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					Successful Ice Cream Retailing Seminar
January 13-16, 2006

Seminar content
Successful Ice Cream Retailing was developed by Ed Marks and Dick Warren. In addition, Bill Meagher now assists in program design. Their combined association with the ice cream and frozen dessert business spans over 100 years which they now use to help ice cream entrepreneurs become more successful and alleviate the pitfalls that can occur. They know firsthand that store operators confront countless challenges. They also recognize that beginner and veteran store owners have many needs in common as they search for increased sales and profits. Successful Ice Cream Retailing seeks to remedy this situation by giving you practical answers to your questions. This seminar is designed to help the novice or experienced ice cream shop owner to increase sales and identify and correct problem areas to improve their current operations. It will examine the “how-tos” of establishing and running a successful ice cream business, and will cover areas from critical start-up information to how to maintain and manage a profitable and growing store. Ice cream is used here in a generic sense, since a full spectrum of frozen desserts from high fats to no fats, sherbets, sorbets, frozen yogurt, custards, ices, and others in both hard and soft serve will be discussed. The emphasis is based on the philosophy that you benefit best through hands-on participation and an interactive format. An opportunity to talk and discuss common problems in a relaxed atmosphere can have valuable benefits. You will find that the speakers love for the ice cream industry becomes contagious.

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What are the impacts of increased food and labor costs on my profits? What types of frozen desserts should you sell? What are the components of a superpremium frozen dessert? Which products are the most profitable and marketable? What types of equipment are needed for production and retail? Where do I get ingredients and recipes? How can I make ice cream cakes and novelties with a batch freezer or soft serve machine? What are the industry guidelines for product comparison? What are the sanitation and regulatory issues? What is the role of different ingredients in great ice cream making? How do I make ice cream fountain items, such as, milk shakes, banana splits, sodas, floats, sundaes, etc., in a quality manner? What about frozen custard, sorbet, gelato and Italian ice, etc.? How do I hire and motivate my staff and reduce turnover? Are my employees properly trained? How can I increase sales by up-selling? How do I deal with the issue of dishonesty? How do I create sales in the off season? Can I compete with the national brands? How do I identify my market niche and develop a successful marketing and merchandizing plan? How do I run off-site events, such as catering? Should I sell ice cream by weight? Should I expand and/or add new stores? Should I wholesale?


University of Florida Gainesville, Florida What does it take to create a profitable ice cream or frozen dessert business?
Successful Ice Cream Retailing is a four day seminar designed by ice cream shop entrepreneurs to help other owners or managers to be successful. The seminar is for storeowners, managers or people researching opening a frozen retail business. The speakers use their everyday experiences in the industry to give you common sense and practical advice on how to run a profitable and efficient shop. The presenters share tools they found to be successful in their everyday operations in the frozen dessert business.

As a Seminar Participant You Will Be Able To:
  examine expectations you have for your business and identify areas of improvement focus on the realities of everyday operations: product quality and presentation, employees and service, merchandising, pricing, strategy, and marketing have access to expertise of the knowledgeable speakers to ask specific questions about your particular situation during informal evening sessions identify financial obligations of running a profitable frozen dessert business participate in roundtable and discussion groups that are focused on your particular questions with the speakers and colleagues getting exposed to a close up demonstration of making ice cream in a batch freezer as well as soft serve products in a soft serve machine

Store management


Program Agenda Start-up
    How much start-up capital will I need? How do I calculate if and how much money I can make in the ice cream business? What are the advantages and disadvantages of different types of store layouts? What are the factors that make different locations more successful? How do I increase profits? How do I set prices? What are my food costs and how do I calculate them?

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Marketing and Promotion

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Seminar Presenters:
Dick Warren Independent Owner-Operator, Fours Seas Ice Cream, Cape Cod, Massachusetts After 45 years in ice cream retailing, Dick Warren has become a nationally recognized personality. The Four Seas store has recently been featured in the PBS Ice Cream Show, USA Today, Ten Best Ice Creams in America and Gourmet Magazine. Dick‟s expertise runs the gamut of everything you are liable to encounter as an ice cream store operator. He will share with you the vast wealth of knowledge and experience that has made the Four Seas a stellar attraction. Bill Meagher Owner, Lakeside Creamery, Deep Creek Lake, Maryland Bill was a student at the 1994 Successful Ice Cream Retailing Seminar and since has opened and operates a successful retail store that many have asked to franchise. He will help you through the maze of issues involved in opening a new venture and share with you the joys and frustrations associated with becoming an entrepreneur. Ronald Schmidt Professor, Food Science & Human Nutrition University of Florida Dr. Ronald Schmidt is the Dairy Extension Specialist at the University of Florida. In this capacity, he conducts a variety of educational outreach programs in dairy and food processing technology, sanitation, and food safety. He also teaches graduate and undergraduate courses in food science and conducts research in dairy foods and food microbiology. Ray Sheehan Owner and President of Avondale Dairy Bars, Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario, Canada. Manager of Anderson’s Ice Cream and Ice Cream Cake Production Division, Buffalo, New York. Past president of the National Ice Cream Retailers Association. Ray has made a huge success out of his ice cream business. He is known in Canada and the United States for his experience with ice cream pies, cakes, and other specialty items. Ray‟s knowledge and

accumulation of statistics dealing with wholesaling, multiple store expansion, and year round survival techniques is extensive. He truly motivates his listeners John Pasciuto John has over 25 years in the ice cream, dairy and baking industries and has a Bachelor of Science in Food Science from the University of Massachusetts. For many years he has worked in research and development, formulating products for such companies as H. P. Hood, Au Bon Pain, Oringer and Murrays. He is currently employed at Brill as a regional sales manager. Rich Johnson Owner, Tasty Time Ice Cream, Folsom, California Rich knows the ins and outs of operating a successful ice cream store along with an ice cream catering business. Having managed hundreds of events each season, he will assist you develop, market, staff and operate successful ice cream events, cutting years off the learning curve, and immediately adding money to your bottom line. He also has experience in operating more than one retail operation at a time. Rob Romarino Co-owner, Sentry Equipment and Soft Serve Consultant Electro Freeze is the granddaddy of the soft serve industry, dating back to the time that soft serve was thought of as “frozen custard.” Sentry is one of the nation‟s largest soft serve machine distributors. Bob Romarino will provide valuable insights into the „how‟s and whys‟ of soft serve. Past registrants express their views of previous Successful Ice Cream Retailing Seminars: “I was very impressed with the expertise and quality of the presentations in this course. As an entrepreneur, it was extremely important to me to have presentations directed at my level of understanding.” Dan E. Wilson, President, Wilson’s Home Made Ice Cream, Long Branch, New Jersey “The Program exceeded my expectations. I feel I have gained a wealth of information to make a success of my business. Very motivational-useful, information-positive, straightforward approach. Everyone did a fantastic job presenting. Opened my eyes to my mistakes and how to correct them. Also, the problems I thought were my fault, I found that they are common problems.” Joan Alberts, R&J’s Ice Cream, Periomenville, Pennsylvania

Successful Ice Cream Retailing Seminar

January 12-16, 2006

University of Florida Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences Food Science and Human Nutrition Department

Please Help Us Prepare for Your Visit.
A block of rooms has been reserved at a special rate of $69.00 (plus tax) for the participants of the Successful Ice Cream Retailing Seminar. You are responsible for securing your own housing arrangements. Please call and make reservations by December 12, 2005 to obtain the preferred rate. Ask for the “Ice Cream Short Course.”

Place and Time:
The Seminar begins January 13, 2006 @ 8:00am and will conclude January 16, 2006 @ 3:00pm. Sessions are to be held from 8:00am to 5:00pm, with optional evening sessions beginning at 7:30pm. The evening sessions are informal, roundtable discussions to just, „kicking ideas around.‟ Seminar attendees can share ideas and establish networking opportunities.

Successful Ice Cream Seminar
University of Florida Gainesville, Florida January, 12-16, 2006
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For more information on program content, contact:
Bill Meagher 6621 Loch Hill Road Baltimore, Maryland 21239 Phone: 301-387-5982 e-mail: Ray Sheehan 461 Stewart Road Niagara-on-the-Lake Ontario, Canada L0S 1J0 716-583-7570 e-mail:

Paramount Plaza Hotel and Conference Center 2900 SW 13th Street Gainesville, Florida 32608 Telephone: 352-377-4000 Facsimile: 352-371-1159
The registration fee for the Successful Ice Cream Retailing Seminar is $695.00. Discounts: Registrations received by November 30, 2005 will receive a discounted fee of $645.00. In addition, bring you spouse, family member, or employee and deduct an additional $100.00 for the second registration. Both registrants must complete a registration form and sent them in together with payment. Registration: Registration is limited, so register early. Upon receipt of your registration form and payment, a daily class schedule will be sent to you along with payment acknowledgement. Cancellation: Refunds will be made in full for cancellations received by December 15, 2005. All cancellations must be received in writing to The Short Course Office. For any cancellations after this date, a $200.00 fee will be deducted before refunding the registration fee. If the seminar is cancelled or postponed, the University of Florida will refund the registration fees but cannot be held responsible for other costs, charges, or expenses, including cancellation/change charges assessed by airlines or travel agencies.

For registration information, contact:
Successful Ice Cream Retailing Center Rebecca Matta University of Florida 475 FSHN Building, Room 325 PO Box 110370 Gainesville, Florida 32611-0370 Telephone: 352-392-1991 Ext. 207 Facsimile: 352-392-9467 e-mail:

Detach and return completed registration form and payment to:
Successful Ice Cream Retailing Seminar University of Florida 475 FSHN Building, Room 325 PO Box 110370 Gainesville, Florida 32611-0370 Telephone: 352-392-1991 Ext. 207 Facsimile: 352-392-9467

Make checks payable to: UF FoundationSHARE

$645.00 ___Early Reg. (spouse/other) $545.00 ___Reg. after 11/30/05 $695.00 ___Reg. after 11/30/05(spouse/other) $595.00

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