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                              Welcome to Matthew Moss High School
                              Dear Parents and Learners
                              At Matthew Moss we are very proud of our school and its
                              achievements. We have an excellent site, with farm land on two
                              sides. In the last four years £4m has been invested in improving our
                              facilities with a new sports hall, an excellent area for our three
                              learning mentors and totally re-furbished science labs. We have also
                              remodelled our technology rooms. Further major development of
                              our site will come with the “Building Schools for the Future”
                              investment, which starts in September 2010.

However, our most valuable asset is our people. We have talented staff who work as a cohesive
team which puts successful learning for learners first. Indeed, Matthew Moss has built a
significant reputation across the North West for its work on developing “Learning to Learn”
programmes and the teaching of thinking skills. As our last OFSTED Inspection observed “This is
a school that is characterised by teamwork”.

At Matthew Moss High School we try to give each learner the personal motivation and support to
become a successful learner. We challenge each learner with activities, both inside and outside the
classroom, which takes them further as learners than they have been before. This work is bearing
fruit. Because of our achievements, the Government has awarded the school Training School
status. In September 2008 we took up a new role as a Science and Maths Specialist School. We
have also won recognition from “Creative Partnerships”, with significant funding to help us develop
our Key Stage 3 curriculum and we were one of fifteen schools nationally to be chosen to join the
prestigious “Learning Futures” programme. This is a group of schools who have been picked to join
an internationally focused project to develop 21st Century learning.

We were inspected by an OFSTED team in November 2007. Their evaluation was that: “This is a
good school that provides a good quality of education and good value for money. The school is led
and managed very well”.

In this prospectus we hope you gain some insight into the challenges and successes of Matthew
Moss learners. However, there is no substitute for seeing the real thing.

If you would like to visit the school please contact us. We would like to share our school with you,
to share the ‘Matthew Moss Experience.’

Yours sincerely

Mr A Raymer M.A.
                                       We aim to offer a learning programme       Form Tutors also teach the Personal,
                                       relevant to the needs and aspirations      Social & Health Education
                                       of all and in so doing give our students   programme in addition to
                                       the best preparation for citizenship in    registrations and a 15 minute tutorial
                                       twenty-first century society.              each day. The family team, led by a
                                                                                  Head of Family, provides support for
                                                                                  their progress as learners.
                                       A ‘Caring School’ which
                                                                                  Parents should contact their child’s
                                       aims for high academic                     Form Tutor if they are at all
                                       standards                                  concerned; we encourage parents to
                                                                                  come into school if possible. Form
                                       Matthew Moss is proud of its reputation    tutors are eager to establish good
                                       as a caring school with a real concern
What is our school                     for every individual girl and boy. The
                                                                                  communications with parents, as
                                                                                  these will be central to your child’s
trying to do?                          school is therefore organised as a         life at Matthew Moss.
                                       “tutor” based system. Learners are
 Establish and sustain an                                                         You will receive regular written
                                       taught in year based groups but are in
 atmosphere in which learning is                                                  reports on your child’s progress and
                                       a tutor group with learners of mixed
 successful and is enjoyed.                                                       have the chance to discuss these with
                                       ages. These tutor groups are
 Establish entitlement and access      clustered into four “Family” groups        members of the staff as often as
 to a broad and balanced               named after trees reflecting the           possible. You can help us by sharing
 curriculum for all students based     values of growth and development.          your knowledge of your child with us
 on a commitment to equality of                                                   so that we can know them more fully
                                       Form Tutors and Heads of Faculty           and thus teach them more effectively.
                                       continue with their year groups. This
 Sustain a caring, supportive          means the form group is able to work       Prospective parents are most
 atmosphere within a framework         in a family type atmosphere of mutual      welcome at Matthew Moss High
 for personal growth, developing       trust and co-operation. The Form           School and are encouraged to make
 each person’s sense of worth,         Tutor is able to get to know well a        an appointment to visit the school at
 responsibility and self-discipline.   small group of learners, providing an      their convenience.
                                       all important bedrock of stability for
                                                                                  “The school pays meticulous attention
 Enable the school to operate          the children as they progress through      to ensuring that school is a safe and
 effectively at the heart of the       school. The Form Tutor is also the         welcoming place for learners to work.
 community.                            person who monitors the academic           Policies and procedures for
                                       progress of members of their tutor         safeguarding students are in place
 Sustain a climate where students
                                       group. Through daily contact with          and reviewed regularly”. OFSTED
 take pride in their work, school
                                       learners, a tutor can identify any
 and community, within an ethos of
                                       difficulties in particular subjects and
 high expectations that sees us all
                                       is able to praise and reward academic
 striving for excellence.

                                                                                                          Prospectus 1
                                          discussions are an important part of      working practices. We are educating
                                          the course, where topics such as          our young people for jobs that don’t
“Learners make good progress and          ‘How to combat racism’ and ‘bullying’     yet exist. The Learning Days help the
achieve well as they move up through      are given prominence. Careers             learners develop self-dependence,
the school because teaching is good       guidance, in its widest sense, is also    collaborative skills and resilience.
and highly focused on learning”.          part of P.S.H.C.E., where problem         They also give autonomy and test a
                                          solving and decision making skills are    learner’s flexibility.
All learners follow an entitlement        introduced.
                                                                                    “The quality of care, guidance and
curriculum including the National                                                   support the school provides is
                                          Another important part of the
Curriculum. This is taught to all form                                              outstanding. Because of this,
                                          P.S.H.C.E. programme is Health
groups across the ability range and                                                 learners develop into confident and
                                          Education, which includes sex
includes: English (inc. English                                                     inquisitive young adults by the time
                                          education. (This is also taught as part
Literature), Mathematics, Science,                                                  they leave school”. OFSTED
                                          of the Science curriculum.) Our Sex
Humanities (including History,
                                          Education Programme has been
Geography, Religious Education);
Modern Languages (based on French
                                          developed in line with Rochdale’s         Aspects of Learning at
                                          consultative document. Facts are
and Spanish with Urdu available in
                                          presented in an objective and             Matthew Moss
years 10/11), Technology (including
                                          balanced manner so as to enable           “Teaching is good and encourages
DiDA, Electronics, Resistant
                                          learners to understand the range of       good learning. Some teaching is
Materials, Food Technology and
                                          sexual attitudes and behaviour in         outstanding. The school’s focus on
Graphic Products); Creative &
                                          present day society. At appropriate       enabling learners to become effective
Performing Arts (including Art, Music,                                              learners encourages them to have
                                          stages in the curriculum, issues of
Drama), Physical Education, I.C.T.,                                                 positive attitudes and participate
                                          human development, contraception,
Personal, Social & Health Education,                                                actively in lessons”. OFSTED
                                          and sexually transmitted diseases will
Citizenship and Careers guidance. In
                                          be introduced. A full copy of the Sex     Our library provides an excellent
Year 7 and Year 8 learners also
                                          Education Policy and Programme,           resource area for independent
benefit from the “My World”
                                          drawn up by teachers, governors and       research and study. In addition to a
curriculum, a project-based provision
                                          parents, can be obtained from our         growing book stock: fiction and non-
which develops skills of organisation,
                                          school website.                           fiction, there are CD Roms, magazines
planning, research, team-working and
communication, as well as core skills     Religious Education is taught as part     and newspapers. Also learners can
of numeracy, literacy and ICT.            of the Humanities curriculum and          purchase pens, pencils and other
                                          within Personal & Social Education, in    stationery. Learners are encouraged
In Year 7 learners are placed in                                                    to use the library by being introduced
                                          accordance with the Rochdale Agreed
vertical form groups and stay with                                                  to its facilities right from Year 7. There
                                          Syllabus. Parents who wish to
their form tutor and pastoral Head of                                               is a full-time librarian who opens the
                                          withdraw their children from this
Family for the whole of the five years.                                             library for independent study,
                                          should contact the Headteacher.
Form tutors and Heads of Family also                                                borrowing books, the buying of
deliver your child’s Personal, Social &   We also hold regular Learning Days.       equipment and working on the
Health Education. In P.S.H.C.E.           These are designed to allow learners      computers before school, at break and
         emphasis is placed on            to really get to grips with a topic and   lunchtime as well as after school. It is
                teaching learning         exercise the essential “learning          also used as a teaching resource by
                        skills so that    muscles” they need to develop. The        various faculties in the school.
                          all learners    demands of the 21st Century include
                         are able to      the ability to
                         learn            adapt to
                         effectively.     quickly
                         Group            changing

2 Prospectus
                                          the power of this technology to give
The School Site -
                                          each learner a voice in the school.
Facilities for the 21st
                                          Our new sports hall provides learners
Century                                   with the PE facilities they deserve. It
Information Technology, in its widest     has also been welcomed by our local
sense, is a central part of learning:     community.
We have an extensive network of over      “Teachers make good use of
350 modern desktop and laptop             information and communication
computers. These are networked in all     technology (ICT), especially
areas of the school. All the computers    whiteboards to capture learners’
have the latest software and hardware     interest”. OFSTED
and have access to a range of online                                                day and compulsory home learning is
resources as well as filtered Internet                                              therefore a school policy. Learners are
                                          Home Learning                             expected to complete home learning
access. We also have a suite of PC’s
with the Success-maker teaching           At Matthew Moss we want our               on time and to meet deadlines.
system in the Special Needs               learners to enjoy school and through
                                                                                    Home learning can take many forms,
department. There are three complete      that enjoyment to achieve everything
                                                                                    not just the traditional essay or set of
suites of rooms for specialist I.T.       they are capable of achieving. To do
                                                                                    questions. It may be a survey,
teaching with 30 computers in each.       that they will need to apply themselves
                                                                                    questionnaire, piece of reading or
                                          throughout their five years with us and
The school also has a wide range of                                                 research, but whatever work is set, it
                                          develop good habits of study.
specialist I.T. equipment, such as                                                  will have a very definite and useful
digital cameras, CAD/CAM equipment                                                  purpose for your child.
and laser and colour printers and
                                          Homework Learning
colour photocopier. The Science           Club                                      Parent Support
faculty has computerised data logging
                                          To encourage learners to develop          You can help as parents in a number
equipment. The school library has
                                          good home learning habits, a Home         of ways:
nine PC’s which have Internet access
                                          Learning Club is open in the library
and a library of over 70 CD ROM titles.                                                By providing a quiet area where
                                          each lunch time and at the end of the        your child can work.
Matthew Moss has pioneered the use
                                          school day. In addition, KS4 learners
of video conferencing to support
                                          are encouraged to attend after-school        Checking that your child has home
teaching in Rochdale. Most                                                             learning to do and signing the
                                          tutorials where work tasks can be
classrooms have data projectors and                                                    Learner Planner.
digital whiteboards. We have recently
invested heavily in the use of portable                                                Encouraging your child constantly
PC’s in a wireless network.               Learner Commitment                           and discussing any problems or
                                          The curriculum your child experiences        difficulties.
In addition the school is working hard    is designed to provide a broad and           Encouraging your child to use
to create an environment which allows     balanced set of opportunities.               some of the skills learned through
learners to access learning resources     However, there is insufficient time to       our L2L agenda, eg. Mind-mapping
from home via the internet and to use     achieve everything within the school         and key words.

                                                                                                              Prospectus 3
                                          approved employers in a vocational           The Matthew Moss
Learning Futures
                                          area for which they have expressed an
Matthew Moss High School is one of        interest. The placement has proved to        Young Achievers’
only fifteen schools nationally to be     be an excellent introduction to the          Curriculum Awards
selected for investment and support       realities of the workplace and helps to
                                                                                       Each faculty awards merit marks and 10
from the Paul Hamlyn Foundation in        prepare learners for the world of
                                                                                       marks earn a bronze award, 20 a silver
partnership with the Innovation Unit      work when they leave school.
                                                                                       award and 30 a gold award. Learners
as part of the Learning Futures           Placements can be provided in most
                                                                                       earn Young Achievers’ Curriculum
programme. The initiative is designed     work areas, through Education
                                                                                       Awards for success across the school.
to support those schools with the         Business Solutions.
most forward-looking and innovative
practice to further develop ways of
                                          Most learners find the two weeks a           The Young Achievers’
                                          very enjoyable and worthwhile                Awards
learning that would better meet the
                                          experience. Work Experience is a
needs and aspirations of young                                                         We also give special awards through
                                          good test as to whether our learners
people and teachers in the 21st                                                        the year for outstanding achievement
                                          are developing the key skills, abilities,
Century.                                                                               both within and outside school. These
                                          attitudes and values necessary to
                                                                                       have been awarded for such things as
The development work focuses on           prepare them for living in an adult
                                                                                       saving a child’s life; playing a sport for
four areas:                               world.
                                                                                       the county; care in the community and
   Ensuring relevance of learning (for                                                 helping at the scene of an accident.
   young people themselves)               Celebrating
   Co-constructing the curriculum         Achievement                                  Special Educational
   and pedagogy (with young people)       At Matthew Moss we publicly                  Needs
   Valuing and incorporating learning     celebrate the achievements of all            Children with special educational
   experiences and processes both in      students. We reward their successes          needs have access to the whole of the
   and out of school contexts             whether they have been gained within         entitlement curriculum. In order to
                                          school or outside. All students are          help them develop as successful
   Varying the learner /teacher mix,
                                          encouraged to strive for success in all      learners, they may receive additional
   recognising the value of a much
   wider range of roles than the          their activities.                            staff support in lessons and may also
   traditional teacher-pupil                                                           be withdrawn to work in a small
   relationship.                          Gifted & Talented                            specialist group. Any parent
                                                                                       concerned about extra help for their
Funding and consultancy are being         Learners                                     child is welcome to contact the
provided to support the development       Matthew Moss High School is                  Special Needs Co-ordinator.
of learning assessment within “My         successful in helping learners of all
World” initiatives in KS3. David Price    abilities to achieve their potential. To     Learners have access to a range of
OBE visited Matthew Moss as part of       this end we have appointed two               programmes aimed at developing
the selection process and reacted         members of staff to work with our            literacy and numeracy skills:
very positively to the KS3 curriculum     most able learners and help develop          Successmaker, Wordshark and
development underway.                     learners’ gifts in all areas. In addition,   Numbershark. More complex needs
                                          our Learning Mentors are working to          are met through delivery of individual
Work Experience                           support the learning of learners             programmes created to particular
                                          beyond the classroom. They run a             specifications.
A two-week work experience                daily Breakfast Club as well as home
placement is offered to all learners in                                                Counselling is available to support
                                          learning and study support sessions.
Year 10. Learners are placed with                                                      learners with emotional or psychological
                                                                                       needs and we maintain close liaison
                                                                                       with external support agencies.

4 Prospectus
                                         learners who are experiencing              For those who cannot make a daytime
                                         problems in school, from home              visit, there are annual Open Evenings,
Matthew Moss has a reputation for        learning issues to education problems      Welcome Nights and Curriculum
good attendance and punctuality. To      and are a link between school and          Evenings.
help maintain these standards we         learners’ homes.
text, e-mail or phone the parents of                                                First Choice Numbers
any learner who is missing from          Other School Policies
morning registration. This means that                                               Parents expressing Matthew Moss
                                                                                    High School as their first
parents are quickly informed if their    Public Access to
child is absent from school. If a                                                   “preference” have increased
learner is ill, we ask parents to ring
                                         Documents                                  dramatically. We are always vastly
us at the earliest opportunity.          All school policies can be found by        oversubscribed. In 2009 well over 193
                                         visiting our school website                first choices were expressed, of
We reward good attendance with                                                      whom 180 were accepted. The school
certificates at the start of each new                                               agreed to take more learners after
term. These form a valuable guide to     Any further enquiries please contact       appeals to the L.E.A.
future employers and further             the Headteacher.
education institutions, as to the                                                   The school has a waiting list for all
                                                                                    year groups and parents are notified
reliability of our learners.             Charging Policy and                        on a first come, first served basis,
Form tutors monitor attendance           How to Access                              when vacancies occur.
patterns very carefully and are in a
                                         The School Governing Body has
position to advise and liaise with                                                  Complaints Procedure
                                         agreed a sensitive and supportive
parents on attendance issues.
                                         charging policy for school activities in   All concerns should be addressed to
We employ two administrators to deal     line with L.E.A. guidelines. Any           the Headteacher in the first instance.
with attendance issues. The dedicated    parent/guardian who has a specific         Where appropriate, matters would
number to access this service is         request or concern should contact the      then be passed on to the Governing
01706 514952.                                                                       Body of the school. Many concerns or
                                                                                    potential concerns can best be
Learning Mentors                         Admissions Policy                          resolved in discussion with the
                                                                                    Headteacher or other staff of the
There are three Learning Mentors
                                         We encourage both learners and             school, or in informal discussion.
available in school: Mrs Darnbrough,
                                         parents to come and visit us during a      Under the provisions of the Education
Mrs Smedley and Mrs Hoyle help
                                         school day through our ‘Open Door          Act (1986), parents/guardians have
learners in a variety of ways. They
                                         Policy.’ Selecting a school is one of      the opportunity to meet the Governors
monitor attendance and work closely
                                         the most important decisions a family      at a meeting when matters relating to
with the Education Welfare Service
                                         will make together and it is important     the management and operation of the
and other child based agencies.
                                         you see all there is to see and have       school may be discussed.
Working from an extremely well           the opportunity to ask us any
equipped, new base, they support         questions you might have.

                                                                                                            Prospectus 5
                                                                                      First aiders are NOT allowed to
How to gain a place at                    Medical and First Aid
                                                                                      administer drugs (including pain-
Matthew Moss High                         Please note the school does not have        killers). If the learner is taking
                                          a full time School Nurse. Current           prescribed medication, the
                                          legislation means that the assistance       medication and a written
Initially places at the school are        we are allowed to give is limited. The      authorisation for administration
allocated by the L.E.A. not our           school has seven competent First            (stating dose) should be handed in to
Governing body. To enhance your           Aiders who hold the Rochdale                the school first-aider, unless the
chance of securing a place at             Occupational Health Service                 doctor advises otherwise. This is to
Matthew Moss High School, it is           Certificate in First Aid.                   prevent overdoses or other learners
essential you put Matthew Moss High                                                   having access to the drugs.
                                          In the event of a minor accident, first
School down as first choice, and
                                          aid treatment will be given to the          Known medical problems:
complete the L.E.A. form in full,
                                          learner by the first aid team to            confidential information about
returning it on time. This is usually
                                          prevent the injury becoming worse. If,      medical conditions should be given to
done through the Primary School.
                                          in the opinion of the first aider, the      the Headteacher who will, if he
The L.E.A. awards places according to     injury requires further urgent              deems it proper, give relevant
(1) whether or not there are already      treatment by a doctor, the parent will      information to the School First Aider
brothers and sisters at the school; (2)   be advised by telephone.                    (who is also bound by professional
your stated preference; (3) your                                                      confidentiality.)
                                          It is therefore essential that the
geographical position.
                                          school has emergency telephone
Priority is also given on medical         number(s) to contact
grounds. Both the school and Pupil        parents/guardians during working
Services Department of the L.E.A. can     hours and it is essential that the
further advise you.                       number(s) be kept up to date.

                                          If the learner needs to be
                                          sent to the Infirmary, the
                                          parent will be informed,
                                          especially if an ambulance
                                          is required. If, on medical
                                          grounds, the child needs to
                                          be sent home, the
                                          parent/guardian will be
                                          asked to collect the child from
                                          school. Occasionally it might be
                                          possible for the child to be taken
                                          home by a member of staff, but
                                          availability of staff for this varies and
                                          might not be possible.

6 Prospectus
                                          child, a formal                                    Valuables and large sums
School Routine
                                          application can                                      of money should not be
Twenty five hours per week are spent      be made for a                                         brought to school
in time-tabled teaching sessions. One     lunchtime                                               unless it is absolutely
hour and 15 minutes per week are          “pass-out“,                                             necessary. On these
devoted to assemblies, registration       through the                                             occasions they must
                                          Head of                                                 be handed to a teacher
and tutor-led activities.
                                          Family. Sadly,                                          or the school secretary
                                          that means they                                       for safe keeping.
The School Day                            must remain off
8.50am      Assembly/Registration                                                              We ask learners NOT to
                                          site for the whole
                                                                                            bring mobile phones into
9.10am      Lesson 1                      period – every day.
                                                                                        school. These are forbidden in
10.00am     Lesson 2                      School meals are provided in             exam rooms and all sports changing
10.50am     BREAKTIME                     the canteen with a variety of healthy    rooms forbid picture phones.
11.05am     Lesson 3                      hot and cold choices on offer each       Learners who bring phones into
                                          day.                                     school will have them confiscated.
11.55am     Lesson 4
                                                                                   They will need to be collected by a
12.45pm     LUNCHTIME -                   A dining room is available for those
                                                                                   parent/guardian after 5 days.
            Lunchtime Activities          learners who prefer to bring a packed
                                          lunch or purchase food from the Fast     One sanction we may have to use is
1.45pm      Lesson 5
                                          Food Bar. Hot snacks such as toast,      detention. Parents will be notified in
2.35pm      Lesson 6                      pizza slices are available during        advance.
3.25pm      End of School Day             morning break from the canteen. We
There are canteen, tuck shop and          are proud of our healthy eating
vending facilities available at break     regime.
time and lunch time. In order for
                                          Each learner needs a strong bag or
learners to get the most out of their
                                          briefcase in which to carry books and
time at school, it is preferable that
                                          equipment. It would be helpful too if
they stay on site during the lunch
                                          you could provide a pen, pencil and
hour. Learners who wish to make
                                          ruler. Extra items such as protractor,
alternative arrangements cannot be
                                          coloured pencils, rubber, calculator
supervised with the same care and
                                          and dictionary would be useful. You
safety and we strongly advise
                                          are asked to mark all such personal
learners to play a full and active role
                                          property, including clothing, with the
in school by staying on site at
                                          learner’s name.
lunchtimes. Should you wish to make
alternative arrangements for your

                                                                                                            Prospectus 7
                                                                                  Beyond the Classroom
                                                                                  Extended Curriculum
                                                                                  The School is proud to offer an
                                                                                  extended curriculum and accepts that
                                                                                  many worthwhile learning
                                                                                  opportunities exist outside the formal
                                                                                  timetabled curriculum. We therefore
                                                                                  offer extended curriculum days and
                                                                                  weeks to provide our learners with a
                                                                                  flexible, balanced and exciting variety
                                                                                  of learning experiences. This may
Our Uniform                             P.E. & Games                              involve outdoor pursuits, such as
                                                                                  orienteering, abseiling, camping and
All students are expected to wear                                                 canoeing as well as field trips in
school uniform. Parents are asked to
                                                                                  Geography, History or Science.
mark all clothes, including ties and       Trainers NOT black soles
other property, with the learner’s                                                Sport & Extra
                                           Black shorts/skirt/tracksuit
                                           White polo shirt with emblem           Curricular Activities
School Uniform                             White socks
                                                                                  In addition to the many subjects and
   White shirt or blouse                                                          extended curriculum activities, our
                                                                                  learners are able to take advantage of
   School tie (available from school    Outdoor                                   a variety of extra curricular activities.
   and Top Form)                           Trainers or boots (no blades/studs)    All learners have the opportunity to
                                                                                  participate in team and individual
   Black trousers, skirt, shalwar          Plain black "Rugby" style shirt
                                                                                  sports. These include sporting
                                           (available from Top Form)
   School sweatshirt, light blue with                                             activities such as: Rugby, Netball,
   Matthew Moss badge (available           Plain black sweatshirt                 Football, Athletics, Cricket,
   from school and Top Form)                                                      Basketball, Lacrosse, Trampolining
                                           Black socks                            and Golf, amongst many more. We
   Black shoes NOT TRAINERS                                                       encourage our learners to develop
                                        A towel is needed by all learners
   Plain white, grey or black                                                     their learning, thinking and sporting
                                        We wish to encourage a sense of           skills and expertise and gain
                                        school community and want all our         representative honours in a variety of
                                        learners to take pride in themselves      sports both in and out of school. Our
                                        and their school. To help hold            learners also have the opportunity to
                                        themselves in high regard, we ask all     join some of the clubs that use our
                                        students to come to, and go from          facilities in the evening. There is
                                        school looking smart and clean.           excellent provision for extra
                                                                                  curricular activities. Our new 3G
                                        “The main activities at lunchtime and
                                                                                  Astroturf is equivalent in size to a
                                        after school are popular with students.
                                                                                  normal full size football pitch and is
                                        They enrich students’ learning and
                                        help promote their physical fitness”      available for use by schools,
                                                                        OFSTED    community groups and sports clubs
                                                                                  all year round.

8 Prospectus
        This prospectus gives only a brief description of the life and
            work of our school.

                 Parents or members of the community who would
                   like more detailed information are welcome to
                     make an appointment through the Headteacher.

                       A number of opportunities to get to know us
                        are planned for learners before they start at
                        Matthew Moss. There are Open Evenings for
                        both parents and children and Sampler Days
                        where primary school children visit Matthew
                        Moss for a day’s lessons.

                       There are times when teachers from Matthew
                      Moss visit primary schools to talk to groups of
                    learners and there are many extra curricular
                  activities and joint curriculum initiatives.

              Please telephone the school to arrange a visit.

        Matthew Moss has a long tradition in Teacher Training. It is
    one of the longest serving Training Schools in England and the
    only school in the North of England running its own Teacher
          Training Programme, accredited by the D.C.S.F.

                      Matthew Moss also runs training programmes
                        for Rochdale’s newly qualified teachers and
                          teachers in middle management posts.

  Matthew Moss High School
    Matthew Moss Lane, Marland
       ROCHDALE OL11 3LU
         Tel: 01706 632910
         Fax: 01706 514950
  Chair of Governors: Mr John Rowe

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