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									                         The Laws Of Success
                         by Jean-Francois Gemme | on January 13, 2013

                           The Laws Of Success By Dani Johnson
                         Recently I made a post about my favorite book written by Dani Johnson called First
                         Steps To Wealth… Check it out HERE…

There’s a TON!!! I mean a TON of the most valuable information ever in this book… And I will share with
you a kind of a summary of it over the next couple of weeks… But I’ll recommand you pick-up your own
(FREE) copy!

Here is a breakdown of the chapters of the book:

   1. Journey To Millions
   2. The Laws Of Success
   3. Magnetic Influence
   4. Polishing Your GEMS
   5. Prosper Where You Are Planted
   6. Start as an Entrepreneur
   7. Pathway to Bigger Profits
   8. Slaves to Debt
   9. War on Debt
   10. Make Money Your Slave
   11. The God Factor
   12. Your Steps to Wealth

So as you can see for yourself, there is way more then The Laws Of Success in Dani Johnson’s First Steps To
Wealth Book…
But for me, The Laws Of Success is the most powerful content of this

Over the next couple of weeks, I’ll be doing a blog post for each Law
and you’ll see for yourself how life-changing these concepts are… Stay
tune and subscribe to this blog feed so you make sure you don’t miss

The Laws Of Success
Here is the list of The Laws Of Success:

   1. The Law of Vision
   2. The Law of the Mind
   3. The Law of Value
   4. The Law of Reaping and Sowing
   5. The Law of Desire
   6. The Law of Teachability
   7. The Law of Forgiveness
   8. The Law of Promotion
   9. The Law of Focus
   10. The Law of Honor
   11. The Law of Decision
   12. The Law of Action

Sunday Daily Assignments

#1 Now!!! you Must take actions…

   1. Click here right now!
   2. Insert your best email!
   3. Click to ensure and uncover the shocking truth!

#2 Activate your payment system within your backoffice…

#3 Write no less than 1 blog post every day and syndicate each blog post…

#4 Market daily following instructions in the 3rd core commitment…

#5 Do a new member coaching each time someone join your team…

#6 Get ready to Listen to the Empower Network Hour EVERY Monday night at 9PM EST…

      Dial in: 1-712-432-0900
      Access code: 260326

#7 Listen Daily to an Empower audio not under 1 hour…

#8 Read Daily a Empower book not under 30 minutes…
#9 Set your Intention and anticipate attending the next Event

#10 Perform your day-to-day DISCO

#11 Have a look at this other post on the way to perform your day-to-day DISCO using your Daily Method of

#12 Have a look at that other post on the way to Visualize Your Intention

To learn more about The Laws Of Success: Click here


The Laws Of Success

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