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           REPORTS OF THE
             FEBRUARY 28, 2011

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                                                         TABLE OF CONTENTS

AGENDA ..................................................................................................................................................... 2

EXECUTIVES............................................................................................................................................. 3

REPORT OF THE PRESIDENT.............................................................................................................. 4

REPORT OF THE VICE PRESIDENT................................................................................................... 6

REPORT OF THE SECRETARY ........................................................................................................... 12

REPORT OF THE EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR ..................................................................................... 16

REPORT OF THE PGA DISTRICT 10 DIRECTOR ........................................................................ 21

REPORT OF THE A-8 DIRECTOR ..................................................................................................... 23

REPORT OF THE AWARDS COMMITTEE ....................................................................................... 25

REPORT OF THE EDUCATION COMMITTEE................................................................................. 27


REPORT OF THE GROW THE GAME COMMITTEES ................................................................... 29

REPORT OF THE HANDICAP COMMITTEES ................................................................................. 30

REPORT OF THE JUNIOR GOLF COMMITTEE.............................................................................. 33

REPORT OF THE MEMBERSHIP COMMITTEE .............................................................................. 34

REPORT OF THE NOMINATING COMMITTEE .............................................................................. 35

REPORT OF THE PUBLIC RELATIONS COMMITTEE.................................................................. 36

REPORT OF THE RULES COMMITTEES ......................................................................................... 37

REPORT OF THE SCHOLARSHIP COMMITTEE ............................................................................ 38

REPORT OF THE SPONSOR COMMITTEE ..................................................................................... 38

REPORT OF THE TOURNAMENT COMMITTEE............................................................................. 40

Page 1                                   February 28, 2011                                       PiMac Spring Membership Meeting
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                       Monday, February 28, 2011

8:00 a.m. Registration opens
9:00 a.m. Meeting called to order
         1. National Anthem
         2. Invocation
         3. Appointment of Sergeant-at-Arms
         4. Introduction of Sponsors
         5. Appointment of Parliamentarian
         6. Roll Call of Section officers and Directors
         7. Moment of silence and meditation for deceased Members
         8. Introduction of Guests
         9. Special Awards and Hall of Fame Presentations
         10. Reading of the minutes of the previous Membership meeting
         11. Reading of the minutes of the pervious Board of Directors’ meetings
         12. Report of the Vice President
         13. Report of the Secretary
         14. Reports of the Presidents of the Chapters
         15. Reports of the Directors and Section Committee Chairs
         16. Report of the Executive Director
         17. Report of Legal Counsel
         18. Report of PGA Officials
         19. Report of the President
         20. Unfinished business
         21. New business
         22. Open forum
         23. Adjournment

Respectfully submitted,

John F. Madden II, PGA

Page 2                   February 28, 2011                PiMac Spring Membership Meeting
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                    2011 SPRING MEMBERSHIP MEETING

                              Fredericksburg Expo Center
                                Fredericksburg, Virginia
                                   February 28, 2011

                                 SECTION OFFICERS

            President ....................................... Dean A. Hurst, PGA

            Vice-President ................................ John C. Malinowski III, PGA

            Secretary ...................................... John F. Madden II, PGA

            Honorary President ......................... Kevin R. Taylor, PGA

                                 PAST PRESIDENTS

     Mike Ahrnsbrak, PGA          Robert Fretwell, PGA          Rod Thompson, PGA
     Robert F. Dolan Jr., PGA     Wayne Holley, PGA             David Walker, PGA
     Jim Folks, PGA               Hank Majewski, PGA            Allen F. Wronowski, PGA
                                  Paul K. Michaelian, PGA

                                SECTION DIRECTORS

    Michael S. Aldrich, PGA      Dean A. Greer, PGA             Eric G. McGraw, PGA
    James E. Bennett, PGA        Donald J. Kramer, PGA          Richard Runyon, PGA
    Mark J. Beran, PGA           Jon F. Magarace, PGA           Matthew D. Schulze, PGA
    Kenneth T. Clark, PGA                                       Joshua B. Tremblay, PGA

Page 3                February 28, 2011                  PiMac Spring Membership Meeting
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     Doug McKenzie (410) 661-3533                        Mike Pifer (410) 560-3156

                             REPORT OF THE PRESIDENT

Dear MAPGA Members and Apprentices,

It has been a long winter, so at least I hope you enjoyed the holidays and got to
spend some time with your family. Each winter provides us with some well
deserved down time allowing us to rest, get organized, and begin to get re-
energized to make 2011 our best year in the business of golf. However, some of
you have to take care of some urgent and overdue business. I am referring to the
fulfillment of your PGA Member Service Requirement (MSR) since the current cycle
ends on June 15th. This cycle has been a 4-year period due to the initial roll-out of
the current MSR program. Starting July 1st it will return to a 3-year cycle. For those
of you who have earned your MSR credits…way to go! For those who need
educational and/or meeting credits, it’s time to get going. It is critical for you to do
what is required to avoid slipping into Class F status with your PGA membership. It
can be a long climb back to Class A as you will need to make up delinquent credits
and earn all of the credits that will be due in the next 3-year cycle. Your National
and Section leaders are aware of the need to create opportunities for you to earn
MSR credits and are busy doing so. You may have read what PGA President Allen
Wronowski wrote addressing this important issue in his recent “From the President”
message in January’s PGA Magazine. To assist you, your Section leaders have
scheduled several meetings and education seminars available this spring. Also, feel
free to cross Section boundaries to earn meeting (or education) credits. If you
need any type of credits, your first move should be to log on to MAPGA.COM and
check out the “Education and Meeting Schedule.” If you desire further advice or
assistance, please call Brenda Hudnall (or any staff member) at the Section office.

We, as your Section Board, finished a day-long Planning Session in December
where we discussed every program in our Section and how we envisioned the
program in 3-5 years. While many are still in the idea phase, you will see details of
some of these modifications come out as they are finalized. If any of you have any
suggestions for MAPGA programs, please do not hesitate to contact me. We
welcome all input!

Soon after being elected MAPGA President, I had the honor of personally witnessing
our own Allen Wronowski take over the reins as PGA President last November in
Boston. Simply put…Allen inspires me and always has. I cannot think of a better
person to lead our PGA. To be sure, he is “one of us” and cares deeply about every
PGA Professional and Apprentice getting it done at his/her job. Do not hesitate to
call or email Allen with whatever is on your mind. That is what he is all about. One
of the best jobs as MAPGA President is making calls to the Hall of Fame Inductees
and Award Winners. I would like to congratulate our two Hall of Fame Inductees as
members of the Class of 2011, Larry Ringer, PGA and the late John Flattery, PGA.
Both of these men are truly special and deserving. It was a fun conversation with
Larry (as usual) and with the Flattery family. Make sure that you plan to attend the
Hall of Fame Banquet on March 19th at Lansdowne.

Page 4                February 28, 2011               PiMac Spring Membership Meeting
      Section Meeting Sponsor:                           Section Meeting Sponsor:
     Doug McKenzie (410) 661-3533                        Mike Pifer (410) 560-3156

I promise you…it will be entertaining and a fitting tribute to our Hall of Fame
Inductees and our Award winners.

Look for some positive changes to the Section Tournament Program. Under the
leadership of Tournament Chair Richard Runyon, PGA, the dedicated tournament
committee seeks to explore fresh ideas that keep with the standing goals of
increasing participation, purses, and providing quality playing opportunities and
experiences for members and apprentices. For more information, check out the
Tournament Committee’s report in the meeting booklet.

We had a good year as a Section. I would like to thank my fellow officers, Vice
President John Malinowski, PGA, Secretary John Madden, PGA, Honorary President
Kevin Taylor, PGA, along with the entire MAPGA Board and staff for their dedication
and devotion to our Section. All of us know that 2010 was challenging for rounds
and revenue. Many of us are being required to “do more with less” by our
employers as “belt tightening” is now common in every industry. It is unfortunate
that there are too many qualified PGA members currently searching for
employment in a very tight job market. That is painful as our PGA is made up of
individuals that genuinely care about each other. If you have the opportunity to
reach out to a fellow PGA Professional that has fallen on hard times, please do so.
Your encouragement may be the difference maker.

The optimist in me sees brighter days ahead. Allen Wronowski spoke of the “Power
of Ten” in his acceptance speech in Boston. The concept is simple and true. It could
mean introducing new players to the game or encouraging current players to play
more. If we all add ten more players and they in turn each add ten more players,
etc., the number of rounds explode in a hurry. As a result, there will be more jobs,
better compensation, and a much healthier game. We, as PGA Professionals, are
uniquely positioned to steer the business of golf in a positive direction. It all comes
down to shedding our old ways, thinking outside the box, and getting excited about
golf again. Think back on why you got into the golf business. It’s because you love
to play and hang around those who play it…period. Being able to make a career in
a game you love is why so many are envious of what we do.

One of my 2011 personal goals is to play more golf. If you get excited about
playing, your enthusiasm will be infectious to your members and customers as well.
How about you? Have you set any goals for 2011?

I think it is appropriate to repeat one of my favorite expressions that has been
quoted by many U.S. Presidents….If not us, who? If not now, when?
I wish all of you a prosperous, healthy, and safe 2011 season.


Dean A. Hurst, PGA

Page 5                February 28, 2011              PiMac Spring Membership Meeting
     Section Meeting Sponsor:                           Section Meeting Sponsor:
    Doug McKenzie (410) 661-3533                        Mike Pifer (410) 560-3156

                       REPORT OF THE VICE PRESIDENT

The following pages contain an almost complete draft of the MAPGA Financial
Statements for 2010. It is not complete because as of press time (early February),
there are still a few year-end adjustments to be made and bills to be paid.
However, we don’t anticipate any substantial changes to the information here.
These reports were prepared by the National PGA of America, in conjunction with
the MAPGA, through the Section Admin Program.

As you will see in the financial statements, our financial position continues to be
strong. As of the end of 2010, the Section had assets of approximately $2.6 million,
regaining almost all of what was lost due to investment losses in 2008. Separately,
the Junior Golf and Scholarship Foundations add about $1 million in assets. The
total assets of the Section, the Foundations, and the LLC that technically owns the
building is $4 million. As in past years, much of our operating income can be
attributed to our handicap programs, membership dues and various sponsorships
that subsidize our many programs, meetings and tournaments (even though
sponsorships were down again in 2010). Without the support of our many sponsors,
our net operating income would be significantly reduced and we may need to
consider changing or possibly eliminating some of the services our Section
provides. This will continue to be a challenge in 2011.

In 2006 the Section transferred assets from its investment portfolio (SuperFund)
into real estate with the construction and opening of the new office building.
Because the actual building is technically owned by the MAPGA Properties LLC, it
shows in the Balance Sheet as an Asset “Due From Affiliates.” The Due From
Affiliates number is a net total of the amount owed to the MAPGA from MAPGA
Properties LLC ($827,940), which represents the amount of our down payment and
principal paid on the mortgage (10 years left at renegotiated 4.65%).

The Income Statement reflects a net gain of $221,818. The investment income is
the main cause of that number. As we have done in the past, we back out
Investment Income (this year $174,709) to obtain a “Net Income from Operations”
number of $47,739. Investment Income is the total of Realized Gains, Unrealized
Gains and Dividend Income less the line item “Professional Fees.” We budgeted
very conservatively in 2010 (and will again in 2011) based on the economy and
other factors.

Below is a summary of the most significant or unique financial activity that occurred
in 2010:

INCOME – The main revenue sources continue to be Member and Apprentice dues,
Sponsorship Revenue and the Maryland and Virginia Handicap Programs. We were
very close to our Revenue budget. Revenue from the Pepsi Program has been
decreasing slowly over the past couple of years. In addition to providing you
income to your Golf Retirement Plus account, the Section receives revenue based

Page 6                February 28, 2011             PiMac Spring Membership Meeting
     Section Meeting Sponsor:                         Section Meeting Sponsor:
    Doug McKenzie (410) 661-3533                      Mike Pifer (410) 560-3156

on how much Pepsi product is served at our facilities. I encourage each of you to
consider serving Pepsi products at your facility. You can contact Stacey Smith at
the Section office to learn more about the program.

EXPENSES – As you can see, our biggest line item expense continues to be
Professional Purse of around 415,000. The only significant over budget items were
Printing Expense (due mainly to paying for two Annuals in 2010 to get us on
schedule with counting the revenue and expense from the same program in the
same calendar year), Utilities Expense (we consolidated cable, phone and internet
to Comcast, under the Utilities line item), Building Maintenance (we had much
higher snow removal costs due to the significant snow in early 2010) and Postage
Expense (the costs to mail the 2010 Directory were higher than budgeted).

You will also notice a new line item, labeled Government Relations. We created this
in 2010 to keep track of any funds we were spending in this area, like the Economic
Impact Study done a few years back and the most recent expenditure on a Best
Management Practices (BMP) study on maintenance (to give our industry a say in
golf course turf regulations before the state government imposed restrictions
without our input). All of these funding decisions are made on a case-by-case basis
by your full Board of Directors.

After reviewing the financial statements should you have any questions please feel
free to contact me at Montgomery CC at 240-912-9529 or Jon Guhl at the Section

Respectfully submitted,

John C. Malinowski III, PGA
Vice President

Page 7               February 28, 2011             PiMac Spring Membership Meeting
      Section Meeting Sponsor:                                         Section Meeting Sponsor:
     Doug McKenzie (410) 661-3533                                      Mike Pifer (410) 560-3156

                      Statement of Activities - Consolidated
                      Middle Atlantic Section of the PGA

                      Period End        Dec. 31, 2010

                      Year To Date      YTD Budget      YTD Variance        Comments
ADP Funding                    90,000        90,000                (0)      From PGA National
Administrative Fee             72,427        79,440            (7,013)
Advertising                     2,150         4,950            (2,800)
Buick ED Car                    4,200         4,500              (300)
Dividend Income                25,191             0            25,191       Investments
Education Income                1,030           850                180
Entry Fees                    422,122       428,250            (6,128)
Fines                             700           700                 (0)
Golf Pass Income                2,291         2,630              (339)      $ came in less than 2009
Handicap Revenue              289,606       275,000            14,606       The lifeblood of our Association!
Interest Income                   498           700              (202)
Membership Dues               303,024       295,010              8,014      More members in 2010
Players Pool Income            26,865        31,990            (5,125)
Realized                       45,233             0            45,233
Gains/Losses                                                                Investments
Registration Income            25,704        22,750             2,954       HOF, Education, Teaching Summit
Reimbursement                  45,920        21,770            24,150
Revenue                                                                     Holden Cup processed differently
Rental Income                  12,000        12,000                (0)      Jr Golf pays Section
Royalties                      10,775         8,270             2,505       Pepsi, OfficeMax, PGA National Resort
Shipping & Handling               986             0               986
Revenue                                                                     Labels, Email Blasts, etc.
Sponsorship                   214,872       254,129           (39,257)
Revenue                                                                     Most attributable to Holden Cup change
Unrealized                    115,667            0            115,667
Gains/Losses                                                                Investments
Total Revenue               1,711,260     1,532,939           178,321       174K of 178K variance total due to investments

                      Year To Date      YTD Budget      YTD Variance                      Comments
Administrative Fee             81,877        90,080              8,203      Includes PGA Tour Q payments
Amateur Prizes                 13,650        13,690                 40      Pro-Jr, Pro-Scratch, Holden Cup
Auto Repairs/Maint              3,818         3,120              (698)
Awards & Trophies               2,981         7,115              4,134
Bank Fees                       2,155         1,100            (1,055)
Blue Golf Internet              4,447         6,000              1,553
Board Airfare                       0           500               500
Board Ground                    4,626         4,730               104

Page 8                   February 28, 2011                      PiMac Spring Membership Meeting
      Section Meeting Sponsor:                                       Section Meeting Sponsor:
     Doug McKenzie (410) 661-3533                                    Mike Pifer (410) 560-3156

                       Year To Date       YTD Budget    YTD Variance                   Comments
Board Lodging                    4,161          4,900              739
Board Meals                      6,278          5,940            (338)
Business License                     25            30                5
Cart & Range Fees               73,315         71,275          (2,040)
Cell Phone Expense               3,269          3,400              131
Consultant Ground                    71         1,000              929    Career Coaches Program
Consultant Lodging                    0           500              500    Career Coaches Program
Consultant Meals                     45           500              455    Career Coaches Program
Contestant Lodging               3,866          5,700            1,834    Chapter Challenge
Continuing                          292           930              638
Contribution                     8,700          8,000            (700)    $3 pp donation to host club
Dental Insurance                 2,156          2,150              (6)
Depreciation                     8,639         13,500           4,861
Disability Insurance               152          1,600            1,448    Discontinued benefit
Dues &                           1,781          1,000            (781)
Education Lodging                  395              0           (395)
Employee                        29,943         32,000           2,057
Retirement Benefits
Equip Repairs/Maint                627          1,750            1,123
Equipment Rental                 5,817          4,170          (1,647)    Copier, fax etc.
Express Shipping                 1,311          1,330              19
Food & Beverage                 55,812         63,840            8,028
Gifts & Bereavement                274            800              526
Gifts & Gratuities               4,317          4,080            (237)
Government                       8,325              0          (8,325)    BMP, VA Agribusiness Council
Health Insurance                29,728         30,000              273
Honorarium                         282              0            (282)    Spring Mtg Seminar
Insurance Expense               18,466         18,500              34
Interest Expense                     0            120             120
Internet Service                 1,452          3,000           1,548     Moved to utility expense (Comcast)
Legal Services                     600          2,500           1,900
Life Insurance                      13            150             137
Long Distance                    1,230          2,950           1,720     Switch to Comcast saved $
Office Phones                    1,985          4,000           2,015
Office Supplies                  6,939          6,000           (939)
Office/Building                 70,381         71,110             729
Office/Building                 14,877         12,000          (2,877)    Snow removal, lawn maintenance
Officials Ground                    50            750              700
Officials Lodging                1,090          1,000             (90)
Officials Meals                  5,695          4,730            (965)
Payroll Tax - FICA              31,777         31,000            (777)

Page 9                     February 28, 2011                     PiMac Spring Membership Meeting
      Section Meeting Sponsor:                                          Section Meeting Sponsor:
     Doug McKenzie (410) 661-3533                                       Mike Pifer (410) 560-3156

                       Year To Date         YTD Budget    YTD Variance                    Comments
Payroll Tax - FUTA                 661              630              (31)
Payroll Tax - SUID               2,492            2,600              108
Payroll Tax - W.C.                 228            1,300            1,072
Postage Expense                 11,286            9,580          (1,706)     Directory postage went up
Printing Expense                36,626           27,960          (8,666)     Annual, Directory, 2 Mtg books
Processing Fees                 22,224           25,460            3,236     Credit card fees, payroll admin
Professional Fees               12,011                0         (12,011)     Investment charges
Professional Purse             414,624         420,189             5,565
Promotion and                    8,833            9,250              417
Recruitment                           216          750               534
Shipping Expense                   235              230               (5)
Site Fee Expense                 4,812            9,000            4,188     HOF, 2 Section mtgs
Sponsor Meals                       14              280              266
Sponsorship                      3,054            8,410            5,356     Sponsor gifts, show, etc.
Staff Salaries &               398,715          415,000           16,285
Staff Travel-Airfare               147            1,120              973
Staff Travel-Ground              5,455            7,290            1,835
Staff Travel-Lodging             3,409            6,360            2,951
Staff Travel-Meals               6,780            9,620            2,840
Tangible Personal                1,187            1,400              213
Property Tax
Teaching Grant                   1,270            1,750              480     Grow the Game stipends-DC Golf
Tee Gifts                        9,515           10,840             1,325
Temporary Labor                    222              270                48
Tournament                       4,030            3,000           (1,030)
Uniform Expense                  2,548            1,370           (1,178)
Utility Expense                 19,993           15,000           (4,993)    High Power Bills, internet moved here
Vision Insurance                   422              250             (172)
Volunteer Expense                  742            1,490               748
Total Expense                1,489,441        1,532,939           43,498
Increase/(Decrease)            221,818              (0)          221,818
in Net Assets

Less Investment
Gains (Losses)                 174,079
Total Income From
Operations                      47,739

Page 10                     February 28, 2011                        PiMac Spring Membership Meeting
              Section Meeting Sponsor:                                      Section Meeting Sponsor:
             Doug McKenzie (410) 661-3533                                   Mike Pifer (410) 560-3156

                         Middle Atlantic Section of the PGA

                          Statement of Financial Position
                               For the period ended
                                December 31, 2010

Current Assets
                                 Cash                                                         341,783
                                 Wachovia-Conservative Growth                                 480,931
                                 Wachovia-Long Term Growth                                    409,749
                                 Wachovia-Moderate Growth                                     470,449
                                 Accounts Receivable                                            8,641
                                 Prepaid Expenses-Current                                       1,947
                                 Deposits                                                       7,206
                                 Total Current Assets                                        1,720,705
Due from/to Affiliates
                                 Middle Atlantic Section of the PGA                           827,940
                                 Middle Atlantic Section APA                                   10,575
                                 Total Due from/to Affiliates                                 838,514
Property and Equipment
                                 Computer Hardware                                              19,960
                                 Equipment                                                      14,771
                                 Furniture & Fixtures                                           11,723
                                 Automobile                                                     40,879
                                 Less: Accumulated Depreciation                               (78,893)
                                 Total Property and Equipment                                   8,440
                                 Total Assets                                                2,567,659
Liabilities and Net Assets
Current Liabilities
                                 Accounts Payable & Accrued Liabilities                        55,777
                                 Deferred Revenue Currrent                                    190,507
                                 Total Current Liabilities                                    246,284
Net Assets
                                 Net Assets                                                  2,321,375
                                 Total Net Assets                                            2,321,375
                                 Total Liabilities and Net Assets                            2,567,659

       Page 11                        February 28, 2011                   PiMac Spring Membership Meeting
     Section Meeting Sponsor:                        Section Meeting Sponsor:
    Doug McKenzie (410) 661-3533                     Mike Pifer (410) 560-3156

                           REPORT OF THE SECRETARY

                        As of February 2, 2011

          Classification      Section    Central   Southern     Northern
               A-1             248         66         99           83
               A-2              14         5          4            5
               A-3               5         0          3            2
               A-4              59         12         27           20
               A-5               0         0          0            0
               A-6              60         32         9            19
               A-7               0         0          0            0
               A-8             158         69         46           43
               A-9              21         9          7            5
              A-10               1          1         0            0
              A-11               3          1         0            2
              A-12               6          0         6            0
              A-13              53         23         20           10
              A-14              61         27         17           17
              A-15              33          7         18            8
              A-16               0          0         0            0
              A-17               0          0         0            0
              A-18               0          0         0            0
              A-19               0          0         0            0
              A-20               8          4         4            0
              A-21               2          0         1            1
              A-22               0          0         0            0
              A-23               4          0         2            2
              A-24              10          5         4            1
                 F               4         1                       3
                IN              33          9         15            9
                LM              98         32         36           30
               LMA               4         2          2
              LMMA               1                                   1
               RM                3                     3
                MP               2                     1            1
              Total            891        305         324          262

           Apprentices:         218        88         72            58

          Section Totals:      1109       393         396          320

Page 12              February 28, 2011             PiMac Spring Membership Meeting
      Section Meeting Sponsor:                          Section Meeting Sponsor:
     Doug McKenzie (410) 661-3533                       Mike Pifer (410) 560-3156

The following is based on information received in the Section office as of
February 1, 2011:

The Board of Directors is extremely pleased to recognize the following
Classified Master Professionals and Certified Master Professional within the

Frank Laber                      LMMA                Bishopville, MD
John E. Snyder III               MP                  Glenmore Country Club

Certified Master Professional

Peter Van Pelt                   A-13                Mt. Vernon Country Club
Golf Operations

The following member achieved Certified Professional status since the Fall
Membership Meeting:

Glenn Payne                      A-6                 Blue    Ridge    Shadows       GC

The following member was elected to the Quarter Century Club since the
Fall Membership Meeting:


Bill Bolls                       A-15                Dick’s Sporting Goods

The following members were elected to Membership since the Fall
Membership Meeting:


Timothy T. Bolton                A-8                 Baltimore Country Club
Adam Thomas-Frost                A-8                 Caves Valley Golf Club


Brian R. Barrows                 A-8                 Woodmont Country Club
Brice R. Busse                   A-8                 Woodmont Country Club
Scott D. Campbell                A-13                Pleasant Valley Golf Club
Mike A. Gertzberg                A-8                 1757 Golf Club
Arthur J. Shih                   A-8                 Redgate Golf Course
Christopher W. Sullivan          A-8                 Cannon Ridge Golf Club

Page 13                February 28, 2011              PiMac Spring Membership Meeting
     Section Meeting Sponsor:                 Section Meeting Sponsor:
    Doug McKenzie (410) 661-3533              Mike Pifer (410) 560-3156


Robert B. Schultz             A-8          Spring Creek Golf Course
Philip C. Smiley              A-8          Tradition GC @ Royal New Kent

The following members had a classification change or employment change
since the Fall Membership Meeting:


Damian Cosby                  A-4          Ocean Pines Golf & CC
Matt Fuller                   A-1          Caves Valley Golf Club


Pat Bedingfield               A-14         Bethesda Country Club
Gordon Digby                  A-20         Cleveland Golf/Srixon
Bob Fikac                     A-20         G.L. Cornell
Joshua Marr                   A-1          Hidden Creek Country Club
Ted Pogorelc                  A-1          Bethesda Country Club
Richard Runyon                A-13         Shenandoah Valley Golf Club
Kevin Tanner                  A-6          GolfTEC-North Bethesda
Mark Tanner                   A-14         GolfTEC-North Bethesda


Jeff Gandee                   A-4          The Meadows Golf & CC
Bobby Green                   A-13         Providence Golf Club
Don Kramer                    A-24         Virginia Golf Trail
Tim McAfee                    A-4          Roanoke Country Club
Phil Owenby                   A-13         Kinloch Golf Club
Steve Prater                  A-14         Roanoke Country Club
Jeff Sanborn                  A-6          GolfTEC-Clarendon
Sean Taylor                   A-24         Up to Par Marketing

The following members transferred into the Section since the Fall
Membership Meeting:


Eric Bamberger                A-15         Dick’s Sporting Goods
Barton Bowser                 A-8          River Marsh Golf Club
Randy Davis                   A-6          Unaffilliated
Clark Gregory                 A-14         Unaffiliated
Todd Scolnick                 A-8          Clustered Spires Golf Club
Jeffrey Witon                 A-15         Dick’s Sporting Goods
Jeffrey Webster               A-8          Unaffiliated

Page 14              February 28, 2011      PiMac Spring Membership Meeting
     Section Meeting Sponsor:                    Section Meeting Sponsor:
    Doug McKenzie (410) 661-3533                 Mike Pifer (410) 560-3156


John Guyton                   A-1            Trump National GC, Washington
Janet Ortega                  A-24           Lakewood Country Club
Mike Robichaud                A-24           The Club at Creighton Farms
Ryan Wilson                   A-13           The Golf Club at Lansdowne
John Yancy                    A-1            Heritage Hunt Golf & CC


Josh Alsip                    A-4            Colonial Heritage Club
Daniel Simonsen               IN

The following members transferred out of the Section (all chapters)

Steven Beecroft               A-13           Carolinas PGA
Pat Coyner                    A-14           Philadelphia PGA
Keith Eynon                   LM             Northern California PGA
Brian Gehrman                 A-8            Carolinas PGA
Jimmy Jones                   LM             South Florida PGA
John Kuliesh                  A-1            North Florida PGA
Bryan McComb                  A-8            South Florida PGA
Scout Miller                  IN             Georgia PGA
Derek Mousseau                A-20           Tri-State PGA
Patty Post                    A-12           Philadelphia PGA
Charlie Schuyler              A-1            Philadelphia PGA
Jeff Shepard                  A-13           New England PGA
Josh Sweeney                  A-8            Philadelphia PGA
Jim Sykes                     A-8            Georgia PGA
Tyler Witman                  A-8            North Florida PGA

The following individuals were registered into the Apprentice Program
since the Fall Membership Meeting:


John Leighton                 B-8            Deer Run Golf Club


Samuel Boyd                   B-8            Kenwood Golf & CC
Carl Ciccarello               B-8            The Gauntlet Golf Club
Sean Dolan                    B-8            Pleasant Valley Golf Club
Joseph Lussier                B-6            1757 Golf Club
Timothy Neese                 B-8            Belmont Country Club
C. Trent Passmore             B-8            Winchester Country Club
Jordan Ryan                   B-8            Army Navy CC/Fairfax Course

Page 15              February 28, 2011         PiMac Spring Membership Meeting
      Section Meeting Sponsor:                             Section Meeting Sponsor:
     Doug McKenzie (410) 661-3533                          Mike Pifer (410) 560-3156


Rick Bealert                      B-13                 Jordan Point Country Club
Zachary Smith                     B-8                  Stonehenge Golf & CC


Trent Wright                      RM                   Elkton, MD

Respectfully submitted,

John F. Madden II, PGA


Section Membership Meeting - I look forward to seeing each of you at the Spring
Membership Meeting on Monday, February 28th at the Fredericksburg Expo Center.
President Hurst will again be presenting the Section Awards at this meeting. In
addition to the 2011 Section Award recipients, we will also be recognizing 2010
Section Players of the Year Karen Paolozzi, Tim White and David Hutsell. This
meeting will be followed closely by the black-tie-optional Hall of Fame and Awards
Banquet at Lansdowne Resort on Saturday, March 19th, when Larry Ringer and the
late John Flattery will be inducted into the MAPGA Hall of Fame as the Class of
2011. If you have not attended one of these banquets recently, you really should
consider doing so! The evening is full of emotion, an overall great PGA feeling, and
even some dancing! You should have already received your invitation, but if you
need another one or have any questions, please contact Director of Administration
Kelly Curtis or yours truly.

The State Handicap Programs – Here is an area where I truly need your
continued support and assistance! I need your help in figuring out how we can
get more golfers subscribing to the handicap system. As you hopefully already
know, we have long term agreements in place with the Maryland State and the
Virginia State Golf Associations regarding Handicap services for amateurs. These
two Handicap Programs (the VSGA is actually a full membership program) are truly
vital to the financial well being of all three Associations. For those few facilities that
are not a part of the handicap program in your state, I respectfully request you join
this year. For those of you already on the program, please stress to your
members/patrons how important an official handicap is for legitimate competitions,
not only for high-level events, but also for the $2 Nassau with their weekly group!
If you desire more information, please contact either Jon Guhl (540-720-7420 ext.
125) or me (ext. 123).

Page 16                 February 28, 2011               PiMac Spring Membership Meeting
     Section Meeting Sponsor:                         Section Meeting Sponsor:
    Doug McKenzie (410) 661-3533                      Mike Pifer (410) 560-3156

Patriot Golf Day - Congratulations and thanks to the many of you who
participated (again?) this year! Led again in 2010 by Glenn McCloskey and Loudoun
G&CC (raised $15,561), MAPGA Professionals raised nearly $99,000 for Patriot Golf
Day in 2010! In 2009, Glenn and Loudoun raised $10,746 leading the MAPGA to a
total of over $89,000 compared to $72,000 in 2008. Let's keep up this growth rate
for 2011! Glenn said it was easy at his club as he stood on the tee over Labor Day
weekend collecting donations. He had sent out emails and newsletters promoting
the fundraiser well in advance. Nationwide, the estimates are $2.274 million raised
in 2010, $1.74 million in 2009, and $1.5 million in 2008. These numbers are
obviously very impressive and have gone a long way toward providing college
scholarships to the dependents of troops injured or killed on active duty. My
heartfelt and sincere thanks to all of you who have participated!

MSR Program and Credits – I know President Hurst reminded you in his report of
the upcoming conclusion of this MSR cycle. I want to also encourage you to double
check your own situation and to contact Brenda, or any staff member for that
matter, at the Section office if you need some advice on how to accomplish what
you need prior to June 15, 2011. We are frequently adding seminars and meetings
to the schedule that may be found on the “Education and Meeting” page of our website.

Sponsors - It should be no surprise, but we continue to need your help regarding
Section and Chapter Sponsors. These companies and individuals support our
tournaments, our scholarship programs, and help to underwrite the cost of putting
on educational seminars and Section/Chapter meetings. Sponsor Committee Co-
Chairs John Madden and John Lyberger and their dedicated committee members,
along with your staff, work diligently to acquire these sponsors and truly need
assistance from each of you in retaining their support.        As I have written
previously, we never promise a certain volume of sales or that every MAPGA
member will purchase their product or services; but we certainly would like you to
purchase their products and services!!! And we expect of each of you to, as a
minimum, provide these sponsors with the opportunity to show you their products
or explain their various programs. While I am certain that many factors are
considered before you purchase goods and services, I also hope that one of those
considerations is whether or not the company is a Section or Chapter Sponsor…and
you simply conveying that notion to the company representative is
extremely important to our cause! Anything and everything you are able to do
along these lines will be most appreciated. Of course, we approach and speak with
many companies who see little or no value in supporting Section programs, but
your Sponsor Committee has chosen not to publish a list of those companies.
Instead, the committee has chosen to take the positive approach and publish the
names of the companies and individuals who are supporting the Middle Atlantic
Section! I urge you to review the sponsor listings in this Spring Meeting Booklet,
on our website (, which will be kept current), in separate mailings and
emails, and on the numerous materials that are handed out at our events. The
tournament title sponsors are also indicated in our MAPGA Annual each year.

Page 17               February 28, 2011             PiMac Spring Membership Meeting
     Section Meeting Sponsor:                           Section Meeting Sponsor:
    Doug McKenzie (410) 661-3533                        Mike Pifer (410) 560-3156

MAPGA Pro-Am - I also would like to encourage you to consider bringing your
members/patrons to our 9th MAPGA Junior Golf/Scholarship Foundation Pro-Am on
Monday, August 22nd at Springfield Golf and Country Club. Watch for more
information that will be forthcoming on this. We already have some fabulous
auction items including autographed pieces from Tiger Woods, Arnold Palmer, Jack
Nicklaus with still more to come on this front! Last year’s auction was extremely
well received, so please bring those amateur golfers who are interested in these
sorts of items as we hope to, once again, raise substantial dollars for our

New MAPGA Partners Program for 2011 - I want to thank each of you whose
facility was a member of our MAPGA Partners Program in 2010! At the December
Planning Session, your Board of Directors changed this program fairly substantially
by adding value to the program through including the fee charged to host a
sanctioned Pro-Am, Pro-Invite or Pro-Member event with the Partners Program fee.
You have already been sent a letter on all of the details on this newly combined
program, so please do not hesitate to contact Jeremy (ext 124) or Stacey (ext 121)
in the Section office if you have questions or need further details.

As a reminder, the MAPGA Partners Program is essentially a “supporting member”
program similar to that of the USGA and the state and regional golf association
programs, except that this supports the MAPGA. It is this program that enables us
to provide each member and apprentice with a copy of the “MAPGA Annual” which,
among lots of other information, contains a listing of the club champions of each
Partner Facility. Because this program has now been combined with the Pro-A/I/M
sanctioning fee as previously stated, the fee for the basic package has been raised
for the first time in 11 years by $50 to $250 per year. This entitles your facility to
list the champion and runner-up for five club championships and receive six copies
of the “MAPGA Annual.” The idea is that you as the PGA Professional can present a
copy of the annual to each of your five club champions and your club president, or
your club library (or some other use as you deem appropriate). For each additional
club championship that you desire to list, there is an additional charge of $25, but
you also receive an additional copy of the annual. Once again, thanks to the
following facilities for their support in 2010 – your renewal for 2011 will be not be
sent to you until the spring, so please ensure the $250 is in your budget for this

Page 18                February 28, 2011              PiMac Spring Membership Meeting
      Section Meeting Sponsor:                            Section Meeting Sponsor:
     Doug McKenzie (410) 661-3533                         Mike Pifer (410) 560-3156

                              2010 MAPGA Partners

  Army Navy CC                GC at Lansdowne              Piney Branch CC
  Ashley Plantation           Greene Hills Club            Potomac Ridge GC
  Baltimore CC                Hidden Valley CC             Princess Anne CC
  Bayville GC                 Hillendale CC                Redgate GC
  Belle Haven CC              Holly Hills CC               Richmond CC
  Bethesda CC                 Hunt Valley GC               River Bend G&CC
  Boonsboro CC                International CC             Roanoke CC
  Burning Tree Club           Jefferson Lakeside Club      Robert Trent Jones GC
  Caves Valley GC             Kenwood G&CC                 Rock Harbor GC
  Chevy Chase Club            Keswick Club                 Rolling Road GC
  Columbia CC                 Kingsmill Resort             Salisbury CC
  Congressional CC            Kinloch GC                   Sparrows Point CC
  CC of Virginia              Lakewood CC                  Springfield G&CC
  Enterprise GC               Laytonsville GC              Suburban Club
  Evergreen CC                Loudoun G&CC                 Towson G&CC
  Farmington CC               Maryland G&CC                Washington G&CC
  Fort Belvoir GC             Montgomery CC                Westlake G&CC
  Four Streams GC             Mt. Vernon CC                Willow Oaks CC
  Gauntlet GC                 Ocean City G&YC              Woodholme CC
  Golden Horseshoe GC         Old Hickory GC               Woodmont CC
                              The Pines GC

The PGA Pepsi Program – Below you will find a list of those facilities that our
records show are currently pouring Pepsi fountain products. I offer my sincere
thanks and appreciation to those PGA Professionals who work to get Pepsi poured
at their clubs or work at keeping it there. As each of you should be aware that the
Head PGA Professional can receive payments into his/her Golf Retirement Plus
Account of $1.11 per gallon of Pepsi post-mix fountain products poured (not bottles
or cans!) and the facility will receive a $0.65 per gallon rebate. There are also
monetary incentives to convert to Pepsi as well as to renew your contract. If you
think you should be receiving these rebates or incentives and you are not, or if your
facility is not on this list and you think it should be, please contact Stacey Smith at
the Section office (540-720-7420 ext. 121) and she will be happy to help you sort
through the details toward ensuring you are properly enrolled in the program and
are receiving the correct entitlements.

Page 19                February 28, 2011                PiMac Spring Membership Meeting
     Section Meeting Sponsor:                          Section Meeting Sponsor:
    Doug McKenzie (410) 661-3533                       Mike Pifer (410) 560-3156


  Arundel Golf Center        Green Hill Yacht & CC      Poplar Hill GC
  Beaver Creek CC            Hanover CC                 Prospect Bay CC
  Big Lick Range             Hidden Creek CC            Redgate GC
  Black Rock GC              Hillendale CC              Ringgold GC
  Blue Ridge Shadows         Independence GC            River Front GC
  Bowie G&CC                 Indian Creek GC            Rivers Bend GC
  Brandermill CC             James River CC             Rolling Road CC
  Breton Bay GC              Lake Chesdin GC            Salisbury CC
  Cannon Ridge GC            Lake Monticello GC         Shenandoah Valley GC
  Caroline CC                Lake Presidential GC       Shenvalee Resort
  Cattail Creek CC           Lakewood CC                Sleepy Hole GC
  Chantilly National         London Downs GC            South Riding GC
  Chester River CC           Loudoun G&CC               Spring Creek CC
  Clifton Park GC            Montgomery Village CC      Suffolk GC
  Colonial Hills GC          Mt. Pleasant GC            Sycamore Creek GC
  Cypress Creek GC           Nassawango CC              Tantallon GC
  Dominion Club              Norbeck CC                 Twin Shields GC
  Eagle’s Landing GC         Oakmont Green GC           Two Rivers CC
  East Potomac Park GC       Oakwood GC                 Univ. of MD GC
  Enterprise GC              Patuxent Greens GC         Westfields GC
  Fairfax National GC        Pete Dye River Course      White Plains GC
  Forest Park GC             Pine Ridge GC              Wintergreen Resort
  Great Hope GC              Pleasant Valley GC         Winton CC
                                                        Worthington Manor GC

The Virginia Golf Council - The VGC (made up of representatives from the
MAPGA, the Virginia State Golf Association, the Virginia Golf Course
Superintendents Association, the Virginias Chapter of the Club Managers
Association of America, the Virginia Turf Council, and the Virginia Chapter of the
Golf Course Owners Association) met at the MAPGA Section office on January 18,
2011 to discuss various issues affecting the golf industry and these organizations.

Volunteer Junior Golf Programs - Once again this year, let me offer an appeal to
those of you within 90 minutes (or whatever is a reasonable distance for you) of
our Nation’s Capitol. Each spring and summer we ask for assistance at the local
First Tee Chapters and the Paul Berry’s “Kids Get Hooked on Golf program” with the
DC Public Schools conducted at Langston GC and East Potomac Park GC in
Washington, DC. Please try to participate yourself or, as a minimum, encourage
your assistant professionals (PGA members/apprentices or not!) to participate in
these most worthy programs. While the MAPGA’s commitment to these programs is
not huge, it is simply too much for the small onsite staff to handle by themselves.

Page 20               February 28, 2011              PiMac Spring Membership Meeting
      Section Meeting Sponsor:                           Section Meeting Sponsor:
     Doug McKenzie (410) 661-3533                        Mike Pifer (410) 560-3156

Please watch for more specifics on these and other programs and please do all that
you can to assist us in these endeavors (for more details, please contact Junior Golf
Director Bob Heintz at 540-720-7420 ext 128).

Respectfully submitted,
Dick Johns
Executive Director


Dear Fellow PGA Professional:

Welcome to another golf season! There is much happening in our Association and
the golf industry. The mood among the vendors and attendees at the PGA Show
seemed to be much more upbeat than the past couple of years. Total attendance
was up 3.5%, PGA attendance increased 7% and Demo Day attendance was up
14%. Now if we can just translate that into rounds, revenue, increased lessons and
merchandise sales, everyone will be happy! We are by no means out of the woods,
and 2011 will still be a difficult year for many of our facilities and their members. It
may be years before we reach the round and revenue numbers that we took for
granted just a few short years ago. PGA members are now being looked upon to
have a positive impact at their facility, and we are in a position to take advantage
of our skills for the benefit of our clubs. Remember – we can drive revenue!

The current MSR cycle ends June 15, 2011. Those members not able to fulfill the
requirements by that time will be placed in Class ‘F’ status and will be required to
make up the deficit and the entire upcoming MSR requirement before getting out of
Class ‘F’. Our Section has worked very hard to provide additional meeting
opportunities, and educational requirements can be fulfilled in a number of ways.
Don’t hesitate to ask for assistance if find yourself in difficult circumstances.

At the 94th PGA Annual Meeting in Boston this past November, our own Allen
Wronowski was elected President of The PGA of America. Paul Michaelian gave a
fabulous nominating speech (Pittsburgh Steeler wardrobe and comments
notwithstanding), and Allen has hit the ground running. I was honored to be asked
by Allen to chair the PGA Employment Committee, and hope to continue the great
tradition the MAPGA has established in this area and promise to work hard for the
benefit of our members.

Here are some highlights of the key issues affecting PGA Members:

• Three resolutions were reviewed. The resolution to modify the “penalty” for Class
      F members (i.e. changing the requirements for a PGA member to get out of
      Class F status) was withdrawn by the Board of Directors. The resolution to
      require additional work for PGA PGM University students before they could be
      elected to PGA membership was defeated. The resolution to allow credits for
      suspended apprentices was also defeated.

Page 21                 February 28, 2011             PiMac Spring Membership Meeting
     Section Meeting Sponsor:                         Section Meeting Sponsor:
    Doug McKenzie (410) 661-3533                      Mike Pifer (410) 560-3156

• PGA 2.0 Education curriculum. Revisions to the PGA Apprentice Education
     program began in 2009 and the first level of PGM 2.0 was launched in 2010.
     Content was updated, and all materials are now online (no more books),
     which simplifies future updates. To date, the new program has been very
     well received. Components of the 3rd and final level are being completed at

• The new PGA Certified Professional Program (CPP 2.0) will launch in the summer
      of 2011. Its goal is to provide relevant resources to inform, educate and
      motivate PGA members to continue to be the leaders in the game and
      business of golf. The focus will be on new education offerings, key
      technologies and measurement systems to help PGA members tailor their
      education and training towards a specific career path.

• The PGA Sports Academy is designed to bring more kids to golf with the objective
      of developing core golfers. The official launch took place at the PGA Show,
      spearheaded by PGA Junior Golf Committee Chair Suzy Whaley. The former
      PGA Medalist Program will be rolled into the PGA Sports Academy and is a
      cornerstone of the Academy. Curriculum is based on Best Practices and
      long-term player development standards. The program is designed for
      flexibility to allow PGA members to adopt the entire program or integrate
      specific elements into their existing programs. A comprehensive program, it
      is designed to motivate and attract this generation of kids progressively
      through three different levels and includes core elements of physical fitness,
      golf skills, sportsmanship, playing and assessments.

• USGA Rules affecting 2011 PGA of America Competitions. The new USGA
     regulations regarding grooves/punchmarks will affect the final stage only of
     the PGA PNC, the PGA Senior PNC and the PGA Assistant Championship.

• Size of the Membership. Consideration of the overall number of PGA members
      has been a critical discussion among The PGA officers, Board of Directors and
      staff. We are seeing a decrease in the number of new members being
      elected annually. PGA PGM university programs provide the most time and
      cost-effective process for creating PGA members. The most recent school
      accredited by The PGA (in 2008) was the University of Maryland-Eastern
      Shore as part of The PGA diversity initiatives.

• Being a PGA member, you are billed as the Expert in the Game and Business of
      Golf! You must continue to promote yourself, your value in the workplace to
      your employer and The PGA brand. YOU MUST BE THE MOST RELEVANT,

Page 22                February 28, 2011            PiMac Spring Membership Meeting
     Section Meeting Sponsor:                          Section Meeting Sponsor:
    Doug McKenzie (410) 661-3533                       Mike Pifer (410) 560-3156

Finally, The PGA has contracted with the Boston Consulting Group (BCG) to develop
a strategic plan for our Association. The main focus of the plan is on growing
participation in the game and positioning The PGA and its members to take
advantage of that growth. BCG has been very well received by members, Section
leaders, manufacturers, employers, media and allied associations. They have
conducted consumer focus groups in Atlanta and Chicago, and met with the PGA
Board, Past Presidents and Section EDs during the PGA Merchandise Show. The
schedule is to organize the findings and provide an action plan for a presentation to
the PGA Board at the planning session in late February. Out of the planning session
will come direction for the Association and individual committees. Behind that will
be the PGA Conference of Leaders, scheduled for March 29-30 in St. Louis, and at
that time, the new programs and committee assignments will be rolled out to
Section leaders.

It is truly an honor to represent our Section and the members of the Kentucky and
Carolina Sections as your District 10 Director. I commit to work hard, be an
advocate for our Section and District, continue to challenge conventional wisdom
and demand excellence in all we do. Please do not hesitate to call or email me with
any questions or concerns you may have.

Very truly yours,

Mike A. Ahrnsbrak, PGA
District 10 Director, The PGA of America / 540.533.3056 (cell)

                         REPORT OF THE A-8 DIRECTOR

I hope this report finds you well rested and eager to start another great season for
your facility.

Congratulations to the apprentices that have used the past year to progress
through Levels 1, 2, or 3 of the PGA-PGM program. For apprentices that are still
working through the program, assistance can be found by contacting a PGA Mentor
by contacting the PGA Mentoring Hotline at 1-866-866-3382 or by contacting a
fellow MAPGA Professional from the APA Mentor page located in the APA section of
the MAPGA website. I would like to congratulate and welcome the apprentices that
have completed Level 3 and have become a PGA Member in 2010. The following
PGA Members and apprentices have excelled in their respective levels and earned
the AHEAD MAPGA-APA Scholarship.

Page 23                February 28, 2011             PiMac Spring Membership Meeting
     Section Meeting Sponsor:                           Section Meeting Sponsor:
    Doug McKenzie (410) 661-3533                        Mike Pifer (410) 560-3156

Level One:
Nick Hogan - Dominion Club
Brian Dix - Sparrows Point CC
Jaime Gylan - Piney Branch CC
Eric Woodward - Wintergreen Resort

Level Two:
Tom Michaels - Suburban Club
Geoff Montross - International CC
Jerry Donahue - Golf Tour Trailers
Anthony Romano - Hunt Valley GC

Level Three:
Beth Yahara - Baltimore CC
Jeff Forman - Shenandoah Valley GC
Jonathan Hand - CC of Virginia

Eligibility requirements for the AHEAD MAPGA-APA Scholarships may be found on or by contacting the Section office.

The MAPGA Assistant Professional Association is looking forward to its 16th season
with plenty of educational seminars, tournaments and networking opportunities to
help you become more involved in your section. You can find all information
pertaining to the Assistant Professional Association on the MAPGA website. Please
contact me if you have any questions pertaining to the APA. I can be reached at

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the Chapter A-8 Directors who along
with representing the PGA Assistant Professionals from each Chapter, have served
as the Vice Presidents of the MAPGA APA. Rick Hilbrecht, PGA (Northern Chapter),
Mike Thomas, PGA (Central Chapter), and Jonathan Hand, PGA (Southern Chapter),
have done a great job organizing educational seminars, meetings and the APA
Tournament Series. I thank you all for your dedication to your Chapters and your

I would also like to congratulate Mike Aldrich, PGA on being selected the Middle
Atlantic Section PGA Assistant Professional of the Year. Along with Mike’s duties as
the Central Chapter President, he has worked diligently on improving opportunities
for PGA Assistant Professionals of the MAPGA. All of the MAPGA Special Award
winners will be honored at the PiMac MAPGA Spring Meeting on February 28th as
well as at the Hall of Fame/Awards Banquet being held on March 19th at Lansdowne
Golf Club.

Finally, I would like to urge all PGA Assistant Professionals and Apprentices to voice
your opinion about what areas of the business you would like to improve.
Educational seminars can be created locally for those who share their willingness to
improve in selected areas.

Page 24                February 28, 2011             PiMac Spring Membership Meeting
     Section Meeting Sponsor:                          Section Meeting Sponsor:
    Doug McKenzie (410) 661-3533                       Mike Pifer (410) 560-3156

The educational seminars created by the Section and their allied associations are
there to help you not only excel in your current position, but also help you network
and meet other PGA Professionals and apprentices.

Respectfully Submitted,

James E. Bennett, PGA
MAPGA A-8 Director


Congratulations to MAPGA Professional Jim Estes, recipient of the 2010 National
Patriot Award.

Each year the MAPGA recognizes those Middle Atlantic PGA Professionals who stand
out among their peers for their contributions toward making The PGA and the
MAPGA better Associations. In each category, a great deal of personal time and
commitment is contributed to the Association. The Middle Atlantic Section’s PGA
Professional Award winners for 2011 are as follows:

PGA Professional of the Year         Jim Fitzgerald, PGA   Chevy Chase Club
                                                           Chevy Chase, Maryland

MAPGA President’s Award                     TBD

Teacher of the Year                   Fran Rhoads, PGA     TPC Potomac at Avenel Farm
                                                           Potomac, Maryland

Horton Smith Award                    Bernie Najar, PGA    Woodholme Country Club
(Education)                                                Pikesville, Maryland

Bill Strausbaugh Award (Club        Jeffrey Zachman, PGA   Piney Branch Golf & CC
Relations and Community                                    Hampstead, Maryland

Junior Golf Leader                  Andy Weissinger, PGA   Pines Golf Course
                                                           Ft. Eustis, Virginia

Merchandiser of the Year             Jeremy Hyjek, PGA     Kingsmill Resort
(Resort)                                                   Williamsburg, Virginia

Merchandiser of the Year              Matthew Hill, PGA    Whiskey Creek Golf Club
(Public)                                                   Ijamsville, Maryland

Page 25                 February 28, 2011           PiMac Spring Membership Meeting
     Section Meeting Sponsor:                               Section Meeting Sponsor:
    Doug McKenzie (410) 661-3533                            Mike Pifer (410) 560-3156

Merchandiser of the Year              Bob Dolan, PGA             Columbia Country Club
(Private)                                                        Chevy Chase, Maryland

Assistant PGA Professional           Mike Aldrich, PGA           River Bend Golf & CC
of the Year                                                      Great Falls, Virginia

President’s Plaque                 Ray Richardson, PGA           Dick’s Sporting Goods
(Growth of the Game)                                             Fairfax, Virginia

2010 Player of the Year             David Hutsell, PGA           Elkridge Club
                                                                 Baltimore, Maryland

2010 Senior Player of the             Tim White, PGA             Lake Chesdin Golf Club
Year                                                             Chesterfield, Virginia

2010 Women’s Player of                 Karen Paolozzi            Woodmont Country Club
the Year                                                         Rockville, Maryland

Each year the MAPGA also recognizes Middle Atlantic amateurs who have unselfishly
contributed significant amounts of time and support to further the future success of
the Section and the Association. The Middle Atlantic Section’s amateur award
winners for 2011 are as follows:

David Wortman Citizen of the               Tim Landres           Olney Golf Park
Year                                                             Olney, Maryland
Earle Hellen Sports Media                  Patrick Kane          Virginia Golf Report
Award                                                            Glen Allen, Virginia
Salesperson of the Year                    Mary Leahy            Callaway Golf

All of these individuals are to be commended for their commitment to the game of

The 2011 Hall of Fame and Awards Banquet will take place at The Golf Club at
Lansdowne in Lansdowne, Virginia the evening of Saturday, March 19, 2011. A
very special “black-tie optional” evening is planned to honor and recognize the
Section’s Award Winners. Banquet invitations were mailed to all members and
apprentices at the beginning of February. Please contact Kelly Curtis at the Section
office at (540) 720-7420 ext. 101 if you need additional invitations.

I encourage each of you to spread the word and promote attendance at this event
to our members and apprentices. I know the winners would be honored if you
chose to attend, as would the MAPGA.

Page 26                February 28, 2011                  PiMac Spring Membership Meeting
      Section Meeting Sponsor:                          Section Meeting Sponsor:
     Doug McKenzie (410) 661-3533                       Mike Pifer (410) 560-3156

If you have any comments or suggestions regarding the Section's award
procedures, please contact any member of the Awards Committee. This year's
committee is composed of Chair Kevin Taylor, PGA; MAPGA President Dean Hurst,
PGA; MAPGA Vice President John Malinowski, PGA; MAPGA Secretary John Madden,
PGA; Southern Chapter President Eric McGraw, PGA; Central Chapter President
Michael Aldrich, PGA; Northern Chapter President Jon Magarace, PGA and available
MAPGA Hall of Fame members. Executive Director Dick Johns and Assistant
Executive Director Jon Guhl serve on the committee in an ex-officio capacity.
Director of Administration Kelly Curtis is the staff liaison for the committee. I would
like to thank all members of this committee for their time and personal commitment
to the work of the committee.

On behalf of the officers, members, apprentices, and staff of the MAPGA, I again
extend our sincere congratulations to our Hall of Fame inductees as well as to each
of our 2011 award winners.

Respectfully submitted,

Kevin R. Taylor, PGA
Chair, Awards Committee


The current Member Service Requirements (MSR) cycle began June 16, 2008 and
will end June 15, 2011. All PGA Members except classifications A-3, A-5, Retired
Members and Life Members Retired must fulfill these requirements. Fifty-four (54)
credits are required for this three-year cycle. NOTE: Of all credits earned, 12 must
be for attending a National, Section, Chapter or National Allied Association meeting
and 12 must be for participating in education events as an attendee or

Since the Fall Membership Meeting the Education Committee prepared a schedule of
events which lists meetings, seminars, workshops, etc., scheduled in this Section,
surrounding sections and outside entities. Listed on this event schedule are
opportunities to earn approximately 38 MSR meeting credits and 159 MSR
education credits. The schedule is updated as new events are added.

At the time you receive this report you will still have time to register for the
Legendary Marketing Seminar “Golf Marketing” presented by Andrew Wood
scheduled for Sunday, February 27th, and the two seminars following the Section
Meeting on Monday, February 28th: “Social Media Seminar” presented by Sean
Taylor, PGA, from Up to Par Marketing, and the Employment seminar presented by
Wayne Kauffman, PGA Career Services Consultant. Attending the Andrew Wood
seminar on Sunday will earn you 7 MSR education credits; attending the Section
Meeting on Monday will earn you 6 MSR meeting credits; and attending the
seminars following the meeting will earn you 4 MSR education credits.

Page 27                February 28, 2011              PiMac Spring Membership Meeting
     Section Meeting Sponsor:                          Section Meeting Sponsor:
    Doug McKenzie (410) 661-3533                       Mike Pifer (410) 560-3156

To register for these events go to, click on Education, then click on
Mtg/Educ Schedule.

Respectfully submitted,

Kenneth T. Clark, PGA
Chair, Education Committee


Career Coaches-Changing
In a continuing effort to help our fellow PGA Members and Apprentices we are
revising the Career Coaches program, where fellow PGA members reached out to
fellow pros in their area. Our plan is to create a team of “experts” that can be
contacted by fellow pros if they need any type of advice or assistance. The new
program will be called “Subject Matter Experts” and it will be set up by first
breaking down the Golf Business into several different subject areas such as
Instruction, Tournament Operations, Rules, Merchandising, Food and Beverage
Operations, etc. We will then have 3-5 MAPGA professionals listed for each area
who are considered “experts” in those arenas and can be contacted at your
convenience when you have questions or concerns. The new program will be listed
on the MAPGA website starting in April.

PGA PerformanceTrak
We remind all golf facilities to take advantage of PGA PerformanceTrak which is
located on the PGALinks website under the PGA Research Section.
PerformanceTrak is an industry leading tool that supports PGA Professionals, their
employers and owners in managing and evaluating the performance of their
facilities. Each month facilities are asked to input their rounds played, guest rates
and days closed. Facilities may enter more data if they wish to track other club
data. It only takes a few minutes to do. This is a great tool for budgeting purposes.
The highest ranking PGA member at your facility is the default person to enter the
monthly data but this can be changed to have another member of your staff input
the numbers. This is a great way to show your staff the importance of tracking
rounds and how it relates to the annual budget. Note: MSR points are also
awarded for completing this on a monthly basis.

2011 PGA Compensation Survey
This year the MAPGA Section is not doing a Sectional Survey in conjunction with the
National Survey. All members are asked to go online to PGALinks and complete the
National Survey by March 15, 2011. Members who complete the survey will receive
2 MSR credits. The data you entered last year self-populates in the following years,
so you will not have to re-enter a lot of old data each year. Surveys must be
completed if you are planning on playing in the MAPGA Chapter Spring Meeting
Tournaments.     Survey results will be available on the PGALinks website around
mid-April under the Research Tab, and can be customized based on your selected

Page 28                February 28, 2011             PiMac Spring Membership Meeting
     Section Meeting Sponsor:                          Section Meeting Sponsor:
    Doug McKenzie (410) 661-3533                       Mike Pifer (410) 560-3156

Career Consultant
If you are in need of any employment assistance or feel you need employment
questions answered please contact your MAPGA Career Services Consultant Wayne
Kauffman at 908.953.8402 or Brian Whitcomb, PGA had a
great quote at the MAPGA Fall Meeting- “Wayne is your Employment Consultant,
not just your Unemployment Consultant.” Please don’t hesitate to call him for any
job-related questions- and don’t wait until it is too late!

Respectfully submitted,

Mark J. Beran, PGA
Eric G. McGraw, PGA
Co-Chair, Club Relations Committee


Last year, the MAPGA looked to help grow the game more on the club level. In
previous years, we hosted Play Golf America days, implemented new programs at a
Section level, and tried to reach out to golfers in specific regions. Although we had
some success, we didn’t feel we were growing the game to the best of our abilities.
For the second consecutive year the MAPGA will look to concentrate their efforts at
a club level. We had a good start last year and look to improve this year.
We understand that many facilities already have a lot of great programs and we
want other professionals to know about them. Each month the committee will be
creating a list of programs that area clubs use to help grow the game. After we
compile the list we will put those programs in the “News and Notes” email that goes
to all professionals and apprentices. This will hopefully give you more ideas to help
grow the game at your club.

One of the successful ideas the MAPGA experienced last year was reaching out to
traditionally non-golf facilities and events. Some of the events include: Earth Day
in Haymarket, a PGA day at a Washington Nationals game, and the Professional Bull
Riding Championships in Charlottesville. This year we will look to double the
number of events from last year and create new golfers to the game of golf.

For the third consecutive year, the MAPGA conducted free lessons at the North
Coast DC Golf Show. Although the event was cancelled last year because of
inclement weather, this year’s event was a HUGE success. MAPGA professionals
conducted over 200 free lessons over three days.           Special thanks to those
professionals that helped out this year giving free lessons and being presenters on
stage at the show. The event was held at the Dulles Expo Center on January 21-
23, 2011.

For the 23rd consecutive year the MAPGA will be involved in the Paul Berry “Get
Hooked on Golf “program. Please remember you only need to help out at one
session to make a difference. More information will be provided shortly. A special

Page 29                February 28, 2011             PiMac Spring Membership Meeting
     Section Meeting Sponsor:                          Section Meeting Sponsor:
    Doug McKenzie (410) 661-3533                       Mike Pifer (410) 560-3156

thanks goes to Al Fenstomocher, PGA for all the hard work he has done over the
past years on the program.

We are always in need of volunteers. If you are interested in volunteering please
contact either of us or Bob Heintz at (540) 720-7420 ext. 128 or

Respectfully submitted,

Matthew D. Schulze, PGA                    Jon F. Magarace, PGA
Don Kramer, PGA                            Dean Greer, PGA
Co-Chairs, Virginia Grow the Game          Co-Chairs, Maryland Grow the Game
Committee                                  Committee



Thank you to the PGA Professionals and amateur golfers that enable the Maryland
Handicap Program to serve approximately 42,000 golfers at 160 clubs, including
nearly 3,500 junior golfers who receive handicaps free of charge. Operationally,
the cost per golfer for the MHP will remain the same for the 2011 season at $13.00
per golfer for write-in and software clubs and $16.00 per golfer for the clubs using
the full hardware service. Junior golfers under the age of 18 will continue to
receive handicaps free of charge.

The Maryland Handicap Program will be offering a new completely online handicap
service to our member clubs for 2011. Internet score posting has been available to
Maryland golfers for a few years, but this employed different software than that
being used at the club, with periodic data transfers to pick up the scores posted via
the Internet. Depending on how often a club chose to “sync-up” their data, it
meant there could be a significant lag between when the scores were posted on the
internet and when they actually showed up at the club. The MSGA is now providing
a web based program to both the club and the golfer at home whereby scores
posted at either place are sent real-time to a single web based database and thus
immediately viewable anywhere. Additionally, the semi-monthly revisions will be
automatically performed by the program, eliminating the need for the staff to go to
their handicap stations and manually perform the task.           The internet based
software will also allow the staff and handicap committees to administer the
software from anywhere they have an internet connection.

This new software provides more than just convenience to the golfer and the club.
There are many new features that can enhance the golfing experience for your
members and also make it easier to communicate to your members. Some of the
features include:

Page 30                February 28, 2011             PiMac Spring Membership Meeting
      Section Meeting Sponsor:                          Section Meeting Sponsor:
     Doug McKenzie (410) 661-3533                       Mike Pifer (410) 560-3156

“GameTracker” Round Statistics – Golfers can post their hole-by-hole scores
and also enter information regarding fairways hit, greens in regulation, putts,
driving distance, sand saves, up-and-downs and penalty strokes. The system will
save the information so you can track your progress over time.

Calendar for Upcoming Events – Golfers can add their own personal events such
as tee times or lessons, and the club can input their upcoming events to be
displayed on their member’s calendars.

Message Center – A message system that allows golfers to communicate with one
another without knowing their email addresses. Clubs can also use this feature to
communicate with their members.

Buddy and Favorite Courses Lists – Golfers can maintain a “buddy list” for ease
in messaging, reviewing their recent rounds played or changes in their handicap
index. Additionally, golfers will be able to maintain a “favorite course” list for ease
in posting of rounds not played at their home club.

If you are interested in the new version of the Maryland Handicap Program online
handicap system, or have any questions about the new product, you can reach Matt
Sloan in the MSGA office at

Time is running out for your club to be re-certified for the period of 2008-2011. All
clubs must complete this process before the year is over, or you will not be able to
issue handicaps to your members. If you have questions on your current status,
feel free to contact the MSGA office (410)-653-5300.

Respectfully submitted,

Robert F. Dolan Jr., PGA
Kevin R. Taylor, PGA
Co-Chairs, Maryland Handicap Committee

VSGA Handicap Department:

By now, VSGA member clubs should be aware of the USGA Licensing Program for
Clubs and its impact on handicapping in Virginia. For those that need a refresher,
the USGA started the licensing program back in 2005 in an effort to bring more
consistency to handicapping nationwide. In order to become licensed, clubs are
required to attend a handicap certification seminar focusing on the principles
outlined in the USGA Handicap System manual, pass a quiz, adhere to all points on
a compliance checklist and have a signed license application on file with the VSGA.
Once a club becomes licensed, they are listed as an authorized golf club on the
USGA website and are able to provide their members with a valid USGA Handicap

Page 31                February 28, 2011              PiMac Spring Membership Meeting
     Section Meeting Sponsor:                         Section Meeting Sponsor:
    Doug McKenzie (410) 661-3533                      Mike Pifer (410) 560-3156

IMPORTANT: We are now in the final year of the current term for the USGA
Licensing Program for Clubs. This means that in order for VSGA member clubs
to continue issuing a valid USGA Handicap Index to their members, they
must complete all of the necessary licensing requirements prior to
December 31, 2011. The licenses obtained by VSGA member clubs during the
previous term (2005-2007) are valid until the end of this year at which point
everyone should have completed the requirements for this term in order to extend
their license forward.

With this deadline approaching, the VSGA still needs to have a number of its
member clubs attend a handicap certification seminar at some point in 2011. The
VSGA will be conducting four seminars in February and March and there are plans
to conduct more throughout the year. Please contact the VSGA to find out if your
club needs to attend a seminar in 2011 or needs to submit a completed VSGA Club
License Application and VSGA Club Compliance Checklist. PGA Professionals will
receive five MSR Education Credits for attending a seminar.

As we move into our third year of using the USGA’s GHIN service for handicap and
management tournament software, we are encouraged at the overall positive
response from VSGA member clubs and individual members. The VSGA will
continue to provide training opportunities for member clubs in 2011 including the
publishing of a GHIN instructional manual which was mailed out to clubs in mid-
January. In addition, a new VSGA Handicapping Blog has been created so that the
VSGA can better communicate with its member clubs and individual members.
Check it out at The VSGA is excited to be
offering more options to its member clubs with respect to GHIN training and we
hope that they take advantage of these opportunities in 2011.

Both the VSGA and MAPGA count on the promotion of the handicap system by our
PGA Professionals. Of the more than 700,000 golfers in Virginia (6 years and older)
– as reported by the National Golf Foundation – roughly 70,000 are members of the
VSGA. As we have stated before, it is a goal of the VSGA and MAPGA to reach
100% participation with golfing members at all member clubs. It is important that
we look at all golfers as potential members and we must do our best to bring these
golfers in as members. Increasing the membership base will grow the game in
Virginia as well as help both the VSGA and MAPGA provide additional benefits and
services to their members.

Page 32               February 28, 2011            PiMac Spring Membership Meeting
     Section Meeting Sponsor:                          Section Meeting Sponsor:
    Doug McKenzie (410) 661-3533                       Mike Pifer (410) 560-3156

We would like to thank you again for your support of this important membership
and handicap service in Virginia. If you should have any questions regarding the
USGA Licensing Program for Club or any other handicap-related topic, please
contact the Director of Handicapping for the VSGA, Michael Walder, by email at or by phone at (804) 378-2300.

Respectfully submitted,

Paul K. Michaelian, PGA
Phil W. Owenby, PGA
Co-Chairs, Virginia Handicap Committee


PGA President Allen Wronowski is making Junior Golf one of his priorities in 2011
and we here at the MAPGA are going to try to build on that excitement in our
offerings for this coming season.

The MAPGA will kick off the season with two College Golf Seminars, the first being
at Congressional Country Club on February 5, 2010 and the second at the Country
Club of Petersburg on February 19, 2010. This is a chance for juniors and parents
to listen and learn from a panel of college coaches, PGM directors, and other junior
golf leaders in the country. This seminar is designed to get juniors and parents
thinking about college opportunities and heading in the right direction.

Continuing the involvement with other organizations the MAPGA has signed a
contract with IJGT and will be giving out 10 memberships to the IJGT in various
tournaments throughout the summer. We feel this will increase our junior golf
memberships and give the juniors another opportunity to achieve a college
scholarship. The memberships will be given out in various tournaments throughout
the 2011 season.

The first event for juniors to play in is the annual MAPGA Spring Fling event held on
April 21st & 22nd at Montgomery Country Club in Laytonsville, Maryland. Special
thanks go to John Malinowski, PGA for hosting the event.

The MAPGA Junior Tour Presented by HITT Contracting and Lindsay Automotive
Group will be going into its 14th season. This is HITT Contracting and Lindsay
Automotive Group’s fifth consecutive season as sponsors of the tour. Once again
thanks to Charlie Briggs, PGA for securing these two sponsors.

There are 22 events scheduled with the Tour Championship being held at Musket
Ridge Golf Club in Myersville, Maryland on August 10th & 11th.

The MAPGA will be continuing with their series of two-day tournaments, designed
for the elite players in the area. This will allow them to compete with the best of
the best. These tournaments will all be two-day tournaments will be held at Laurel

Page 33                February 28, 2011             PiMac Spring Membership Meeting
     Section Meeting Sponsor:                           Section Meeting Sponsor:
    Doug McKenzie (410) 661-3533                        Mike Pifer (410) 560-3156

Hill Golf Club in Lorton, Virginia on June 23rd & 24th and US Naval Academy Golf
Club in Annapolis, Maryland on August 4th & 5th.

Entering its 36th year the PGA Junior Championship Qualifier will be held July 6th &
7th at Cannon Ridge Golf Club in Fredericksburg, Virginia. One young man and one
young lady will advance to the national finals held on August 2-5, 2011, at
Sycamore Hills Country Club in Fort Wayne, Ohio.

The 3rd Annual Capital Cup will be held on August 20-21, 2010 at the Country Club
at Woodmore in Mitchellville, Maryland. The Capital Cup is a Ryder-Cup style event
between Maryland and Virginia juniors and Team Maryland has been victorious in
2009 & 2010. We expect over 120 area golfers to try and qualify for a chance to
represent their state. The Virginia qualifier will be held on June 29, 2011 at
Richmond Country Club and the Maryland qualifier will be held on Thursday, July
21, 2011 at Old South Country Club.

There are numerous clinics / tournaments that can use your expertise, whether it is
as an instructor or rules official. The MAPGA also strives to promote the following
programs throughout our Section: Paul Berry’s “Get Hooked on Golf”, the First Tee
after school programs, PGA/Disabled Sports Military Golf Program and several
LPGA/Nationwide tour chances. More information on how to register to help at
these clinics will be sent out at a later date. Please do not forget the Dennis
O’Leary Clubs for Kids program if you have clubs to donate. Please contact Junior
Golf Director Bob Heintz for more information at

Respectfully submitted,

Joshua B. Tremblay, PGA & Kenneth T. Clark, PGA
Co-Chairs, Junior Golf Committee


As of the writing of this report, and since the 2010 Fall Section Meeting, 10
apprentices have been elected to membership and 10 individuals have become
registered in the PGA Professional Golf Management program (PGA PGM).

Section Apprentice Orientations were conducted once a month September through
February (except December).        To attend a Section Apprentice Orientation,
individuals must be registered in the PGA PGM program. The MAPGA Written Rules
Examination for Playing Privileges is also administered at the Section Apprentice

PLAYING PRIVILEGES: The National PGA notifies the Section office of newly
registered apprentices in the PGA Professional Golf Management (PGA PGM)
program. The Section office sends them a letter of congratulations, which includes
information on how to obtain playing privileges in the Middle Atlantic Section. It has
come to the attention of the Membership Committee that some of the newly
registered apprentices do not read that letter in its entirety.          One of the

Page 34                February 28, 2011             PiMac Spring Membership Meeting
     Section Meeting Sponsor:                           Section Meeting Sponsor:
    Doug McKenzie (410) 661-3533                        Mike Pifer (410) 560-3156

requirements for Section playing privileges is that registered apprentices must
attend a Section Apprentice Orientation within six months of their registration date.
Registered apprentices transferring into the Section are also sent a letter of
welcome with information on how to obtain playing privileges (must attend an
Orientation within six months of the date of the welcome letter). If this six-month
requirement is not met, when apprentices do attend an Orientation and pass the
written exam for playing privileges, their playing privileges are held in abeyance for
one year from the date they actually attend Orientation. PGA Professionals need to
be aware of the requirements for playing privileges in order to assist their
assistants who are registered in the PGA PGM program. Following is the exact
wording that is included in the letter to newly registered apprentices.

      You must attend an Apprentice Orientation within six months of your
      apprentice registration date.*

      You must pass a Written Examination (exam will be on the Rules of Golf and
      the MAPGA Tournament Regulations and Policies). The exam is given on
      Orientation day.

      *If you attend the Apprentice Orientation and pass the written exam after
      the six-month deadline, your playing privileges will be held in abeyance for
      one year after you do attend an orientation.

Seventeen Playing Ability Tests (PATs) have been scheduled for the upcoming
season.  To register for a PAT go to or, click on
Tournaments, then Playing Ability Test

I thank all the committee members for their time and contributions. Their
participation and willingness to help with the orientations have been invaluable in
educating and welcoming new apprentices into the MAPGA Section.

Respectfully submitted,

John C. Malinowski III, PGA
Chair, Membership Committee


Dear MAPGA Members and Apprentices:

Since the Section will be holding elections at the 2011 PING Fall Membership
Meeting currently scheduled for November 14, 2011 in Fredericksburg, your Section
Board of Directors has established some “ground rules” with regard to the
campaign. If, after reading this memo, you have any questions or comments,
please don’t hesitate to contact me (301-349-2900 ext. 220) or Dick Johns at the
Section office (540-720-7420 ext.123).

Page 35                February 28, 2011             PiMac Spring Membership Meeting
     Section Meeting Sponsor:                         Section Meeting Sponsor:
    Doug McKenzie (410) 661-3533                      Mike Pifer (410) 560-3156

Nominations from the floor of the meeting can always be made. However, to
enhance the campaign and election process the Board has authorized the Section
staff to send out, via “snail mail,” up to a two page “Campaign Letter” (one sheet
only, front and back) on each candidate’s behalf. In order to take advantage of
this, the candidate must send a “Letter of Intent” to my attention via email or the
regular mail. Email is much preferred to ( or if you use regular
mail, again send to my attention to: c/o MAPGA, 1 PGA Drive, Stafford, VA 22554.
The “Letter of Intent” and the desired “Campaign Letter” must arrive by close-of-
business, July 14, 2011. The plan is to mail all of the “Campaign Letters”
together. If a candidate misses this deadline, he/she will be on their own with
regard to the mailing of any campaign materials. Obviously, announcing sooner
than later will provide more opportunity for publicity. Anyone who has provided the
“Letter of Intent” prior to the February 28, 2011 PiMac Spring Membership
Meeting will be announced at the meeting. However, no campaign speeches will be
permitted at that meeting.

Similarly, the Section staff will post to the Section’s website just about any
document (WORD format) a candidate provides (this would include the previously
referenced “Campaign Letter”), as well as a photograph (JPG format). There is no
limitation on the number or size of the documents to be posted.

Eventually, all materials must be provided electronically to Kelly at the Section
office ( Also, while the Section staff will format the documents
for printing and mailing and/or posting on the website, they are not permitted to
correct, edit or change the submissions.

In order to be listed as a candidate in the Fall Meeting Booklet - Reports of the
officers, committees and staff, a candidate’s “Letter of Intent” must be received at
the Section office by close of business on September 1, 2011.

Respectfully submitted,

Kevin R.Taylor, PGA
Chair, Nominating Committee


The new website will be going live on February 14th at The staff
has been working diligently this winter with a new look and trying to make the
website more flexible to suit our internal and external needs. You will see links to
our new YouTube Channel as well as our Facebook and Twitter accounts. We will
be embarking on a few campaigns to grow our “followers” and “friends” so please
pass these on to your customers and members to help us reach as many potential
consumers as possible.

We hope you were able to catch some of the MAPGA community on the radio in
2010. Pat Coyner, PGA (formerly of Woodholme CC) was on "Terp Talk" on ESPN
radio 1300AM. He was the golf analyst for the four Major Championships. PGA

Page 36                February 28, 2011            PiMac Spring Membership Meeting
      Section Meeting Sponsor:                           Section Meeting Sponsor:
     Doug McKenzie (410) 661-3533                        Mike Pifer (410) 560-3156

Director of Golf T.W. Pulliam (Dominion Club) was on “The Leaderboard” on
Richmond 910AM. PGA Director of Instruction Joe Plecker (Baltimore CC)
hosted “Making the Rounds” on Baltimore 105.7 FM. Jon Guhl from the Section
office has been a regular with Steve Czaban on his “Sunday Tee Time” show on
ESPN 980AM. Lastly, PR committee co-chair Sean Taylor, PGA, hosted a show
focusing on central Virginia golf that can be found on,
Charlottesville 840 AM and Richmond 950 AM. The PR committee thanks all of the
above for your help in getting the word out about the MAPGA within our region. We
also encourage the rest of you to reach out to your local radio stations to offer your
services regarding the golf industry- you never know where those relationships will

Everything we do as PGA members reflects on our Section and Association. How
you run a tournament, how you act in a meeting, and how you give quotes and
interviews to the media - it all counts. Don’t forget to use the tagline - “PGA
Professionals: The Experts in the Game and Business of Golf.” There is still no
question that we can do more with our collective efforts, by each doing one small
thing , than we could do by spending “mega” dollars from Section funds.

Lastly, no PR committee report would be complete without a plea to wear and use
your badge proudly. The national PGA introduced a new logo in 2008. Have you
updated you business cards and stationery? It’s been three years now! The PGA will
provide templates for you to take to your printer. Why not consider printing the
“One Badge” ad on the back of your cards? Please don’t fail to include your PGA
affiliation on your voice mail, business cards, and even your monthly club
newsletter articles! Again, the goal is for the public to get so used to seeing it, that
when they don’t, they wonder why one has not become qualified through The PGA,
instead of just assuming all golf professionals are PGA professionals!

Respectfully submitted,

Michael S. Aldrich, PGA
Sean M. Taylor, PGA
Co-Chairs, Public Relations Committee

                      REPORT OF THE RULES COMMITTEES

The fundamental duty of the Rules Committee is to work in conjunction with the
Tournament Committee and our extremely talented Middle Atlantic Section
personnel to present quality tournaments for our professionals and their amateurs.
Making these events run efficiently requires the involvement of both PGA
Professionals and our amateur counterparts to lend their support in all of our

If any PGA Member or Apprentice, as well as any amateur that you know, has an
interest in playing a role in the conducting of our competitions, please contact
MAPGA Tournament Director, Jeremy Greiner, PGA at 540-720-7420 ext, 124.

Page 37                 February 28, 2011             PiMac Spring Membership Meeting
     Section Meeting Sponsor:                         Section Meeting Sponsor:
    Doug McKenzie (410) 661-3533                      Mike Pifer (410) 560-3156

Clyde Luther, MAPGA Honorary Member and VSGA Rules Chair, has developed an
outstanding series of Rules of Golf workshops. They have been scheduled in
February and March; the dates and sites are available on, and Both types of rules education will definitely enhance your
knowledge and are a worthwhile investment of your time.

The current three year cycle will be ending on June 15, 2011 and for those
members who are in need of MSR credits; these can be acquired either by assisting
with our competitions or attending any of the aforementioned Rules of Golf

Respectfully submitted,

Thomas Barry, PGA                           David Dorn Jr., PGA

Chair, Virginia Rules Committee             Chair, Maryland Rules Committee


PGA Scholarships are available to all children and grandchildren of PGA members.
Scholarships are awarded annually in two categories: high school seniors and
current college students (graduate students are not eligible).       The National
Scholarship Committee screens all applications (available online at;
their recommendations are forwarded to the Section Scholarship Committee for
review. The application deadline is March 1st with the winners being announced in
June. Additionally, the Middle Atlantic Section awards the Bill Deck-Fred Funk
MAPGA Family Scholarships. Recipients are selected from the list of unsuccessful
applicants for the National scholarships.

Respectfully submitted,

Dean A. Greer, PGA
Chair, Scholarship Committee


Similar to years past, members of the Sponsorship Committee and the Section staff
have recently attended the PGA Merchandise Show, where they had 96 visits with
62 different companies in hopes of securing sponsors for the programs and
tournaments conducted in our Section. I am pleased to report that a good majority
of our prior year sponsors have renewed their sponsorship for 2011! I would like to
think that this is due, in large part, to all of your efforts to support those who
support us!

Page 38               February 28, 2011            PiMac Spring Membership Meeting
     Section Meeting Sponsor:                         Section Meeting Sponsor:
    Doug McKenzie (410) 661-3533                      Mike Pifer (410) 560-3156

Obviously, the success of our Association’s programs and events is tied directly to
the continued support of our many sponsors. We must not forget that sponsors are
the reason that our Section is able to offer the many programs and services that
our membership has come to expect. Please continue your efforts to support these
companies who have committed to supporting the MAPGA. Not only will your
support be greatly appreciated by our sponsors, but it will also help to ensure that
our Association’s programs continue to prosper in the future. While you may not be
able to carry every sponsor’s product at your facility, we do continue to ask that
you to take the time to see them when they call on your facility and give them the
chance to show you their products.

As a reminder, any MAPGA member or apprentice who brings a new sponsor to the
Section is entitled to a 20% commission. For more details on this program, please
contact Stacey Smith at the Section office at 540-720-7420 x121 or

As of February 4, 2011, the companies listed below have agreed to sponsor one or
more programs in 2011. Thank you all for your continued support of our sponsors.

Ahead                                 PGM Scholarship Program
American Express                      Section Sponsor
Bridgestone/Precept                   Northern Chapter Fall Meeting
Bushnell/Bolle                        MAPGA Scramble
Callaway Golf                         MAPGA Assistant Championship,
                                      Central Chapter Spring Meeting
Cleveland Golf/Srixon                 MAPGA Teaching Summit
Club Car                              Pro-President, MAPGA Directory,
                                      Hall of Fame Banquet,
                                       MAPGA Professional Championship, North,
                                      Central, South Chapter Championships
                                      Head Professional Championship
Cutter & Buck                         MAPGA Scramble
Ed Turnage                            Pro-Scratch
G.L. Cornell                          Callaway Golf Assistant Championship,
                                      Pro-Assistant, Club Car Pro-President,
                                      Head Professional Championship
GolfNet                               Northern Chapter Pro-Junior
HITT Contracting                      MAPGA Junior Tour
Hole-in-One USA                       Section Sponsor
Lindsay Automotive                    MAPGA Junior Tour
Linens of the Week                    Match Play Championship
Mercedes-Benz                         MAPGA Professional Championship
North Coast Golf Shows                Section Sponsor
Peebles Golf Car Sales                Callaway Golf Assistant Championship,
                                      Pro-Assistant, Club Car Pro-President,
                                       Head Professional Championship
Pepsi                                 Section Sponsor
PGA National Resort                   Section Sponsor

Page 39                February 28, 2011            PiMac Spring Membership Meeting
     Section Meeting Sponsor:                          Section Meeting Sponsor:
    Doug McKenzie (410) 661-3533                       Mike Pifer (410) 560-3156

PGA Tour                               Specific events not yet determined
PiMac                                  Section Spring Meeting
PING                                   Section Fall Meeting
Polo Golf                              Club Car Pro-President
SkyGolf                                Team Championship
Sterling Cut Glass                     Pro-Scratch
Sunice                                 Southern Chapter Fall Meeting
SunTrust                               State Open of Virginia
TaylorMade-adidas/Ashworth             North,       Central,     South    Chapter
                                       Championships, Chapter Challenge Cup
Tee it Up Promotions                   MAPGA Signage Sponsor
Titleist/FootJoy                       MAPGA Professional Championship
Tournament Solutions                   MAPGA Head Professional Championship
WeatherBug                             Northern and Southern Chapter Spring
Wittek                                 Club Car Pro-President

Respectfully submitted,

John D. Lyberger, PGA
John F. Madden II, PGA
Co-Chairs, Sponsorship Committee


I congratulate all of our Section tournament champions for 2010. I would be
remiss if I did not also congratulate the Southern Chapter for its runaway victory at
the TaylorMade-adidas Golf Chapter Challenge. Way to go to my peers from the

Bushnell/Bolle MAPGA Scramble - Bud Lintelman, PGA - Westpark Golf
Club/David Newsom, PGA - River Creek Club
Linens of the Week Match Play Championship- Jim Estes, PGA -Olney Golf Park
Page&Tuttle Senior/Junior - Frank Ferguson, PGA - Washington Golf & CC/Rick
Schuller, PGA - Swaders Sports Park
Linens of the Week Senior Match Play Championship - Tim White, PGA - Lake
Chesdin Golf Club
MAPGA Pro/Scratch - David Hutsell, PGA - Elkridge Club/Chris Baloga (a)
Club Car Pro/President - Jody Rokisky, PGA - Holly Hills CC/Jimmy Nees (a)
Club Car Pro/Assistant - Wayne DeFrancesco, PGA - Woodmont CC/Jay Lindell -
Woodmont CC
Callaway Golf Assistants Championship - Karen Paolozzi - Woodmont CC
MAPGA Womens Championship - Karen Paolozzi - Woodmont CC
MAPGA Professional Championship - David Hutsell, PGA - Elkridge Club
MAPGA Senior Championship - Bud Lintelman, PGA - Westpark Golf Club
MAPGA Quarter Century Championship - Bob Bilbo, PGA – Manor CC

Page 40                February 28, 2011             PiMac Spring Membership Meeting
     Section Meeting Sponsor:                           Section Meeting Sponsor:
    Doug McKenzie (410) 661-3533                        Mike Pifer (410) 560-3156

Gear for Sports/Under Armour Head Professional Championship - Rick
Schuller, PGA - Swaders Sports Park. Senior Division Champion – Mark Lambert,
PGA - Nansemond River Golf Club
MAPGA Tournament of Champions - David Hutsell, PGA - Elkridge Club. Senior
Division Champion - Tim White, PGA - Lake Chesdin Golf Club
Sterling Cut Glass/T.R.U. Ball/Ed Turnage Team Championship - Bud
Lintelman, PGA - Westpark Golf Club/David Newsom, PGA - River Creek Club

I am excited to let you know that we will be running a new event for 2011: The
MAPGA Pro-Net Am to be held at Belmont CC in Ashburn, VA on Monday, May 9th.
This event is meant to build on the success of the Pro-Scratch Am, but will have a
different focus.      The format will still be Four-Ball Stroke Play, but we will
concentrate on that format only. There will not be an individual pro purse, skins
game, or players pool. The only payout will be based on the team result with ams
receiving gift certificates and PGA professionals receiving prize checks. We will most
likely flight the field according to the handicap index of the amateur. The entry fee
will be higher than most events as we do not want the event to be dependent on a
sponsor, but we do want prizes to be meaningful. Final details are being worked
out and will be posted on under Tournaments/Section.

I remind you to do two things as the year goes on. Please remember to thank our
sponsors with handwritten notes to the decision makers of each company, and visit
the Tournaments section of our website for all the information you will need
regarding your tournaments.

Finally I would like to thank Rob Ferguson, PGA for his long term service to the
Section Committee and the Central Chapter Board. We are fortunate to have
someone like Rob who is willing to make such a long term commitment to service.
Taking his place on the Section Tournament Committee will be Steve WenPetren,
PGA. Steve plays in many events and I think he will provide good ideas and will
keep the interests of the MAPGA professional in mind when making decisions. In
my 2010 fall report I indicated that Mike Thompson, PGA from Shenandoah Golf
Club would be joining the Committee, but it instead turned out to be Faber
Jamerson, PGA from Falling River CC who filled the spot vacated by Eddie Luke,
PGA. The current Tournament Committee is:

Mark Evenson, PGA – Suburban Club
Butch Butler, PGA – Cedar Point Golf Course*
Larry Ringer, PGA – Musket Ridge Golf Club
Dirk Schultz, PGA – Beaver Creek CC
Steve WenPetren, PGA – Woody’s Range*
Wayne DeFrancesco, PGA – Woodmont CC
Richard Runyon, PGA – Shenandoah Valley GC
Faber Jamerson, PGA – Falling River CC
Kelly Crovo, PGA – Ole Monterey Golf Club*
Bryan Jackson, PGA – Cobra Golf/Puma
Tim White, PGA – Lake Chesdin Golf Club
   *Denotes Chapter Tournament Chair

Page 41                February 28, 2011             PiMac Spring Membership Meeting
     Section Meeting Sponsor:                       Section Meeting Sponsor:
    Doug McKenzie (410) 661-3533                    Mike Pifer (410) 560-3156

Please do not hesitate to contact me, any member of the Committee, or MAPGA
Tournament Director Jeremy Greiner, PGA with any questions about your Section
tournament program. Questions regarding Chapter events should be directed to the
respective Chapter Tournament Chair (Butch, Steve, or Kelly).

Respectfully submitted,

Richard Runyon, PGA
Chair, Tournament Committee

Page 42               February 28, 2011          PiMac Spring Membership Meeting
                    R.J. Shepherd / Softspikes
                           Greg Norman
                          Range Servant
                             CMC Golf
                          Tervis Tumbler
                 American Drygoods/ Oarsman
                 Jennick Custom Blankets/ Throws
                         Sundog Eyewear
                         OGIO Golf Bags

            MIKE PIFER               DOUG MCKENZIE
        (410) 560-3156               (410) 661-3533

Mike Pifer and Doug McKenzie have been leading manufacturer
representatives in the Mid-Atlantic region for over 20 years. They
are committed to servicing your account with professionalism and
courtesy. Mike and Doug have been consistent supporters of the
Middle Atlantic Section of The PGA and will continue that support
through their venture with PIMAC SALES. They look forward to
handling all of your clothing, shoe, golf tee, club, bag, bag
storage,    pencil,    range    equipment,       accessory,    and
Softspikes needs in the future.


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