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  Happy Thanksgiving 2012         VOLUMNE 47 #4 - NOVEMBER 22, 2012

     “It was a cold and windy day for the Veterans Walk but          The group marched towards the Administration build-         shown and then the program was finished for the afternoon.
it seemed that the people who gathered for the walk didn’t      ing but stopped just after the bridge to pay respect to the          At 5 p.m. a pot luck dinner was served at the Fort Duch-
mind. At 1100 a.m. Sandy began the program by introduc-         service members who lost their lives at sea and for those        esne recreation center and preparations were made for the
ing the Master of Ceremonies for the day, Bart Powaukee.        still serving at sea.                                            pow wow that would follow at 7 p.m.
He welcomed all the veterans, families and friends. The              At the administration building, the American flag was       At 7 p.m. the grand entry was conducted and the pow wow
Patriot Riders were there holding the American flags as well    raised. Ron Wopsock gave a short speech and everyone             was underway.
as the other veterans who carried various flags. The wind       went inside to eat a light snack and to watch a slideshow.           Bart did a great job as the MC. The dancers all did a
seemed to be getting stronger.                                  The Patriot Riders presented a plaque to the families of La-     great performance but there was only one winner take all
     A.J. Kanip gave a prayer and blessed all those who were    Marr LaRose and Julian P. Reed, two veterans who passed          per category.
present. The Red Spirit Singers sang the songs that honored     away recently. Grateful Nation blankets were presented to            The pow wow ended and clean up began. It was good
all those present and for those who left this world.            Robert Reyos, Vietnam veteran, Byron Conetah, Vietnam            how everyone came together to celebrate the lives of their
After a few words from Cassandra Manning and Robert             veteran, Curtis W. Cuch, Korean War veteran, Jasper L. Felter,   loved ones. Even in the cold weather I could hear the people
Lucero, the group gathered to begin the march lead by           Korean War veteran, Ramon R. Appawora, Vietnam veteran           laughing and remembering the good things.
Robert Reyos, a Vietnam War veteran. The march began            and Curtis R. Cesspooch, Vietnam veteran. A slideshow            It was a good day.” Photo by Kessley LaRose
and the winds kept blowing. It was a good day.                  of tribal members who served during the Korean War was

                                                                                                UTE FAMILY SECURES RETURN OF DECEASED
                                                                                                TRIBAL MEMBER PURSUANT TO TRIBAL COURT
                                                                                                Uintah and Ouray Reser-               The matter relates to a   winnee was the common-law
                                                                                                vation, Utah — November          dispute between Mr. Sera-      wife of the deceased. The
                                                                                                14, 2012                         wop’s wife and other family    Court issued its order after
                                                                                                                                 members as to the method of    considering the testimony
                                                                                                    The Ute Indian Tribal        burial of Mr. Serawop.         and evidence provided at the
                                                                                                Business Committee (Tribe)            The dispute had origi-    hearing by all parties.
                                                                                                has announced that a de-         nated in Ute Tribal Court,
                                                                                                ceased tribal member, Teddy      which concluded, by a pre-
                                                                                                Serawop has been returned to     ponderance of the evidence,    Ute Family
Scott Trulock, Financial Analyst and Business Committee during General Council.                                                                                 Continued Page 3
                                                                                                his family for proper burial.    that Marie Morningstar Paw-

GENERAL COUNCIL NOVEMBER 7,                                                                     2nd Annual COLT Round Up
                                                                                                    On November 9th and 10th
                                                                                                Chairwoman Irene Cuch,
Ute Indian Tribe General        and introduced the business     membership the business         Manuel Myore, Director
Council Meeting                 committee (All 6 members        committee distributed 100       of the Energy and Minerals
November 7, 2012 Ft. Duch-      were present). Each council     percent and got a ruling from   Department (EMD), and
esne, Utah                      member gave their report for    IRS the money would not be      EMD staff attended the 2nd
                                the membership.                 taxed and from Social Secu-     Annual Coalition of Large
    The meeting started with         Chairwoman Irene Cuch      rity the money would not be     Tribes (COLT) Round Up
Red Spirit singing while the    stated to the membership:       counted against income for      in Las Vegas, Nevada along
veterans and ladies auxiliary   “On behalf of the Ute tribal    those on Social Security.       with representatives from 12
brought in the flags. An in-    business committee I am              Second the Ute tribe has   other large tribes. The COLT
vocation was given. Red         proud to report a number        acquired 100 percent, tribal    organization was started in
spirit rendered an honor song   of achievements. The tribe      owned Energy Company.           the Spring of 2011 to provide
while the color guard posted    received the third largest                                      advocacy and support for         The new assistant secretary of Indian Affairs Kevin Wash-
the colors.                     settlement with an award of                                     issues that large tribes face.   burn, met with Chairwoman Irene Cuch, Manuel Myore,
    Chairwoman Irene Cuch       125 million dollars earlier     General Council                 Colt                             Roseline Tavepont and Carey Doyle during the second an-
called the meeting to order     this year. In response to the   Page 3                          Continued Page 3                 nual COLT (coalition of large tribes) oundup in Las Vegas
Page 2 Ute Bulletin                          News From Ute Country                                                                                                November 22, 2012

                                                                                HONORING OUR VETERANS IN OUR COMMUNITIES

Parks Department staff.
Parks Department
   The Parks Department          cap Jr., Cheryl Stevenson,
would like to give and show      Lanie Wopsock (Parks Tech),
appreciation to the Parks        Wynetta Sireech, Derick
Crew for the work they do        Kochampanasken, David
throughout the field season.     Atencio, Jennal Cuch, Coty Veterans were honored prior to the Veterans March.
   The Parks crew under-         Tabbee (Parks Tech) and
stands when you come to          Farrell McCook (Parks Man-
work your representing the       ager). Ron Bennally, Donna
Ute Tribe and we’re here for     Tom and Wilda Manning
the betterment of the Tribe      (not pictured). Terhra Redcap
and not for ourselves. Thank     accepted the appreciation
you crew for your work and       plaque for her late husband
dedication to the Ute Tribe.     Melvin Redcap Jr.
Lareena Garcia, Melvin Red-

                                                                                                                                      Veterans Powwow during Grand Entry

Veteran Building
Renovation                        CHRISTMAS
                                                                                                                                               Powwow Winners!
                                  TREE TAGS
   Construction is underway
with the renovation of the tee       BIA Forestry would like      The Veterans March ended
pee. I don’t have a time line     to announce that Christ-     at tribal headquarters where
for completion.                   mas Tree tags are now        flags were rasied in honor of
   Concrete will be poured        available for pickup. We     all Veterans.
for the base of the monument      will be issuing tags today      Mr. Lowe played taps dur-
and work will continue on it      Nov. 20th until 4:30 and     ing a ceremony in the tribal
until the weather becomes         this Wed. and Friday until   auditorium. After a dinner
too severe to continue and        noon. We will ne closed      was provided and pow-
then will resume during the       on Thansgiving day. Our      wow. Painted Horse spon-
spring.                           regular business hours are   sored this gathering. Photos by
                                                               Kessley LaRose
   Dedication ceremonies          Mon. - Fri. 8:00 to 4:30.
will be announced when there      For more info please call                                                                  Tiny tots line up receiving a token during the Powwow.
is a projected completion         722-4350 or 722-4351.
date.                                Also, the crew at BIA
                                  Forestry would also like
Robert Lucero, Veterans           to wish you all a very
Director                          Happy Thanksgiving and
Photo by Kessley LaRose           a Joyous Holiday Season!

Ute Bulletin Disclaimer
Ute Bulletin/Public Relations                                                                                               Youth and adults enjoyed
                                                                                                                            the powwow held at the Ft.
Director/Editor: Robert J. Colorow                             Robert Lucero presented Byron Conetah a blanket for his      duchesne Gym.                                                             service in Vietnam.
Kessley LaRose

Charlotte Navanick

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                                                                                      Myton Elementary Verterans Day
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                                                                                                                                                          Robert Lucero received a blan-
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November 22, 2012                              News From Ute Country                                                                                                              Page 3 Ute Bulletin

                                                                                                     Ute Family                         family in this case” said Irene   proposals start at the bottom
                                                                                                     Continued From Page 1              C. Cuch, Tribal Chairwoman.       and we have just carried it
                                                                                                                                        “Hullinger Mortuary has           forward. There are other past
                                                                                                     Pursuant to the Ute Law and        shown they have no respect        council members responsible
                                                                                                     Order Code, the Court deter-       for the cultural ways of          for starting things and I want
                                                                                                     mined that Ms. Pawwinnee,          the Ute Indian People, and        to say thank you.”
                                                                                                     as the common-law wife of          they should be ashamed of             Updates were presented
                                                                                                     the deceased, was to be given      the pain and suffering they       by Dan Dolan, Financial up-
                                                                                                     sole authority to determine        have caused Mr. Serawop’s         date; Scott Trulock Financial
                                                                                                     the method and manner on           family.” said the Chair-          Analyst, along with Cameron
                                                                                                     the burial of Mr. Serawop.         woman. The Business Com-          Cuch Sale / Purchase of Ute
                                                                                                     However, the Mortuary              mittee also sated “the funeral    Energy.
                                                                                                     handling the services, Hull-       home’s refusal to recognize           Cameron Cuch talked
                                                                                                     inger Mortuary of Roosevelt,       and act in accordance with a      about the history of Ute
Pictured are Chairman Irene Cuch and elected leaders from COLT member tribes including
                                                                                                     which has a contract with the      lawful order of the Ute Tribal    Energy which was formed
from Navajo Nation, Oglala Sioux Tribe, Shoshone Bannock Tribes, Northern Arapahoe Tribe,            Tribe to administer burials        Court, and the disrespectful      pursuant to the Tribe’s Finan-
and Rosebud Sioux Tribe                                                                              for Tribal Members, refused        manner in which they have         cial Plan. He described how
                                                                                                     to recognize the Tribal Court      treated Mr. Serawop and           outside companies had his-
COLT                              a position paper to Assistant     met with the United States       Order, and continued to hold       his family demonstrates the       torically leased Tribal lands,
Continued from Page 1             Secretary Washburn setting        Department of Agriculture’s      Mr. Serawop’s body against         level of unequal treatment        with no Tribal participation,
                                  out the Ute Tribe’s position      (USDA) Senior Advisor to         the wishes of the family.          and institutional racism our      for Lease bonus, Royalty
For the past two years, COLT      on a few of the most pressing     the Secretary on Tribal Is-      Acting pursuant to the Tribal      Tribal Members routinely          and Severance Tax. These
has gathered in Las Vegas to      issues currently facing the       sues to learn about programs     Court Order, Tribal law en-        face each day in Duchesne         revenues had been used by
review its work of the past       Tribe. Chairwoman Cuch            and funding opportunities        forcement officers served the      and Uintah Counties, and          the Tribe to fund Tribal gov-
year and set its agenda for       asked the Assistant Secretary     for tribes within the USDA.      order upon the funeral home        this type of conduct will no      ernment and distributions to
the coming year.                  for streamlined energy per-       In addition to discussions       director, and the family mem-      longer be tolerated by the Ute    members. When Ute Energy
   At this year ’s COLT           mitting and increases in Bu-      with these Administration        bers retrieved the body from       Indian Tribe” Mr. Serawop         was formed things changed
Round Up, Kevin Washburn,         reau of Indian Affairs (BIA)      officials, the COLT tribes       the home for proper burial.        was laid to rest by his family    in that the Tribe began tak-
the new Assistant Secretary       energy staff and expertise, a     reviewed and discussed a         “I am shocked and dismayed         the morning of November           ing an investment role in the
for Indian Affairs, and his       comprehensive settlement          federal charter that would       at the level of disrespect and     14, 2012, in a ceremony in        development of the Tribes
Deputy, Lawrence Roberts,         of the Tribe’s water rights,      formally organize COLT, and      lack of sensitivity that Hull-     Randlett, Utah, pursuant to       resources through Ute En-
held a 3 hour roundtable dis-     additional funding for BIA        heard presentations on tax,      inger Mortuary has shown to        the cultural traditions of the    ergy. Mr. Cuch mentioned
cussion with the tribal lead-     law enforcement officers and      energy, roads and trust settle-  the Tribe and Mr. Serawop’s        Ute Indian Tribe.                 that similar to the Dell Range
ers present. The roundtable       justice facilities, and passage   ment issues. The next COLT                                                                            property in Wyoming several
discussion allowed the tribal     of legislation to complete the    meeting has been scheduled                                                                            years ago, Ute Energy was
leaders to describe for Assis-    exchange of lands owned by        for early December to make                                                                            formed as an investment and
tant Secretary Washburn the       the State of Utah in the Hill     final changes and approve the assistance with travel. There         to get information and that
                                                                                                                                                                          that upon maturity it would be
unique issues that large tribes   Creek Extension south of the      federal charter to formally will be two ceremonies one at           wasn’t up to date. Now you
                                                                                                                                                                          sold for a profit to allow the
face compared to other tribes.    Grand County line.                organize COLT.                   the National Capital and the       Google something and it's
                                                                                                     other at the National Museum       at your fingertips and you        Tribe to diversify into other
Chairwoman Cuch presented            The COLT Tribes also                                                                                                                 investment areas outside of
                                                                                                     of American Indians includ-        could see information from
                                                                                                     ing celebration and ceremony       worldwide.                        energy.
General Council                   have been working on and          community presidents. It November 4th.                                 I went to a water law meet-        Ute Energy was never a
Continued from Page 1             a few things we have been         doesn’t make a difference            Revitalization money,          ing in Vegas a few weeks          part of Tribal government.
                                  faced with.                       who we put as director, we Stewart hit on that a little             ago it was good information       It was a separate and stand-
    The tribe has approved the    First of all we had some charg-   always get complaints of who bit putting out some things            on Indian water. Attorneys        alone investment of the Tribe
sale of upstream exceeding        es that were filed against the    gets a house. If the business happening on that.                    and tribes were represented.      under its Financial Plan. The
800 million dollars. It will      business committee members        committee does it, we get            We have a brand new            What caught my attention          Ute Tribe owned 51% of Ute
provide 20 million a year in      and some directors/members.       complaints too so the needy Head Start building opening             was a guy who stood up            Energy and Quantum Energy
revenue money, that revenue       That was a Judge Poulson          and the elderly would move in a few weeks a ceremony                and spoke saying “just go         Partners (a private equity
money will be used to pay         from Duchesne County. He          forward and get started. will be held. There are a lot              do it don’t worry about the       group) owned 49%. The
into 506 acct. The sale of        was not in agreement of our       There is a demand and every- of things going on at the              consequences.” That is not        company was structured and
upstream provides the tribe       jurisdictional right. They said   one's request cannot be met Ute Enterprises. Activities,            true because with water you       behaved the same as any oil
with the funds needed to          we were conspiring against        at this time. People applying renovations are being funded          will run into the Federal         and gas company operating
invest. We will also continue     Duchesne County and not           for housing director, it’s go- with revitalization money.           Government and secondary          in the Uintah Basin according
to fight for the tribes water     letting the officers do their     ing be up to the people to tell We have a brand new of-             water users. Things must be       to Mr. Cuch.
rights.                           duties. We won that case          the business committee what fice being built next door it           done right or it will end up          Ute Energy had origi-
    Vice Chairman, Ron Wop-       in Denver and Jeremy will         they want done.                  should be finished by the end      in court. Shawn Chapoose is       nally set out to do an initial
sock; “Good morning this is       explain further in his report.        Councilman Phillip Chim- of this month, it will provide         on the water commission as        public offering of shares of
the chairman's report to the      Next we had the sale of Ute       buras: “Good morning I don’t offices. The new senior center         of yesterday.                     the company (the “IPO”) in
people. I have a lot to say       Energy. The price for it was      have much to report on, but is being built behind the old              I am tired of fighting.        order to raise $250 million of
but we want to hear what the      good but we still have debt       I would just like to say, how one. The Justice building had         We must work together and         capital to continue funding
departments have done over        that we have to pay off. It is    many people went out and ground breaking and will be                when we make a decision as        drilling opportunities and to
the past year.                    still being worked on and by      voted yesterday? That’s good going up next to the tribal            a council we must do it as        pay down existing bank debt.
    We had the funding dis-       the end of the month it will be   we need a lot of participation. building.                           one. We must do what is right     Changes in the IPO markets
bursement, part one and part      clear what our debts are and      Talking about the administra-        Education, we have a lot       for the tribe as a whole not      led to a change in course,
two of the settlement monies.     what we have to do, Jeremy        tion, it’s good to see the hands of job openings with the           as individuals. I was elected     from an IPO to a cash sale
I would like to hear how you      will take care of that.           of people that were out voting Ute Tribe. One of the disap-         by Uncompahgre band, but I        of Ute Energy Upstream.
have been treated in regards      Another issue is our water        because it makes a difference pointing things I have seen is        represent you guys.”                  The Business Commit-
to the local towns and the ve-    rights. There have been ne-       in our lives on our reservation tribal members isn’t taking                                           tee approved Ute Energy
hicle dealerships. I was glad     gotiating teams from tribal/      here. It's going to be interest- advantage of the job open-             Council Francis Poowe-        Upstream’s hiring of invest-
to see people go on trips and     federal/state. The attorney       ing to see the next 4 years in ings. I would like to see our        gup: “My report is very sort      ment advisors to assist in the
seeing the people enjoying        and water engineers and           Indian country; Obama has younger tribal people apply               I haven't been able to travel.    sale of the company.. Ute
themselves.                       councilmen were pushing           done a lot for us.               for these jobs. There are a lot    I have responsibilities here      Energy simply needed more
I would like to bring to          forward trying to get that            We had a Christmas tree of educational opportunities            with my great grand children.     capital (money) to continue
your attention the drugs          compact together. We met          that was donated by the for the people.                             They (referring to business       its extensive drilling program
and alcohol problem here          with the federal team and dis-    state of Colorado. That tree         Members spoke that they        committee members) bring          on Tribal lands. Cash avail-
on the reservation it is out      cussed issues. They backed        came out of the Whiteriver do have people apply for                 back information and keep         able from operations and
of control. We have a zero        out because they didn’t agree     National forest. The state of the advertised jobs but are           me informed on what's go-         borrowings alone would not
tolerance gang/drug policy        with some of the things we        Colorado wanted all three told they are over qualified.             ing on. I tried to keep up        have been sufficient for Ute
and we are going to amend         presented. Where does that        tribes to participate in the Phillip stated that although           with what is going on with        Energy to continue its rapid
that and add to it making it      put us when the federal           tree cutting and doing some people do apply for the jobs,           the council. We have a lot        rate of growth. Mr. Cuch
more specific. These prob-        government backs out? We          ceremonies. Ute Mountain they fail to show up for their             of pending issues that must       reported that Ute Energy
lems are here at our home         have to be careful how we         Ute and Southern Ute's had interviews.”                             be amended to fit our needs,      needed $500 million over
and its happening here not        move forward on that. I'm         big delegations. I was going         Councilman Richard Jen-        ongoing issues are on the         the next two years to keep
just in the big cities anymore.   not in full agreement with the    to go but cancelled due to ks Jr: “Good morning and it              table as far as distribution to   up with the current rate of
We were once a proud people       water compact but that’s just     loss of a family member. looks like we have a good                  the tribal members and the        drilling and operations.
and we are Utes. We are not       my position on that.              Other then that things went turnout, I appreciate people            communities.                          On November 5th Ute En-
“wanabes” and need to keep        We have been working hard         good. They will erect the showing up. I had received a              Revitalization program there      ergy agreed to sell Ute Energy
the intruders out, it's out of    on the housing projects for       Christmas tree December lot of calls on the Ute Energy              are funds put aside. My con-      Upstream to Crescent Point
control and the people are        the tribal members. Myton         3rd at the national capital in sale. We have a presentation         cern was that we obligated        Energy for $800 million.
being hurt, everyone needs        has taken the lead pushing        Washington DC. Some tribal this morning and how that                those funds and it was to be      As part of the transaction
to get involved. We are Utes.     forward on using the revi-        members are requesting to will affect the tribe. The cost/          carried over to this year’s       Quantum also agreed to sell
Stewart Pike:                     talization funds. Deciding        travel to participate, talk to debt ratio, we have some             budget. How are we going          its equity ownership in Ute
“Good morning I just want         on who will get those homes       Michelle to see about help good news on that. I don’t               to provide homes for our          Energy Midstream to the
to mention a few things I         I suggested it be left up to      to those people who need know about you guys but                    tribal members? I don’t want      Tribe.
                                                                                                     I'm proud to be a Ute Tribal       to build your hopes up. We            The sale of Ute Energy
                                                                                                     member and proud to rep-           can only accommodate a            Upstream means that a new
                                                                                                     resent you, the people. And        few families. We need to be       operator, Crescent Point
                                                                                                     when I'm out traveling I'm         equally fair to each tribal       Energy, will take over the
                                                                                                     glad to represent you people       member who has a need. I          operation of Ute Energy’s
                                                                                                     here back home. Last year I        am a council member and I         leases and exploration and
                                                                                                     went through an unauthor-          am in charge of these funds,      development activities.
                                                                                                     ized 90 day suspension and         we are entailed to take care      Crescent Point has more
                                                                                                     I filed an appeal. There is a      of for the Ute tribe.             capital (money) to drill wells,
                                                                                                     lot of information of people           We represent the tribe as     which means that drilling
                                                                                                     saying I sued the tribe that is    council members; you put us       on Tribal and allotted lands
                                                                                                     not true, it was just an appeal.   in this position. We as council   will continue. The Tribe
                                                                                                     I got a ruling 3 weeks ago         are in that position looking      and allottee’s will continue
                                                                                                     with a unanimous rule that         for the best interest of the      to be paid lease payments
                                                                                                     appellate court ruled in my        people as a whole. I am going     and Royalty, Severance tax
                                                                                                     favor. The system works, if        to say to the council members     when lands are drilled. The
                                                                                                     you follow the process.            there is too much of division     Tribe and allottee lands will
                                                                                                         What Phillip touched on        here. We are very fortunate       continue to be held in trust
                                                                                                     as far as education, we need       that we have elders to tell       by the U.S. Government for
                                                                                                     to start hiring the ones who       us these things, ordinances,
                                                                                                     make the effort to get a degree    water compact, and homes.
                                                                                                     and get educated. The world        Young people running for
                                                                                                     is moving fast. At one time        offices carry that forward and General Council
                                                                                                     you had to go to the library       so we can all benefit. All these Continued Page 4
Page 4 Ute Bulletin                          News From Ute Country                                                                                                     November 22, 2012

General Council                  cash available to invest in Ute
Continued From Page 3            Energy, and so the Tribe bor-
                                 rowed $116 million through
the benefit of the Tribe.        a “margin loan” secured by
    The sale of Ute Energy       the 506 account during 2010
Upstream consists only of        and 2011. This margin loan
its commercial interests such    will need to be paid back
as production, equipment,        from the cash proceeds, but
contract obligations and         represents a significant return
leases. The Tribe will use       on investment. Mr. Cuch
its proceeds from the sale of    concluded that Ute Energy
Ute Energy Upstream to pur-      has been the most success-
chase Ute Energy Midstream,      ful investment in the Tribes
providing approximately $21      history and that the Tribe
million per year in pro forma    now has the opportunity to
EBITDA, and opportunities        expand its 100% wholly
to expand investment and         owned energy company Ute
build a new, 100% Tribally       Energy Midstream.”
owned company.                      Afternoon session Fred-
    Ute Energy Upstream          ericks, Peebles & Morgan
Transaction Benefits to the      provided the membership           HONORING VETERAN’S DAY
Tribe:                           an Attorney update. Other
o 100% ownership of the          presenters were as follows:
Tribe’s own gas gathering        Energy & Minerals update-            Students at Eagle View      a flag raising and pledge cer-   America’s White Table by Carnival
and processing company,          by Manuel Myore, Direc-           Elementary honored veter-      emony. We concluded with         Margot T. Raven. The stu-        November 20, 2012 End
Ute Energy Midstream, with       tor; Devon Pehrson, Tribal        ans last Friday and Monday.    two songs from the Red Spirit    dents then watched a video of trimester 1 ---
a value of $207 million and      Comptroller Update; Water         Friday, November 9, the        Drum Group led by Rafeal         of a “Missing Man Tribute”. Report cards sent home with
annual EBITDA of approxi-        Commission Lynn Burson            students all met by the flag   Kanip.                           This is what the armed forces students
mately $21 million.              Acting Water Commission           pole.                              On Monday afternoon, the     do when a soldier is fallen.     December 13, 2012 Christ-
    Approximately $158 mil-      Director; Fish & Wildlife            Mr. Lucero and Mr. Grant    students were invited to the                                   mas Program 6 PM
lion in cash proceeds.           update Raymond Wissiup            presented the school with a    “Missing Man” Assembly.          Important Dates:
    The Ute Energy Mid-          and Ferron Secakuku Natural       new American flag. We had      Mrs. Daniels read the book          November 15, 2012 Fall
stream Transaction also          Resource; and LLC Enter-
includes the return to the       prise update Mark Burnson,
Tribe of 33% interest in ap-     Acting CEO and Valentina
proximately 88,000 acres         Sireech Marketing / Sales
within NOSR2. Mr. Cuch           Manager, closed out the
reported that initially the      meeting, finishing at 7pm.
Tribe did not have sufficient

   A banquet dinner was
held at Ute Lanes for the
Ute Football team.
  Coach Sabori and Assistant
coach Doby Myore awarded
players jackets and recogni-
tion for their paricipation in
this years football activity.
Coach Sabori holds up the
trophy for all to see.
                                                                   UTES FOOTBALL
                                                                   Gallup, New Mexico
                                                                      Tribal Youth participated in the 3rd Annual Four Corners Youth Football Championship in Gallup, New Mexico. Pictured
                                                                   are Asst. Coach, Doby Myore, Ashton Murray, Hawk LaRose, Gerrit Teton, Salvatore Serawop, Mckinley LaRose, Bode
                                                                   Kami, Brayden Hutchins, Emiliano Vega, Melicio Cesspooch and Coach Aaron Sabori. Bottom Row L-R; TalkingWolf
                                                                   Avila, Noah Welsch, Talon Tohtsoni, Devontre Andreacroff, Mike Cummings, Lawrence Jenks III, Kelton Pargeets and
                                                                   Kenneth Colonna. Photo by Kessley LaRose

   Students at Roosevelt         encouraged to wear their
Junior High School partici-      moccasins to work, school,
pated in the second annual       home, or out shopping.
“Rock Your Mocc’s” day on        Circulating flyers on social
November 15, 2012 in honor       media sites and by email
of Native American Heritage      that have been printed off,
Month.                           distributed, and posted.
   Native Americans were


 “Happy Birthday Ronee K. Pawwinnee Wopsock”
                 November 29th, 2012
She is sitting here with Ute Elder Nancy Pawwinnee.
Ronee K. is the Assistant Director for the Education
          From Kathleen Chegup and Family
November 22, 2012   News From Ute Country                                                       Page 5 Ute Bulletin

                                                                                      Anthony Guzman, AWS Alco-
                                                                                      hol Substance Abuse Preven-
                                                                                      tion Program, Director.

                                                                                      Reaching Out
                                                                                          Reaching out to depart-
                                                                                      ments and community con-
                                                                                      cerning Alcohol Substance
                                                                                      Abuse Prevention Program
                                                                                      was the message Anthony
                                                                                      Guzman shared with Public
                                                                                      Relations Staff. Anthony is
                                                                                      the Program Director with a
                                                                                      staff of 6.
                                                                                          Anthony answered ques-
                                                                                      tions and provided informa-
                                                                                      tion explaining his referral
                                                                                      process. He told the staff
                                                                                      how his program and Red
                                                                                      Pine correlate working in
                                                                                      the same building. Red Pine
                                                                                      is a residential facility, 100%
                                                                                      tribal program and Anthony’s
                                                                                      program is under 638 Fed-
                                                                                      eral Contract. His program
                                                                                      focuses on Prevention and
                                                                                      Outpatient Treatment.
                                                                                          The program will be spon-
                                                                                      soring a Gathering of Native
                                                                                      Americans (GONA). It will
                                                                                      emphasize on training expe-
                                                                                      rience and community em-
                                                                                      powerment and a prevention
                                                                                      strategy framework based on
                                                                                      values and Native cultures. It
                                                                                      will be held at Ute Lanes. If
                                                                                      you’re interested contact him
                                                                                      at(435) 722-3234.
                                                                                          Digital Storytelling,
                                                                                      Crossroads Leadership Con-
                                                                                      ference and Jiu Jitsu classes
                                                                                      are being planned, his pro-
                                                                                      grams sponsors. He encour-
                                                                                      ages youth, and families to
                                                                                      get involved. Contact him
                                                                                      for more information.
                                                                                      Thank you, Anthony for a
                                                                                      job well done.

                                                                                      Community Update

                                                                                      Ute Indian Tribally Designat-
                                                                                      ed Housing Entity Christmas

                                                                                      The UITDHE is having a
                                                                                      Christmas Decorating Con-
                                                                                      test for the exterior of the
                                                                                      homes. The contest will be for
                                                                                      (CAS-current assistant stock)
                                                                                      Low Rent, Mutual help and
                                                                                      Alternative Housing.
                                                                                      Deadline will be on Decem-
                                                                                      ber 13, 2012. Judging will be
                                                                                      made by photos take of the
                                                                                      homes at night, so have your
                                                                                      Xmas lights on.
                                         Happy Thanksgiving                           The winners will receive as
                                       From the Public Relations Staff.               First Place: $250.00
                                                   2012!                              Second Place: $200.00
                         Reminder Deadline November 29th and Paper Out December 6th   Third Place: $150.00

                                                                                      If you have any questions,
                                                                                      please call (435) 722-4656
                                                                                      Thank you
                                                                                      UITDHE Staff

                                                                                         Tribal 2012
                                                                                       Don’t Shatter The
                                                                                        Native Ameri-
                                                                                       can Holiday DWI
                                                                                      December 14, 2012
                                                                                       - January 1, 2012
Page 6 Ute Bulletin                                         News From Ute Country                                                                                                                         November 22, 2012

                                                                                                                                ADVERTISEMENT FOR
                                                                                                                                                                     Help Wanted
                                                                                                                                WATER SETTLEMENT
                                                                                                                                                                                                    Anderson & Wood
                                                                                                                                                                        Oilfield Labor                Construction is now
                                                                                                                                                                                                     hiring for the position
                                                                                                                                                                   Clean and drift Casing.         of Lineman (high voltage
                                                                                                                                Construction of a Boundary         Inspection downholes           power) for a project in the
                                                                                                                                 Fence in the Book Cliffs                    tools.                 Fort Duchene area. This
                                                                                                                                      Road less Area
                                                                                                                                                                       (970) 314-2974                  position requires a
                                                                                                                                                                   Apply Online totaldep-          minimum of 6 months on
                                                                                                                                   Construction of a fence
                                                                                                                                                                              the job training or
                                                                                                                                located in Grand County
                                                                                                                                                                                                         completion of an
                                                                                                                                along the Ute Tribe and BLM        Wage based on experi-              electrical line worker
                                                                                                                                boundary, 80 miles south of                  ence.                   program or equivalent.
                                                                                                                                Fort Duchesne, Utah.                  Randy Hackford                Please send cover letter
                                                                                                                                   The fencing project will
                                                                                                                                consist of four segments               (970) 270-5498              and resume to Shaneen at
                                                                                                                                totaling approximately 1.13
                                                                                                                                                                                                  fax to 208-888-4945. This
                                                                                                                                miles in length. Each fence
                                                                                                                                                                                                  is a temporary position for
                                                                                                                                segment will be built using              Price Water              the duration of the project.
                                                                                                                                2 3/8” or 2 7/8” steel top              Pumping, Inc                     Open until filled.
                                                                                                                                rail welded securely to the
                                                                                                                                posts.                                       JOBS:
                                                                                                                                   The top of the rail welded                                          Subcontract
                                                                                                                                securely to the posts. The top     CDL Drivers needed. Must           Opportunities
                                                                                                                                of the rail will be built at 44”      have at least 2 years        OPD is performing
                                                                                                                                above the ground level.              experience, and clean          work at the Iron
                                                                                                                                   Sealed bids for FENCING                driving record.
                                                                                                                                PROJECT will be received                                           Horse Gas Plant in
                                                                                                                                                                    Laborers needed for Oil
                                                                                                                                by Tara Amboh at the Water         Field Services. Must have       Fort Duchesne, UT
                                                                                                                                Settlement Bldg., 7074 East          a clean driving record,       Contact Optimized
                                                                                                                                900 South, North Bldg., Fort       and safety certificates, and     Process Designs,
                                                                                                                                Duchesne, Utah
                                                                                                                                   Closing date for Bid is
                                                                                                                                                                           DOT cards.                 Inc. to inquire
                                                                                                                                                                     Please contact: Price         about construction
                                                                                                                                October 25, 2012.                  Pumping, Inc. at 630 East
                                                                                                                                   Companies interested in          500 South, Vernal, Utah           opportunities.
                                                                                                                                bid should contact Ms. Tara                   84078                 Submit business
                                                                                                                                Amboh, Water Settlement                  (435) 789-9777              information to:
                                                                                                                                at (435) 722-3136, (435)
                                                                                                                                659-4116 or email taraa@                                          UTERO Construction
                                                                                                                       for details and                                        Opportunities PO
                                                                                                                                information.                                                             Box 810
                                                                                                                                                                         Questar                  Katy, TX 77492 FAX:
  THE CLOSING DATE Must have a current valid Utah Drivers License and provide proof of past driving record for the last
                                                                                                                                 “Hey Beautiful”                       Questar provides an           281-371-0132
thirty six (36) months from the Department of Motor Vehicle.] (Must be submitted with application) Please contact: Ute Indian
 Tribe Personnel Office at 435-722-5141 Sue Chapoose, Personnel Director Roneva Valdez, Secretary U.I.T. Jobs and applica-        Wigs-Hair Extensions              engaging work environ-
                                       tions are available online at                                             Ponytail & More !!!                 ment and offers com-
                                                                                                                                                                      petitive compensation           RIO ENERGY
                                                                                                                                                                   that includes base salary         SERVICES LLC
      XTO Energy                          TANKER DRIVER (Water Truck)                                                                                               and performance-based
                                                                                                                                                                       incentive programs,         Rio Energy Services LLC
       A Subsidiary of                    About this job
        ExxonMobil                                                                                                                                                 paid-time off, health care     is looking for experienced
                                                                                                                                                                    and other benefits. Visit       pressure testing hands.
                                K Bar A is hiring indi-                               tion (DOT) and Company
    Bid Work Opportunity                                                                                                                                      to          Must be able to pass a pre
                             viduals to work as Full-Time                             mental and physical require-
Project: BPU 13-3M pipeline Tanker Drivers. This posi-                                                                                                               view career opportuni-       employment drug test have
                                                                                      ments; and must be physi-
                                                                                                                                                                     ties and apply for open      clean driving record. Must
                             tion involves the driving of                             cally and mentally able to
    XTO Energy INC. will                                                                                                                                            positions. Questar is a         be willing to work long
                             a tractortanker, Water Truck                             safely perform the essential
  be scheduling a bid walk                                                                                                          2696 South 500 East            drug-free workplace and        hours and be on call 24 hrs
                             and the daily watering of                                job functions without obvi-
   to construct 2,800’ of 6”                                                                                                        Salt Lake City, Utah               an equal-opportunity                   a day.
                             dirt roads between numerous                              ous risk of injury to the em-
  diameter, buried pipeline. commercial well locations                                                                                     84106                             employer.            Must be aware of safety in
                                                                                      ployee or co-workers.
   Companies interested in                                                                                                                                                                         oil field operations, orga-
                             and OIL field work sites.                                *Applicants must receive
participating should contact *Drivers must pass a DOT                                                                                801.474.3482                                                 nized and a strong drive to
                                                                                      satisfactory results from a
   Damien Jones (damien_                                                                                                         Monday - Friday 9-6 pm                                            work by self. Mentorship
                             physical and successfully                                background check, as con-
 jones@ no pass a road test. Qualified                                                                               Sat. 10 - 5 pm                                                skills are a must. Penman-
                                                                                      ducted in accordance with
later than 5:00 pm on No- applicants must have a valid                                                                                                                                                    ship is a plus.
                                                                                      applicable laws, and must
            vember                                                                                                                 Sheila A. Owner                                                Contact No. 307-231-6160
                             Class A Commercial Drivers’                              pass a drug screening.
  12th to receive additional License with tanker endorse-                                                                        “Hey Beautiful”                                                          Ask for Adam.
                                                                                      *To Apply You can go to
information concerning this ments. Tank                                      and apply
                             *Drivers are expected to
                             comply with our appearance
                                                                                      using our website job board
                                                                                      either upload a resume or
                                                                                                                                            JOBS                       Morton                     Cultural Touch
*API 1104 welding test and policy.                                                                                                                                  Electric, Inc.                "One stop pow wow shop"
                                                                                      fill out an application which             Wildcat Energy Services is                                        New Winter Hours: M-Thurs
      specification apply.   *Applicants must be at least                             you can download from our
*Additional requirements to 21 years of age; and must be                                                                        currently looking for a ex-          2289 East 3200 South         9am-5pm
                                                                                      website or you can fax your               perienced workover rig op-               PO Box 183               Friday 9am-12pm , 3pm-
  be described at bid walk.  able to read, write and speak                            resume or application to 435-               erator/pusher with valid            Vernal, Utah 84078          6pm
                             the English language.                                    789-3308.                                   drivers license and CDL.              435-789-6959              Closed Sat & Sun and for
                             *Applicants must meet the                                Thank you,                                 We are also looking for a                                        lunch*
                             Department of Transporta-                                K Bar                                      experienced derrick hand             Morton Electric, Inc.       *Can open for those who call
                                                                                                                                with at least 3 full years of        is seeking a Licensed        and make appointments to
                                                                                                                                 workover rig experience.           Journeyman Electrician.       come in on days closed or
UTE INDIAN TRIBALLY DESIGNATED                                                                                                    Good pay. benifits after                                        lunch hours.
                                                                                                                                   probation period. Call             We offer Competitive        Cultural Touch
HOUSING                                                                                                                          Hanson Perkins 435 459                      wages.               287 E 100 S Vernal (Located
                                                                                                                                 1303 or Email Resume to                                          behind the dodge dealer-
Invitation for Bids For Grading of lots in Tava Mi Weesi Project - Fort Duchesne, Utah                                          employment@wildcatener-            Benefits offered, including    ship in Vernal, in the Hall
                                                                                                                                             Medical, Dental, 401 K,      building)
                                                                                                                                                                    Sick, and Vacation Time.      Phone: 435-781-1119
   The Ute Indian Tribally                1968 and the implementing                   required to pay a UTERO                                                       Applicant must be willing
                                                                                                                            Hanson Perkins                                                        Website:
Designated Housing Entity                 regulations at 24 CFR part                  fee, purchase a tribal business                                               to work on call schedule,
(UITDHE), hereafter re-                   135, the Contractor will make               license, register with the Ute         V.P Operations
                                                                                                                        Wildcat Energy Servic-                     and work in the Oil & Gas      Currently accepting sewing
ferred to as the “Owner”, is              best efforts, consistent with               tribe for an access permit,                                                           Industry.
                                                                                                                                  es, LLC                                                         orders for the upcoming
seeking bids for the Grading              federal and tribal laws and                 and proved the necessary                                                     Apply in person at Morton      November Pow Wow.
of two lots in the Tava Mi                regulations (including Sec-                 insurance documents when                                                            Electric, Inc.
Weesi Housing Project, Fort               tion 7(b) of the Indian Self                requested by the Owner. If                                                   2298 E 3200 S, Vernal, UT.        Newfield Production
Duchesne, Utah.                           Determination and Educa-                    there are any questions the                                                                                 Company wants you to
                                          tion Assistance Act ), to give              inquiries may be directed Advertisement                                                                     know they have started on
Preference:                               low-and very low- income                    to the Developmen Officer for Bids:                                                                         Phase 2 of its exploration
   Firms claiming Indian                  persons the training and                    or Executive Director, UIT-                                        JOBS                                     program, and they will be
Preference must submit proof              employment opportunities                    DHE, at 435-722-4656.           Separate Sealed Bids for the Roosevelt, Utah                                collecting seismic data.
of enrollment with an Indian              generated by Section 3 cov-                                                 Construction of the Deepcreek We’re Growing and Looking                        Here’s where you will see
tribe as defined in the Native            ered assistance and to give                 The homes are located at the Heading will be received by for a Self-Motivated Go Get-                       activity occurring—from
American Housing Assis-                   qualified business concerns                 following addresses:            the Uintah Indian Irrigation ter to Join the Team!
                                                                                                                                                                                                  Bridgeland across through
tance and Self-Determination              the contracting opportuni-                  *410 North 7200 East Lot Project O & M Company, until                                                       Myton and north to highway
Act (NAHASDA) of 1996                     ties generated by Section 3                 12 – Tava Mi Wessi Housing 2:00 p.m., Monday, November Part-Time Drivers, Lessors,
                                                                                                                      5, 2012.                                                                    40 running out of Roosevelt
and also provide proof of at              covered assistance.                         Project, Fort Duchesne, Utah                                       Owner-Operators                          where it intersects with Ioka
least 51% Indian ownership                                                            *404 North 7050 East Lot The Principle items of work are Minimimum Age Require-                             lane. Newfield has acquired
of their firm.                            Scope of Work                               17 – Tava Mi Wessi Housing as follows:                             ment: 21 Years Old                       permission from the Ute
   Davis-Bacon wage re-                      The work consists of                     Project, Fort Duchesne, Utah                                       Required OTR Experience:                 Indian Tribe and will be
quirements shall apply. Fed-              grading, hauling in fill where                                              Base Bid Demo of existing 24 months verified                                working closely with Energy
eral funds are being used to              needed, and some landscap-                     All sealed bids will be structure and removal of de- License Requirement:CDL                             & Minerals during the activ-
fund this contract. All appli-            ing. A copy of the Grading                  opened at 10:00 am, No- bris. 100 yards of concrete in- Class A                                             ity.
                                                                                                                      stallation of two 6-foot by 6-foot
cable federal laws shall apply            plans are available at the De-              vember 29, 2012, at the Ute slidegates, one 6-foot by 6-foot Trailer Types: Water Tank,                        The data acquisition will
including but not limited to              velopment Office for the Ute                Indian Designated Housing radial gate. Placement and Belly Dump, Side Dump                                  be completed by Dawson
the provisions of the Native              Indian Tribally Designated                  Entity. The mailing address shapement of bolder rip rap. Allowable Tickets in 3 Years:                      Geophysical with manage-
American Housing Assis-                   Housing Entity.                             is as follows:                  All bidders must be UTERO 1                                                 ment provided by Green
tance and Self-Determination                 Bidders will be required                                                 Compliant and Certified, as Allowable Accidents in 3                        River Resources.
Act (NAHASDA) 25 U.S.C.                   to inspect each home site                    Ute Indian Tribally Desig- well as licensed and bonded. Years: 1                                              If you have questions
4101, et seq.                             and acknowledge they have                       nated Housing Entity                                           All-Shifts Available & On-               about the operations, contact
                                                                                                                      For plans, specs and any ques- Call or Email Vanessa
   In accordance with Sec-                done so prior to submitting                         P.O. Box 250            tions contact Dale Thomas, BIA                                              Elton Blackhair, Field Land-
tion 3 of the Housing and                 their bids. The successful                  Fort Duchesne, Utah 84026 Project Manger at 722-4344 or (435) 724-5719 or Vliesik@                          man with Newfield, at (435)
Urban Development Act of                  bidder/contractor will be                       Phone: 435-722-4656         823-3093.                                                823-2075.
November 22, 2012   News From Ute Country   Page 7 Ute Bulletin

                    SHOP THE UTE WAY
                       UTE PLAZA
Page 8 Ute Bulletin                               News From Ute Country                                                                                                              November 22, 2012

OBITUARIES                          ler Michael, Karlee Diane and
                                    Christopher Bruce Secakuku,
                                                                        with his brothers, attending the
                                                                        pow wow, and chauffeuring his
                                                                                                          away at LoveLace Hospital in
                                                                                                          downtown Albuquerque, New
                                                                                                                                              Nicholas Jones, Gallup, New  2000 in Roosevelt. Nicholas
                                                                                                                                              Mexico; Sheila Arrats, Salt Lake
                                                                                                                                                                           worked as a carpenter for Ute
                                    Clifford Jacob, Jaylen D Sy-        gramps around. He was a good      Mexico on November 14, 2012         City;Ola Arrrats, Salt Lake City;
                                                                                                                                                                           Tribe projects, he had worked
                                    monds, Jasmyn Norton, Camree        friend and had many friends       with his family by his side.        Neesa Arrats, Ft Duchesne;   at Big O Tire, and worked for
                                    Sue Fausett, and Dakota Rose        throughout the community.             Fredrick was born in Los        Ronni Arrats, Vein Arrats, Kei-
                                                                                                                                                                           Tribal Security, his favorite
                                    Pike, Brinley and Mathias Beau          He is survived by his com-    Angeles, California on Jan.         sha Arrats, Tesla Arrats and Tia
                                    Draney, a “special” grandson,       panion, Leah Taveapont, chil-     12, 1966 at Kaiser Hospital to                                   job. He enjoyed fishing, hunt-
                                                                                                                                              Arrats all of Phoenix, Arizona;
                                    Merlin Delgado; foster grand-       dren, Peyton and Deon Murray,     Fredrick, Jr. and Allena Cuch       Calvin Washington, Ft. Duch- ing, the mountains, camping,
                                    son, Samuel Kaye, sisters, Velda    step-son Blaine Cuch, parents     Angelias.                           esne; Bobby Cuch and family, hiking, swimming, skate-
                                    (Eldon) Anderton, Vernal; Veda      Penny (Baldwin)Duncan, Roo-           Fred played high school         Ft. Duchesne; Edwin Cuch,    boarding, bows and arrows,
                                    (Petro) Forakis, Kearns, and        sevelt; Cleveland (Brandi)        football at John Marshall High      Wyoming;Willard Washington,  playing guitar, singing the
                                    many nieces and nephews. She        Murray, Neola; grandparents,      School, winning the 2A City         California; Colleen and Jake Pow Wow songs, cook outs
                                    was preceded in death by her        Clarice Chapoose, Yellowstone     Championships in LA Calif.          Black, Randlett; grandparentsand barbeques, driving his
                                    husband, Loren; brothers and        Subdivision; James Murray,        He also played basketball and       Janet & Henry Yee, Honoluu,  Chevy pickup, and tinker-
      Teddy Serawop                 sisters, Beatrice Reed, Mildred     Alterra; siblings, Lona (Robert)  baseball as a child, up until he    Hawaii; Marilyn Charlie Pot- ing and fixing cars. He liked
                                    Moosman, Melba Eksund,              Johnson, Whiterocks Road;         was a teenager.                     ter. Shawn and Jennifer Potter,
       “1980 - 2012”                                                                                                                                                       spending lots of time with his
                                    Stanley Orvel Hoopes, and Wil-      Lonnie (Iktoma) Favel, Yellow-        He traveled to many little      Hawaii; Clifford & William
                                    liam James Hoopes; foster son,      stone Subdivision; Nina (Lex      league baseball tournaments as      Angelias, Honolulu, Hawaii;  kids, especially his two little
   TEDDY SERAWOP Teddy              Howard Kowchee.                     Jenkins) Murray, Roosevelt;       a child, including tournaments      Patrick and Linda Angelias,  girls.
Derk Serawop, age 32, of Salt           Funeral services were held be   Bradee James Murray, Shaycee      in Japan and Hawaii. He was         New Hampshire; and many         He is survived by wife, Tif-
Lake City, passed away Novem-       11:00 a.m., Tuesday, November       Jean Murray, both of Neola;       highly decorated and well-know      more relative and friends.   fany, of Vernal; four children,
ber 5, 2012.                        13, 2012, at the Whiterocks LDS     and numerous family and rela-     in the Southern California little                                Chants, and Nathan, both
                                                                                                                                                  He is preceded in death by
He was born January 15, 1980,
in Salt Lake City, to Emerson
                                    Church. Burial in the Roosevelt     tives. He was preceded in death   league districts during 1970’s.     mother, Allena Cuch Angelias,Fort Duchesne; and Aspen
                                    Memorial Park.                      by his grandparents, Thomas           While living in Ft. Duchesne,   father, Fredrick Angelias 11,and Maycee, both Vernal;
Boyd Serawop and Fonda Fay                                              Chapoose, Marilyn Murray,         he worked for the Ute Indian        grandparents, Daniel Cuch and
Hackford. He was together for                                                                                                                                              his father, Everett Manning,
                                                                        uncle Willy James Chapoose        Tribe in the “Air Quality De-       Corneilia Washington Arrats, and mother, Nancy L. Paw-
12 years with Marie Morning-                                            and his great grandparents.       partment.” He attended Uintah       aunt and uncles, Lanae Arrats,
star Pawwinnee. Teddy was a                                                                                                                                                winnee, both Fort Duchesne;
                                                                            Funeral services were held    Basin Technology Center for         Wayne Cuch, and Henry Ange-
loving and caring man who was                                           Saturday, November 17, 2012       business and S.I.P.I in Albu-       lias.                        a brother, Kyle DeWayne
always happy which earned him                                           at 10:00 a.m. at the Ft. Duch-    querque, New Mexico.                                             Manning, Fort Duchesne
                                                                                                                                                  A visitation was held on Fri-
the nickname of “Big Happy”.                                            esne Gym. A wake was held             He loved his family and         day, November 16, 2012 at theand sister, Heather (Alfred,
He loved his kids and they were                                         on Friday evening 4:00 p.m. at    friends; he always smiled and       Hullinger Mortuary from 12:30Jr.) Cesspooch, Taylors-
his biggest achievement, he was                                         his father Cleveland’s home in    enjoyed being around them                                        ville. He was preceded in
                                                                                                                                              - 3:30 p.m. Cremation followed.
so proud of them. He enjoyed
camping, hunting, gambling
                                                                        Ft. Duchesne. Burial in the Ft.   He would go out of his way to       Condolences may be shared at death by his grandparents,
                                                                        Duchesne Cemetery.                put a smile on your face. He    Ferdinand Manning, and
and was a very talented artist.                                                                           spent many years watching his
He made time for everyone and                                                                                                                                              Annie Ice Cornpeach; Ray
                                                                                                          team -Los Angeles Lakers. Fred                                   & Carrie Chase Taveapont;
kept in contact with his family                                                                           loved his relatives.
and friends. His favorite past             Jackie Murray                                                                                       Nicholas Duane Manning aunt, Rosemary Thompson,
                                        “1987 - 2012”                                                         He is survived by son, Chris-
time was “kickin' it on the block                                                                         tian Sean & Christelle Angelias,            “1980 - 2012”        uncle, Gregory Taveapont,
with his Gs.”                       JACKIE MURRAY Jackie                                                  Las Vegas; and brother, Waylon                                   and cousins, Del Wopsock,
   He is survived by his com-       Ray Murray, age 25, passed                                            and Jovy Angelias, Las Vegas;          NICHOLAS MANNING Earl Wayne Manning, Jr.
panion, Marie; children, Boyd       away November 13, 2012 at                                             nephews and nieces: Ian An-         Nicholas Duane Manning, and Alex Manning. Graveside
Emerson Teddy, Jaydell Se-          his home in Roosevelt. Jackie
dicc, and Teddie Morningstar
                                                                                                          gelias, Liza Patrice Angelias,      age 32, of Fort Duchesne, services will be held Tuesday,
                                    was born to Cleveland T. Mur-                                         Peyton Angelias, Brandon            passed away November 16, November 20, 2012 at 11:00 AM
Serawop, all of Salt Lake Ciy;      ray and Molly Penny Chapoose
step-children, Draven and Mo-
                                                                                                          Angelias, Jaylen Jhoey Allena       2012 at the University Hos- at the Fort Duchesne Cemetery.
                                    Duncan.                                                               Angelias,                                                           He will be taken home to his
nique Wopsock, Ft. Duchesne;        Jackie enjoyed going to the
                                                                                                                                              pital in Salt Lake City.     mother, Nancy L. Pawwinnee's
                                                                                                              Anita and David Jose and
parents, Fonda (Roy) Ross,          mountains, hunting, fishing,        FREDRICK ANGELIAS God Parents, Randy & Van-                              He was born June 27, home, at 5852 East 350 North,
Vernal; Emerson Serawop,            playing softball, basketball,              “1966 - 2012”              essa Jose, Marella Jose , Steven    1980 in Roosevelt to Everett on Hilltop, Monday at 4:00 PM
Arizona; grandfather, Lynn          and volleyball. He loved his                                          Jose, John Jose, Patrick Jose,      Duane Manning and Nancy for the Wake. Condolences may
Hackford, Roosevelt; broth-         family, especially his children,                                                                          L. Taveapont. He married be shared at www.hullingermor-
                                                                           Fredrick Angelias III, age 46, New Mexico; Anita & Gib-
ers, Ricki Hackford, LaPoint;       competing and spending time                                                                               Tiffany Clark December 1,
                                                                        formerly of Ft. Duchesne passed ert Jones, Austin, David and
Roylene (Bryce) Peterson,

                                                             2012 Northern Ute Thanksgiving
Vernal; Mary Marytine Se-
rawop, Roosevelt; numerous
nieces, nephews, aunts, uncles,
and cousins. He was preceded

in death by his grandmothers,
LeOra Hackford, Mary Sue
UncaSam, Rainbow Serawop;

                                                                November 22, 23, 24, 2012
brothers, Emerson Hackford,
Karl Serawop; Uncles, Rick
Hackford, Gaylon Serawop,
Geoffrey Serawop; cousins,

                                                                   Fort Duchesne, Utah
Pablo and Elias Serawop, and
Monette Serawop.

                                              Host Drum:                                North Bear
                                                                                        Fort Washakie Reservation, WY
                                              MC:                                       Harold Begaye, Diné (Navajo)
                                                                                        Orem, Utah
    Zella Hoopes Pike
       “1918 - 2012”                          AD:                                       Randy Wood, Saddle Lake Cree Tribe
   ZELLA PIKE Zella Hoopes
Pike, age 94, of Whiterocks,
                                                                                        St. George, Utah
passed away November 7, 2012,
at the Uintah Basin Medical
Center.                      She
                                                                                                    Drum Contest
                                                                   st                                                            nd
was born April 8, 1918, in Ly-
man, Wyoming, to Joseph Orvel                                  1 Place: $5,000.00 2 Place: $4,000.00
                                                               3rd Place: $3,000.00 4th Place: $2,000.00
and Eva Myrtle Smith Hoopes.
She was married to Loren Jasper
Pike on January 25, 1936, in
Vernal. He died April 21, 1998.
   Zella was an excellent cook
and used her skills in earlier                                         2 Consolations Awarded
days at the old Hilltop Café and
the school cafeteria. In younger         Senior/Adult Categories                                           Teen Category                                     Junior Category
days, she enjoyed quilting. She
kept an immaculate home and              1st Place:            $600.00                                     1 Place:             $300.00                      1st Place:           $200.00
took great pride in her yard up
until her last days. She had a           2nd Place:            $500.00                                     2nd Place:           $250.00                      2nd Place:           $175.00
special place in her heart for
the Native American people
                                         3rd Place:            $400.00                                     3rd Place:           $200.00                      3rd Place:           $150.00
and was known as the “Icon
of Whiterocks.” She took in
                                         4th Place:            $300.00                                     4th Place:           $150.00                      4th Place:           $125.00
many foster children before she
had her own and tried to make
a difference in their lives. She
                                                 Drum Contest & Dance Category Money Guaranteed
loved and adored her grandkids
and they remember fondly the
                                         First Grand Entry Nov. 22, 2012 @ 7:00P.M. at the Fort Duchesne Gym
time she taught them how to ride
a bike, which was at the same
                                                  Point System in effect Friday 7:00P.M. Grand Entry
time she was teaching herself.
After her husband, Loren, died
(whom she missed everyday),
she spent most of her time with                                   Men’s Chicken $500.00 winners take all Committee Special
her good friend Ednal Simmons,
they were almost sisters.                                      Women’s Fancy Shawl $500.00 winner take all Committee Special
   Zella is survived by her chil-                            Teen Girls Traditional $500.00 sponsored by Maethalia Yazzie Family
dren Clifford L (Connie) Pike,
Whiterocks; Sandy Pike, Whit-                                  Thanksgiving Grandmother Special sponsored by Shirley Reeder
erocks Road; Darla Fay (Kirk)
Draney, Vernal; grandchil-
                                                                                        Arts & Craft Booth                                     $250.00
dren and great-grandchildren,
Christopher (Deidra) , Sharee
                                                                                          Food Booth                                          $300.00
, Bucky Ray, Helene, Jason            For more information please contact Sandy Black, Vendor Coordinator/ 435-513-9648 or Bruce
(Ruth), Camille Pike, Tracie
(Emery) Symonds, Beau Loren                Pargeets Chairman/ 435-828-7032, Leroy Cesspooch Vice-Chairman/435-828-7046
(Jessica), Scott, Kaelani and
Aaron Draney, Hawk Thomas,
                                                Da niel Cesspooch/435-724-2451 Judy Pargeets Treasurer/ 435-725-4079 or
McKinley Ferron LaRose, Ty-                                      Ambie Redfoot Secretary/435-823-4887

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