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									as the Force Commander of MONUSCO in                    faced many challenges towards execution of its
Congo. Besides the Force Commanders, India              tasks and achievement of operational goals in
also had the honour of providing one Division           terms of protection of civilians, surrenders and
Commander, five Deputy Force Commanders                 area domination. The brigade undertook many
and two Military Advisors to the Secretary              operations during this period mainly to ensure
General of the United Nations.                          protection of civilian and successful conduct of
                                                        the presidential and provincial elections. Few
3.57 Our Present Contribution: India has
                                                        of the important operations were, OPERATION
also contributed a sizeable strength of troops
                                                        JUA MUPIA, OPERATION RESTORE HOPE,
for the UN peacekeeping operations. Presently
                                                        OPERATION BIRDS EYE AND OPERATION
we have 7099 persons (approximately) in
                                                        DEVINE FORCE. OPERATION BLUE FIST was
various UN missions. Our present contribution
                                                        launched by the brigade to successfully bring
is as follows:
                                                        to an end the armed group clashes in the area
(a)     MONUSCO: Congo (1999 – till                     of Kimua. This operation was a huge success
date): India’s contribution to MONUSCO                  and it proved the ability of the Indian soldiers
commenced with the deputation of military               to operate under a multinational environment.
Observers in 1999. With increased demands               The North Kivu Brigade took great initiatives for
for troops contribution, India has deployed             alleviating the suffering of the local Congolese.
an Infantry Brigade Group with four Infantry            Various humanitarian activities were launched,
Battalion Groups, Brigade Signal Company and            e.g. the Catch them Young activity to positively
a Level III hospital in Congo since November            engage the young minds in the AOR. The
2004. An Army Aviation Flt has also been                Units of the brigade executed many Quick
deployed in the mission area w.e.f. 2009.               impact projects worth about US$ 73535.00
Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) is the               to facilitate the local population. North Kivu
second largest country in the African Continent         Brigade facilitated surrenders of 398 cadres,
and has faced protracted period of unrest and           228 child soldiers & 288 dependents in year
instability since its independence in 1960; a           2011 through its bases, thereby encouraging
period, characterized by two civil wars and             restoration of normalcy in the region.
ethnic conflicts. The operating conditions for
                                                        (b)     UNFIL: Lebanon (1998 – till date):
the Indian brigade here are challenging, replete
                                                        The Indian Army’s contribution to UNIFIL
with inhospitable terrain and adverse climatic
                                                        includes one Infantry Battalion Group, one
conditions. The brigade is mandated to carry
                                                        Level I Hospital and Staff Officers. INDBATT
out protection of civilians which is the primary
                                                        Area of Operations (AO) is in the Eastern part
role. The North Kivu Brigade has contributed
                                                        of the UNIFIL AO. The Battalion is deployed in
significantly towards implementation of the
                                                        mountainous terrain and INDBATT XIV has an
MONUSCO Mandate and is regarded extremely
                                                        AO of approximately 100 sq kms. INDBATT XIV
favorable by the international community. The
                                                        is carrying out intensive operational activities
entire infrastructure, security management
                                                        in its AO. INDBATT is holding 10 UN position
and activities of MONUSCO in the province
                                                        apart from 9 Temporary Observation Posts
are dependent on the Brigade. The formation

(Ops) along the blue Line, which is the highest           mission is presently under stabilization phase.
number of posts held by a single unit in entire           On July 9, 2011, the independent State of
UNFIL AOR, thus dominating the Blue Line                  Republic of South Sudan (RoSS) was formed in
against any violation of the line of withdrawal           a complex and fragile regional environment.
between Lebanon and Israel occupied Cheeba                UNMISS intervention resulted in resolution of
Farms Area, thereby monitoring and reporting              dispute between SPLA and RMGs undergoing
promptly any violation. The battalion has been            re-integration, regarding retention of weapons.
successful in maintaining peace and stability             However, there is still significant distrust
in its AO through relentless patrolling activities        between the two parties.
which includes a daily schedule of 26 day/                (e)    UNDOF: Golan Heights – Israel
night patrols in the battalion AOR including              (January 2006 till date): In Golan Heights
Counter Rocket Launching Operations                       India has deployed a logistic contingent as part
(CRLOs) and blue Line Patrols in close                    of UNDOF which is responsible for providing
coordination with Lebanese Armed Forces.                  second line logistic support to the mission. The
The Indian Army INDBATT-XIV organized a                   Indian contingent has been part of UNDOF
large number of activities to include medical,            since 2006 when it replaced the Canadian
dental and veterinary camps on regular basis,             contingent.
so as to provide succor and solace to the
                                                          (f)     UNMIT: Timor Leste: To the Mission
local population. Due to aid, a close contact
                                                          in Timor Leste, India has provided only one
and special rapport has been achieved with
                                                          Staff Officer. Although the contribution is not
the local population which further assists in
                                                          significantly large, it is consistent.
achievement of operational tasks.
                                                          3.58 Till date 136 Indian peacekeepers have
(c)    UNMIS: Sudan (April 2005 till July 9,              made the supreme sacrifice while serving in UN
2011): Contribution to Sudan was initially in             peacekeeping operations. In recognition of their
the form of two infantry battalion group, a sector        gallant and distinguished service while serving
HQ, a Force Signal Company, a Construction                the noble cause of world peace, members of
Engineer Company, IAF contingent and a Level              Indian Army peacekeeping contingents have
II Hospital. The mission was closed down in               won the following awards:
July 2011.
                                                              (a)      Param Vir Chakra                1
(d)    UNMISS (South Sudan):     The UN                       (b)       Maha Vir Chakra                5
Mission in Sudan (UNMIS) was closed down                      (c)         Kirti Chakra                 1
on July 9, 2011 and the UN HQ opened a
                                                              (d)         Vir Chakra                  19
new mission viz UNMISS (South Sudan).
                                                              (e)       Shaurya Chakra                 3
Government of India approved sidestepping
the Indian Army contingents which were
                                                              (f)      Yudh Seva Medal                 4
deployed in UNMIS (Sudan) to UNMISS (South
                                                              (g)         Sena Medal                  10
Sudan). The Indian Army contingents have                      (h)     Vishisth Seva Medal              2
commenced operations in support of the UN                                    Total                    45
Security Council mandate for UNMISS. The



INS Jyoti , RSS Supreme and INS Kirch

          The Indian Navy (IN) has been playing a maritime
          leadership role in the Indian Ocean Region (IOR)
          due to its multi-dimensional capabilities and active
          presence in the region

4.1    The Indian Navy (IN) has been playing            responsible nation and a benign maritime
a maritime leadership role in the Indian Ocean          neighbour, enforcement of international laws,
Region (IOR) due to its multi-dimensional               humanitarian assistance and disaster relief in
capabilities and active presence in the region.         the Indian Ocean Region would continue to
The IN faces an operating environment of                remain in the forefront of our international
ferment, due to a variety of factors which              commitments. The complex maritime security
include geo-politics, geo-economics, emerging           environment in the IOR requires the IN to
technologies, changing nature of asymmetric             maintain a high level of operational tempo
threat and continuously evolving capabilities           and readiness at all times. Besides a large
in our maritime neighbourhood. Consequently,            number of operational deployments, the IN
the IN’s force planning and operational                 has successfully undertaken exercises with
philosophy is designed to address likely threats        navies of friendly foreign countries. These
and opportunities, with the overall aim of              exercises have helped in strengthening bilateral
protecting our national maritime interests.             relationships, cementing our professional ties
                                                        and streamlining inter-operability issues.
4.2    As India continues its progress on the
path of sustained economic growth, there                4.4    Piracy continues to remain a major area
is a growing acceptance of the fact that the            of concern in the IOR. During its anti-piracy
maritime domain is the prime facilitator of our         patrols, the IN has done a commendable job in
development. More than 90% of our trade by              thwarting a number of attacks on Indian and
volume and 77% by value are transported over            foreign merchant ships, over the past year. Our
the seas. Over 97% of our energy needs of oil           continued presence in pirate infested area has
are either imported or produced from offshore           demonstrated our commitment and resolve to
fields. Consequently, our economic growth is            the maritime world to deal with this threat. The
inextricably linked to the seas.                        role and responsibility of the IN to protect our
                                                        maritime interests will continue to grow with
4.3    The IN is being increasingly called
                                                        the requirement to safeguard our expanding
upon to address issues pertaining to safety,
                                                        economic interests as also the leadership
security and stability in the region. As a


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