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Assignment #11


									                               HOUSTON COMMUNITY COLLEGE
                                     Department of English

English 1302                                                                 Professor Schweitzer
Composition II                                                               Distance Education

    Assignment #11: Researching and Assessing Criticism of an Experiment

Due: By midnight on the date indicated on the syllabus, uploaded as an attachment to Eagle Online.
No late assignments will be accepted.

Specifications: Assignment must be typed, double-spaced, with one-inch margins, using a 12 pt. serif
font such as Times New Roman. See the “Assignment Formatting Sheet” in the Course Appendices,
under Formatting/Style Sheets, for more detailed instructions. Assignment can only be one of the
following three formats: .doc, .odt, or .rtf.

Instructions: Locate online one of the many criticisms of Philip Zimbardo’s famous Stanford Prison
Experiment (clues: Erich Fromm wrote an important one and, more recently, a consultant to the
original Zimbardo experiment has criticized his own involvement, but there many more available).
Write a one-paragraph (200-300 words) analysis of the criticism you have chosen. What valid or
invalid criticisms does the author make?

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