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					                                HOUSTON COMMUNITY COLLEGE
                                      Department of English

English 1302                                                                  Professor Schweitzer
Composition II                                                                Distance Education

                            Assignment #9: Proposed Outline

Due: By midnight on the date indicated on the syllabus, uploaded as an attachment to Eagle Online.
No late assignments will be accepted.

Specifications: Assignment must be typed, with one-inch margins, using a 12 pt. serif font such as
Times New Roman. See the next page, a model outline, for a more concrete sense of what the
document should look like. Assignment can only be in one of the following three formats: .doc,
.odt, or .rtf.

Instructions: Write an Outline for the Literary Research Essay, which will be due on April 6. The
outline must include a one to two sentence thesis argument that will be in the introduction.
Sally Muchinfuch
Composition II
Professor Schweitzer
January 19, 2013

                             Literary Research Essay Outline
Title: “Public Good and Private Mischief: Daniel Defoe’s Journal of Three Nations in A Journal of
the Plague Year”

I. Introduction. (1 paragraph)

       A. Introduction to the text, author, and thesis

               1. A Journal of the Plague Year by Daniel Defoe (1723)

               2. Thesis Argument: While most critics contend that Defoe’s Journal reveals the
               author’s sympathy for the working classes and their plight during the plague; instead,
               the text really reveals that Defoe (through his narrator H. F.) is eager to promote the
               middle class at the expense of both the working classes and the aristocracy. His
               attitude toward the working classes is not, therefore, sympathetic but rather
               paternalistic and judgmental.

II. Critical Survey. (1 paragraph)

       A. Establish the critical consensus about Defoe’s Journal, focusing on critics who believe that
       Defoe shows sympathy and fraternity with the working classes throughout the journal.

               1. Here I might want to name some critics with which I am going to

       B. Discuss one critic who agrees that Defoe is not that sympathetic to working classes
       throughout his body of works in general.

               1. Irwin Ehrenpreis

III. Criticism of the Working Classes. (2 paragraphs)

       A. Throughout the Journal, H. F. criticizes the moral degeneracy of the working classes.

               1. I may wish to list some of these incidences of moral criticism.

       B. His emphasis on the need to supervise the working classes for their own protection.
               1. Examples.

IV. Criticism of the Aristocracy. (2 paragraphs)

       A. Topic of first paragraph

               1. Perhaps specific examples

       B. Topic of second paragraph

               1. Perhaps specific examples

IV. Praise for the Middle Classes. (2 paragraphs)

       A. Topic of first paragraph

               1. Perhaps specific examples

       B. Topic of second paragraph

               1. Perhaps specific examples

V. Conclusion. (1 paragraph)

       A. Research summed up / resulting thesis

               1. I may wish to type here the ideas I want to make sure to emphasize and why the
               argument matters.

Note: for your “Outline” assignment, you need only get to the level of A, B, etc. and not to the
numerical level. However, for your own use, it might be helpful to be as specific as possible.

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