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									                           MBA Interview tips and questionnaire
So you burned the midnight oil and cracked it. The day you get the Interview call from your dream B
school you are on the cloud number nine. But here comes the most gruelling examination of them all.
You will be screened from the masses who are as good as you, as qualified as you. They might also have
taken professional essay editing service to portray the brightest side of their candidature. And the rule
of thumb says (though it might vary from school to school) only one candidate from the person sitting
right and left to you and you yourself, will be selected.

So why would they take you. what is it in you that sets you apart from the others. The last minute rush
won’t suffice. You need to prepare far ahead of your Interview call, if you don’t want to end up the
person sitting next to you.

1.Your Essays, their peephole: Your essays are your pictures. The more eloquent they are the better they
understand you. So while writing the essays do your homework. It is always advisable to take
professional essay editing services. Your candidature should look most powerful, before the committee
meets the person behind those lines.

 2. Predetermined mindset: Unlike in a job Interview, in admission interviews, the interviewing
committee possesses a predetermined mindset towards the person they are going to meet. As here you
not only portray your professional and academic achievements, but you have also shown your soft side.
So you need to rise up to their expectations .One wrong move and they might feel that they had over
weighed your candidature from your essays. It will have a tremendously wrong impact on you, as the
person sitting next to you might look better than you, though actually he is not.

3. Reread your application: On the day of your interview reread you application, resume, essays and
whatever material you have sent them. You hold the answers to majority of the questions. Be ready
with examples, on your non academic achievements. e.g situations where you have shown excellent
managerial ability or your leadership traits. Chances are you already have penned them down in your
essays. But the committee might like to hear it from the protagonist himself.

4. No trumpet blowing: Do not be pompous, as humility is more rewarding. If you have achieved
something say so humbly. Never try to show you are more capable than you actually are. If there has
been any failure, if asked ,say so frankly. Though you can always colour it to show them that this has
been the turning point in your life and you are a more learned person now.

5. Body speaks louder than words: Your body language is more powerful than your spoken Language.
Maintain proper eye contact, never fidget, bite your nails, touch your hair or nose, slouch, or shake your
legs. Go with proper attire and well manicured nails.

6. Prepare a questionnaire: sit in front of the mirror with your list of probable questions. Answer them
and look at yourself, your expression and body language. You can also take the help of a friend or family
member. If you do this seriously chances are you will do fairly well in your interview.
7. Don’t be nervous : This is not the end of the world. You need to be cautious but do not burden
yourself with anxiety. If you don’t crack this one, you will still find a better option. But if you are
nervous you might lose the chance no matter how good you are.

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