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           REPORTS OF THE

           NOVEMBER 12, 2012
                                              TABLE OF CONTENTS

AGENDA......................................................................................................................... 2

EXECUTIVES ................................................................................................................. 2

REPORT OF THE PRESIDENT...................................................................................... 3

REPORT OF THE VICE PRESIDENT ............................................................................ 4

REPORT OF THE SECRETARY .................................................................................... 8

REPORT OF THE A-8 DIRECTOR............................................................................... 17

REPORT OF THE AWARDS COMMITTEE.................................................................. 18

REPORT OF THE EDUCATION COMMITTEE ............................................................ 19


REPORT OF THE HANDICAP COMMITTEES ............................................................ 20

REPORT OF THE JUNIOR GOLF COMMITTEE ......................................................... 23

REPORT OF THE MEMBERSHIP COMMITTEE.......................................................... 24

REPORT OF THE PLAYER DEVELOPMENT COMMITTEES..................................... 25

REPORT OF THE PUBLIC RELATIONS COMMITTEE............................................... 27

REPORT OF THE SCHOLARSHIP COMMITTEE........................................................ 28

REPORT OF THE SPONSOR COMMITTEE................................................................ 28

REPORT OF THE TOURNAMENT COMMITTEE ........................................................ 30

Page 1                             November 12, 2012                             MAPGA Fall Membership Meeting
                         MAPGA FALL MEMBERSHIP MEETING
                            Monday, November 12, 2012

8:00 a.m. Registration opens (coffee and juice available)
9:00 a.m. Meeting called to order

   1. National Anthem
   2. Invocation
   3. Appointment of Sergeant-at-Arms
   4. Appointment of Parliamentarian
   5. Roll Call of Section Officers and Directors
   6. Moment of silence and meditation for deceased Members
   7. Introduction of Guests
   8. Reading of the minutes of the previous Membership meeting
   9. Reading of the minutes of the pervious Board of Directors’ meetings
   10. Introduction of Newly Elected Members
   11. Unfinished business
   12. New business
   13. Open forum
   14. Adjournment

Respectfully submitted,

Matthew Schulze, PGA


          President ............................................ John C. Malinowski III, PGA

               Vice-President ...................................... John F. Madden II, PGA

               Secretary ............................................ Matthew D. Schulze, PGA

               Honorary President ............................... Dean A. Hurst, PGA


  Mike Ahrnsbrak, PGA              Wayne Holley, PGA                Kevin R. Taylor, PGA
  Robert F. Dolan Jr., PGA         Hank Majewski, PGA               Rod Thompson, PGA
  Jim Folks, PGA                   Paul K. Michaelian, PGA          David Walker, PGA
  Robert Fretwell, PGA                                              Allen F. Wronowski, PGA


  James E. Bennett, PGA            Jon F. Magarace, PGA              Sean M. Taylor, PGA
  Mark J. Beran, PGA               Jeffery S. Maynor, PGA            Michael J. Thomas, PGA
  Dean A. Greer, PGA               Matthew D. Schulze, PGA           Joshua B. Tremblay, PGA
  J.P. Lunn, PGA                                                     Andy T. Weissinger, PGA

Page 2                     November 12, 2012                     MAPGA Fall Membership Meeting
                              REPORT OF THE PRESIDENT

It's hard to believe that the end of the season is here and I am already halfway through my
term as MAPGA President. So much has happened since last November and I am honored
to represent all of you at the many local events I attend and on the National level with the

2012 started with a celebration of the great leadership of Dick Johns as he retired after
almost 17 years of service to the MAPGA. We welcomed Jon Guhl as our new Executive
Director and he has been quite busy this year running our day to day operations and also as
serving as Chairman of the National ED committee. We are fortunate to have been able to
replace such a highly respected ED with another highly respected ED. I thank all of you for
your support of him and our entire staff. They do a great job and the Board, my fellow
officers and I keep them quite busy with all that we throw at them.

There have been some changes in the eligibility of some of the tournaments this year. While
not always a popular decision among all Professionals, the Tournament Committee, with the
support of the Board of Directors, makes decisions to make each event better, to preserve
the history of our great tournaments, and to make the experience better for all of our
members. Unfortunately, with change comes criticism because things are different and
someone ultimately gets left out somewhere along the way. Please remember that change
isn't always bad, it's just different. And just because it is different, doesn't mean it is wrong.

The MAPGA Board and the committees are dedicated to improving all of our programs and
sometimes try different things to achieve the desired results, just like all of you do at your
own club to make programs better for your members and patrons. I ask that you please
give us your feedback on these changes, or any other topics, whether you agree or disagree
with them. There are chapter representatives, committee representatives, and Section
officers that each of you can contact. Please contact one of us to let us know your thoughts.
I can't promise you that something will change just because you don't like it, but I can
promise you that your opinions matter and can help to make a difference in our Section.

I would also like to thank the many companies and sales representatives that sponsor our
meetings, tournaments, and education seminars. Without these sponsors it would be
impossible to offer the many programs we enjoy throughout the year. I hope that all of you
are able to participate in and take advantage of the many offerings from our Section and

I recently played in a small outing to thank our volunteers- what an exceptional group we
have to support mostly our tournaments but other programs as well. Any time you come
upon one of our volunteers, please thank them for their time, and maybe invite them out to
your golf course!

Congratulations to our 2012 Players of the Year: Chip Sullivan, PGA (Hanging Rock GC) in
the Regular Division, John Francisco, PGA (Piney Branch G&CC) in the Senior Division,
Ashley Grier (Beaver Creek CC) in the Women’s Division, and Billy Hoffman, PGA (Westwood
CC) as the APA Player of the Year. Great playing by all of you!

I also want to thank all of you for helping to maintain the great relationships with all of our
allied associations. Our relationships are strong with all of them and that is vital as the golf
industry continues to struggle with the current economic conditions. It is vital that we all
continue to work together to grow the game and retain our current customers.

Page 3                     November 12, 2012                  MAPGA Fall Membership Meeting
I thank you for your trust and support over the past year and I look forward to this next
year. I will continue to work for all of you and am committed to making our Section work to
the best of its abilities for all of our members and apprentices.

Respectfully submitted,

John Malinowski, PGA

                          REPORT OF THE VICE PRESIDENT

It is hard to believe that another golf season is almost finished! I hope all of you will be
able to attend the meeting in Fredericksburg and I look forward to seeing you there.

I am happy to report that the MAPGA is in good financial standing despite the fluctuating
economy. Over the next few pages, you will find a Statement of Activities through
September 30, 2012 that includes actual and budgeted amounts, along with some
comments/notes about what the account contains or why it has a large variance. As you
will see, the Income Statement reflects net operational income for the MAPGA of $112,369
(total net income less performance of investments). This number will decrease over the
next couple of months as we continue to pay bills that have not hit our books yet, but you
should still feel comfortable knowing that we have done a good job with our budget and in
controlling the expenses of the Section. As you can see, we are about $40,000 ahead of
last year, but that is mostly due to the timing of receiving some of our revenues early. Our
investments have rebounded nicely this year and we will continue to monitor the markets
and make sure our investments are working for us in the most efficient manner.

I hope as you look over the financial statement of the MAPGA, you will see how important
the Handicap Program is to the financial well being of the Section.           It generates
approximately $275,000 annually in revenue (just over 20% of our total revenue) to help us
administer our programs. If you are not currently participating in the Maryland or Virginia
Handicap Program, please consider doing so. If you are participating, please do your
utmost to encourage more of your patrons/members to join the program. Not only does
this help us all financially, that handicap gives your patrons/members a sense of belonging
to your facility, hopefully causing more play at your facility than at others. If you need
additional information regarding the program, I encourage you to contact the Section office
or our friends at the state golf associations.

I would like to ask all of you to take every opportunity to thank our sponsors for their
continued support and I ask that you support them as well, if you are able. While the
economy seems to be improving over past years, those tough times are still fresh in the
minds of most companies and therefore we are seeing more companies scrutinize each
dollar they spend. The Section was very fortunate to have been able to increase our
sponsorship dollars for 2012 despite these challenges. This is due to the hard work by our
Sponsorship Committee and the MAPGA staff. We should appreciate all of the sponsors that
support us, no matter what amount they are able to give.

Below, I will summarize what I consider to be the most significant or unique financial
activity that has occurred to date.


         Our main revenue sources continue to be the Maryland & Virginia Handicap
         Programs, Sponsorship Revenue and Member & Apprentice dues. The economy has
         led to Sponsor income being lower than budgeted the past couple of years, but I am

Page 4                    November 12, 2012               MAPGA Fall Membership Meeting
                        happy to say that it increased this year. During the budgeting process, we budget
                        our revenues very conservatively to ensure that we do not have a revenue shortfall.
                        The biggest area this applies to is the Handicap Program. With technology evolving
                        and the numerous avenues for a golfer to keep his/her handicap, the possibility
                        exists that this line item could decrease in the coming years.


                        Overall, expenses are lower than budgeted through September. The biggest gap in
                        budget versus actual appears in Food and Beverage. The higher expense was due to
                        the great turnout for the Hall of Fame Banquet this past Spring, which was partially
                        offset by more Registration Income.

              As always, if you would like more detailed financial statements or if you have any questions
              about these reports, please contact me or Stacey Smith (540-720-7420 ext. 121) in the
              Section office prior to the Fall Meeting. We would both be happy to answer your questions
              and/or send you additional information.

              Respectfully submitted,

              John Madden, PGA
              Vice President

                                                  Statement of Activities - Consolidated
                                                    Middle Atlantic Section of the PGA
                                                   Period Ending September 30, 2012

                                   Year To Date       YTD         YTD Variance    Annual Budget
ADP Funding                              67,500        67,500                0            90,000
Administrative Fee Income                47,475        40,015             7,460           51,465
Advertising Revenue                       4,975         3,510             1,465            3,510      HOF Ads up
Dividend Income                           8,485               0           8,485                   0   Investments
Education Income                          3,020         2,360              660             2,360
Entry Fees                              298,116       360,155          (62,039)          402,855      Timing-Open qualifier entries not posted
Fines                                       450           374               76               500
Golf Pass Income                              0               0              0             1,660      Lost $$ this year
Handicap Revenue                        263,938       240,000            23,938          275,000      Ahead on timing of payments
Interest Income                             132           149              (17)              200
Membership Dues                         227,952       227,560              392           301,810
Players Pool Income                      33,940        31,500             2,440           34,270
Realized Gains/Losses                    (6,124)              0         (6,124)                   0   Investments
Registration Income                      32,904        17,960            14,944           36,385      HOF Banquet/Partners Program
Reimbursement Revenue                    17,354        12,825             4,529           33,920      Pro-Am payouts (CE Pro-Am not budgeted)
Rental Income                             9,000         9,000                0            12,000
Royalties                                10,700         6,561             4,139            8,750      Pepsi, OfficeMax, PGA Nat'l, Jani-King (new)
Shipping & Handling Revenue               1,612         1,198              414             1,600      Labels, email blasts, etc.
Sponsorship Revenue                     165,636       176,018          (10,382)          203,640      Timing-Head Pro/Pro-Pres not posted
Unrealized Gains/Losses                 155,680               0        155,680                    0
                                                                                                      Investment Gains
Total Revenue                         1,342,746      1,196,685         146,061          1,459,925

              Page 5                       November 12, 2012                        MAPGA Fall Membership Meeting
Expense                         Year To Date    YTD       YTD Variance    Annual Budget
Administrative Fee                    48,486     83,170          34,684           87,150      Timing-Open qualifier fees not posted
Amateur Prizes                         5,440      3,700         (1,740)            3,700      Pro-Scratch/Pro-Jrs
Auto Repairs/Maint                     2,009      3,275           1,266            4,500
Awards & Trophies                      2,960      4,114           1,154            4,620
Bank Fees                              1,739      2,098            359             2,800
Blue Golf Internet Services            4,131      3,749           (382)            5,000
Board Airfare                          1,575       850            (725)              850      Fall Conf of Leaders - will be reimbursed
Board Ground                           3,357      3,114           (243)            4,940
Board Lodging                          2,436      2,460             24             4,460      Some will be reimbursed - Fall conf
Board Meals                            4,574      3,790           (784)            5,850      Some will be reimbursed - Fall conf
Business License                          26        21              (5)               30
Cart & Range Fees                     49,659     57,340           7,681           64,300
Cell Phone Expense                     2,521      2,250           (271)            3,000
Continuing Education                    (75)       450             525               600
Contribution Expense                   7,300      5,830         (1,470)            6,780      Jr Golf Donations to Host Clubs
Dental Insurance                       2,023      1,873           (150)            2,500
Depreciation Expense                   1,534      4,500           2,966            6,000
Education Other                        2,000         0          (2,000)            3,500      Short Game Summit Speaker Fee
Employee Retirement Benefits          20,062     23,099           3,037           30,800      Budget for max exposure
Equip Repairs/Maint                      820       599            (221)              800
Equipment Rental Expense               4,585      4,874            289             6,500
Express Shipping Expense                  22       727             705               970
Food & Beverage                       58,949     55,883         (3,066)           78,440      HOF, Tournament F&B
Gifts & Bereavement                        0       149             149               200
Gifts & Gratuities                     4,219      1,649         (2,570)            1,700      $3250 for Nat'l Mtg to be reimbursed
Government Relations                     300      2,025           1,725            2,700      VA Econ Impact Study postponed to 2013
Health Insurance                      29,022     23,999         (5,023)           32,000      New employee
Insurance Expense                      8,904     10,499           1,595           14,000
Internet Service                       1,214       973            (241)            1,300
Legal Services                             0      2,250           2,250            3,000
Long Distance Telephone                  200         0            (200)                   0   Conference Calls
Office Supplies                        5,097      4,278           (819)            5,810
Office/Building Rental                50,046     50,046              0            66,729
Office/Building Repairs/Maint          9,721      9,000           (721)           12,000
Officials Ground                         123       190              67               190
Officials Lodging                      1,615       450          (1,165)              600      Some will be reimbursed - SOVA
Officials Meals                        4,890      3,625         (1,265)            4,750      Some will be reimbursed - SOVA
Payroll Tax - FICA                    22,439     22,500             61            30,000
Payroll Tax - FUTA                       535       450             (85)              600
Payroll Tax - SUID                       498      1,800           1,302            2,400
Postage Expense                        5,022      6,699           1,677            7,300
Printing Expense                      10,572     12,069           1,497           13,120
Processing Fees                       17,602     18,850           1,248           23,820      Credit card fees
Professional Fees                     10,148         0         (10,148)                   0   Investment Fees
Professional Purse                   334,605    360,190          25,585          425,380      Head Pro Purse not processed yet
Promotion and Marketing                5,141     20,238          15,097           20,896
Recruitment Expense                       34       561             528               750
Shipping Expense                         291         0            (291)                   0
Site Fee Expense                       2,500      4,440           1,940           10,790
Sponsor Meals                            107       150              43               300
Sponsorship Expense                    1,780      2,547            767             4,180
Staff Salaries & Wages               281,065    288,748           7,683          385,000

                Page 6                  November 12, 2012                   MAPGA Fall Membership Meeting
Staff Travel-Airfare                         726         300      (426)          300
Staff Travel-Ground                        3,687       3,553      (134)        5,710
Staff Travel-Lodging                       5,252       3,409    (1,843)        5,800
Staff Travel-Meals                         6,709       4,880    (1,829)        7,250
Subscriptions                              1,123       1,499       376         2,000
Tangible Personal Property Tax               487         824       338         1,100
Teaching Grant                             2,055       1,800      (255)        1,800    DC Golf Show
Tee Gifts                                  9,106       9,674       568        10,980    Pro-President Gifts
Temporary Labor                               30         120        90           120
Tournament Supplies                          415       2,300      1,885        3,050
Uniform Expense                            1,486       1,958       472         2,060
Utility Expense                           13,640      14,248       608        19,000
Vision Insurance                             422         374       (48)          500
Volunteer Expense                          1,526         748      (778)        1,000
                                                                                        paid for volunteer shirts
Total Expense                           1,080,484   1,161,828    80,344     1,458,275
Increase/(Decrease) in Net Assets        260,262      34,857    226,405        1,650

Less Investment Gains (Losses)      $    147,893
Total Income From Operations        $    112,369

Total Income From Operations (Sep
2011)                               $     76,126

              Page 7                        November 12, 2012             MAPGA Fall Membership Meeting
                          REPORT OF THE SECRETARY

                         As of October 10, 2012

         Classification      Section    Central   Southern     Northern
              A-1              234        61         96           77
              A-2              13         6          2            5
              A-3               5         0          3            2
              A-4              59         14         28           17
              A-5               0         0          0            0
              A-6              61         32         13           16
              A-7               0         0          0            0
              A-8              160        76         46           38
              A-9              19         7          8            4
             A-10               1         1          0            0
             A-11               5         3          0            2
             A-12               9         1          8            0
             A-13              60         25         25           10
             A-14              69         32         19           18
             A-15              42         9          19           14
             A-16               0         0          0            0
             A-17               0         0          0            0
             A-18               1         0          1            0
             A-19               0         0           0            0
             A-20               9         2          6            1
             A-21               2         0          0            2
             A-22               0         0          0            0
             A-23               2         0          2            0
             A-24              10         4          5            1
                F              15         4          5            6
               IN              24         10         4            10
               LM              94         31         34           29
              LMA               4         3          1            0
              LMC               6         2          3            1
             LMMA               1         0          0            1
               MP               1         0          1            0
              RM                9         2          5            2
             Total            915        325        334          256

          Apprentices:        170         71         54           45

         Section Totals:      1,085      396        388          301

Page 8              November 12, 2012             MAPGA Fall Membership Meeting
The following is based on information received in the Section office as of October 15, 2012

The following members were elected to the Half Century Club since the Spring Membership


Bruce Crampton, PGA         A-3           PGA Tour


Gordon Murray, PGA          LM            Unaffiliated

The following members were elected to the Quarter Century Club since the Spring
Membership Meeting:


Mike Heimer, PGA            A-2           St Mary's Golf Center
Bill Humbertson, PGA        A-14          Rocky Gap Lodge & Golf Resort
Michael Kohn Sr., PGA       A-15          Golf Galaxy - Towson
Robert Rementer, PGA        LM
William Sass, PGA           A-1           Ocean City Golf & Yacht Club


Steven Bosdosh, PGA         A-14          Four Streams Golf Club
Robert Dolan Jr., PGA       A-1           Columbia Country Club
Carl Koons, PGA             A-4           Fredericksburg Country Club
Jeff Lychwick, PGA          A-13          Fort Belvoir Golf Club
David Oates, PGA            A-14          Shenandoah Valley Golf Club
Marty O'Rear Jr., PGA       A-8           Westwood Country Club
Mike Robichaud, PGA         A-24          The Club at Creighton Farms


Rick Bugg, PGA              A-1           Kinderton Country Club
Douglas Dupont, PGA         LM            Unaffiliated
Michael Fentress, PGA       A-9           Kempsville Greens Muni GC
Rea Hargraves, PGA          A-1           Lake of the Woods Country Club
Wendy Hudler, PGA           IN            Unaffiliated
John Norton, PGA            A-1           Pete Dye River Crse of VA Tech

The following members were elected to Membership since the Spring Membership Meeting:


Kevin Bales, PGA            A-8           Talbot Country Club
Daniel Borowy, PGA          A-8           Diamond Ridge Golf Course
Robert Comerer, PGA         A-8           Baltimore Country Club
Austin Dunhour, PGA         A-8           Trump National GC, Washington
Andrew Heiberger, PGA       A-8           Woodmont Country Club
Joseph Moore                F             Marlton Golf Club
Jeffrey Trecost, PGA        A-1           Clustered Spires Golf Club
Kenneth Weaver, PGA         A-6           Unaffiliated

Page 9                   November 12, 2012                MAPGA Fall Membership Meeting

Alexander Beach, PGA       A-8          Burning Tree Club
Daniel Bengtson, PGA       A-8          Burning Tree Club
David Grossman, PGA        A-8          Chevy Chase Club
Andrew Hardin, PGA         A-8          Columbia Country Club
James Kowalski, PGA        A-8          Army Navy CC/Arlington Course
Brian Luzanski, PGA        A-8          Trump National GC, Washington
Joshua McKim, PGA          A-1          River Creek Club
Jordan Muirhead, PGA       A-8          Heritage Hunt Golf & CC
Derrick Sandritter, PGA    A-8          Stoneleigh Golf Club


Andrew Bender, PGA         A-8          Salisbury Country Club
Jason Brown, PGA           A-8          The Club at Viniterra
Justin Field, PGA          A-8          Williamsburg Natl Golf Club
Matthew Liebler, PGA       A-8          Princess Anne Country Club
Dick Mast, PGA             RM           Unaffiliated
Michael VanHoogen, PGA     A-8          Bay Creek Resort and Club
David White, PGA           A-8          Wintergreen Resort Devils Knob
Patrick White, PGA         A-8          Richmond Country Club

The following members had a classification change or employment change since the Spring
Membership Meeting:


Frank Blind, PGA           A-8          Hereford Golf Center
Jay Bowden, PGA            IN           Unaffiliated
Owen Dawson, PGA           A-14         Country Club of Maryland
Todd Dennison, PGA         A-14         GolfTEC- Timonium
Todd Dorsey, PGA           A-21         Greystone Golf Course
Michael Dreyer, PGA        A-1          Clifton Park Golf Course
Dave Eaton, PGA            A-15         Dick's Sporting Goods
Sean English, PGA          A-6          Caves Valley Golf Club
John Francisco, PGA        A-14         Piney Branch Golf & CC
Mike Hauk, PGA             A-14         Holly Hills Country Club
Paul Haviland, PGA         LMC          Unaffiliated
John Huber, PGA            A-1          Bowie Golf & Country Club
Matt MacCumbee, PGA        A-8          Yinglings Golf Center
John Metzger, PGA          A-6          Paint Branch Park Golf Course
Mark Paolini, PGA          A-14         Black Horse Golf & Learning Center
Steve Peterson, PGA        A-13         Renditions Golf Course
Randy Porter, PGA          A-15         Dick's Sporting Goods
Bob Rementer, PGA          LM           Unaffiliated
John Ruddo, PGA            A-15         Ruddo's Golf
Mark Russo, PGA            A-6          Night Hawk Golf Center
Fred Ryder, PGA            A-4          Bowie Golf & Country Club
Ned Spearbeck, PGA         A-6          Wicomico Shores Golf Club
Jeff Webster, PGA          IN           Unaffiliated
Bob Willoughby, PGA        RM           Unaffiliated
Evan Wilson, PGA           IN           Unaffiliated

Page 10                   November 12, 2012             MAPGA Fall Membership Meeting

Mike Aldrich, PGA          A-11        PGA of America Nat'l Office
Dave Ambrose, PGA          A-8         Columbia Country Club
Greg Baeten, PGA           A-6         Capital City Golf School
Michael Birkenfeld, PGA    A-1         Dominion Valley Country Club
Phil Bowers, PGA           A-8         GolfTEC - Tysons Corner
Mike Cappiello, PGA        A-15        Dick's Sporting Goods
Roger Cooper, PGA          RM          Unaffiliated
PJ Cox, PGA                IN          Unaffiliated
Mike Elias, PGA            A-8         Stoneleigh Golf Club
Craig Forgash, PGA         A-4         The Golf Club at Lansdowne
Dick Goodman, PGA          LMC         Unaffiliated
James Hardy, PGA           LMC         Unaffiliated
Daniel Kinn, PGA           A-15        Dick's Sporting Goods
Gary Mankulish, PGA        A-6         GolfTEC - Clarendon
Joe Paciella, PGA          A-8         Lakewood Country Club
Michael Pius, PGA          A-14        First Tee of Washington D.C.
Scott Purpura, PGA         A-13        National Golf Club @ Tantallon
Darlene Roach, PGA         A-6         TopGolf Kingstowne
Greg Stark, PGA            A-8         Congressional Country Club


Leighann Albaugh, PGA      A-8         Richmond Country Club
Jason Bowman, PGA          A-4         The First Tee of Hampton Roads
Ron Brown, PGA             A-15        Dick's Sporting Goods
Kevin Daughtrey, PGA       A-15        Dick's Sporting Goods
Daryl Daughtrey, PGA       RM          Unaffiliated
Pat Feindt, PGA            A-4         Fawn Lake Country Club
Carl Filipowicz, PGA       A-9         Golf Club at Brickshire
Justin Ford, PGA           A-1         Crossings Golf Club
Scott Frasier, PGA         A-8         Ashley Plantation
Bobby Fry, PGA             LMC         Unaffiliated
Craig Gunn, PGA            A-6         Primland Resort
Andy Harris, PGA           A-20        Tour Edge Golf Manufacturing
Gary Haught, PGA           A-13        Blue Hills Golf Course
William Heron, PGA         A-6         Old Trail Golf Club
Tommy Joyce, PGA           A-13        Hunting Hills Country Club
John Kuliesh, PGA          A-1         Boonsboro Country Club
Benny Layman, PGA          LMC         Unaffiliated
Miles Loughlin, PGA        A-1         Shenandoah Valley Golf Club
Tony Nichols, PGA          A-24        Casa De Campo
Jeff Osberg, PGA           LM          Unaffiliated
Herman Peery, PGA          LMC         Unaffiliated
Bob Prange, PGA            A-6         Richmond Country Club
Josh Speight, PGA          A-1         The Club at Viniterra
Jeff Staton, PGA           A-4         Hunting Hawk Golf Club
Gray Thouron, PGA          A-1         Sycamore Creek Golf Course
Craig Volentine, PGA       A-1         Birdwood GC/Univ of Virginia

Page 11                   November 12, 2012            MAPGA Fall Membership Meeting
The following members transferred into the Section since the Spring Membership Meeting:


James Childs, PGA            A-6          Unaffiliated
Sean English, PGA            A-6          Caves Valley Golf Club
Jay Horton, PGA              A-1          Chester River Yacht & CC
John Kauzlarich, PGA         A-1          Country Club at Woodmore
Patrick O'Hara, PGA          A-8          Caves Valley Golf Club
Barbara Shipley, PGA         A-8          Baltimore Country Club
Joseph Walker, PGA           A-8          University of Maryland GC


David Ambrose, PGA           A-8          Columbia Country Club
Michael Birkenfeld, PGA      A-1          Dominion Valley Country Club
Steven Bogdanoff Jr., PGA    A-8          International Country Club
Adam Hibbs, PGA              A-8          Belmont Country Club
Michael Jackmack             F            Stafford Golf Academy
Nicholas Lykens, PGA         A-8          Lakewood Country Club
Scott Shapin, PGA            A-8          Kenwood Golf & Country Club
Louis Tate, PGA              A-13         Langston Golf Course
Craig Voudren, PGA           A-14         GolfTEC - Sterling


Michael Abraham, PGA         A-1          Hidden Valley Country Club
Ryan Gingrow, PGA            A-18         PGA Magazine
Shelley Kenney, PGA          A-1          Unaffiliated
Malcolm Main, PGA            A-1          Unaffiliated
Michael Parah Sr., PGA       A-1          Eastern Shore Yacht & CC
Ryan Peffer, PGA             A-12         College of William and Mary
Bob Prange, PGA              A-6          Richmond Country Club
Parker Reeves, PGA           A-12         James Madison University
David Vaught, PGA            A-14         Lynnhaven Golf Park

The following members transferred out of the Section since the Spring Membership Meeting
(all chapters):

Charles Bassler                     New Jersey PGA
Stephen Black, PGA                  South Texas PGA
Christopher Brode, PGA              Carolinas PGA
Kraig Butler, PGA                   New England PGA
James Childs, PGA                   Philadelphia PGA
Kevin Cloud, PGA                    Connecticut PGA
Michael DeLuca, PGA                 Carolinas PGA
Christopher Gardner, PGA            Philadelphia PGA
Tim Garrard, PGA                    Carolinas PGA
John Guyton, PGA                    Metropolitan PGA
John Johnson, PGA                   Carolinas PGA
William Jones, PGA                  Carolinas PGA
Ryan Lagergren, PGA                 Philadelphia PGA
Kevin Lovell, PGA                   North Florida PGA
John McNaney, PGA                   North Florida PGA
Kieron Mooney, PGA                  North Florida PGA
Ryan Peffer, PGA                    Metropolitan PGA

Page 12                     November 12, 2012             MAPGA Fall Membership Meeting
John Prengaman, PGA                 Southwest PGA
James Sipes, PGA                    Pacific North West PGA
Jack Skilling, PGA                  Philadelphia PGA
Christopher Sullivan, PGA           Michigan PGA
Andrew Viscardi, PGA                Illinois PGA
Robert Wallace, PGA                 North Florida PGA
Eric Williams, PGA                  Philadelphia PGA
Nicholas Zaloga, PGA                Tri-State PGA

The following individuals were registered into the Apprentice Program since the Spring
Membership Meeting:


Shane Bernard                B-8          Bulle Rock
Kyle R Carranza              B-8          Breton Bay Golf & Country Club
Michael Cuscino              B-8          Cattail Creek Country Club
Anthony Evans                B-8          Pine Ridge Golf Course
Braden Harmon                B-8          Harbourtowne Resort & CC
Thomas Horan                 B-8          Potomac Ridge Golf Course
James LeClair                B-8          Pine Ridge Golf Course
Scott Lenox                  B-8          Ocean Pines Golf & CC
Ethan Lester                 B-13         Maryland National Golf Club
Richard Marts                B-6          Bel Air Golf Center
Timothy McDermott            B-8          I-70Golf Range
Marissa Ortiz                B-8          Compass Pointe Golf Courses
Matt Williams                B-8          Ruggles at Aberdeen Proving Ground


Jordan Anthony               B-8          Congressional Country Club
Paul Apolenis                B-8          Little Bennett Golf Course
Peter Barclay                B-8          East Potomac Golf Course
Bradley Booth                B-1          Forest Greens Golf Club
David Chong                  B-8          South Riding Golf Club
Charles D'Arco               B-8          TPC Potomac at Avenel Farm
Scott Davis                  B-1          Sterling Golf Club
Jonathan Fulton              B-13         Pleasant Valley Golf Club
Alvin Harper                 B-2          Fort Washington Golf Range
Yong Joo                     B-6          Broad Run G Practice Facility
Nicholas Kuenneke            B-8          TPC Potomac at Avenel Farm
Carl Layher                  B-8          East Potomac Golf Course
Chang Lee                    B-8          1757 Golf Club
Michael McGuire              B-8          The Club at Creighton Farms
Phillip Nicholson            B-8          Kenwood Golf & Country Club
George Orsino                B-8          Stoneleigh Golf Club
Jonathan Pyo                 B-1          General's Ridge Golf Course
Michael Runfola              B-8          Chantilly National Golf & CC
Shaun Strand                 B-6          Reston National Golf Course
Andrew Wynkoop               B-8          The Golf Club at Lansdowne


Patrick Beverley             B-8          Cavalier Golf & Yacht Club
Timothy Freeland             B-1          Bull Run Golf Club
Justin Martin                B-8          Ford's Colony Golf Club

Page 13                     November 12, 2012                MAPGA Fall Membership Meeting
Kaitlyn Murphy              B-1            Sleepy Hole Golf Course
Michael Russell             B-1            Westham Golf Club
Matthew Watson              B-8            Links at City Park


Jack Bell, PGA              LM             Mechanicsville, Virginia

Respectfully submitted,

Matthew Schulze, PGA

                          REPORT OF THE EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR

I can only start this report in one way- by thanking all of you for your support to me and
our staff during my first year as Executive Director (and 17th on MAPGA staff!) It is truly an
honor to have achieved this position and I am warmed by how many of you have called and
emailed to see how everything is going.

As you will see from some of the changes for this meeting, one of my goals as Executive
Director is to be more effective in communications. I have often heard that our localized
Town Hall Meetings were the most productive meetings of the year. In conversations with
President Malinowski, we decided that this particular meeting, with no elections or awards,
would be a great opportunity to use the same style in a much larger group. National
President Allen Wronowski and PGA Senior Director of Membership Programs Brad Sullivan
will join John and me as moderators for this session. Please come prepared to ask
questions, share best practices, and learn from your fellow PGA professionals!

Along those communication lines, with the addition of Director of Communications
Stephanie Jennings, PGA, we increased our News & Notes email to weekly instead of
biweekly, and will be adding a “Career Connection” email over the winter months in place of
the Tournament Weekly. We are always concerned that we may be sending too many
emails, so please let us know if it is too much. The Career Connection emails will focus your
attention on the various tools and services available to you to improve your job/career;
however, it will not be an employment bulletin.

As you are aware, Golf 2.0 and Player Development have been the major push for The PGA
and our Section for over a year now. We are pleased to have a dedicated national
employee (Mike Aldrich, PGA) to help our Section members develop their plans and
programs to grow the game and develop more players. PLEASE, PLEASE make this a
mission at your club. Utilize Mike and the Golf20 website to take advantage of your
strengths, shore up your weaknesses as a facility (are you woman-friendly, for example?)
and run programs. You won’t know unless you try! Learn from your successes and your
failures and evolve to fit your marketplace. Private clubs- you are not exempt- I’m sure
there is plenty of room for growth within your club. Those that play more will stay at the
club longer and participate in more activities.

The MAPGA started a new PGA Golf Day fundraiser this year to replace our MAPGA Pro-Am,
which had fizzled out in the last few years. This is a “golf marathon” where MAPGA members
played 100 holes of golf in one day to raise money- one third to the Boys & Girls Clubs in
our area, one third to our Section Foundations, and one third to the charity of the
participating professional’s choice. We are happy to report that 18 MAPGA members and
staff participated, and raised almost $52,000! Special kudos to Josh Tremblay, PGA for
raising over $15,000 and Jim Bennett, PGA for raising over $11,000. This is a double-edged
sword, as it will be difficult for those same members to raise that kind of money again in

Page 14                    November 12, 2012                MAPGA Fall Membership Meeting
2013. This is where we need your help! I would like to see the number of participants
closer to 100, decreasing the burden on individual professionals. What a great “excuse” to
play 100 holes!

Our largest single revenue source along with dues income is our Handicap programs. As you
may know, we have long term agreements in place with the Maryland State and the Virginia
State Golf Associations regarding Handicap services for amateurs. These two Handicap
Programs (the VSGA is actually a membership program) are truly vital to the financial
health of all three Associations. For those few facilities that are not a part of the handicap
program in your state, I respectfully request that you join this year. For those of you
already on the program, please stress to your members/patrons how important an official
handicap is for legitimate competitions, not only for high-level events, but also for their
weekly groups! Our studies show those with handicaps are more likely to stay in the game
longer as a member of your club or recurring patron to your facility. It is in YOUR best
interest as well to get as many on the handicap program as possible. If you desire more
information, please contact me (ext. 125).

We can also use your help in the sponsorship arena. Please try to imagine if our
tournaments and programs had no sponsors. This would cause entry fees to increase, and
purses to decrease. Could you justify the cost for so little return? Would you still support
the programs just because you always have? These are the same questions our sponsors
ask each year when deciding to renew their funding.

Are you buying from our sponsors? Are you calling them and asking them to show you their
lines? We never make promises about how many professionals will buy product, etc., but
nothing helps justify a sponsor’s investment more than seeing their sales increase. If you
want sponsors to continue their support, please take a proactive approach and make that
purchase. I know there are many factors you consider before buying a product for your
shops, all I ask is that you consider whether or not the company is a Section or Chapter
Sponsor. Don’t forget, we also have a 20% commission program if you bring us a new

Lastly, I would also like to take this space to thank our many volunteers that make the
Middle Atlantic PGA what it is. Our volunteer Board members take much of their time away
from their families and jobs to guide our Section. Our rules volunteers give so willingly of
their time and expertise to help our tournaments run smoothly (all for a hot dog and a
shirt)! And our many PGA professionals who volunteer at junior clinics, Golf 2.0 activities,
golf shows, military wounded warrior programs and much more, you are what makes our
Section so great. Thanks for everything you do.

I hope you are able to enjoy some downtime in the off season and prepare for a great 2013!

Respectfully submitted,

Jon Guhl
Executive Director


Dear Fellow MAPGA Professional:

Starting with the mild winter, many facilities have seen their business increase year over
year and some think we may be turning the corner. Now the question is, “What are you
doing to prepare yourself and your facility for the future?” In my spring report, I asked this
question – on which side of the ledger does your boss/owner view you? Very few
professionals have the luxury of doing the same thing year after year.

Page 15                    November 12, 2012                MAPGA Fall Membership Meeting
The same tournaments, the same lesson program, the same junior golf program. In this
age of technology, our patrons are more informed, more involved, expect more, and if they
aren’t getting it from you, they will move somewhere else or find someone who will provide
the programs they are looking for. Fortunately, our association has the resources, the
desire and the ability to assist you. Golf 2.0 provides the opportunity to help you plan for
the future, capture more ‘market-share’, increase revenue to your facility, increase
compensation and prove your value to your facility.

GOLF 2.0 - One of the most significant achievements to date is the support Golf 2.0 has
received from all aspects of the golf industry - Allied Associations, Manufacturers, Multi-
Course Operators (MCOs) and the Media all have shown a willingness to support Golf 2.0
and its initiatives.

The USGA has made a significant financial investment, Golf 20/20 transferred Get Golf
Ready to The PGA in January, the First Tee endorsed the PGA Junior League, Multi-Course
Operators are hiring player development executives and managers, and Golf 2.0 received an
important endorsement from the NGCOA. Employers are beginning to see the value Golf
2.0 brings to their facilities. They understand that PGA Professionals are key to player
growth and revenue development.

Consider these facts:

There are now over 3,000 facilities that offer Get Golf Ready programs compared to fewer
than 1,900 in 2011. These facilities posted over 5,100 events compared to 2,900 in 2011.

Retaining new golfers has always been a challenge, but Get Golf Ready graduates continue
to play and practice in their first year at a rate nearly two times that of a golfer who learns
the game through the traditional pathways to golf.

The Get Golf Ready customer spends an average of $985 annually, and after 3 years plays
30 rounds per year.

Other key initiatives underneath the Golf 2.0 banner are:

Tee it Forward, with 2,644 facilities participating in 2012.

PGA Junior Golf League now has 123 teams nationwide with 1,900 kids participating.

PGA Sports Academy boasts 1,581 registered facilities, an increase of over 1,200 from

Golf 2.0 Playbooks Player Development, Know Your Customer and Connecting with Her are
now available in either hard copy or digitally at

Now that I’ve sold you on the need to be proactive, you need to take the next step. Pick up
the phone, email or text our new PGA Player Development Regional Manager Mike Aldrich
(571-201-2027). TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THIS RESOURCE!!!!! Mike’s job is to assist facilities
with Player Development utilizing PGA Best Practices, the new Playbooks and his experience
to help you start, enhance or fine-tune your facility player development programs. NOW is
the time to call Mike and ask him to visit your facility, review your programs and make
recommendations to get ahead of the competition! Mike is dedicated and has a wealth of
knowledge that can benefit you and your club.

PGA Education – Our PGA member education offerings are the envy of PGA’s worldwide. We
offer state of the art delivery at an affordable price and a quantifiable return on your
investment in implementing Best Practices.

Page 16                     November 12, 2012                  MAPGA Fall Membership Meeting
The content is considered world-class compared to Fortune 500 Corporate Universities
worldwide. We have invested $8.5 million to assist our members in developing the skills
and competencies identified as key by employers.

PGA Golf Properties - Golf Properties has been the subject of much debate and discussion
over the years. PGA Vice President Ted Bishop is leading a Task Force to help us identify
the priorities at our facilities in Port St. Lucie, Florida. We are developing a new business
plan, which will include a $5 million clubhouse expansion that the Board of Directors has
approved. At Valhalla Golf Club in Louisville, Kentucky, renovations are now complete and
the course has reopened to very positive remarks from members and media alike. The
2014 PGA Championship will be held at Valhalla and we’re excited about the condition of the
course as we look ahead to that major championship.

PGA Annual Meeting – There were six resolutions presented and an election for PGA
Secretary, which I will update in the meeting.

We are obviously excited as we say farewell and thank you to our own Allen Wronowski as
he completes his term as our President. It has been an honor and a pleasure to serve with
Allen, to see how well he handled his duties as an officer and advocate for every PGA
member. Allen’s legacy will be a long and lasting one thanks to a big heart, a clear vision
and a passion to serve his fellow members. Years from now, we may well look back on the
year 2011 as the year that the PGA, under the leadership of Allen, helped jump-start a
stagnant golf industry. ALLEN – Many thanks on a game well played!!

As we approach the Centennial of The PGA in 2016, your association continues to stand by
the two pillars that the PGA founders established: To elevate the standards of the golf
professional … and grow the game.

Thank you again for the opportunity to serve.      Please call or email if I can ever be of

Very truly yours,

Mike Ahrnsbrak, PGA
District 10 Director, PGA of America
(540) 533-3056 (cell)

                           REPORT OF THE A-8 DIRECTOR

I hope you had a productive and prosperous 2012 season full of growth for your facility and
your career. Many PGA Assistant Professionals stood out this season and showed their value
to the Section, Chapter and their respective facilities.

Congratulations to Jaime Gylan from Raspberry Falls Golf & Hunt Club for winning the
National Car Rental MAPGA Assistant Championship presented by COBRA PUMA GOLF & Club
Car. Jaime finished with a two day score of 10-under par to win by six shots over Patrick
Hawkins, PGA from Willow Oaks CC, Steven Pierce from Chantilly National G&CC, Billy
Hoffman, PGA from Westwood CC & Yong Joo from Broad Run Practice Facility. After a 2-
hole playoff Patrick, Billy and Yong secured their spots in the National Championship.
Steven Pierce was the first alternate and was able to secure a spot when Jaime withdrew
from the event due to the birth of his son, Luke. The PGA National Assistant Championship
will be held on November 1-4 at PGA Golf Club in Port St. Lucie, Florida.

Page 17                   November 12, 2012                 MAPGA Fall Membership Meeting
Congratulations also go out to Geoff Montross, PGA from International CC, Mark Evenson,
PGA from Suburban Club and Scott Shapin, PGA from Kenwood CC for their fine play in the
Middle Atlantic PGA Professional Championship. They will be competing in the 2013 PGA
Professional National Championship in Sunriver, Oregon. I am sure they will continue their
fine play on the national stage.

Great play also by Ashley Grier from Beaver Creek CC. Ashley played great golf all season
highlighted by wins in the Northern Chapter Pro-Assistant and the MAPGA Women’s
Championship to win her first MAPGA Women’s Player of the Year award. Well done.

The MAPGA Assistant Professional Association had another great season. Along with a
number of educational seminars presented to help its members become better PGA
Professionals, the APA had a very successful tournament series. Billy Hoffman, PGA from
Westwood Country Club finished the season as the 2012 APA Player of the Year. Well done!
The APA finished strong this season with a higher average of players per event. If you would
like to get involved with the MAPGA APA, please visit the APA section of or
email me at

I would like to thank the Chapter A-8 Directors who have served the past year and have
made a real difference in the educational seminars and tournaments run for Assistant
Tom Michaels, PGA from Suburban Club – Northern Chapter A-8 Director
Brice Busse, PGA from Woodmont Country Club – Central Chapter A-8 Director
Paul Hazelwood, PGA - Southern Chapter A-8 Director

Thank you for you willingness to serve the PGA Assistant Professionals and apprentices of
the Section.

Finally, I would like to say what a pleasure it has been to serve as the Section A-8 Director.
I have met so many great professionals and people I can truly call friends in our PGA family.
I would once again urge each of you to get involved with the Section or your Chapter. Those
who are involved make the difference in the growth and strength of our Section and our
business. I hope each of you have a great winter and look forward to seeing everyone at the
many educational seminars and shows that will take place in the future.

Respectfully submitted,

Jim Bennett, PGA
Section A-8 Director

                       REPORT OF THE AWARDS COMMITTEE

The Awards Committee is currently reviewing the submissions of Award nominees and will
be handling the tough task of determining our 2013 Award winners in early-December. The
committee takes this job very seriously, so please, if ever nominated, take the time to
submit a quality application - they are very helpful in the decision-making process.

The MAPGA Hall of Fame Banquet will be held at the Washingtonian Marriott in
Gaithersburg, Maryland on Saturday, March 9, 2013. Please plan to attend this evening of
celebration for your fellow MAPGA Professionals and their families.
Respectfully submitted,

Dean Hurst, PGA
Chair, Awards Committee

Page 18                    November 12, 2012                MAPGA Fall Membership Meeting

The current Member Service Requirements (MSR) cycle began June 16, 2011 and has been
extended to June 15, 2015 with a new structure. All PGA Members except classifications A-
3, A-5, Retired Members and Life Members Retired must fulfill these requirements. Fifty-
four (54) credits are required for this three-year cycle. NOTE: Of all PGA required credits
earned, at least 36 must come from PGA Meetings, PGA Education, Golf 2.0 and Player
Development. The other 18 can come from the “total” categories including but not limited to
attending National and Section Merchandise Shows, participation in the advancement of the
game activities and tournament participation. A complete char of the new MSR schedule is
on under the PGA Services tab.

The 2012 Mizuno Golf MAPGA Teaching Summit will be at Kingsmill Resort in Williamsburg
on Wednesday & Thursday, November 14-15, 2012. This year's event features numerous
MAPGA instructors and other presenters including 2002 and 2005 Gulf States Teacher of the
Year and 2011 Top-100 Club Fitter, James Leitz as well as Julie Elion, Mental Coach at the
Center for Athletic Performance Enhancement. Attendees will also hear about new product
offerings from title sponsor Mizuno Golf and range sponsors like Orange Whip and Eyeline

The Cleveland Golf/Srixon Short Game Summit held in April at Caves Valley Golf Club was a
huge success. We received overwhelmingly positive feedback from surveys taken for the
Summit. The Committee is planning another one-day Short Game Teaching Summit in the
spring of 2013 at Caves Valley Golf Club, coordinated by Bernie Najar, PGA.

We also have two great seminars immediately following this Fall Section Meeting; I hope
you make time to attend.

Respectfully submitted,

J.P. Lunn, PGA
Chair, Education Committee


Now that the 2012 golf season is winding down it is now the time to reflect, evaluate and
plan for the next year. As we go through the winter months the ECR Committee will be
highlighting all the employment services and resources that are available to members.
These tools are all available and detailed on the PGA Links website under the Employment

Also starting this Fall/Winter the ECR Committee will start highlighting the
tournaments/services that the MSGA/VSGA provides to their club members. Being familiar
with these services and providing the information to your members will highlight you as the
club’s ambassador to golf.

Services Provided by PGA Links –Employment Tab:

PGA Professional’s Report
PGA Employment Services has created this tool to help you create a professional report that
highlights your accomplishments during the year and also plan for the upcoming year. Your
PGA Employment Services staff and PGA Employment Consultants are available to provide
suggestions and assistance if needed.

Page 19                   November 12, 2012               MAPGA Fall Membership Meeting
Reports can be made for General Manager, Director of Golf, Head Professional and Assistant
Professional. This is a great report to take to your annual review.

Career Fitness Manual
The PGA Career Fitness Manual was created to help PGA members with all aspects of their
career. If you are in the job market, transitioning between jobs, or evaluating your career,
then the Career Fitness Manual is for you. The 31-page PGA Career Fitness Manual is
available for you to download. Once you have downloaded the document, you may print the
manual future reference.

Certified Professional Program
This newly-designed Certified Professional Program is an online, career-enhancing
educational curriculum that supports the goals of PGA Professionals who are committed to
continuously improving their business and teaching skills to meet the increasing demands of
the golf industry. This online approach ensures "on-demand" access when your schedule
permits, while reducing time and travel costs associated with traditional classes.

The program offers four certifications General Management, Golf Operations, Instruction
and Player Development that follow the seven defined career paths (Golf Operations,
Instruction, General Management, Executive Management, Retail, Ownership/Leasing and
Player Development) of a PGA Professional.

Look out for information on handicap services, educational opportunities, scholarship
opportunities and tournaments. All these services are available to clubs that are members
of these associations. Promoting these events/programs in your golf updates to your
members will benefit the members, the club, the associations and YOU.

Respectfully submitted,

Mark Beran, PGA
Chair, Employment and Club Relations Committee



Thank you to the PGA Professionals and amateur golfers that enable the Maryland Handicap
Program to serve approximately 42,000 golfers at 162 clubs.

Operationally, the per golfer charge for the handicap service will remain at $14 for the
software service and $17 for the full hardware service in 2013. From a budget perspective,
the biggest changes for 2013 will be that junior golfers will be charged at a reduced rate of
$10 per golfer, and complimentary staff handicaps will be limited to three per club.

The MHP will be moving forward with transitioning all clubs to the GN21 online handicap
system provided by Golfnet. The bulk of this transition will take place during the first two
weeks of December. Currently, the MHP has 35 clubs and 15,000 golfers utilizing the
system, and we see this as the best fit for our clubs moving forward. The major benefits
include: administrative capabilities from anywhere with an internet connection, real-time
transfer of data, automatic revisions on the 1st and 15th of each month and various
features that will enhance the experience for the golfers.

Page 20                   November 12, 2012                 MAPGA Fall Membership Meeting
The golfer will now be offered a game tracker to input statistics, calendars to manage their
golf related activities, a message center to communicate with fellow golfers, weather reports
for the area of the golf course they will be playing and buddy lists that allow ease in
communicating with friends and family, as well as following the trends of their handicap
index. Additionally, the online system allows for product upgrades throughout each season
(as opposed to updates for the software program on a yearly basis), ability to request
custom reports for your club and integration with outside tee time systems. The tournament
management system will continue to be software based and will integrate with the new
online handicap system. Communication about the change has been distributed to all MHP
clubs, with more to follow.

The GN21 online handicap system is available to clubs that are interested in installation
prior to the end of the 2012 handicap season. If you have questions, or are interested in an
early install date, you can reach the MHP Director, Matt Sloan, at

Respectfully submitted,

Bob Dolan, PGA and Kevin Taylor, PGA
Co-Chairs, Maryland Handicap Committee

As the 2012 golf season winds down, we are excited to report on a number of
enhancements to the services being provided to members of the VSGA Handicap Program.

To begin with, work has recently been completed to map courses in the USGA Course
Rating™ Database to the Association Course Rating Database used in GHIN. This means
that when your members go online to post scores, they are now able to select courses from
non-GHIN states, including Maryland. Previously, members were required to manually enter
the USGA Course Rating™ and Slope Rating® along with the course name for clubs in states
not using the GHIN service.

Next, a new VSGA-branded mobile application is now available in the Apple App Store and
Android Market. The app can be found and downloaded by using the keyword GHIN in the
search box. Once the app is downloaded, the member will be requested to enter his or her
GHIN number. From there, the app will provide the member with the following features:

The ability to post scores to a member’s handicap record. In addition to selecting the
course from the course rating database, the member can also select from a list of most
recently played courses.

The ability to lookup the Handicap Index® of a golfer by state and name or by GHIN

The ability to get handicaps for a member and his playing partners for a given round. The
member can see each player’s Course Handicap™, any adjustments to the Course
Handicap™ based on player’s competing from different sets of tees (Section 3-5 of the
USGA Handicap System™), as well as the handicaps based on playing off the low ball.

The ability to sign up for VSGA Championships and One-Days.

Furthermore, GHIN has just recently completed the initial development to bring the score
entry and handicap management products online. When we began using the GHIN service
four years ago clubs were provided with installed software for the handicap management
and score entry programs. Software will still be available to any club that wants it;
however, the VSGA is also making available GHP Online Golfer, which is a web-based score
entry kiosk and management program, to its member clubs.

Page 21                   November 12, 2012                 MAPGA Fall Membership Meeting
The VSGA would like to thank the six member clubs and their members (Cavalier G&YC,
Independence GC, Princess Anne CC, Richmond CC, Stonehenge G&CC and Willow Oaks CC)
that tested the beta version of GHP Online Golfer developed by GHIN. The following
benefits are available through GHP Online Golfer:

The program operates in real-time as it is connected directly to the GHIN server. A score
posted using the kiosk is immediately available for review in all GHIN online products (e.g., VSGA Mobile App, etc.).

No more transmissions – scores and other information will be updated on a continuous

No more networking – all computers simply need to point to the same URL.
An improved user experience for guests which matches more closely features previously
only available to members. This includes the ability to see score history and print handicap
labels at away courses.

Since its initial launch at the end of August, GHP Online Golfer has gone through many
improvements and is now available to any club with a high-speed internet connection. If
your club is interested in switching to the new online version of the GHIN handicap program,
please contact the VSGA Handicap Department for assistance.

Lastly, the Carolinas Golf Association has announced plans to begin using GHIN as its
handicap services provider in 2013. With many VSGA members holding memberships at
clubs in North Carolina and South Carolina the addition of these associations to the GHIN
network will make it so that these members will be able to keep all of their memberships
contained in one handicap record. With the addition of the Carolinas Golf Association, there
are now 75 associations utilizing the USGA’s GHIN service.

As always, both the VSGA and MAPGA count on the promotion of the handicap system by
our PGA Professionals and club members. Of the more than 700,000 golfers in Virginia (6
years and older) – as reported by the National Golf Foundation – roughly 70,000 are
members of the VSGA. As we have stated before, it is a goal of the VSGA and MAPGA to
reach 100% participation with golfing members at all member clubs. It is important that we
look at all golfers as potential members and we should do our best to bring these golfers in
as members. Increasing the membership base will grow the game in Virginia as well as
help both the VSGA and MAPGA provide additional benefits and services to their members.

Also, please note that VSGA membership fees will remain the same in 2013 with hardware
clubs paying $21 per golfer and software clubs paying $20 per golfer. Junior golfers at Type
1 member clubs will continue to receive the service at no charge provided an eligible birth
date is in their record and their membership type is Junior. Each Type 1 member club with
50 members or more is also eligible to receive a complimentary Handicap Index® for up to
five (5) staff members; club staff must be added to the 09 service in order for the club to
receive credit.

We would like to thank you again for your support of this important membership and
handicap service in Virginia. If you should have any questions, please contact the Director
of Handicapping for the VSGA, Michael Walder, by email at or by phone
at (804) 378-2300.

Respectfully submitted,

Paul Michaelian, PGA and Phil Owenby, PGA
Co-Chairs, Virginia Handicap Committee

Page 22                   November 12, 2012                MAPGA Fall Membership Meeting

Before reporting on the continued success on the MAPGA Junior Tour and Bob Heintz’
exceptional job as Junior Golf Director, I want to thank a few fellow pioneers. Josh
Tremblay, PGA (Springfield Country Club), Linda Gaudi, PGA (Country Club of Fairfax), and
Brendon Post, PGA (Blue Mash/ClubGolf) joined me in starting a league as part of the PGA
Junior League Golf. The 9-hole format of 2v2 scramble match play was so well received by
all of the members and juniors of our clubs that we will all be fielding teams again next
season. I was fortunate to be able to represent the MAPGA and the DC League by
captaining our team of all-stars in the Regional Championship held in Avondale, PA in July.
Our goal is to have 8-12 teams in 2013 and send two teams to the Regional Championship
next year.     Feel free to contact any one of us for our success story and visit for information.

We are happy to report that in 2012, the MAPGA Junior Tour increased its membership once
again to 547 juniors. That is 30 more members than last year and over one hundred more
than 2010. Five more events were added to the tour this year, specifically in the Richmond
and Williamsburg area, bringing our total number of events to 27 for the year. This year’s
Tour Championship was held at Kingsmill Resort in Williamsburg, Virginia.

We would like to congratulate the following boys and girls for being named Player of the
Year in their age groups: Casey Bannon (Boys 16-18), Nicole Flores (Girls 15-18), Gavin
Rickert & Lee Detmer (Boys 14-15; tied), Nicholas Mejia (Boys 12-13), Lena Capoccia (Girls
12-14), Pieter DeGroot (Boys 10-11) and Molly McCarthy (Girls 10-11).

Thank you again to the presenting sponsors of the MAPGA Junior Tour for the fifth year:
HITT Contracting and the Lindsay Automotive Group. A very Special thank you to Charlie
Briggs, PGA who continues to help secure these sponsors year after year.

The Middle Atlantic Junior PGA Championship (Junior PGA Qualifier) was held at
Montgomery Country Club in Laytonsville, MD on June 28 & 29. Bennett Winser or
Hampstead, MD and Rachel Lee of Woodstock, MD won the right to represent the Middle
Atlantic Section at the National Junior PGA Championship at Sycamore Hills Golf Club in Fort
Wayne, IN. Both played hard at the national championship but were not able to make the

Once again we conducted two separate two day events (US Naval Academy Golf Club and
Lakeview GC/Spotswood CC.) There was a decline in the number of participants in these
events this year but we will continue to build these fields over the years. We have found
that our more talented players really enjoy these two-day tournaments.

The Nordlinger Cup was the final stroke play event of the summer. For over 30 years Mount
Vernon CC has hosted the event and once again the staff is to be commended for an
outstanding job. This year’s event was decided by a playoff between Tyler Satorius
(Annandale, VA) and Joey Burkinshaw (Germantown, MD) who both shot 72 in regulation.
Burkinshaw won the first hole of the playoff to capture the title.

The 4th Annual Capital Cup was held at the Country Club of Virginia in Richmond, VA on
August 18 & 19. In this Ryder Cup format, Team Maryland continued its dominance by
winning for the fourth year in a row by a score of 16-8. Thanks to our supporting sponsors:
TaylorMade-adidas Golf/Ashworth, Under Armor, PING and Titleist for donating the hats,
shirts, champion’s golf bags and golf balls, respectively. The Country Club of Virginia was an
outstanding host and many thanks to their staff, led by Richard Cromwell, PGA. Next year’s
event will rotate back to Maryland with a site to be determined.

Page 23                    November 12, 2012                MAPGA Fall Membership Meeting
The fall two-day tournaments are back for the fifth year. As of the writing of this report,
neither event has taken place but both are looking to be strong fields. The Fall Festival will
be held at Wintergreen Resort on October 20 & 21. The MAPGA Turkey Two-Day will be
held at Shenandoah Valley Golf Club on November 3 & 4.

Thank you for a great 2012 season!!

Respectfully submitted,

Michael Thomas, PGA
Chair, Junior Golf Committee


As of the writing of this report, and since the 2012 Spring Section Meeting, 25 apprentices
have been elected to membership and 37 individuals have become registered in the PGA
Professional Golf Management program (PGA PGM).

Section Apprentice Orientations were conducted in February, March, May, July and
September. The next Orientation is scheduled for November 1, 2012. To attend a Section
Apprentice Orientation, individuals must be registered in the PGA Professional Golf
Management program (PGA PGM). The MAPGA Written Rules Examination for Playing
Privileges is also administered at the orientation.

PLAYING PRIVILEGES: The National PGA notifies the Section Membership Director of newly
registered apprentices in the PGA PGM program. They are sent a letter of congratulations,
which includes information on how to obtain playing privileges in the Middle Atlantic Section.
It has come to the attention of the Membership Committee that some of the newly
registered apprentices do not read that letter in its entirety. One of the requirements for
Section playing privileges is that registered apprentices must attend a Section Apprentice
Orientation within six months of their registration date.

Previously registered apprentices transferring into the Section are also sent a letter of
welcome with information on how to obtain playing privileges (must attend an Orientation
within six months of the date of the welcome letter). If this six-month requirement is not
met, when apprentices do attend an orientation and pass the written exam for playing
privileges, their playing privileges are held in abeyance for one year from the date they
actually attend Orientation. PGA Professionals need to be aware of the requirements for
playing privileges in order to help their assistants who are registered in the PGA PGM
program. Following is the exact wording that is included in the letter to newly registered

You must attend an Apprentice Orientation within six months of your apprentice registration

You must pass a Written Examination (exam will be on the Rules of Golf and the MAPGA
Tournament Regulations and Policies). The exam is given on Orientation day.

*If you attend the Apprentice Orientation and pass the written exam after the six-month
deadline, your playing privileges will be held in abeyance for one year after you do attend
an orientation.

Page 24                    November 12, 2012                MAPGA Fall Membership Meeting
13 Playing Ability Tests (PATs) were scheduled for the 2012 season. To date, 9 have been
successfully completed, 2 canceled, and 2 remaining.        To register for a PAT go to or, click on Tournaments, then Playing Ability Test.

The Membership Committee is also tasked with investigating issues related to improper
classification, primary employment, and other membership matters. While it is often not a
pleasant task, the Committee enforces a level playing field for all PGA Professionals.

Thank you to all the committee members for their time and contributions. Their participation
and willingness to help with the orientations have been invaluable in educating and
welcoming new apprentices into the MAPGA Section.

Respectfully submitted,

Josh Tremblay, PGA
Chair, Membership Committee


2012 was a remarkable year for growing the game of golf in the Middle Atlantic Section. In
January, Golf 2.0, an industry-wide initiative was introduced at the PGA Annual Meeting &
Merchandise Show. Golf 2.0 is the PGA-led industry-wide strategy to grow the game to the
level it was in 2006 with 31 million golfers. To help in these efforts, the PGA of America
hired nine Player Development Regional Managers in target markets across the US. One of
these managers, MAPGA Member Mike Aldrich, was hired to engage the Greater DC area.

2012 Rounds in the MAPGA were up by 21% with Facility Revenue up by 5.2%. Days open
were up by 5.0%.

Player Development Regional Manager (PDRM)
Mike Aldrich, PGA was hired in March as the PDRM for Washington DC to assist PGA
Professionals with integrating elements of Golf 2.0 into their operations. Through October,
Mike met with over 40 facilities and key PGA Professionals. Mike has also collaborated with
Allied Associations, including the VSGA, MSGA, the EWGA DC, First Tee of DC NGCOA VA
and CMAA through presentations to their staff, board of directors and membership.

The performance of each player development target market is being measured by five
Player Development initiatives – Get Golf Ready, Tee It Forward, Welcome to Golf Month,
PGA Sports Academy and Free Fitting & Trade Up. DC leads the other markets in Tee It
Forward as well as Free Fitting and Trade Up. We rank 2nd in PGA Sports Academy, 3rd in
Welcome to Golf Month and 4th in Get Golf Ready. However, in all categories, DC
outperformed the National Average by at least 50%. With Get Golf Ready (GGR), registered
graduates have increased to over 1700 in 2012, which puts the DC Market more than 700
above any other market. Over 900 graduates participated in GGR from East Potomac Golf
Course under the direction of General Manager Tim Krebs, PGA.

Section Play Golf America Days
Section Staff, PGA Members, and PDRM Mike Aldrich executed three Play Golf America near-
golf experiences at Virginia Tech and the University of Maryland, two of the largest colleges
in our section. During the three events, hundreds of people took swings with SNAG golf
equipment, hit Birdie Balls at Golfzilla and received short lessons. Furthermore, the host
professionals were onsite to collect contact information and promote their Get Golf Ready

Page 25                   November 12, 2012                 MAPGA Fall Membership Meeting
PGA Junior League Golf
Four DC clubs participated in JLG in 2012. The response from parents, PGA Professionals &
Junior Golfers was consistently positive. Mike Thomas, PGA has further details on the
success of this program in the Junior Golf Committee report.

North Coast Golf Show – Washington DC
For the fourth year in a row the MAPGA provided free instruction at the North Coast DC Golf
Show in Dulles, Virginia on February 3-5, 2012. PGA professionals gave free 10 minute
lessons to over 200 people over the three days.

The MAPGA Staff’s contribution to Player Development has reached an all-time high. With
the introduction of Director of Communications Stephanie Jennings, PGA, there has been a
significant increase in the Player Development communications through email, social media
and a continually updated website. The Staff has done a remarkable job in supporting the
efforts of the committee and the PGA of America in implementing Golf 2.0 initiatives.

A Message from Virginia Player Development Committee Chair Andy Weissinger, PGA
Two Top Reasons to Get More Involved in Player Development:

1. Growth of the Game = Increased awareness for the game of golf
       = Increased number of golfers = Increased long term business
       = Stronger Golf Business as a whole
       = Job security

If you desire to see any of these things happen it can all start with Growth of the Game.

2. MSR Points

Other than attending meetings, this is the easiest way to earn MSR points. Growing the
game is something you should be doing already. Our PGA Leadership has identified Player
Development as a FUNDAMENTAL element of what a PGA Professional needs to be doing in
order to stay a PGA Professional. Not to mention they are giving us tools to help us get
better at it and to make it extremely easy to track and report. The entire process from
entering an event to recording the attendees to getting your points literally takes less then
5 minutes! Not to mention the added tool/database you now have to use for future
marketing and relationship building.

Although it is very true that we cannot control all elements of our job or the condition of our
employment, but don't you want to know for sure you are doing all you can to truly be the

As always feel free to contact myself, any of my fellow committee members or the
appropriate subject matter experts; and please don't forget about one of the best assets in
the country we have right here in our of only 6 in the country...PGA Player
Development Consultant Mike Aldrich, PGA. He is a great wealth of knowledge, he is happy
to help give him a call because most important of all he wants to help!

Serving through golf,

Andy Weissinger, PGA
Chair, Virginia Player Development Committee

Dean Greer, PGA
Chair, Maryland Player Development Committee

Page 26                    November 12, 2012                 MAPGA Fall Membership Meeting

The 2012 season has been an opportunity for the Section to test new waters in the realm of
communication and public relations. With the addition of Director of Communications
Stephanie Jennings, PGA, more emphasis has been put on generating a communication
schedule and creating more efficient, reader-friendly messages. Efforts have also been
placed on monitoring email open rates for various communications and keeping website
content fresh.

Email Communications
As many of you noticed, the MAPGA News & Notes messaging is being sent on a weekly
basis as opposed to a bi-weekly basis in years past. With this adjustment, email messages
are more condensed and content is more relevant. Open rates for these messages as well
as the Tournament Weekly messages have increased 4% from 2011 to 2012. Junior Golf
messaging has also improved by 15% which is the direct result of having a cleaner and
more targeted distribution list.

The MAPGA Junior Golf Department has also taken advantage of new communication
avenues. Through our BlueGolf Tournament software, we were able to create a newsletter-
style email which included tournament results, upcoming events and other pertinent junior
golf information. The “MAPGA Junior Golf Gazette” was sent bi-weekly in May, June, July, &
August and was also sent once in September & October.

Social Media
We have increased our visibility in the social media world through Facebook and Twitter. At
the beginning of the year, we had around 800 fans on Facebook and about 200 followers on
Twitter. To date we have 1,033 fans on Facebook and 358 followers on Twitter. These
avenues of communication have been very effective in getting the word out to members,
volunteers, etc. regarding tournaments and other events happening within the Section.

If you are not already        a   fan/follower,   please   join   us…;

Tournament PR
Before, during and after each Section tournament, press releases were sent to local media
contacts to inform them about the upcoming tournament, the leading scorers and the final
winners. By using Google Alerts we were able to track where MAPGA tournament news was
being published. The Baltimore Sun had a regular post of MAPGA Tournament results on
their sports digest and a new media outlet called posted results on the respective
winner’s hometown website.

We have also “bulked-up” our tournament media area with the addition of video interviews
and more photos. Most tournament videos may be found on the MAPGA’s YouTube channel
– MiddleAtlanticPGA. Tournament photos may be found on the MAPGA’s Facebook page.

Non-Tournament PR
Several non-tournament events were hosted by the MAPGA this season and we made a
concerted effort toward getting this information out to our friends in the media. Events like
PGA Golf Day where 18 MAPGA Professionals played golf marathons for charity, or Play Golf
America Days on the campus’ of UMD and Virginia Tech were communicated to local media
contacts as well as the Golf Wire where many golf writers go to get their stories.

The MAPGA is always looking for “goodwill” stories about MAPGA Professionals. If you have
a story about helping a local charity or contributing to your community, please share it with
us so we can share it with even more people.

Page 27                   November 12, 2012                  MAPGA Fall Membership Meeting
Looking into the future, more emphasis will be put on streamlining communications and
making them even more reader-friendly. The Section will be investigating marketing
communication providers like Constant Contact and Mail Chimp to see what they offer and
how they can make Section communications more efficient and effective.

Respectively submitted,

Sean Taylor, PGA
Chair, Public Relations Committee
(434) 806-3139


PGA Scholarships are available to all children and grandchildren of PGA members.
Scholarships are awarded annually in two categories: high school seniors and current
college students. The National Scholarship Committee screens all applications and their
recommendations are forwarded to the Section Scholarship Committee for review.

The following were awarded a National Scholarship in the amount of $2,000:

Sophomore Andrew Mlynarski, son of John Mlynarski, PGA Head Professional at
Harbourtowne Resort. Freshmen: Dakota Quelland, son of PGA Life Member David Quelland;
Levi Warring, son of Chris Warring, Head PGA Professional at Two Rivers Country Club.

The Middle Atlantic Section also awards the Bill Deck-Fred Funk MAPGA Family Scholarships.
This year’s recipients of $500 scholarships are:

Seniors: Erin Bowling, daughter of Jim Bowling; Chris Danielson, son of Steve Danielson,
Head PGA Professional at Belle Haven Country Club. Junior: Kelsey Lodge, daughter of
George Lodge, PGA Professional at George W. Golf, LLC; Sophomores: Seth Nooe, son of
Wayne Nooe, PGA General Manager at Kingsmill Resort; Andrew Mlynarski, son of John
Mlynarski, PGA Head Professional at Harbourtowne Resort. Freshmen: Dakota Quelland,
son of PGA Life Member David Quelland; Levi Warring, son of Chris Warring, Head PGA
Professional at Two Rivers Country Club; Kaitlin Bubb, daughter of David Bubb, Head PGA
Professional at Winter’s Run Golf Club; Kelsey Murray, granddaughter of PGA Life Member
Gordon Murray, PGA; Clifford Reeves, son of Steve Reeves, PGA manager at Dick’s Sporting


Respectfully submitted,

Jon Magarace, PGA
Chair, Scholarship Committee


Listed below are the current Section and Chapter sponsors for the 2012 season. As the
tournament season winds down and we approach the end of the year, we again ask that you
please take the time to thank (in writing!) these sponsors for their support.

We want to strongly emphasize that sponsor dollars go a long way in subsidizing Section
programs and are critical to the continued success of our Association.

Page 28                   November 12, 2012               MAPGA Fall Membership Meeting
We hope that you have given each of the following companies, at a minimum, an
opportunity to show you their lines. While we never guarantee them a given volume of
sales, we do tell them their support of the MAPGA is part of your decision making process.
Recent history has shown that we do, in fact, have significant influence with our sales
representatives and their companies through the exposure and marketing we are able to
provide them.

We must not forget that sponsors are the reason that our Section is able to offer the many
programs and services, as well as tournament prize money, which our membership has
come to expect. Do not wait for someone else to thank or secure a sponsor; take it upon
yourself to make a difference. We must all show our support in order to retain sponsors
and to attract new ones. Names and addresses for each of the following sponsors can be
found in the Sponsor Directory on our website under the Affiliates/Sponsors link.

As a reminder, any MAPGA member or apprentice who brings a new sponsor to the Section
is entitled to a 20% commission. For more details on this program, please contact Stacey
Smith at the Section office at 540-720-7420 x121 or

Platinum Level Sponsors – minimum $7,500 commitment
Alsco/Linens of the Week           Match Play and Senior Match Play Championships
Club Car/Horizon/Peebles           Pro-President,    MAPGA     Directory,   MAPGA
                                   Professional Championship, North, Central, South
                                   Chapter Championships, Assistant Championship,
                                   Pro-Assistant Championship, Head Professional
SunTrust                           State Open of Virginia
TaylorMade-adidas Golf/Ashworth    Chapter Challenge Cup, North, Central & South
                                   Chapter Championships

Gold Level Sponsors – minimum $5,000 commitment
Bridgestone Golf                   Central Chapter Fall Meeting
HITT Contracting                   MAPGA Junior Tour
Lindsay Automotive                 MAPGA Junior Tour
State Farm                         Central Chapter Player of the Year

Silver Level Sponsors – minimum $2,500 commitment
Bushnell                            Section Scramble
Callaway Golf                       Professional Championship, Central Chapter
                                    Spring Meeting
Cleveland Golf/Srixon               Spring Short Game Summit                     Southern Chapter Spring Meeting, Section
Cutter & Buck                       Club Car Pro-President
Ed Turnage/Sterling Cut Glass       Team Championship
EP Pro                              Women’s Championship
GolfBuddy                           Pro-Scratch
Mizuno                              Fall Teaching Summit
NIKE Golf                           Professional Championship, Club Car Head
                                    Professional Championship
North Coast Golf Shows              Section Sponsor
Oakley                              Team Championship
Page & Tuttle                       Senior-Junior Championship
PiMac                               Section Spring Meeting
Polo Golf                           Club Car Head Professional Championship
Sunice                              Northern Chapter Spring Meeting
Sun Mountain                        Match Play Championship

Page 29                   November 12, 2012               MAPGA Fall Membership Meeting
Tournament Solutions                     Club Car Head Professional Championship
WeatherBug                               Club Car Pro-President

Bronze Level Sponsors – minimum $1,500 commitment
Ahead                              PGM Scholarship Program
Bermuda Sands                      Staff & Volunteer Shirts
GEAR for Sports/UnderArmour        Section Sponsor
GolfNet                            Northern Chapter Pro-Junior
Hole-in-One USA                    Section Sponsor
Origins of Golf                    Player of the Year Trophies
PING                               Section Sponsor
SkyGolf                            Junior Tour Championship
Sporting Classics                  MAPGA Trophy Sponsor
Tee it Up Promotions               MAPGA Signage Sponsor
Wittek Golf                        Club Car Pro-President

National Partners
American Express                         Section Sponsor
COBRA PUMA GOLF                          Assistant Championship
Mercedes-Benz                            Professional Championship, Senior Professional
                                         National Championship
National Car Rental                      Assistant Championship
OMEGA                                    Professional Championship
Pepsi                                    Section Sponsor
PGA National Resort                      Section Fall Meeting
PGA Tour                                 Match Play Championship, Professional
                                         Championship, Tournament of Champions, Team
Southworth Development                   Senior Professional National Championship
Titleist/FootJoy                         Professional Championship

Respectfully submitted,

John Lyberger, PGA and John Madden, PGA
Co-Chairs, Sponsor Committee


I congratulate all of our Section tournament champions for 2012. As of the publication date
for this report the winners from the MAPGA Team Championship supported by Ed
Turnange/Sterling Cut Glass, Oakley and The PGA Tour and the MAPGA Chapter
Challenge supported by TaylorMade-adidas Golf/Ashworth have yet to be
determined. I hope to recognize them at the meeting.

MAPGA Two Person Scramble supported by Bushnell: Bobby Ashton, PGA (Hampshire
Greens GC) - Dirk Schultz, PGA (Beaver Creek CC) and co-winners Tim Butler, PGA
(Diamond Ridge GC) – Chad Schulze (Greystone GC)
Alsco Match Play Championship supported by Sun Mountain and The PGA Tour: Dirk
Schultz, PGA (Beaver Creek CC)
MAPGA Senior Pro - Junior Pro supported by Page&Tuttle: Richard White, PGA (Willow
Oaks CC) – Patrick Hawkins, PGA (Willow Oaks CC)
Alsco Senior Match Play Championship: Daniel Thore, PGA (Dick’s Sporting Goods)

Page 30                   November 12, 2012               MAPGA Fall Membership Meeting
Club Car Pro - President supported by WeatherBug and Cutter & Buck: GROSS: Tim
Lewis, PGA and Mike Fentress (a) (Kempsville Greens GC); NET: Jay Dufty, PGA & Robert
O’Braitis (a) (TPC Potomac at Avenel Farm)
MAPGA Pro - Assistant supported by Club Car: Jim Fitzgerald, PGA – Pleasant Hughes,
PGA (Chevy Chase Club)
MAPGA Pro - Scratch supported by GolfBuddy: Nicholas Balcken (Cattail Creek CC) and
Brad Miller (a)
National Car Rental Middle Atlantic PGA Assistant Championship presented by
COBRA PUMA GOLF and Club Car: Jaime Gylan (Raspberry Falls G&HC)
EP Pro Women’s Championship: Ashley Grier (Beaver Creek CC)
Middle Atlantic PGA Professional Championship presented by Club Car, Merceded-
Benz, and Omega: Faber Jamerson, PGA (Falling River CC)
MAPGA Senior Championship: John Francisco, PGA (Piney Branch G&CC)
MAPGA Quarter Century Championship: Steve Bosdosh, PGA (Members Club at Four
Club Car Head Professional Championship supported by Tournament Solutions,
Polo Golf, and Nike: Faber Jamerson, PGA (Falling River CC); Senior Division Champion:
Glenn Brown, PGA (Westwood CC)
MAPGA Tournament of Champions supported by The PGA Tour: Rick Schuller, PGA
(Swaders Sports Park); Senior Division Champion: Bud Lintelman, PGA (Westpark GC)
MAPGA Team Championship supported by Ed Turnage/Sterling Cut Glass, Oakley,
and The PGA Tour: TBD
MAPGA Chapter Challenge supported by TaylorMade-adidas Golf/Ashworth: TBD

Complete results for these and chapter tournaments are on under
Tournaments. Sometime in January we will begin to put up the 2013 schedule, so please
visit the site regularly.

The 2012 Tournament season has shown a 5-7% increase in participation, hopefully due to
some of the changes the Tournament Committee made. I want to thank all those who
participated and supported the Tournament Program throughout the year. I know it’s
getting harder to find the time between family, increased duties and smaller staffs, yet I’d
like to encourage those who weren’t able to find the time to compete this year to try and
make the time next year.

I am extremely thankful that even in tough economic times we have so many gracious
sponsors whose generous support is critical to the success of our program. Please consider
doing business with them and thank them for their support.

The Tournament Program cannot be successful without an effective Tournament Committee.
The following PGA Professionals dedicated many hours of their time serving on the
committee in order to develop a program of competitive events for the benefit of all MAPGA
Members and Apprentices:

Kelly Crovo, PGA*
Wayne DeFrancesco, PGA
Mark Evenson, PGA
Trish Gates, PGA
Bryan Jackson, PGA
Larry Ringer, PGA*
Richard Runyon, PGA
Dirk Schultz, PGA
Steve WenPetren, PGA*
Tim White, PGA
    *Denotes Chapter Tournament Chair

Page 31                   November 12, 2012                MAPGA Fall Membership Meeting
I offer my sincere thanks to my fellow Tournament Committee members for their service.

As Tournament Chairman I developed insight and understanding of the outstanding service
performed by Jeremy Greiner, PGA. Jeremy is unquestionably committed to the MAPGA and
its Tournament Program. We are lucky to have such a Tournament Director who always
conducts himself in the utmost professional manner and works intelligently and diligently
every day. I’m proud to serve with him. The MAPGA membership is also privileged to be
served by dedicated interns like Scott Hamlin. Scott is a valuable asset and will undoubtedly
succeed in his career. It is a tribute to the quality of our Section that we are able to attract
quality young men and women to our internships.

Lastly, I am thankful for the MAPGA Officers, Staff and Board of Directors for their
leadership and support throughout the year. We, the MAPGA Tournament Committee strive
for the betterment and enjoyment of your Tournament Program. We cannot perform our
function to the best of our ability without your ideas and feedback which we need and
depend on.

Respectfully submitted,

Butch Butler, PGA
Chair, Tournament Committee

Page 32                    November 12, 2012                  MAPGA Fall Membership Meeting

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