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					                                                            Argument Writing : Cloud Seeding

   Teacher Name: Ms. Gorkiewicz

   Student:    ________________________________________                                 Date: _______________                                         Period: __________

        CATEGORY          4 - Above Standards            3 - Meets Standards          2 - Approaching Standards 1 - Below Standards           Score
Ideas                     Clearly worded, well-          Mostly clearly worded, well- Claim is somewhat clear and Claim is not clearly worded
                          defined claim. Anticipate      defined claim. Likely        somewhat defined.           and not well-defined.
                          reader\'s opposition.          anticipate reader\'s

Organization              Precise, knowledgeable         Mostly accurate claim.         Unsure if claim is accurate.   Inaccurate claim. Missing
                          claim. Provide brief           Some background                Lacking background             background information.
                          background information to      information OR too much        information. Claim is mostly   Claim is unfair and not
                          help lay foundation. Develop   information. Claim is mostly   unfair OR not thorough.        thorough. Missing a
                          claim(s) and counterclaims     fair and mostly thorough.      Concluding statement is        concluding statement.
                          fairly and thoroughly.         Provides a concluding          weak.
                          Provides a concluding          statement.
Voice                     Establish and maintain a       Style and voice are mostly     Style and voice are mostly     Style and voice are
                          formal style/voice.            formal. Tone is mostly         informal. Tone is mostly       completely informal. Tone is
                          Respectful tone.               respectful.                    disrespectful.                 completely disrespectful.

Word Choice               Use words, phrases, and        Word choice is mostly clear Word choice is not entirely       Word choice is not at all
                          clauses as well as varied      and purposeful in its support clear or purposeful in its      clear or purposeful.
                          syntax to link the major       and advance of position.      support and advance of
                          sections of the text, create                                 position.
                          cohesion, and clarify the
                          relationships between
                          claim(s) and reasons,
                          between reasons and
Sentence Fluency          Uses transitional words and    Not all transitional words     Lacking in transitional        Missing transitional words.
                          phrases between points         are chosen well, or they do    words or correct use of
                          (however, such as, most        not fit well.                  them.

Conventions               Capitalization Usage           1-2 errors in C.U.P.S.         3-4 errors in C.U.P.S.         5 or more errors in C.U.P.S.
                          Punctuation Spelling

Presentation              Easy to read handwriting.   Writer mostly shows they          Writer mostly shows they do Writer clearly did not take
                          Double spaced typing. Well- care about this paper.            not care about this paper.  time or pride in this paper.
                          defined margins. Use 12 pt.
                          Times New Roman font.

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