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									Learning Platform Onvard.com Prepares New Features in Preparation for Launch
Tempe, AZ -- Onvard (onvard.com), a website that curates educational content for beginning
learners, has recently announced that on January 15th, 2013, it will be stepping out of beta and
launching new features that will personalize users’ online education experiences.

The revamped website provides beginning learners with the best resources to learn any subject at
the recommendation of actual experts. Onvard takes out all the guesswork of learning a new skill by
providing a step-by-step guide that outlines the best industry-recommended resources. Onvard’s
core mission is to answer the question every beginner asks - “Where do I start? How do I begin?
Which resources are the best to use?”

On January 15th, Onvard will become personalized and social. Onvard will start recommending
content based on a user’s interests, skill level, and preferred way of learning: visual, auditory, or
tactile. “The new features gets us closer to our ultimate goal of becoming the central hub of online
education,” says co-founder Keith Ryu. “Just as Facebook is your social identity, we want Onvard to
become your educational identity and help you meet your learning goals.”

New features and functionalities include:

      Content Recommendation based on Learning Interests
      Notification Alerts
      Enhanced Facebook Integration (with Following Feature)
      Improved Commenting System
      Personalized Feed based on Educational Goals
      Track Screenshots
      Updated Track Library

About Onvard.com

Onvard is a free educational recommendation platform and designed to take the guesswork out of
trying to learn a new skill for beginners. The website provides a starting point that takes an
individual from absolute beginner to a solid level for continued learning. For more information on
Onvard, visit www.onvard.com

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