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									has been taken by NCC in this                                        most important aspect of Unity
regard where the Philosophy of       The camps help                  and Discipline. NCC has also
NCC training is being refined        in developing                   introduced classes on Human
to make NCC training more            camaraderie, team               Values as part of Personality
interactive and      meaningful.     spirit, dignity of labour,      Development Programme for
To elicit response from all          self-confidence and             its cadets. Various types of
stakeholders,     Zonal      level   the most important              camps conducted in NCC are
seminars in NCC have already         aspect of Unity and             as listed below:
been organized and a National        Discipline.                     (a) Annual Training Camps
level seminar is planned to                                          (ATC): Annual Training Camps
be conducted in March/ April                               are conducted at State Directorate level
2012.                                                      so as to ensure that a minimum of 50%
                                                           Junior Division/ Wing (JD/JW) cadets and
13.9    Training in NCC comprises the following
                                                           100% of Senior Division Wing (SD/SW)
important facets:
                                                           cadets numbering approximately 8.5
(a)    Institutional Training.                             lakh attend at least one camp per year.
(b)    Camp Training.                                      Approximately 1700 such camps are
(c)    Adventure Training.                                 conducted every year.
(d)    Social    Service     and     Community       (b)   National Integration Camp (NIC): A
       Development Activities.                             total of 37 NICs are conducted every
(e)    Youth Exchange Programme.                           year. 24,200 cadets from all States and
                                                           Union Territories participate in these
13.10 Institutional Training: Institutional
                                                           NICs. This year, so far, 26 NICs have
training covers basic military training in
                                                           been conducted in different parts of
Army, Navy and Air Wing subjects, including
                                                           the country. In addition, Special NICs
exposure to camp life. The aim of this training
                                                           have been scheduled/ conducted at the
is to expose the youth to a regimental way of life
                                                           following places:
and inculcate in them the values of discipline,
obedience and orderliness. All enrolled cadets         Sl. Place where       Period         No. of
                                                       No. SNIC conducted                 participants
go through the Institutional Training in their         (i) Speical NIC,   July 11 – 22,       180
respective schools/ colleges as per specified                Leh              2011
                                                       (ii) Special NIC     May 28 to         600
syllabi for each wing of NCC.                                Pungalwa     June 8, 2011
13.11 Camp Training: Camp Training is an               (iii) Special NIC   October 8 –        300
important part of NCC curriculum. The camps                  Badabagh       19, 2011
help in developing camaraderie, team spirit,
                                                       (iv) Special NIC   October 19 to       300
dignity of labour, self-confidence and the                   Peddapuram     30, 2011

(c)   Vayu Sainik Camp (VSC):        Every year          Junior Wing) are organized every year.
      an All India Vayu Sainik Camp for Air              This year 3373 cadets attended these
      Wing SD and SW cadets is organized                 camps from September to December
      at Jakkur Airfield (Bangalore) for a               2011.
      period of 12 days. This year the camp
                                                   (g)   Rock Climbing Training Camps: Eight
      was conducted from       October 30 to
                                                         Rock Climbing camps were held this
      November 10, 2011. 600 SD/SW cadets
                                                         training year to expose the cadets to the
      from all the 17 State NCC Directorates
                                                         basics of rock climbing and to inculcate
      participated in this Camp.
                                                         the spirit of adventure in them. Four of
(d)   Nau Sainik Camp (NSC): This camp is also           these camps were held at Gwalior in MP
      organized once a year for Naval Wing SD            and another four camps at Neyyar Dam
      and SW cadets for 12 days. This year the           near Thiruvananthapuram Kerala. 1080
      camp was conducted at Visakhapatnam                cadets attended these camps from May
      from November 1 - 12, 2011. 590 SD/                2011 to November 2011.
      SW cadets took part in this camp from all
                                                   (h)   Republic Day Camp 2012: Republic Day
      17 State NCC Directorates.
                                                         Camp-2012 was conducted from January
(e)   Thal Sainik Camps (TSC): Two concurrent            1 - 31, 2012 at Delhi. The camp was
      TSCs are conducted at Republic Day                 attended by 2000 cadets from all over
      Parade ground, Delhi Cantt every year,             India. In addition, 75 cadets from friendly
      one for SD boys and one for SW girls.              foreign countries with whom NCC has an
      This year the camps were conducted                 ongoing Youth Exchange Programme
      from September 2–13, 2011.         Along           also attended the camp from January 15 -
      with TSC, the Inter Directorate Shooting           30, 2012.
      Competition (both for boys and girls) was
                                                   13.12 Republic     Day    Parade:   Two    NCC
      also conducted. 561 cadets participated
                                                   marching contingents and three (two boys
      in the competition. Total 1360 cadets
                                                   and one girl) NCC bands participated in the
      from all the 17 State NCC Directorates
                                                   Republic Day Parade at Rajpath on January 26,
      participated in this camp.
(f)   Leadership Camps: These camps are
                                                   13.13 Attachment Training: The NCC cadets
      conducted on an All India basis. Four
                                                   derive first-hand experience of immense value
      Advance Leadership Camps (ALC), one
                                                   by attachment to the Armed Forces units.
      each for Senior Division. Junior Division,
                                                   During the year, attachments scheduled/
      Senior Wing, Senior Division (Navy) and
                                                   conducted were as under:
      three Basic Leadership Camps (one each
      for Senior Division, Senior Wing and         (a)   440 officers including women officers

      and      20,000       cadets                                          Kochi and Visakhapatnam for
      including 500 SW girl              440 officers including             sea training and attachment for
      cadets    attended         the     women officers and                 a period of 12 days. Cadets
      attachment training with           20,000 cadets including            were imparted intensive naval
      regular army units.                500 SW girl cadets                 training    in    various   naval
                                         attended the attachment            subjects and got opportunity to
(b)   120 Senior Division and
                                         training with regular              see naval exercises at sea.
      48 SW cadets underwent
                                         army units.
      attachment      training    at                                        13.16        Foreign        Naval
      Indian Military Academy,                                              Cruises:
      Dehradun and Officers Training Academy,
      Chennai respectively for duration of two                  (i)     7 Cadets visited Persian Gulf
      weeks each.                                                       (Muscat, Bahrain & Saudi Arabia)
                                                                        from March 6 to April 2, 2011 on
(c)   1000 SW cadets were attached with
                                                                        board Indian Naval Cadet training
      various Military Hospitals.
(d) 100 Air Wing NCC cadets (76 SD and
                                                                (ii)    10 Cadets visited South-East Asia
      24 SW) underwent attachment training
                                                                        (Phuket, Port Kelong, Singapore and
      with Air Force Academy, Dundigal.
                                                                        Jakarta) from August 9 to September
      This training is conducted twice a year
                                                                        20, 2011 on board Naval ships INS
      for 13 days each in June and October
                                                                        Tir and INS Krishna.
                                                         13.17 Naval Academy Attachment Training:
13.14 Microlite Flying:          Microlites facilities
                                                         Annual Training Camp for SW cadets &
are provided at 47 NCC Air squadrons. Despite
the gradual phasing out of Gliders, NCC Air              Attachment training for SD cadets is conducted
squadrons have carried out 700 launches                  at Naval Academy, Ezhimala. However, due
during the past year. Gliders are in the process         to non availability of accommodation, these
of being replaced by Microlite aircraft whose            camps are being conducted at Visakhapatnam
procurement is presently under progress                  from January 30 to February 10, 2012. 170
through Indian Air Force. Microlite flying is            SW & 25 SD cadets participated in this camp/
being conducted in NCC with a view to give               attachment.
air experience to the Air Wing NCC cadets
                                                         13.18 Advance           Leadership    Camp     (ALC):
(SD). A total 2400 hours of microlite flying was
                                                         Every year ALC is conducted at Thoothukudi
undertaken during the year 2011-12.
                                                         (Tuticorin). This year camp was conducted
13.15 Naval Ship Attachment: 300 cadets of               from         December 22, 2011 to January 2,
naval wing embarked on naval ships at Mumbai,            2012. A total of 150 SD Cadets participated

in the camp.      Besides visiting the Naval        Each NCC Directorate undertakes a minimum
Establishments/ Installations, cadets carry out     of one sailing expedition for a period of 12 days,
Adventure Training, Security Exercise and also      covering a total distance of 400 to 500 Kms. 40
take part in various competitions intended          to 60 cadets from each Directorate participate
to develop team spirit and other personality        in the event. During Sailing Expedition, the
traits.                                             cadets get practical training in Boat Pulling and
13.19 Technical NCC Camp for Naval Wing:            Sailing. They face and overcome the hazards
115 SD/SW Cadets from Engineering Colleges          of change in weather conditions and changing
at Chennai attended the Annual Technical            mode of Rivers/ Sea.      Total 15 expeditions
Camp from June 5 - 12 and June 14 - 17, 2011.       were conducted by different NCC Directorates
The cadets were taken to Naval Engineering          in year 2011-12.
Establishments at INS Shivaji/ INS Valsura and
                                                    13.22 Scuba Diving: Five Scuba Diving Camps
Naval Dockyard at Visakhapatnam for study
                                                    are conducted at Kochi, Vizag, Mumbai,
                                                    Chennai and Delhi with assistance from the
                                                    Naval Diving Teams of Indian Navy. A total of
                                                    150 cadets attended these camps this year.

                                                    13.23 Wind Surfing/ Kayaking:        Cadets     of
                                                    Naval Wing are also trained and exposed to
                                                    the basic skills of Wind Surfing and Kayaking.

                                                    13.24 Mountaineering          Courses:        444
                                                    nominated cadets attended various courses at
Chief of Naval Staff, Admiral Nirmal Verma, PVSM,   Nehru Institute of Mountaineering, Uttarkashi,
AVSM, ADM along with DGNCC Lt Gen PS Bhalla,
AVSM interacting with NCC Cadets                    Himalayan        Mountaineering          Institute,
                                                    Darjeeling, JIM & WS, Nunwan, Pahalgam
ADVENTURE TRAINING                                  and Directorate of Mountaineering and Allied
13.20 All India Sailing Regatta at Chilka: 51       Sports, Manali during the training year 2011-
SD and 51 SW Cadets from all Directorates           12.
participated in All India NCC Sailing Regatta       13.25 Mountaineering Expeditions: This year
conducted at INS Chilka from November 17            the boy’s team undertook an expedition to
- 24, 2011. One officer and six cadets from         Bharkatkhunta (6578M/21576 ft) and the girl’s
Bangladesh NCC also attended the Regatta.           team scaled Thelu Peak (6000M/19680 ft).
13.21 Sailing Expedition: Sailing Expedition        Out of 16 girl cadets, 13 cadets summated the
is an interesting feature of the Naval Training.    peak.


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