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									English Honors
                                        by Dante Alighieri
                                        Group Project

Each student or group will cover their assigned Cantos from the novel. I will be giving you
some background on Dante, Inferno and the time period in which it was written. There are 34
stories which I have grouped into 12 sections as follows:

I, II ____________________________________________ All
III, IV __________________________________________
V, VI, __________________________________________
VII, VIII, _______________________________________
IX, X, XI, _______________________________________ Mrs. Byrne
XII, XIII ________________________________________
XIV, XV, _______________________________________
XVI, XVII, ______________________________________
XVIII, XIX ______________________________________
XX, XXI, XXII __________________________________
XXIII, XXIV, XXV _______________________________
XXVI, XXVII, XXVIII ____________________________
XXIX, XXX, XXXI ______________________________
XXXII, XXXIII, XXXIV ___________________________

               Each student or group will be responsible for reading their Cantos.
All students are responsible for listening, taking notes, and asking questions of their peers when
                they are presenting to gain the knowledge necessary of the text.

 Students will be required to provide the class with handouts and a PowerPoint/or Oral
 presentation outlining important stages, characters, events, etc. as well as themes and
                            noted information I ask for below.

As students bring the information for their Canto together, there will be a need to bring each
Circle of Hell together so as to bring meaning to the text as a whole. As we bring each circle
together we will piece the novel together and give meaning to these Cantos as a whole.

For everyone, the following will need to be done for your project and not necessarily in this

       Identify the characters in your Cantos and a give a brief description for each.
       Dante will not need to be described as a character after Canto I. BUT, students should
        explain the important transitions, realizations, etc. Dante’s character makes from Canto
        to Canto.
       Describe the tone and imagery in the Canto.
       Give a brief summary of the assigned Cantos.
       Provide the class with vocabulary that is found in the story that needs to be defined to
        better understand the meaning and style of the story it’s in.
     Create a short quiz for your story, testing a student’s basic understanding of the subject
      matter within it. Include an answer key (for me). (This will be handed in to me at the
      beginning of your presentation and used for testing later).

I will have checkpoints for each section in which I quiz your understanding
                            of what was covered.

 You will also be required to write an essay at the conclusion of the book.

So, paying attention and taking note of the information each presentation
             and class discussion provides will be imperative.

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