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Is Hourly Rev Share a HYIP??
by Perviz | on January 12, 2013

What is a HYIP?
A high-yield investment program (HYIP) is a type of Ponzi scheme, an investment scam that promises
unsustainably high return on investment by paying previous investors with the money invested by new

Hourly Rev Share is NOT a HYIP program!
Hourly Rev Share is an advertising program. T he members are given the opportunity to advertise their
ref erral banners or text ads. Members are also paid a f ixed daily rebate f rom the generated revenue. It
is very easy. Prof its are generated on two f ronts. First is online advertising. T he company is new when it
comes to this f ront, but is doing very well. Forex trading is the second f ront.

T he owner, Anelie Steinway, has considerable experience in Forex trading. T his is what she says, “If we
are able to make 7%-10% prof it on our daily Forex trading, how is it dif f icult to pay 6.5% on members’
return? Anyone who is conversant with online advertising business knows this is a massive income
machine. In the f irst half of last year, U.S. internet sites collected $17 billion in ad revenue alone, a 14 %
increase over the same period in 2011, according to a new report f rom the Interactive Advertising Bureau.
In the second half of 2011, websites had $16.8 billion in ad revenue.”

So even if growth were to slow, digital media this year could exceed the $35.8 billion that U.S. print
magazines and newspapers garnered in ad revenue alone in 2011. T he good thing about advertising is
that it does not require daily investment, but does generate income even while you sleep.

       Hourly Rev Share does not pay previous investors with the money invested by new investors,
       and therefore it cannot be classified as a HYIP.

How is t he Hourly Rev Share earning plan dif f erent f rom a HYIP?

For every $5 ad share you purchase you earn a f ixed daily ROI f or 30 days bef ore it expires. Whenever
you make a withdrawal request, 30% of your total f und goes into your ‘Repurchase’ section which you
can use to buy more ad shares and keep your ads constantly running. 70% goes into your withdrawal
account. T he 30% repurchase policy is to ensure the long-term sustainability of this unique program. For
example, when you withdraw $100, $30 will automatically go to your repurchase balance and $70 is what
will be available f or withdrawal.

T here are 3 dif f erent plans and you are paid every hour depending on the plan you are in. For instance,
if you are on the hourly basic plan, you will earn 0.1875% every hour and 4.5% daily f or 30 days. In the
hourly premium plan, you are paid 0.22916667% every hour and 5.5% daily f or 30 days. T hen there is the
hourly VIP plan where you will earn 0.27083333% every hour and 6.5% daily f or 30 calendar days.

So you earn 135% on the basic plan every 30 calendar days, 165% on the premium plan every 30
calendar days, and 195% on the VIP plan every 30 calendar days which works out to some tremendous
prof its! T here are members who are earning more than $1000/day with this company!

What does it cost to join
Hourly Rev Share?

T here is absolutely no f ee to
join, but to earn f rom the
hourly distribution f rom the revenue pool, you must join either of the 3 levels prof it plan. T he details can
be seen below:

Hourly Basic Plan – Minimum Adshares to be purchased is $5; Maximum is $295.

Hourly Premium Plan – Minimum Adshares to be purchased is $300; Maximum is $995

Hourly VIP Plan – Minimum Adshares to be purchased is $1000; Maximum is $10,000

It is $1/share for all three plans.

Here is our video tutorial on how to buy shares/ad packs

So now you know that Hourly Rev Share isn’t a HYIP that usually scams people of their hard earned

If f inancial f reedom is something that you desire in the long run or EVEN pretty soon, then you can sign
up absolutely f or FREE and check out the program by clicking HERE. If you like what you see, then you
can always upgrade by choosing any one of the above mentioned three plans and see how your money
can work magic f or you! We also have a very active Skype support room where the admin, Anelie
Steinway, herself is usually available. T his can very well be the USP of this program as it isn’t too
common f or people to have access to the owner of a company the way it is here. It speaks f or the
integrity and transparency of this company.

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