The Strategy for Buying Online Votes

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					Get Facebook Likes through Strategic Planning

Having online presence and recognition on Facebook is an important factor for any business. To get likes
on Facebook fan pages is an important indicator of your online presence. Celebrities and businesses
need to have a great command of social networks as their ability to network socially and disburse
relevant information to fans is what guarantees success. Starting a fan page is easy but what can be at
times trying is getting Facebook likes to get the exposure you anticipated. Facebook votes is the largest
social network currently with more than 1 billion users it offers unlimited potential for product
promotion and enhancing social credibility.

How do you get likes on Facebook?

1. Start by inviting relevant people: Once you have your fan page up and running invite friends and
family that are interested in what will be offered on the page. It is of no use to get many initial likes from
friends and family who will not be consistently active on your page in future. Similarly use your business
client list and send your current clients emails informing them of your page on Facebook.

2. Invest In your Facebook Fan page: To get votes online contest is another great way to establish your
social credibility through your fan page. It is quite hard to get likes on your page if currently you have 10
or 20 likes. When Facebook users see such a page they see it as disinteresting and boring. Give your fan
page a head start by buying Facebook likes from real people. The beauty of such an investment is that if
your products are for middle aged people in a certain country, you can specify you want likes from
individuals of a certain age group and from a certain region. It is an important initial investment.

3. Keep it interesting: Getting fans can be simplified but it is also important to help maintain their
allegiance. Once you get Facebook likes for your business fan page keep the page hype and informative.
The page should not be all about promoting yourself and your business but a source of relevant and
insightful information. Give information about exclusive deals, new product information and be funny
and interesting and you will definitely get likes on Facebook.

4. Run Facebook Contests: Once you have a decent number of likes from family, friends and purchased
likes it is important to engage your fans. You could host a contest for your fans. All Facebook users who
like your page will be involved some will even invite their friends to like the page and if they comment
on the post on your website about the contest it will be displayed to their friends. If they like what they
see you will definitely get Facebook likes such subtle yet fundamental referrals from your current fans.

Social networking may not be as hard as some people say it to be. However prior planning and investing
both time and money is what will help you get likes on Facebook to establish your online and social
presence on the world's largest social network.

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