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									                 Sunflower             Test Date: January 18th
                  Lesson 9. The haft Seen

  1. fair
  2. splendid
  3. stake
  4. remain
  5. rapid
  6. observe                            stake
  7. sprout
  8. When you observe something, you watch it or look at it
  9. Sprouts are the young growing parts of plants.
  10. Splendid means great, fantastic, or very beautiful.
  11. To remain is to stay or to be left behind.

* fair: 1. Fair weather is dry and sunny. (The sun is out; the sky is blue)
        2. Another meaning of fair is an outdoor carnival type of event,
            with rides, booths, and contests.
* stake: A stake is a stick or post that can be put into the ground to hold
          up something like a plant or a tent.
* rapid: Rapid means very fast.
* sprouts: We eat some kinds of sprouts, such as bean sprouts, in salad or
            other dishes.

       Fair                bean sprouts                  Fair weather

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