Lovebird aggressive and likes to attack his partner? This is how to fix it!

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					Lovebird aggressive and likes to attack his
partner? This is how to fix it!
This bird is named lovebird, since known as bird-lovers, always faithful to his partner. Generally,
if already mated, lovebird (LB) and a group of birds bent beak (parrot) other will pair up for life.
But there are times when LB was already visible berjodoh fight or hurt his partner. Well, we will
be reviewing the nature of the aggressive LB against his partner.

Age differences and fluctuations in hormone levels in male and female lovebird greatly
influences the formation of couples. The older birds, especially if accustomed to living alone,
usually more ready to be mated than younger birds.
In addition, the problem of the enclosure is also a dilemma of its own for us to ask lovebird. The
bird that will supposedly need time to adjust to his new home.
If LB females included in the enclosure that was originally occupied by lovebird males, there is a
possibility the males will overwhelm the enclosure. In some cases, he would seek to form a bond
with the potential partner too fast, often attacking the candidate's spouse.
And vice versa. If LB male is inserted in the enclosure which was originally occupied by a
female lovebird. The female is likely that ruled the roost, and often apply aggressive towards
prospective spouse.
In the wild, this kind of thing rarely happens. Because when they choose a mate, both the male
and the female are similarly in the condition is ready to mate. The levels of the hormones
testosterone (male) and estrogens (female) was already experiencing synchronization is
naturally. Consequently, the process of matchmaking and the marriage was much easier.
In contrast to cage in captivity. Usually the prospective spouse who obtained a lovebird is a bird
that had also just living alone in a cage/enclosure, and just being friends with man as its owner.
Lovebird can also suffer Burnout
Birds in the wild, although already berjodoh, is usually too busy with "affair". They need to
interact with other birds around it, so not only with his partner only. Activity that is what often
makes the birds in the wild are relatively free of burnout.
Well, in captivity needs, a lovebird is forced or compelled to always meet with a friend's
lovebird-that's it. They like could not obtain new things in the cage captivity.
But we know, LB and crooked beak of bird groups also have intelligence beyond the type of
birds. They need a lot of aktifivas that can stimulate her brain to work, such as foraging, or
interact with other birds.
If this condition is not immediately discernible by the owner, and lasts for a long time, it is not
surprising if it appears the case where a lovebird suddenly became aggressive, even attacking a
partner or prospective partner on its own.

Give a toy to suppress potential Burnout in lovebird.
The simplest solution to minimize the potential saturation was giving toys to the lovebird. If you
have land that is quite extensive, it could also use another solution by building a stable breeding
The aggressive nature of the lovebird actually easily observable (if it appears), but that is
difficult is seeing signs that the bird will be aggressive. The presence of a dominant bird alone is
enough to intimidate her partner, even without physical attacks.
The birds are under the influence of intimidation will not have the opportunity to eat properly,
and often nervous or lethargic. In addition to nutritional problems, stress due to live one
enclosure with the attackers (aggressors) can weaken the immune system, and will be prone to
this type of disease.
Some steps that can be done
   •   Separate first the lovebird looks dominant for a while. This is very necessary, if the other
       birds look stress. Thus, there is a chance for other birds to more mature or experienced if
       was betrothed again with a new pair of candidates.
   •   Do not pull out the bird that intimidated from their enclosures. While keeping the birds
       intimidated in cages, then there is a chance for him to become the new ruler in the
       enclosure. This could boost her mental health, if aggressive lovebird will supposedly go
       back and put into the cage.
   •   In the above case, matchmaking with two aircraft carriers ever in pairs, all should start
       from the beginning again. That is, the start of the process of attaching the cage the
       aggressors to Aviary that intimidated.
   •   As I refer to above. to eliminate saturation, give a toy for a lovebird. It's already sold a
       variety of furniture and toys for the birds beak bent.
   •   Removing one of them to play outside the breeding cages, for example 1-3 times a week,
       so that they could obtain apartments.
   •   Provide the lush plants and branched out in a cage captivity, in order that it could
       lovebird has time to yourself (Privacy) without being seen by his partner.
Hopefully this article can be useful for those of you who are just starting out and are having
problems cultivation the lovebird.

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