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					My Background
• Started with Sunsail in 1989 as Water sports
  instructor in Mediterranean
• 6 Seasons in Greece and Turkey
• 1995 Sales Manager ~ UK
• 1999 Sales Manager ~ Annapolis USA
• 2002 General Manager ~ Annapolis USA
• 2006 Brand Manager ~ Sunsail Worldwide
Sunsail’s Position
• For people who love sailing and have a passion
  for fun and new experiences. Sunsail is the
  perfect sailing vacation at a great value

• Delivered with high quality yachts and friendly
  personalized services
Sunsail’s Character
• Sunsail makes my experience fun
• Sunsail caters to my sailing needs
• Sunsail has the right boat for me
Sunsail makes my experience fun:
• Sunsail makes my experience fun because they share
  my love of sailing
• Team Sunsail is fun because they are always friendly
  and approachable
• Sunsail maximizes my experience because they
  understand how precious my vacation time is
• Sunsail’s love of sailing means they better understand
  my needs
• Sunsail is a pleasure to sail with because I only pay for
  the things I want
Sunsail caters to my sailing needs:
• Sunsail provides the right sailing vacation experience for
  all abilities, by offering bareboat and skippered charter,
  sailing schools, beach clubs, flotillas, and corporate
• With Sunsail, I have the flexibility I need to personalize my
  vacation because they offer a wide range of a la carte
  services and options
• Sunsail makes planning my vacation easy because they
  advise on every aspect from cruising area, type of yacht
  and equipment options to meet my personal needs
• Sunsail allows me to explore new, unique cruising
Sunsail has the right boat for me
• Sunsail’s range of yachts represents the best value in
  sailing because it offers me the most choice to fit my
• Sunsail’s yachts are built and equipped to custom
  specifications, ensuring easy handling, performance and
  comfort, both under way and at anchor
• Sunsail’s yachts are maintained to high standards
  ensuring that you make the most of your sailing time
• Sunsail’s commitment to quality yachts and maintenance
  is backed by our 4 hour service guarantee
Sunsail does NOT:
• Cut corners in any way that diminishes the
  sailing vacation experience
• Address the customer in an impersonal
• Make novice sailors feel uncomfortable
• Use size or age of company as a primary
  measure of performance
• Let fleet or equipment issues go unresolved.
Sunsail Product offering
• 0-3 and 4+ year old yachts
• 30’ and up
• Focus on small to midrange Catamarans and Monohulls
• Restricted charter dates
• Generator/AC charged per hour and not available on
  newer yachts
• A/C shore power not available
• Repeat customer discounts
The Sunsail offering:
• Flotillas available globally
• Portable DVD players available
  for rent
• Blenders available
  for rent
• Beach towels not included
• Skippers available for hire
  at daily rates
• Pay for fuel (inc in charter pack)

• Sunsail sends a taxi driver to   • Sunsail’s taxi driver greets you
  meet you.                          with a hand shake.

• Sunsail’s taxi service provides   • Sunsail’s taxi service requires
  luggage assistance.                 payment onsite.

• Sunsail Customers are assisted        • Sunsail customers follow signage
  with their luggage into a cart by       to customer service with luggage
  the taxi driver and directed to the     in cart.
  reception area.

• Sunsail welcome customers in      • Sunsail customers are offered
  reception and offers to store       options until their yacht is ready.
  luggage until boat is ready for     (Bar, pool, provisioning etc)

• Sunsail customer service are        • Sunsail customer service,
  friendly, welcoming and attentive     welcomes customer with a
  to customers questions.               genuine smile and handshake.
                     Trip Preparations

• Sunsail paper work is all           • Sunsail provides a full chart brief
  completed ahead of time and given     and personal tips /
  to them at check in, in a basic       recommendations for the cruising
  folder.                               area.

• Sunsail provides a detailed       • Sunsail yacht presentation is
  yacht briefing, which is booked     uniform and clean for all
  upon arrival on a slot basis.       yachts.

• Sunsail does not provide a   • Sunsail will provide quality
  personal welcome board.        cockpit cushions for all

• Sunsail provides a clean   • Sunsail provides high quality
  presentable yacht with       masks, fins and snorkels in a
  cushions stowed.             full range of sizes.

• Sunsail presentation is a
  standard welcome card and
  bottle of water.

• Sunsail provisioning is either   • Sunsail starter pack is
  line item, packaged or self        additional option as part of
  purchased.                         “Charter pack.”

• Sunsail linens are provided      • Sunsail bath towels are
  and beds only made if “Charter     provided and beach towels can
  pack” is purchased.                be purchased in reception.

• Sunsail only provides toiletries   • Sunsail customers can rent
  and soap if charter pack is          DVD players and blender
  purchased.                           where available.

• Sunsail customers can hire a        • Sunsail provides on dock
  skipper for the first day if they     assistance for all charter
  wish.                                 departures and arrivals.
                      Service Calls

• Sunsail provides prompt     • Sunsail rectifies the issue in a
  friendly and professional     friendly efficient manor.
  service calls.
                 Arrival Back at Base

• Sunsail customers can return to    • Sunsail will meet all returning
  the base anytime for free and        customers for docking assistance.
  replenish ice, fuel and water at
  their own cost.
                 Arrival Back at Base

• Sunsail provides digital        • Sunsail, thanks customers for
  pictures which are emailed to     sailing with us and says good
  customers.                        by at the debrief.

• Sunsail’s professional and
  friendly staff.
For people who love sailing and have a
 passion for fun and new experiences
  Sunsail provides the perfect sailing
      vacation at a great value
 Delivered on high quality yachts and
    friendly personalized services
Sunsail ~ The Brand of Choice

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