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Well, something happens that does not work to keep the perfect pre-Christmas mood. Fragile happiness
strives not only to crumble and break into pieces. Oh, what were the days! How fortunate and
downright fabulous putting all at work and at home until one misfortune after another has not led to
the almost total collapse of plans. Fragments, of course, will stick together, but is nice to drink from a
cup is not a whole? I am now living in a disgusting theatrics, contrived vanity, forcing himself not to limp,
putting simper, behaving hypocritically nice. I'm not me. And such insincere behavior I want the last
thing - the holiday is coming!

My New Year's dreams seem to come true not to all of my long-term preparation, recipe search,
purchase orders, and all that was done for the sake of it, and now meaningless.

Despite the contention I made gifts, went shopping for a long time, and with pleasure, without gifts, I
can not leave the family. Even if he's in the New Year to meet not to have a favorite grandmother, and
certainly it will not be exactly the artifice, except ... boring.

Do not want to end the post on a sad note, so I leave you with two festive collages, and she goes in
search of her apron for tomorrow's culinary experiments, which I hope will lift my spirits :)

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