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   1 Registered Nurse with 6 years experience in various positions
   2 Specialty area in Medical surgical Nursing

Work experience

10/2002 to present                                     xxxx Medical Hospital
                                                       Staff Nurse II
                                                       Medical Surgical Male Ward
This hospital is a 500 bed tertiary hospital offering all specialties. As a staff nurse in this area, I
was responsible for the nursing management of an average of 25 patients. Most of these
patients had medical conditions including uncontrolled hypertension, diabetes, orthopedic
disorders, and GI disorders. In this capacity, I supervised 2 nursing assistants. Specialized
medical equipment used in this area included:
    1 Circo electric bed
    2 Traction of all types
    3 IV control devices

7/2000 to 10/2002                                     xxxxx Medical Institute
                                                      Staff Nurse I
This is a 200-bed private multi-specialty hospital. As a staff nurse in this facility, I rotated to
different areas at an average of every four weeks. Rotations included
     1 Pediatrics
     2 Newborn nursery
     3 Emergency Room
     4 Operating Room
     5 Surgical Ward
     6 Medical Ward
Special skills performed included triage, IV insertion, care of chest tubes, and arrhythmia
6/1999 to 7/2000                                       University of xxxxxxx
                                                       Clinical Instructor/Tutor
The University of xxxxxxxx offers the Bachelor’s degree in nursing. As a clinical instructor I
was involved in the direct care of patients in the medical surgical area. In India, the nursing
instructor in the first clinical course teaches by example; students observe and to some degree
participate in the care of patients assigned to my care. I had as many as 12 patients assigned to
me with six students under my supervision. The area of practice was in medical surgical nursing.
Special procedures performed included the following:
    1 Diabetes teaching
    2 CVP monitoring
    3 Wound care and stoma care

3/1999 to 6/1999                                              xxxxxxx Medical Center
                                                              Staff Nurse
This is a 3-month training program designed for new nurse graduates to obtain clinical
experience. In this capacity I rotated to various areas in the hospital and gave direct patient care
to medical-surgical, Pediatric, Psychiatric, and Surgical patients. My patient-load assignment
was anywhere from 4 to 10 patients. During my rotation to the operating room, I assisted in
general surgical cases as a scrub nurse. Skills obtained during this period included
    1 IV insertion
    2 Arrhythmia recognition


University of xxxxxxxx
Bachelor of Science in Nursing
Graduated April 1999

xxxxxx University of xxxxxx
24 credits towards the degree of Master of Science in Nursing,
Major in Nursing Administration.
Anticipated graduation- May 2006


   1 CGFNS, 1/20/2005
   2 IELTS, 2/10/2005
   3 RN- State of Virginia
        o License Number xxxxxx
        o Valid until: 1/21/2006
   4 RN- Philippines
        o License number xxxxxxx
        o Valid until: 6/20/2007

USA Acculturation. This is a 14 hours classroom-based program to prepare participants on
general aspects of life and cultural practices in the United States. It also includes understanding
hospital culture, biomedical equipment (e.g., IV control devices) orientation, and completion of
mandatory education programs of HCA hospitals, namely: Medication administration; electrical
safety; Medication administration and error prevention, Fire procedures, TB, Infection control
and universal precautions, restraints, Critical thinking, Procedure in calling/consulting with
physicians, Age-appropriate related care, CPR and Code-management, and Skin and wound
assessment. December 21-22, 2004.

Comprehensive Review Of Nursing. This 42-hours didactic program provides an in-depth
review of nursing as practiced in the United States. Faculty of this program is a USA-based
professor with first-hand knowledge and experience in the practice of nursing in the United
States. Topics include legal issues, pain management, and overall discussion of pertinent nursing
practice in Medical-Surgical, Pediatrics, Psychiatry, and Newborn-Maternity. This also serves as
a comprehensive review to prepare for the CGFNS or NCLEX with focus on USA-based
practice. November 15-21, 2004.

Advances in Nursing Seminar. This 8-weeks (320 hours) lecture course prepares participants
for the CGFNS an/or NCLEX-RN examination and includes a review of all sections contained in
the NCLEX test plan namely Pediatrics, Medical-Surgical, Maternal-Newborn, and Mental
Health-Psychiatric Nursing. January-April 2003.

Advanced English Course. This 5-week (200 hours) classroom and language laboratory
program prepares participants who plan to take the International English Language Testing
Service (IELTS) examination. It includes components in English listening, writing, reading and
speaking. June-July 2003.

Specialty Continuing Education Programs

Critical Care Program.
         Classroom Hours: 80 hours
         Clinical Hours: 320 hours
This course was presented by xxxxxxxxxx Institute and included aspects of critical care nursing.
Topics covered were: electrocardiography and arrhythmia interpretation, hemodynamic wave
monitoring, intracranial pressure monitoring, and other aspects of critical care. The clinical
component entailed rotations in CCU, ICU, CVICU, and Emergency Room with direct care to
critically ill patients under the supervision of a preceptor. January-June 2002.

IV Certification Program
       Classroom Hours: 24
       Clinical Hours: 24
This course was presented by xxxxx Medical Hospital. It included principles of IV therapy
including care of special catheters including the Hickman, Port-a-cath, PICC, and other central
lines. The clinical component included actual IV therapy procedures including insertion of a
minimum of ten (10) peripheral catheters (angiocath).
November 15-17, 2003.

This 24-hour classroom-based program included principles of chemotherapy administration and
a discussion of the common chemotherapeutic agents in use. This course did not have a clinical
component. September 15-17, 2004. Sponsored by All xxxxx Institute of Oncology.

Arrhythmia Interpretation
This 40-hour classroom program included basic and advanced arrhythmia interpretation and
appropriate nursing interventions. May-June 2003. Sponsored by xxxx Heart Institute.

Advanced Electrocardiography
This 16-hour didactic program is an introduction to 12-lead ECG and the identification of
common abnormalities such as hypertrophy, ischemia, infarction, and electrolyte abnormalities.
August 15-16, 2003. Sponsored by xxxxxxx Heart Association.

Other Continuing Education Programs (2002-2005)

ACE Inhibitors. A new Approach toS Hypertension Control. May 5, 2004. Sponsored by
xxxxxx University.

Diabetes. Teaching the Newly Diagnosed NIDDM. September 2003. Sponsored by the
University of xxxxxxx

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