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                                                     OCTOBER 2012
                                                           ISSUE 55

                                     your risks
                                     Making a good
                                     impression at your
                                     site assessment

In side this is                           New EU
                         VOSA’s           testing
Keep                     cus tomer        rules
s taff                   ser vice          page 12
records                  centre
 s traight                page 10
 page 7
                                                   3      Ask Stevo...
                                                           Stevo advises on Quality Control checks

                                                   4      News
                                                           Clocking up the mileage, MOT Seminar
                                                           tickets on sale, Single government
                                                           website, New test components still
                                                           advisory, Historic vehicles exempt,
From the editor                                            Headlamps: aiming for a new standard,
And so it continues... we’re still waiting                 Recycle your rubbers
for the legislation to be put in to place
(more on page 4) before we can go
live on the new testing items. Once it’s           6      Bikes, trikes and quads
ready we’ll let you know with an extra                     A load of old trike
Special Notice and an email to our
VOSA Direct recipients.
                                                   7      Feature
If you haven’t yet joined, visit www.                      Keep staff records straight to add your email to the
VOSA Direct box and hit ‘Go’ – it’s free,
simple and will keep you up to date
                                                   8      Cover feature
with all matters of testing.                               Reduce your risks

We’ve also received a raft of new
                                                 10       Spotlight on...                                                                      6
proposals through from the ‘EU
                                                           VOSA’s Customer Service Centre
machine’ and talk more about these
on page 12.
                                                 11       Horror story
And finally, you may have noticed                          Splitting the difference,
the use of some new logos on our
                                                           Worn of a kind
pages. Don’t worry – it’s still VOSA!
Government is phasing in new,
more consistent branding across all              12       Feature
agencies and we’ll talk more about                         New EU Testing Regulations
this in the next issue.

Stay up to date with Matters of Testing.         13       The knowledge
                                                           Testing electric vehicles

Jessie VanBeck                                                                                         12
                                                 14       T-brake
                                                           Relax with the funnies
Keep your comments, rants,
opinions and ideas coming in to:
The Editor                                   Editorial Team                      Design
Matters of Testing
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You can view this magazine, along
with previous issues, as a PDF on the
VOSA website:

Ask Stevo...
Stevo advises on Quality Control checks

   You ask: The rules state that AEs must conduct
   regular Quality Control (QC) checks on their testers
   where two or more testers work at the same site. These
   are supposed to be at least one check per tester every
   two months – recorded on MOT comp by the quality
   controller and acknowledged by the tester.

   But what am I supposed to do if a tester is away when
   the QC check is due?

Stevo says: For shorter absences, it is best to             It is good practice for the AE to conduct a QC check
complete the QC check as soon as possible after             as soon as the tester returns, to make sure that they
the tester returns. But if you know in advance that         are fully up to date with any changes that took place
they’re going to be off, you could arrange to do the        while they were away – such as Special Notices, IM
check before they leave.                                    updates etc. Make a note of any advice or training
                                                            given to the tester when they come back to work,
However if the tester is going to be off work long-         and keep this on file for your next Site Assessment.
term, or it becomes clear that this will be the case,
you may wish to temporarily remove that tester’s
role for the site (see page 7 for details). This would        Read Section B6 of the MOT Testing Guide for
remove the need for any QC checks until they return.          more information on QC checks.

When they return to work, the tester’s role can be            You can add or remove tester roles to sites
re-instated. As long as no more than six months               using the VTS Device. Use F5 to bring up the
have passed since their last test, the tester can start       VTS Device User Guide and read through
testing again immediately.                                    Section 10.J to find out more about this.

                                           John Stephenson heads up the MOT Technical
                                           Standards team and has a wealth of knowledge and
                                           experience in all aspects of the MOT scheme.

                                           Send your comments, queries and views on the
                                           MOT to with ‘Ask
                                           Stevo’ as the subject.

     MOT test enquiries can be made through our customer service centre: 0300 123 9000       Matters of Testing   3

Clocking up the mileage                                                           MOT Seminar
As of 18 November, MOT                                                            tickets on sale
certificates – VT20s – will show
the mileage of the vehicle for the                                                MOT Seminar tickets for 2013 are
last three certificates, along with                                               now on sale. The next round of
the mileage for the current test.                                                 seminars will include an update
                                                                                  on where we are with the Testing
Having this information on the                                                    Directive (it’s all in the name),
MOT certificate will help to                                                      what Europe is proposing next for
prevent the crime of ‘clocking’                                                   roadworthiness, MOT tests and
so it is important that testers                                                   roadside checks and how we’re
record the mileage accurately          The issuing VTS can only correct           getting on with MOT Comp 2.
from the vehicle’s odometer.           a mistake in the vehicle’s colour or
                                       current test mileage. Any other            These seminars are your chance
If you enter the mileage               changes should be made through             to air your thoughts and share
incorrectly, don’t worry – you can     your local VOSA Area Office.               your problems – the feedback
issue a replacement certificate if                                                we get is often used to develop
it’s within seven days of the test.    An Odometer History leaflet to             the MOT scheme for the future.
Appendix 10.I2 of the VTS Device       explain the rules around replacing         Turn to the back cover for more
User Guide tells you how to do         an MOT certificate to your                 information on how to find a
this. Press F5 on the VTS Device       customers – including when it is and       seminar in your area and book
to bring up the Guide.                 is not possible to change odometer         your tickets.
                                       readings – is at

Single government website
VOSA is moving all of our web-         what they need from government.            you’ll use for any business you
based information to GOV.UK            Initially, GOV.UK will replace             have with government.
                                       Directgov and Businesslink. Both
Released earlier this month,           of those sites will be switched off        Speak up!
GOV.UK will be the new home            in October, and people will be             The GOV.UK team wants to hear
for government services and            redirected to GOV.UK.                      what you think about the new content
information online. GOV.UK has                                                    and tools. Email your feedback at
been built by the Government Digital   Visit GOV.UK and have a look               www.GOV.UK/feedback
Service (GDS) as a simpler, clearer    around. Start getting used to
and faster way for people to find      this new site as the only site

New test components still advisory!
Testers are reminded to wait until     Although the 2011 edition of the           If you need to remind yourself
the legal process behind fully         inspection manual already                  which these items are, Special
introducing the EU Testing Directive   contains the reasons for rejection         Notice 2 – 2012 Annex A lists
is completed before they start to      (RfRs) for the new components,             these new components and is
fail vehicles on the new components.   testers must not yet fail for defects      available by the F5 key on the
                                       relating to them but continue to           VTS Device or at
The bedding-in period for the new      issue advisories.                          uk/special-notices.
test components has been extended.
The legal process is still underway.   A special notice will be sent out to let
                                       you know when these items go live.

4   MOT computerisation enquiries can now be made through the VOSA service desk: 0845 071 1973

Historic vehicles                                          Headlamps: aiming
exempt                                                     for a new standard
Don’t forget, as of 18 November this year, all pre-        Loughborough University have now analysed the
1960 vehicles will be exempt from the MOT test –           results of the headlamp aim trial and completed their
including motorbikes.                                      report, which – along with VOSA’s recommendations
                                                           – is now being considered by the International
Historic vehicle owners are still responsible for          Vehicle Standards (IVS) section of the Department
keeping their vehicles roadworthy and legal, and can       for Transport.
still present for an MOT test on a voluntary basis.
Testers will still be able to carry out a test and issue   Once VOSA and IVS have reached an agreement,
a certificate in the                                       the Minister will be asked to sign off any changes.
normal way.
                                                           Without the help and assistance of VTS council
                                                           members, we would not have made this level of
                                                           progress. Another big thank you goes to those who
                                                           participated in the trial.

                                                            Stay up to date with progress on headlamp
                                                            aim proposals – visit
                                                            and sign your email up to VOSA Direct.

Recycle your rubbers
Garage owners may not realise,         You must be certain that your           Check the Environment
but anyone who disposes of             collector operates within the law,      Agency website at www.
waste tyres has a duty to do so        or you could become complicit in        environment-agency.
safely and legally, otherwise you      ‘waste tyre’ crimes.          
may be charged with a ‘waste                                                   wastemanagement.aspx
tyre’ crime.                           To avoid this, you should check         to check your collector’s
                                       to see if your collector has the        authorisation and permits.
Many tyres are illegally dumped        necessary authorisation and
each year in the UK by unscrupulous    permits from the Environment            Visit www.tyrerecovery.
and rogue collectors, resulting in     Agency to collect and store tyres. to find out how to
huge clean up bills for UK                                                     identify legal waste tyre
taxpayers and landowners.                                                      collectors.

     MOT test enquiries can be made through our customer service centre: 0300 123 9000      Matters of Testing   5

A load of old trike

Three-wheeled motorcycles will        these vehicles because it made
revert to being tested the old        updating the manual simpler and      Interestingly, further European
way. Recent additional items          easier to implement.                 legislation currently being
to the MOT test – still advisory                                           proposed (see page 12 for
only – will no longer to apply to     But now, because the Government      more about this), includes the
Class 3 vehicles… here we talk a      wishes to reduce gold-plated         compulsory testing of three-
bit about why.                        legislation, the requirement to      wheelers and motorcycles in the
                                      test the new components – once       future – a move that may include
Those of you who test three-          they go live – will not apply to     conducting metered emissions
wheelers should be fully aware        Class 3 vehicles.                    testing not just on trikes but
of the test changes, partially                                             bikes too.
introduced at the beginning of the    We will formally notify testing
year, brought about by Testing        stations of the changes by Special   The UK Government wishes to
Directive 2010/48/EU.                 Notice once we ‘go live’ on the      consider UK stakeholder and
                                      new items for other classes. MOT     political views – as well as the
But because at present the EU         Comp will not be updated to          likely cost to Britain – before
doesn’t require compulsory testing    include the new components for       reaching a formal position on
of Class 3 vehicles – or even         Class 3 vehicles.                    the new proposals. VOSA’s
bikes for that matter – new items                                          MOT team is fully engaged with
brought in by the Testing Directive   However, updates to the inspection   DfT in analysing the potential
doesn’t apply to these vehicles.      manual will have to be made at the   impact of these proposals and
VOSA included the changes for         next available opportunity.          giving Ministers advice on the
                                                                           implications for Great Britain.

6   MOT computerisation enquiries can now be made through the VOSA service desk: 0845 071 1973

Keep staff records straight

One of the most common questions we’re asked is how to add and remove
roles on the VTS Device. Here’s a look at how – and why – keeping your staff
records straight is important.
Although keeping site roles up
to date on your VTS Device isn’t
directly related to your risk score,
there is the possibility that it will be
affected if you haven’t conducted
QC checks against testers who
left but whose roles haven’t been
removed. Also, messages about
the operation of your site or
personnel could be sent to staff
who no longer work for you.

Adding and removing roles
on your VTS Device is pretty

Before a role can be assigned to           If you are a site manager, you         Once roles have been added or
a user, they must have:                    will only see ‘Update User Roles       removed select ‘Update Users
    a user ID                              (Site)’, but if you have an AE-        Roles’ (F2).
    an active smart card                   related role, you will see ‘Update
    used the function ‘Permit a                                                   Site Assessment Score
                                           User Roles (Site)’ and ‘Update
    New Role to be Assigned’.              User Roles (AE)’.
                                                                                  AEs can also use the VTS Device
                Select                                                            to see their Site Assessment score,
                   $                       Enter the user’s ID, as shown on
           Other Functions                 the smart card. The site number        which can be viewed through
                   $                       field will either be blank or greyed   ‘Update VTS Operating Details’
            Administration                 out, depending on which version        function. From the main menu:
                   $                       of the function you are using –                      Select
           People and Roles                Site or AE. Select ‘Display                             $
                   $                       Current Roles’.
         Permit a New Role                                                                 Other Functions
          to be Assigned.                                                                          $
                                           The screen will show the user’s                  Administration
The user’s manager can now assign
                                           name, which roles they hold and                         $
                                           which roles can be assigned.             VTS Administration Functions
new roles. From the main menu:
                Select                     To assign a role/s, highlight the        Update VTS Operating Details
                   $                       role from the list and select ‘Add
           Other Functions                 Role’ (F3).                            We’ve included useful information
            Administration                                                        on how to improve your risk score
                   $                       To remove a role/s, highlight          in our centre spread… turn to
           People and Roles                the role from the list and select      page 8 to read more about easy
       '                       (           ‘Remove Role’ (F4).                    ways to make a good impression
Update User              Update User                                              at your next site assessment.
Roles (site)              Roles (AE)

     MOT test enquiries can be made through our customer service centre: 0300 123 9000           Matters of Testing   7

Reduce your risks

It’s been just over a year since we updated the Site Assessment. Now one year
on, we’re sharing some of our findings and top tips to help you reduce your risk.
Have you considered conducting your own site
assessment before the VOSA assessor visits? All
the help and documents you need can be found at

The most important things to remember are:
    1.   Look at your business through the eyes
         of your customers – do you think they
         recommend you to their friends?
    2.   Use the Site Assessment Risk Scoring Guide
         to be sure you are assessing the right items
         to the correct standard.
    3.   Consider what reasonable improvements           your customers getting the correct test outcome.
         you could make and concentrate on what          So, what can you do to make sure you’re dealing
         you can control.                                with these areas properly?
    4.   Keep a record of any work completed or
         changes made to show the VOSA assessor          Staff Training (4.15)
         during their visit.                             Although ‘Implementing individual staff training
                                                         plans’ might sound complicated, you are probably
The correct test outcome                                 already doing this without realising it. For example:
The site assessment is VOSA’s tool to make sure
that the motoring public – your customers – get the
                                                              Does the latest tester QC check result in a chat
correct test outcome.                                         about methods or standards of testing?
                                                              When a new piece of workshop equipment
Since the revised site assessment was rolled out,             or a new vehicle system arrives, does the
the top three issues are around Staff Training (4.15),        manufacturer provide any training?
Quality Control (QC) Systems (4.14) and Vehicle           l
                                                              When a Special Notice informs you of
Age (4.1) in that order. Each of these is linked to           changes to the scheme, do you discuss how it
                                                              might affect your business with your staff?

8   MOT computerisation enquiries can now be made through the VOSA service desk: 0845 071 1973
                                                                                                  SCHEME TIPS

All these are evidence of staff training – so keep        You could also:
a record to show your assessor. A very simple staff        l
                                                               increase your QC check frequency
training log is in Appendix 10 of A Guide to MOT
Risk Reduction.
                                                               give your tester more time between
                                                               test bookings
QC Systems (4.14)                                              help your testers improve their knowledge

Your tester is key to the quality of testing and your          of the vehicles and test requirements
ability to offer an MOT service, which is why VOSA
specifies a minimum Quality Control system. You           Be prepared
should have proactive QC systems in place to              Make sure you’re prepared for a site assessment:
check the risk of your tester reaching an incorrect        l
                                                               organise your documents and make sure
test outcome!                                                  everyone knows where to find them
                                                               make sure your NT’s knowledge is up to date
You can use the MOT Scheme Performance Report              l
                                                               always read the contents of the reports for your
function on the VTS Device to monitor what your
                                                               site and act on your findings
testers are doing. This report summarises tester
performance when undertaking MOT tests. Appendix
10.Q.1 of the VTS Device User Guide tells you how
to access this report. Use F5 on your device to bring
up this guide.

Whatever your QC system identifies, remember to
make a note of your findings and to act on them!
QC checks are not about catching you or your
testers out, but to evidence that you are looking
after the standards you deliver to your customers.

Vehicle Age (4.1)
Site assessment is all about managing risk. The risk
of testing mostly older vehicles is that they are more
prone to developing faults, which in turn presents        Remember, the easier it is to find your paperwork,
more decisions for your tester, giving a greater          the better you can manage your business and the
chance of a mistake. You can get a good idea of the       quicker the assessor will go again – leaving you to
average age of vehicles tested at your site from your     get on with looking after your customers.
MOT Scheme Performance Report. Clearly you can’t
turn older vehicles away, so what do you do about it?     Stay up to date
                                                          Staying up to date with the latest news from VOSA
Testers may be less familiar with older vehicles, so      will help you – register your email address with
rather than observing their test routine as part of the   VOSA Direct at for news on
QC check, why not re-examine the vehicles instead?        any changes or updates to the MOT test and scheme.

     MOT test enquiries can be made through our customer service centre: 0300 123 9000      Matters of Testing    9

Spotlight on…
VOSA’s Customer Service Centre
VOSA’s Customer Service Centre answers 3,500 calls and 120 emails a day from
testers, operators and members of the public. The team takes calls on anything
from training courses to cars fitted with jet engines! Here are some of the most
common questions they’re getting from MOT garages – and the answers!

Do HID headlamps require                But vehicles not fully converted –
washers / self levellers?               such as those fitted with a sports
                                        steering wheel and bucket seats –
Headlamp washing and levelling          must be tested as normal.
systems are a legal requirement
for high intensity discharge (HID)
                                        How can I test an
lamps with a luminous intensity
exceeding 2,000 lumens. But             unregistered vehicle?
unless the luminous intensity           You can create a new record to
is marked on the lamp, a tester         test vehicles with foreign plates
won’t be able to tell if these          or with no registration plates:
systems are needed.
                                        If foreign plates are fitted, enter
So, they can only be rejected if        the details in the Registration
they are fitted and are inoperative     Mark field and change the               (VSI) on the VTS Device first.
or obviously defective. If they are     descriptor from ‘UK Registration        If you are still not sure, contact
missing and you believe they should     Mark’ to ‘Foreign Registration          VOSA’s Customer Service Centre
be fitted, then pass and advise.        Mark’, then enter the rest of the       on 0300 123 9000.
                                        details as usual.
Do the new Reasons for                                                          How do I correct a
Rejection affect specially              If no registration plates are fitted,   mistake on the VT20?
modified vehicles?                      leave the Registration Mark field
                                        blank and change the descriptor         Some mistakes can be corrected
Where a vehicle has been                to ‘Not Found (Missing)’ or – if        by the VTS, such as vehicle colour
extensively modified or converted,      you are certain that the vehicle        and odometer reading/units.
Reasons for Rejection for               is unregistered – ‘Not Required’.
components missing where                Either way, you can enter the rest      The odometer reading/units can
fitted as standard should not be        of the details and continue as          only be changed by the VTS
applied. For example:                   normal. The test documentation          within seven calendar days of
  l  a car converted for rally use –    will show the Registration Mark as      the test.
     with rear seats removed, roll      ‘Not Displayed’.
     cage and full harness seat belts                                           Appendix 10.I.2 of the VTS User
     fitted etc. – may no longer be     How do I test an                        Guide gives guidance on issuing
     fitted with a brake servo, power                                           replacement certificates. Use F5
                                        Electronic Parking Brake?
     steering or airbags                                                        on the VTS Device to bring up
  l  a car converted to a stretch       Most Electronic Parking Brakes          this guide.
     limousine may no longer have       can be tested in a roller brake
     curtain airbags or electronic      tester, but it is important to check
     stability control                  the Vehicle Specific Information

10   MOT computerisation enquiries can now be made through the VOSA service desk: 0845 071 1973
                                                                                                  YOU TELL US

  HORROR         Two tales of torment

Splitting the difference                                 Quite a common picture, this, but as the wheel was
                                                         removed it was found that the alloy wheel had split in
At first glance this issue’s horror story looks like
                                                         two, held together by a wing and a prayer. The
another brake pad ’gone missing’. But Mike Evans
                                                         assumption is that the pad dislodged itself from the
from Heath Tyre Services in Cardiff found something
                                                         calliper, rubbed against the wheel, then, as the
a bit more unusual.
                                                         wheel was removed, it split in two and the pad
                                                         dropped out into the void between the well and the
                                                         tyre cap.

Mike explains that the customer came in complaining
of that common rubbing noise from the rear.
Removal of the nearside rear wheel soon exposed
the calliper piston as the culprit. The inner pad had
fallen out – because someone had not refitted the
                                                         Astonishing as this is, the presenter seemed quite
retaining slides – and the piston was rubbing the
                                                         unperturbed by it all. But that doesn’t surprise us,
disc face. It was evident that repairs were recent but
                                                         does it?
the presenter was not forthcoming about who left the
slides out. The plot thickens!

                                                         Worn of a kind
                                                         Sticking with brakes, here’s a picture of a worn disc
                                                         sent in by Kevin Lee of E H Roberts in Benfleet.
                                                         Although pictures of worn discs are quite common,
                                                         this one must be as close as you can get and still be
                                                         in one piece!

                                                           Have you got a horror story to tell? Send your
                                                           photos and ghastly tales to mattersoftesting@
                                                  with the subject ‘Horror Story’

    MOT test enquiries can be made through our customer service centre: 0300 123 9000     Matters of Testing    11

New EU Testing Regulations

The not-so-new Testing Directive
has been delayed, but that
doesn’t stop the EU machine!
On 13 July they proposed a suite
of new EU laws. Just like British
buses, there’s nothing for ages
then several turn up at once –
1996/96 then 2009/40, 2010/48
and now three new drafts – so
new and drafty they don’t yet have
numbers – to continue the quest
to harmonise testing across all
member states. These drafts are:
     New Testing Regulation (MOT)
     New Roadside Regulation
     (Examinations on the road)
     New Vehicle Registration

These proposals are draft.
Each EU Member State can
now analyse their potential
impact, feed views back to the
EU Commission and, hopefully,            l
                                             Tester prohibition/impounding      roadworthiness and fewer road
negotiate changes. The                       power for dangerous vehicles       deaths and casualties. It wishes
proposals are not final – it is                                                 to consider UK stakeholder and
important we understand that.           Optional features include:              political views before reaching a
The main features are:                                                          formal position. In August, DfT wrote
                                             MOT all second-hand vehicles
                                                                                to key MOT trade stakeholders
     Light trailer testing, including    l
                                             MOT all seriously accident         and the message was emailed out
     caravans                                damaged vehicles                   to VOSA Direct subscribers to find
     Standards changed from              l
                                             MOT/approval of vehicles           out what you think.
     ‘minimum roadworthiness’                modified from their original
     to original type approval               approved condition                 Between now and the end of
     Defects categorised by                                                     the year there will be regular
     seriousness on the VT30            You can see the extent of the           discussions between DfT and the
     Standardised EU-wide               proposals. Being a Regulation           EU Commission. We’ll hopefully
     test equipment                     rather than a Directive means that      have more to tell you in January’s
     EU-wide tester qualifications      if the EU Parliament makes it law,      Matters of Testing and at the 2013
     with annual refreshers             it will apply directly to the UK. So,   MOT Seminars!
     EU-wide motorcycle testing         what are we doing about it?
     (already done in GB, but adds                                              In the meantime you can stay up
     emissions testing)                 The UK Government supports              to date by registering your email
     Seriously failed vehicles          the general purpose of the              with VOSA Direct at
     de-registered                      package, which is to see better         uk/vosa.

12   MOT computerisation enquiries can now be made through the VOSA service desk: 0845 071 1973
                                                                                                      HOT TIPS

The Knowledge
What was it we said, in issue 54, about electric vehicles and buses? Well here’s
another: Peugeot’s 3008 Hybrid4.
The immediate giveaway on the
3008 is in the title, ‘Hybrid’ –
but, unlike other hybrids we’ve
covered, this one has a diesel
engine. Although the Hybrid4 was
the first diesel passenger car, it
was soon joined by the 508, 508
RXH and, from Peugeot’s sister
company, the Citroën DS5. The
“4” denotes 4WD but the 3008
does not use a conventional 4WD
transmission set up.

The 2.0 turbo-charged engine
drives an electronically controlled
manual gearbox (electronically
operated clutch and gear selection)
and can be used in ‘auto’ mode
or ‘manual’ using paddles on the
steering column. Drive to the rear
wheels is through an electric motor
mounted centrally in the rear drive
train and supplied by the high
voltage Ni-MH battery.

Though 4WD is used on the
display screen it really is more of
an All Wheel Drive configuration,
where 2WD is default and 4WD
cuts in where power demand            So can we MOT it? In a word:          used on the Citroën Picasso) in
dictates. That said, 4WD can be       yes! As with all electric vehicles,   both Standard and ATL brake
selected for slippery conditions.     there is high voltage so beware       test mode without any problems.
                                      of heavy orange cables. Though        We repeated the test with the
                                      the engine/gearbox assembly is        vehicle mode selector in each of
                                      a separate unit, the engine still     the four positions – Auto, Sport,
                                      powers the generator to charge        4WD and ZEV – again without
                                      the high voltage battery and –        any problems. Default mode is
                                      like other hybrids – can suddenly     Auto, which always utilises the
                                      start depending on battery            electric motors for pulling away,
                                      condition. If 4WD is selected the     so our advice is to leave it in Auto
                                      engine automatically starts – and     (with gear selector in Neutral)
                                      it may also start when the throttle   throughout the test.
                                      is depressed.
                                                                            For those who are wondering… ZEV
                                      We tested the brakes (including       stands for Zero Emissions Vehicle!
                                      the EPB which is similar to that

     MOT test enquiries can be made through our customer service centre: 0300 123 9000    Matters of Testing   13

                       60-second                                            DVD update
                                                                            We’ve trawled through our archive
                                                                            of films to check accuracy of
                                                                            information (and chuckle at some
                       Danny Charles is VOSA’s Technical Processes          of the haircuts!) to put the useful
                       Development Officer for MOT Comp 2. Based            material on YouTube:
                       in London, Danny frequently travels to Bristol
                       and Birmingham.                                           View to the Front – explaining

                                                                                 MOT standards for
What are you working on?               functions from any device with            windscreens, mirrors and
I am developing the second             internet access.                          wipers and what to do if that
generation of MOT                                                                pesky SatNav is left in there.
Comp(uterisation) – MOT Comp 2.        How will MOT Comp 2 help
                                       testers?                              l
                                                                                 Repairs and Corrosion – how
MOT Comp 2?                            Internet-based refresher training
                                                                                 to assess modern repairs for
                                       will allow testers to access the
                                                                                 the test.
Building upon the foundation of
MOT Comp 1, we’re developing           latest information and updates
                                       without having to wait for the            Wheels and Tyres – a good

a user-friendly, internet-based
system with broadband speeds.          next VOSA course. So, testers will        look around here!

MOT Comp 2 moves away from             be able to improve their technical
the VTS Device and smart cards –       skills at any time.                       Brake Testing – covering RBT,

                                                                                 decelerometer, plate and ATL
VTS staff may be able to access it
through laptops, tablets or even       What’s the best thing about               brake tests.
smart phones.                          your job?
                                       Meeting members of the trade,
                                                                                 Common Mistakes – hopefully
The testing function won’t             listening to their ideas and
                                                                                 after watching this they won’t
change much – it’ll be locked          building them in to the new
                                                                                 be common any more!
down to the VTS site, vehicles will    MOT Comp 2 system.
still need to be registered for test
                                                                                 Changes to the Test due to the
and testers will still have to enter   And the worst?                            2010/48 Regulation – new items
the result: pass or fail.
                                                                                 explained and how to test.
                                       The travelling, long hours and
                                       overnight stays in hotel rooms       You can find these films at www.
What does this mean for the            away from my family. Still – no
average AE?                            pain, no gain.
                                                                            – take a look and email
An internet-based system means                                    
that AEs will be able to access                                             with any feedback.
reports and management

On the job
An amusing anecdote from the           “Er, I haven’t got mine,” one of     So the class got a basic lesson
classroom this time: On starting       the testers immediately replied,     in smartcard security that day
an MOT refresher course, the           “Because I’m the only tester, the    – hopefully the tester learned
trainer greeted the classroom          boss needed it for the two days      something new!
with “Good morning all – make          I’m on this course so that he
sure you’ve got your smart cards       could carry on testing.”
ready, please.”

14   MOT computerisation enquiries can now be made through the VOSA service desk: 0845 071 1973

Puzzle                                                     H   A   Z   T   T    I   R    F     U   R    I    T    O

Find the twelve autumnal items on the grid:
                                                           A   E   H   U   F    S   T    E     T   U    R     I   F
                                                           Z   L   Z   N   S    T   E    U     I   R    F    L    G
APPLE              FRUIT               LEAVES
BONFIRE            GRANARY             MIST
                                                           E   Z   E   T   K    T   E    V     U    I   P    P    R

CHESTNUT           HARVEST             WIND                L   H   L   S   R    S   N    R     R   A    P    Y    A
FIREWORKS          HAZEL               WALK                B   V   T   E   O    T   T    E     F   A    R    N    N

                                                           O   A   H   H   W    S   L    T     H   A    H    E    G
                                                           N   E   S   C   E    I   S    H     N   G    L    S    R
One of our readers has sent in one motorists               I   L   T   N   R    M   R    A     A   P    E    V    Y
attempt to deal with a cracked windscreen... email         F   W   D   U    I   W   R    L     P   W    A    L    K
the funniest caption (along with your name, address
and VTS number) to
                                                           R   A   N   T   F    G   V    A     Z   E    V    E    A
to win £20 of vouchers that can be used at most            E   R   I   F   N    O   B    E     A   V    E    L    L
high street stores. Editor’s decision is final. Deadline   B   E   W   B   O    F   N    I     H   F    S    A    W
for entries is 23 November.

                                                           You’ve won!
                                                           The winner of last issue’s competition is Darren
                                                           Morgan of Equipe Tyre and Autocare in Eccles,
                                                           Greater Manchester. Congratulations Darren –
                                                           the vouchers are winging their way to you!

     MOT test enquiries can be made through our customer service centre: 0300 123 9000       Matters of Testing   15
                                    VOSA MOT Seminars 2013
                                         From January through to March 2013, the MOT seminars are set to
                                          discuss the issues concerning you.

                                              First pick your venue
                                                The list of venues for 2013 was sent out to all test stations
                                                 via Special Notice and is also posted online at

                                                        Then book your place
                                                          Once you’ve chosen a venue, you can call the VOSA
                                                           Customer Service Centre on 0300 123 9000 to book
                                                             your place – make sure you have your payment card
                                                              details ready.

                                                                   Or use the booking form below and send it, along
                                                                    with a cheque made payable to ‘VOSA’, to the
                                                                      address at the bottom of the form.

                                                                        Tickets are £30 (including VAT)

                                              BOOKING FORM
   Contact name                                        Preferred seminar location
  Company name                                                   Date of seminar
    VTS number                                                   No. of delegates
    VTS address
                                                          Second choice seminar
                                                                Date of seminar
          Postcode                                             No. of delegates
Tel no: (inc. code)                                         Cheque enclosed for £
                                                                  (£30 per delegate)
Cheques should be made payable to VOSA.
Payment by cheque may take up to 14 working days to process. The number to claim back VAT will be on your ticket.

Return this booking form, with payment to:
Vehicle & Operator Services Agency, MOT Seminar Bookings, Ellipse, Padley Road, Swansea, SA1 8AN.

                                              FOR VOSA USE ONLY:
      Cheque no.
      Booking no.

       Saving lives, safer roads, cutting crime, protecting the environment

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