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									  Leading Pond Supply Company Pond Emporium Announces Launch of
                        Pond Auction Website
Pond Emporium allows customers to name their own price for pond supplies at

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA – Leading online pond supply retailer, Pond Emporium,
announces launch of new Pond Auction website. “Many customers enjoy the ability of
being able to name their own price when it comes to choosing the products they need for
their Koi pond or water garden,” says Richard O’Brien, Retail Sales Manager for Pond
Emporium. “Pond Auction will allow customer to find the quality, name brand products
they want at prices that can fit within their budget.”

The popularity of backyard fish ponds and water gardening has experienced a growth in
popularity over the past decade. “Many customers are choosing to travel less due to the
sluggish economy,” says O’Brien. “This means they are spending more time at home and
enjoy the relaxation that comes with having a beautiful Koi pond or water feature to enjoy
in the privacy of their own backyard.”

“Many new homeowners decide to build a water feature in their backyard before they fully
understand the required filtration needed to provide a healthy ecosystem for Koi and other
pond fish,” states O’Brien. Pond Emporium employs a team of experienced pond builders
who make themselves available to help customers design the pond they have always
dreamed of while avoiding many of the most common pond building mistakes. “The
biggest complaint we receive from customers who have already completed their ponds is
they wish they had taken the time to make the pond bigger,” says O’Brien. “A proper Koi
pond should be at least four feet deep and provide a minimum of 500 gallons of swim area
per Koi fish.”

Koi fish, specially bred ornamental carp commonly kept in outdoor fish ponds, can reach
sizes up to 3 feet in length given proper water conditions. “A full grown Koi can create
more waste than 100 smaller goldfish,” O’Brien says. “This means that proper Koi pond
filtration is critically important in order to help ensure the optimal health of these beautiful
living jewels.” Pond Emporium offers the complete line of Advantage Filters, a popular line
of bead filters specifically designed for use in Koi ponds. “We consider the Advantage Bead
Filter to be the best Koi pond filter system on the market today and highly recommend
these systems to our customers.”
The user experienced at Pond Auction should be familiar to customers who have used
similar websites to purchase airline tickets or other products allowing them to place an
offer and await an immediate response. Visitors to the PondAuction.com website can enter
a bid amount for a pond product they need. Within a matter of seconds, their bid is
reviewed, and if accepted they are able to purchase the product for the price entered. “We
are very excited about the opportunity Pond Auction will provide to pond and water garden
hobbyists nationwide to purchase quality Koi pond supplies at prices they can actually
afford,” states O’Brien. “And this new venture has already ignited a great response from
our existing customers.”

Pond Emporium reports that the introduction of Pond Auction has also created a response
from their competitors. “One small and obviously struggling competitor on the east coast
actually sent a blanket email out to several manufacturers to complain about Pond
Auction,” says O’Brien. “When competitors waste time complaining about our actions
instead of focusing on trying to provide a higher level of service to their customers, that’s
when you know you are doing something right.”

Pond Emporium, a division of EBD Shops, consistently ranks among the leading nationwide
retailers for a wide variety of product lines catering to the pond and water garden niche
markets. “Our dedication to providing unmatched service to our customers is a major
reason behind our continued success,” says O’Brien. “And we view Pond Auction as yet
another way we are able to provide unmatched value to our growing customer base not
only in the USA, but abroad as well.”

Pond Auction offers customers an opportunity to save on several well-known product lines.
Some product lines currently offered at Pond Auction include Laguna, Anjon, and Elite
Pumps. One of the leading manufacturers in the pond and water garden industry, some
popular Laguna pond products offered at Pond Auction include Max-Flo Pumps, Pressure-
Flo Filters, and Power Heat De-Icers. Anjon Big Frog Pumps, a popular line of submersible
pumps designed for use in fish is also available. Elite Pumps, a revolutionary line of external
pond pumps, is also available for purchase now at Pond Auction. Pond Emporium
encourages customers interesting in naming their own price for quality pond supplies to
visit the all new PondAuction.com website.
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Learn more about Pond Emporium by visiting their website at www.pondemporium.com or
calling (213) 255-5749. Name your own prices for pond supplies at Pond Auction today at

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