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                     It doesn’t get any more real than this
                     To appreciate the validity of this “cage match,” you’ve got to appreciate the place it was held. NATC is
                     one of the foremost vehicle proving and testing grounds in the world. It has more than 3,000 miles of
                     test courses and access to more than 40,000 acres of varied terrain simulating much of the earth’s
                     geographical conditions.

                     Allison configured two rigorous courses: an on-highway course to demonstrate Allison’s new Highway
                     Series (HS) transmissions, and an on-/off-highway venue to showcase the new Rugged Duty Series (RDS)
                     transmissions. Both courses accurately captured the day-in, day-out type of driving your truck would
                     encounter. In addition, we took your operating conditions to extremes, with steep grades, tight turns, stop and
                     go scenarios, acceleration tests, soft soil – you name it, we tried it.

                                                               We really took off the gloves and
                                                               went at it.

                                                                                                          1000 RDS, 2100 RDS,
                                                                                                          2200 RDS, 2500 RDS

                                                                                                          3000 RDS, 3500 RDS

                                                                                                          4000 RDS, 4500 RDS,
                                                                                                               4700 RDS
                                                                                             The proof is in the cards
                                                                                             At the end of the day, whether on-highway or off, every Allison-
                                                                                             equipped truck proved more capable and more productive than
                                                                                             a superior horsepower/torque-equipped truck with a standard
                                                                                             transmission or automated manual.

                                                                                                       This wasn’t just seat of the pants empirical evidence. We
                                                                                                         applied rigid scientific tests to each vehicle and each
                                                                                                          driver via sophisticated onboard data acquisition
                                                                                                          computers. Every driver was provided a data memory card
                                                                                             that was inserted into the vehicle’s data logging computer. The
                                                                                             computer recorded the number of shifts it took to complete the
                                                                                             course, time to complete the course, distance traveled and percent
                                                                                             of time at speed. This same information was acquired and compared
                                                                                             across all trucks each driver experienced. In every case, the Allison-
                                                                                             equipped vehicles outperformed their manual or automated manual
                                                                                             counterparts. And each driver took home a printout verifying that.

                                            ADDITIONAL PRODUCTIVITY = ADDITIONAL REVENUE
                                  Additional             Average               Additional          Additional
                                 Productivity            Revenue                Revenue             Revenue
               Vocation            Per Day               Per Stop              Per Week             Per Year
             Beverage             One Stop                $150                  $750               $36,000
           Distribution           One Stop                $200                 $1,000              $48,000
         Shorthaul/LTL            One Stop                 $80                  $400               $19,200
   Construction Dump              One Stop                 $55                  $275               $13,200
   Construction Mixer             One Stop                $250                 $1,250              $60,000
A Profitable Experience: Allison Automatic performance translates to more stops per day, which means increased incremental
revenue from your vehicle investment.

 Off-road education
 While a good portion of the day was spent driving under the most grueling
 (and scenically awesome) conditions, there was also some classroom time,
 featuring a drivers’ forum. Here Allison customer spokespeople explained
 how and why an Allison Automatic performs better, the business advantage
 of Allison Automatics was discussed, and drivers conversed with other
 drivers about their particular operating needs and conditions. Attendees
 also had the opportunity to speak to current Allison users in their own
 lingo about why they switched to Allison.
 Up to the task
 The new Allison Vocational Series are built for the job at hand. You’ve got a job to do. Your trucks have a job
 to do. Your business has a job to do. The right truck doesn’t just mean what it hauls. It means how it hauls. How
 productive it is. How many deliveries per day. How efficient it is. And how much it costs to buy, own and operate. All
 those criteria go into “the right truck.”And,
                                                    ENGINE    hp (kW)               TORQUE lb-ft (N•m)
 even more than the engine, the transmission
 is the only component in the driveline that
                                                     300–540 (224–403)              550–1590 (746–2156)
                                                      GVW     lbs (kg)
 defines your truck’s efficiency.
                                                     19,500–80,000 (8,845–36,288)

Fuel Mileage Advantage                         United States Auto Club (USAC)
                                               sanctioned fuel economy
                                               testing with an Allison
                                                                                                                         To a person, all attendees
 Allison    5.02 mpg                           Automatic and an Automated
                                                                                                                         of this remarkable event
                                                                                       Honesty is
                                               Manual Transmission (AMT)
                                               in shorthaul trucks revealed                                              came away with a better
                                               that the Allison Automatic was
                                                                                       the best
                                                                                                                         understanding and
 AMT     4.97 mpg                              more fuel efficient.
                                                                                                                         appreciation of how Allison

                                                                                       persuasion                        automatic transmissions
                                                                                                                         could improve their business.
                                                                                                                         Some attendees changed
                                                                                                                         existing truck orders on site to
                                                                                                                         Allison Automatics. This event
                                                                                                                         redefined how important the
                                                                                                                         transmission selection is to
                                                                                                                         the performance, cost and
                                                                                                                         value of the vehicle.
                                                                              It’s not so much what’s under the hood; it’s what gets to the wheels
                                                                              Too often we get all revved up about engine horsepower and torque,
                                                                              forgetting that what’s under the hood may not all be getting to the drive
                                                                              wheels. Manual or automated manual transmissions interrupt power to
                                                                              the wheels during shifting, resulting in significantly lower average wheel
                                                                              horsepower. An Allison Automatic, with its smooth, uninterrupted power
                                                                              shifts, delivers higher average wheel horsepower, which means you won’t
                                                                              require as much engine as you would with a less efficient transmission.

                                                                              Allison Vocational Series transmissions are designed to maximize engine
                                                                              horsepower and torque to the wheels in the power ranges and requirements
                                                                              of your vehicle’s particular operation. Hence, you can reduce the cost of
                                                                              horsepower by reducing engine size – and still have the performance you need.

                                                                              Why buy horsepower you won’t use?

                                                                              ENGINE    hp (kW)                       TO R Q U E   l b - f t ( N • m)

                                                                              300–500 (224–373)                       550–1550 (746–2102)
                                                                               GVW      lbs (kg)

                                                                              19,500–n/a (8,845– n/a )

Specify your truck to the job                                                        Most trucks actually are
purchased for specific operational requirements. And, they generally end up working under those specific
conditions. That’s the good news. The bad news is most trucks aren’t spec’d out precisely to fit those operating
conditions. Buyers end up buying way too much engine for the operating ranges their trucks are in
90% of the time. That’s a waste of horsepower, fuel, and purchase price money.

An Allison Automatic vocational series lets you maximize your engine torque, converting it to usable wheel
power, under all driving conditions. So you don’t need to buy more horsepower than you’ll ever use. But you’ll
still have all the performance you need.
  Granted, we had a few angles
  To those who had never driven an Allison Automatic-equipped truck
  up a steep grade, stopped on the grade and then continued on up
  the grade, we gave a new slant on how much control and ease of
  operation the Allison affords. Well, we made believers out there,
  from 7– 32% grades, both paved and unpaved. The stick shifts and
  automatic wannabees couldn’t keep up. So if you ask how much
  better did the Allisons perform, we’d have to say it’s a matter
  of degrees.

                                                                                                            A lot of stick shift drivers had to
                                                                                                            eat dust and swallow their pride
                                                                                                            as Allison Automatics repeatedly
                                                                                                            trounced manuals and automated
                                                                                                            manuals on the dragstrip.

                                                                               Then the flag dropped
                                                                                                            Not only did several of the
                                                                                                            Allison-equipped trucks have
                                                                                                            lower engine horsepower
                                                                                                            (340 hp vs 500 hp) than their
                                                                                                            manual and AMT rivals, we
                                                                                                            gave the competitive vehicles
                                                                                                            a truck-length starting position
                                                                                                            advantage. Furthermore, we had
                                                                                                            rookie drivers out of Allison’s
                                                                                                            marketing department driving
                                                                                                            Allison-equipped vehicles, blowing
                                                                                                            away hard core professional
                                                                                                            drivers using manuals and AMTs.

                                                                      Average number of shifts per mile for urban duty vehicles: 10 to 14

                                                                      Most urban duty commercial vehicles spend their lives
                                                                             climbing up and down the power curve below 45 mph.
                                                                             With a manual or automated manual transmission, the vehicle
                                                                             loses power to the wheels every shift and from 20 to 30 seconds
                                                                             every mile. This wastes vehicle and driver time.

                                                                                                              Allison driver:
                                                                                                              3 hours’ experience.

Before the race begins, the              The Allison-equipped truck      The Allison wins!                                 Manual driver:
manual gets a head start.                quickly pulls ahead.                                                              30 years’ experience.
In8 DAYS, we proved to nearly 500 customers why an
ALLISON AUTOMATIC is the ONLY transmission for their next buy.

                                                                             HERE’S HOW WE DID IT
For years we’ve been telling you how Allison automatic transmissions can make your trucks more productive and your
business more profitable. And, the marketplace has listened – as evidenced by the fact that Allison is the leading supplier
of transmissions to commercial vehicles in North America. Allison’s superior productivity, ease of use, driver preference,
improved operating safety and low maintenance costs have been further validated by so many imitators – automated
manuals – entering the marketplace. The simple fact remains: there’s no transmission as effective, efficient and
productive as an Allison Automatic.


Taking it to the streets –
and well beyond
To introduce their new vocational series of automatic transmissions,
                                                                                                      1000 HS, 2100 HS,
Allison put on a ride and drive unlike any ride and drive ever                                        2200 HS, 2500 HS
attempted. Entitled Allison Transmission’s Ultimate Truck Driving
Adventure, prospective customers were invited to the Nevada
Automotive Test Center (NATC) near Carson City, Nevada. Here they
could drive their choice of trucks under the most accurate and
extreme conditions relative to their particular vocation. They drove
Allison Automatic-equipped trucks and comparative models of manual                                         3000 HS
or automated manual trucks. This was as honest as it gets. The only
differences between the trucks were the transmissions.

(Well, there were exceptions. In some cases the manual or automated manuals had higher
horsepower and torque engines. This was intentional. It proved that Allison Automatics, because
of their superior torque management, make better use of engine power, especially in the
operating conditions that comprise 98% of a vehicle’s time.)                                           4000 HS, 4500 HS
 You want more proof?                                                                                  

 If you’d like to know more about the new Allison Vocational Series, go to

 And, if you want firsthand experience of how the new vocational series Allison Automatics will improve
 your business, ask your truck dealer to contact Allison to arrange a Ride & Drive for you. Once you
 experience it, you’ll believe it.

Designed to meet all the
horsepower needs of strictly
on-highway straight truck or
tractor delivery vehicles that
do not require PTO operation.

Pickup and Delivery
General Trucking
Food Distribution

Any vehicle that operates on/off
highway or requires a PTO
requires an Allison RDS.

Refuse Front/Side/Rear Loader
Refuse Roll On/Roll Off
Concrete Mixer
                                                                                                                                P.O. Box 894, Speed Code PF3
Snow Plow                                                                                                                     Indianapolis, Indiana 46206-0894
Agriculture                                                                                                                  Information or specifications subject to
                                                                                                                               change without notice or obligation.
Recycling                                                                                                 Master Art No. 15457 — For Reorders Call: NAO/General Motors Corporate Communications Support Group (CSG) (313) 665-56

                                                                                                                               SA3883EN (2004/01) Litho in U.S.A.
Liquid Delivery                                                                                                               ISO/QS 9000 and ISO 14001 Certified

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