Dante Directions by rhsenghonors2


									Name: __________________________________                  Grade: ______ / 50

What I Learned about How to Get through Hell:

My Notes on Dante’s Inferno                                  Due: Feb 1, 2013

Assignment: Organize, compile, and neatly submit your notes on Dante’s Inferno
Points: 50
_ 25 points for completed notes
_ 25 points for organization and presentation

Contents of notes (handouts included with Cantos):
_ Personal Journey handout
_ Canto I— summary
_ Canto II—summary
_ Cantos III thru VIII—Student Notes
_ Canto IX -XI—summary notes given by instructor
_ Cantos XII through XXXIV—Student Notes

Organization and presentation:

_ Pages follow order exactly as noted above
_ Contents placed in protective and appropriately sized folder (preferably in thin, three
prong, paper folder)
_ Pages are securely bound to the folder
_ Your name and description of contents clearly identified on outside front
_ This page, with your name on it, inserted inside but not attached/bound

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