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Psychology / Social Science Research Essay


									                                 HOUSTON COMMUNITY COLLEGE
                                       Department of English

English 1302                                                                    Professor Schweitzer
Composition II                                                                  Distance Education

                      Psychology / Social Science Research Essay

Due: By midnight on the date indicated on the syllabus, uploaded to Eagle Online. No late papers
may be accepted under any circumstances.

Specifications: Students must complete a four to five page research paper. Papers can be
no shorter than four full pages or more than five and a half pages, typed and double-spaced
with one-inch standard margins. (Note: page length does not include such apparatus as headers,
titles, page numbers, graphics, or Works Cited.) See the “Course Appendices” for the two
formatting choices for formal essays. Attempting artificially to pad the length by changing fonts,
font sizes, kerning, line spacing, or margins will result in automatic failure on the assignment.
Remember—the instructor is deaf, not blind. Students should use the Modern Language
Association of America’s parenthetical citation method, with, if needed, endnotes. In addition to
one copy of the essay being uploaded to the course website, students must submit their papers via as well (class number: 5974635; password: punishment).

Instructions: Students must write an essay addressing the following question at issue: Of the four
hundred plus Texas inmates who have received the death penalty since 1982, how many have
expressed remorse for their crimes and/or victims vs. how many express defiance, anger, a sense of
injustice, apathy, or in some way obfuscate their guilt? Essay must contain a relevant graph (line, pie,
or bar), must contain at least one explanatory endnote, and must use at least three sources (one of
which must be the Texas Department of Criminal Justice’s “Executed Offenders” website).

Criteria: Your research paper will be evaluated by the following criteria—

A. Following Instructions / Formatting / Citations                                               50 pts.
• Falls within minimal page requirements                                                          30 pts.
• Proper page formatting (see appendix)                                                           10 pts.
• Proper use of MLA format for citations, Works Cited page, and endnotes                          10 pts.

B. Thesis                                                                                        25 pts.
• Thesis is clearly stated in introduction                                                        5 pts.
• Thesis can be both argued and argued against                                                   10 pts.
• Thesis is sophisticated and subtle                                                             10 pts.

C. Argument                                                                                      25 pts.
• Each body paragraph’s relationship to the main thesis is clear                                 5 pts.
• Author’s argument is grounded in appropriate level of research                                 10 pts.
• Author’s arguments and analysis of textual quotations support thesis                           10 pts.

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