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									                      Sell Your Home Fast
 “For 12 years House Buyers of America has been offering homeowners
 in Virginia, Maryland, and Washington, D.C. a way to sell their homes
fast without any of the hassle, delay and additional expenses associated
                with the traditional REALTOR® route.”

January 14, 2012 -- Centreville, VA - Have you ever tried to sell a property? Or
have you at least spoken to someone who has? It’s not easy, is it? It’s a long and
demanding process that involves real estate agents, inspectors, an endless procession
of house viewers and even contractors who need to fix or renovate parts of your home
that are a little dated or worn out. When you factor in all the expenses – money, time
and otherwise – involved in selling your home, when you do eventually sell it, it can
seem like somewhat of a weak victory.

You may love your home enough to spend the time, money, energy and emotional
resources on getting it into perfect selling condition, but what if you’re the landlord
of a rental property? What if you’ve inherited a house and you live in another state or
country? What if you just want to sell home fast and hassle-free? If you’re looking
for a quick or painless home sale, the traditional selling route can turn out to be too
much effort and more money than you’re willing to pay.

House Buyers of America offers an alternative. Here’s how it works…

A New Era in the Home Selling Process

All you have to do is fill out the form on the House Buyers of America website or
contact them directly. With the information you provide them, typically within 24
hours of first contact, House Buyers of America will make you a cash offer for your
home without any fine print, no commission and no unforeseen expenses. If you
choose to accept, the sale will begin processing immediately. In many cases, people
have been able to move on with their lives in as little as a week or two.

Where’s the catch? Quite simply, there isn’t one. House Buyers of America has been
buying, renovating and re-selling houses since 2001. They’re an established brick-
and-mortar company with the capital to make fast home purchases, without any of
the delay involved in applying for a bank loan first. This elegantly simple process
saves homeowners a considerable amount of time, effort and expenses that would
otherwise be spent fixing their home up, getting it listed and then waiting for the
right buyer to come along.

Buying from homeowners in Virginia, Maryland, and Washington, D.C. markets for
12 years now, House Buyers of America offers a streamlined alternative to the
traditional real estate route, which, for some 1200 homeowners, has worked out
tremendously to their advantage!

 House Buyers of America is headquartered in Centreville, VA and can
  be reached at 1-855-65-WE-BUY (855-659-3289) and on the web at

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