MOT managers course by huangyuarong


									     MOT managers course

     Who should attend
     This is a mandatory course for prospective MOT
                                                                Course location
     Managers (one application per authorisation),
                                                                Birmingham                   Exeter
     however those responsible for the operation of
                                                                Bournemouth                  Inverness
     MOT Stations (e.g. site managers) will also benefit
                                                                Bridgend                     Leeds
     from this training course which details the
                                                                Bristol                       Newbury
     requirements incumbent on those individuals with
                                                                Canterbury                   Lincoln
     the responsibility for MOT testing at their Vehicle
                                                                Glasgow                        Mitcham
     Testing Station.
                                                                Chadderton                   Thetford
                                                                Queensferry                    Watford
     Access                                                     Derby                           Newcastle
     Each delegate must complete a VT79 form.                   Edinburgh
     Please contact 0117 954 3434 to receive a
     VT79 form.                                                 Cost:
                                                                For prospective Authorised Examiners this
     Benefits                                                   course is free of charge.
     Students will understand VOSA requirements for
     running a Vehicle Testing Station. This will help to       For existing Authorised Examiners the cost is
     ensure that the garage remains compliant with              £220 plus VAT.
     VOSA standards.

     2 Day course content                                   •   Testing equipment
     •   Responsibilities                                   •   Testing by appointment and / or demand
     •   Test guide                                         •   Documentation
     •   Supporting acts and regulations                    •   Damage / third party liability
     •   Retests and fees                                   •   Quality control
     •   Classes of vehicle subject to the MOT test         •   Use of testing assistants
     •   The MOT test content                               •   Security
     •   Nominated Testers                                  •   Use of the VTS device

28       Bookings & enquiries: 0117 954 3434 • Email:

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