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									                                     2012 Jr. Golf Academy

                          Paradise Valley
                        Junior Golf Academy

     Paradise Valley Golf Club welcomes you and your junior golfer to the
                 2012 Paradise Valley Junior Golf Academy.

               With over 25 years of junior golf experience,
  our PGA Professionals and staff are sure to provide the ultimate learning
                    environment for your junior golfer.

              Our Mission: To introduce and instruct, on an individual basis,
                    juniors in the sport of golf, as well as provide a fun
                           and enjoyable learning environment.

                              2012 JUNIOR ACADEMY STAFF
                            Michael Miller, PGA Head Professional

                               Chris Gill, Assistant Professional

                                   Guest PGA Professionals

Who is Eligible?
         • Girls and Boys
         • Ages 7 through 15, as of June 2nd 2012.

Legacy (new sibling) application-
         • If a sibling of a returning participant is interested in joining our program,
           please copy/utilize this form

          •     Legacy applications will be accepted with returning participants and prior to
                the general public.
          •     General Public applications will be available on February 21st.
          •     Returning and Legacy applications received after opening day for the
                general public are accepted on a space available basis
          •     Legacy participants are required to attend an orientation for new participants
                (see below)
                                   2012 Jr. Golf Academy

Level of Experience-
          • Previous experience is not necessary.
          • Juniors will be assigned to the 6 or 9 hole groups, according to their age,
            experience and tested skill level.

When is the Junior Academy?
         • Every Tuesday morning beginning June 7 and ending August 9th.
         • Note: there is no Academy on July 5th and 12th. In the event that the
            final day of the Academy is cancelled (August 9th), it will be made up
            the on August 16th.

What is the Cost?
          • $300.00 per junior golfer
          • Multiple child discount:      2nd child $275.00
                                          3rd child $250.00

           •   Refunds (less $25 administration fee) will be granted on or before May 1st.
           •   50% Refund will be issued from May 1-May 15th, unless accompanied by a
               Doctors note or an extenuating circumstance.
           •   All requests for refunds after May 15th will not be granted, unless
               accompanied by a Doctors note or an extenuating circumstance.

How Many Juniors Will Be Accepted?
       • 80 juniors

Each WEEK juniors will receive:
       • hour of individualized instruction by PGA certified Golf Professionals
       • lunch
       • Golf~ 9 holes of golf, depending on age, experience and skill level.

What is the Format of the Academy?
          • Four groups will make up check-in:
                    8:15 am, 9:15 am, 10:15 am, and 11:15 am.
          • Note: Check-in times will be pre-assigned for the 1st day of the
             academy and are subject to change according to demonstrated skill
             level and number of holes to be played.
          • 20 Junior golfers per check-in group

During Check-in:
        • Juniors will check-in during their assigned check-in time
        • Receive their assigned tee time*, name tag and instruction group
                                      2012 Jr. Golf Academy
            •   Juniors will then proceed to the instruction clinic offered that day.

Individualized instruction, instead of mass instruction, is the key to introducing your child
to the game of golf.

            •   Each instruction group consists of 7-10 juniors.
            •   Each instruction group will have 1 PGA Golf Professionals teaching
            •   The juniors will spend approx. 20-30 min. at each station and then rotate to
                the next station.
            •   Time allotment for instruction is 1 hour

Play day:
            •   After completion of instruction the juniors will then have lunch or go to the 1st
                tee for their assigned tee time
            •   Ideally, juniors will wait no longer than 1/2 hour to play.

            •   After completing each round, juniors will be required to turn in his/her
                scorecard to the scoring area.
            •   This area will provide the juniors with a place to go over the scores recorded
                and attest/witness their partner’s scores.
            •   Recorded scores aid the staff in grouping juniors of the same skill level

The Final Day-Tees and Greens Celebration~Aug. 7th:
         • An end of summer celebration lunch and Jr. Scramble event will take place
            on Aug. 7th.
         • Lunch will be served from 11:00-11:45 am with the Junior Golf scramble
            beginning at 12 noon.
         • Parents, siblings and others are invited to spectate.
         • Details will follow closer to the event
         • In the event of rain, the event will be rescheduled for August 14th

Mandatory Volunteerism:
In order to make our program more of a success, your volunteerism is crucial.
           • Parents are required to volunteer for (2) dates of the Junior Academy.
           • Note: In the event we lack volunteers on certain dates, we reserve the
              right to assign you to a date that you did not request and we also
              reserve the right to assign you a 3rd volunteer date, if needed.
           • Families with multiple children in the Academy will be responsible for
              additional volunteer dates.
                     For Example:         2 children=3 dates
                                          3 children=4 dates
           • Volunteering will consist of scoring and chaperoning, cart will be provided.
                                    2012 Jr. Golf Academy
          •   If you cannot volunteer on your assigned day, it is your responsibility to find
              a suitable replacement
          •   Failure to show or provide a substitute will result in the dismissal of your
              junior golfer(s) from the Academy without refund.
          •   No Exceptions.

Rain Outs:
In the unlikely event that an Academy date is cancelled due to weather, we will issue a
“rain check” to each participant for:
           • 9 holes of golf
           • lunch
           • Rain checks are to be used by the end of the year.
Note: Due to the fact that we have limited time during the summer, all academy
dates that are cancelled due to weather will not be rescheduled EXCEPT in the
event that the final day of the academy is cancelled, it will be made up on August

Dress Code:
        • Metal spikes are not allowed.
        • Soft spikes, spike-less golf shoes or tennis shoes will only be allowed.
        • Collared shirts are required by both girls and boys
        • Bermuda length shorts, skirts or slacks are allowed
        • No short-shorts will be allowed.
        • Any player not conforming to the above will be warned (parents will be
                    Repeat offense will end in dismissal from the program without refund

       • Players are responsible for providing their own equipment
       • Pull-carts will not be allowed and will not be available for rental, unless
           deemed medically necessary
       • Each junior is required to carry his/her own bag
       • Juniors will not be allowed to ride or place their equipment on the golf carts
           at any time

Conduct of Players:
        • Any misconduct such as cheating, falsification of score, abuse of equipment,
            use of any alcohol or tobacco products, gambling, disrespect for the golf
            course or facility, staff, volunteer or fellow competitor or any other displays of
            inappropriate behavior will not be tolerated and will result in immediate
            disqualification from that days event (and possibly removal from the
        • Repeat offense will result in suspension from the program without refund of
                                   2012 Jr. Golf Academy
          •   In the event that a major infringement of the golf course and/or fellow
              competitor takes place (ie-injury to another) immediate removal from the
              program will occur, without refund of program monies.
          •   The staff and owner of Paradise Valley Golf Club reserves the right to review
              and decide the severity of each misconduct

Returning Participant Orientation-
         • Returning participants will not be required to attend an orientation
         • A Liability Waiver/Agreement must be sent in with entry form and payment in
            order to complete registration
         • Please see the Liability agreement section below

Legacy (Sibling) Participant Orientation-
         • Even though the sibling may be familiar with our program, they will be
            required to attend a new participant orientation
         • Please select (1) orientation date that your legacy Jr. Golfer will attend

Liability Agreement-
           • Please sign and return the liability agreement with your entry form and
           • As a returning participant, you will not be expected to attend an orientation
           • A liability agreement must be signed and submitted for EACH junior golfer in
             the program to complete registration

Skills Test-
          • Legacy/new siblings will only need to complete a skills test prior to the 1st
             day of the Jr. Academy
          • As a returning participant, you will not need to perform a skills test

        • An email confirmation will be sent to you once your application and all
            components have been received
                                   2012 Jr. Golf Academy

                          2012 Junior Golf Academy
              Parental/Guardian Acceptance of Liability Agreement
                         In view of the fact that my child is a minor
              that I am legally responsible for his/her health and well being:

I agree to accept complete liability for the actions of my child while he/she is participating
               in the 2012 Jr. Golf Academy at Paradise Valley Golf Club.

  I further agree to hold Paradise Valley Golf Club, its members, directors, staff, agents,
   escorts, owner, successors and assignees to be held harmless from all liability claim
 and/or other forms of legal action, including costs there from, against any incident which
   may result in or arise out of any loss, personal or property (including injury or death),
which may be sustained by the junior indicated on this application, his or her family and/or
guardian during travel to, from, participation in, any activity sponsored in whole or part by
                                  Paradise Valley Golf Club.

 In addition, I, as the parent/legal guardian have read and agree to abide by the policies
                        and procedures of the Junior Golf Academy.

   I especially understand that my failure to show for a mandatory volunteer date will
                excuse my child from the program without refund of monies.

  I also agree to abide by the conduct expected of myself and my child through out the
                   program as deemed in the policies and procedures.

                    This agreement between the below signed party
              and Paradise Valley Golf Club will expire on August 31, 2012.


Applicant Signature____________________ Print Applicant Name_________________

Print Parent/Legal Guardian Name__________________________________________

Signature of Parent/Legal

Information we should know:

Allergies/Medical Condition(s):______________________________________________

Other (i.e. special needs/instruction):_________________________________________
                                          2012 Jr. Golf Academy

                         2012 JUNIOR GOLF ACADEMY APPLICATION

                 Please note: Each Jr. Golfer needs their own application.

Junior Golfers Name_________________________________________________________________


City__________________________________ State__________ Zip________________                    Male/Female

Age as of June 1st_________________ Home #: (__________)__________________________

Parent(s)/Legal Guardian_________________________________________________________________

Work/Cell Phone/Pager: (_______)________________ Work/Cell Phone/Pager: (_______)____________

PRINT E-mail for weekly correspondence (required):        ________________________________________

Emergency Contact (other than parent/guardian):           ________________________________________

Relationship: _________________________________ Phone #: (__________)_____________________

Please circle dates that you are UNAVAILABLE to volunteer. You will be assigned (2)
dates. You will be notified in advance of your assigned date and job.

6/5     6/12    6/19    6/26                     7/17     7/24    7/31    8/7

The jr. golfer and (1) paent/guardian must attend (1) orientation. Please mark the day that you plan to
attend. Please note: failure to show up will result in your dismissal from the program-no exceptions.

_____Saturday, March 24 9:45-11 AM          _____Sunday, March 25 4:45-6 PM
_____Saturday, March 31 9:45-11 AM *a late/makeup orientation may be offered if needed

Car Pool
We understand that carpools may be necessary in order for your children to attend our program. Please list
other juniors that will be participating in our program that may be involved in the same carpool. Efforts will
be made to arrange carpools in the same check-in time, however please remember age, younger/older
siblings, etc may prohibit us from granting your request.

Name                                     Age              Name                                     Age
                                      2012 Jr. Golf Academy

Please return:
   1. Completed registration form for each jr. golfer
   2. Full payment of $300 p/jr. golfer
      Multiple child discount:      2nd child $275.00
                                    3rd child $250.00
   3. Liability Agreement for each jr. golfer

                  Payment accepted is: cash, check, or credit card

               If paying by credit card, we accept Mastercard/VISA/American Express

                      PLEASE NOTE: we DO NOT ACCEPT Discover Card

                      This form and your cc receipt will returned to you

Name as it appears on card:   ___________________________________________________________

Credit card Number:     ______________________________________ Expiration Date:_____________

Signature Required:______________________________________________________________________

    Mail the registration form, full payment, and liability agreement to:
                         Paradise Valley Golf Club
                            1055 Lochmoor Drive
                        St. Louis County, MO 63049
                               (636) 225-5157


                               FAX all requirements to:
                                   (636) 225-4005

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