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									How to transfer Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini SMS to PC?
How to Transfer Your SMS from Samsung S3 Mini to Your Computer

Step One

Install AST Android SMS Backup in your Galaxy S3 Mini, and then find the program in the mobile UI to launch it. To
backup SMS, just click Backup SMS. And in no minute your SMS should have been backed up in SD card. For
restoring the backup SMS to Galaxy S3 Mini you simply click Restore SMS.

                                      Step Two

                                      Transfer SMS to PC. Connect the Galaxy S3 Mini to your computer with a
                                      data cable and copy the backup SMS file to computer. After that you go to
                                      the desktop to launch AST Android SMS transfer, click File on the panel to
                                      import the backup SMS you would like to manage on PC.

                                      Step Three

                                      Manage SMS on PC. AST will read the backup SMS file itself and display the
                                      messages after you import the file. And now you can manage SMS on
                                      computer conveniently, edit, delete, export and print the selected ones.

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