brief remembrance of their term
while leading the Memphis Chapter. A heart felt
thanks and gratitude to all of you for being an
important part of the Memphis Chapter. Another
sincere thanks for sharing your remembrances to
be included in this special 50th Anniversary
Edition of the “PerSPECtive”.

These brief recollections will appear throughout
this special edition.
                                                   Four Presidents (L-R): Joe Haas, Mike Jones, Norman
                                                   Newman, and Bill Cox

Presidents of the Memphis Chapter

D. Thompson Guth*                    1959-1960     Wade Daniel Brewer                            1985-1986
D. Thompson Guth*                    1960-1961     Dianne Rogers Dixon                           1986-1987
William P. Cox*                      1961-1962     Jerry W. Durham                               1987-1988
Dempsie B. Morrison*                 1962-1963     Jerry W. Durham                               1988-1989
Dempsie B. Morrison*                 1963-1964     Byron M. Graves                               1989-1990
William H. Gaskill*                  1964-1965     James A. Neison                               1990-1991
J.A. McFarland, Jr.                  1965-1966     Thomas W. Smith                               1991-1992
Donald W. Manley                     1966-1967     Thomas W. Smith                               1992-1993
E.A. Ted Keyes*                      1967-1968     Gary R. Wagoner                               1993-1994
Don P. Smith                         1968-1969     Gary R. Wagoner                               1994-1995
William C. Burnett*                  1969-1970     John D. Norman*                               1995-1996
Michael Jones                        1970-1971     Kay Young                                     1996-1997
Benjamin R. Waller, Jr.*             1971-1972     James T. Moncreif, Jr.                        1997-1998
Norman E. Newman                     1972-1973     Wally Bostelmann                              1998-1999
Raymond H. Scott, Jr.*               1973-1974     Ronald M. Roberts                             1999-2000
Michael E. Hill*jjjjjjj              1974-1975     Carl E. Drennan, Jr.                          2000-2001
Howard R. Hayslip*                   1975-1976     Louis Medcalf                                 2001-2002
Howard R. Hayslip*                   1976-1977     Stephen A. Mangin                             2002-2003
Joseph D. Haas*                      1977-1978     Scott G. Guidry                               2003-2004
G. Douglas Brewer                    1978-1979     Scott G. Guidry                               2004-2005
G. Douglas Brewer                    1979-1980     Carl E. Drennan, Jr.                          2005-2006
Joseph D. Haas*                      1980-1981     Rob Huserik                                   2006-2007
Morris R. Ungren                     1981-1982     John Bigham, Jr                               2007-2008
Morris R. Ungren                     1982-1983     Gary Copeland                                 2008-2009
Raymond H. Scott, Jr.*               1983-1984     Pamela Davidson                               2009-2010
Wade Daniel Brewer                   1984-1985     * Deceased

P AGE 6                                                                                50 TH A NNIVERSARY I SSUE
Recollections of Past Presidents (cont.)
Jasper A. “Jack” McFarland, Jr.                              Donald W. “Don” Manley
1965-1966                                                    1966-1967
Dempsey Morrison and I were very good friends. We            Being a rather normal young architect when I joined
were both Associates in the Mann & Harrover Firm             the Memphis Chapter of CSI, it occurred to me that
until I left in 1960 to form the new firm of Belz and        learning how to write project specifications would
McFarland (McFarland/Associates). We both had                become a necessity in the near future. There was no
been involved in AIA for several years. Thompson             way that I could have anticipated the caliber of people
Guth got Dempsey interested in CSI about the time I          who were in office at the time that I joined. Dempsie B.
left Mann & Harrover. Before long he had me                  Morrison, Jr., William H. (Bill) Gaskill and Jack
involved with C.S.I., and I served on the Board when         McFarland were chapter officers. In fact, Bill and Jack
Dempsey was President of the Chapter. Dempsey went           were president of the local chapter of AIA and CSI at
on to be elected as Regional Director of C.S.I., a post      the same time. That coincidence has not happened
he held for many years. I served as President a year         again. In fact, both of these men became president of
or so later, and I think I am one of only two people to      the Tennessee Society of Architects. I thought nothing
serve as president of C.S.I. and Memphis Chapter of          of it when Bill Gaskill asked me to review a CSI
A.I.A. at the same time.                                     document and I agreed. The next thing I knew I was
                                                             the technical director and then the First Vice President
Our goal from the beginning was to focus our efforts         and program director. My first program almost was a
on increasing the Professional membership, with the          catastrophe as I had spent the two previous days in
twofold purpose of making the Broad Based                    Bowld Hospital and got out just in time to make the
organization a major factor in the Construction              meeting. In fact, I still had the hospital bracelet on
Industry and improving the quality of the Project            when I got to the meeting. In March, 1966, the first
Specifications used in the area. As I recall we were         region conference was hosted by the Memphis
able to increase the membership to between 100 &             Chapter. In June of that year, the first awards dinner
120, with a majority of Professional Members, and we         and dance was held and there was over 150 people
certainly started the improvement of the quality of the      present. The next forty three years are history.
project Specifications in this area.                                                 ~Donald W. Manley, AIA, FCSI

Dempsey went on to serve many years in both the
local and the national level of C.S.I., and made major
contributions to the improvement of both form and
function of Project Specifications. I went on to be
President of A.I.A Tenn and to Serve on three National
Committees, chairman of two, and presided over a
major INDUSTRIAL ENCLAVE in Detroit, that included
Representatives from five Communist Countries (both
Russia and China) and some 20 other Countries. We
                                                             Don Smith
also published a Synopsis of the meeting that was
approved by all participants.
                       ~Jasper A. McFarland, Jr., AIA, CSI   We went to Miami for the national convention.
                                                             Specifications were much harder to do before the
                                                             days of Word Perfect, and a computer on ever desk.
                                                             There was a lot of pasting and copying.

                                                             We had our meetings at the big restaurant on Poplar-
                                                             I believe it was called the Four Flames.

                                                             I was much younger then.
                                                             ~ Don Smith, CSI
                                                                                                   Continued on Page 8

T HE M EMPHIS P ER SPEC TIVE - J ULY /A UGUST 2009                                                             P AGE 7
Recollections of Past Presidents (cont.)
Michael Jones                                                   Morris R. Ungren
1970-1971                                                       1981-1982, 1982-1983
During my term as President, 1970-1971, I don’t recall any      In the “Golden Age of America” as Charles Kulwalt wrote
major problems in our CSI-Memphis Chapter. I think we           about it, at ninety, I recall some things concerning the
were focused on recruiting new members, both                    Memphis Chapter of the Construction Specifications
professional and industry. The highlights of my term, and       Institute in the 60’s, 70’s and early 80’s. Forty-nine years
other years, were the Institute Conventions in Houston,         ago I became a member at the invitation of Thomson Guth.
Denver, Los Angeles and Chicago. I recall especially the        It was an era in which the Institute was working to improve
Convention in Houston, when several of us made a side           the CSI format on specifications, condensing the whole
trip to Mexico City, staying in a local hotel from June 5-8,    thing into 16 generic divisions. Among the benefits of this
1969. I am including a photo of that visit picturing us, with   was the elimination of over-lapping responsibilities that
our wives, at dinner in - I think - our hotel.                  were inherent in the old way of writing specifications. The
                                        ~ Michael Jones, CSI    Memphis Chapter was very active in this undertaking.

Norman Newman                                                   As I remember, there were three phases in this
1972-1973                                                       development. Each phase was presented in color- coded
                                                                documents and given to every member as it was
Rip Collins nominated Don Manley for Fellowship in the          developing. Many hard working hours were spent on this
Institute. Proper papers and forms were prepared and
                                                                by hundreds of members until the “bugs” were worked out
submitted to the Institute, and Don was elevated to FCSI in     as far as it was possible. Certain CSI chapters took a
June, 1973, at the Institute's 25th Anniversary Convention in
                                                                particular division to work on as a project. As the project
Washington, D. C.. The Chapter worked hard in preparing         neared completion, the United States military adopted this
a resolution to be submitted to the Institute at the 1973
                                                                new CSI format for their construction projects. Different
Convention. This resolution ( does anyone remember what         companies presented pre-written specifications for their
this was all about?) was withdrawn at the last minute upon
                                                                products according to the guidelines set by the Institute.
the urgent request of the Institute.                            Several of these were presented by Industry members of
                                                                the Memphis Chapter. Copies of the new 16 division
The Chapter membership was heavily involved in                  format were sent to all CSI members.
reviewing "pink" sheets (This was during the initial 16
division specification preparation process conducted by         The first two Products Display Shows were held under the
CSI which included many chapters across the nation. The
                                                                capable leadership of William Oyler. Then I took over the
pink sheets were the "draft" specs. Once approved by the        responsibility for several years. There were over 100
Institutes's Spec Committee, the pink sheets became the
                                                                booths (table tops?) sold as we met (for the first time) in the
final specification or "green" sheets.). The Memphis            Mid-South Coliseum. There were other chapters who knew
Chapter also won the "Man-Mile" Trophy that year at the
                                                                of our success and wanted to know the details involved. I
GSR Conference (This award went to the chapter                  wrote a small book with illustrations on “How to Produce a
whose number of member attendees plus the miles driven -
                                                                Products Display Show”. Many copies of this were bought
one way - was the highest).                                     at the Institute conventions.
Finally, the chapter's last "Big" semi-formal awards
                                                                My years of experience in the several offices of the
banquet, dinner dance and open bar was held at the "100
                                                                Memphis Chapter, including my two terms as President, led
Club". The Chapter has begun this in 1966 atop the 60 N.
                                                                to my election as a Director of the Gulf States Region. I
Main Building.                                                  look back with great esteem my association with the
                         ~ Norman Newman, AIA, CSI
                                                                Memphis Chapter of the Constructions Specification
G. Douglas “Doug” Brewer                                                                           ~ Morris Ungren, CSI
1978-1979, 1979-1980
Doug was one of the few Chapter Presidents who served
the chapter for two consecutive terms. We regret that
Doug was unable to share his memories with us.                                                            Continued on Page 19

P AGE 8                                                                                                50 TH A NNIVERSARY I SSUE
Members Empowering CSI
Since its beginning, the fuel that has powered the engine of
the Construction Specifications Institute has been the
technical knowledge and expertise derived from its
members. Without this knowledge, neither CSI nor the
Memphis Chapter would have had a successful 50 year
history. Without this knowledge the future of CSI will in no
way resemble its successful past. Without this knowledge the
words “Knowledge for Creating & Sustaining the Built
Environment” will have little substance.        Without this
knowledge specifications will become nothing more than a
group of incoherent and disorganized documents providing
little value to the construction process.       Without this
knowledge the building information model (BIM) will follow
the same path.

The center letter in CSI stands for “Specifications”. Without
specifications there would have been no CSI. Long before
CSI there were specifications and as long as there are
written construction contracts, there will be a need for written
construction documents or specifications. Although there are
those predicting that the latest BIM technology will somehow
eliminate traditional specifications, I submit that as
specifications have been the core or essence of present
construction the next generation of specifications will
become the core or essence of BIM. It is my belief that it will
be the grass roots designers, constructors, and suppliers of
construction materials who will possess the knowledge to
cultivate shared ideas into consensus based construction
documents required to navigate through the uncharted
waters of a new era.

THE PAST 50 YEARS                                                  printed literature and provide technical assistance by calling
On August 3, 1959 the Memphis Chapter of the Construction          on designers and contractors.
Specifications Institute was chartered. The Institute had
celebrated its tenth anniversary the year before in 1958.          It was in the second decade of CSI, and the first decade of
Since these beginnings, there have been many changes.              the Memphis Chapter, that the three strand cord of designer,
Construction technology has advanced at rates greater than         contractor and supplier was woven together by the 16
at any time in the past history of man. Methods for design         Division Format for specifications published in 1963. A single
and construction which are taken for granted today were            common format developed by CSI members that quickly
non-existent in 1959. Drawings were prepared by use of T-          integrated specifications, cost estimating, and product
squares or parallel bars and triangles on a drawing board          information. This format has become the common language
using the same basic tools, which had used for hundreds of         for the entire construction industry.
years. There were no computer aided design (CAD) or
spreadsheet programs residing on personal computers.               In 1959 when the Memphis Chapter CSI was chartered, the
Calculations were performed using adding machines and              project manual concept had not been adopted and
slide rules. Specifications were typed on manual typewriters       implemented by the AIA. This would not occur for another
and reproduced using either mimeograph or by offset                five years in 1964. The CSI Three-Part Format had also not
printing. The electric typewriter was just being introduced by     been introduced as a component of the CSI Manual of
IBM. The IBM Selectric typewriter would not be introduced          Practice. Section titles were neither identified with four or
until 1962. There were no word processors or fax machines;         five digit numbers. There were no master guide
these would not become common until the early eighties.            specifications such as SpecText, MasterSpec, or government
There were no dot matrix, laser, or inkjet printers. There was     guide specifications. There was no SpecGuide program,
no internet, cell phones, blackberries, or email. It often took    SpecData,       ManuSpecs,    or    manufacturer’s      guide
several days to receive samples from the manufacturer since        specifications.
there was no FedEx or UPS overnight delivery.
Manufacturers used product representatives to distribute

T HE M EMPHIS P ER SPEC TIVE - J ULY /A UGUST 2009                                                                        P AGE 9
The preceding brief history of CSI serves as an introduction      For many years the slogan of CSI was
to the contributions made by the Memphis Chapter. The             Advancement of Construction Technology until changed to
success of CSI during the past fifty years would not have         Knowledge for Creating & Sustaining the Build Environment.
occurred without the dedicated grass roots efforts of local       The first placed emphasis on technology and the other on
chapter members such as those in the Memphis Chapter;             knowledge. I am thoroughly convinced that by creating a
members willing to share their professional practice and          common format for communicating through construction
technical knowledge with their peers both locally and             specifications, CSI has made a far greater contribution to the
beyond; individuals such as William B. Cox, a prominent           advancement of construction technology during the past fifty
architect who was the second president of the Memphis             years than can be imagined. However this advancement
Chapter in 1960. The following statement by Mr. Cox at a          would have never occurred without the knowledge gained
January 1991 chapter program titled “CSI Makes a                  and shared by individual member’s with others.. For fifty
Difference” revealed what construction was like before CSI.       years, the Memphis Chapter has exhibited the true spirit of
“I can’t image how estimators could ever figure out how           CSI by promoting increased knowledge which has improved
much a building would cost. The changes in specifications         specifications resulting in creating a better built environment.
have just been incredible”. He continued by saying that CSI
has been responsible for creating the “means of                   Knowledge is the resource for technical, technical the
communicating between the design group, the estimating            resource     for     education,    education     recognized   by
group, the constructing group, and the material suppliers. I      certification; certification the incentive for education which in
think that was really the contribution made in the early days.”   turn completes the cycle by becoming the resource for
Without the emphasis placed upon specifications by CSI
many of the advancement in construction technology would          The technical, education, and certification programs created
have never occurred. Specifications have encouraged               by the members of CSI to improve specifications have
competition, competition has motivated innovation, and it         considered both knowledge and incentive. The technical
has been innovation that has been responsible for the             programs derived from the knowledge of its members have
progression or “advancement of construction technology”           become the resource for education while certification
making construction in America the model for the world.           programs have provided the incentive to obtain knowledge..
                                                                  Without the dedication and willingness to share by the
                                                                  members of CSI, there would have been no technical
                                                                  documents providing the necessary resources from which to
                                                                  gain knowledge.

                                                                  For fifty years the passion of the Memphis Chapter has been
                                                                  to improve technical specifications. The Memphis Chapter of
                                                                  CSI has been an integral part of the technical, education,
                                                                  and certification programs.
                                                                  TECHNICAL – The Resource
                                                                  At the core of CSI’s existence since beginning in 1948 was to
                                                                  develop and promote consensus based uniform procedures
                                                                  for writing and producing specifications. This could have
                                                                  never happened without the dedicated efforts of its members
                                                                  - efforts that produced a collective body of knowledge in the
                                                                  form of The Manual of Practice; in which the 16 Division
                                                                  MasterFormat, 3-Part SectionFormat, and PageFormat were

                                                                  In the late sixties and early seventies the Memphis Chapter
                                                                  had an active Guide Specification Committee. Included in
                                                                  documents from the archives of Don Manley, are three
                                                                  Memphis Guide Specifications; all published for sale and
                                                                  distribution by the Memphis Chapter. (Notice the four digit
                                                                  section numbers).
                                                                       Section 0811 – Stock Steel Doors and Frames (10 page
                                                                       document published 1969)
                                                                       Section 0991 – Exterior Masonry Painting (19 page
                                                                       document published 1970)
                                                                       Section 09310 – Ceramic Tile         (8 page document
                                                                       published 1972)

                                                                  These collaborative efforts followed recommendations
                                                                  contained in CSI Document Guide DB-2 entitled “Preparing a

P AGE 10                                                                                                   50 TH A NNIVERSARY I SSUE
Specification Series Document”. On these three documents           Memphis Chapter to become
alone, the names of over twenty-seven chapter members are          a CDT.         The late John
acknowledged as contributors; contribution by chapter              Norman had more CSI initials
members such as Howard R. Hayslip, William A. Oyler,               after his name than his name
Marion Dale Maning, and Ben Waller, Jr.                            was long. John was the first
                                                                   member nationally to hold all
Not only were these Guide Specifications made available to         CSI certifications - CDT, CCS,
the local specification writers, architects, and engineers, they   CCPR,      and      CCCA.    In
were made available to CSI who shared them with other              reviewing old chapter records
members when published monthly as “Green Sheets” in The            for this article, I came across
Construction Specifier.                                            a list from the mid-nineties of
                                                                   thirty-one individuals who
In the late eighties Dan Brewer served as Technical                had achieved certification.
Chairman for the Gulf States Region. During the term of
Diane Dixon (1987-88) the Memphis Chapter held a Drawing           Steve Mangin, served as chapter certification chair and later
Competition to emphasize improvements to graphic                   became Certification Chair for the Gulf States Region. As
construction documents as well a written construction              Certification Chair, Steve’s dedicated efforts were
documents. During the first term of Jerry Durham, members          responsible for many individuals obtaining certification.
of the Memphis Chapter provided comments which were
incorporated into the 1988 edition of MasterFormat. During         EDUCATION – The Knowledge
the second term of Jerry Durham the Memphis Chapter first          The Memphis Chapter has emphasized education, not only
implemented Tech-Topic in the newsletter followed by a Tech        for its members but for all members of the construction
-Talk at chapter meetings.                                         community. This emphasis began with Dempsie Morrison
                                                                   being an instructor at State Technical Institute. The monthly
During the mid-nineties there were many contributions made         chapter programs have served to educate those in
by members of the Memphis Chapter. These included Jerry            attendance on the latest products, design, and construction
Durham, Louis Medcalf, and Tommy Smith. Each served as             practices. Some of the most memorable programs have
members on one of the Institute’s technical sub-committees.        been those offering the perspectives of the designers,
With Jerry Durham as Chair of Practice Subcommittee in the         constructors, estimators and material suppliers.
mid nineties, a major update and revision was made to the
CSI Manual of Practice. During the same period, Tommy              Through the years the Memphis Chapter has provided all
Smith served on the Specifications Subcommittee, and               day and half day seminars on topics ranging from the latest
chaired the SpecGuide effort two years. Louis Medcalf              in roofing technology, the latest edition of the AIA General
served on the Practice Subcommittee, Specifications                Conditions, and provisions contained in the latest adopted
Subcommittee, and UniFormat Task Team. Each influenced             building codes. Most all Chapter programs today provide
development of SpecText, the CSI Manual of Practice,               Continuing education credits.
Uniform Drawing System, and MasterFormat. Each of these
programs have had an untold influence on the advancement           In March of 1989, what had been study sessions for
of construction technology. Without the participation of           certification candidates were made available to anyone
knowledgeable and dedicated individuals willing to “Freely         interested in increasing their knowledge of written
interchange information and experience with members of the         construction documents. This proved to be successful and in
construction industry” as expressed in the CSI Code of Ethics,     the fall of the following year the Memphis Chapter
the valuable resources contained in the published technical        sponsored a continuing education course at Memphis State
documents would have never come to fruition.                       University instructed by Tommy Smith and Jerry Durham
                                                                   titled Principals of Construction Documents and Specification
CERTIFICATION – The Incentive                                      Writing. This class provided 2.15 CEU’s from the University.
CSI’s certification programs have provided professionals the       This was followed in the fall of 1992 with a course titled
incentive to remove the Manual of Practice gathering dust on       Understanding Written Construction Documents. The sessions
the book shelf, learn the technical knowledge contained            were changed to align with and became titled The
therein, pass an examination, and thereby gain prestige            Fundamentals of Written Construction Documents module of
among peers by obtaining the title of Certified Document           the CSI Manual of Practice. These classes, dubbed the Tom
Technologist (CDT), Certified Construction Specifier (CCS),        and Jerry Show, were originally developed and instructed by
Certified Construction Products Representative (CCPR), and/        Tommy Smith and Jerry Durham based upon the latest
or Certified Construction Contract Administrator (CCCA).           edition the CSI Manual of Practice including the 16 Division
                                                                   MasterFormat and 3Part SectionFormat. Upon the retirement
Jerry Durham became the first member of the Memphis                of Jerry Durham, Louis Medcalf continued the educational
Chapter to become a certified construction specifier (CCS) -       effort. With the aid of guest instructors such as John
Tommy Smith became the second. Due to the efforts of these         Norman, attorney Cliff Lipman, Carl Drennan, and Steve
two many other members of the local construction community         Mangin, these classes proved to be very poplar and
and the Memphis Chapter have achieved this level of                continued until 2005 when replaced by later course materials
recognition. Jim Neison was the first industry member in the       instructed by Joe Cavallio and Rob Huserik These classes

T HE M EMPHIS P ER SPEC TIVE - J ULY /A UGUST 2009                                                                      P AGE 11
not only were good preparation for certification                  emphasis on both written construction
examinations, they provided persons not seeking certification     documents and drawings - since 1988 there has also been a
sound knowledge in the principals of written construction         twenty-five percent reduction in membership when
documents. They also provided 15 hours of continuing              visionaries at the time were predicting membership to over
education credits recognized by both CSI and AIA as well as       double in the next twenty years..       Could there be a
the State Board.                                                  correlation between the two?

In the mid nineties, Tommy Smith along with Jerry Durham          Many technical programs which began by the voluntary
were instrumental in beginning a EdGuide Program in the           effort of CSI members such as SpecText, SpecData,
Gulf States Region. These documents provided resources for        ManuSpec, Uniform Drawing System, PerSpective and even
local chapters to conduct improved chapter programs and           the Manual of Practice have to some degree been
seminars.                                                         relinquished by CSI to other organizations - some to for
                                                                  profit organizations; once relinquished, this body of
Members of the Memphis Chapter have also provided                 intellectual property is no longer bound by CSI’s Code of
programs for other construction related organizations by          Ethics and the incentive of members to share knowledge
promoting CSI’s methods of preparing specifications and           greatly diminished. For CSI to once again draw from this
written construction documents.     Also, members of the          vast body of practice and technical knowledge, the people
Memphis Chapter have provided assistance in developing            who are willing to share such knowledge must be assured
college level curriculum for both State Technical Institute       that such knowledge will be made available for the benefit
(Southwest College) and the University of Memphis.                of present and future generations of CSI. This knowledge
                                                                  and experience, freely interchanged with members of the
THE FUTURE                                                        construction industry, must be held in trust with honesty and
The CSI three sided shield appropriately represents the three     integrity for the welfare of the construction industry
strand cord of CSI forming the unending circle of CSI –           (paraphrased from CSI Code of Ethics).
technical, education, and certification. Technical knowledge
is required for education -- education required for               For 40 plus years’ improving specifications or written
certification -- certification provides the incentive to obtain   construction documents were the heart of CSI and the
technical knowledge. This cord aptly describes the success of     technical knowledge of its members, its life blood, without
CSI. Remove any one of the three and the cord will quickly        this technical knowledge there can be neither resource for
unravel and become broken just as removing one leg of a           education nor incentive for certification. Without the
three legged stool will cause sudden collapse.                    members’ technical knowledge, neither the Chapter, Region,
                                                                  nor the Institute can be empowered so that they can in turn
Computer technology cannot create knowledge; it can only          empower their members.
serve as a reservoir of technical knowledge to be accessed
more efficiently. Unless such knowledge is first deposited it     It is not enough to honor the past, the Memphis Chapter is
cannot be retrieved. Although computer technology can             needed to embrace and shape the future of CSI. These
become a valuable tool to gain knowledge, computer                comments are not intended to live in the past but to build the
technology in and of its self can neither supply nor apply        future on the foundation of timeless principals of past
knowledge. Neither can computer technology provide the            success – a future where CSI can once again regain its
incentive to obtain knowledge. One of greatest contribution       position of prestige as a leader in the construction industry.
of CSI was to become the custodian of its member’s                The challenges facing design and construction in many
knowledge for the benefit of the entire construction industry.    respects are far greater today than those faced fifty years
Since 1988, CSI has shifted its focus from placing emphasis       ago. Future challenges can only be met in the same manner
on member derived and created construction documents to           they have been met for the past 50 years; with the hard work
that of classifying construction information relying on other     and dedication of members in local chapters willing to
organizations for its creation. Member participation in the       “Freely interchange information and experience with
creation and continuation of new technical documents have         members of the construction industry” to perform their jobs
become nearly extinct The 1988 edition of MasterFormat was        more efficiently. New technology combined with the spirit
the last based upon specifications. The publication of the        that has made the Memphis Chapter successful for the past
1995 MasterFormat was based on products classification,           50 years can once again attract the best individuals in the
not specifications. Neither was the 2004 MasterFormat which       industry to both CSI and the Memphis Chapter thus creating
is classification system based upon work results (A European      another successful 50 years. O
derived term) not specifications.

In the early nineties there were over 50 members serving on       Contributed by Thomas Smith, RA, CSI, CCS
standing institute technical committees, now there are only a
handful. Most standing technical committees which have
been disbanded in favor of Task Teams under the control
and direction of the Executive Committee not the Technical
Committee.       Since the 1988 MasterFormat based on
specifications, there has been a shift in focus away from an

P AGE 12                                                                                                 50 TH A NNIVERSARY I SSUE
Bringing Everyone Together
Memphis Chapter Products Display Show (PDS)
The origination of the CSI-Memphis Products Display
Show (PDS) is due to the effort of William A. “Bill”
Oyler, Industry Member of the Memphis Chapter. Bill
had been to a table top display show at the Memphis
Home Builders Association in 1973 and thought it
would be a good idea for the Memphis Chapter. At
that time, however, there was an organization known
as th e Pr oducers C ouncil t ha t held mo nthly
presentations and dinners for the architectural and
engineering design professions. The Producers
Council was held in high esteem by both the American
Institute of Architects and the Construction
Specifications Institute. Even though several CSI
chapters on the west coast were holding shows of this
nature, it was thought that a table top show by CSI-
Memphis would be a conflict of interest, so little was
done at that time. The economic turmoil of 1973-74,        (L-R) Ron Roberts, President 1999-2000, Congratulates Bill
                                                           Kaiser, Glen Watson, and Mark Durham on another
however, caused the demise of the Producers Council
                                                           successful Products Display Show.
in 1975.
                                                           chapters in order for them to develop their own
It was decided, therefore, in the fall of 1975 to          product shows. This guidebook was completed and
proceed with a display show by the Memphis Chapter.        published in 1978.
The first meeting of the PDS committee was held on
December 4, 1975. Those in attendance were Bill            Since its inception in 1975-76, there has been a
Oyler, Bill Hazelrig, Bob Keown, Jack Leach and Don        continuous flow of conscientious, dedicated chairmen.
Manley. There were eight additional meetings prior to      For instance, S. T. Holmes was the PDS Chairman for
the first show, with additional Chapter members            four years, 1980, ’81, ’82 and 1987. Each has added
involved on the committee, including Doug Brewer,          his own particular flavor such that improvements in all
Howard Hayslip, Bill Chadwick and Ray Scott.               facets of the Show have been made. Another
                                                           outstanding chairman was William E. “Bill” Kaiser.
The first Products Display Show was held on April 13,      Not only was Bill chairman for several years, but he
1976, at the Mid-South Coliseum on the Concourse           also helped other chair persons by being the “sales
Level. It was a typical table top display show with an     person” in the background.       His untiring efforts to
open bar and a catered dinner. The Show was well           reach out and bring in exhibitors to display their
received and was the first products display show in        products or services to the mid-south construction
our region, The second PDS was held at the same            industry is a big part of the reason that our Show
location on March 22, 1977. Bill Oyler handled this        today is known to be the largest CSI chapter trade
show almost single handed. The event had the same          show east of the Rocky Mountains. During his work
amenities and, again, was well received.                   for the PDS, Bill revised and updated Morris Ungren’s
                                                           original “Guideline” in 1991.
Due to the very good reception of the PDS by the Mid-
South construction industry, it was decided that display   As a result of his accomplishments and dedication, the
booths as used in large conventions (10’ x 10’) would      CSI-Memphis Products Display Show was dedicated in
be appropriate and that the Show would have to             2003 to the memory of William E. (Bill) Kaiser. As one
move. The Pipkin Building at the Fairgrounds was           of the chairmen who followed Bill, Charles Cooper,
selected, and a booth plan was designed and laid out.      explained, “Bill was my employer, friend and mentor.
The first Show in the Pipkin Building was held in March    He introduced me to CSI and taught me all he knew
of 1978. Due to the continued success of the Memphis       about how to run a successful show. I had no idea at
PDS, the new Region Director, Howard Hayslip,              that time what CSI would come to mean to me”.
requested that the Show Chairman, Morris Ungren,           Charles was PDS chairman for the two years following
develop a guide book for the use of other region           Bill’s death and was applauded by members of the

T HE M EMPHIS P ER SPEC TIVE - J ULY /A UGUST 2009                                                             P AGE 13
Chapter for his work. Charles stated, ”The true            poster contest. The winning poster (voted on by the
accolades belong to Bill Kaiser and his predecessors.”     Chapter membership) receives a monetary prize
Following Charles, Ron Roberts became the PDS Chair        awarded by the PDS.        The talent of these young
in 2004 and has been in that position since that time      people has been amazing with many beautiful,
through the 2009 event. The event was moved from           colorful and highly relevant subjects.
the old Pipkin Building at the Mid-South Fair Grounds
in 2007 to the AgriCenter International Showroom.          As our Show continues into the future, we are
After being held at the Pipkin Building since 1978, the    constantly looking for improvement for our Chapter,
demographics of the Chapter membership, the lack of        our Exhibitors and, of course, those who are invited to
modern facilities and the murky future of the building     attend the Show. It has become one of the highlights
itself caused the relocation. Exhibitors have been         of the Mid-South construction industry’s social season.
overwhelming in their support for the move. As one         We must remember, however, that the PDS is primarily
exhibitor explained, “It’s like a fresh breath of air!”.   a fundraising affair. As Charles Cooper has stated: “I
Anther notable item was the second revision to the         must remind every member that the Product Display
“Guideline” published in 2005 and distributed to the       Show is the financial engine that runs the Memphis
Region. This new guideline was the basis for two           Chapter of CSI. Every member should be proud of our
consecutive years of seminars held at the Regional         accomplishments and offer every assistance to make
level. In 2006, the “Guideline” was requested and          sure that we continue to be greatest and largest CSI
transmitted to the Institute for distribution to other     trade show east of the Rocky Mountains.”

Over the past several years, the University of Memphis     This article was written by the contributions of:
student chapter has been a definite asset to the PDS.      Don Manley, FCSI; Charles Cooper, CSI, CCCA; &
The chapter has a booth all to itself, and their booth     Ron Roberts, CSI, CCS (CSI-Memphis Products Display
designs have produced many amazing displays. As a          Show Chair Persons)
matter of fact, their efforts resulted in a booth award
in 2008. The members also help in other areas of the
Show, including the food and beverage area, exhibitor
liaison and booth awards.          The participation by
student members is encouraged by the annual PDS

                                             2008 PDS Committee

P AGE 14                                                                                     50 TH A NNIVERSARY I SSUE
Memphis Chapter Products Display Show (PDS)

2006 PDS: (Standing L-R) Harvey Wilmoth, Ron Roberts,        1976 PDS - Billy Oyler
Brenda Page; (Sitting L-R) Charles Cooper, Jammie Smith,
Wally Bostelmann

(L-R) Don Manley and Rod Vreeland                            1976 PDS - S.T. Homes (Right)

1998 PDS - Wally Bostelmann (left) presenting Best in Show   1976 PDS - Doug Brewer

T HE M EMPHIS P ER SPEC TIVE - J ULY /A UGUST 2009                                           P AGE 15
Bill’s “Pet Project”
A CSI Memphis Blessing

P AGE 16                 50 TH A NNIVERSARY I SSUE
A PerSPECtive on a Successful Chapter
Memphis Chapter Publications
                         The Chapter publication     in for a short time
                         has always had an           until Tony Palmer
                         important place in the      took over. Howard
                         effective functioning of    returned for a year
                         t h e    C h a p t e r .    until succeeded by
                         Information on subjects     Tom Feazel. Howard
                         of interest is made         again took the reins
                         available to the            for a short time until
                         members including           Tony Indriolo became
                         meetings, programs,         editor. At the 1985
                         technical articles,         Institute convention,
                         c o n f e r e n c e s ,     Tony garnered a
                         conventions and             publication award. In
announcements relevant to the design and             1986 Ron Spurlin became editor, followed by
construction industry.        Ads help defray        Dianne Dixon who served for several years
publication costs, while promoting goods and         winning a Region and Institute Publication award
services from local vendors.                         in the process. Jim Neison was editor in 1990, in
                                                     addition to his responsibilities as Chapter
The first editor was Bob Shafer who undertook        President. In 1991 Gary Wagoner redesigned CSI
this responsibility, in addition to his duties as    Memphis and changed the name to The Memphis
Chapter Secretary. He served as editor for three     PerSPECtive, winning three Continuing Publication
years. In 1972, Dempsey Morrison, Jr., retired as    awards; two from the Region and one from the
editor of the Memphis Bulletin, having renamed it    Institute.
from simply The Bulletin. He was succeeded by
Doris Ozenevich. In 1973 the Memphis Bulletin        In 1993 Jim Moncrief took over, followed by Jeff
was renamed CSI Memphis and redesigned, with         Ervin in 1995 and Scott Guidry in 1996. Louis
Howard Hayslip as editor, winning a Continuing       Medcalf was editor from 1997 to 1999, followed
Publications awards at the 1974 Institute            by Hans Faulhaber who also served for three
Convention. Don Manley gained additional             years, with help from
notoriety as the first (and last) CSI-Memphis        Duke Walker in his
centerfold.                                          third year. In 2003
                                                     Duke Walker was
In 1975 Richard                                      sole editor. Jamie
Kiss became                                          Smith and Tanya
editor and kept                                      Guidry served as co-
at it for two                                        editors, until Jamie
years to be                                          continued as sole
followed by                                          helmsman in 2006
Joyce Ann                                            and 2007. Kamesha
Gardner. In                                          Hervey was editor in
1979 Charles                                         2008 and was
Jolly became                                         awarded Institute
editor, followed                                     recognition. Duke Walker succeeded her as the
by Jennifer                                          current editor. Numerous Regional and Institute
Adair. Howard                                        commendations were awarded during this period.
Hayslip stepped

T HE M EMPHIS P ER SPEC TIVE - J ULY /A UGUST 2009                                             P AGE 17
The Memphis PerSPECtive has evolved from its humble
beginnings as a one sheet fold over to the sophisticated 16-24
page periodical it is today. Its editors have set the bar for what
a Chapter newsletter can be and have conducted Regional and
Institute seminars to share their knowledge and experience with
other editors throughout CSI. The Memphis Chapter can be
justly proud of the rich heritage, editorial innovation and award
winning quality of its monthly publication.

Contributed by Gary Wagoner, CSI, CCS

The Notorious Centerfold
One article of note appeared in the October, 1973          He graduated from Rice Institute in Houston, Texas,
issue which may be interesting to some of you              where he majored in Mouth.
members out there which included a center-fold out
and biographical sketch of one of the members,             He has a reputation around the country for buying the
Name Omitted to protect the innocent (it might appear      worst cigars known to man.
in “Playgirl”). This person is photographed lying full
length atop a drafting table, cigar in mouth, pencil in    He is currently writing his autobiography which will
hand, wearing his golf shoes, walking shorts, tee shirt    appropriately be titled, “Memoirs Of A Professional
and baseball cap. A golf club and a couple of golf         Ass”.
balls are in the foreground. Why – one can only            He, on many occasions, has been referred to as “the
guess? The biographical sketch (author unknown)            poor man’s Don Rickles”. — End of Sketch
attempts to heap praise on this person in “A Salute to
NAME OMITTED”. The sketch is reprinted in its              I’m sure no one out there has the slightest idea as to
entirety and reads as follows:                             whom this “sketch” refers. After all, it was a long time
NAME OMITTED has been an active member of CSI
for several years.                                         Ron Roberts, CSI, CCS
His hobbies are golf (he shoots in the low seventies for   Chapter Historian
nine holes) and bowling (a good game for him is
breaking 100).                                             Excerpt from the “PerSPECtive”, April, 2007

P AGE 18                                                                                      50 TH A NNIVERSARY I SSUE
Recollections of Past Presidents (cont.)
Wade Daniel “Dan” Brewer                                  Dianne Rogers Dixon
1984-1985, 1985-1986                                      1986 – 1987
The record shows that I joined the Chapter on             I am fortunate to have been elected the first woman
February 1, 1976. Howard Hayslip was responsible          President of CSI-Memphis. I believe there were only 10
for my joining. He was a great spec writer,               women in the entire Institute, CSI, at the time. During my
sometimes funny and sometimes red faced. I followed       term, we conducted the first and only working drawing
Raymond Scott as President - he was a hard act to         competition. Many people in our community
follow. The Chapter had 164 members then (62              participated; with not only CSI members taking part, but
Professional members and 98 Industry members, 3           also many AIA members were involved. The CADD
students and I Junior member). Look at us now. The        drawing program was just taking hold, and many
growth has been with the U. of Memphis student            architects were using the pen registry system. This was a
chapter. Howard Hayslip retired as CSI Memphis            great way to highlight the association of the drawings
Editor, with Tony Indriolo taking the reins and guiding   and the specifications.
the the publication to great heights as well as
garnering a bunch of Institute awards. The talent and     I also was editor of the Chapter magazine, CSI-
leadership of the Chapter stepped up with help and        Memphis, for several years and received the Gulf States
guidance of members like Herb Garner, Byron               Region and Institute award for the magazine during one
Graves, Louis Conner, Norman Newman, Bill Eades,          of those years. This same year, Larry Clark and I
Marvin Martin, S. T. Holmes, Dianne Dixon and, yes,       established our firm, Clark<>Dixon Associates, one of
Don Manley.                                               the first and only women owned firms in Memphis.

The real special highlight for me, and I am sure for      CSI gave me a wonderful opportunity to be a part of the
many more members, was the celebration of the 25th        Mid-South construction industry and to practice
anniversary of the Memphis Chapter in September,          “professionalism” among my peers. I still cherish the
1984. Joe Haas took charge of the celebration             experience and know that my service made me a better
planning and really pulled together one of the best       architect and person for having participated. It’s hard to
historical events in the Chapter's history since it was   lead a group of men, but they followed my lead and
chartered in 1959. Pictures are available that show at    never complained... at least, not to me! It was fun !!
least four charter members present, Bill Cox, Bob                               ~ Dianne Rogers Dixon, AIA, CSI
Schaffer, Zeno Yeates and Bill Gaskill and possibly
others. The meeting was, of course, very well             Jerry W. Durham
attended. It was a fun night!                             1987-1988, 1988-1989
The thing that has stuck with me for these past 33        Like most past presidents, I came up through the ranks
years is the "Focus on the Future" by Bill Cox, FAIA,     serving in most positions except treasurer. (They
CSI,. presented by him at the 25th Anniversary            wouldn't trust me with the money.) Education and
celebration. (This special report by Greg Winkler,        technical were the areas of primary emphasis during
published in the CSI Memphis in September, 1984, is       my two terms as President in 1987-88 and 1988-89.
presented in this special issue of the                    Tommy Smith and I started the Tom and Jerry show.
PerSPECtive). Twenty five years later his proposals       We enjoyed teaching the Manual of Practice to those
have come to fruition - how great our leadership has      preparing for their certification exam. There were a
been over all these years!                                few that took the course twice, and some took it just to
                              ~ Dan Brewer, RA, CSI       get a few CEUs. We had some great students. We
                                                          taught them the difference between angligoglin,
                                                          catiwampus, and whampejawed. (Not sure about the
                                                          spelling.) Those were the good ol' days. I remember
                                                          that one of my favorite quotes about specifications
                                                          came out of the Bible, Ecclesiastes 6: 11 “The more
                                                          the words the less the meaning, and how does that
                                                          profit anyone?” (NIV) I've said enough!
                                                                                         ~ Jerry W. Durham, FCSI

T HE M EMPHIS P ER SPEC TIVE - J ULY /A UGUST 2009                                                          P AGE 19
Recollections of Past Presidents (cont.)
Byron M. Graves
Under the leadership of Cliff Watson, as chairman,
we celebrated our 30th anniversary. Historian Joe
Haas wrote the history of the Memphis Chapter’s first
30 years. The Chapter was incorporated with the
State of Tennessee, and the officers were bonded for
the first time. Paul West, as a membership promotion,
initiated the first Chapter Christmas party at the
Brickyard. Gary Wagoner arranged to have Chapter
members man the phones at WKNO for the first time
promoting membership for the TV station and
exposure for CSI. Jerry Durham, Past President, and
                                                                     CSI Memphis Chapter at the Institute Convention, Atlanta, 1981:
Dianne Dixon, editor of the CSI Memphis (now the                     (Standing L-R) Dick Higgins, Morgan Fields, Bill Eades, Bruce
PerSPECtive), initiated including the Chapter roster as              Black, Bernard Carney, Rod Vreeland, Fred Pierce; (Sitting L-R) Don
removable center pages.                                              Manley, Dan Brewer, Jake Hershey, Pat Dinkins, Raymond Scott,
                                                                     and Morris Ungren.
Don Manley received the Gulf States Region Bishop
Award. Bill Kaiser received a Region award for
                                                                     James A. “Jim” Neison
updating the existing Products Display Show guide,                   1990-91
originally written by Morris Ungren. The Long Range                  From my window on Main Street CSI Memphis, while
Planning Committee initiated a study to develop a                    serving as Chapter president and editor, a unique view of
Student Affiliate Chapter at U of M (then Memphis                    our members and their CSI involvement in CSI was
State University ). A committee began development of                 afforded to me. Following two very successful presidents:
a Chapter award to be named after its first recipient –              Jerry Durham and Byron Graves and an Institute award
Don Manley was the first recipient of the award in                   winning Editor, Diane Dixon, was indeed a challenge! CSI
1993, and the award became the “Donald W. Manley                     Memphis Chapter members being what they are, Past
Award”, the most prestigious Chapter Award. A                        Presidents shared their knowledge, the Officers, Directors
committee composed of Jerry Durham, Tommy Smith,                     and Committee chairs jumped in and did their jobs,
Jim Neison and Byron Graves began developing our                     enjoyed and learned from Gulf States Region conferences
first Chapter Operating Guide. It was a successful                   and later, the Institute Convention. Gary Wagoner chaired
year with many significant milestones being                          the Design Vision 90 show building a bridge to AIA, and of
accomplished.                                                        course; “Have you got a minute? ” Tommy Smith, President
                               ~ Byron M. Graves, CSI                -elect, served up numerous ideas in his 45 plus minute
                                                                     phone calls! My task, keep the chapter on track.
Memphis Chapter Past President Morris Ungren, President Dan Brewer
and GSR Director display 25th Anniversary cake, August 1984                                      ~ James A. Neison, FCSI, CDT

                                                                     Bob Schafer (Left)                           Continued on Page 23

P AGE 20                                                                                                       50 TH A NNIVERSARY I SSUE
Sharing Ideas & Efforts
Chapter Contributions to Gulf States Region
                                                         Due to the success of this conference, the next
                                                         conference was scheduled for the chapter in New
                                                         Orleans. Even though New Orleans was the oldest
                                                         chapter, it had need of reviving, and the conference
                                                         did exactly that. New Orleans has been a strong and
                                                         active chapter since then. The rotation for the region
                                                         conference was established by the individual chapter

                                                         Chapter Products Display Show
                                                         Perhaps the most significant contribution made by the
                                                         Memphis Chapter on the Gulf States Region was the
                                                         sharing of an “idea” by Bill Oyler which had sparked
                                                         the idea for the Memphis Products Display Show. With
                                                         the publication of the “How To” manual for the use of
                                                         other chapters; what had made a huge impact on the
During its fifty year history, the Memphis Chapter has   financial viability of the Memphis Chapter soon
provided the impetus for many programs which have        became adopted by many other chapters across the
come to fruition and made the Gulf States Region one     Gulf States Region. The synergy created between the
of the premier regions in the Institute. An idea is a    local products display show and the Institute Product
powerful force. However, ideas - without effort - is     Show has truly been remarkable, a win – win – win
nothing more that a boat adrift without propulsion.      scenario: a win for the local chapter, a win for the
The exchanges of ideas which occur at the region level   Institute and a win for the exhibitors. The local
during region conferences are truly remarkable.          chapter obtained the necessary funding to send active
Many times after a few years no one really remembers     chapter members as delegates to the Institute
where ideas originated. Only that they have been tried   Convention / Product Show to interface between
and tested, and that they work. As an example, I just    national exhibitors. Thus the local product shows
received a meeting reminding me of the Memphis           became the foundation for the Institute Product Show;
Chapter “Transfer of Power” meeting. This has            a tribute to the genus of Jack Atherton and Joe
become a tradition in the Memphis Chapter. However,      Gascoigne of the Institute.
and I may be wrong, this was an “idea” from the brain
of Phil McDade of the Mississippi Chapter. It had        Institute / Region Directors
worked well for the Mississippi Chapter – shared, and    There has been a ongoing debate within CSI that can
it has worked well for not only the Memphis Chapter,     be summed up by the following question. Does a
but also many other chapters.                            Region Director owe it’s first allegiance to the Region
                                                         or to the Institute? I submit that the answer to the
What is somewhat ironic, had it not been for the
Memphis, there may not have been a Mississippi
Chapter. In 1966, Memphis Chapter members Dempsie
B. Morrison, Jack McFarland and Don Manley along
with the incoming Region Director, Robert V. Bishop,
helped establish the chapters in Little Rock, Arkansas
and Jackson, Mississippi. This was the same year that
the Memphis Chapter hosted the first Region
Conference. There had been tri-region conferences
previously, but this was the FIRST region conference.
Dempsie Morrison was the Region Director and Jack
McFarland was president of the Memphis Chapter.
This was the first region conference that the new
Institute Executive Director, Joe Gascoigne, ever

T HE M EMPHIS P ER SPEC TIVE - J ULY /A UGUST 2009                                                       P AGE 21
question is an unequivocal YES. The relationship
between the Chapter, Region, and Institute should be
like the Three Musketeers – One for all and all for

                 The Memphis Chapter has produced
                 five Institute Directors serving both
                 the Gulf States Region and the
                 Institute. These have been Thomsen
                 Guth, Dempsie Morrison, Don
                 Manley, Jim Neison, and Wally
                 Bostelmann. For the sake of brevity I
                 will not repeat these directors
                 accomplishments indicated in the
                 “Contributions to Institute” article.
However, I would like to mention that Jim Neison         CSI Memphis Chapter attendees, GSR Conference -
made significant contribution to the organization and    Birmingham, AL 2007
the incorporation of the Gulf States Region.

Chapter Members Service to the Gulf States Region
There have been many contribution made by members
of the Memphis Chapter to the Region. These have
included serving as chairmen of various Region
Committees. A few examples are Jerry Durham and
Steve Mangin who both served as Region Certification
Chairs. Tommy Smith and Louis Medcalf both served
as Region Education Chairs. Ron Roberts served as
Region Fundraising Chair.

Gary Wagoner served to promote quality publications
at the Region by giving presentations on quality         CSI Memphis Members at Institute Convention - Atlanta, GA
chapter news letters. The Memphis Chapter award          2000, L-R: Scott Guidry, Carl Drennan, Tanya Guidry
winning publication has become a model followed by
many other chapters in the Region.
Tommy Smith became chair of a Region Education
Subcommittee developing a series of published guides
which could be used for Chapter meetings and mini-
seminars. He also gave a presentation on design-
build. Rob Huserik has served as Student Affairs
chair. Scott Guidry shared his knowledge of web site
design with other chapters.

A review of the article title “Achievement Recognized”
provides a quick glance at the contribution of the
Memphis Chapter to the Gulf States Region.

Resource for Article by Don Manley, FCSI; Jerry
Durham, FCSI; and Wally Bostelmann FCSI

                                                         This “Bum” walked in off the street while the CSI-Memphis
                                                         Chapter visited the Marengo Plantation in Selma, AL at the
                                                         GSR Conference - Montgomery, AL 2007 (Ron Roberts)

P AGE 22                                                                                      50 TH A NNIVERSARY I SSUE
Recollections of Past Presidents (cont.)
Thomas W. “Tommy” Smith                                     Gary R. Wagoner
1991-1992, 1992-1993                                        1993-1994, 1994-1995
My two terms as Chapter president in 1991 thru 1993         I succeeded two-term Tommy (Have you got a minute?)
were sandwiched between those of Jim Neison and             Smith, ran on a platform of brevity and was elected by a
Gary Wagoner. Everyone knows the best part of a             unanimous vote. I got snookered into a second term
sandwich is in the middle. I was to follow Bill Kaiser as   when the President-Elect left town just prior to his
president. Not wanting to be president, Bill agreed to      ascension into office; but, as Chapter President, I got all
serve two years as product show chair if I would serve      expense paid trips to the Institute Conventions in San
his term as president. Bill’s love for the product show     Francisco and Milwaukee. Our Chapter meetings were
made it into one of the best in the nation. As Chapter      held at Anderton's where $10.00 got you bread, salad,
president, I actually got to do what many people only       fillet minion, vegetables, iced tea and dessert (gratuity
dream of - hang Don Manley. I was honored to place          included). The "Transfer of Power" meeting was
the Chapter’s most prestigious form of recognition          established, so the "outs" could school the "ins" as
around the neck of the awards name-sake and first           to what they had signed up for. The monthly magazine
recipient. The beginning of a tradition began which has     continued to garner regional and national Continuing
to date honored thirteen deserving recipients with the      Publication awards.
Don Manley Award.                                                                         ~ Gary Wagoner, CSI, CCS

With strong Chapter support and assistance from the         Kay Young
Region Director, Wally Bostelmann, the Memphis              1996-1997
Chapter Student Affiliate began in 1991 with 32
members led by the hard work and enthusiasm of Jeff         The thing that I remember most about being President is
Ervin, President; Scott Guidry, Vice President, and Tonya   what an honor it was to represent the MEN'S Club.
McAfee, Secretary.                                          There was, however, a concern about having programs
                                                            like "How to Dress for Success". But, with having all my
The CSI-Memphis magazine was renamed the                    mentors and the hard work form everyone, we had a
PerSPECtive. Gary Wagoner as editor gained both             great year.
region and Institute recognition, as he established the                                           ~ Kay Young, CSI
standard of excellence for future Chapter publications.
Pam Davidson served as Chapter Secretary, eighteen          James T. Moncreif, Jr.
years before agreeing to become our Chapter president.      1997-1998
Jerry Durham and I conducted the forth year of many         My term can be described as a bailout in reverse.
classes promoting written construction documents and        Instead of going up the standard CSI ladder of
certification. We were assisted by John Norman, who         progression, I only served in two positions before
became the first member to hold all CSI certifications,     becoming President. CSI leadership development paid
and Steve Mangin as Certification Chair. Dedicated          off because all the leaders (during my administration)
efforts began by Byron Graves three years earlier were      achieved many goals and exceeded my expectations.
completed resulting in significantly revised chapter
bylaws and formation of Chapter Operations Committee        We had a successful and profitable Gulf States Regional
chaired by Cliff Watson.                                    Conference right here in Memphis. The entertainment
                                                            was much more entertaining after the performance. We
The success of the Memphis Chapter during my two            arranged for an award winning Elvis impersonator to
terms as president was more about willing and               perform. At the last minute, he had to send a substitute -
dedicated participants than able leadership. For every      not an approved equal! This guy had the Elvis jumpsuit,
“Have you got a minute?’ requested, the response was        coal black hair and could somewhat sing. The spec that
hours of dedicated service to the Memphis Chapter.          this guy did not meet was his weight. The real Elvis had
                       ~ Thomas W. Smith, RA, CSI, CCS      sideburns that weighed more than this substitute did!

                                                            I sure hope that General Motors has as much success
                                                            with their “bail out” as I had with mine. A heartfelt
                                                            thanks goes out to all the CSI-Memphis members for
                                                            their service and leadership.
                                                                                        ~ James T. Moncreif, Jr., CSI

T HE M EMPHIS P ER SPEC TIVE - J ULY /A UGUST 2009                                                             P AGE 23
Recollections of Past Presidents (cont.)
Wallace H. “Wally” Bostelmann                                Ronald M. “Ron” Roberts
1998-1999                                                    1999-2000
As I look back on the year I spent as the leader of this                          Bostelmann,
                                                             Succeeding Wally Bostelmann who had just been
august group, I reflected on my last monthly article         elevated to a Fellow of the Institute out in Los Angeles, I
and I still haven't found out if swans really sing. But, I   became the 40th CSI-Memphis Chapter President and the
am led to believe that they do since I was asked for         final one of the 20th century. My term in this office
an encore.                                                   endured the challenge of a great mystery, experienced
                                                             several outstanding events and ended with a very sad
It was a great experience meeting in a room where it         event.
was easy to hear all the speakers and listen to the
various reports. The report of each committee chair          As it turned out, the great mystery (Y2K) was a lot of hype
at the General Membership meeting gave the                   with a lot of pomp, but not much circumstance - the world
members and visitors a clear picture of what the             did not end! And CSI-Memphis continued without a blip!
Memphis Chapter was about and how it carried it
out. Each committee chair was encouraged to do                                                            Graves,
                                                             The year began with a big splash as Byron Graves along
their part better, if they were slacking, as the more                                        Guidry,
                                                             with Wally B. and Tanya Guidry put together an
energetic ones were relating their success                   outstanding 40th Anniversary celebration for CSI-Memphis
stories. And we had many. Every Chair knew that a            on August 20, 1999. Featuring Edith Washington as the
PROGRESS report was expected at the Board                    guest speaker, the evening was a big success at the
meetings as well as at the Chapter meetings.                 University Club. Following this event, our annual golf
                                                             tournament, chaired by Ronney Daniel was held on
The location and the food, I liked it not; however, I        September 13th at the Olive Branch Country Club. 140
could never use that for an excuse to derail my              golfers teed off on the course, resulting in a very
commitment to the industry that has served me well. I        competitive afternoon. The Chapter Christmas Party, held
remember stressing then that every meeting, no matter        at the offices of Askew Nixon Ferguson, featured Chefs
the subject, directly affected all disciplines. We                               Bostelmann,
                                                             Wally and Jackie Bostelmann Bartender Steve Mangin
believed in keeping the information before the               and some pickin’ and singin’ by Gary Wagoner. The 25th
members to generate excitement.               It was         Annual Products Display Show, on March 28, 2000,
challengingly fun.                                           continued to be a huge success with Glenn Watson  Watson,
                            ~ Wally Bostelmann, FCSI                                                            Kaiser.
                                                             Chairman, assisted , as usual by the MAN, Bill Kaiser
                                                             Following this, the Gulf States Region Conference meeting
                                                             was held in Memphis on April 28-29, at the Embassy
                                                             Suites. Led by Committee Chair Jim Neison with help
                                                                         Davidson,         Graves,        Durham,
                                                             from Pam Davidson Byron Graves Jerry Durham Louis
                                                             Medcalf and Jack Moran (golf tournament –what else?),
Wally and Jackie sample “Texas Tea” at the Institute         the event was one to remember, leaving other GSR
Convention in Denver, 1995                                   chapters with a hard act to follow. The Awards Banquet
                                                             was held at the U. of Memphis Education Center on June
                                                             16th, with the passing of the gavel to Carl Drennan for his
                                                             second term as Chapter President. The year ended with
                                                             the annual CSI convention in Atlanta, attended by 11
                                                             members of the Chapter and several students.

                                                             On May 10, 2000, the Chapter experienced a tragic loss
                                                             when William E. “Bill” Kaiser finally succumbed to his
                                                             long battle with cancer. His dedication and service to this
                                                             Chapter will never be forgotten (the following year, the
                                                             annual Products Display Show was dedicated to his
                                                             memory). A large contingent from the Chapter attended
                                                             his funeral, and who will ever forget: “When the Saints
                                                             Go Marching In.” ?
                                                                                             ~ Ron Roberts, CSI, CCS

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P AGE 24                                                                                          50 TH A NNIVERSARY I SSUE
Committing to Future Knowledge
Dempsie B. Morrison Scholarship Fund
Dempsie B. Morrison was involved in his profession
and dedicated to the goals of the Construction
Specifications Institute. Prior to being licensed in
architecture and teaching specifications writing at
State Technical Institute in Memphis, he worked for
firms such as Dent & Aydelott and Everett D. Woods.
His interest in the technical aspects of the profession,
along with his striving to perfect both the drawings
and the written specifications, attracted him to CSI like
a magnet. Dempsie rose in the Memphis Chapter and
then through the regional offices to Regional Director.
He became Institute Vice-President in 1966 and was
elevated to Fellow of the Institute in 1967.

He was highly honored and respected on local,
regional, and national levels. His interest and
participation had a marked impact on the future of the
Memphis Chapter. He also placed his mark on the
growth of the regional and national organization. In
the early growth of CSI, even the Division Format as a
guide or standard was met with doubt and opposition
from many in the architectural community, as well as
the engineering, construction, and publishing
industries. Dempsie did much to “sell” the concept of        DEMPSIE B. MORRISON SCHOLARSHIP FOUNDATION
CSI. Shortly after his untimely death in an automobile                           2009
accident in 1975, the funding of a scholarship in his       DIAMOND
memory was proposed. The CSI Board of Directors
approved and the process was started.                       PLATINUM
                                                            FARRELL-CALHOUN INDUSTRY
                                                            GARY M. COPELAND PROFESSIONAL
By 1979, an arrangement was completed with the              NATIONAL GUARD PRODUCTS INDUSTRY
                                                            RONN & JAN PERKINS INDUSTRY
Department of Engineering Technology at the
Memphis State University Herff College of                   GOLD
Engineering, whereby the University would match the         ANONYMOUS PROFESSIONAL
                                                            CARL E. DRENNAN, JR. INDUSTRY
funds supplied. It was agreed that the Chapter would        DEXTER L. VARNELL PROFESSIONAL
furnish enough to pay half of the tuition so that the       HARVEY & CAROL WILMOTH PROFESSIONAL
scholarship recipient would have no further tuition         JOHN J. CAMPBELL COMPANY INDUSTRY
                                                            MICHAEL L. DRENNAN, DVM PROFESSIONAL
expenses. This is the only program of this type at the      PICKERING FIRM INDUSTRY
University. Recently the Fund has been incorporated as      THE CRUMP FIRM PROFESSIONAL
a 301( c) 3 organization, allowing contributions to be      WILLIAM R. EADES, JR. PROFESSIONAL
deductible.                                                 SILVER
                                                            ALLEN & HOSHALL PROFESSIONAL
Taken from September 2003 PerSPECtive.                      S. JAY SWEENEY PROFESSIONAL
                                                            SCOTT & TANYA GUIDRY PROFESSIONAL
                                                            STEPHEN & DEIDRE MANGIN PROFESSIONAL
                                                            THE BREWER FIRM PROFESSIONAL

                                                            JOHN D. NORMAN, CSI, CCS, CCCA, CCPR PROFESSIONAL
                                                            BY: CARL DRENNAN, JR.
                                                            JOHN J. CAMPBELL, SR., CO-FOUNDER JOHN J. CAMPBELL
                                                            BY: CARL DRENNAN, JR.
                                                            RAYMOND H. (MICKEY) MORAN. NLU
                                                            BY: JACK MORAN

T HE M EMPHIS P ER SPEC TIVE - J ULY /A UGUST 2009                                                        P AGE 25
Recollections of Past Presidents (cont.)
Carl E. Drennan, Jr.                                        Louis Medcalf
2000-2001, 2005-2006                                        2001 – 2002
I was to be President in 2001-2002 however the              When I became President of the Memphis Chapter, I
president elect moved during 1999 so I moved up to          inherited an efficient organization of highly motivated
be President for 2000-2001. It was a very eventful year     individuals and successful programs, so I did my best
to say the least. I found out during chapter board          not to mess things up.
meeting that we had a chapter operating guide,
bylaws, and Donald W. Manley Award rules,                   The Chapter was in need of a new venue for its
however, I was furnished with any of them and no one        monthly meetings. Attendance was dwindling, and the
knew where the original were. By the end of my term,        restaurant was just not giving us the level of service
I had all of them and we have started passing them          that we deserved. I researched the issue before taking
down to the next President at the transfer of power         office and found a new meeting location at Landry’s
meeting ever since. In March 2001 the product               seafood restaurant downtown. They are no longer in
display show officially became “The Memphis                 business, but that’s not our fault. Landry’s gave us a
Chapter Product Display Show, Dedicated to William          good-size private room and a great buffet that, along
E. Kaiser.” A plaque was presented to the Kaiser            with some excellent programs, nearly doubled our
family at the show. The 2001 PDS had 102 booths and         attendance. We had programs on geothermal heating
an attendance of 836. On April 19, 2001 the Memphis         and cooling, and persuaded the national director of
Chapter presented to the Gulf State Region a                EIMA to present a program on exterior insulation and
resolution on CSI Institute Annual Convention and           finishing systems (EIFS).
Exhibition. How many memories does this bring back?
What a year.                                                Sadly, 2001 was the year that our country suffered
                                                            murderous surprise attacks on unarmed civilians by
Scott G. Guidry was President in 2003 and his               implacable enemies. We are still fighting that
president elect was not able to serve in 2004. At a         unprovoked war, and will have to do so for some
Board Meeting I suggested and he finally agreed to a        time.
2nd term for 2004. I missed a Board Meeting in 2004
and Scott got even with me by nominating me to be           The Product Show was very successful, and provided
President in 2005, so don’t miss Board Meeting or you       funds to help members attend regional and national
could become the next President of this chapter. 2005       CSI events and for the scholarship fund. I felt very
proved to be another interesting year. After resolving      privileged to receive the Outstanding Chapter award
our treasurer problems we move on to tackle revising        at the national convention in Chicago on behalf of the
the operating guide which proved to be very                 wonderful Memphis team that worked together not
interesting. We did get them revised and passed.            just for the welfare of the chapter, but the general
                                                            good of the design and construction professions. The
Both of my years as President of this chapter were          Chapter has regularly accomplished more than many
exciting to say the least. I will always treasure serving   chapters in much bigger cities, which can only be
the chapter thru both good time and trying times. I         attributed to the spirit of teamwork and dedication for
encourage all of you that have not served to get in         which Memphis Chapter CSI is famous.
line and don’t pass up the opportunity.                                                   ~ Louis Medcalf, FCSI, CCS
                              ~ Carl E. Drennan, Jr., CSI

P AGE 26                                                                                       50 TH A NNIVERSARY I SSUE
Recollections of Past Presidents (cont.)
Stephen A. “Steve” Mangin                                 Scott G. Guidry
2002-2003                                                 2003-2005
The 2002-03 year was an exciting year on the CSI          The year was 2003. A gallon of regular gas was just
front. Remember all the controversy over the changes      over a buck fifty, the U.S. military was headed into
to MasterFormat? At one point, I think there was a        Iraq, President Clinton was in the final months of his
draft with 99 Divisions, or was it 99,000 Divisions? I    second term, and the FedEx forum was under
can recall lengthy debates (you know, in the parking      construction in our own backyard. I was in my 12th
lot, after the Board Meeting) about what “Work            year of active membership, 32 years old and not yet a
Results” meant in terms of metaphysics, and whether       father. The board and committee chairs were
MasterFormat really needed 10 Divisions about             incredibly supportive and hardworking. There was
moving dirt. But we did accomplish some things as a       much work to be done even in keeping up the
Chapter, besides making our voice heard on the            momentum started by past president, SuperCSIman,
MasterFormat comment page. The Board worked               Stephen Mangin. After much discussion about finding
very hard to write, review and get Institute to approve   an east Memphis location, the chapter meetings were
a new set of Chapter Bylaws that year. I feel very        moved to Anna's Steakhouse ........i believe that was
blessed to have served as Chapter President. The          about as far east as we could go before changing the
Memphis Chapter has so many dedicated individuals         name to "Jackson (TN) Chapter of CSI". I served 2
that volunteer their time and talent to making the        terms which spanned from 2003 to 2005. During that
construction industry work in Memphis . Many thanks       time membership was at 151 with a 79% retention
to all of you who helped me make it through that          rate at the start and held steady with an increased
challenging year. I look forward to the next 50 years!    82% retention rate. We revamped the magazine by
                              ~ Steve Mangin, AIA, CSI    pumping up the cover graphics (can be seen at http://
                                                , we took
                                                          record number of student to area conferences and the
                                                          national convention - including the inaugural session
                                                          of CSI University, crowned Byron Graves and Carl
                                                          Drennan as Donald W. Manley Award Recipients, we
                                                          hosted the first annual student auction benefiting the
                                                          Dempsey B. Morrison Scholarship Fund, continued the
                                                          very young CSI-S Scavenger Hunt and the Trades &
                                                          Trends Show, and the website (
                                                          was all grown up in its second and third year live on
                                                          the web. By the time I was to hand over the gavel to
GSR Leadership Conference, Memphis, April 2009: CSI-      Mr. Carl Drennan, I was 2 years old, a little more
Memphis Chapter members, (L-R) Jerry Durham, Louis        gray (but not too much), a lot more tired, and a father
Metcalf, and Tommy Smith                                  of one amazing little girl, Sara Grace Guidry (who
                                                          just recently turned 4). What an amazing set of
                                                          experiences life has afforded!
                                                                                          ~ Scott G. Guidry, CSI

T HE M EMPHIS P ER SPEC TIVE - J ULY /A UGUST 2009                                                       P AGE 27
Recollections of Past Presidents (cont.)
Robert “Rob” Huserick                                       John T. Bigham, Jr.
2006-2007                                                   2007-2008
Well, starting out, Carl Drennan and I did our usual        Many years ago our founding fathers decided that the
tag team breakfast to bribe our Chapter leaders to          incoming president should have a year to learn how
the transfer of power meeting. There is not much that       to be president, and so the office of President Elect
tops Carl's venison sausage for breakfast. We started       was established. When Brenda Page, President Elect
the two year long saga of updating the Chapter              06-07, asked me to be her nomination for President
Operating guide beginning in August, 2006, and              Elect 07-08, I figured I had that year to learn to the
ending in August 2008. The meetings were moved to           ropes. That was before the fateful morning of
the Spaghetti Warehouse where attendance flourished         2/12/07 when I was driving down rural roads in
with three meetings sponsored by Tyvek, Wade Lundy          Mississippi where cell phones should have been out of
and Associates with Firestone and then Memphis              range. I would go on to step in a gooey mess on the
Lighting Sales. Louis Medcalf and I started the Spec        roof of the Webb Post Office, and it would take a
Wizards, a focus group for discussing in depth issues       year to get it out of my tennis shoes. Despite being in
of our industry. We also, for the first time, got the       the boonies, Rob Huserik reached me. He said
CDT course offered at the University of Memphis for         Brenda had been laid off and moved to Las
college credit. The year was topped off with Louis          Vegas. He wanted to know if I would accept the
Medcalf being inducted as a Fellow of the Institute at      presidency a year early, and so it was. Being a
the annual CSI convention in Baltimore, and the             cautious guy, I set the lofty goal that the chapter
Chapter received two membership awards from the             would not collapse under my administration. I am
Gulf States Region after the membership climbed to          proud to say that not only was my goal was achieved,
165.                                                        but we actually accomplished some things. The
                          ~ Robert Huserick, CSI, CDT       Dempsie B. Morrison Scholarship Fund was finally set
                                                            up as a separate 501 (c) (3) corporation. We also
                                                            finished revising the Operating Guide. Not that I
                                                            accomplished these things, but they were done by
                                                            talented and dedicated CSI members, some of whom
CSI-Memphis members journeyed to Mexico City in June,
1969 before institute Convention in Houston: (L-R) Alfalfa, should be on the Historic Register and others that
Freda Jones, Mike Jones, Marylyn Manley, Don Manley, Martha were in diapers just a few years ago.
McFarland and Jack McFarland                                                          ~ John T. Bigham, Jr., RA, CCS

P AGE 28                                                                                       50 TH A NNIVERSARY I SSUE
Impacting the Institute for 50 years
Memphis Chapter Contributes to the Institute
During its 50 year history, the Memphis Chapter has         for CSI and the organization’s guiding principles. He
contributed greatly to the success of the Institute.        placed great importance on establishing the Region as
August 3, 1959: The Memphis Chapter of the                  the conduit of communications between the Institute
Construction Specifications Institute (CSI) is chartered.   and local chapters. Dempsie’s commitment to
The Institute, a growing 10 year old national               education led to the creation of the Dempsie B.
association, consisted of two groups, professionals or      Morrison Scholarship Fund, which has provided
”Active” members, and industry or “Associate”               funding for many college students.
members. The common goal was to compose and
promote standard written construction specifications        Donald W. Manley, FCSI, our fifth Chapter President,
for the benefit of the construction industry.               1966-1967, served as Institute Director for three years.
                                                            Don was a “hands on” Director, making it a priority to
The thirty-eight charter members of the Memphis             visit each of the eleven chapters each year on a very
Chapter, consisting of ten active and twenty-eight          limited budget. Following his term as Region Director,
associate members, would go on to enlighten the             Don went on to serve on the Institute Nominating
Memphis specification writers and construction              Committee and became the chairman of the Jury of
participants to the benefit of all. Participants in the     Fellows responsible for the selection of Fellows of the
local chapter were dedicated to the improvement of          Institute.
the building process through the use of a standard
format for the organization of construction                 Howard W. Hayslip, Chapter President from 1975 to
specifications.                                             1977, served as Institute Director for three years.
                                                            Howard brought his passion for technical issues to the
Capable local CSI leadership, supported by Institute        Gulf States Region. His technical knowledge had a
District Directors (later known as Gulf States Region       great influence on the Certified Construction Specifier
Directors), provided the enthusiasm and momentum for        (CCS) program adopted by the Institute. Howard also
the local professional and construction participants.       sought to improve the communication of technical
They were able to see the value they were receiving         programs between the institute and the Chapters
and to see that this organization was dedicated to the      through the Region structure.
improvement of the building process with a standard
format for the standardization of construction              Morris R. Ungren, Chapter President from 1981-1982,
specifications.                                             1982-1983, served as Institute Director for three years.
                                                            With a realization of the improvements brought to the
Professional members of the CSI-Memphis Chapter,            Memphis Chapter by its Products Display Show, Morris
later joined by industry members, comprised some of         sought to share this success with other chapters within
the best minds in the construction industry. This group     the Region and with the Institute. The synergy created
would go on to involvement in the District/Region and       by the relationship between the local product shows
Institute rendering a strong influence on the progress      promoted by Morris, and major improvements made
and direction of the Institute and the standardization of   to the Institute Product Show by Jack Atherton, created
construction specifications.                                a combination that brought financial viability to both
                                                            the Institute and to local chapters.
C. Thomsen Guth, the first CSI-Memphis Chapter
President from 1959 through 1961, served one year as        Jerry W. Durham, FCSI, Chapter President from 1987-
Institute Director following his term as Chapter            1988 and 1988-1989, chaired the Institute Practice
President. Thomson was an Architect with Walk C.            Subcommittee.       As chairman of the Practice
Jones, a prominent Memphis architectural firm. He           Subcommittee, a total revision of the CSI Manual of
completed the last term of Albert G. Bear from the          Practice was completed. The Manual of Practice was
New Orleans Chapter.                                        reorganized into modules to correspond with the
                                                            Certification Programs. During this period, a new
Dempsie B. Morrison, Jr., FCSI, our third Chapter           module was added for Contract Administration to
President from 1962 to 1964, served as Institute            accompany the Fundamentals and Formats Module,
Director for three years, followed by service as an         the Specifications Module and the Product
Institute Vice President. Dempsie had a great passion       Representative Module.

T HE M EMPHIS P ER SPEC TIVE - J ULY /A UGUST 2009                                                          P AGE 29
                                                            smithing” contributions to technical documents. After
                                                            serving as Chapter President, Louis continued to make
                                                            contributions to the Institute by serving on the
                                                            UniFormat Task Team and as a member of the
                                                            Editorial Advisory Board for the Institute magazine,
                                                            The Construction Specifier. Louis presently serves as
                                                            chairman of the Preliminary Project Description Task

                                                            Other members of the Memphis Chapter have
                                                            positively influenced Institute programs over the past
                                                            50 years in the standardization of construction
                                                            specifications. These efforts have evolved into the 16
                                                            Division Master Format which has become the
                                                            construction industry standard, utilized and understood
                                                            by all members of the construction industry. This
                                                            Format, created by the early involvement of the
                                                            Memphis Chapter members, would eventually evolve
James A. Neison, FCSI, Chapter President, 1990-1991,        into the latest Master Format 04.
served as Institute Director for three years, followed by   Recognition by the Institute for Memphis Chapter
service as chairman of the Institute Finance Committee.     member activity has come in the form of Fellowship in
As chairman of this committee, Jim had the primary          the Institute, FCSI, and has been awarded to Dempsie
responsibility to assist the Institute Executive Board in   B. Morrison, Jr.; Donald W. Manley; Jerry W. Durham;
determining priorities for expenditures of Institute        Wally Bostelmann; James A. Neison and Louis
funds. This was not an easy task, considering that          Medcalf. This award is one of the most distinguished
there were more programs desired by different               honors in the Institute, having been awarded to less
interests in the organization than funds available.         than 500 members in 50 years. Numerous other
                                                            honors have been awarded over the past 50 years to
Tommy Smith, Chapter President, 1991-1992 and 1992-         Chapter members, including our Chapter publication -
1993, served as a member of the Institute Specification     beginning in 1974 at the Institute Convention in Seattle,
Subcommittee. Many hours were spent providing               given to Howard Hayslip for the Memphis Bulletin, and
technical review of SpecText prior to publication by the    continuing through this year at the Institute Convention
Construction Sciences Research Foundation (CSRF).           in Indianapolis for the Memphis PerSPECtive awarded
As task team chairman of the SpecGuide task team,           to Kamesha Hervey.
significant improvements were made to the SpecGuide
Program. As a member of the Institute Technical             Indeed, Memphis has had a positive impact on the
Committee, Tommy was responsible to ensure that the         success of the Construction Specifications Institute.
technical programs of CSI were successfully
maintained.                                                 Contributed by James A. Neison, FCSI, CDT

W. B. “Wally” Bostelmann, FCSI, Chapter President,
1998-1999, served as Institute Director for three years,
1989-1992. Even before joining the Memphis Chapter
in 1993 from the Shreveport Chapter, Wally provided
assistance to the Memphis Chapter in our formation of
a Student Affiliate. Wally was a valuable resource to
Tommy Smith, Chapter President, in making the
necessary changes to the Chapter Bylaws required for
the formation of a Student Affiliate.

Louis Medcalf, FCSI, Chapter President, 2001-2002,
served on both the Institute Specification Subcommittee
and the Practice Subcommittee prior to relocating from
the Cincinnati Chapter to our chapter. Louis was
relied upon by both committees to provide “word

P AGE 30                                                                                        50 TH A NNIVERSARY I SSUE
Building the Future of CSI
The Memphis Chapter Student Affiliate
The Memphis Chapter Student Affiliate had its Genesis      participated for the first time in the annual Products
on October 15, 1991. At the conclusion of the meeting      Display Show. Highlights of this year included fifteen
(which had as its speaker, Susan Maxon, President of       students who attended the course “Understanding
AIA), a group of students from Memphis State               Written Construction Documents”. Two students took
University approached Tommy Smith, President of the        the CDT certification examination. Jeff Ervin was
Memphis Chapter, and asked him if CSI supported            recognized for his efforts by receiving recognition
student organizations. As a result of that encounter,      from Gulf States Region and the Institute in Houston.
an interest meeting was held with the students, and it     Texas.
was determined that there was sufficient interest to
pursue the formation of a Student Affiliate. The           As with any student organization, continuity is always
following month an official organizational meeting         a concern. This concern was quickly dispelled when
was held attended by both students of Memphis State        Scott Guidry became president in 1993-94. He
University and members of the Memphis Chapter.             continued where Jeff had left off, and the Student
At this meeting, Jeff Ervin was elected the first          Affiliate continued to thrive. During this time, the
president of the Student Affiliate. Barry Almond           Student Affiliate achieved one of it primary goals –
became the first Vice President; Kim Jetter became the     that of assisting students upon graduation to move into
first Secretary; and Jennifer Callihan became the first    the work place in their chosen fields. Along with other
Treasurer. Kevin Corkern became the first Chapter          members of the Student Affiliate, both Jeff Ervin and
Liaison. This organizational meeting was attended by       Scott Guidry found positions in local architectural
fifteen students and two members from the Memphis          firms. Jeff and Scott became involved in the Memphis
Chapter. The Student Affiliate began with a lot of         Chapter, with Scott later becoming president of the
enthusiasm and hard work by the students, the Student      Memphis Chapter.
Affiliate liaison and the Chapter President.
                                                           In 1994-95 the Student Affiliate entered into its fourth
Jeff became the liaison with the University to learn the   year led by Vicki Spencer as President. During this
necessary procedures required to form a student            time Memphis State University’s name was changed to
organization. Chapter President, Tommy Smith, started      the University of Memphis. Vicki was followed in 1995
the process through Institute to charter a Student         -96 by Justin James.
Affiliate. Valuable assistance was provided by Wally
Bostelmann, then Institute Director for the Gulf States
Region. With assistance from Sherrie Bryan-Haggie
of the MSU faculty, it was learned from the University
that the organization would be required to have a
Constitution and that the Institute required that the
Student Affiliate have its own by-laws coordinated with
revised Chapter by-laws. A few months later, all the
necessary paperwork was completed.

The first year (1991-92) proved to very successful with
a membership of 34. The first program occurring after
the November organizational meeting was in February
1993. This meeting was sponsored by the Hnedak
Bobo Group and the Hornsby Network who provided
pizza for all. There were twenty-six students and six
Chapter members in attendance. There were meetings
in March and in April which were sponsored by local

The second year (1992-93) proved to be just as
successful with six meetings. Jeff Ervin served a
second term as Student Affiliate President. The students

T HE M EMPHIS P ER SPEC TIVE - J ULY /A UGUST 2009                                                         P AGE 31
In 1996 thru 1998 the Student Affiliate was led by Brett   Kamesha Hervey summarized her term as Student
Hirsh, Brenda Page, and Janette Michelle Gilliam,          Affiliate President, 2006-2007, with her Student
followed by Matt Trimble in 1998-99. During this time      President’s Message appearing in the May Issue of the
Professor Tom Mason worked with the students and           PerSPECtive. “We have experienced the best of the
assumed a more active role encouraging student             best through the endless support of Memphis’ finest
involvement. Wally Bostelmann served as Student            professionals. From “Power Lunch Lectures” to
Affiliate Advisor.                                         scavenger hunts, this semester will not soon be
During this period interest
had waned somewhat, and                                    Alzbeta Bowden became president for 2007-2008.
then Duke Walker became                                    During this time one of the student’s architectural
President in 1999-2000. At                                 professors, Jim Lutz, was named the 2008 recipient of
the request of Mr. Mason,                                  the Francis Gassner Award by the Memphis Chapter
Duke worked to revitalize                                  of the American Institute of Architects. On July 1,
the Student Affiliate.                                     2008, the architectural program gained greater
Membership had declined                                    prestige by becoming the Department of Architecture
to less than the initial                                   in the College of Communication and Fine Arts.
enrollment, but soon returned to its former level. On
July 1, 2000 a major change occurred. Architectural        The 2008- 2009 year has just concluded with Mark
studies were moved from the Herff College of               Wilson having been president. There were two
Engineering to the College of Communication and Fine       students who attended the CSI Annual Product Show
Arts. This was a prelude of things to come. Duke           and Convention in Indianapolis. Drake Young has
served two years as President, followed by Zach Smith      been elected Student Affiliate president for 2009-2010.
who served during 2001-2002 and a second term              Although some years have been more successful than
during 2002-2003.                                          others, in November of this year the Student Affiliate
                                                           will celebrate its 18th Anniversary - not bad for a
With Sanjay Patel serving as Student Affiliate President   group of students who have embraced CSI.
in 2003-2004, fifteen students along with Professor
Tom Mason visited the Marvin Windows and Doors             Contributed by Thomas W. Smith, RA, CCS, CSI.
Manufacturing plant located in Ripley, Tennessee. The      Chapter President, 1991-93, when Student Affiliate was
students learned first hand the complexities of modern     formed.
window design and manufacturing and how design is
affected by manufacturing. The U of M students             Student Affiliate Presidents
displayed design work at the Chapter’s Annual              1991-1992        Jeffrey Ervin
Products Display Show.                                     1992-1993        Jeffrey Ervin
                                                           1993-1994        Scott Guidry
Theresa Crampton became President for 2004-2005. A         1994-1995        Vicky Spencer
lot of hard work by the students created a great           1995-1996        Justin James
student booth at the Memphis Chapter at that year’s        1996-1997        Brett Hirsh
Products Display Show. Money was raised by                 1997-1998        Brett Hirsh
conducting a “Spec Hunt”. Scott Guidry repaid those        1998-1999        Brenda Page
who had devoted time to the Student Affiliate when he      1999-2000        Duke Walker
was a student by spending a day taking the students        2000-2001        Duke Walker
on a tour of the GE5 Condos design by Archimania.          2001-2002        Zachery Smith
Jennifer Clark was president in 2005-2006. A highlight     2002-2003        Zachery Smith
for the Student Affiliate was when four students           2003-2004        Sanjay Patel,
attended the CSI 50th Annual Convention in Las Vegas.      2004-2005        Theresa Crampton
Along with advisor Tom Mason, the students heard           2005-2006        Jennifer Clark
Frank Gehry speak on developments in computer              2006-2007        Kamesha Hervey
modeling for buildings. The U of M students received       2007-2008        Alzbeta Bowden
a third place award in this CSI national student           2008-2009        Mark Wilson
competition.                                               2009-2010        Drake Young

P AGE 32                                                                                       50 TH A NNIVERSARY I SSUE
Recollections of Past Presidents (cont.)
Gary M. Copeland                                            $10 per square foot. Our Chapter founding fathers
2008-2009                                                   had a vision to improve design and construction, and,
                                                            this August, we celebrate 50 years of CSI Memphis
Looking back on my term as Chapter President, there         bettering the construction industry.
are high points, as well as a low point, that will stick
with me. The highpoints were the Leadership Confer-         The low point is, of course, the economic meltdown
ence the Chapter hosted and my looking back over the        that we have all experienced. It started with John
past 50 years leading up to the 50th Anniversary Gala       Bigham calling me and asking me to be President-Elect
to be held in August. The Leadership Conference was         because Brenda Page had gotten laid off and had to
the best of all I have attended down through the years.
                                                            take a job out of town. We all knew a downturn was
Our attendance numbers were above past meetings,
                                                            on the way, but no one anticipated its depth and
and the participants loved the Elvis theme and our
great shirts. Good job, Rob, and your team of talented      breadth. We have all been touched by it. Although the
and dedicated volunteers. I think the social highlight      meltdown is certainly a low point, Chapter members
was the party with the “Spec Tones” providing the mu-       stepped forward and volunteered to fill lost positions
sical entertainment. And, of course, the obligatory Wa-     in the Chapter Management. The low has become a
ter Ballet. A good time was had by all!                     high. CSI is a volunteer organization, and the volun-
                                                            teerism is an incredible strength. With troubled times,
50 years ago was back in the dark ages. I was a 12
year old growing up on Peabody Avenue. I was a bud-         the Chapter is as strong as ever. Our 50th birthday
ding artist and loved to build anything; but, a career in   party will be as much a celebration for the past 50
Architecture was not on the horizon. Life was segre-        years, as it will be for the next 50. Yes, we can!
gated, TV was black and white, and life was simple.                                    ~ Gary M. Copeland, CSI, CDT
The Russians had put Sputnik in orbit, and Rock and
Roll was being born. Buildings were being built for

What does this guy have in common with the Memphis Chapter?
At the June 2009 Chapter Awards Banquet Cliff Watson was presented
a 50 year membership pen. Cliff has the unique distinction of
celebrating 50 years as member of the Memphis Chapter the same year
that the Chapter celebrates 50th anniversary. Cliff was one of the first
if not the first non-charter members of the Chapter. Another unique
distinction is that he has maintained continuous membership for 50
years. Cliff has held virtually every position in the Chapter with the
exception of President.

After incorporation of the Memphis Chapter in 1990 when Byron
Graves was Chapter President, it became apparent that a reliable and
responsible individual with integrity as well as a history of service and
dedication was needed to chair a Chapter Bylaws and Operation
Committee. Cliff Watson was the perfect fit. Upon recommendation of
chapter president Tommy Smith and immediate past president, Jim
Neison, the Board of Directors created a Chapter Bylaws and
Operation Committee with Cliff as it first chairman. Cliff has served
continuously with honor and integrity since.

P AGE 34                                                                                      50 TH A NNIVERSARY I SSUE
Its About Time
Acknowledging Time Spent
Recently I was reminded of the theme of the 1990          Morrison, Don Manley, Jerry Durham, Jim Neison,
Awards and Recognition banquet, “IT’S ABOUT TIME”.
                                    IT’S                  Wally Bostelmann, and Lewis Metcalf.
The theme was expanded to relate that it was about
time we recognized the efforts of our many dedicated      We have had many Memphis Chapter members that
volunteer members who shared their personal time to       have been recognized for serving on the Institute
assure that the Memphis Chapter would continue to be      Boards and committees. We have among our
a success. It was about time that we recognized these     members, Edith Washington who is an Institute
members, their supporting spouses, and members of         President Past President.
the local construction community for their tireless
efforts. It was about the time that was volunteered to    Members need to be encouraged to submit for
insure the continued success of the Memphis Chapter.      awards, I once encouraged a young Tommy Smith to
Can you imagine any other organization that achieves      submit for the Specification Writing awards, he
such success year after year with a volunteer staff –     hesitantly did and he won an Institute award for his
without one paid member?                                  writing skills.

This so clearly defines the participation of the          Saying Thank You goes a long way, everyone
members of the Memphis Chapter for the last 50 years.     appreciates being recognized for their efforts and
We have had success at the Chapter level, the Gulf        naturally will work to uphold the fact that they do
States Region level and at the Institute level. At the    genuinely merit that recognition. Receipt of awards
Chapter level recognizing volunteerism has always         gives a sense of personal accomplishment to
been a high priority, but in 1990 a decision was made     individuals. Listing awards on a resume is always a
to increase the number of awards to recognize every       plus and may make the difference in being considered
individual who was a factor in the success of the         for a job or receiving a promotion.
Chapter. Awards were increased from a few
prestigious awards to a limited number of members, to     As a past president who strongly believes that when a
five times that number. Obviously, the recognition        person makes a contribution of time they are truly
worked, members worked harder and we received an          giving of themselves. I only have two simple words to
annual award for the best publication for an              all of the individuals, both members and non-members
unbelievable consecutive string of years. With Dianne     whose time has contributed to the success of the
Dixon, as editor, we received the Publication Award at    Memphis Chapter for the past fifty years.
the Gulf States and Institute levels and members from
other chapters came to expected us to publish an                                                 YOU.
                                                                                           THANK YOU
award winning magazine every year.
                                                          President Byron Graves delivers “It’s About Time” address at
In the early 1990’s an award was established to           the Chapter Awards Banquet, June, 1990
recognize deserving individuals at the Memphis
Chapter who significantly contributed to the success of
the chapter. It was to be named for the first recipient
and was ultimately named the Donald W. Manley
Award when it was awarded to Donald W. Manley in
1993. It has since been awarded to an additional 12

Memphis has received its share of Gulf States Region
awards which was capped by Jim Neison receiving the
most prestigious honor in 1990, the GSR Robert V.
Bishop award.

Six Memphis Chapter members have received the most
prestigious Institute Fellowship Award: Dempsie

T HE M EMPHIS P ER SPEC TIVE - J ULY /A UGUST 2009                                                            P AGE 35
Achievement Recognized
Region and Institute Recognition Received
Awards are only symbols of achievement. A Super Bowl trophy is only a symbol of the years of hard work and
dedication required to be the best. The following list of Institute and Regions awards obtained by members of the
Memphis Chapter indicates achievement that has placed the Memphis Chapter among the very elite of CSI. With
the exception of the Donald W. Manley Award, The awards presented to for contributions made to the Memphis
Chapter have been too numerous to record. Space nor accurate recording does not permit listing all which have
been presented.

This list has been compiled based upon available resources. If you have been presented with an Institute or Gulf
States Region Award not listed our sincerest apology is extended.

The following Institute Awards have been presented as recognition for service to the Institute while members of
the Memphis Chapter:

Certificate of Appreciation Each Chapter President                   Fellows:
                                                           Institute Fellows Members of the Memphis Chapter
has been recognized by the Institute by being              who are Fellows of the Institute:
presented with a Certificate of Appreciation. The                 1967 Dempsie B. Morrison, FCSI
caption reads as follows:                                         1973 Donald W. Manley, FCSI
     For your devoted and selfless personal                       1997 Edith S. Washington, FCSI (Member of
     contribution to the Institute and your Chapter                     Toledo Chapter when elevated)
     while serving as Chapter President of the                    1998 Jerry W. Durham, FCSI
     Memphis Chapter.                                             1999 Wallace L. Bostelmann, FCSI
                                                                  2001 James A. Neison, FCSI
                                                                  2007 Louis C. Medcalf, FCSI

Institute Recognition Members of the Memphis Chapter who have been recipients of the Institute awards:

Year               Recipient                          Recognition / Award

FY 62         C. Thomsen Guth, CSI                    Certificate of Appreciation
                                                      Institute Director- Region 5 FY 62
FY 63         Dempsie B. Morrision, CSI               Certificate of Appreciation
                                                      Institute Director – Region 5 FY 63
FY 66         Dempsie B. Morrision, CSI               Certificate of Appreciation
                                                      Institute Director – Region 5 FY 64, 65, 66
FY 67         Dempsie B. Morrision, FCSI              Institute Fellow

FY 68         Dempsie B. Morrision, FCSI              Certificate of Appreciation
                                                      Service as Institute Vice President
FY 72         Donald W. Manley, FCSI                  Certificate of Appreciation
                                                      Institute Director –Gulf States FY 70, 71, 72
FY 73         Donald W. Manley, FCSI                  Institute Fellow

FY 74         Howard W. Hayslip, CSI                  Institute Publication Commendation
                                                      Editor Memphis Bulletin
FY 75         Donald W. Manley, FCSI                  Certificate of Appreciation
                                                      Service on Nominating Committee FY 74, 75
FY 78         Howard W. Hayslip, CSI                  Certificate of Appreciation
                                                      Institute Director – Region 4 /Gulf States – FY 76, 77, 78
FY 85         Tony Indriolo, CSI                      Institute Publication Commendation
                                                      Editor CSI Memphis

T HE M EMPHIS P ER SPEC TIVE - J ULY /A UGUST 2009                                                           P AGE 37
Year           Recipient                 Recognition / Award

FY 86      Donald W. Manley, FCSI        Certificate of Appreciation
                                         Service on Jury of Fellows FY 84, 85,86
FY 86      Morris Ungren, CSI            Certificate of Appreciation
                                         Institute Director – Gulf States FY 84, 85, 86
FY 90      Diane Dixon, CSI              Institute Publication Commendation
                                         Editor CSI Memphis
FY 90      Thomas W. Smith, CCS, CSI     Institute Spec Competition – Honor Award
                                         St Francis of Assisi Church
FY 90      Thomas W. Smith, CCS, CSI     Institute Spec Competition - Honorable Mention
                                         Memphis International Airport – Concourse B
FY 90      Jerry W. Durham, CCS, CSI     Institute Education Commendation
                                         Specification Class - Memphis State University
FY 90      Thomas W. Smith, CCS, CSI     Institute Education Commendation
                                         Specification Class - Memphis State University
FY 92      Gary Wagoner, CSI             Institute Publication Commendation
                                         Editor Memphis PerSPECtive
FY 93      Jeff Ervin, CSI Student       Institute Education Commendation
                                         Memphis Chapter Student Affiliate
FY 93      Gary Wagoner, CCS, CSI        Institute Publication Commendation
                                         Editor Memphis PerSPECtive
FY 94      James Moncrief, CSI           Institute Publication Commendation
                                         Editor Memphis PerSPECtive
FY 95      James A. Neison, CDT, CSI     Certificate of Merit and Appreciation
                                         Institute Director FY 93,94,95
FY 95      Jerry W, Durham, CCS, CSI     Institute Certificate of Appreciation
                                         Chair Practice Subcommittee
                                         Member Technical Committee
FY 95      Wallace L, Bostelmann, CSI    Certificate of Appreciation
                                         Service on Convention Programs Committee
FY95       Louis C. Medcalf, CCS, CSI    Institute Technical Commendation
                                         Service on Specifications Subcommittee
FY 95      Jerry W. Durham, FCSI, CCS    Ben J. Small Award
                                         Proficiency as a specification writer
FY 96      Wallace L, Bostelmann, CSI    Certificate of Appreciation
                                         Service on Institute Awards Committee
FY 96      Thomas W. Smith, CCS, CSI     Certificate of Appreciation
                                         Specifications Subcommittee FY 94,95,96
FY 96      Scott Guidry, CSI             Institute Publication Commendation
                                         Editor Memphis PerSPECtive
FY 98      Louis C. Medcalf, CCS, CSI    Certificate of Appreciation
                                         UniFormat Task Team
FY 98      Louis C. Medcalf, CCS, CSI    Institute Publication Commendation
                                         Editor Memphis PerSPECtive
FY 98      Jerry W. Durham, FCSI, CCS    Institute Fellow

FY 99      Louis C. Medcalf, CCS, CSI    Institute Publication Commendation
                                         Editor Memphis PerSPECtive
FY 99      Wallace E. Bostelmann, FCSI   Institute Fellow

FY 00      Louis C. Medcalf, CCS, CSI    Institute Publication Commendation
                                         Editor Memphis PerSPECtive
FY 01      James A. Neison, FCSI, CDT    Institute Fellow

P AGE 38                                                                          50 TH A NNIVERSARY I SSUE
Year               Recipient                         Recognition / Award

FY 02         Thomas W. Smith, CCS, CSI               Certificate of Appreciation
                                                      Service –Institute Technical
FY 04         Tanya Guidry, CSI                       Institute Publication
                                                      Editor Memphis PerSPECtive
FY 04         Jammie Smith, CSI                       Institute Publication
                                                      Editor Memphis PerSPECtive
FY 07         Louis C. Medcalf, FCSI, CCS             Institute Fellow                Pam Davidson receives the
                                                                                      50th Anniversary Plaque from
                                                                                      CSI Institute President Gilman
FY 08         Kamesha Hervey, CSI                     Institute Publication           Hu, at the Institute Convention-
                                                      Commendation                    Indianapolis.
                                                      Editor Memphis PerSPECtive
FY 09         Memphis Chapter                         50th Year Anniversary

The following Institute Awards have been presented as recognition for service to the Institute while members of
the Memphis Chapter:

Gulf States Region Robert V. Bishop Award Members of the Memphis Chapter who have been recipients of the
Gulf States Region highest level of recognition:

Year               Recipient                         Recognition / Award

1990          Donald W. Manley, FCSI
1999          Wallace L. Bostelmann, FCSI
2000          James A. Neison, CDT, CSI

Gulf States Region Recognition Members of the Memphis Chapter who have been recipients of the Gulf States
Region awards:
FY 75       Donald W. Manley, FCSI                Certificate of Appreciation
                                                      Service as Region Director
FY 77        Donald W. Manley, FCSI                   Region Merit Award
                                                      Region Specification Competition
FY 99         Diane Rogers Dixon,CSI                 Region Special Publication
                                                      Working Drawing Competition Poster
FY 90         Jerry W. Durham, CCS                    Region Letter of Appreciation
                                                      Region Certification Chairman
FY 90         Donald W. Manley, FCSI                  Region Robert V. Bishop Award

FY 90         Jerry W, Durham, CCS, CSI               Region Education Chairman
                                                      Teaching Specification Class at Memphis State
FY 90         Thomas W. Smith, CCS, CSI               Region Education Chairman
                                                      Teaching Specification Class at Memphis State
FY 91         Jerry W. Durham, CCS, CSI               Region Chapter Program Award
                                                      Outstanding Chapter Programs
FY 91         Byron Graves, CSI                       Region Certificate of Appreciation
                                                      Service to Gulf States Region
FY 91         James A. Neison, CDT, CSI               Region Director’s Award
                                                      Product Show Chairman

T HE M EMPHIS P ER SPEC TIVE - J ULY /A UGUST 2009                                                             P AGE 39
Year           Recipient                         Recognition / Award
FY 92      James A. Neison, CDT, CSI             Region Director’s Award
                                                 Region Planning Chairman
FY 92      Gary Wagoner, CCS, CSI                Region Publication Commendation
                                                 Editor Memphis PerSPECtive
FY 92      Jeff Ervin, CSI Student               Region Certificate of Appreciation
                                                 Student Affiliate
FY 92      Byron Graves, CSI                     Region Certificate of Appreciation
                                                 Service to Gulf States Region
FY 92      Thomas W. Smith, CCS, CSI             Region Director’s Award
                                                 Chairman EdGuide Sub-Committee
FY 94      Memphis Chapter / Kevin Norman, CSI   Region Special Publication
                                                 Product Show Display Brochure
FY 94      Wallace L, Bostelmann, CSI            Region Certificate of Appreciation
                                                 Serving as Region Product Show Chairman
FY 95      Wallace L, Bostelmann, CSI            Region Certificate of Appreciation
                                                 Serving as Region Product Show Chairman
FY 95      James A. Neison, CDT, CSI             Region Award
                                                 Service as Region Director FY 93, 94, 95
FY 96      Thomas W. Smith, CCS, CSI             Region Certificate of Appreciation
                                                 Service as Region Education Chairman FY 95, 96
FY 96      John D. Norman, CCS, CCPR, CCCA       Region Certificate of Appreciation
                                                 Service as Region Treasure FY 95, 96
FY 97      Scott Guidry, CSI                     Region Continuing Publication
                                                 Editor Memphis PerSPECtive
FY 97      Memphis Student Affiliate             Region Special Publication
                                                 Trade Show Poster
FY 98      Louis C. Medcalf, CCS, CSI            Region Continuing Publication
                                                 Editor Memphis PerSPECtive
FY 98      Donald W. Manley, FCSI                Gulf States Director’s Certificate of Appreciation
                                                 Service to Gulf States Region
FY 98      Pamela Davidson, CSI                  Gulf States Region Certificate of Merit and Appreciation
                                                 Chairman, Region Conference, Memphis TN
FY 98      Pamela Davidson, CSI                  Gulf States Region May Elvis “Never Die” Award
                                                 Chairman, Region Conference, Memphis TN
FY 99      Louis C. Medcalf, CCS, CSI            Region Continuing Publication
                                                 Editor Memphis PerSPECtive
FY 99      Kevin Corkern, CCS, CSI               Region Technical Commendation
                                                 Technical Service to Region
FY 99      James A. Neison, CDT, CSI             Region Certificate of Appreciation
                                                 Chairman – Bylaws Revision Committee
FY 00      Louis C. Medcalf, CCS, CSI            Region Technical Commendation
                                                 Technical Service to Region
FY 00      James A. Neison, CDT, CSI             Region Robert V. Bishop Award

FY 01      Ronald Roberts, CSI                   Gulf States Region Commendation
                                                 Product Show Manual
FY 03      Duke Walker, CSI                      Region Publication Commendation
                                                 Rookie of the Year
FY 03      Scott Guidry, CSI                     Region Spec Competition – Honor Award

FY 04      Tanya Guidry, CSI                     Region Continuing Publication
                                                 Editor Memphis PerSPECtive

P AGE 40                                                                                50 TH A NNIVERSARY I SSUE
Year               Recipient                         Recognition / Award
FY 04         Jammie Smith, CSI                      Region Continuing Publication
                                                     Editor Memphis PerSPECtive
FY 04         Scott Guidry, CSI                      Region Publication Commendation
                                                     Electronic Publication
FY 04         Memphis Chapter                        Region Special Publication Award
                                                     CSI Binder - Guidelines for Producing a Successful Product
FY 04         Robert Huserik, CSI                    Region Special Publication Award
                                                     Electronic Rendering Greektown Casino
FY 04         Archmania                              Region Spec Competition – Merit Award

FY 05         Tanya Guidry, CSI                      Region Continuing Publication
                                                     Editor Memphis PerSPECtive
FY 05         Jammie Smith, CSI                      Region Continuing Publication
                                                     Editor Memphis PerSPECtive
FY 05         Ron Roberts, CSI                       Region Special Publication Award
                                                     Guidelines for Successful Product Show
FY 06         Ron Roberts, CSI                       Region Special Publication Award
                                                     Guidelines for Successful Product Show
FY 06         Tanya Guidry, CSI                      Region Continuing Publication
                                                     Jamie Smith, CSI      Editor Memphis PerSpective
FY 06         Byron Graves, CSI                      Region Special Publications
                                                     Memphis Update – Memphis Operating Guide
FY 06         Wally Bostelmann, FCSI                 Region Robert V. Bishop Award
                                                     Service to Gulf States Region
FY 06         John Bingham, CCS, CSI                 Region Technical Commendation

Memphis Chapter Donald W. Manley Award Members of the Memphis Chapter who have been recipients of the
Gulf States Region highest level of recognition: Named after the first recipient.

1993        Donald W. Manley, FCSI                        2003     Thomas W. Smith, RA, CSI, CCS, SCIP
1995        Joseph D. Haas, P.E, CSI                      2004     Byron M. Graves, CSI
1996        Clifton Watson, CSI, AIA                      2005     Carl E. Drennan, Jr., CSI, CD
1997        William R. Eades, Jr., CSI, AIA               2006     Ronald M. Roberts, CSI, CCS
1998        William E. Kaiser, CSI                        2007     Jack Moran, CSI
2001        James A. Neison, FCSI, CDT                    2008     Wally L. Bostelmann, FCSI
2002        Gary R. Wagoner, CSI, CCS                     2009     Scott Guidry, CSI

T HE M EMPHIS P ER SPEC TIVE - J ULY /A UGUST 2009                                                       P AGE 41
CSI President Trivia
#1) What are the names of the two                                             #6) Who was the first Student Affiliate
    presidents of the Memphis Chapter that                                        president that subsequently served as
    were twin brothers and when did they                                          president of the Memphis Chapter ?
    serve ?
                                                                              #7) The Memphis Chapter Dempsie B.
#2) How many females have served as                                               Morrison Scholarship Fund is named
    Memphis Chapter president ?                                                   after the first president of the Memphis
    Multiple choice, select one answer.                                           Chapter. True or false
    a. One        b. Two
    c. Three      d. None                                                     #8) Who was the first president of the
                                                                                  Memphis Chapter and when was he
#3) Who was the first female professional                                         elected ?
    member that served as president of the
    Memphis Chapter ?                                                         #9) Through the current president (Gary
                                                                                  Copeland), how many individuals have
#4) Who was the first industry member that                                        served as president of the Memphis
    served as president of the Memphis                                            Chapter 1959 to 2009 ?
    Chapter ?
                                                                              #10) How many presidents have served
#5) Who was the first female industry                                              multiple terms in the Memphis Chapter ?
    member that served as president of the
    Memphis Chapter ?

Jr., Joseph D. Haas and Carl E. Drennan.
These members served two non-consecutive terms: Raymond H. Scott,                                                             Kay King (1996-1997)     #5)
Durham, Thomas W. Smith, Gary R. Wagoner and Scott Guidry.
Douglass Brewer, Morris R. Ungren, Wade Daniel Brewer, Jerry W.                 professional members were eligible to serve as chapter presidents.
Thompson Guth, Dempsie B. Morrison, Howard R. Hayslip, G.                       Memphis Chapter president, the Institute rules dictated that only
Thirteen - These members served two consecutive terms: C.              #10)     Morris R. Ungren (1981-1983). Prior to his election to the office of   #4)

                                 Thirty seven presidents in 50 years    #9)                                       Diane Rogers Dixon (1986-1987)       #3)

                                             #8) C. Thompson Guth (1959)                                                                          3    #2)

 3rd president of the Memphis Chapter.                                            Brewer (1984-1986)
 False. Dempsie B. Morrison, who served from 1962 to 1964,.was the      #7)       G. Douglas (Doug) Brewer (1978-1980) and Wade Daniel (Dan)           #1)

                                          Scott Guidry (2003-2005)      #6)                                                    CSI President Trivia Answers
                                                                                                                               CSI President Trivia Answers
                                                                                                                               CSI President Trivia Answers
                                                                                                                               CSI President Trivia Answers

P AGE 42                                                                                                                       50 TH A NNIVERSARY I SSUE
Memphis Chapter Leadership
OFFICERS                   Name                      Email                             Phone              Fax
President                  Pam Davidson            (901) 261-4671     (901) 683-1001
President - Elect          Charles Cooper              (901) 213-3993     (901) 213-3994
Vice President -Ind.       Carl Drennan          (901) 372-8400     (901) 372-8404
Vice President -Prof.      Ron Roberts                     (901) 850-1367     (901) 850-1367
Secretary                  Jay Sweeney            (901) 260-9600     (901) 521-1337
Ass. Secretary             Julie Varnado      (901) 526-2211     (901) 525-8574
Treasurer                  John Bigham                 (901) 606-8254     (901) 465-8039
Asst. Treasurer            Wally Bostelmann              (901) 877-3681     (901) 877-3769
Past President             Gary Copeland                  (901) 761-5655     (901) 517-6400
Student President          Drake Young                   (931) 200-1961     ---------

09-12 Professional         Harvey Wilmoth           (901)   726-0810   (901) 272-6912
09-12 Industry             Wally Bostelmann              (901)   877-3681   (901) 877-3769
07-10 Professional         Byron Graves                (901)   386-6779   ------
07-10 Industry             Mike Eckles                (901)   861-1545   (901) 861-1546
08-11 Professional         Edith Washington             (901)   692-2474   -------
08-11 Industry             Danny Clark                 (901)   774-8150   (901) 774-7327

Academic Affairs           Gary Cofer                   (901) 388-8687     -----
 Co-Chair                  Stewart Joe                     (901) 531-6901     (901) 531-6902
Awards                     Gary Copeland                  (901) 761-5655     (901) 517-6400
 Co-Chair                  Scott Guidry                (901) 507-4412     (901) 527-5018
Banquet/Christmas          Dexter Varnell          (901) 753-7677     (901) 728-4269
 Co-Chair                  Bryan Donnaud           (901) 756-9398     (901) 754-9573
Certification              Edith Washington             (901) 692-2474     --------
Chapter Operations         Jim Neison                 (901) 754-6571     -------
 Co-Chair                  Cliff Watson                (901) 767-0656     -------
Conferences/Conv.          Bryan Wardlaw                  (901) 396-3055     (901) 396-3065
 Co-Chair                  Mike Zielinski                 (901) 652-5612     --------
Database                   Tanya Guidry               (901) 374-6135     (901) 374-5190
 Co-Chair                  Mary White                 (901) 726-0810     (901) 272-6912
Education                  Harvey Wilmoth           (901) 726-0810     (901) 272-6912
 Co-Chair                  Rob Huserik                   (901) 577-0582     (901) 529-0889
Fellowship                 Wally Bostelmann              (901) 877-3681     -------
Finance                    Jim Neison                 (901) 754-6571     -------
 Co-Chair                  Cliff Watson                (901) 767-0656     -------
Golf Tournament            Ron Spurlin                     (901) 484-6518     (901) 755-6502
 Co-Chair                  Gary Copeland                  (901) 761-5655     (901) 517-5400
Historian                  Ron Roberts                     (901) 850-1367     (901)850-1367
 Co-Chair                  Don Manley                  (901) 757-5378     (901) 757-5478
Membership                 Rachel Gardner          (901) 577-0598     (901)577-0418
 Co-Chair                  Nikole Daniels             (901)261-1505      (901)261-1515
Magazine Ads               Jon Shrack                       (901) 382-1580     (901) 339-9313
 Co-Chair                  Jay Sweeney            (901) 260-9673     (901) 521-1337
Magazine Editor            Duke Walker                   (901)355-6208      ---------
Asst. Editor               Barbara Jo Agnew                 (901) 752-9082     (901) 752-9083
Nomination                 Charles Cooper              (901) 213-3993     (901) 213-3994
Planning                   Gary Copeland                  (901) 761-5655     (901) 517-6400
  Co-Chair                 John Bigham                   (901) 606-8254       (901) 465-8039
Product Display            Ron Roberts                     (901) 850-1367     (901) 850-1367
  Co-Chair                 Gary Cofer                  (901) 388-8687     --------
Programs                   Charles Cooper              (901) 213-3993     (901) 213-3994
 Co-Chair                  Pam Davidson            (901) 261-4671     (901) 683-1001
Publicity                  Randall Haynes           (901) 251-9662     -------
 Co-Chair                  Carl Drennan          (901) 372-8400     (901) 372-8404
Scholarship                Jack Moran                (901) 566-1070     (901) 566-1074
 Co-Chair                  Julie Varnado      (901) 526-2211     (901) 525-8574
Table Top                  Danny Clark                 (901) 774-8150     (901) 774-7327
 Co-Chair                  Mark Setturland             (901) 525-2557     (901) 529-0889
Technical                  Tommy Smith                (901) 387-1006     (901) 372-3777
 Co-Chair                  Mike Eckles                (901) 861-1545     (901) 861-1546
Bylaws/Chap. Oper.         Byron Graves                (901) 386-6779     --------
Web Management             Scott Guidry                (901) 507-4412     (901) 527-5018

T HE M EMPHIS P ER SPEC TIVE - J ULY /A UGUST 2009                                                                  P AGE 43
                                                           PRSRT STD
                                                          U.S. POSTAGE
                                                            Memphis, TN
                                                           PERMIT No. 991

  The Memphis PerSPECtive
      P.O. Box 172349
Memphis, Tennessee 38187-2349

                                50th ANNIVERSARY CELEBRATION
                                        Allen and Hoshall
                                          Pickering, Inc.
                                    Hnedak Bobo Group, Inc.
                                     Smith Doyle Contractors
                                          PPG Industries
                                    John J. Campbell Co., Inc.

                                        Lenny’s Sub Shops

                                        TRO Jung-Brannen
                                      Dillard Door & Security
                                        Ron & Ruth Roberts
                                          The Brewer Firm
                                          ANFA – CM Plus

                                        Other Contributors:
                                      Byron & Diane Graves
                                    Wally & Jackie Bostelmann
                                          (WB Associates)
                                         Edith Washington
                                   (The Stubblefield Group, Inc.)
                                            Jim Neison

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