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									          Three Simple Steps To Teach
                Yourself Guitar
Do you want to know how to teach yourself guitar? Well, you have come to the right place!
Today, I will be sharing with you three simple steps on how you can do just that! By the end of
this article, I hope you will have a better idea of how you can go about doing so. With that, I will
not hold you back any further. Let me start with the first step!

Step 1: Buy A Cheap Guitar
First things first, you need to get yourself a guitar. At this stage, you do not need to purchase a
very expensive guitar. All you need to teach yourself guitar is a really basic guitar. You can even
get a secondhand guitar if you want. Later on, when you are more familiar with playing the
guitar, you can invest in a more expensive one! Now you may be asking, “can I borrow a friend’s
guitar?” Well yes you can, but I do not
encourage that. If you do borrow a friend’s
guitar, you are going to have to return it
one day. The reason why I want you to buy
your own guitar is because I want you to
develop a relationship and a bond with it. If
you are using a borrowed guitar, there is a
likelihood that you will not create that
bond. Even if you do, you will have to break
that bond when it is time for the guitar to
be returned.

Step 2: Sign Up For Guitar Classes Online
The next step if you want to teach yourself guitar is to sign up for guitar classes online. The
advantage here is that you need not travel to a physical school to learn basic guitar. Hence you
get to save time and money. Another advantage is that guitar classes online usually come in the
form of video tutorials. This allows you to pause the video if you cannot keep up with the
lesson’s pace. This also means that you can watch the videos again on a later date if you choose
to revise on what you have learnt. In essence, you get to learn to play the guitar at your own

Step 3: Keep Practicing
The last step is that you need to allocate some time to practice on the guitar every day.
Consistency is the key here, and if you are really serious about learning this instrument, you
should commit to practicing every day. I recommend you spend at least an hour on it every day.

With that, I hope you now know how you can teach yourself guitar. Always remember to have
fun while you are at it.

Would you like me to recommend you an amazing resource so that you can teach yourself guitar?
It is the Guitar Success System, and it is the only guitar course you will ever need to teach
yourself guitar! I highly recommend it and hope you check it out!

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