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					     Dukane ImagePro 8794H-RJ

A bright Image in a light weight and affordable unit
Key Features of the 8794H-RJ
• 2700 ANSI Lumens/ Weighs only 5 lbs.

• 3000/5000 hour Lamp life

• Ready for Network Control

• 5000 Hour Hybrid Filter

• FIVE Year Warranty

Data sheet on the 8794H-RJ can be found here :

8794H-RJ Features Explained

        Lots of Inputs
8794H-RJ Features Explained
 8794H-RJ Features Explained

HDCP stands for High-Bandwidth Digital Content Protection,
a copy protection scheme to eliminate the possibility of
intercepting digital data midstream between the source to the
display. The latest DVD and Blu Ray players use this
standard, and some PC’s are beginning to use it.
 Key Features of the 8794H-RJ

Dukane is the industry leader in warranty.

Most Data-video projectors come with a 2 or 3 year warranty.
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Dukane Mobile Presentation System (MPS)
MPS can Include:
•Data Video Projector
•Document Camera
•DVD Player
•Lockable, Rugged Cart
•Speakers, Cables, Power
• Just the cart can be purchased as well
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Dukane Projection System (DPS)

   Ships complete with everything you need
       for a quick and neat installation.
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Dukane Projection Screens
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                            To this…in minutes!
From this……

 Screen2 Go: Worlds first portable screen in a pouch
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    Dukane Airslate A3A Wireless Tablet

When used with a Dukane Projector, the Airslate offers
the instructor all the functionality of a fixed Interactive Whiteboard
 on any sized projection screen…at a fraction of the cost a fixed IWB.
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Projector-Related Products

        Convey Response pads
       Are used in Education, as
        Well as in Business and
            Government for
       Presentations and training
For more information on Dukane products,

Bill McIntosh, SchoolVision Inc.
Authorized Dukane Consultant


Email :WKMcIntosh@Comcast.net

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