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									           Society for College and University Planning

Hard Choices . . . Smart Planning
            Conference Program

                    July 17–21, 2004
                Sheraton Centre Toronto
                Toronto, Ontario, Canada

    39th Annual International Conference and Expo
    Higher Education’s Premier Planning Conference
SCUP–39 Conference Program Sponsored by RFD
   Welcome to Toronto and SCUP–39
                        A Message from the Mayor
David Miller            It is with pleasure that I extend greetings to everyone attending the Society for College
Mayor of Toronto        and University Planning’s 39th annual international conference and Expo. I am
                        delighted that Toronto is hosting this event and welcome you to our city.
                        With its outstanding higher education institutions, Toronto is the ideal location for this
                        conference. With educational sessions and workshops, as well as an Expo, it provides an
                        excellent opportunity to share knowledge and ideas, discuss issues of mutual concern or
                        interest, reconnect with friends and colleagues, or create new friendships.
                        Toronto is a place where anyone can feel safe and comfortable, no matter how far from
                        home. Whether you are a frequent or first-time visitor, I invite you to take time to
                        explore the colourful and exciting neighborhoods that reflect our multicultural
                        diversity, enjoy international cuisine and shopping, our vibrant theatre district, and
                        discover some of the attractions our unique city has to offer.
                        On behalf of the Toronto City Council, I congratulate and thank Ron Venter, chair of
                        the SCUP local hosts committee and vice president of space and facility planning at the
                        University of Toronto, and all those involved in organizing this conference. It is their
Thomas B. Flaherty      hard work and dedication that have made it possible. To everyone, my best wishes for
Central Connecticut     an informative and enjoyable conference, and an unforgettable stay in Toronto.
State University        Yours truly,
2003–2004 SCUP          Mayor David Miller

                        Welcome to Toronto!
Thomas Swafford
Indiana University at   We’re delighted to host our conference in this beautiful, diverse, and cosmopolitan city,
Bloomington             and we hope you will take away many new ideas from our workshops, concurrent
                        sessions, and outstanding plenary speakers.
SCUP–39 Conference
Committee Chair         Our sessions offer new perspectives and innovative approaches on a variety of planning
                        topics, and we thank our many concurrent session and workshop presenters for their
                        time and commitment to share their expertise and experiences with us as we face our
                        own planning challenges. We are also grateful to the many people who have worked
                        hard organizing and planning this conference for a strong program and extraordinary
                        lineup of unique campus tours and special events. Our thanks goes to the SCUP–39
                        Conference Committee, members of SCUP’s academies and session reviewers, the
Ron Venter              Professional Development Committee, SCUP Board of Directors, session conveners,
University of Toronto   and SCUP staff. Special thanks go to an outstanding Local Hosts Committee, and the
                        many colleges and universities around Toronto that have generously opened their cam-
SCUP–39 Local Hosts
                        puses for our visits. Our Toronto conference will be memorable due to their planning
                        support, campus tours, and warm hospitality.
                        Please take time to visit and thank our exhibitors during the conference—especially
                        during the continental breakfasts, refreshment breaks, the new Sunday Expo reception,
                        and the Monday wine and cheese reception. Our sponsors also support the conference
                        through their generous donations of money, products or services, and we are most
Jolene L. Knapp, CAE
                        For many, the best part of the conference is the opportunity to visit with friends and
SCUP Executive          colleagues. During your "networking" time, please help us extend an especially warm
Director                welcome to our international guests and conference newcomers.
                        If any of our conference committee members, local hosts, or staff can assist you in any
                        way, please let them know. We hope to greet you personally during the conference, and
                        we are eagerly looking forward to sharing this special time with you.

   SCUP–39 • July 17–21, 2004 • Sheraton Centre Toronto • Toronto, Ontario Canada                                1
                                           Table of Contents
Welcome to SCUP–39
         Greetings . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .3

General Conference Information
         Helpful Information . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .5
         Session Types . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .7
         Key Term Descriptions for SCUP–39 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .7

Conference Sponsor Acknowledgements
         Sponsors . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .8
         In-Kind Donations . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .8
         Workshop Sponsors . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .8

Conference Program
         Friday, July 16 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .9
         Saturday, July 17 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .9
         Sunday, July 18 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .11
         Monday, July 19 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .14
         Tuesday, July 20 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .21
         Wednesday, July 21 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .30

SCUP Calendar of Events
           . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .32

Announcement of Award Winners
         2004 SCUP/AIA-CAE Excellence in Planning Award Recipients . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .33
         SCUP Award Winners . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .33
         Past SCUP Award Recipients . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .34
         2004 Awards Committee . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .34
         Founder’s Award Subcommittee . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .34
         SCUP/AIA-CAE Excellence in Planning Awards Subcommittee . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .34

         SCUP Expo Booth Locator Map . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .35
         Expo Information . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .36
         Booth Locator . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .36
         SCUP-39 Exhibitors . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .38

SCUP Leadership
         SCUP–39 Local Hosts Committee . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .48
         SCUP–39 Conference Committee . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .48
         SCUP Board of Directors . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .49
         Preconference Workshop Reviewers . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .49
         Academic Planning Academy . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .50
         Facilities Planning Academy . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .50
         IDMRP Academy . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .51

Sheraton Centre Toronto Hotel
         Map . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .52

2             SCUP–39 • July 17–21, 2004 • Sheraton Centre Toronto • Toronto, Ontario Canada
                         General Conference Information
Registration at the Sheraton Centre Toronto                           Internet Café and Media Room
The SCUP–39 registration desk will be open at the following                               .
                                                                      Located in the V.I.P Room, the Internet Café and Media Room is
times:                                                                available for conferees to retrieve and send email messages.
  Friday, July 16         3:00 PM–6:00 PM                             Wireless Internet connection is also available for use with your
                                                                      own computer. Members of the press, magazines, and other media
  Saturday, July 17       7:00 AM–6:00 PM                             are also welcome to use this room for interviews and story
  Sunday, July 18         7:00 AM–6:00 PM                             preparation. The room is available during the following hours:
  Monday, July 19         7:00 AM–6:00 PM                               Saturday, July 17         NOON–8:00 PM
  Tuesday, July 20        7:00 AM–6:00 PM                               Sunday, July 18           7:30 AM–8:00 PM
  Wednesday, July 21      7:00 AM–11:00 AM                              Monday, July 19           7:30 AM–8:00 PM
                                                                        Tuesday, July 20          7:30 AM–8:00 PM
Badge Identification
Each person who registers for SCUP–39 receives a name badge             Wednesday, July 21        7:30 AM–NOON
that corresponds to his or her SCUP registration and the type of      Sponsored by the Eastridge Companies
registration they selected. Please wear your name badge at all
times to gain admission to educational sessions, SCUP Expo, and       SCUP Expo
meals and events included in your package.                            The SCUP Expo offers you an opportunity to learn about
                                                                      products and services that you use every day on your campus.
Event Tickets                                                         More than 90 exhibitors have set up booths for you to visit
Tickets are required for all optional tours and events. Please wear   during various times on Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday. Visit the
your name badge at these events. For convenience, place your          Expo during the opening on Sunday, continental breakfasts and
event tickets behind your name badge so they are handy when           breaks, and the Wine and Cheese Reception on Monday
you need them. Additional event tickets can be purchased at the       afternoon. Your last chance to visit the Expo is Tuesday morning
registration desk, subject to availability. You can also use the      between 7:30 AM and NOON.
message center board (located on the Mezzanine level) to trade
or exchange tickets.                                                  Expo Schedule
Food and Beverage Service                                             Sunday, July 18
SCUP has arranged for a vegetarian option during meals for those        8:00 AM–4:00 PM        Exhibitor Set Up
who have indicated special dietary needs on their registration          4:00 PM–5:30 PM        Expo Reception
form. Please check your registration packet to make sure you
received a vegetarian meal ticket for Wednesday’s closing plenary     Monday, July 19
lunch.                                                                  7:30 AM–8:30 AM        Continental Breakfast
                                                                        10:45 AM–11:15 AM      Refreshment Break
Speaker Ready Rooms
The speaker ready rooms are located in Conference Rooms D               12:15 PM–1:30 PM       Pick Up Box Lunch
and E, and are available for conference presenters to aid in their      4:00 PM–5:30 PM        Wine and Cheese Reception
audiovisual preparation beginning Friday, 4:00 PM–7:00 PM, and
Saturday through Tuesday, 7:00 AM–8:00 PM. Presenters may             Tuesday, July 20
reserve a room in one-hour blocks by signing up on the schedule         7:30 AM–9:00 AM        Continental Breakfast
posted by each door. There is a one-hour limit at a time for use of     8:00 AM–NOON           Expo Remains Open
a room. Contact the SCUP registration staff if you need
assistance.                                                             NOON                   Expo Closes and Breaks Down

Session Recordings                                                    Navigating the Hotel
Audiocassette tapes and CDs of most conference sessions will be       Please refer to your program, the Conference Matrix, and hotel
available for purchase at the JOBS Convention Recording table         map on the back of this program for receptions, committee
on the Mezzanine level by Conference Rooms D, E, F, and G,            meetings, and other activities.
starting Monday, July 19. Sessions being recorded are designated
with this symbol           . After the conference, additional         Hotel Smoking Policy
recordings can be purchased directly from the vendor. Order           The Sheraton Centre Toronto is a smoke-free hotel. Smoking is
forms will be available at the recordings sales desk.                 permitted outside the building only.

                                                                      General Conference Information                                     3
Message Board/Job Postings                                            Campus Tours/Optional Activities
The message board, located on the Mezzanine Level, is the place       If you preregistered for tours or other events, your tickets
for you to leave or retrieve messages for or from other attendees     are included in your registration packet. Consult the SCUP
at the conference. Outside messages received at SCUP’s                registration staff about the availability of all optional events for
registration desk will also be taken to the message board.            purchase. The departure location for all tours will be in the Main
Sponsored by Rickes Associates                                        Lobby.

Hospitality/Local Hosts                                               International Visitors
The SCUP–39 Local Hosts Committee will staff a hospitality            We warmly welcome our international guests and invite you to an
desk near the SCUP registration area. Stop by to find out about       informal reception in your honor. The International Guests’
favorite restaurants as well as additional things to see and do.      Reception will be held on Sunday, July 18, from 4:00 PM–5:00 PM
                                                                      in the City Hall Room.
Sponsored by Koetter Kim & Associates
    Sunday, July 18            NOON–4:00 PM                           Is This Your First SCUP Conference?
    Monday, July 19            NOON–4:00 PM                           Conference newcomers are invited to attend the Newcomers’
                                                                      Reception on Sunday from 4:00 PM–5:00 PM in the Dominion
                               (during breaks)                        Ballroom. Join us and meet fellow colleagues and members of
    Wednesday, July 21         NOON–2:00 PM                           SCUP’s leadership.
Also be sure to stop by the SCUP–40 conference table to learn
more about our upcoming conference in Washington, DC in 2005.         Lost and Found
                                                                      Items found in meeting rooms or on buses will be taken to the
Wine Raffle—Back by Popular Demand!                                   SCUP–39 registration desk.
Be sure to attend the Wine and Cheese Reception in the
Sheraton Expo Hall on Monday, July 19, from 4:00 PM–5:30 PM           Hotel Business Center
and you could win a bottle of wine!                                   The hotel business center is open Monday through Friday from
                                                                      8:00 AM–8:00 PM, Saturday 10:00 AM–2:00 PM.
Participating exhibitors are bringing a bottle of wine from their
region of the country and will have it on display in their booth.     AIA Continuing Education Credits
Write your name on the corks (that’s your raffle ticket!) available   SCUP is a registered provider of continuing education units
in the Expo Hall or from SCUP staffers and drop into the entry        from The American Institute of Architects (AIA). If you are
box in the Expo Hall. Winning names will be posted on Monday          eligible to earn continuing education units from AIA, please
during the reception and you will go to the booths to collect your    request an AIA report form at the SCUP–39 registration desk.
wine!                                                                 You are responsible for identifying the sessions you have attended,
                                                                      and returning the form to the registration desk by Wednesday at
Bookstore                                                             9:00 AM. SCUP will submit completed session forms to AIA for
Provided by BreakPoint Books & More                                   you. Sessions that are Health, Safety, and Welfare (HSW) will be
Come browse the bookstore on the Mezzanine Level of the hotel.        indicated on the form.
Discover books authored by speakers at our conference along
with others published by SCUP Books will include topics such as
                                 .                                    Canadian Architects Continuing Education
academic planning, facility planning, space planning, architecture,   Sessions during the conference may meet continuing education
sustainability, financial and strategic planning and more!            guidelines for Canadian architects as "self-directed activities."
Bookstore Hours:                                                      The standard used to report continuing education activities, both
                                                                      the terminology and amount required per year or cycle, vary from
    Sunday, July 18, NOON–6:00 PM                                     province to province, so please refer to the rules for the province
    Monday, July 19, 8:00 AM–6:00 PM                                  where you work professionally.
    Tuesday, July 20, 8:00 AM–6:00 PM
                                                                      SCUP Business Meeting
    Wednesday, July 21, 8:00 AM–2:00 PM                               All SCUP members are welcome to attend the annual
Cash is accepted along with checks drawn on U.S. banks and            SCUP Business Meeting on Sunday, July 18, from 3:00 PM–
most major credit cards.                                              4:00 PM in the Essex Room.
Set-up provided by Herman Miller
Lounge and Session Break-Out Area                                     NBBJ once again is sponsoring the Latte Stand in Booth 34 of
Relax or meet up with colleagues in the lounge area located on        the Expo Hall.
the Mezzanine level next to the bookstore and the message
board. Try out Herman Miller’s furnishings and interior seating       Bottled Water
while selecting your next session!                                    Gilbane Building Company is providing complimentary bottled
                                                                      water in the Expo Hall.
Sponsored by Herman Miller

4                        SCUP–39 • July 17–21, 2004 • Sheraton Centre Toronto • Toronto, Ontario Canada
                                        Key Term Descriptions
Following concurrent session abstracts, you will find a set of key       • Learning: focus on issues related to student learning on
terms that describe the content of the session. Each abstract has          campuses, including pedagogy
been assigned at least one of three primary terms, along with            • Master planning: focus on issues of planning more than one
other descriptive words or phrases. These terms were selected as           building, incorporating community needs in campus planning
broadly as possible, such that it is the combination of terms that
carries the most useful meaning, not any single term. For                • Organizational processes: focus on issues related to how
example, key terms "academic, learning, design, technology"                institutions conduct their business operations, including
would indicate a session that looks at the incorporation of                decision-making
technology in classroom designs to enhance learning.                     • Parking: focus on issues related to parking on campuses
                                                                         • Performance indicators: focus on the development and use of
Primary Terms                                                              specific measures of performance
• Academic Planning: the session focuses on issues and processes         • Preservation: focus on the issues and processes associated with
  related to planning within the academic mission of an institution.       preserving facilities and/or communities in relationship to a
• Resources Planning: the session focuses on issues and processes          campus
  included in planning the use of resources (financial, technological,   • Relationship building: focus on the process of building
  non-academic personnel, etc.) in institutions                            relationships to advance a planning process on campus or
• Facilities Planning: the session focuses on issues and processes         between a campus and a community
  related to planning for the built environment of the institution       • Research: focus on issues related to conducting or promoting
                                                                           research on a campus
Descriptive Terms (alphabetical order)                                   • Security: focus on issues related to ensuring security of persons
• Accountability: focus on issues related to documenting                   or facilities, particularly research, on a campus
  processes or results for external audiences                            • Space management: focus on issues and processes related to
• Change management: focus on issues related to transformation             the management of space on a campus, including charging for
  or change                                                                space, assigning space, and tracking space
• Continuous improvement: focus on processes of quality or               • Strategic planning: focus on the specific processes involved in
  continuous improvement                                                   strategic planning, including innovations in strategic planning
• Design: focus on design of a learning space or other specific          • Students: focus on the needs of students on campus
  building use                                                           • Sustainability: focus on means of encouraging sustainable
• Finance: focus on the financing of a plan or change in an                practices on campuses
  institution                                                            • Technology: focus on issues related to use of technology
• International: focus on processes or planning from an                    on campus
  international experience/perspective
• Landscape: focus on issues related to the use and effects of
  landscape on campuses

                                                                            Getting the Most Out of Your
               Session Types                                                     SCUP–39 Experience
Regional Best—denotes highly rated programs that were                    Here are a few tips from past conference attendees on how to get
presented at SCUP regional conferences this past year, and were          the most out of your SCUP–39 experience.
submitted by the respective regional conference committee.               • Attend the President’s Reception on Sunday, eat from each
Vendor Presentations—are programs that showcase special                    buffet line and talk to the person behind you in line, sit at a
products and services directly from the vendors, who are charged           table with someone you don’t know—make new connections.
a fee for the opportunity to make their presentation.                    • Include at least one session in your agenda that is outside your
Invited Sessions—indicates sessions and presenters that have               area of interest or expertise—stretch your mind.
been invited to present based on recomendations by the                   • Keep a list of the one (or more!) great idea you get each day.
SCUP–39 conference committee, SCUP staff, or other leaders in            • Take a walk outside at least once a day.
higher education.                                                        • Keep your list of registrants handy and put a mark by everyone
                                                                           you meet.
                                                                         • Visit the Expo and compliment the vendor whose exhibit you
                                                                           liked best.
                                                                         • Use the session matrix to help plan your day.

                                                                         General Conference Information                                      5
                 Conference Sponsor Acknowledgements
Sponsors                               Hardin Construction Company LLP          Schuler Shook
Alphabetically                         Southern Regional Lunch                  Friend of SCUP
Amenta/Emma Architects                 Heery International                      Symmes Maini & McKee
Friend of SCUP                         Southern Regional Lunch                  Associates
Andropogon Associates, Ltd.            Helpern Architects                       North Atlantic Regional Lunch
Survival Envelope                      SCUP–39 Kickoff                          Turner Construction Company
architectsAlliance                     Herman Miller                            President’s Reception
York University Tour                   Lounge and Session Breakout Area         UJMN
Cannon Design                          Hord Coplan Macht, Inc.                  Mid-Atlantic Regional Lunch
Conference Notepads                    Mid-Atlantic Regional Lunch              URS
CBT/Childs Bertman Tseckares           Hunt Construction Group                  Name Badge Holders
North Atlantic Regional Lunch          Wine and Cheese Station                  Watkins Hamilton Ross
Cement Association of Canada           ikon.5 architects                        Architects
Tuesday Continental Breakfast          Friend of SCUP                           List of Attendees and Addendum
CollegeNET                             Koetter Kim & Associates                 The Whiting-Turner
Wine and Cheese Station                SCUP–39 Local Host Table                 Contracting Co.
                                                                                Conference Pens
Comprehensive Facilities Planning      Konover Construction
SCUP–39 Kickoff                        Corporation                              Woolpert LLP
                                       North Atlantic Regional Lunch            Wine and Cheese Station
Design Collective, Inc.
Wine and Cheese Station                Linbeck
                                                                                In-Kind Donations
Diamond and Schmitt                    SCUP–39 Kickoff                          Alphabetically
Architects, Inc.                       MBT Architecture                         Chronicle for Higher Education
Laboratories and Research Facilities   Friend of SCUP                           Gilbane Building Company
at the University of Toronto Tour                                               NBBJ
                                       MGT of America, Inc.
Dunlop Architects, Inc.                                                         SmithGroup
                                       Conference Tote Bags
University of Toronto -                                                         tonnhaus design
Scarborough Campus Tour                Ratcliff                                 York University
                                       Pacific Regional Lunch
Earl Swensson Associates, Inc.                                                  Workshop Sponsors
Southern Regional Lunch                Resource Staffing Consultants
                                       Art & Architecture Tour on Sunday        The Bill Warner Group
The Eastridge Companies                                                         Comprehensive Facilities Planning
Internet Café                          RFD Research Facilities Design           Eric Weckel
                                       Final Program                            Ken Greenberg, Greenberg
Einhorn Yaffee Prescott,
                                       Rowan Wiliams Davies & Irwin, Inc.         Consultants, Inc.
Architecture + Engineering
                                       University of Guelph/Humber              Nalls Architecture
North Atlantic and Mid Atlantic
                                       Institute of Technology Campus Tour      Paulien & Associates, Inc.
Regional Lunches
                                                                                Shepley Bulfinch Richardson
EllisDon Corporation                   Rickes Associates
                                                                                  and Abbott
York University Tour                   Message Board
                                                                                Tom Flaherty
Flad and Associates                    Rothman Partners Architects, Inc.        University of Dayton
North Central Regional Lunch           Conference Matrix                        University of Minnesota
                                       Saratoga Associates                      University of Toronto
Fluor Corporation                                                               Vanderweil Engineers
University of Toronto Gala Reception   Preliminary Program
Gensler                                Sasaki Associates
Friend of SCUP                         International Reception

6                  SCUP–39 • July 17–21, 2004 • Sheraton Centre Toronto • Toronto, Ontario Canada
                                           Conference Program
Friday, July 16                                                         Step I of the SCUP Planning Institute. For more information on
                                                                        the institute, please visit www.scup.org/learning/pi/.
                                                                        (Formerly called Planning and Planning Processes for Persons
8:00 AM–5:00 PM  City Hall Room
                                                                        New to the Profession.)
Board of Directors’ Meeting
                                                                        Continental breakfast and lunch included.
3:00 PM–6:00 PM Convention Registration Area
Conference Registration                                                 8:30   AM–4:00 PM       8:00 AM departure from Main Lobby
                                                                        Workshop C              Preregistration Required
4:00 PM–7:00 PM Conference D and E                                      Campus Planning and Design—
Speaker Ready Rooms                                                     A Workshop in the Basics
                                                                        Presenters: William H. Colehower, Shepley Bulfinch Richardson and
                                                                        Abbott; Ken Greenberg, Greenberg Consultants, Inc; John Pearce,
Saturday, July 17                                                       Duke University; Elizabeth Sisam and Ron D. Venter, University of
7:00 AM–6:00 PM Convention Registration Area                            Convener: Talitha Fabricius, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Conference Registration                                                 The physical composition of a campus must be responsive to its
                                                                        environs. While the design of rural and suburban campuses may
                                                                        be based more on a grand, singular landscape gesture, the urban
7:00 AM–8:00 PM Conference D and E                                      campus must respond to a complex set of variables that are often
Speaker Ready Rooms                                                     much harder to predict or control. The St. George campus of the
                                                                        University of Toronto presents many of the challenges and
7:45   AM–6:00 PM       Meet at Main Lobby                              rewards of this urban condition.
Optional Tour           Preregistration Required                        This workshop will offer participants insight into the roles that
Niagara Falls Region                                                    planners, programmers, campus administrators, and designers play
Niagara Falls is undeniably one of the most incredible wonders of       in creating the modern urban campus to help their respective
the world. There are three different falls that collectively make       institutions articulate a vision. It will also provide tools and
up what is commonly called Niagara Falls. They are, listed from         techniques for defining and realizing that vision, and understanding
the largest (width) to the smallest, the Horseshoe (Canadian)           how issues on the University of Toronto campus may relate to
Falls, American Falls, and the Bridal Veil (Luna) Falls. Horseshoe      their own “town and gown” issues.
Falls is the tallest at 170 feet with 1.5 million gallons per second    This workshop will take place at the University of Toronto. As a
in the natural flow. This tour includes an up-close look at the falls   group, participants will take the subway (ticket provided) from
with a Maid of the Mist boat excursion, lunch overlooking the           the Sheraton to the university at 8:00 am. Casual attire and
falls at Table Rock restaurant, a visit to the city Niagara on the      comfortable shoes suggested. Continental breakfast and lunch
Lake and a visit to Jackson Trigg winery for a tour and tasting.        included.

8:30   AM–4:30 PM       Civic Ballroom                                  8:30   AM–4:00 PM       8:00 AM departure from Main Lobby
Workshop A              Preregistration Required                        Workshop D              Preregistration Required
Foundations of Planning Within the Context of                           Smart Choices for 1960’s Buildings:
Higher Education (SCUP Planning Institute Step I)                       Overcoming Challenges in Function and Context
Presenters: Judith A. Anderson, California State University -           Presenters: Graham Gund and Youngmin Jahan, Graham Gund
Fullerton; Raymond M. Haas, University of Virginia                      Architects; William C. Haverly, University System of New
Convener: Fran Gast, Rhode Island School of Design                      Hampshire; Katharine Mace Learned, Learned 1 LLC; Mysore
This workshop is designed to assist persons new to the planning         Ravindra, LeMessurier Associates; James A. Sippel, Syska &
profession or at institutions giving initial or renewed attention to    Hennessy New England; Ron D. Venter, University of Toronto;
the planning function. As a result of attending this seminar,           Douglas W. Zipp, Kenyon College
participants should achieve an understanding of the fundamentals        Convener: Mike Owu, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
of planning—including political considerations—within the               Every campus has at least one: an outdated and sometimes failing
college, university, and community college setting, and an              example of the post-war era of architectural modernism. How can
awareness of how the planning function may be organized and             we assess these buildings and make an informed decision as to
executed in each of those types of academic institutions.               how to reuse them for the twenty-first century student? This
Although the workshop is targeted primarily at individuals new          workshop will assist planners, architects and facilities leaders in
to the planning field, the content is kept current and thus             determining how to adapt, restore, expand and maintain this
experienced planners are also welcome to participate and can            critical building stock. We will cover a wide variety of building
benefit from this session.                                              typologies, including libraries, laboratories, museums, residence
This is the 27th consecutive year in which the society has offered      halls, and classroom buildings and review tested methodologies
a workshop of this type. This workshop stands alone, but is also        for determining the useful life of building systems.

                                                                        Conference Program • Friday–Saturday                               7
This dynamic and hands-on workshop will allow participants to           NOON–8:00 PM                 .
                                                                                                V.I.P Room
learn about and then investigate first-hand 1960’s buildings using      Internet Café
examples at the University of Toronto where the workshop will           Sponsored by The Eastridge Companies
take place. As a group, participants will take the subway (ticket
provided) from the Sheraton to the university at 8:00 am. Casual
                                                                        1:00   PM–4:30 PM       Huron
attire and comfortable shoes suggested. Continental breakfast and
lunch included.                                                         Workshop E              Preregistration Required
                                                                        Integration: Tools and Techniques to Effective
                                                                        Campus Planning
8:45   AM–1:00 PM        Meet at Main Lobby                                                .
                                                                        Presenters: Kevin P Duffy, Boston College; Thomas B. Flaherty,
Optional Tour            Preregistration Required                       Central Connecticut State University; Karen E. Hinton and Persis C.
Wind, Water, and Filtration!                                            Rickes, Rickes Associates
Join this informative tour on several new and innovative energy         Convener: Philip Stack, University of Alberta
systems in Toronto. Windshare is a renewable energy project             A major problem in higher education planning today is the failure
consisting of a 94-meter tall wind turbine with the capacity to         to integrate the many isolated planning efforts on a given
supply electricity for about 250 households The project plans to        campus. This workshop will focus on techniques for integrating
consist of two similar wind turbines on the Toronto’s waterfront.       individual campus and facilities planning efforts into the broader
                                                                        institution-wide planning process. Anyone who has attempted a
The second project tour will be of the Enwave Deep Lake Water           master plan without the priorities established in a strategic plan,
Cooling facility. This facility consists of several lake water intake   or a capital budget plan without a prioritized facilities plan,
pipes submerged 300 feet deep to capture naturally cold water.          knows how difficult it is to complete the process as an isolated
The cold water is used in lieu of traditional electric chillers for     activity. This interactive workshop will address the elements
cooling. The system capacity will be sufficient for approximately       required to integrate campus planning, the role of institutional
20 million square feet of office space in the downtown core and         vision throughout the process, steps to be taken to realize the
will displace 30 mega tonnes of electricity for conventional            vision, avoidance of possible pitfalls along the way, the role of
chillers.                                                               facilities planning in strategic planning, and the need to under-
                                                                        stand decision making processes. Various participatory exercises
10:45   AM–4:00 PM       Meet at Main Lobby                             will be employed and attendees will be asked to role-play in a
                                                                        simulated case study.
Optional Tour            Preregistration Required
York University: Urbanizing a Suburban Campus
York University is Canada’s third largest university with over          1:00   PM–4:30 PM       Kenora
45,000 full- and part-time students enrolled in 10 facilities. The      Workshop F              Preregistration Required
main campus is the 550-acre Keele Campus in the northwest part          Planning for Science: Issues and Approaches
of Toronto, which has undergone a major capital expansion               Presenters: Robert E. Nalls, Nalls Architecture, Inc; Gregory L.
program in the last five years. As part of York’s commitment to         Sibley, R.G. Vanderweil Engineers Princeton, Inc.; Eric Weckel,
sustainability, a focus on regional transportation has decreased        University of Pennsylvania
the number of cars coming to campus resulting in some reduction         Convener: Richard Macias, Consultant
on demand for parking. Buildings of interest include the award-         Advances in technology have changed the way that science
winning green Computer Science and Engineering Building, the            teaching and research are conducted, from the largest research
new business school with executive learning centre, a joint             universities to the smallest colleges. This workshop will explore
building project with Seneca College focusing on technology, a          basic concepts and current trends in the planning and design of
new residence with sustainable features and the new Fine Arts           academic science facilities. Topics include: new pedagogical
and classroom building now under construction. York University          methods, benchmarks for space assignment, organizational
replaced all exterior signs to integrate the new brand and create a     planning concepts, contrasts between research and teaching
comprehensive campus way-finding system. Lunch is included              facilities, cost models, and current codes and standards. The
and transportation will be provided by York University propane-         workshop is intended to assist planners in becoming conversant
powered buses.                                                          in the issues of science facilities and enable them to integrate
Sponsored by architectsAlliance and EllisDon Corporation                with a science planning team.

                                                                        5:00 PM–7:00 PM Essex Ballroom
                                                                        SCUP Connection
                                                                        Network among new colleagues and greet old friends while you
                                                                        enjoy light refreshments at this informal reception, which is open
                                                                        to all conference guests.

8                       SCUP–39 • July 17–21, 2004 • Sheraton Centre Toronto • Toronto, Ontario Canada
Sunday, July 18                                                         increasingly complex and internationally competitive
                                                                        The workshop is targeted at those responsible for budget and
7:00 AM–6:00 PM Convention Registration Area
                                                                        planning, whether you are a full-time planner on the administration
Conference Registration
                                                                        side or an academic new to integrated planning strategies. The
                                                                        workshop will identify how to develop and successfully implement
7:00 AM–8:00 PM Conference D and E                                      a fully integrated planning framework within post-secondary
Speaker Ready Rooms                                                     institutions—large or small. Participants will gain exposure to a
                                                                        range of planning models and will leave with essential knowledge
7:30 AM–8:30 AM Conference G                                            for the development and implementation of an integrated
Academy Reviewer Breakfast                                              planning framework within their institution. Continental
                                                                        breakfast included.

7:30 AM–8:00 PM               .
                         V.I.P Room
Internet Café                                                           8:00   AM–1:00 PM        Civic Ballroom
Sponsored by The Eastridge Companies                                    Workshop I               Preregistration Required
                                                                        Planning for a Learning-Centered Campus
7:45   AM–NOON           Meet at Main Lobby                             Presenters: Deborah J. Bickford, University of Dayton; William Dittoe,
Optional Tour            Preregistration Required                       Educational Facilities Consultants, LLC; Lisa H. Macklin,
                                                                        Comprehensive Facilities Planning; Andrew Milne, Stanford
University of Toronto - Scarborough Campus
The University of Toronto at Scarborough, one of three campuses
                                                                        Convener: Krisan Osterby, Hammel, Green & Abrahamson Inc
of the University of Toronto, is located approximately 22 miles
                                                                        A transformation in pedagogy and culture is occurring on most
from the downtown campus on the Highland Creek Ravine. In
                                                                        campuses producing significant changes in teaching and learning,
1963, world-renowned architect, John Andrews, was retained to
                                                                        campus culture and student expectations. The built environment
do the master plan and the first phase of construction for
                                                                        must also be changed to support this transformation. Is there a
UTSC—the Humanities and Science Wings. The campus
                                                                        way to understand these complex issues and how campuses
architecture gained notoriety in the 1960s as an important
                                                                        should respond? Supporting these changes demands a broader
example of New Brutalism. Now the campus is experiencing rapid
                                                                        range of reference than traditional planning affords. This work-
growth to accommodate Ontario’s double cohort. By 2010 there
                                                                        shop will bring insights into four fundamental issues:
will be 11,000 students on the campus—a ten-year growth of 70
percent. This tour includes the Scarborough campus, which is in         • Changes in Pedagogy and Campus Culture—emerging agendas
the midst of a major construction program, resulting in 305,000           of stakeholders; administrators, faculty, and facilities managers.
additional gross square feet found in new library facilities,           • Space Planning and Guidelines—the need for accurate data
classrooms, student centre, and residences. In anticipation of this       formulas and planning methods that reflect learning-centered
period of growth, the university prepared a master plan that              space.
created a framework for growth, based on sound planning
                                                                        • Built Environment—redesign not only of classrooms but the
principles. Attendees will be briefed on the master plan, tour the
                                                                          entire campus fabric.
campus in particular the original John Andrews building, the new
Academic Resource Centre, and Foley Hall, a new suite style             • Technology—technology as tool for active engagement made
residence. Breakfast is included.                                         possible by the rapid evolution and adoption of information
Sponsored by Dunlop Architects, Inc.
                                                                        You’ll learn to apply these planning principles to an actual
                                                                        institutional problem.
8:00   AM–1:00 PM        Kenora
Workshop H               Preregistration Required
Achieving Integrated Planning and Budgeting in                          8:00   AM–1:00 PM        Kent
Colleges and Universities                                               Workshop J               Preregistration Required
Presenter: Philip G. Stack, University of Alberta                       Develop a Campus Master Plan RFQ/RFP that
Convener: Bruce Flye, East Carolina University                          Ensures Concise, Responsive and Cost-
In today’s post-secondary education environment, whether a              Competitive Submissions That Meet Your
small college or a large research-intensive university, we are faced    Institution’s Needs & Resources
with the challenges of fewer resources, increased demand and            Presenters: Robert Bennett, William Paterson University of New
expectations, and greater accountability. One approach in               Jersey; Scott B. Page, Scott Blackwell Page Architect; Michael Scott
addressing these issues is through the development and imple-           Rudden and Robert J. Southerland, The Saratoga Associates
mentation of a comprehensive integrated planning framework.             Convener: Arthur J. Lidsky, Dober, Lidsky, Craig and Associates
Difficult choices can be made much more easily through smart            Your chances of a successful campus master planning process are
planning. Integrated planning enables organizations to navigate         greatly enhanced by tailoring your ‘Request for Proposal’
and effectively link the institution’s strategic and operational        (RFQ/RFP) to the institution’s unique environment, values and
priorities with the allocation of limited resources (operating,         decision-making culture. This session provides the requested
research, capital, fund development). It is only through the            in-depth step-by-step process to prepare a state-of-the-art ‘3rd
effective integration of its priorities with its resource allocations                                             .
                                                                        generation’ campus planning RFQ/RFP Learn from the campus
that the institution will achieve its vision and survive in an          planning experience of over 30 universities, 4-year colleges and

                                                                        Conference Program • Saturday–Sunday                                   9
community colleges used to benchmark successful campus master           laboratories, a 164-seat learning commons, a 200-seat Internet
planning solicitations.                                                 café, eight break-out rooms, computer classrooms, and a 90-seat
At this workshop, a series of mini-lectures introduce the               math and writing centre. The building’s internal atrium serves as
language, expertise and tools, scope of services, deliverables          an event space and houses a “living wall”—a wall of plants that
options and costs for each planning phase. Each mini-lecture is         acts as a biofilter, improving the air quality and assisting with
followed by small-group interactive sessions where individuals          ventilation by warming the air in winter and cooling the air in
align their campus planning efforts to their institution’s needs,       summer. The tour will focus on the Guelph-Humber building and
values, financial resources and time-frame constraints.                 a brief overview of the rest of the campus.
Participants return to their campus with the knowledge and              The University of Guelph is a large campus blending rural,
tools to both facilitate development of a concise campus planning       picturesque, and urban characteristics, with 19th century rural
RFQ/RFP and solicit competitive submissions. Continental break-         buildings and picturesque landscapes intermingled with 1960’s
fast included.                                                          modern concrete structures. In 2003, the Canadian Society for
                                                                        Landscape Architects presented the Regional Honour Award to
                                                                        the University of Guelph and du Toit Allsopp Hillier for the
8:00   AM–1:00 PM       Dufferin                                        campus’s master plan. Recently completed buildings include
Workshop K              Preregistration Required                        townhouse residences, Rozanski Hall, a state-of-the-art lecture
Benchmarking Success:                                                   facility, and an award-winning addition to the engineering
Academic and Facilities Factors                                         building. The first phase of a new Science Complex that will
Presenter: Brian P Nedwek, Maryville University
                  .                                                     centralize physical, biological, and computational sciences on
Convener: Karen Bauer, University of Georgia                            campus is currently under construction. The tour will focus on
The higher education planning landscape is strewn with tools            the campus’s organizing structure and how new buildings relate
and techniques to improve resource allocation processes and             to plans for future campus growth and development. Lunch is
accountability. Critical success factors is an emerging methodology     included.
with promise. This workshop develops measurement tools for              Sponsored by Rowan Wiliams Davies & Irwin, Inc.
(1) the conditions for learning, including physical and technological
environments, (2) activities that facilitate learning, and
(3) results achieved. Participants will learn measurement               8:30 AM–11:30 AM Spring Song
techniques applied to academic and facilities planning in colleges      Membership Committee Meeting
and university settings.
Your workbook will include specific examples of critical success        8:30   AM–NOON         Dominion South
measurement alternative and benchmark setting practices. The            Workshop G             Preregistration Required
workbook will also include a resource guide to the current good         Evaluating Facilities Utilization
practices and samples of tools used in a variety of institutional       and Quantifying Space Needs
settings. Continental breakfast included.                               Presenters: John R. Bengston and Daniel K. Paulien,
                                                                        Paulien & Associates Inc
                                                                        Convener: Doug Reddington, BSA Life Structures
8:15   AM–NOON          Meet at Main Lobby                              Campus planners and planning analysts in system offices need
Optional Tour           Preregistration Required                        help in evaluating campuswide space needs and academic
Toronto City Tour and CN Tower                                          facilities utilization. This workshop will provide exposure to
Discover the pulse of Toronto and the world famous CN Tower.            space needs analysis methods at a macro and micro level.
Experience the vibrant downtown financial district with stunning        The workshop will cover analysis of classroom and laboratory
skyscrapers, the New City Hall, Kings Cross Circle, bustling            utilization, statewide and systemwide approaches, and the
Chinatown, the waterfront, stately homes, museums, parklands,           application of more detailed guidelines for classroom, teaching
theatres, and the medieval style Castle Loma. After a bus tour of       laboratory, research laboratory, office, library, and physical
the city, participants will be given a guided tour of the CN tower.     education/recreation spaces. Implications for planning practice
Travel up 1,122 feet to enjoy the panoramic and spectacular 360         include making workshop attendees more aware of the most
degree views of Toronto and its surrounding areas. On a clear day       current issues regarding data quality and guideline application
you can even see the mist from Niagara Falls! This tour includes        and interpretation. Attendees will be better prepared to protect
entrance to the CN tower.                                               their institution against skewed findings that may appear on
                                                                        systemwide or statewide reports. Systemwide analysts will be
8:15   AM–3:00 PM       Meet at Main Lobby                              better prepared to evaluate institutional submittals for
                                                                        comparability. Continental breakfast included.
Optional Tour           Preregistration Required
University of Guelph / Humber Institute
of Technology                                                           9:00 AM–11:00 AM Executive
The University of Guelph and Humber Institute of Technology             Knowledge Committee Meeting
and Advanced Learning in Toronto have joined together as the
University of Guelph-Humber as the only institution of its kind in
Ontario to offer university honours degree and an applied college
diploma in a four-year program. A new Guelph-Humber building
was completed in September 2003 at Humber’s North Campus,
in northwest Toronto. The four-story, 133,130 square foot.
building includes 22 classrooms, specialized learning and teaching

10                      SCUP–39 • July 17–21, 2004 • Sheraton Centre Toronto • Toronto, Ontario Canada
9:15   AM–12:30 PM       Meet at Main Lobby                               Presentation of SCUP Awards and Recognition
Optional Tour            Preregistration Required                         Thomas B. Flaherty, Consultant/Planning and Accreditation, Central
Art and Architecture Walking Tour                                         Connecticut State University, and 2003–2004 SCUP President
Explore Toronto’s fascinating public art and architecture on this         Award and Recognition Recipients
unique walking tour. Highlights include: Union Station, The               James L. Murdock, 2004 Distinguished Service Award
Design Exchange, Commerce Court, Hockey Hall of Fame, Old                 John D. (Jack) Telfer, 2004 Founder’s (Casey) Award
and New City Halls, the Royal Alexander Theatre, and Roy                  Rodney Rose, Executive Editor, Planning for Higher Education
Thomson Hall to name a few. Experts, many of whom are
                                                                          Presentation of SCUP-AIA/CAE Awards
architectural historians and local writers, will lead this easy
walking tour on Toronto history.                                          Pam Loeffelman, Principal, Perkins Eastman Architects and
                                                                          Calvert W. Audrain, Consultant, Co-Chairs of the 2004 Awards
Sponsored by Resource Staffing Consultants                                Program.
                                                                          Award Recipients:
10:00 AM–NOON    City Hall Room                                             HONOR AWARD: Red River College with Corbett Cibinel
Regional Council Assembly                                                   Architects for the Princess Street Campus
                                                                            MERIT AWARD IN DISTRICT PLANNING: Georgia
NOON–2:00 PM   Spring Song                                                  Institute of Technology with Thompson, Ventulett, Stainback
Marketing Committee Meeting                                                 & Associates, Inc. for the Technology Square
                                                                            MERIT AWARD IN PLANNING FOR A NEW CAMPUS:
NOON–4:00 PM     Mezzanine Foyer                                            Cy-Fair College with Gensler for Cy-Fair College
Local Hosts Hospitality Table                                               MERIT AWARD IN PLANNING FOR AN ESTABLISHED
Sponsored by Koetter Kim & Associates                                       CAMPUS: Smith College with R.M. Kliment and Frances
                                                                            Halsband Architects for the 2050 Plan
1:00 PM–3:00 PM  Gold Rush                                                  HONORABLE MENTION: The Ohio State University and
Pacific Region Council Meeting                                              Goody, Clancy & Associates, Inc. for A Plan for High Street:
                                                                            Breaking Boundaries, Rebuilding Community
1:00 PM–3:30 PM  Executive
Professional Development Committee Meeting                                Plenary Presentation
                                                                          Introduction: Tom Bowen, Vice President for Administration and
                                                                          Finance, Piedmont College
3:00 PM–4:00 PM Essex
Annual Business Meeting                                                   Campus Partners: A Model for University
                                                                          Engagement in Urban, Neighborhood
4:00 PM–5:00 PM  City Hall Room
                                                                                             Speaker: Karen Holbrook, President, The Ohio
International Guests’ Reception
                                                                                             State University Main Campus
SCUP leadership would like to extend a special welcome to any
                                                                                             This is a time of profound change for higher
conference attendees from outside the US. (Open to all
                                                                                             education across the nation as we adjust to the
international guests, including attendees from Canada.)
                                                                                             demands of a knowledge-based economy, a global
Sponsored by Sasaki Associates                                                               marketplace, reduced budgets, and increased
                                                                                             accountability. In this uncertain climate, how do
4:00 PM–5:00 PM Dominion North                                                               you create tomorrow’s university while living
Newcomers’ Reception                                                                         and working in the university of today? Karen
If this is your first SCUP conference, join us and meet other             Holbrook provides such a vision through leadership in key
newcomers as well as SCUP leadership in an informal atmosphere.           strategic areas, ones that are central to every institution of higher
                                                                          education—world-class faculty, a stimulating teaching and
                                                                          learning environment, responsive student services, and rich
4:00 PM–5:30 PM  Sheraton Hall                                            connections with community inside and outside the university.
Expo Hall Reception                                                       Holbrook became the 13th president of The Ohio State
                                                                          University in 2002. She is committed to helping Ohio State
                                                                          realize its vision as a truly great teaching and research university,
6:00   PM–7:30 PM        Grand Ballroom
                                                                          and offers unique and timely insights in how strategy and
Welcome and Opening                                                       planning join together in the university of tomorrow.
Plenary Session
                                                                          7:30 PM–9:30 PM  Grand Foyer
Welcome to SCUP–39                                                        President’s Reception
Thomas Swafford, Assistant Vice Chancellor and Director of Space          Immediately following the opening plenary session, enjoy music,
Management and Research Facilities, Indiana University at                 conversation with your colleagues, and hearty hors d’oeuvres to
Bloomington, and SCUP–39 Conference Committee Chair                       kick off the conference. Cash bar provided. (Included for full
Welcome to Toronto                                                        conference and Sunday only registrants.)
Ron Venter, Vice President Space and Facilities Planning, University of   Sponsored by Turner Construction Company
Toronto, and SCUP–39 Local Hosts Chair

                                                                          Conference Program • Sunday                                       11
Monday, July 19                                                        underutilized method to improve collaboration is the use of
                                                                       space. Co-location and shared resources promote communication
                                                                       and collaboration in research and learning. This presentation will
7:00 AM–8:15 AM  Gingersnap                                            review the social and cognitive benefits of co-location. Guidelines
Southern Council Meeting                                               for designing interdisciplinary facilities will be drawn from projects
                                                                       at MIT, Stanford, University of Michigan, and other campuses.
7:00 AM–8:15 AM  Executive                                                      Key Terms: Facilities Planning, Design, Learning
Mid-Atlantic Council Meeting
                                                                       8:30 AM–9:30 AM CC-03      Dominion North
7:00 AM–8:15 AM  Gold Rush                                             Choices: The Generic Laboratory—
North Central Council Meeting                                          Proactive Approach or Procrastination Strategy?
                                                                       Presenters: Glenn H. Chambliss, University of Wisconsin, Madison;
                                                                       Jorge De La Cal and Jay Hughey, Anshen Allen Los Angeles
7:00 AM–8:15 AM   City Hall Room
                                                                       Convener: Dan Alexander, 3D/I
Past Presidents’ Breakfast
                                                                       This session explores generic lab design as a strategy to resolve
                                                                       hard choices and to mediate stakeholder desires, with illustrations
7:00 AM–6:00 PM Convention Registration Area                           from engineering and multi-disciplinary projects indicating levels
Conference Registration                                                of flexibility and associated cost implications. Case studies show
                                                                       when it is advantageous to maintain planning flexibility and
7:00 AM–8:00 PM Conference D and E                                     when it becomes an excuse for postponing key decisions. This
Speaker Ready Rooms                                                    session provides current client viewpoint and explores current
                                                                       research trends. Used properly, generic design can help with the
                                                                       politics of planning.
7:30 AM–8:30 AM  Sheraton Hall                                                  Key Terms: Facilities Planning, Design, Research
Continental Breakfast in Expo

                                                                       8:30 AM–9:30 AM  CC-04      Dominion South
7:30 AM–8:00 PM          V.I.P Room                                    Comprehensive Student Housing Plans:
Internet Café                                                          Just Another Study for the Bookshelf?
Sponsored by The Eastridge Companies                                   Presenters: Robert A. Simmons, University of Missouri System
                                                                       Administration; Gregory Strickler, Anderson Strickler, LLC
                                                                       Convener: Maria Wilpon, Helpern Architects
8:30 AM–9:30 AM CC-01      Civic Ballroom                              Comprehensive plans for student housing are not new, but their
Accomplishing Strategic Goals Through Planning                         development is accelerating. Studies require significant resources
and Continuous Improvement Processes                                   and are typically of insufficient detail to begin design. Are these
Presenters: Samuel A. Kirkpatrick and Donald M. Loppnow, Eastern       plans just an academic exercise, or do they result in a true value
Michigan University                                                    to the institution? An examination of the progress of development
Convener: Gil Doron, College of Management                             by the University of Missouri - Columbia and other institutions
Explore an approach to bring about institutional change and            should help answer the question of whether this is an investment
advance institutional goals through the synergy between strategic      worth considering or just another study for the bookshelf.
planning and continuous improvement processes. A model for                      Key Terms: Facilities Planning, Students
inclusive continuous improvement processes combined with a
biennial strategic planning process will be presented for framing
                                                                       8:30 AM–9:30 AM CC-05     Grand Ballroom West
and implementing institutional mission and goals. Outcomes of
                                                                       Gateway Village—A Visionary Public-Private
these processes include creating organizational expectations for
                                                                       Redevelopment Partnership
reflective practice, quality enhancement and accountability for
                                                                       Presenters: Thomas K. Harden, Clayton College & State University;
planning outcomes. The approach is consistent with reaccredita-
                                                                       Joel E. Putterman, Jacobs
tion through the Academic Quality Improvement Program
                                                                       Convener: Jennifer Pearce, Medical University of South Carolina
(AQIP) and other quality improvement processes.
                                                                       Gateway Village represents a “community-university planning
          Key Terms: Academic Planning, Organizational Process,        district” guided by an innovative development framework,
Strategic Planning                                                     including Clayton College and State University campus, Georgia
                                                                       Department of Archives and History, the National Archives and
8:30   AM–9:30 AM        CC-02          Kent                           Records Administration (NARA), Reynolds Nature Preserve, a
Vendor Presentation                                                    hotel/conference center, commuter rail station, mixed-use town
Breaking Down Barriers: Environments That                              center, and research and technology office space. This model
Promote Teaming in University Settings                                 project represents innovative and sustainable development,
Presenters: Paul Cornell, Vecta; Robert J. Luchetti, Robert Luchetti   financed by a creative public private partnership and represents
Associates Inc                                                         the first joint state and federal archives facilities.
Convener: Errol C. Millington, State University of New York                     Key Terms: Facilities Planning, Relationship Building, Finance,
at Albany                                                              Master Planning
For many fields there is a growing consensus that breakthroughs
depend upon collaboration across areas of specialization. One

12                      SCUP–39 • July 17–21, 2004 • Sheraton Centre Toronto • Toronto, Ontario Canada
8:30 AM–9:30 AM   CC-06     Dufferin                                     to provide evidence regarding program productivity, as well as the
Getting Started with Wireless Technology                                 means to encourage more effective management in higher
Presenter: Ernest Schirmer and Donald W. Boatwright, Acentech            education. This session will discuss the results of the first full data
Incorporated                                                             collection cycle, how the data may be best utilized, and lessons
Convener: Peter Balcziunas, Strategic Leadership Solutions               learned.
Defining and designing a wireless network requires balancing                     Key Terms: Academic Planning, Organizational Process,
technical, financial, administrative, operational, and staffing          Accountability
tradeoffs to achieve an optimal system. Coker College has
included wireless connectivity in its new library and information
technology center building as a prototype for future campus
installations. This presentation will review the design methodology      9:45 AM–10:45 AM CC-09    Civic Ballroom
used and review the current state of wireless technology                 Defining a New Campus through Sustainability
equipment and standards.                                                 Presenters: Cynthia Hughes and Carol A. Tomlinson-Keasey,
                                                                         University of California-Merced; Barbara A. Maloney, BMS Design
         Key Terms: Academic Planning, Facilities Planning, Technology
                                                                         Convener: Anthony N. Bernheim, Simon Martin-Vegue Winkelstein
8:30 AM–9:30 AM   CC-07      Grand Ballroom East                         Moris
Planning for the Three A’s (Access, Affordability,                       Once criticized as an environmental problem, the University of
and Accountability) in Difficult Financial Times                         California, Merced has become a model of sustainability and
Presenters: Kelly Fox, University of Colorado System Office; Dorothy     environmental stewardship—from planning through construction
M. Lewis, University of Colorado At Denver; Daniel R. Montez,            and operation. This session will describe the hard choices made
Colorado School of Mines                                                 as the university responded to expanded knowledge of environ-
Convener: John Adams, University of Nebraska                             mental constraints and sustainability, and the organizational
State governments have reduced funding to public institutions at         approach that made this possible. The result was a new and
unprecedented levels. There is growing concern about rising              better site, a different and “greener” plan, standards for sustain-
tuition costs, the public’s ability to pay it, and higher education’s    ability, and an appreciation of the limits of “rational planning.”
ability to be more accountable. Explore innovative approaches to                  Key Terms: Facilities Planning, Sustainability, Master Planning
this challenging situation: how institutions can increase tuition,
while still ensuring access to students; and, a new mechanism to
ensure stable funding and institutional accountability—                  9:45 AM–10:45 AM CC-10     Huron
performance contracts.                                                   Five Years in the Trenches
                                                                         with the Classroom Technology Initiative
         Key Terms: Resources Planning, Finance, Students
                                                                         Presenters: Nancy Bayly, Barbara Brandt, and Carole Meyers, Emory
8:30 AM–9:30 AM CC-08      Grand Ballroom Centre                         Convener: Kevin Hebblethwaite, EDI, Ltd.
Room to Maneuver:                                                        Over the past five years, Emory College has renovated and/or
The Reinvention of an Urban Campus                                       built more than 90 classrooms integrating dedicated classroom
Presenters: Andrew Harrison, DEGW Plc; David Leventhal, Kohn             presentation technologies—all part of the college classroom
Pederson Fox Architects; Richard Taylerson, London School of             initiative. The thinking on technology-enhanced classrooms has
Economics and Political Science                                          evolved from individual specialized projects to a holistic under-
Convener: Paul Fenzl, Winter Construction Company                        standing of teaching spaces. Learn about the intensely
The London School of Economics is constrained by a tight urban           collaborative endeavors, Emory’s unique learning facilities,
site, a portfolio of aging and obsolete buildings and a lack of          and ideas for developing sustainable, successful classrooms for
social and amenity space within the campus. The school has               the future.
embarked on a six year redevelopment program that will                            Key Terms: Facilities Planning, Design, Technology, Learning
transform the estate, create a new urban square in central
London, allow the school to introduce new ways of working and
learning, and increase student numbers by 1500. Organizational,          9:45 AM–10:45 AM CC-69                   Dufferin
building, planning, and financial challenges related to the              North Central Regional Best
redevelopment will be explored.                                          How Safe is Safe—
         Key Terms: Academic Planning, Facilities Planning               Biosafety in University Research Facilities
                                                                         Presenters: Warren J. Hendrickson, CUH2A;
                                                                         Gary Nagle, University of Iowa
8:30   AM–9:30 AM        CC-94          Huron                            Convener: David Reed, Urban Dersign Center of Northeast Ohio
Invited Session                                                          Collaborative interdisciplinary science, involving diverse research
Out-of-Classroom Faculty Activity Study: A                               teams, requires research laboratories to respond more than ever
Discussion of the Results, Utilization, and                              to change. To solve today’s complex problems, many science
Lessons Learned                                                          projects will involve a myriad of infectious agents in a variety of
Presenter: Michael F. Middaugh, University of Delaware                   laboratory settings. The challenge is to allow the scientists and
Convener: Michael Dillon, Binghamton University                          students to explore new ideas in a safe yet cost effective environ-
The Delaware Study of Instructional Costs and Productivity has           ment. This presentation will review the design parameters and
recently expanded. The purpose of the expanded study is to               acceptable biosafety requirements for laboratories and the
demonstrate faculty outputs resulting from faculty spending time         integration of these spaces into the university environment.
outside the classroom on non-instructional activities. The goal is                Key Terms: Facilities Planning, Security, Research

                                                                         Conference Program • Monday                                             13
9:45 AM–10:45 AM CC-13   Grand Ballroom West                               lecture halls. Thus, knowledge is delivered on mass. As effective
Love That Old Campus House—                                                as this method is in getting the message from one source to many,
Is It Worth the Price?                                                     research indicates that only five percent of knowledge is retained
Presenters: Pamela Delphenich, Yale University; David Paul Helpern,        from a lecture format and over eighty percent when the learner
Helpern Architects; Michael McCormick, Brown University                    applies his/her knowledge. How can higher education balance the
Convener: Mark Zarrillo, Symmes Maini Mckee Associates                     delivery/retention factor?
What is more comfortable than an old house converted to                    Key Terms: Academic Planning, Learning, Design
campus use? Great spaces, amenity, perhaps a porch . . . But with
zoning, preservation, and community responsibilities, plus
reconstruction and maintenance costs, the idyllic scene often              9:45   AM–10:45 AM       CC-96            Grand Ballroom Centre
changes. Some universities buy all the houses in their path—               Vendor Presentation
others consider divesting. One question they ask: “How do we               Paying for the Educational Environment of the
know if it’s worth it?” Two university planning directors and an           Future: Finance vs. Funding
architect who has adapted numerous university houses discuss               Presenters: Anthony Bastardi, Caldwell College; G. Randolph
the issues and provide a checklist to help others decide.                  Hudson, Hayes Large Architects; Edwin R. Schmidt, The Eastridge
          Key Terms: Resources Planning, Facilities Planning,              Companies
Preservation                                                               Convener: Tom Jons, MGT of America, Inc.
                                                                           As we look to the Campus’ of the future ,traditional sources of
                                                                           construction funding are becoming less and less available. This
9:45 AM–10:45 AM CC-14      Dominion South                                 “drying” up” has forced many Colleges and Universities to begin
Mastering Inclusion in the Master Plan                                     looking for non traditional ways of financing their unfunded
Presenters: David Buchanan, Salisbury University; Thomas McD               construction programs. In this session, the panelists will walk
Casey and Bruce A. Manger, CSD Architects                                  through a series of “demonstration projects” in order to describe
Convener: Alfredo Dimauro, Skidmore College                                various funding alternatives, their structure and their delivery.
Virtually by definition, the master plan process affects all the
                                                                                    Key Terms: Facilities Planning, Finance
constituencies of a university. Administration, faculty, staff,
students, trustees, neighbors, and elected officials have unique
perspectives; their input, while sometimes in opposition, is               10:45 AM–11:15 AM Sheraton Hall
important. While a small number of persons will make the final             Refreshment Break in Expo
plan decisions, the process should allow for meaningful participa-
tion by others. This presentation will demonstrate how all
constituencies can be heard while allowing for key decisions to
be made by the appropriate decision-makers.                                11:15   AM–12:15 PM      CC-17            Dufferin
                                                                           Vendor Presentation
           Key Terms: Facilities Planning, Master Planning, Relationship
Building                                                                   Benchmarking—
                                                                           Understanding Our Green Buildings
                                                                           Presenters: Kevin R. Hydes, Mark Mitchell, Keen Engineering Co Ltd
9:45 AM–10:45 AM CC-15     Dominion North                                  Convener: Larry Self, HOK Group Inc.
Systems Integration for Smart Decision Making                              Post-Occupancy Evaluation has caught the attention of green
Presenters: Brian L. Bell, Comprehensive Facilities Planning Inc; Jack     building practitioners and researchers. Starting in 2002, seven
Probasco, Comprehensive Facilities Planning Inc; Judith S. Steinkamp,      green buildings have been evaluated to assess whether they are
University of Massachusetts                                                truly delivering the energy, water, and occupant comfort benefits
Convener: John Gordon Storrs, Salt Lake Community College                  which motivated their design. Occupant satisfaction has been
Years of deferred maintenance, under-investment in the physical            investigated using a survey developed by the Center for the Built
infrastructure, and ad-hoc space assignments left the University           Environment -University of California. Two university buildings
of Massachusetts Amherst with a deficit in appropriate facilities          with numerous green features—including natural ventilation and
to meet its instruction and research goals. A database system was          recycled building elements—will be featured.
needed to inform decision making for new construction, renovation,
                                                                                    Key Terms: Facilities Planning, Sustainability, Accountability
space utilization, possible demolition, and “what-if” campus
growth scenarios. A collaborative team developed the process
tools, and integrated management system to determine existing
and future space needs, helping the university set project
priorities within the context of, and comparable with, the
academic goals, and priorities of the institution.
       Key Terms: Academic Planning, Facilities Planning, Space

9:45 AM–10:45 AM CC-16      Grand Ballroom East
Two Sides of the Efficiency Coin:
Knowledge Delivery/Knowledge Retention
Presenter: Lennie Scott-Webber, Ryerson University
Convener: Evelyn Babey, RESCCU
Efficiency, in terms of knowledge delivery, along with the impact
of rising numbers of students, tends to equate to large scale

14                        SCUP–39 • July 17–21, 2004 • Sheraton Centre Toronto • Toronto, Ontario Canada
11:15 AM–12:15 PM CC-18     Huron                                           Colleges and universities must plan research facilities that can
Designing a Collaborative Environment                                       adapt to an unknown future. This session explores two different
for Adult Learners: A Success Story                                         approaches that accommodate change and an informed ensuing
Presenters: Thomas E. Kail, Mercer University;                              planning effort. Different flexibility requirements resulted in
Michael H. Patrick, Gensler                                                 radically different facilities; the projects provide important lessons
Convener: Richard Macias, Consultant                                        on how planning can inform the ways research facilities
Extended education (off campus credit and non-credit programs)              accommodate change.
offers colleges and universities a solution to meeting the                             Key Terms: Academic Planning, Facilities Planning, Research
challenge of increased demand. This is a success story of
innovative and cost effective financing, public/private partner-
ship, and critical demographic research, resulting in a financially         11:15 AM–12:15 PM CC-23     Grand Ballroom West
self-supporting facility enjoyed by students, faculty, administrators,      Research Space: Who Needs It,
and a multi-county metropolitan region. Learn how to create a               Who Gets It, Who Pays For It?
learner-centered facility on a tight budget for working adults              Presenter: Ira Fink, Ira Fink & Associates, Inc
and professionals.                                                          Convener: Garry Bradley, RMIT
                                                                            The need for and use of facilities devoted to research is central to
           Key Terms: Facilities Planning, Relationship Building, Design,
                                                                            many campuses. Research funds pay for much of graduate student
                                                                            education and support many specialized buildings. At the same
                                                                            time, research funding is competitive; the allocation and use of
11:15 AM–12:15 PM CC-19    Grand Ballroom East                              space for research is complicated; and, research space require-
Improved Planning and Accountability                                        ments can easily outstrip available resources. Who needs research
through Continuous Self Study                                               space, who gets it, and who pays for it, are tough questions. This
Presenter: Craig A. Clagett, Carroll Community College                      session will explore the answers.
Convener: Joseph Rives, Illinois State University                                      Key Terms: Facilities Planning, Research, Finance
A working strategic planning process should actively engage fac-
ulty and staff, utilize performance indicators, link directly to
budgeting, meet accreditation expectations, and satisfy internal            11:15 AM–12:15 PM CC-24    Kent
and external accountability needs. This session demonstrates a              Rethinking Everything—A Glimpse at
continuous self-study model especially appropriate for small to             Transforming a Leading Distance Education Unit
midsize commuter colleges. It is a tool to implement change by              Presenter: Ann Marie Vaughan, Memorial University of
bringing together the governing board, faculty, and staff in a              Newfoundland
shared commitment to both the desired destination and the                   Convener: Diane Paulson, Hennepin Technical College
specific mileposts to measure progress along the way.                       Memorial University is a comprehensive university with over
                                                                            forty years of history in distance education. As many institutions
         Key Terms: Academic Planning, Strategic Planning,
Organizational Process                                                      initiated e-learning units, Memorial initiated a rethinking of its
                                                                            approaches and models in this area. This session will focus on
                                                                            how a historical strength overcame significant financial and
11:15 AM–12:15 PM CC-20                    Grand Ballroom Centre            organizational challenges and transformed itself into a strategically
Southern Regional Best                                                      focused and renewed organization. This was accomplished by
Innovative Integration of Strategic Planning,                               rethinking everything and integrating planning with change
Benchmarking, and Assessment                                                management, organizational effectiveness, technology change,
Presenters: Robert L. Armacost and Julia Pet-Armacost,                      and leadership.
University of Central Florida                                                          Key Terms: Academic Planning, Change Management,
Convener: Marie Zeglen, Florida International University                    Learning
A university’s mission statement describes who it is, what it does,
and for whom it does it, and its vision describes where it is going.
                                                                            11:15   AM–12:15 PM        CC-25            Dominion South
Strategic planning identifies directions for achieving that vision
while benchmarking indicates how well the university fulfills its           Invited Session
mission. Assessment provides a process for continuously improving           SCUP/AIA-CAE Excellence in Planning Awards
performance. This session examines the role of innovative                   Presented by Award Winners
approaches to integrating these processes and providing a coherent          Convener: Gita Hendessi, Hendessi Associates
approach to consistent progress toward the university’s vision.             The joint Excellence in Planning Award collaboration between
                                                                            SCUP and the American Institute of Architects’ Committee on
        Key Terms: Academic Planning, Strategic Planning, Continuous
Improvement                                                                 Architecture for Education (AIA-CAE) is in its fourth year.
                                                                            Learn about the key issues and planning principles the jury found
                                                                            compelling in defining “excellence in planning.” Members of the
11:15 AM–12:15 PM CC-21      Civic Ballroom                                 committee, winners, and other key participants will discuss the
Planning for Flexibility and Change:                                        entry and selection process as well as the winning projects.
Evolving Approaches to Programming
                                                                                       Key Terms: Facilities Planning
Academic Research Facilities
Presenters: Gregory Berndt and Dominick Roveto, Ellenzweig
Associates, Inc. Architects; Sharalee M. Field, Harvard University
Convener: Carol Duke, Zimmer Gunsul Frasca Partnership
Radical changes in scientific research, have complicated our
ability to predict the future of science—and science facilities.

                                                                            Conference Program • Monday                                              15
11:15 AM–12:15 PM CC-66    Dominion North
Building a New Public University
with Limited State Support                                               1:45   PM–2:45 PM          CC-11          Grand Ballroom West
Presenters: Jane T. Upshaw, University of South Carolina - Beaufort;     Vendor Presentation
Michael S. Watson, Watson Tate Savory                                    Gain Control with the Best Tool Possible—
Convener: Mike Managan, 3D/I                                             An Accurate Map
One university in a high-growth coastal area of South Carolina           Presenter: Mark J. Gabriel, Maier Engineering/Minimax Corporation
shifted from a two-year to a four-year degree granting institution,      Convener: Howard Weiss, MBT Architecture
and concurrently planned and initiated construction of a new             Accurate, scaled maps and plans effectively and efficiently
80-acre campus. Both were developed through concerted efforts            communicate the physical setting of your campus. See how with
with the local community. Explore the origin and benefits of this        today’s cost-effective technology, (GPS, laser range finders,
public/private partnership, the economic planning for the                scanners, CAD and laptop computers) you can have useable map
$40 million tax increment financing district created by Beaufort         documents to plan, manage, communicate and budget. Use your
County, and the physical master plan. Also learn about their             existing plans and drawings and available aerial photos. Integrate
inclusive visioning and planning process.                                buildings, utilities, landscaping, parking and roadways into
           Key Terms: Academic Planning, Relationship Building, Master   multi-use drawings. Reduce the cost of managing your campus.
                                                                                    Key Terms: Resources Planning, Facilities Planning, Master
NOON–4:00 PM     Mezzanine Foyer
Local Hosts Hospitality Table                                            1:45 PM–2:45 PM   CC-26      Dufferin
Sponsored by Koetter Kim & Associates                                    Calculating E-learning Costs and Assessing its
                                                                         Impact on Campus Resources
12:15 PM–1:30 PM  Sheraton Hall                                          Presenters: Tatiana Bourlova and Adnan A Qayyum, MAPLE
Exhibit Hall Open                                                        Centre, University of British Columbia
                                                                         Convener: Dawit Teklu, Anne Rundel Community College
                                                                         E-learning continues to expand on campuses creating new patterns
12:15 PM–1:30 PM  Grand Ballroom East
                                                                         of teaching and resource use. To assess the implications of
Mid-Atlantic Regional Lunch
                                                                         e-learning on campus it is necessary to identify the pervasiveness
Pick up box lunch in Exhibit Hall
                                                                         of different types of e-learning, their different cost structures, and
Sponsored by Einhorn Yaffee Prescott, Architecture +                     how they affect infrastructure use. Learn about a framework for
Engineering; Hord Coplan Macht, Inc.; and UJMN                           calculating direct and indirect costs of e-learning, and a model for
                                                                         assessing the possible impact of e-learning on campus infrastructure.
12:15 PM–1:30 PM Grand Ballroom Centre                                              Key Terms: Resources Planning, Finance, Learning, Technology
North Atlantic Regional Lunch
Pick up box lunch in Exhibit Hall                                        1:45 PM–2:45 PM  CC-28     Grand Ballroom East
Sponsored by Einhorn Yaffee Prescott, Architecture +                     Growing the Mission
Engineering; Konover Construction Corporation; Symmes                    with No Funds or Space to Spare
Maini & McKee Associates; and CBT/Childs Bertman                         Presenters: James A. Colimore, Colimore Gallow Architects; Mark J.
Tseckares                                                                Demshak, Johns Hopkins University; Joseph M. Lavigne, Lavigne
                                                                         Associates Architects; Helen T. Schneider, Loyola College in Maryland
                                                                         Convener: Ira Hecht, College of the Marshall Islands
12:15 PM–1:30 PM Grand Ballroom West
                                                                         Johns Hopkins University Homewood Campus and Loyola
North Central Regional Lunch
                                                                         College Campus in Baltimore have academic cores that are
Pick up box lunch in Exhibit Hall
                                                                         tightly defined by existing urban neighborhoods with limited or
Sponsored by Flad and Associates                                         no boundary expansion possible. Yet, each must grow their
                                                                         research and academic missions at a time when there is no
12:15 PM–1:30 PM  Essex                                                  margin to spare in funding and little space to accomplish it. We
Pacific Regional Lunch                                                   will compare and contrast the hard choices they made and the
Pick up box lunch in Essex                                               creative planning used to accomplish their expansion.
Sponsored by Ratcliff                                                               Key Terms: Facilities Planning, Master Planning, Finance

12:15 PM–1:30 PM City Hall Room                                          1:45 PM–2:45 PM CC-29   Kenora
Southern Regional Lunch                                                  Midway Plaisance—Common Ground Between
Pick up box lunch in the City Hall Room                                  Town and Gown
                                                                         Presenters: Dennis C. McGlade, Olin Partnership; Henry S. Webber,
Sponsored by Earl Swensson Associates, Inc.; Hardin                      University of Chicago
Construction Company LLP; and Heery International                        Convener: William Colehower, Shepley Bulfinch Richardson and
                                                                         The Midway Plaisance redevelopment is a keystone in revitalizing
                                                                         the mid-south side Chicago communities containing and
                                                                         surrounding the University of Chicago campus. The public park

16                        SCUP–39 • July 17–21, 2004 • Sheraton Centre Toronto • Toronto, Ontario Canada
bisects the University of Chicago, and is already a venue for              1:45   PM–2:45 PM          CC-33           Kent
youth soccer, winter ice-skating and hockey, and intramural                Invited Session
sports. In 1999, a master plan for the University of Chicago, the          The Competitive World of Faculty Recruitment
Chicago Park District, and the local communities transformed the           Presenters: Gary A. Giamartino, Southern Illinois University
Midway Plaisance into a great park for the surrounding neighbor-           Edwardsville; Helen F. Giles-Gee, Rowan University; Brian P  .
hoods, the university, and the city of Chicago.                            Nedwek, Maryville University; Melinda G. Spencer, Temple
           Key Terms: Facilities Planning, Relationship Building, Master   University
Planning                                                                   Convener: Melinda G. Spencer, Temple University
                                                                           Deep in the heart of academe, a new competition, waged with
1:45   PM–2:45 PM          CC-30           Civic Ballroom                  great intensity, has emerged. Institutions are going head-to-head
                                                                           with a single-minded goal: to emerge victorious in the competition
Invited Session
                                                                           for the most excellent faculty. As institutional reputations and
New Campus In Great Britain—Forty Years Later
                                                                           resources have become closely tied to the quality and renown of
Presenter: Richard P Dober, Dober, Lidsky, Craig and Associates, Inc.      the faculty, the process for winning the hearts and minds of new
Convener: Peter Brennan, Peter Brennan & Associates                        faculty has become increasingly complex. Institutions have
In 1964, through the auspices of the Educational Facilities                become creative with strategies aimed at giving them a leg up in
Laboratories, the presenter visited and reported on the                    attracting the very best scholars. A panel of academic experts will
development of new campuses in Great Britain, suggesting                   share their experiences and observations on the high stakes
they offered “ideas of consequence for the United States.” With            competition of faculty recruitment.
slides and commentary (photogenic and evocative) Dober will
illustrate the fate of those ideas forty years later; their relevancy,                Key Terms: Academic Planning, Research, Resources Planning
current appearance, success amid failure, and application to
today’s needs and desires for planning and designing a                     1:45 PM–2:45 PM   CC-34      Dominion South
non-formulaic sense of place.                                              Strategic Planning in U.S. Higher Education: Can
           Key Terms: Facilities Planning, Master Planning                 it Succeed in Europe?
                                                                           Presenters: Alberto Amaral and Maria de Lourdes Machado, CIPES-
                                                                           Center for Research in Higher Education Policies; James S. Taylor,
1:45 PM–2:45 PM   CC-31      Huron                                         University of Aveiro (& CIPES)
Paradigm Planning: Changing Directions at                                  Convener: Pauline Melis, University of Saskatchewan
Arizona’s Public Universities
                                                                           European higher education (EHE) doesn’t have a record of
Presenters: M.J. McMahon, Northern Arizona University; Patti Ota,          sustained planning. The Bologna Declaration, signed by 29
University of Arizona; Christine K. Wilkinson, Arizona State               countries, calls for major reforms to higher education throughout
University Main                                                            the continent. The EHE is diverse and heterogeneous. This
Convener: Nancy Nusbaum, Texas State University-San Marcos                 session will clarify these myriad cultures in the context of
Paradigm planning differs from strategic planning and may be               developing a unified strategic planning process. Positions will
better suited for the current economic and political environment.          be grounded in scholarship generated over a period of years at
It is opportunistic and proceeds from the top down and sideways            CIPES. The relationship between U.S. planning models and
to align leadership at all levels, with the goal of breaking through       European reality will be examined.
to new governance, funding and management paradigms. This
session will describe how the Changing Directions initiatives of                     Key Terms: Academic Planning, Strategic Planning,
regents and public universities in Arizona illustrate the principles
of paradigm planning and explore the usefulness of this approach
for other states.                                                          1:45   PM–2:45 PM          CC-97           Grand Ballroom Centre
         Key Terms: Academic Planning, Change Management,                  Pacific Regional Best
Organizational Process                                                     Collaborative Whole Building and Planning
                                                                           Approach to Sustainability
1:45 PM–2:45 PM    CC-32    Dominion North                                 Presenters: Anthony N. Bernheim, Simon Martin-Vegue Winkelstein
A President’s Perspective on Advocacy and                                  Moris; Kevin R. Hydes, Keen Engineering Inc
Sustainability in the Academy                                              Convener: Krisan Osterby, HGA
Presenter: Claudia Chiesi, Harford Community College                       Making the right choices with new academic building design can
Convener: Rives Taylor, The University of Texas Health Science             have long-term impacts on operating costs, building efficiency
Center at Houston                                                          and performance and the triple bottom line (global sustainability).
Leadership and support from a college’s president are required             Collaborative workshops are methods to make these decisions in
elements in the development of a vision for an environmentally             a way that integrates green measures into the process: establishing
sustainable academy, and for the integration of this vision into           goals, developing green measures, making consensus-based evalu-
campus plans, services, operations, and curricula. Harford                 ation decisions. Indoor environmental and air quality, energy
Community College, through the leadership of its president, has            conservation and efficiency, and resource efficiency (site, water,
made a strong commitment to developing and implementing an                 and materials) should be comprehensively considered in a life
integrated, environmental sustainability initiative. The ultimate          cycle costing context. The method of evaluating these strategies
goal is to reflect the college’s commitment to wellness, teaching,         can be user-friendly and helpful so that long-term impacts are
and environmental stewardship in its mission, planning, facilities,        positive. Examples of this approach will be given using the UCSF
and services.                                                              Osher Center for Integrative Medicine.
           Key Terms: Academic Planning, Sustainability, Learning                     Key Terms: Academic Planning, Sustainability, Facilities

                                                                           Conference Program • Monday                                           17
                                                                       not enough space for students to live on campus and maintaining
                                                                       a competitive edge with peer institutions. The college embarked
3:00 PM–4:00 PM  CC-35    Kent                                         on a rigorous research and planning initiative to explore all the
Challenges of Comprehensive Institutions in                            options to deliver campus housing compatible with Berry’s
South African Mergers                                                  mission, budget and aggressive schedule. After considering
Presenter: Maxwell Andile Dandala, Border Technikon                    various options from developers’ turn-key approach to traditional
Convener: JoEllen Baldwin, Indiana University                          project delivery, Berry decided to take the design/build fast track
Examine the challenges of re-establishing the mission statement        approach and self-funded a new 122-bed residence hall.
and development of new niche areas in the merger of three                      Key Terms: Facilities Planning, Students, Finance
institutions of higher education in South Africa (one university
and two technikons). The hard choices are in introducing new
                                                                       3:00 PM–4:00 PM CC-39    Huron
academic programs and phasing out well-established programs as
                                                                       Hard Choice—From Design to Bid in Six Months
the new mission dictates what needs to be developed and
maintained. Smart planning becomes crucial and this includes           Presenters: George Hurley, DPR Construction, Inc; James Simeo and
retention strategies for key faculty and staff as well as attracting   Peter Stazicker, Anshen+Allen Los Angeles
fundable projects.                                                     Convener: Tom Contos, Washington and Lee University
                                                                       Tremendous emphasis is placed on the speed of delivery—be it
           Key Terms: Academic Planning, International, Strategic      information, services, or products. Design and construction face
                                                                       the same demands yet often without change in the owner’s desire
                                                                       for quality, contractual protections, and fiscal compliance. Many
3:00 PM–4:00 PM  CC-36     Dufferin                                    methods have been tried. At University of California - Santa
E-merging Learning Centers:                                            Cruz, the new 160,000 gross square foot Engineering Research
A Library Transforms                                                   Building adopted a stratagem saving 15 months in the construction
Presenters: Stephen Johnson, Hardy Holzman Pfeiffer Associates;        schedule. This session explores the advantages/ disadvantages
Catherine Quinlan, University of British Columbia                      inherent in this process. Can it be used for your next project?
Convener: Nancy Tierney, Stanford University                                   Key Terms: Facilities Planning, Research, Finance
Institutions must become more strategic in establishing priorities
to meet research and learning needs campus-wide. This session
will study the University of British Columbia’s new Irving K.          3:00 PM–4:00 PM   CC-40      Grand Ballroom East
Barber Learning Center as it evolves from an archetypical library,     If They Design It They Will Come—
housed in a heritage building, into a multi-purpose resource           Including the Campus Community in
facility that supports the university as well as the broader           Project Planning Processes
community. The project fully integrates traditional library services   Presenter: Bill Ashby, University of Virginia
with information technologies, academic units and community            Convener: Rohit Saxena, HOK
concourse elements into an efficient 24/7 facility.                    The development, design, and funding of student activities space
                                                                       at universities has become increasingly complex. The current
          Key Terms: Academic Planning, Relationship Building,
                                                                       consumer-oriented generation of students come to the university
Learning, Research
                                                                       with high expectations for responsive service, advanced technology,
                                                                       and space that stimulates and challenges the mind. At the
3:00   PM–4:00 PM          CC-37          Grand Ballroom Centre        University of Virginia, two recent successful projects demonstrate
Vendor Presentation                                                    the importance of reaching out to targeted user groups in the
From “What Is” to “What If” —Space Analysis and                        early stages of project development to insure that the end
Planning on the Web                                                    product measures up to expectations.
Presenter: Steve Fulmer, CollegeNET, Inc.                                      Key Terms: Facilities Planning, Relationship Building, Students
Convener: Thomas Buechele, The School of The Art Institute
of Chicago
                                                                       3:00 PM–4:00 PM   CC-41     Dominion North
CollegeNET introduces a new, web-based tool—X25—for
                                                                       Participatory Action Planning:
graphically analyzing campus space utilization. This breakthrough
                                                                       Integrating Action Research, Organization
Internet service gives you the power to better understand and
                                                                       Development, and Strategic Planning
project your classroom supply and course demand. In addition to
                                                                       Presenter: Brent E. Betit, Landmark College
showing you live, real-time reports detailing space utilization,
                                                                       Convener: Karen Bauer, University of Georgia
class timespread, and supply/demand, we will demonstrate
                                                                       Action research, organization development, and strategic
numerous advanced, innovative space management views.
                                                                       planning are three distinct disciplines that present complementary
Key Terms: Facilities Planning, Space Management                       aspects. An action research approach that combines organization
                                                                       development methods and principles applied to strategic planning
3:00 PM–4:00 PM  CC-38      Civic Ballroom                             processes, offers a synergistic planning model possessing
Funding, Planning, & Delivering New Student                            significant potential for lasting organizational improvement and
Housing—Making the Right Choices, Managing                             transformation. Learn a simple, practical model for change based
Risk, & Achieving Success for Berry College                            on these disciplines, and present the results of a research project
Presenters: Ken Higa, Lord, Aeck & Sargent; Scott Sullivan, Winter     employing the model.
Construction Company; Joseph L. Walton, Berry College                         Key Terms: Academic Planning, Strategic Planning, Change
Convener: Edward Garibian, eRPortal Software Group                     Management
Two years ago Berry College was faced with two major challenges,

18                        SCUP–39 • July 17–21, 2004 • Sheraton Centre Toronto • Toronto, Ontario Canada
3:00 PM–4:00 PM  CC-42     Grand Ballroom West                              5:00 PM–6:00 PM  Executive
A Strategy for Campus Retail Development                                    North Atlantic Regional Council Meeting
Presenters: William Lee, Economics Research Associates; Jeffrey A.
Steindorf, University of California - San Diego
Convener: Robert Hicks, SMMA                                                Tuesday, July 20
University of California - San Diego is located in La Jolla, the
northernmost edge of San Diego. A typical university oriented               7:00 AM–6:00 PM Convention Registration Area
retail district has not evolved at the campus edge; instead a               Conference Registration
regional shopping mall was erected about two miles from the
campus core. This research university comprises a set of six
undergraduate colleges and is experiencing growth in its student,           7:00 AM–8:00 PM Conference D and E
faculty, and staff populations. Confronting marginally adequate             Speaker Ready Rooms
retail and food services for students and staff, the university
decided to develop a retail strategy plan. Find out about how this          7:30 AM–9:00 AM  Sheraton Hall
plan was developed.                                                         Continental Breakfast in Expo
           Key Terms: Facilities Planning, Relationship Building, Finance   Sponsored by Cement Association of Canada

3:00 PM–4:00 PM CC-43      Dominion South                                   7:30 AM–8:00 PM               .
                                                                                                     V.I.P Room
Thinking Ahead: Repositioning Your Campus on                                Internet Café
the Continuum of History                                                    Sponsored by The Eastridge Companies
Presenters: Hillary Brown, New Civic Works; Margaret Helfand,
Helfand Architecture, PC; Lawrence M. Schall, Swarthmore College
Convener: Maria Musat, University of Ottawa
Forward thinking strategies can produce memorable campuses                  8:00   AM–9:00 AM        CC-44          Dufferin
that promote institutional mission and create valuable legacies.            Vendor Presentation
Multi-tasking buildings, adaptive re-use, high-performance                  Advancing Knowledge in Biomedical Engineering
building standards, quality-of-life improvements, and new forms             by Promoting Interdisciplinary Reasearch
of architecture and community partnerships are strategies that              Presenters: Jay Hughey, Anshen + Allen Los Angeles; John Weinman,
can enhance your campus’ heritage while moving the institution              Research Facilities Design
visibly forward. This session will provide an overview of these             Convener: Annie Newman, University of Rhode Island
multi-disciplinary strategies and show built examples to illustrate         Bioengineering (or biomedical engineering) is a rapidly expanding
their practical application. Particular attention will be given to          field making its presence felt at most university and medical
removing barriers to applying these smart planning principles.              center research campuses. The field combines basic life sciences
           Key Terms: Facilities Planning, Master Planning, Relationship    research with current engineering knowledge, including
Building                                                                    nanotechnology, to create applications with high demand in
                                                                            the health sciences. University of San Diego’s highly ranked
                                                                            Department of Bioengineering, part of the Jacobs School of
3:00   PM–4:00 PM          CC-90           Kenora                           Engineering, had the rare opportunity to design and build its own
Invited Session                                                             dedicated facility. Gain insight from the lessons that come from
SCUP’s National Campus Facilities Inventory—                                creation of a facility dedicated to this emerging field.
What the Study Has Shown Us                                                          Key Terms: Academic Planning, Facilities Planning, Research,
Presenter: Phyllis Grummon, Society for College and University              Design
Planning; Arthur J. Lidsky, Dober, Lidsky, Craig and Associates
Convener: Shirley Roll, University of Toronto
The second year of data gathering on the use of space on                    8:00 AM–9:00 AM  CC-45                  Grand Ballroom Centre
campuses resulted in information from over 200 institutions.                Civic Space on Campus
This session will present the highlights of the process and the             Presenters: Bernie J Costantino, The Ohio State University; Laura V.
preliminary analysis of the data. This will be the first presentation       Shinn, The Ohio State University Main Campus
of this data for the 2004 collection.                                       Convener: Margaret Dyer-Chamberlain, Stanford University
                                                                            How should we plan and fund spaces on campus that belong to
           Key Terms: Facilities Planning, Space Management
                                                                            everyone but are not part of any one project? The Ohio State
                                                                            University (OSU), through a continuous and layered planning
4:00 PM–5:30 PM   Sheraton Hall                                             approach, provides definition to its open spaces. It funds these
Exhibit Hall Wine and Cheese Reception                                      landscaped spaces, streetscape improvements and open space
Back by popular demand! Our Expo wine and cheese reception                  corridors, through a mandated 2% contribution from each capital
was so popular that we’re repeating it in the Expo Hall. Our                building project. OSU planners will provide an overview of its
exhibitors are bringing a bottle of wine from their region of the           physical planning process, funding policy for civic space
country for the raffle. Watch for the cork sign-up and print your           improvements, and several examples of how building projects
name on a cork—that’s your entry! Corks will be drawn and                   have contributed to the implementation of the campus plan.
winners will be posted in the Expo where you can claim your                          Key Terms: Facilities Planning, Master Planning, Landscape
prize in the exhibitor’s booth. Don’t miss it!
Wine Stations Sponsored by CollegeNET; Design Collective;
Hunt Construction Company; and Woolpert

                                                                            Conference Program • Monday–Tuesday                                   19
8:00 AM–9:00 AM  CC-46      Dominion North                              current and prospective students, as well as faculty and staff.
Developing a New Program Proposal: Integrating                          Universities featured will include The Ohio State University,
Academic Integrity & Fiscal Viability                                   Hampton University, West Virginia University, and Vanderbilt
Presenters: Willard P Geingerich and Diane S. Hergenrother,             University, with a special emphasis on the new $102,000,000
St. John’s University                                                   student-recreation center at The Ohio State University.
Convener: Laurie K. Summers, Weill Cornell Medical College - Qatar                Key Terms: Facilities Planning, Students, Design
Planners are increasingly being asked to generate new revenue.
Within the academic enterprise, one option is to effectively
identify and develop new programs that meet market demand.              8:00 AM–9:00 AM  CC-50     Civic Ballroom
This presentation will focus on how to lead department chairs,          Smarter Planning with Performance Indicators
faculty, and academic deans through the process of developing a         Presenters: France Senécal, Merkurium; Laura Stanbra, Concordia
new program proposal; and develop a proposal that integrates            University
academic integrity with fiscal viability.                               Convener: Willard Gingerich, St. John's University
                                                                        Indicators: we talk and read about them, but are they really
          Key Terms: Academic Planning, Resources Planning, Learning,
                                                                        useful? This dynamic session will present the performance
                                                                        indicators application implemented at Concordia University in
                                                                        Montreal. It will focus on the methodology used (based on Value
8:00 AM–9:00 AM  CC-47     Huron                                        Management), the results, the benefits and the pitfalls to avoid.
Innovation and Collaboration: Planning A                                “Business Intelligence” tools can improve an institution’s ability
Community College for the 21st Century                                  to monitor, analyze and manage their internal activities using
Presenters: David J. Calkins, Gensler; Diane K. Troyer, Cy-Fair         performance indicators.
College; Susan J. Wolff, Wolff Designs                                            Key Terms: Academic Planning, Performance Indicators,
Convener: John White, University of California - Merced                 Finance
Cy-Fair College in Houston, Texas, adopted collaboration as their
learning signature to prepare learners for the 21st century and for
lifelong learning. The college looked beyond established practice       8:00 AM–9:00 AM  CC-51      Kent
to: design an innovative physical environment, create a college         Stewards of Place:
community and organizational structure based on collaboration,          Wellesley College Takes Ownership and
and establish strong community partnerships. Learn about the            Opportunity to Clean-up, Re-Center
collaborative, inclusive process that resulted in a design that         Presenters: Douglas L. Landry and Daniel Padien, Vanasse Hangen
supports and enhances the academic plan, learning processes,            Brustlin, Inc; Barry Monahan, Wellesley College
and organizational structure.                                           Convener: David Miller, University of Wisconsin System
                                                                        Faced with the need to remediate a 20-acre contaminated
         Key Terms: Academic Planning, Facilities Planning,
                                                                        portion of campus, Wellesley College recognized the opportunity
Relationship Building, Learning
                                                                        to enhance its property while improving the quality of life for
                                                                        students and neighbors. The college extended the renewal
8:00 AM–9:00 AM  CC-48      Dominion South                              project to include new recreation facilities, a campus center, off-
Large-Scale Multimedia Projects:                                        campus road safety improvements, and a restored natural land-
Implementation and Operations                                           scape once a parking lot, to create a centered community for
Presenters: Jon Burris, Shen Milsom & Wilke; Jim Consuegra,             campus life. This process was undertaken in a highly complex
Georgia Institute of Technology; Laurie Lundquist, University of        regulatory environment with varying levels of involvement by the
Pennsylvania                                                            campus community, and used different funding sources for the
Convener: Ray DeSouza, University of Toronto                            remediation and enhancement aspects of the campus renewal.
Examine two recent projects involving large implementations of                  Key Terms: Facilities Planning, Relationship Building,
sophisticated technology: Jon M. Huntsman Hall of the Wharton           Landscape
School of the University of Pennsylvania (Philadelphia); and
Technology Square, the Georgia Institute of Technology’s new
Midtown Atlanta campus. The focus will be on architectural and          8:00 AM–9:00 AM  CC-52     Grand Ballroom West
technology planning, faculty/staff buy-in, physical infrastructure      Strategic Modeling—Matching Campus
design, audiovisual/multimedia/data network systems, training           Development to Strategic Goals
and orientation, system administration and maintenance, and             Presenters: Melvyn D. Schiavelli, Harrisburg University of Science and
recapitalization costs for technology refresh.                          Technology; Alexander Wing, Burt Hill Kosar Rittelmann Associates
                                                                        Convener: Kris Smith, East Carolina University
          Key Terms: Facilities Planning, Technology, Relationship
                                                                        Finding the balance between budgets, enrollment trends, and
Building, Learning
                                                                        changing demands for learning environments is one of the main
                                                                        challenges faced by college administrators today. In an effort to
8:00 AM–9:00 AM CC-49      Grand Ballroom East                          find the right fit between their institutional goals and a long term
Recruitment Gold: Student Focused Facilities                            campus master plan, Harrisburg University of Science &
Presenters: Michael J Dunn, The Ohio State University; Eileen M.        Technology has engaged in an extensive study of these issues to
Goodman and Curtis J. Moody, Moody Nolan, Inc                           balance limited funds with an ambitious plan to become a
Convener: David Hollowell, University of Delaware                       respected university. This presentation will demonstrate the
Students look at the academic, non-academic, recreational               team’s methods, as well as the findings of the “institutional
student-focused facilities such as student unions, and recreation       modeling” endeavor.
centers as key factors in making their college decision. Find out                 Key Terms: Facilities Planning, Master Planning, Relationship
how to plan student-focused facilities that wow and excite both         Building, Finance

20                       SCUP–39 • July 17–21, 2004 • Sheraton Centre Toronto • Toronto, Ontario Canada
8:00 AM–9:00 AM  CC-91      Essex                                      9:15 AM–10:15 AM CC-57    Grand Ballroom West
Forming Public-”Private” Funding Partnerships                          No More Programming by the Pound:
Within the University of Washington                                    Planning High-Performance Work Places for
Presenters: Andrea A Lex, University of Washington Extension           Teaching and Research
Convener: Barry Bruns, Arizona State University West                   Presenters: Susan Mitchell-Ketzes and Paul S. Woolford, HOK;
Public institutions of higher education are being called upon to       Michael H. Patterson, Georgia Institute of Technology
expand access, support existing programs and create new                Convener: Lisa Powers, CUH2A - Architecture, Engineering and
initiatives while simultaneously cutting budgets in the face of        Planning
reduced state funding. This session explores how the University        Many research buildings are planned using prescriptive (and
of Washington is attempting to resolve this dilemma by planning        proscriptive) programming methods that limit the ability of the
cooperative (ad)ventures between its state-funded and self-            facility to be flexible and adaptable. Creating a performance
sustaining academic units.                                             brief and high-level program strategy focused on flexibility and
         Key Terms: Academic Planning, Resources Planning,             modularity can result in adaptable facilities that function well
Relationship Building, Finance                                         over time for multiple uses/users. Learn about this unique
                                                                       planning technique and the “lessons learned” utilizing illustrative
                                                                       case studies of high-performance scientific workplaces and
                                                                       research buildings at Georgia Tech, University of California -
9:15 AM–10:15 AM CC-54     Grand Ballroom Centre                       Irvine and University of Wisconsin.
Enrollment Projections and the Budget Process:
                                                                                Key Terms: Facilities Planning, Research
A Technique for Smart Planning
Presenters: Carol Rylee and Dale Trusheim, University of Delaware
Convener: Trina Learned, Learned 1 LLC                                 9:15 AM–10:15 AM CC-58     Dufferin
Learn how independent offices can work together to give senior         The Planning and Design of Learning
planners information they need to establish the budget. This           Environments for the New American
session presents an accurate and effective enrollment forecast         University in Cairo
model developed by institutional research, and illustrates how the     Presenters: Ashraf Salloum, The American University in Cairo;
budget office utilizes these data in budget formation. Copies of       Robert J Luchetti , Robert Luchetti Associates, Inc.
the projection methodology will be shared. The projection              Convener: Robert McCauley, Ueland Junker McCauley Nicholson
method and the critical link to budget planning are applicable for     Architects
both public and private institutions of any enrollment size.           The American University in Cairo, Egypt is building an entirely
         Key Terms: Resources Planning, Students, Strategic Planning   new undergraduate campus on the outskirts of the city. A
                                                                       significant objective of the university is to provide state-of-the-art
                                                                       learning environments for a contemporary Egyptian context. The
9:15   AM–10:15 AM       CC-56          Huron                          presentation will examine the unique, innovative and regionally
Invited Session                                                        specific approach that the university has adopted in assembling
Lessons from the ‘Double Cohort Experience’                            an international team to design, build, furnish, and fit-out a full
in Ontario                                                             range of progressive and flexible learning environments.
Presenter: Ken Snowdon, Snowdon & Associates, Inc                               Key Terms: Facilities Planning, Learning, International
Convener: Marita Williams, University of Waterloo
Over the past few years Ontario’s universities have been
confronted with the challenge of a major change in government          9:15 AM–10:15 AM CC-59      Essex
policy—move from a five year secondary school program to four          Progressive Solutions to Campus Security:
years. The result of that change in policy—the so-called ‘double       Planning, Partnerships, and Policy
cohort’ of graduating students—coupled with enrollment                 Presenters: Cheree Causey and Kathleen Cramer, The University of
pressures from the ‘echo boom’ and a constrained fiscal situation,     Alabama
combined to create a planning environment that presented               Convener: Cindy Holt, Winter Construction
significant challenges and a once in a generation opportunity for      This session will discuss the traditional definition of campus
Ontario universities. Gain an insider’s view of how Ontario’s          security and explore fresh approaches to an ever-present campus
universities addressed the challenge—and the lessons associated        challenge. Learn dynamic solutions for campus safety through
with securing major investments in government resources.               planning, partnerships, and policy. Strategies will be identified for
Planning, people, politics and perseverance are all part of the        a comprehensive approach to setting priorities and allocating
‘double cohort’ story—a story that is still unfolding—and the          resources to fund security measures. Mechanisms for gathering
observations and lessons learned have widespread application           accurate data and campus safety assessments will be provided.
in other settings.                                                              Key Terms: Facilities Planning, Security, Relationship Building
        Key Terms: Academic Planning, Students, Strategic Planning,
Change Management

                                                                       Conference Program • Tuesday                                           21
9:15 AM–10:15 AM CC-60      Civic Ballroom                                     9:15 AM–10:15 AM CC-63     Dominion North
Similarities and Differences—                                                  University Planning:
Three Institutions Plan New Facilities                                         Strategic Communication in Times of Change
Presenters: Thomas C Greene, St. Lawrence University; Arthur J.                Presenters: Cathy A Fleuriet and Ana Lisa Garza, Texas State
Lidsky, Dober, Lidsky, Craig and Associates; David Sullivan, Syracuse          University-San Marcos
University; Douglas A. Weldon, Hamilton College                                Convener: Alan Fish, University of Wisconsin-Madison
Convener: Lynn Elgie, SSOE, Inc.                                               Texas State University-San Marcos redefined university strategic
Three institutions have recently planned new and renovated                     planning and established its usefulness in shaping the university’s
science facilities: Hamilton College, St. Lawrence University, and             future. The session addresses 1) the “bottom up, top down”
Syracuse University. Each institution had to establish a process;              process that created department, division, and university plans,
each had to justify need; each had to articulate and prioritize                2) communication strategies used to establish buy-in, 3) steps to
facility requirements; and each had to make hard choices.                      create collaborative working academic/administrative relation-
This moderated discussion will focus on planning similarities,                 ships, 4) methods that reestablished the importance of unit and
differences, tips on what works, and potential problems to avoid.              division strategic plans in driving university initiatives, and 5) the
Although focusing on science, the learning outcomes can be                     university mission review process that assisted in framing strategic
applied to any academic project.                                               goals.
           Key Terms: Facilities Planning, Research                                     Key Terms: Academic Planning, Strategic Planning,
                                                                               Relationship Building
9:15   AM–10:15 AM         CC-61           Dominion South
Vendor Presentation                                                            9:15   AM–10:15 AM       CC-64           Grand Ballroom East
Sustainable Practices                                                          Invited Session
for University Research Buildings                                              Why Are They Like That?
Presenters: Michael Broge, Affiliated Engineers, Inc.; Michael                 Tips for Working With Higher Education Clients
Haggans, Flad & Associates; Jeffrey Kaden, Indiana University at               Presenters: Edward H. Adelman, Massachusetts State College
Bloomington                                                                    Building Authority; Douglas Bencks, University of New Hampshire;
Convener: Jim Rogers, Rio Hondo College                                        John R. Benson, Cayuga Consultants
Energy consumption in modern research facilities averages                      Convener: Barbara Myerchin, Affiliated Engineers Metro DC, Inc.
500,000 to 1,000,000 million btu’s per square foot. Reducing                   Colleges and universities present unique client-consultant challenges
building energy consumption is imperative to cost efficient                    to architects, builders, and other professionals. The better you
operations and viability of central campus utility infrastructure.             understand an institution’s values, culture, organizational dynamics,
You’ll learn several ways to do this, including: alternative                   and multi-headed, ‘collegial’ way of doing business, the better you
laboratory mechanical ventilation concepts; highly efficient heat              can help them meet their objectives and build a strong working
recovery systems in a laboratory environment; and utilization of               relationship. Higher education institutions are as diverse as
DOE2 analysis as building planning tool. Indiana University’s                  corporations or developers. Facilities professionals experienced in
proposed Multidisciplinary Sciences Building will be used as a                 both campus-based and consulting roles will discuss these unique
case study                                                                     working relationships and offer tips to build your effectiveness
           Key Terms: Facilities Planning, Sustainability, Research, Finance   working with higher education clients.
                                                                                        Key Terms: Facilities Planning, Relationship Building
9:15 AM–10:15 AM CC-62       Kent
Universities as Stimuli for Urban Revitalization                               10:15 AM–10:45      AM                   Sheraton Hall
through Capital Expansion and Political Advocacy                               Exhibit Hall
Presenters: Helen F. Giles-Gee, Rowan University; Mark Rozewski,
Rutgers University-Camden
Convener: Majorie Brown, Equity in Diversity Canada
                                                                               10:45 AM–11:45 AM CC-22   Essex
Camden County College, Rowan University, Rutgers University -
                                                                               Preparing for Change:
Camden, the University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey,
                                                                               A Guide to Campus Parking Analysis
and the city’s two medical centers collaborated with legislators
                                                                               Presenter: Tryst M. Anderson, Timothy Haahs & Associates, Inc
and the governor to stimulate economic development in
                                                                               Convener: Bob Ross, Brigham Young University
Camden, New Jersey. The plan delivered $175 million for
                                                                               Of all campus facilities, parking receives the least amount of
Camden’s revitalization, with up to $50 million for the institu-
                                                                               planning dollars and the most complaints from students, faculty,
tions as matches for capital projects. Described are econometric
                                                                               and staff. Learn strategies and tools that can guide you through
projections aligned with capital plans, collaborations, constituency
                                                                               the parking planning process and the development of campus
engagement, and shifting missions of universities.
                                                                               parking master plans. You’ll gain insight into parking trends that
           Key Terms: Resources Planning, Relationship Building, Master        will benefit campus parking systems.
                                                                                        Key Terms: Facilities Planning, Parking, Master Planning

22                         SCUP–39 • July 17–21, 2004 • Sheraton Centre Toronto • Toronto, Ontario Canada
10:45 AM–11:45 AM CC-65      Kent                                         10:45   AM–11:45 AM       CC-70            Dominion North
Articulating Vision, Building Coalitions,                                 Invited Session
and Mobilizing Resources to Develop an                                    How to Make Smart Choices with Your
Urban Campus                                                              Technology Planning Dollars
Presenters: Stanley P Cahill, Janyce J Napora, and James G. Stoll,        Presenter: Mark S. Valenti, The Sextant Group, Inc
Salem State College                                                       Convener: David Mayhew, Towson University
Convener: Dick Rigterink, The Campus Studio                               The role of technology in higher education continues to grow in
Diminishing resources, limited usable land, and densely populated         importance with a commensurate increase in dollars spent.
neighborhoods were facing Salem State College in the development          Certain technology applications that enable new forms of instruc-
of its new academic campus and undergraduate Residence                    tional delivery are maturing rapidly. As a consequence, educa-
Village. The college knit these disparate campus areas together           tional institutions are reevaluating the tradeoffs between
through strategic land acquisition, creative financing, and               increased staff and increased technology capabilities. This presen-
collaborative city planning, while fostering a strong sense of            tation will discuss the fundamental issues related to these trade-
campus community. Explore the college’s innovative evolution,             offs and will illustrate them with a set of case studies from real
planning insight, consensus building, and decision-making                 world project examples.
processes affecting all stakeholders.
                                                                                   Key Terms: Academic Planning, Technology, Learning
        Key Terms: Facilities Planning, Relationship Building, Students

                                                                          10:45 AM–11:45 AM CC-71  Civic Ballroom
10:45 AM–11:45 AM CC-67    Huron                                          Implementing Fundamental Change in
Challenging Times: Aligning Community                                     Residential Life
Improvement Challenges via Nonprofit                                      Presenters: Charles Belson, Ewing Cole; Daniel J O’Leary,
Development Corporations                                                  Hamilton College
Presenters: K. Scott Enns and Ronald B. Kull, University of               Convener: Alex Roe, Connecticut State University
Cincinnati                                                                At Hamilton College, a campus-wide reassessment of residential
Convener: Jim Cahill, Johnson Controls, Inc.                              life has resulted in new policies calling for significant change.
Complementing its $2 billion campus master plan implementation            Most sweeping is the plan to acquire the college’s historic
effort, the University of Cincinnati’s (UC) community-based               fraternity houses. They are being transformed into residence halls
partnerships are leading revitalization efforts surrounding its           open to all students. The college will also support fraternities in
urban campus in Cincinnati’s Uptown. Panelists will share                 their transition to become societies without a residential
guiding principles for community development using examples               component. This session shares new information about the policy
of projects developed by several non-profit development corpora-          implications for student life, capital costs, and the physical plant.
tions UC helped establish. Learn how to create similar partner-
                                                                          Key Terms: Facilities Planning, Students, Change Management, Finance
ships, and how UCs “patient capital” strategy has committed $75
million for implementation of initiatives approaching $500
million in construction costs.                                            10:45   AM–11:45 AM       CC-72            Dufferin
        Key Terms: Resources Planning, Relationship Building, Finance     Vendor Presentation
                                                                          Lean Green Research Machine: Implementation
                                                                          Strategies for Sustainable Laboratory Facilities
10:45 AM–11:45 AM CC-68    Grand Ballroom Centre
                                                                          Presenters: Chris Leary and Jeff Salocks, The Stubbins Associates;
Creating a Graduate Student Housing Plan:
                                                                          Christopher Schaffner, ARUP
The Contributing Role of Survey and Focus
                                                                          Convener: Christopher Rousseau, Newcomb & Boyd
Group Methodologies
                                                                          New and renovated laboratory projects are big consumers of
Presenters: Jonathan Austin, Austin Architects LLC; Rena Cheskis-
                                                                          energy; more than 50% of the operating cost is in the HVAC
Gold, Demographic Perspectives; Elizabeth Shepard-Rabadam,
                                                                          systems. More and more institutions are considering incorporating
Harvard Planning + the Allston Initiative
                                                                          sustainable planning precepts, systems, and materials into the
Convener: David E. Stoddart, Oklahoma State University
                                                                          new facilities. Learn about innovative ways (and their relative
In 2001, Harvard Real Estate Services teamed with a demographer
                                                                          costs) that you can achieve a “green” building, including new
/survey researcher and an architect with a specialty in campus
                                                                          ideas on energy efficient systems, use of green building materials,
housing to prepare a comprehensive evaluation of the university’s
                                                                          connecting the building to the landscape, and demonstrative
housing planning and program needs. The research results
                                                                          teaching tools.
supported the expansion plan to house a greater percentage of
graduate students on campus. Explore survey and focus group               Key Terms: Facilities Planning, Sustainability, Research
methodologies that informed the programming and physical-
planning components of Harvard’s graduate student housing                 10:45   AM–11:45 AM       CC-73            Grand Ballroom East
plan.                                                                     Invited Session
        Key Terms: Facilities Planning, Students, Change Management       The Radically New Market for U.S. Higher
                                                                          Presenter: George C. Keller, Consultant, Writer
                                                                          Convener: Darrell Winefordner, Ohio University Main Campus
                                                                          This presentation will describe in detail the rapidly changing ethnic
                                                                          and racial U.S. public, its emerging new socio-economic class
                                                                          structure, its age distribution, and the hard choices they require.
                                                                                   Key Terms: Academic Planning, Students, Strategic Planning

                                                                          Conference Program • Tuesday                                          23
10:45 AM–11:45 AM CC-74    Grand Ballroom West                                NOON–1:00 PM   CC-76      Civic Ballroom
Updating the University Master Plan Without                                   Creating Community for Commuters
Starting Over                                                                 Presenters: Greg Havens, Sasaki Associates Inc; Kathleen Pepin,
Presenters: L. Alayne Parson, The Ohio State University; Laura V.             University of Michigan - Dearborn
Shinn, The Ohio State University Columbus Campus                              Convener: Robert Sena, Moore Iacofano Goltsman
Convener: George G. Mathey, Dober, Lidsky, Craig and Associates               Today, some 85 percent of higher education students are
A well-designed master plan should guide the physical                         commuters, yet most campuses, are designed to support the
development of campus for 25 to 50 years. Institutional changes               traditional 18-24 year old single college student. All indicators
can happen at a faster rate, and can render a plan obsolete before            suggest the non-traditional student will increasingly be the norm
it is fully implemented. The Ohio State University developed an               in higher education. What types of amenities and services would
innovative process to periodically review its master plan, so it              better serve these students? What would facilitate community
could continue “working” as a living document. The process,                   interaction and the academic/social support that many of these
which included a site visit by an external review team, and its               students seek? Explore the demographic changes, physical design
resulting action steps will allow the plan to flex in the face of             strategies, and student services that institutions throughout
change without diluting the strong vision and good campus                     Canada and the United States are implementing, and explore a
design of the original plan.                                                  case study from the University of Michigan at Dearborn.
           Key Terms: Facilities Planning, Master Planning, Organizational             Key Terms: Facilities Planning, Students, Relationship Building

                                                                              NOON–1:00 PM     CC-77    Kent
10:45 AM–11:45 AM CC-93     Dominion South                                    Creating Superior Labs
Bringing the Neighbors to the Table for a                                     on a Bunsen Burner Budget
University Master Planning Process                                            Presenters: Rebecca Burleson, Linbeck; Leo W. Munson, Texas Christian
Presenters: Frances Halsband, Kliment & Halsband Architects;                  University; Robert Novak, Hammel, Green & Abrahamson, Inc
Michael McCormick, Brown University                                           Convener: Denise de Ville, DES Architects + Engineers
Convener: Daniel Kenney, Sasaki Associates, Inc.                              With a new strategic vision and growing safety concerns, Texas
An open planning process transforms a volatile town/gown                      Christian University began the difficult challenge of assessment,
relationship into a partnership for preserving an historic campus             master planning, programming, and implementation of a facility
in an historic neighborhood. The Brown University Strategic                   solution for the College of Science & Engineering. A successful
Framework for Physical Planning was developed over a fifteen                  collaborative process resulted in the adaptive reuse of two
month open planning process. Every idea was tested in discussion              existing facilities, optimization of program objectives within
with faculty, students, staff, alumni, parents, neighbors, and                a highly constrained budget, and rapid phased project completion
members of the City council, the Mayor and his staff, members                 without interruption to the operations of six impacted
of the business and instructional communities, neighborhood                   departments. Learn about their process tools, lessons learned,
associations, and others. While building total consensus was                  and the wisdom of success.
impossible, this open process established mutual respect and                           Key Terms: Facilities Planning, Research, Finance
understanding of institutional and civic needs.
           Key Terms: Facilities Planning, Relationship Building, Master
Planning                                                                      NOON–1:00    PM          CC-78           Dominion North
                                                                              Invited Session
                                                                              Different Learners, Different Expectations:
                                                                              How Adults are Shaping Higher Education
NOON–1:00 PM    CC-75     Grand Ballroom West                                 Presenters: Stephen Hundley, Indiana University/Purdue University
Classrooms:                                                                   at Indianapolis; Frederic Jacobs, American University
New Tools for Managing a Neglected Resource                                   Convener: Lorine Murray-Mechini, Ford Farewell Mills & Gatsch
Presenters: Margaret Dyer-Chamberlain, Stanford University;                   Since 1970, there has been a dramatic change in the demo-
Thomas C Hier, Biddison Hier, Ltd.                                            graphics of postsecondary education, and now more than forty
Convener: Craig Hamilton, Cannon Design                                       percent of all those enrolled are twenty-five or older. The
Classroom instruction is a critical aspect of an institution’s                presence of adult learners is self-evident as one looks around
mission. Yet classrooms, with no natural advocate, are among the              almost any institution. Are the institutions, curricula and faculty
most neglected spaces on campus. In the vanguard of changing                  different, and if so, in what ways? This session analyzes differences
this, Stanford University and Dartmouth College developed class-              which have emerged in (1) teaching style, (2) student performance
room management plans that are guideposts for investing in,                   expectations, (3) administrative services and communication, and
improving, and managing classrooms. This session illustrates how              (4) counseling, remediation, and support services.
these plans were developed, productivity measures used to
                                                                                       Key Terms: Academic Planning, Students, Learning,
document classroom needs objectively, and changes in                          Organizational Process
organizational structure and scheduling policies that result
in better use of classrooms.
           Key Terms: Facilities Planning, Learning, Organizational Process

24                         SCUP–39 • July 17–21, 2004 • Sheraton Centre Toronto • Toronto, Ontario Canada
NOON–1:00 PM     CC-79      Essex                                     of their facilities in order to develop accurate capital allocation
The Effects of University Culture                                     plans. In this session, presenters will address ways to tackle the
in the Adoption of Innovation                                         task of articulating the scope and detail of facility renewal needs.
Presenter: Watson Hannah, Middle Tennessee State University           The session will focus on the Ontario higher education system,
Convener: Roberta Hopkins, University of Washington                   detailing how it secured funding by creating persuasive,
University culture can help, or hinder, the adoption of new ideas.    irrefutable arguments for facilities investments that were based on
Explore a case study of eight public universities that investigated   accurate capital planning techniques and methodologies.
the effect of university culture on the adoption of innovation—                Key Terms: Facilities Planning, Finance
more specifically the adoption of classroom technology. The
findings indicate classroom technology adoption ranged from 25
to 85 percent, and that universities with higher percentages were     NOON–1:00    PM          CC-89           Huron
more likely to have visionary leadership, to perceive ownership       Invited Session
and control, and to practice an entrepreneurial approach in           Campus Linked Retirement Communities
problem-solving and funding issues.                                   and Extension of the Educational Mission
          Key Terms: Academic Planning, Change Management,            of Colleges and Universities
Learning, Technology                                                  Presenters: Gerard Badler, Campus Continuum, Inc; Frank
                                                                      Macknick, Holy Cross Village at Notre Dame; Leon Pastalan,
                                                                      University of Michigan
NOON–1:00 PM     CC-80     Dominion South                             Convener: Angela Fowler-Young, University of Maryland
Innovation and Change within                                          Older adults are searching for ways to lead more purposeful and
a Sustainable Campus Environment                                      meaningful lives in retirement. Institutions of higher learning are
Presenters: Stephen A. McDowell, Berkebile Nelson Immenschuh          structured to provide opportunities for social, cultural and
McDowell Architects; Greg Papay, Lake/Flato Architects; Rives         intellectual stimulation for students of all ages. An emerging
Taylor, University of Texas                                           response on the part of colleges and universities is to create
Convener: Rosamund Hyde, Keen Engineering                             retirement communities on or near campus. Learn about the
Over the last ten years, the University of Texas Health Science       various ways campuses have approached this. This session will
Center in Houston has embarked upon a journey of change.              also offer a discussion of the latest data available regarding who is
Their mission is to be a national leader in creating more sustain-    doing what, as well as what is needed to generate more knowledge
able, healthful campus environments. Using the design and             and how to share and network such knowledge.
construction of its new School of Nursing, opening in May 2004,
                                                                               Key Terms: Academic Planning, Facilities Planning, Learning
as a case study, this presentation will focus on the continuous
process, including the hard choices, the institution has under-
taken to incorporate innovation and sustainability as a core          NOON–1:00 PM          CC-95              Grand Ballroom Centre
value.                                                                Mid-Atlantic Regional Best
       Key Terms: Facilities Planning, Sustainability, Change         World-Wide Connectivity
Management                                                            in Johns Hopkins’ Hodson Hall
                                                                      Presenters: Graham Bouton and Travers C. Nelson, Johns Hopkins
NOON–1:00     PM         CC-81           Grand Ballroom East          University
                                                                      Convener: Tracy DeLeuw, DPR Construction, Inc
Vendor Presentation
                                                                      The benefits of world-wide connectivity in higher education are
National Trends in Recently Completed                                 demonstrable. Three years ago, electronic learning facilities at
Undergraduate Science Facilities
                                                                      Johns Hopkins University were meager, and classes using web-
Presenters: Richard M. Heinz and Sean Towne, Research Facilities      based materials or remote expertise in real time, rare. With a
Design                                                                grant from the Hodson Trust, JHU built a technologically-
Convener: Dixon Hanna, Virginia Tech                                  advanced classroom building, a faculty training program to enable
The undergraduate sciences have been undergoing a revolution          its use, and a technical program to support operations. The
over the past decade. Find out the national trends in undergraduate   facilities now are heavily used by an increasingly savvy faculty in
science facilities, alternative teaching laboratory layouts that      creative and effective ways.
support different pedagogical styles, and key area/cost bench-
marking ratios. This session will compare several new science                  Key Terms: Facilities Planning, Technology, Learning
facilities from around the U.S., completed over the past two
years. Look at their similarities and differences, with an analysis   NOON–4:00 PM     Mezzanine Foyer
of best new practices and features to consider for your next          Local Hosts Hospitality Table
science facility project.                                             Sponsored by Koetter Kim & Associates
         Key Terms: Facilities Planning, Students, Learning
                                                                      1:45   PM–4:00 PM        Meet at Main Lobby
NOON–1:00 PM       CC-82    Dufferin                                  Optional Tour            Preregistration Required
The Ontario College & University System:                              Ryerson University Athletics Complex
Securing $120 Million in Funding with a                               Guide: Manny Ravinsky, Ryerson University
Revitalized Facility Management Program                               When it wasn’t possible for the university to build “up”, it built
Presenters: Dan Durkee, VFA, Inc; Darryl K. Boyce, Carleton           “down” to create an award winning athletics complex. Complete
University                                                            with international squash courts, sprung hardwood floor gymnasi-
Convener: Ken Burt, Okanagan University College                       ums, a climbing cave, and a 160-degree banked indoor running
Colleges and universities must be able to measure the condition       track. The underground athletics complex was designed to

                                                                      Conference Program • Tuesday                                           25
include two skylights that were in turn incorporated into the          Participants will depart the Sheraton Centre Hotel and be
overall landscape of St. James Square.                                 escorted via subway (tickets included)to each destination. A
Ryerson University is located in the heart of downtown Toronto.        meeting point will be designated on campus for those who wish
Ryerson is truly an urban campus and provides an informative           to do the first and second group of tours.
and interesting test case of the pros and cons of a growing            Sponsored by Diamond and Schmitt Architects, Inc.
university bounded by a bustling city on the west and historic
Toronto neighborhoods on the east.
                                                                       1:45   PM–5:00 PM       Meet at Main Lobby
Participants will depart the Sheraton Centre Hotel and be              Optional Tour           Preregistration Required
escorted via subway (tickets included) to each destination. A
                                                                       Art and Architecture Walking Tour
meeting point will be designated on campus for those who wish
                                                                       Explore Toronto’s fascinating public art and architecture on this
to do the first and second group of tours.
                                                                       unique walking tour. Highlights include: Union Station; The
                                                                       Design Exchange, Commerce Court, Hockey Hall of Fame, Old
1:45   PM–4:00 PM       Meet at Main Lobby                             and New City Halls, the Royal Alexander Theatre, and Roy
                                                                       Thomson Hall to name a few. Experts will lead this easy walking
Optional Tour           Preregistration Required
                                                                       tour on Toronto history, many of which are architectural
University of Toronto Libraries on the                                 historians and local writers.
St. George Campus
Guide: Carole Moore, University of Toronto
The University of Toronto Library provides extensive library serv-     1:45   PM–6:00 PM       Meet at Main Lobby
ices across the campus. There are numerous libraries on campus;        Optional Tour           Preregistration Required
the central facility being the Robarts Library on St. George
                                                                       Toronto City Tour and CN Tower
Street. The University of Toronto Library consistently ranks in
                                                                       Discover the pulse of Toronto and the world famous CN Tower.
the top five libraries in North America and usually ranks as the
                                                                       Experience the vibrant downtown financial district with stunning
top library for public research and teaching universities. The tour
                                                                       skyscrapers, the New City Hall, Kings Cross Circle, bustling
will also include a visit to the Fisher Rare Books Collection and
                                                                       Chinatown, the waterfront, stately homes, museums, parklands,
the Information Commons.
                                                                       theatres, and the medieval style Castle Loma. After a bus tour of
Participants will depart the Sheraton Centre Hotel and be              the city, participants will be given a guided tour of the CN tower.
escorted via subway (tickets included)to each destination. A           Travel up 1,122 feet to enjoy the panoramic and spectacular
meeting point will be designated on campus for those who wish          360-degree views of Toronto and its surrounding areas. On a
to do the first and second group of tours.                             clear day you can even see the mist from Niagara Falls! This tour
                                                                       includes entrance to the CN Tower.
1:45   PM–4:00 PM       Meet at Main Lobby
Optional Tour           Preregistration Required                       1:45   PM–4:00 PM       Meet at Main Lobby
Residences at the University of Toronto                                Optional Tour           Preregistration Required
Guide: Jennifer Adams, University of Toronto                           Sharpe Centre for Design
The University of Toronto operates a large number of residences        Guide: Mary Thring, University of Toronto
on the St. George campus as part of an extensive college system.       Few buildings in Toronto have caused more controversy. The
The residences offer either suite or dormitory style accommoda-        newly-opened Sharpe Centre for Design at the Ontario College
tion. The tour will visit the new 381 bed, 17 story Woodsworth         of Art and Design (OCAD) is a $42.5 million campus redevelop-
College Residence, Innis College, New College, Massey College          ment and expansion project, featuring a 60,000 square foott
and Trinity College residences. The tour will provide an opportu-      teaching studio facility held nine-stories in the air above OCAD s
nity to observe the changing residence developments over a num-        main campus. The table top structure is held aloft by 12 colourful
ber of decades.                                                        steel columns and conceived as one half of a suspension bridge,
Participants will depart the Sheraton Centre Hotel and be              with the central core equivalent to the tower at one end of the
escorted via subway (tickets included)to each destination. A           bridge, and the columns equivalent to the suspension cables.
meeting point will be designated on campus for those who wish          Featured in both Newsweek and the New York Times, the project
to do the first and second group of tours.                             is designed by award-winning British architect Will Alsop in a
                                                                       joint venture with Toronto-based Robbie/Young + Wright
                                                                       Architects. Sarah McKinnon, Vice President, Academic, of the
1:45   PM–4:00 PM       Meet at Main Lobby                             Ontario College of Art and Design will lead the tour. The tour
Optional Tour           Preregistration Required                       will depart the Sheraton Centre and walk to OCAD.
Laboratories and Research Facilities                                   Established in 1876, OCAD is Canada largest university of art
at the University of Toronto                                           and design and the oldest. 3,300 full and part time students
Guides: William Yasui and Ray DeSouza, University of Toronto           attend, making OCAD the 4th largest independent art college in
The tour will include a visit to the newly renovated first year        North America. 14,000 OCAD alumni work as practitioners in
chemistry laboratories, the new botany research greenhouse with-       creative fields such as film and television production, web design,
in the Faculty of Arts and Science and will include other facilities   advertising, interior design, illustration, photography, graphic
from the following: the Intelligent Transportation Systems Centre      design, publishing, and product and furniture design. Their
and Testbed, Centre for Function and Well-Being, the Bahen             artwork is held in private and public collections in Canada
Centre for Information Technology and/or the Munk Centre for           and abroad, and exhibited widely.
International Studies.

26                     SCUP–39 • July 17–21, 2004 • Sheraton Centre Toronto • Toronto, Ontario Canada
2:00 PM–3:30 PM Spring Song                                             4:00   PM–6:00 PM       Meet at Main Lobby
2006 Program Advisory Committee Meeting                                 Optional Tour           Preregistration Required
                                                                        Ryerson University Campus
2:00   PM–5:30 PM       Wentworth                                       Guide: Manny Ravinsky, Ryerson University
Workshop L              Preregistration Required                        This general campus tour will provide an overview of the campus
                                                                        and will include visits to some of the new buildings that have
Academic Design—
A Foundation for Facility Planning
                                                                        been completed and are in use. 1) The Sally Horsfall Eaton
Presenters: William Ammentorp, University of Minnesota; Bill            Centre for Studies in Community Health. A two-story addition
Warner, The Bill Warner Group                                           to Eric Palin Hall to accommodate Early Childhood Education,
Convener: Karen Bauer, University of Georgia                            Gerontology, and Disabilities Management programs. 2) The
The accelerating pace of change in higher education has                 Heidelberg Centre-School of Graphic Communications
transformed all aspects of academic life. Those who design              Management which houses Canada’s only degree-level graphics
facilities and programs are faced with an unfamiliar set of             management program. A 30,000 square foot. building includes
challenges and, in some instances, totally new academic models.         laboratories and state-of-the-art pre-press and press facilities. 3)
                                                                        The Centre for Computing and Engineering; a 245,000 square
This workshop gives designers the tools and practices needed to         foot undergraduate and research facility now scheduled to open
ensure institutional vitality in a competitive environment.             in September, 2004.
Participants will learn how to assess the competitive advantage of
colleges and universities and ways to deploy human and material         Ryerson University is truly an urban campus and provides an
resources productively. Their assessments are translated into           informative and interesting test case of the pros and cons of a
program profiles using several computer-based tools. Finally, new       growing university bounded by a bustling city on the west and
designs for program configuration and delivery are explored and         historic Toronto neighborhoods on the east.
applied to the institutions represented by participants. Program        Participants will depart the Sheraton Centre Hotel and be
configuration and delivery assist in defining physical space            escorted via subway (tickets included).
required to implement the design.
Participants receive a copy of Academic Design, and completed           4:00   PM–6:00 PM       Meet at Main Lobby
worksheets where he/she has developed the key elements of an
                                                                        Optional Tour           Preregistration Required
academic design.
                                                                        University College at the University of Toronto
                                                                        Guide: Carole Robb, University of Toronto
2:00   PM–5:30 PM       Elgin                                           This tour will focus on the magnificent architecture of University
Workshop M              Preregistration Required                        College located on King’s College Circle at the heart of the St.
Planning for and Surviving
                                                                        George Campus. The stained leaded glass windows of East &
a Construction Project
                                                                        West Halls, Croft Chapter House, Sir Daniel Wilson residence
Presenters: Sarah A. Beamer, Emory & Henry College; Walt L.             and quadrangle, and the Art Centre at University College.
Crimm, Ewing Cole Cherry Brott; Raymond G. Hunt, EDC; L.                Participants will depart the Sheraton Centre Hotel and be
Carole Wharton, McManis-Monsalve Associates                             escorted via subway (tickets included).
Convener: Mike Owu, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
This workshop explores elements essential for construction
project success: vision, planning, and informed and engaged             4:00   PM–6:00 PM       Meet at Main Lobby
players. The target audience is board members, presidents, senior       Optional Tour           Preregistration Required
administrators, planners, and facilities managers, particularly         University of Toronto Tour of the
those new to construction projects. Special attention will be           St. George Campus
given to strategies for colleges that do not maintain design and        Guide: Carole Moore, University of Toronto
construction management professionals on staff.                         The St. George Campus of the University of Toronto is located
The workshop is designed to help you understand key planning            adjacent to Queen’s Park, the provincial legislature and in
concepts essential to successful projects, including decision           walking distance of the financial, theatre, and shopping districts
processes, responsibilities, and strategies; key construction project   of the city of Toronto. The tour will include the Medical Sciences
concepts, such as capital planning; construction project design         Building, the construction sites of the Centre for Cellular &
options; project management issues; project cost components;            Biomolecular Research, the new Pharmacy building and Simcoe
financing; and sustainability issues.                                   Hall. Key architectural gems will also be visited, the University
                                                                        College, Trinity College, Robarts Library, the Bahen Centre for
Small group discussions will help you assess your institutions’         Information Technology, and the new streetscapes of St. George
progress toward capital planning and building and to share their        Street and King’s College Road.
involvement in such projects; the workshop will also include a
defined period of questions and answers.                                Participants will depart the Sheraton Centre Hotel and be
                                                                        escorted via subway (tickets included).

                                                                        Conference Program • Tuesday                                      27
6:00   PM–10:00 PM      Meet at Main Lobby for Shuttles                7:30 AM–NOON                  .
                                                                                                V.I.P Room
Optional Event          Preregistration Required                       Internet Café
Tuesday Evening Gala Reception at the                                  Sponsored by The Eastridge Companies
University of Toronto’s Great Hall
Join new friends and old at the historic Great Hall on the
University of Toronto’s campus for this SCUP reception. Enjoy the      9:45   AM–10:45 AM       CC-83           Dominion South
cathedral-like assembly room modeled after meeting halls in
                                                                       Invited Session
English universities, which provides a heightened sense of occasion
                                                                       Facilities Inventory Classification Manual
and enhances Hart House’s feeling of community.
                                                                       Working Group—Progress Update
Built in 1919, the Great Hall is 120 feet long, with a ceiling which   Presenter: Kreon L Cyros, OFMS, Chair of the NCES Working
soars to an arching height of 80 feet. Stained glass windows, set      Group revising the Facilities Inventory Classification Manual
with colorful coats of arms, tower above oak paneled walls. Live       Convener: John Byrd, University of Alabama Birmingham
music, hearty hors d’oeuvres, and a cash bar will be offered.          Learn about the progress of the working group charged by the
Sponsored by Fluor Corporation                                         National Center for Educational Statistics (NCES) with revising
                                                                       the 1992 Facilities Inventory Classification Manual (FICM).
                                                                       You’ll have the opportunity to learn what areas are under
Wednesday, July 21                                                     consideration for revision, what impact the revisions can have
                                                                       on other Government agencies working with SCUP member
7:00 AM–11:00 AM Convention Registration Area                          organizations, to ask questions about timelines, and to engage
Conference Registration                                                in discussion concerning the revisions.
                                                                       Key Terms: Facilities Planning, Space Management

7:30 AM–9:30 AM  Grand Ballroom East
Continental Breakfast and Special Interest                             9:45 AM–10:45 AM CC-84                   Essex
Roundtables                                                            North Atlantic Regional Best
We invite you to join an informal breakfast conversation               The Intentional Campus: A Checklist of
that interests you!                                                    Opportunities to Enrich the Learning
• What’s on Your Mind?
                                                                       Presenter: Michael A. Flusche, Syracuse University
  Terry Calhoun, Society for College and University Planning
                                                                       Convener: John Benson, Cayuga Consultants
• Your Future Students and Learning Environments                       Every space, building, office, event, or activity on campus
  Mark Valenti, The Sextant Group                                      presents an opportunity for the college to be intentionally
                                                                       educational. The campus and all its parts should create a sense of
• Research Safety with Bio-hazards                                     community and purpose, convey the history and values of the
  Rose Barroilhet, University of Wisconsin - Madison                   institution, as well as foster ecological and physiological
                                                                       well-being. See dozens of examples of successful intentionally
• Medical Center Trends
                                                                       educational campus features from across the nation, and learn
  Elliot Bonnie Design Group; Steve Krakoff, Ohio State
                                                                       ways to make the physical environment of the campus more
  University Medical Center
                                                                       intentionally educational.
• Space Issues on Campus                                                        Key Terms: Academic Planning, Facilities Planning, Learning
  Beth Anderson, Yale University; Lisa Macklin, Comprehensive
  Facilities Planning
                                                                       9:45   AM–10:45 AM       CC-85           Dominion North
• How to Submit a Proposal to SCUP–40                                  Vendor Presentation
  Karen Merritt, University of California - Merced; John Benson,       Synergy Between Housing
  Cayuga Consultants; Jake Julia, Northwestern University              and the Academic Mission
                                                                       Presenters: Niles Bolton and Edwin R. Kimsey, Niles Bolton
• Town–Gown Relationships                                              Associates; Terry Sichta, Ambling Development Company
  Judith Steinkamp, Univerity of Massachusetts                         Convener: Greg Redlin, The University of South Dakota
• Accountability, Rankings, & Accreditation                            The most significant impact on American university campuses
  Watson Hannah, Middle Tennessee State University                     has been the introduction of new state-of-the-art housing.
                                                                       Commuter schools, such as Georgia State University, have
• Retirement Communities on Campus                                     recently built their first housing developments. According to
  Lee Pastalan, University of Michigan                                 those involved in campus planning and design, on-campus
                                                                       housing changes the character of the institution, through the
• International Topics
                                                                       presence of more traditional students and better support of
  Phyllis Grummon, Society for College and University Planning;
                                                                       university activities. This program explores many alternatives in
  Roland Proulx, Université de Montreal
                                                                       the delivery of housing, and its impacts on the academic mission.
• Finance & Budgets                                                             Key Terms: Facilities Planning, Students
  Tom Bowen, Piedmont College

28                      SCUP–39 • July 17–21, 2004 • Sheraton Centre Toronto • Toronto, Ontario Canada
                                                                           NOON–2:00 PM     Mezzanine Foyer
                                                                           Local Hosts Hospitality Table
11:00 AM–NOON   CC-86       Dominion North                                 Sponsored by Koetter Kim & Associates
Inward Journey Part II: Neuro-biology,
Immunology, and Spatial Archetypes in the                                  12:15 PM–2:00 PM Grand Ballroom
Campus Environment                                                         Closing Plenary Session and Lunch
Presenter: Susan Painter, AC Martin Partners                               Introduction: Lisa Macklin, Principal, Comprehensive Facilities
Convener: Lenell Kittlitz, Board of Trustees, Connecticut Community        Planning, Inc., and SCUP–39 Plenary Sessions Chair
Explore intriguing and newly-discovered connections between                Space Matters
neuro-biological development, species survival, and human                                      Speakers: Fred Dust, Environments Lead, and
responses to the physical environment. Recent research in brain                                Ilya Prokopoff, Transformation by Design Lead,
biology shows well-documented links between brain function,                                    IDEO
physical health, and well-being; new formulations in cognitive                                 Who wouldn’t want to be more creative in
anthropology describe the survival instincts that trigger human                                how they approach and solve problems? IDEO
responses to the physical environment. These findings suggest                                  (pronounced "eye-dee-oh") helps companies
new and productive ways to understand the connections between                   Fred Dust      innovate. IDEO has applied its innovation
design and human psychology that are of special interest to                                    process to a broad range of project types. The
campus architects and planners. This continues the discussion                                  same methodologies that work in relation to
from last year’s highly-rated SCUP–38 session.                                                 developing "future of" scenarios around
         Key Terms: Facilities Planning, Learning, Design
                                                                                               products, spaces and technologies can apply to
                                                                                               large-scale college and university systems. In
                                                                                               this session, you’ll learn how IDEO approaches
11:00 AM–NOON     CC-87    Dominion South                                                      design-from product development, service
Steps to Making Campus Building Operation                                     Ilya Prokopoff
                                                                                               design, and environments-to digital
Part of Students’ Environmental Learning                                   experiences. More importantly, you’ll gain ideas on how your own
Presenters: Barry Giles, Moss Landing Marine Lab; Rosamund A.              organization can create an environment where innovative
Hyde, Keen Engineering                                                     thinking can be stimulated, nourished, and sustained. Fred Dust
Convener: Bruce Flye, East Carolina University                             leads IDEO’s environmental design practice from IDEO San
How can sustainable building design and operation provide lead-            Francisco. An architect by training, Fred leads multidisciplinary
ership in achieving more sustainable learning outcomes at post-            teams to create immersive, interactive spaces for diverse
secondary institutions? Explore the successful programs at two             industries, including healthcare, education, retail, financial
campuses, one in California and one in British Columbia. In each           services and workplace design. Ilya Prokopoff co-leads a practice
case, a green building has contributed to educating a campus               group at IDEO called Transformation that helps clients work in
community about sustainability. Audience and presenters will               new ways by using design methodologies to envision and act upon
pool ideas on next steps for individuals who see potential for             new futures. He has been involved in a wide range of transforma-
green campus building design and operation to teach about sus-             tion programs in a variety of industries to establish sustainable
tainability.                                                               innovation practices within the client organizations.
         Key Terms: Facilities Planning, Sustainability, Learning
                                                                           Recognition of Outgoing Board Members
                                                                           Thomas B. Flaherty, Consultant/Planning and Accreditation, Central
11:00 AM–NOON   CC-88      Essex                                           Connecticut State University, and 2003-2004 SCUP President
Two Models for Achieving Effective Institutional
                                                                           Invitation to SCUP–40 in Washington, DC
Change: Team Building and the Visionary Leader
                                                                           Sal Rinella, Vice President, STRATUS, and SCUP–40 Conference
Presenters: Mary Broughton, Virginia Commonwealth University; Z.
                                                                           Committee Chair; and Mark Maves, Senior Vice President,
Scott Hurst, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University; Leslie
                                                                           SmithGroup, and SCUP–40 Local Hosts Chair
Sims, Shepley Bulfinch Richardson & Abbott
Convener: Janet Baum, Health, Education + Research Associates, Inc.
                                                                           Official SCUP–39 Closing
Institutions are changing the way space is allocated and designed
for science research facilities. Rather than allocating space              Thomas Swafford, Assistant Vice Chancellor and Director of Space
according to the researcher’s status and tenure, space is                  Management and Research Facilities, Indiana University at
prioritized according to the research need and the level of grant          Bloomington, and SCUP–39 Conference Committee Chair
funding. It is a shift that alienates some of the institution’s most
valuable people. This session will discuss two organization                2:15 PM–4:30 PM Conference G
models, the team approach and the visionary leader, which                  SCUP–40 Committee Meeting
successfully create cultural change within the institution and
significantly affect the outcome.
                                                                           4:30 PM–8:00 PM  City Hall Room
         Key Terms: Facilities Planning, Change Management, Research       Board of Directors’ Meeting

                                                                           Conference Program • Tuesday–Wednesday                             29
            Society for College and University Planning
            Calendar of Events
September, 2004
     Watch for distance learning opportunites on technology-enabled classrooms
     and other topics announced at www.scup.org!
October, 2004
     Throughout October, SCUP will be hosting audio and webcasts
     focused on sustainability activities in higher education.
October 9, 2004
     Step 1: Context—Foundations of Planning with the Context of Higher Education
     Minneapolis, Minnesota USA, in association with the North Central Regional Conference
October 10–12, 2004
     A Kaleidoscope of Challenges: The Changing Landscape of Higher Education
     Minneapolis, Minnesota USA
October 24–26, 2004
     Destinations and Pathways—Directions From Your Present to Your Future
     Austin, Texas USA
Fall, 2004

January 21–24, 2005
     Step 2: Integrated Application—Integrated Planning and Problem Solving, or
     Step 3: Advanced Application—Advanced Application of Planning Knowledge
         Option A: Strategic Skills Toolkit
         Option B: Politics of Planning
     Tempe, Arizona USA
July 23–27, 2005
     Planning • Linking • Learning
     Marriott Wardman Park Hotel, Washington, DC USA
July 8–11, 2006
     Honolulu, Hawaii USA

30                 SCUP–39 • July 17–21, 2004 • Sheraton Centre Toronto • Toronto, Ontario Canada
     2004 SCUP/AIA-CAE Excellence in Planning Award Recipients

Honor Award
Red River College with Corbett Cibinel Architects for the Princess Street Campus
Merit Award in District Planning
Georgia Institute of Technology with Thompson, Ventulett, Stainback & Associates, Inc. for the Technology Square
Merit Award in Planning for a New Campus
Cy-Fair College with Gensler for the Cy-Fair College
Merit Award in Planning for an Established Campus
Smith College with R.M. Kliment and Frances Halsband Architects for the 2050 Plan
Honorable Mention
The Ohio State University and Goody, Clancy & Associates, Inc. for A Plan for High Street: Breaking Boundaries,
Rebuilding Community

                                          SCUP Award Winners
Founder’s (Casey) Award                                                 Distinguished Service Award
                        The recipient of the 2004 SCUP                                       James L. Murdock has been named as the
                        Founder’s (Casey) Award is John D. (Jack)                            2004 recipient of SCUP’s Distinguished
                        Telfer. This award is very fitting since Jack                        Service Award. Jim currently serves as the
                        actually was one of the founders of this                             Assistant Dean for Finance and Planning
                        organization. SCUP was founded in 1966,                              of the University of Michigan Business
                        but it was a "gleam in the founders’ eyes"                           School in Ann Arbor. He has been
                        as early as 1958 when a memo was written                             employed by the university since 1975,
                        proposing a meeting of campus planners.                              serving as an administrator of the U of M-
                        Jack drafted the "resolutions of organiza-                           Flint campus for eleven years. He began
                        tion" which were reviewed by about 70                                working for the Business School on the
                        people attending an April 17, 1966 meet-                             Ann Arbor campus in 1987.
                        ing at the University of Pennsylvania. The                              Jim has been a SCUP member since 1987
                        resolutions were adopted, the name was                                 and has distinguished himself within SCUP
approved and a board of directors was elected. The first board          in many capacities. He served as Treasurer and a member of the
meeting was held the same day and on the next day SCUP met in           Board of Directors from 1994–1997. He was a member of the
a second session where Jack was appointed the first executive           1995 Search Committee for the Executive Director position of
director. He served as the Executive Director for seven years and       SCUP that recruited and brought Jolene Knapp, the current
later served as President for four years.                               Executive Director, to that position. He has been a session pre-
  "Jack Telfer’s work in getting us set up and organized was            senter at several regional and national conferences and was the
invaluable," said co-founder Albert R. Wagner. "The Society             Conference Chair for SCUP–35, the Annual International
could not have advanced without it." In addition, Jack’s wife,          Conference and Expo that was held in Denver, Colorado in 2000.
Ginnie and their sons were important assets to the early group,         He has served as a member of both the Finance Committee and
serving up support and hospitality including hosting an informal        the Marketing Committee. Because of his experience in the busi-
reception at the Telfer home before the July 1967 board meeting.        ness school, Jim was asked to chair SCUP’s Business Plan Task
Jack holds a Bachelor of Architecture and Masters of City               Force that developed a Strategic Plan Implementation process for
Planning degrees from the University of Michigan as well as an          the management use of the Board of Directors and the SCUP
honorary Doctor of Laws degree from Eastern Michigan                    central staff.
University. He has held vice-president positions at Columbia              "Jim Murdock has been the person SCUP turned to when we
University in New York City, the State University of New York at        wanted to be sure things would get done thoroughly, without a
Buffalo and at the University of Tampa in Florida. He also served       fuss and in a timely fashion," says former SCUP President Cal
as Chief Operations Officer at Queens College of the City               Audrain. "It was my good fortune, during my year as president,
University of New York on Long Island until 1985 when he                that Jim accepted the job of conference chair for SCUP–35. I
moved to Marion, Ohio to retire. Since 1995, he has been                knew that he would provide a quality conference and he did."
involved with the Marion County Park District and has been                He received his BA in economics from Muskingum College in
Parks Director since 1998.                                              New Concord, Ohio, his MBA from the Wharton Graduate
                                                                        School of the University of Pennsylvania, and achieved Ph.D.
                                                                        candidacy in the Ph.D. program of the Center for the Study of
                                                                        Higher Education at the University of Michigan in 1975.

                                                                        Award Recipients                                             31
     Past SCUP Award Recipients                                      Award Committee Members

Founder’s Award                                                  2004 Awards Committee
 Dennis P Jones                                                  Co-Chairs
 Harlan D. Bareither                                             *Calvert W. Audrain, Consultant
 Clark Kerr                                                      *Pam Loeffelman, Perkins Eastman Architects
 Frederick W. Mayer
 Jack E. Robinson
                                                                 Founder’s Award Subcommittee
 William F. Massy                                                John Adams, University of Nebraska Medical Center
 Hideo Sasaki                                                    Steve Borbas, University of New Mexico
 Lyman A. Glenny                                                 John T. Byrd, University of Alabama at Birmingham
 Richard P Dober                                                 C. Anthony Junker, Ueland Junker McCauley Nicholson,
 Marvin W. Peterson                                              Architects
 Robert C. Shirley                                               Christa M. Mahar, Graham Gund Architects
 Thomas R. Mason
 George C. Keller                                                SCUP/AIA-CAE Excellence in
 Clinton N. Hewitt
                                                                 Planning Awards Subcommittee
 Jack E. Freeman                                                 John R. Benson, Cayuga Consultants
 Raymond M. Haas                                                 *Anthony Catchot, JJR
                                                                 Pamela Delphenich, Yale University
Distinguished Service Award                                      Richard Dober, Dober Lidsky & Craig
 Trudis Heinecke                                                 W. Jeff Floyd, Jr.,The ALPHA Group
 Brian Nedwek                                                    Thomas F. Fortier, BOORA Architects
 Rodney Rose                                                     Gita Hendessi, Hendessi Associates
 Space Management Workshop Team                                  *Lennell Kittlitz, Board of Trustees of Community-Technical
     Clinton N. Hewitt                                           Colleges
     O. Robert Simha                                             *Richard Macias, Consultant
     William R. Tibbs                                            O. Robert Simha, MIT Emeritus
     Elizabeth Anderson                                          Joseph J. Szutz, Georgia Board of Regents System Office
     Richard Franz                                               *Barbara White, Rice University
     Margaret M. McDermott
     Joanne D. Cate                                              * Juror
 Daniel K. Paulien
 Helen Giles-Gee
 David E. Hollowell
 John A. Dunn
 Ira Fink
 Donald M. Norris
 Haskin R. Pounds
 Marilyn McCoy and The University of Michigan
 Marvin W. Peterson
 Raymond M. Haas
 Jeffrey Holmes

32                      SCUP–39 • July 17–21, 2004 • Sheraton Centre Toronto • Toronto, Ontario Canada
         SCUP Expo Booth Locator


                     Expo Booth Locator   33
                                             Expo Information
SCUP would like to thank all the exhibitors who have come to        Expo Schedule
Toronto this year to be a part of SCUP–39. Our exhibitors offer
our attendees the opportunity to view the latest products,          Sunday, July 18
services and project ideas to assist you in your higher education    8:00 AM–4 PM         Exhibitor Set Up
planning responsibilities. You can network with your colleagues      4:00 PM–5:30 PM      Expo Reception
and exhibitors during the scheduled times. The previous page        Monday, July 19
contains the Expo floor plan and following are the booth locator     7:30 AM–8:30 AM      Continental Breakfast
and brief descriptions of the exhibitors. We have many first-time    10:45 AM–11:15 AM    Refreshment Break
exhibitors with SCUP this year and we than them for choosing         12:15 PM–1:30 PM     Pick Up Box Lunch
to exhibit with us and also thank those who are returning.           4:00 PM–5:30 PM      Wine and Cheese Reception
Exhibitors are designated as "New" or "Returning" next to their     Tuesday, July 20
booth number below.                                                  7:30 AM–9:00 AM      Continental Breakfast
                                                                     8:00 AM–NOON         Expo Remains Open
                                                                     NOON                 Expo Closes and Breaks Down

                                                  Booth Locator
BOOTH 01 RETURNING                             BOOTH 13 RETURNING                        BOOTH 26 RETURNING
Porter Consulting Worldwide, Inc.              Keen Engineering                          Eustis Chair
BOOTH 02 NEW                                   BOOTH 14 RETURNING                        BOOTH 27 RETURNING
EDC                                            Schirmer Engineering                      3D/International, Inc.
BOOTH 03 NEW                                   BOOTH 15 RETURNING                        BOOTH 28 RETURNING
Old World Stone                                DLR Group                                 URS
BOOTH 04 NEW                                   BOOTH 16 RETURNING                        BOOTH 29 RETURNING
Maier Engineering/MiniMax                      American School & University              Kallmann, McKinnell & Wood
Corporation                                    Magazine                                  Architects, Inc.
BOOTH 05 RETURNING                             BOOTH 17 RETURNING                        BOOTH 30 RETURNING
Perkins & Will                                 FAMIS Software, Inc.                      Research Facilities Design (RFD)
BOOTH 06 RETURNING                             BOOTH 18 RETURNING                        BOOTH 31 RETURNING
Leo A Daly                                     Wallace Roberts & Todd, LLC               CollegeNET, Inc.
BOOTH 07 RETURNING                             BOOTH 19 RETURNING                        BOOTH 32 NEW
ISES Corporation                               Sasaki Associates, Inc.                   Gallagher & Associates
BOOTH 08 RETURNING                             BOOTH 20 RETURNING                        BOOTH 33 NEW
tonnhaus design                                VFA, Inc.                                 Crestron Electronics
BOOTH 09 RETURNING                             BOOTH 21 RETURNING                        BOOTH 34
Koetter Kim & Associates, Inc.                 Cermak Peterka Petersen, Inc.             Latte Cart Sponsored by NBBJ
BOOTH 10 RETURNING                             BOOTH 22 RETURNING                        BOOTH 35 RETURNING
Design Collective, Inc.                        Flansburgh Associates, Inc.               Linbeck Construction Corporation
BOOTH 11 NEW                                   BOOTH 23 RETURNING                        BOOTH 36 NEW
Victor Stanley, Inc.                           BAI                                       Bentley Prince Street
BOOTH 12 RETURNING                             BOOTH 24 RETURNING                        BOOTH 37 RETURNING
Charles Cosler Theatre Design,                 Herbert S. Newman and Partners            Vanderweil Engineers
                                               BOOTH 25 RETURNING                        BOOTH 38 RETURNING
                                               Mackey Mitchell Associates                Andropogon Associates, Ltd.

34                     SCUP–39 • July 17–21, 2004 • Sheraton Centre Toronto • Toronto, Ontario Canada
BOOTH 39 RETURNING                    BOOTH 58 NEW                         BOOTH 77 RETURNING
Ricca Newmark Design                  DiMella Shaffer                      Ira Fink and Associates, Inc.
BOOTH 40 RETURNING                    BOOTH 59 NEW                         BOOTH 78 RETURNING
Carol R. Johnson Associates, Inc.     Ambient Air Technologies, LLC        Davis Langdon Adamson
BOOTH 41 RETURNING                    BOOTH 60 RETURNING                   BOOTH 79 RETURNING
Acentech Incorporated                 Moody Nolan, Inc.                    HANSCOMB Faithful & Gould
BOOTH 42 NEW                          BOOTH 61 NEW                         BOOTH 80 RETURNING
E & I (Educational &                  Applied Software Technologies,       JJR
Institutional) Cooperative Service,   Inc.
                                                                           BOOTH 81 RETURNING
                                      BOOTH 62 NEW                         SP Controls
BOOTH 43 RETURNING                    Pelton Marsh Kinsella
                                                                           BOOTH 82 NEW
                                      BOOTH 63 RETURNING                   Adden Furniture, Inc.
BOOTH 44 RETURNING                    Schuler Shook
                                                                           BOOTH 83 RETURNING
Primex Wireless, Inc.
                                      BOOTH 64 RETURNING                   Goody, Clancy & Associates
BOOTH 45 NEW                          Hunt Construction Group
                                                                           BOOTH 84 RETURNING
Kevin Hom + Andrew Goldman
                                      BOOTH 65 RETURNING                   Vecta
Architects, P.C.
                                      Renaissance Design Group (RDG)
                                                                           BOOTH 85 RETURNING
                                      BOOTH 66 RETURNING                   Turner Construction Co.
                                      Cannon Design
                                                                           BOOTH 86 RETURNING
                                      BOOTH 67 RETURNING                   CBT/Childs Bertman Tseckares
Runzheimer International
                                      Anshen + Allen Architects            Inc.
                                      BOOTH 68 RETURNING                   BOOTH 87, 88 & 89 RETURNING
Theatre Projects Consultants
                                      Carl Walker, Inc.                    Wenger Corporation
                                      BOOTH 69 NEW                         BOOTH 90 NEW
Vermeulens Cost Consultants
                                      Ammann & Whitney                     ALC-Mott
                                      BOOTH 70 RETURNING                   BOOTH 91 RETURNING
Heery International
                                      AHSC McLellan Copenhagen,            The S/L/A/M Collaborative
BOOTH 51 RETURNING                    LLC
                                                                           BOOTH 92 RETURNING
Earl Walls Associates
                                      BOOTH 71 RETURNING                   Case Systems
BOOTH 52 & 53 RETURNING               Gwathmey Siegel Associates
Ayers/Saint/Gross                     Architects
BOOTH 54 RETURNING                    BOOTH 72 RETURNING
Konover Construction                  Advanced Technologies Group
                                      BOOTH 73 RETURNING
BOOTH 55 RETURNING                    Burt Hill Kosar Rittelmann
Ellenzweig Associates, Inc.           Associates
                                      BOOTH 74 RETURNING
BOOTH 56 RETURNING                    INSITE
Hanbury Evans Wright Vlattas +
                                      BOOTH 75 RETURNING
                                      Rider Hunt Levett & Bailey
                                      BOOTH 76 NEW
Jeter, Cook & Jepson Architects,
                                      Mahan Rykiel Associates

                                                        Expo Information                                   35
BOOTH 41                                                              and mobility options present with Sigma Flex ™—an adaptable
Acentech Incorporated                                                 cantilever support frame system, and Sigma Frame ™—an
                                                                      adjustable leg frame system. High performance and custom fume
33 Moulton St., Cambridge, MA 02138
                                                                      hoods offered.
(617) 499-8060 phone; (617) 499-8074 fax
www.acentech.com                                                      BOOTH 59
Acentech's staff of 35 consultants offers architectural acoustics,
                                                                      Ambient Air Technologies, LLC
the design of audiovisual, sound, and distance learning systems,
IT infrastructure, and noise and vibration control. The firm          2506 Zurich Dr., Ste. 3, Ft. Collins, CO 80524
consults on classrooms, science buildings, performance spaces,        (970) 482-4748 phone; (970) 482-9939 fax
student centers, residence halls, and more. We serve you from         www.ambientairtech.com
offices in New England, the Mid-Atlantic Region, and West             AAT provides wind tunnel testing for laboratories and healthcare
Coast.                                                                facilities. Using a scale model of your building and the surrounding
                                                                      area, AAT will test your design and find the optimal size and
BOOTH 82                                                              placement for exhaust sources and air intakes. Pedestrian comfort
Adden Furniture, Inc.                                                 and intake vulnerability analyses can also be provided using the
                                                                      same scale model.
26 Jackson St., Lowell, MA 01852
(800) 625-3876 phone; (978) 453-1449
                                                                      BOOTH 16
                                                                      American School & University Magazine
Manufacturer of solid hardwood and upholstered furniture
specially designed and constructed to enhance as well as endure       9800 Metcalf, Overland Park, KS 66212
student living and learning environments.                             (913) 967-1873 phone; (913) 514-6873 fax
BOOTH 72                                                              American School & University is the information source for
Advanced Technologies Group                                           education facilities and business professionals serving K-12 and
                                                                      higher-education administrators responsible for planning, design,
377 E. Butterfield Rd., Ste. 900, Lombard, IL 60148
                                                                      construction, retrofit, operations, maintenance and management.
(800) 804-8442; (630) 964-9700 phone; (630) 964-9710 fax              Reaching 63,000+ subscribers, it is the only education facility
www.atginc.com                                                        magazine that's 100 percent personal direct request and targets
Advanced Technologies Group, Inc., combines experience in             specifiers and buyers.
facility information consulting, planning, and information
technology to help organizations make better use of highly            BOOTH 69
valuable facility and real estate information. ATG's solutions
                                                                      Ammann & Whitney
provide direct and intuitive access to information without
requiring any investment in software, hardware or additional          95 River Street, Hoboken, NJ 07030
resources. Call us to learn how ATG can help your organization        (201) 798-5210 phone; (201) 798-5726 fax
transform facility data into knowledge.                               www.amman-whitney.com
                                                                      Ammann & Whitney provides full service architecture
BOOTH 70                                                              and engineering designs for interior and exterior new and
AHSC McLellan Copenhagen, LLC                                         rehabilitation projects. Facilities include dormitories, athletic
                                                                      facilities, lecture halls/classroom spaces, auditoria, and
1402 Third Ave., Ste. 900, Seattle, WA 98101
                                                                      administrative/office buildings, among others. Ammann &
(206) 624-5300 phone; (206) 624-5190 fax                              Whitney provides specialized expertise in (historic) facade
www.ahsc-mc.com                                                       rehabilitation and security/force protection design.
AHSC McLellan Copenhagen, LLC has built a reputation as
laboratory specialists in quality space programming, planning and     BOOTH 38
design services, working with clients across the nation. Our
                                                                      Andropogon Associates, Ltd.
clients include research and medical institutions, universities,
all levels of government, and leading biotechnology and               10 Shurs Lane, Philadelphia, PA 19127
pharmaceutical firms.                                                 (215) 487-0700 phone; (215) 483-7520 fax
BOOTH 90                                                              Andropogon Associates is a recognized leader and innovator in
ALC-Mott                                                              landscape architecture and ecological planning. We are firmly
                                                                      grounded in a philosophy that respects the unique natural and
452 Hardy Rd., P Box 1120, Brantford, ON N3T 5T3
                                                                      cultural character of each site. Our projects reflect a strong
(519) 752-7825 x 275 phone; (519) 752-2895 fax                        commitment to high design and changing technology, enabling
www.alc-mott.com                                                      our academic clients to develop beautiful, functional and
Manufacturer of quality wood and steel laboratory furniture,          sustainable campuses.
featuring a wide range of veneers and finishes. Diverse flexibility

36                      SCUP–39 • July 17–21, 2004 • Sheraton Centre Toronto • Toronto, Ontario Canada
BOOTH 67                                                              BOOTH 73
Anshen + Allen Architects                                             Burt Hill Kosar Rittelmann Associates
Los Angeles (323) 525-0500 phone; (323) 525-0955 fax                  1735 Market St., 53rd Fl., Philadelphia, PA 19103
San Francisco (415) 882-9500 phone; (415) 882-9523 fax                (215) 751-2929 phone; (215) 751-2901 fax
www.anshen.com                                                        www.burthill.com
Anshen+Allen has an international reputation for excellence           Burt Hill has been planning and designing educational facilities
designing complex projects. Founded in 1940, the firm’s               for the past 50 years. We have a specialized team of professionals
experience includes the design of over 400 healthcare, academic,      from all disciplines dedicated to educational master planning and
research, and commercial buildings and large-scale planning           design. In the past 5 years alone, Burt Hill has designed over
projects. The firm has offices in San Francisco, Los Angeles,         $510 million worth of higher educational facilities.
Baltimore, Seattle and London. It has received over 70 design
awards.                                                               BOOTH 66
                                                                      Cannon Design
BOOTH 61                                                              2170 Whitehaven Rd., Grand Island, NY 14072
Applied Software Technologies, Inc.                                   (716) 773-6800 phone; (716) 773-5909 fax
59 Interstate Dr., West Springfield, MA 01089                         www.cannondesign.com
(413) 233-5407 phone; (413) 739-0299 fax                              Cannon Design is renowned for its specialty practice in planning
www.appliedst.com                                                     and design for colleges and universities. Our practice in higher
The eRPortal Software Group, a unit of Applied Software               education includes renovation, preservation and adaptive re-use,
Technologies, is a leading developer of web and mobile enabled        and design of new facilities for virtually every campus setting,
inventory, asset, and logistics automation software solutions. Our    including classroom, laboratory and library buildings; sports
current product suite addresses a wide range of higher education      venues for both competition and student recreation; student
campus operations including inventory control of chemistry, central   activity and performance spaces, and residential facilities.
stores, pharmacy stockrooms, work order administration for
campus and housing facilities, and environmental safety tracking.     BOOTH 68
                                                                      Carl Walker, Inc.
BOOTHS 52/53                                                          950 W. Elliot Rd., Ste. 116, Tempe, AZ 85284
Ayers/Saint/Gross                                                     (480) 505-088 phone; (480) 505-0090 fax
1040 Hull St., Ste. 100, Baltimore, MD 21230                          www.carlwalker.com
(410) 347-8500 phone; (410) 347-8519 fax                              Carl Walker, Inc. is a nationally recognized resource for parking
www.asg-architects.com                                                structure design, parking studies, planning, and restoration. We
Ayers/Saint/Gross has been providing architectural and planning       offer innovation, expertise, quality, and responsive service from
services since it’s founding in 1915, specializing in the planning    offices nationwide. We feature client-oriented professional
and design of college & university buildings and grounds. With        services and senior staff involvement on every project. We invite
offices in Baltimore, Maryland and Washington, DC, our 50-person      you to experience the Carl Walker difference for yourself.
firm serves colleges and universities throughout the country.
                                                                      BOOTH 40
BOOTH 23                                                              Carol R. Johnson Associates, Inc.
BAI                                                                   115 Broad St., Boston, MA 02110
4006 Speedway, Austin, TX 78751                                       (617) 896-2590 phone; (617) 896-2340 fax
(512) 476-3464 phone; (512) 476-9442 fax                              www.crja.com
www.baiaustin.com                                                     Carol R. Johnson Associates is a 75-person landscape architectural
BAI is a 65-year-old company that provides room acoustics             firm located in Boston Massachusetts. CRJA provides landscape
services and audio and audiovisual design services. Projects          master planning, project site design, and landscape maintenance
include theaters, arenas, stadiums and academic facilities.           consulting to colleges and universities worldwide. With a strong
                                                                      commitment to sustainable design, CRJA works with institutions
BOOTH 36                                                              to improve their campus’ environment and image.
Bentley Prince Street
440 N. Wells St., Ste 200, Chicago, IL 60610                          BOOTH 92
(312) 923-8188 phone; (312) 923-1074                                  Case Systems
www.bentleyprincestreet.com                                           2700 James Savage Rd., Midland, MI 48642
Bentley Prince Street is a leading manufacturer of broadloom          (989) 496-0451 phone; (989) 496-9928 fax
carpet for commercial and residential environments. Bentley           www.casesystems.com
Prince Street products are defined by leadership in product           Case Systems, Inc. manufactures high-pressure laminate storage
design, image, and customer service. Prince Street House &            and work surface solutions, including E-Lab for laboratory use.
Home is the residential brand. Bentley Prince Street is a division    Our agile environment design solutions include overhead utility
of Interface, Inc.                                                    carriers, mobile cabinets and carts, and reconfigurable systems
                                                                      components as well as fixed casework and ADA solutions.
                                                                      Lifetime warranty and cost-effectiveness are two key benefits.

                                                                      Exhibitors                                                      37
BOOTH 86                                                            BOOTH 78
CBT/Childs Bertman Tseckares Inc.                                   Davis Langdon Adamson
110 Canal St., Boston, MA 02114                                     301 Arizona Ave., Ste. 301, Santa Monica, CA 90401
(617) 262-4354 phone; (617) 236-0378 fax                            (310) 393-9411 phone; (310) 393-7493 fax
www.cbtarchitects.com                                               www.davislangdon-usa.com
CBT/Childs Bertman Tseckares Inc. is an architecture, interior      Davis Langdon Adamson provides comprehensive construction
architecture and urban design firm that has been providing          cost planning and management services to owners, architects,
services to college and universities for the last twenty years.     government and institutions. We establish budgets, monitor costs
                                                                    and schedules, and serve as owner’s representatives. Facilities
BOOTH 21                                                            management services include life cycle cost analyses, operation
Cermak Peterka Petersen, Inc.                                       and maintenance budgets. We provide claims-related services
                                                                    including cost estimates to repair or replace defective
1415 Blue Spruce Dr., Fort Collins, CO 80524
                                                                    construction work, analysis of claims for delay, disruption and
(970) 221-3371 phone; (970) 221-3124 fax                            acceleration, and expert witness consultation.
Using a scale model of your designed lab or other facility in our   BOOTH 10
boundary-layer wind tunnels, Cermak Peterka Petersen, Inc.
                                                                    Design Collective, Inc.
provides quantitative concentration measurements from exhausts
to avoid toxic or odorous reentry through air intakes, doors,       100 East Pratt St., 14th Fl., Baltimore, MD 21202
windows, etc. Other services include wind load, pedestrian          (410) 685-6655 phone (410) 539-1274 fax
comfort, and general air quality evaluation.                        www.designcollective.com
                                                                    Design Collective, Inc. is one of the Mid-Atlantic Region’s
BOOTH 12                                                            leading design firms. We provide responsive design and principal-
Charles Cosler Theatre Design, Inc.                                 based management, and have developed a rich portfolio of
                                                                    student use, instructional and research buildings for higher
555 Eighth Ave., Ste. 1801, New York, NY 10018-4323
                                                                    education. We believe in an integrated design approach, exploring
(212) 695-4040 x 23 phone; (212) 695-8142 fax                       the impact of the building design on the campus master plan.
Since 1985 Charles Cosler Theatre Design, Inc. has built its        BOOTH 58
reputation on numerous successful national and international
                                                                    DiMella Shaffer
projects. With extensive experience in the design of multi-use
facilities and multiple theatre facilities, we thrive on creative   286 Congress St., Boston, MA 02210
problem-solving and innovative budgeting solutions to meet the      (617) 426-5004 phone; (617) 426-0046 fax
needs of the users and clients.                                     www.dimellashaffer.com
                                                                    DiMella Shaffer is a 35-year old Boston based architecture and
BOOTH 31                                                            design firm. We have been working successfully with higher
CollegeNET, Inc.                                                    education institutions for decades. We understand the unique
                                                                    budget, scheduling and philosophical concerns of universities and
805 SW Broadway, Ste.1600, Portland, OR 97205
                                                                    colleges from allocating limited funds to managing community
(503) 973-5200 phone; (503) 973-5252 fax                            relations when developing new projects and ensuring new
www.collegenet.com                                                  buildings balance innovation with a commitment to the
CollegeNET provides The Technology Inside the World’s Best          university’s heritage.
Managed Institutions. X25 is a web-based space planning solution
that provides you the hard data you need for supporting space       BOOTH 15
management decisions and developing sound policy. inWorks is a
                                                                    DLR Group
web-based e-commerce layer that enables your institutions to
receive funds online.                                               9521 W. 78th St., Minneapolis, MN 55344-3853
                                                                    (952) 941-8950 phone; (952) 941-7965 fax
BOOTH 33                                                            www.dlrgroup.com
Crestron Electronics                                                DLR Group is an award-winning, employee-owned architectural,
                                                                    engineering and planning firm. With more than 550 nationwide
15 Volvo Dr., Rockleigh, NJ 07647
                                                                    professionals, we have assisted colleges and universities in
(800) 237-2041 x 321 phone; (201) 767-5558 fax                      planning, design and building technologically advanced class-
www.crestron.com                                                    rooms, laboratories, performing arts centers, athletic complexes,
Crestron Electronics is the world’s premier designer and            residence halls, libraries and various support facilities.
manufacturer of advanced control systems and distribution
solutions for corporate boardrooms and conference rooms,
training facilities, government installations and educational
institutions. From our award-winning Isys touchpanels to our
innovative control systems and the new MediaManager™ product
family, only Crestron provides the total technology package.

38                     SCUP–39 • July 17–21, 2004 • Sheraton Centre Toronto • Toronto, Ontario Canada
BOOTH 51                                                              BOOTH 26
Earl Walls Associates                                                 Eustis Chair
5348 Carroll Canyon Rd., San Diego, CA 92121                           .O.
                                                                      P Box 842, Ashburnham, MA 01430
(858) 457-2400 phone; (858) 450-3318 fax                              (978) 827-3103 phone; (978) 827-3040 fax
www.ewalab.com                                                        fred@eustischair.com
Earl Walls Associates (EWA) is an architectural and engineering       Eustis Chair manufactures distinctive hardwood chairs that are
firm specializing in laboratory design, planning, and engineering.    engineered and crafted to endure for generations. Whether a
Founded in 1961, EWA is known worldwide as the firm who set           custom chair, an antique reproduction, or an existing model,
the standard for modern laboratory planning with the design of        every Eustis chair is built to exacting quality standards, and will
The Salk Institute. A leader in its field, EWA has participated in    contribute to the elegance and functionality of your library,
over 1,500 laboratory projects. EWA has been honored 18 times         dining hall, or function room.
by R&D magazine's "Laboratory of the Year" competition and was
awarded the AIA's 1996 Institute Honor.                               BOOTH 17
                                                                      FAMIS Software, Inc.
BOOTH 02                                                              2 Park Plaza, Ste. 1060, Irvine, CA 92614
EDC                                                                   (800) 774-7622 phone; (949) 553-6559 fax
1660 Huguenot Rd., Midlothian, VA 23113                               www.famis.com
(804) 897-0900 phone; (804) 897-0901 fax                              FAMIS Software, Inc., headquartered in Irvine, California is the
www.edcweb.com                                                        developer of FAMIS, a 100% Internet enabled world-class
EDC provides project management services to institutional             Enterprise Facilities Management system. Founded in 1982,
investors for the design and construction of their new and reno-      FAMIS Software, Inc. provides software products and services to
vated facilities. Our clients include the Virginia Tech Foundation,   help organizations effectively maintain and operate facilities
Emory & Henry College, Hollins University and The American            assets, manage space and control capital projects.
Hebrew Academy. Contact Raymond Hunt at 804/897-0900 or
visit our web site.                                                   BOOTH 22
                                                                      Flansburgh Associates, Inc.
BOOTH 42                                                              77 N. Washington, Boston, MA 02114
E & I (Educational & Institutional) Cooperative Service, Inc.         (617) 367-3970 x 221 phone; (617) 720-7873 fax
450 Wireless Blvd., Hauppauge, NY 11788                               www.faiarchitects.com
(631) 630-8458 phone; (631) 630-8471 fax                              Flansburgh Associates, Inc. (FAI) is a Boston-based design firm
www.eandi.org                                                         nationally recognized for innovation in planning and designing
E&I Cooperative Service, the only national Group Purchasing           educational facilities throughout the U.S. and abroad. From
Organization for higher education, aggregates the buying power        dormitories, auditoriums, and athletic complexes, to historic
of its more than 1,500 member institutions to secure advanta-         renovations and multi-school systems, our project experience
geous pricing on a wide range of products and services. E&I’s         represents a creative commitment to progressive learning.
extensive portfolio of competitively bid and negotiated contracts
delivers lower costs for higher education.                            BOOTH 32
                                                                      Gallagher & Associates
BOOTH 55                                                              7735 Old Georgetown Rd., Bethesda, MD 20814
Ellenzweig Associates, Inc. Architects                                (301) 656-7575 phone; (301) 656-5455 fax
1280 Massachusetts Ave., Cambridge, MA 02138                          www.gallagherdesign.com
(617) 491-5575 phone; (617) 868-2318 fax                              We create visitor experiences through museum master planning
www.ellenzweig.com                                                    and exhibition design, environmental graphics and wayfinding,
Ellenzweig Associates, Inc., Architects, specializes in teaching      corporate identity and print and electronic media. We offer
and research facilities for higher education. The award-winning,      expertise in brand identity, visual identity, print design and
65-person firm located in Cambridge, Massachusetts, has provided      exhibition graphic design services utilizing current technology to
master planning, programming, and full design services to colleges    design interactive experiences that communicate content, engage
and universities since 1965.                                          visitors, enable comprehension and enhance brand recognition.
                                                                      In an industry where design firms strive to meet new standards,
                                                                      we set them.

                                                                      Exhibitors                                                        39
BOOTH 83                                                                BOOTH 24
Goody, Clancy & Associates                                              Herbert S. Newman and Partners
334 Boylston St., Ste. 300, Boston, MA 02116-3866                       300 York St., New Haven, CT 06511
(617) 850-2760 phone; (617) 262-9512 fax                                (203) 772-1990 phone; (203) 772-1997 fax
www.gcassoc.com                                                         www.hsnparch.com
Goody Clancy is a Boston-based firm of over 100 architects,             Founded in 1964 in New Haven, Connecticut, Herbert S.
planners, interior designers and architectural preservation             Newman and Partners has completed a wide variety of private
specialists, with a national practice. Our academic project             and public projects throughout the US, establishing a national
specialties include campus planning, residence halls, student           reputation for the design of new buildings and the renovation and
centers, research laboratories and sophisticated teaching facilities.   restoration of existing buildings within several architectural types,
                                                                        including academic, corporate, institutional, religious and urban
BOOTH 71                                                                design.
Gwathmey Siegel Associates Architects
475 Tenth Ave., New York, NY 10018                                      BOOTH 64
(212) 947-1240 phone (212) 967-0890 fax                                 Hunt Construction Group
www.gwathmey-siegel.com                                                 2450 S. Tibbs Ave., Indianapolis, IN 46241
Founded in 1968, Gwathmey Siegel & Associates Architects is a           (317) 227-7800 phone; (317) 227-7810 fax
New York-based firm offering master planning, architectural,            www.huntconstructiongroup.com
interior and product design services. The 65-person firm has an         Hunt Construction Group is ranked by Engineering News-Record
international reputation for architectural excellence, confirmed        as one of the nation's Top 25 construction management/general
by more than 100 design awards, continuing recognition in the           contracting firms. Through the years, the company has been
professional and general press, and inclusion in exhibitions and        known for on-time, on-budget delivery of landmark projects.
histories of contemporary architecture.                                 Today, Hunt Construction Group maintains a volume between
                                                                        $6 billion and $8 billion of work under contract nationally in a
BOOTH 79                                                                dozen different industries.
HANSCOMB Faithful & Gould
817 West Peachtree St., Ste. 500, Atlanta, GA 30308                     BOOTH 74
(404) 874-3638 phone; (404) 874-1473 fax                                INSITE
www.hanscombfgould.com                                                  200 Corporate Place, Ste. 2B, Peabody, MA 01960
HANSCOMB Faithful & Gould (HF&G) is a full-service                      (978) 536-0101 phone; (978) 536-0199 fax
construction consulting firm that helps colleges and universities       www.insiteorg
control capital improvement costs. Services include construction/       INSITE™, an FM decision support system with MIT development
program management, cost management, value engineering, risk            roots, provides strategic space inventory, management, indirect
management, scheduling control, and budget analysis. HF&G has           cost accounting tools, and expertise through an international
27 offices in the US and provides services throughout the               Consortium of higher education and healthcare organizations.
country. From new construction to major renovations of existing         With INSITE™ embedded business rules and linked to user
facilities, we work with college and university planners and            friendly floor plans, the INSITE Company enjoys a "Best-of-
facility managers to meet schedules and control costs.                  Breed" reputation.

BOOTH 56                                                                BOOTH 77
Hanbury Evans Wright Vlattas + Company                                  Ira Fink and Associates, Inc.
120 Atlantic St., Norfolk, VA 23510                                     One Columbia Circle, Berkeley, CA 94708
(757) 321-9600 phone; (757) 321-9601 fax                                (510) 843-1900 phone; (510) 420-0100
www.hewv.com                                                            www.irafink.com
Specialists in the planning and design of vital campus                  Founded in 1978, Ira Fink and Associates, Inc. is an innovative,
environments. Services include strategic thinking, campus master        specialized national professional practice dedicated exclusively to
planning, programming, design, and construction. Extensive              university planning consulting. IFA provides space management
experience in creating strong student communities, including            and facility planning expertise and our consulting studies cover
housing, dining, living/learning centers; residential colleges; and     services ranging from national space benchmark analysis to
other student life facilities.                                          specific building and campus-wide studies, space needs analysis,
                                                                        space utilization, facility planning and programming. IFA
BOOTH 50                                                                specializes in analyzing market demand for student and faculty
Heery International                                                     housing and assessing facilities needs on new and existing
999 Peachtree St. NE, Atlanta, GA 30309
(404) 946-2192 phone; (404) 875-3273 fax
Full-service architectural, engineering, construction management,
interior, facility management, and program management firm.

40                      SCUP–39 • July 17–21, 2004 • Sheraton Centre Toronto • Toronto, Ontario Canada
BOOTH 07                                                               universities and colleges; our higher educational project designs
ISES Corporation                                                       have won numerous awards. Keen has 129 LEED(TM)
                                                                       Accredited Professionals and is an active member of the Canada
2165 West Park Ct., Ste. "N", Stone Mountain, GA 30087
                                                                       and US Green Building Councils.
(770) 879-7376 phone; (770) 879-7825 fax
www.isescorp.com                                                       BOOTH 45
ISES provides services that include facility condition analysis,
                                                                       Kevin Hom + Andrew Goldman Architects, P      .C.
infrastructure assessments, vertical transportation studies,
O & M studies, and assistance in CMMS implementation and in            45 East 20th St., 7th Fl., New York, NY 10003
maintenance organization restructuring. ISES has surveyed more         (212) 777-0006 phone; (212) 777-6669 fax
than 10,730 buildings encompassing over 406 million GSF. ISES          www.homgoldmanarch.com
employs professionals with prior experience working within                                                             .C.
                                                                       Kevin Hom + Andrew Goldman Architects, P award-winning
institutional maintenance and engineering environments.                New York-based firm providing design services in architecture,
                                                                       master planning, interiors and site planning. We specialize in the
BOOTH 57                                                               design of educational and recreational facilities. The firm has
Jeter, Cook & Jepson Architects, Inc.                                  produced master plans for educational institutions, and has
                                                                       considerable experience with recreational facilities, libraries,
450 Church St., Hartford, CT 06103
                                                                       laboratories and student unions.
(860) 247-9226 phone; (860) 524-8067
www.jcjcom                                                             BOOTH 09
The confident design of Jeter, Cook and Jepson Architects, Inc.
                                                                       Koetter Kim & Associates, Inc.
emerges from relationships it’s experienced with nearly three-
thousand extraordinary clients over more than six decades of           344 Boylston St., Boston, MA 02116
planning, architectural, and interior design practice. "Conscious      (617) 536-8560 phone (617) 536-1217
Collaboration" guides project stakeholders and professional staff      www.koetterkim.com
throughout the development process to ensure that decisions            Koetter Kim & Associates is a diverse architecture and urban
made will yield smart, optimistic, and exceptionally pleasing          design practice with over 25 years experience finding intelligent
results.                                                               solutions for projects of all scales. With projects that have ranged
                                                                       from academic buildings to corporate campuses to major city
BOOTH 80                                                               centers, Koetter Kim has developed an international reputation
JJR                                                                    for excellence in design.
110 Miller Ave., Ann Arbor, MI 48104
(734) 669-2750 phone; (734) 662-7520 fax
                                                                       BOOTH 54
                                                                       Konover Construction Corporation
JJR is recognized nationally for campus planning and design             .O.
                                                                       P Box 4052, 16 Munson Rd., Farmington, CT 06034-4052
expertise. We have worked with over 170 institutions. Our              (860) 284-7439 phone; (860) 284-1174 fax
Campus Planning and Design Studio includes planners,                   www.konoverconstruction.com
landscape architects, civil engineers, environmental scientists and    Konover Construction Corporation is a $250 million, full-service
LEED accredited professionals who focus exclusively within the         commercial construction firm, serving clients throughout the
academic realm. Our goal is to develop intellectual communities        eastern U.S. since 1959. We offer our experience and expertise in
wherein students can grow academically, physically, and spiritually;   developing signature learning institutions for all ages and all
strategic and academic plans are facilitated; and, resource            needs—private and public, new construction, renovation and
utilization is optimized.                                              historic restoration. Your single source for total construction
                                                                       management services.
Kallmann, McKinnell & Wood Architects, Inc.                            BOOTH 46
939 Boylston St., Ste. 2, Boston, MA 02115                             Kwalu
(617) 267-0808 phone; (617) 267-6999 fax                               146 Woodlawn St., Ridgeland, SC 29936
www.kmwarch.com                                                        (843) 726-9225 phone; (843) 726-9230
Kallmann McKinnell & Wood is a planning, architecture and              www.kwalu.com
interior design firm with more than 36 years experience in the         Kwalu has created virtually indestructible tables, seating,
planning, programming and design of facilities for academic            casegoods and architectural products. Our products are
institutions worldwide.                                                waterproof, fire-retardant and scuff-resistant and come with our
                                                                       standard ten-year warranty on the construction and finish.
BOOTH 13                                                               Kwalu wood-grained polymer furniture is graffiti-resistant
Keen Engineering                                                       and field-repairable in minutes. Our fully customizable products
                                                                       are green!
372 Bay St., 18th Fl., Toronto, ON M58 4T2, Canada
(416) 366-0220 phone; (416) 366-1808 fax
Keen Engineering is a 40 year old MEP firm specializing in
cost-effective sustainable design. Our clients include 50+

                                                                       Exhibitors                                                        41
BOOTH 06                                                               about their own facilities and resources. This is accomplished by
Leo A Daly                                                             updating existing drawings, creating new maps and plans, and
                                                                       producing products that best communicate facility information.
8600 Indian Hills Dr., Omaha, NE 68114
(402) 391-8111 phone; (402) 391-8564 fax
                                                                       BOOTH 60
                                                                       Moody Nolan, Inc.
Leo A Daly has completed more than 300 school and university
learning environment facilities on over 80 campuses. We                300 Spruce St., Ste. 300, Columbus, OH 43215-1112
champion architecture of interaction—space that encourages             (614) 461-4664 phone; (614) 280-8881
users to explore, collaborate, create and understand. Our process      www.moodynolan.com
actively involves all project participants in the evolution of ideas   Moody*Nolan provides professional services in the disciplines of
and pursuit o f design excellence.                                     architecture, interior design and engineering. The firm has grown
                                                                       steadily and today is one of the largest architecture/engineering
BOOTH 35                                                               firms in Ohio, and one of the largest African American-owned
Linbeck Construction Corporation                                       and operated design firms in the country.
3810 West Alabama, Houston, TX 77207
(713) 966-5860 phone; (713) 840-7525 fax
                                                                       BOOTH 03
                                                                       Old World Stone
Founded in 1938, Linbeck is a proven, client-focused organization      1151 Heritage Rd., Burlington, ON L7 4Y1 Canada
with over 280 employees and annual construction volume of              (905) 332-5169; (905) 319-2477
approximately $300 million. Our in-house expertise allows us to        www.susmmitrestorationcom
offer a comprehensive range of construction and related technical      Old World Stone supplies dimensional cut stone for new and
management services, including master planning, design/build,          restoration work. We work with a variety of limestones and
construction management, project planning, value analysis and          sandstones from around the world. We have developed a
conceptual estimating.                                                 reputation for quality craftsmanship and professional service and
                                                                       have quickly earned the respect of design professionals and
BOOTH 25                                                               masonry contractors alike.
Mackey Mitchell Associates
800 St. Louis Union Station, Ste. 200, St. Louis, MO 63103             BOOTH 62
(314) 421-1815 phone; (314) 421-5206 fax                               Pelton Marsh Kinsella
www.mackeymitchell.com                                                 1420 W. Mockingbird, Ste. 400, Dallas, TX 75247
Mackey Mitchell, an architecture, planning, and interiors firm,        (214) 688-7444 phone; (214) 951-7408 fax
has over 35 years experience in the planning and design of new         www.pmkconsultants.com
and renovated buildings and grounds for higher education:              Pelton Marsh Kinsella provides acoustical and audio-video
campus master planning; student housing planning and design,           consulting including design of sound reinforcement, film and
dining facilities, research/teaching labs, business incubators,        video production, CATV and broadcast systems. The company
classroom buildings, hi-tech academic and medical facilities,          has been in business for 20 years and has three US offices.
and administrative offices.                                            Projects include: convention centers, resorts, sports facilities,
                                                                       theatres, theme parks, universities, high-rise offices and
BOOTH 76                                                               condominiums.
Mahan Rykiel Associates
800 Wyman Park Dr., Ste. 310, Baltimore, MD 21211                      BOOTH 05
(410) 235-6001 phone; (410) 235-6002 fax                               Perkins & Will
www.mahanrykiel.com                                                    84 10th St. South, Ste. 200, Minneapolis, MN 55403
Mahan Rykiel Associates specializes in landscape architecture,         (612) 851-5104 phone; (612) 851-5001 fax
urban design and planning for collegiate campuses. Our                 www.perkinswill.com
international, award-winning portfolio includes such projects as       Perkins & Will, an internationally known architecture firm
the Johns Hopkins Open Space Project, University of Virginia-          founded in 1935, specializes in planning and designing school and
Darden School of Business and Eckerd College Master Plan.              university facilities. The firm has master planned entire campuses,
MRA is committed to developing innovative and sustainable              revitalized existing master plans and designed technology-
environments for learning.                                             enhanced academic centers, research and teaching laboratories,
                                                                       student life centers, dormitories, and performing arts centers.
Maier Engineering/MiniMax Corporation                                  BOOTH 01
930 Blue Gentian Rd., Ste. 1300, Eagan, MN 55121                       Porter Consulting Worldwide, Inc.
(651) 251-2925 phone; (651) 251-3006 fax                               1672 Village Green, Crofton, MD 21114
www.minimax.net                                                        (410) 451-3617 phone; (410) 451-3619 fax
Maier Engineering/MiniMax Corporation began serving the                www.porterconsulting.com
mapping needs of clients in 1970. The company’s main focus is          We are a food service management consulting and design firm
providing its customers the means to know and utilize information      specializing in planning and designing successful college and

42                      SCUP–39 • July 17–21, 2004 • Sheraton Centre Toronto • Toronto, Ontario Canada
university unions, residential dining and meal plan programs and       BOOTH 75
catering and conferencing operations. Professional services            Rider Hunt Levett & Bailey
include compressive qualitative and quantitative market research,
                                                                       8283 N. Hayden Rd., Ste. 258, Scottsdale, AZ 85258
development of strategic business plans, extensive financial
modeling and cutting edge marketplace/marche and operationally         (480) 368-8333 phone; (480) 368-8444 fax
efficient kitchen designs.                                             www.riderhunt.com
                                                                       Rider Hunt Levett & Bailey is a 218-year old firm of professional
BOOTH 44                                                               development consultants and project construction managers. We
                                                                       provide independent and unbiased expert advice and manage-
Primex Wireless, Inc.
                                                                       ment for all aspects of feasibility, cost, and time of construction
8150 Keele St., Unit 2, Concord, ON L4K 2A5, Canada                    projects from site acquisition to final completion, including
(800) 330-1459 phone; (905) 669-7075 fax                               litigation support services where necessary.
Completely wireless and easy to install, the GPS Wireless Clock        BOOTH 47
System from Primex Wireless is guaranteed to synchronize all           Runzheimer International
clocks in a facility. Ideal for new construction or replacement, the   Runzheimer Park, Rochester, WI 53167
system is affordable and maintenance-free. The system offers
                                                                       (800) 558-1702 or (262) 971-2200 phone; (262) 971-2358 fax
battery-operated, electric and digital clocks, along with optional
accessories.                                                           www.runzheimer.com
                                                                       Runzheimer International, founded in 1933, is an independent,
                                                                       research-based management consulting firm specializing in
                                                                       determining accurate, fair and defensible cost of living data
Renaissance Design Group (RDG)                                         for compensation and mobility considerations. Reports enable
301 Grand Ave, Des Moines, IA 50309-1718                               universities, businesses, government agencies, and associations
(515) 288-3141 phone; (515) 288-8631 fax                               to make critical financial decisions on programs including: peer
www.rdgusa.com                                                         institution salary comparisons, geographic salary differentials,
To creatively influence life for the better through purpose-driven     business travel, temporary assignments and relocations.
design. That's the essence of RDG Planning & Design—diverse
network of planning and design professionals united to apply           BOOTH 19
their talents in extraordinary ways. With in-house staff and           Sasaki Associates, Inc.
resources we serve a variety of disciplines, while focusing on         64 Pleasant St., Watertown, MA 02472
specific and identifiable areas of expertise and knowledge.
                                                                       (617) 926-3300 phone; (617) 924-2748 fax
                                                                       Sasaki provides full services for campus master planning, site
Research Facilities Design (RFD)                                       design and for the design of college buildings. Having worked
3965 Fifth Ave., Ste. 300, San Diego, CA 92103                         with more than 300 colleges, universities and other institutions,
(619) 297-0159 phone; (619) 294-4901 fax                               we have cultivated the professional resources and the information
www.rfd.com                                                            base needed to address the range of contemporary design and
RFD is an architectural firm specializing in the programming and       planning issues that confront institutions everywhere.
design of teaching and research laboratory facilities for college,
university, industry and governmental clients. Based in San            BOOTH 14
Diego, RFD’s practice is international, having consulted on over       Schirmer Engineering
750 laboratory projects in 44 US, Canada, United Kingdom,              707 Lake Cook Rd., Deerfield, IL 60015
Middle East and Asia.
                                                                       (847) 272-8340 phone; (847) 272-2369 fax
                                                                       Founded in 1939, Schirmer Engineering offers comprehensive
Ricca Newmark Design                                                   worldwide fire protection, life safety and security consulting
6857 S. Spruce St., Centennial, CO 80112                               services. Expertise includes fire suppression, fire alarm and
(303) 221-0500 phone; (303) 221-0600 fax                               security system design; accessibility, building and fire code
www.riccanewmark.com                                                   consultation. With offices throughout the US, Schirmer
Ricca Newmark Design/Envision Strategies provides campus               Engineering provides independent technical services
master planning, market research, meal plan studies, feasibility       unsurpassed in the industry.
studies, student center foodservice planning, dining facility
planning, programming and design, equipment surveys, interior
architecture and interior design, operations transition services,
and laundry design/consulting services.

                                                                       Exhibitors                                                         43
BOOTH 63                                                                BOOTH 48
Schuler Shook                                                           Theatre Projects Consultants
750 North Orleans St., Ste. 400, Chicago, IL 60610                      25 Elizabeth St.,South Norwalk, CT 06854
(312) 944-8230 phone; (312) 944-8297 fax                                (203) 299-0830 phone; (203) 299-0835 fax
www.schulershook.com                                                    www.tpcworld.com
Schuler Shook provides planning services for performing arts            For 47 years, Theatre Projects Consultants has been a world
facilities worldwide. We collaborate with campus planners and           leader in theatre design, feasibility studies for performance spaces,
architects to design successful homes for the arts. Our specialty       theatrical equipment design and specification, theatre renovation
also includes architectural lighting design for all project types. We   and management and operations. Known for creative design,
have planned new theatre and music spaces for Valparaiso                intimate theatres, flexible performance spaces, innovative use of
University, Xavier University, Pacific Lutheran University, Cornell     technology and effective collaboration with clients, users and the
College and the International School of Beijing.                        design team.

BOOTH 91                                                                BOOTH 27
The S/L/A/M Collaborative                                               3D/International, Inc.
80 Glastonbury Blvd, Glastonbury, CT 06033                              1900 W. Loop S, Ste. 400, Houston, TX 77027
(860) 657-8077 phone; (860) 657-3141 fax                                (713) 871-7100 phone; (713) 871-7251 fax
www.slamcoll.com                                                        www.3di.com
The S/L/A/M Collaborative is a 150-member architecture,                 3D/International is an integrated architecture/engineering/
engineering and planning firm with offices in Glastonbury CT,           construction (A/E/C) firm with a focus on higher education that
Atlanta GA, and Cambridge MA. Offering architectural design,            provides architecture and planning, interior architecture, MEP
master planning, in-house landscape architecture, interior design,      engineering, environmental consulting, facility assessment and
structural engineering, and construction management services in         construction services throughout the US and abroad with 550
the design of institutional, healthcare, educational, science &         people in 11 offices nationwide.
technology and corporate facilities.
                                                                        BOOTH 08
BOOTH 81                                                                tonnhaus design
SP Controls                                                             220 S. Burns Ave., Springfield, MN 56087
601 Minnesota St., Suite 115, San Francisco, CA 94107                   (507) 723-6662 phone;
(770) 931-2525 phone; (770) 931-2055 fax                                datonn@tonnhaus.com
www.spcontrols@comcast.net                                              tonnhaus design is a design cartography firm based in Springfield,
SP Controls provides products that make classroom technology            Minnesota, USA. Our firm specializes in the creation of city/area
easy to use. The SmartPanel projector controller is the only            maps, building interior diagrams and campus maps for use in
product in its class that is IP-addressable, providing the Media        print, interior/exterior kiosk signage and the World Wide Web.
Services Director with remote control, monitoring and usage
summaries from a single location. It pays for itself in reduced         BOOTH 85
power consumption and projection lamp wear. Universities across         Turner Construction Co.
the country have adopted the SmartPanel as their campus-wide
                                                                        375 Hudson St., New York, NY 10014
standard because it provides uniformity from room to room no
matter what brand or model projector may be installed.                  (212) 229-6155 phone; (212) 229-6185 fax
BOOTH 43                                                                Turner Construction Company is the nation’s largest general
                                                                        builder located in 40 cities across the nation. In 2003, over $6
                                                                        billion of construction was managed by more than 4,300
One Steelcase Rd., W., Markham, ON L3R 0T3, Canada                      dedicated and professional staff.
(905) 475-6333 phone; (905) 475-3450 fax
www.steelcasecom                                                        BOOTH 28
Steelcase Inc. helps individuals and organizations around the           URS
world work more effectively by providing knowledge, products
                                                                        100 California St., Ste. 500,San Francisco, CA 94111
and services that enable customers and their consultants to
create work environments that integrate architecture, furniture         (415) 777-0188 phone; (415) 777-3023 fax
and technology. Its product portfolio includes interior architectural   www.urscorp.com
products, furniture systems, technology products, seating, lighting,    We are the industry’s finest planners, engineers, architects,
storage and related products and services.                              environmental scientists, and program and construction
                                                                        managers joined in one full-service organization under one name.
                                                                        We are URS.

44                      SCUP–39 • July 17–21, 2004 • Sheraton Centre Toronto • Toronto, Ontario Canada
BOOTH 37                                                             BOOTH 11
Vanderweil Engineers                                                 Victor Stanley, Inc.
274 Summer St., Boston, MA 02210                                      .O.
                                                                     P Drawer 330, Dunkirk, MD 20754
(617) 423-7423 phone; (617) 423-1938 fax                             (301) 855-8300 phone; (410) 257-7579
www.vanderweil.com                                                   www.victorstanley.com
R. G. Vanderweil Engineers, Inc. has a 50 year history of            Victor Stanley, Inc. is a manufacturer of high-quality site furniture
providing mechanical, electrical, plumbing/fire protection,          such as benches, litter receptacles, planters and tables. For more
sustainable design, telecommunication, and engineering/design        than 40 years, our products have been designed to be durable,
services to academic institutions throughout the US. Vanderweil      strong, aesthetically pleasing and comfortable. We have
has over 300 employees across offices in Alexandria, VA;             installations at colleges and universities throughout the US,
Baltimore, MD; Boston, MA; Princeton, NJ; and Philadelphia.          Canada and around the world. Please visit our website for more
PA.                                                                  information on our products, manufacturing capabilities and
Vecta                                                                BOOTH 18
1800 South Great Southwest Pkwy.,Grand Prairie, TX 75051             Wallace Roberts & Todd, LLC
(972) 603-4232 phone; (972) 603-4256 fax                             1328 Mission St., Fourth Fl., San Francisco, CA 94117
www.vecta.com                                                         (415) 575-4722 phone; (415) 436-9722 fax
Vecta is a division of Steelcase, the leading contract furniture     www.wrtdesign.com
provider in North America. Vecta focus on environments for           WRT helps institutions maximize the potential of their campus
learning, meeting and teaming, offering a complete line of tables,   planning and design assignments. Our work reflects our interdis-
seating and ancillary products. The company has a nationwide         ciplinary and collaborative approach, ecological orientation,
sales force based out of four regional sales offices. Products are   and insight gained from experience on dozens of campuses—from
distributed through the Steelcase dealer network, which includes     research universities to liberal arts institutions, and in settings
over 350 independently owned business throughout North               both urban and suburban.
                                                                     BOOTHS 87, 88, 89
BOOTH 49                                                             Wenger Corporation
Vermeulens Cost Consultants                                          555 Park Dr., Owatonna, MN 55060
335 Renfrew Dr., Ste. 301, Unionville, ON L3R 9S9, Canada            (507) 455-4100 x 250 phone; (507) 455-4258 fax
(905) 479-5836 phone; (905) 479-5840 fax                             www.wengercorp.com
www.vermeulens.com                                                   Wenger Corporation is a manufacturer of innovative products for
Vermeulens Cost Consultants is a recognized authority in             music and theatre performance. Products include: pre-engineered
accurate pre-construction cost estimating services with an           music practice rooms, instrument storage cabinets and music
emphasis on institutional, educational, performing arts, health      library systems, acoustical shells, portable staging, risers, audience
care and one-of-a-kind facilities. Thirty years experience,          seating platforms and chairs. Other products include FF & E
innovative use of technology, a highly qualified staff and a full    products for music and performance areas.
service approach form the basis of Vermeulens Cost Control

VFA, Inc.
266 Summer St., Boston, MA 02210
(617) 451-5100 phone; (617) 772-8211
VFA’s capital planning and asset management solutions
(CPMS™) provide powerful web-based software solutions and
consulting services for strategic facilities management. VFA
combines a proven assessment methodology with mature
technology to empower clients to make optimal decisions
regarding facilities condition, multi-year capital budgeting and
functional adequacy in consideration of their organizational

                                                                     Exhibitors                                                         45
                                                                 Dixon B. Hanna
     Facilities Planning Academy                                 Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University
                                                                 Trudis Heinecke
CONVENER                                                         University of California Office of the President
John R. Benson                                                   Warren J. Hendrickson
Cayuga Consultants                                               CUH2A
ASSOCIATE CONVENER                                               Karen E. Hinton
Alexandria Roe                                                   Rickes Associates
Connecticut State University System Office
                                                                 Roberta Hopkins
Jennifer Adams                                                   University of Washington - Seattle
University of Toronto
                                                                 Zane Scott Hurst
Charles Adler                                                    Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University
McGill University
                                                                 Katharine Mace Learned
Elizabeth J. Anderson                                            Learned 1 LLC
Yale University
                                                                 Eugene J. Mackey, III
Laura Bayer                                                      Mackey Mitchell Associates
Architectural Planning & Programming
                                                                 Barbara A. Maloney
Anthony N. Bernheim                                              BMS Design Group
Simon Martin-Vegue Winkelstein Moris
                                                                 Mary Beth McGrew
Peter B. Brennan                                                 Woolpert LLP
Peter Brennan & Associates
                                                                 John McGuire
Margaret M. Carney                                               AC Martin Partners
Case Western Reserve University
                                                                 Keith Murray
Margaret Dyer Chamberlain                                        Purdue University
Stanford University
                                                                 Maria Musat
William H. Colehower                                             University of Ottawa
Shepley Bulfinch Richardson and Abbott
                                                                 Jack E. Nye, II
Paul Cornell                                                     Towson University
                                                                 Freda Pagani
Anthony Cortese                                                  University of British Columbia
Second Nature
                                                                 Ludmilla Pavlova-Gillham
Niraj Dangoria                                                   University of Massachusetts
California State University-Monterey Bay
                                                                 Richard Rigterink
Tracy DeLeuw                                                     The Campus Studio
DPR Construction, Inc
                                                                 John A. Ruffo
William P Flynn                                                  Chong Partners Architecture San Francisco
Saucier + Flynn Landscape Architects
                                                                 Ashraf M. Salloum
W. Anthony Fulton                                                The American University in Cairo
San Diego State University
                                                                 John Gordon Storrs
Couper G. Gardiner                                               Salt Lake Community College
BHDP Architecture
                                                                 Charles N. Tseckares
Lawrence J. Gleason                                              CBT/Childs Bertman Tseckares, Inc
Cost Planning & Management International Inc
                                                                 Richard B. Tully
Michael Haggans                                                  Ivy Tech State College Central Office
Flad & Associates

46                      SCUP–39 • July 17–21, 2004 • Sheraton Centre Toronto • Toronto, Ontario Canada
                                                   Institutional Decision Making
   Academic Planning Academy
                                                      and Resource Planning
CONVENER                                                      Academy
Karen Merritt                                    CONVENER
University of California-Merced                  Theodore H. White
ASSOCIATE CONVENER                               Johnson County Community College
Marie E. Zeglen                                  ASSOCIATE CONVENER
Florida International University                 John B. Julia
Leslie Christovich                               Northwestern University
National Science Foundation                      Thomas K. Anderes
Phyllis T. H. Grummon                            Oregon University System
Society for College and University Planning      Pamela G. Arrington
Thomas Hecker                                    Coppin State College
Temple University                                Mary Doyle
Martha L. Hesse                                  Washington State University
Michigan State University                        Martin Friedman
Stephen C. MacLeod                               Temple University
Gordon College                                   Sid Gonsoulin
Maria Teresa Martinez                            University of Southern Mississippi
Universidad Tecnologico de Monterrey             David E. Hollowell
Graham Morrison                                  University of Delaware
University of Cambridge                          David McShane
Maria Ileana Ruiz Cantisani                      William Rainey Harper College
Centro de Calidad ITESM Campus Monterrey CEDES   Lisa A. Mets
Karen Schmid                                     Eckerd College
Indiana State University                         Patrick Opatz
Jean E. Shedd                                    Minnesota State Colleges and Universities
Northwestern University                          Joan Racki
Elizabeth H. Sibolski                            Board of Regents, State of Iowa
Middle States Commission on Higher Education     Miguel Romo Cedano
                                                 Universidad Tecnologica de Mexico
                                                 Karen E. Sayles
                                                 Salem State College
                                                 Kris Smith
                                                 East Carolina University
                                                 Ann Marie Vaughan
                                                 Memorial University of Newfoundland
                                                 Robert D. Walleri
                                                 Mt. Hood Community College

                                                 Planning Academies                          47
                                                                       Preconference Workshop
        Local Hosts Committee
Ron Venter                                                       Karen W. Bauer
University of Toronto                                            The University of Georgia
Elizabeth Sisam                                                  Talitha Fabricius
University of Toronto                                            Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Gail Milgrom                                                     Bruce Flye
University of Toronto                                            East Carolina University
Mary Thring                                                      Arthur J. Lidsky
University of Toronto                                            Dober, Lidsky, Craig and Associates
Elana Horowitz                                                   Richard Macias
Roger Du Toit Architects Ltd                                     San Jose State University
Mark Mitchell                                                    Krisan Osterby
Keen Engineering                                                 Hammel Green & Abrahamson
Robert Graham                                                    Michael K. Owu
Diamond & Schmitt Architects Incorporated                        Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Michell Steinowicz                                               Douglas W. Reddington
Runzheimer International                                         BSA Design
Manuel Ravinsky                                                  Rosemarie Schulz
Ryerson University                                               Pima County Community College
Julia Henderson                                                           .
                                                                 Denise P Sokol
University of Toronto                                            University of Colorado at Denver
Don Schmitt                                                      Philip G. Stack
Diamond & Schmitt Architects Incorporated                        University of Alberta
Ray deSouza
University of Toronto
Rick Howell
York University

48                      SCUP–39 • July 17–21, 2004 • Sheraton Centre Toronto • Toronto, Ontario Canada
        Conference Committee                            SCUP Board of Directors

L. Thomas Swafford                               Karen Webber Bauer
Indiana University at Bloomington                University of Georgia
Karen Merritt                                    J. Thomas Bowen
University of California-Merced                  University of Georgia
John R. Benson                                   Peter B. Brennan
Cayuga Consultants                               Peter Brennan & Associates
PLANNING ACADEMY                                 Thomas B. Flaherty
Theodore H. White                                Central Connecticut State University
Johnson County Community College                 SOUTHERN REGIONAL REPRESENTATIVE
LOCAL HOSTS CHAIR                                W. Jeff Floyd, Jr.
Ron D. Venter                                    The ALPHA Group
University of Toronto                            TREASURER
PLENARY SPEAKERS COORDINATOR                     Andrea Lex
Lisa H. Macklin                                  University of Washington - Seattle
Comprehensive Facilities Planning, Inc           NORTH CENTRAL REGIONAL REPRESENTATIVE
PRECONFERENCE PROGRAMMING                        Lisa H. Macklin
Michael K. Owu                                   Comprehensive Facilities Planning, Inc
Massachusetts Institute of Technology            MID-ATLANTIC REGIONAL REPRESENTATIVE
PROGRAM CHAIR                                    Robert E. Nalls
Joellen Baldwin                                  Nalls Architecture, Inc
Indiana University at Bloomington                SECRETARY
LOCAL HOST                                       Roland Proulx
Gail Y. Milgrom                                  Universite de Montreal
University of Toronto                            AT-LARGE DIRECTOR
LOCAL HOST                                       John A. Ruffo
Elizabeth Sisam                                  Chong Partners Architecture San Francisco
University of Toronto                            IMMEDIATE PAST PRESIDENT
EX OFFICIO, 2003–2004 SCUP PRESIDENT             Pamela K. Stewart
Thomas B. Flaherty                               University of Washington - Seattle
Central Connecticut State University             MEMBERSHIP COMMITTEE CHAIR
Karen Webber Bauer                               University of Wisconsin-Parkside
University of Georgia                            NORTH ATLANTIC REGIONAL REPRESENTATIVE
SCUP STAFF                                       William R. Tibbs
Kathy Benton                                     Facility Resources, Inc
Society for College and University Planning      PRESIDENT-ELECT
                                                 L. Carole Wharton
                                                 McManis-Monsalve Associates
                                                 PACIFIC REGIONAL REPRESENTATIVE
                                                 James A. Zavagno
                                                 San Jose State University
                                   Sheraton Centre Toronto Hotel

                                                                                                                         Gingersnap                             Gold Rush
    4th Floor                                        Cosmopolitan                      Palace

 Hospitality Suites

                                                         Spindrift                   Spring                   Service                                                           Executive
                                                                                     Song                      Area


                                                                                    Queen Tower
                                                              Long Bar                                                                                           Guest Rooms

                                                                                                                                                            Waterfall Gardens

   2nd Floor                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Foyer
                                            ye m

                                                          City Hall
                                          Fo lroo

                                                           Room                                                                                                                                                                                        North
                                                                                   Bistro                                                                                  Garden Court Meeting Rooms

                         oo n

                                                                                  On Two
                      llr nio
                    Ba omi


                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               C o
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Ci lroo

                                                                                                       Stairs to

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 vi m






                                                                                                                                                                                                         u ro







                                                                                                       & Lobby


                                                                                                                                    Richmond Tower

                                                                                                                                                                            "A"                        "B"               "C"
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Windsor West
                                                                                                                            Waterfall Gardens
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Windsor East

                                                                                                                                                                                                       Conference Rooms                      Foyer                                    Essex
                                                                                                          York Street

                                             Mezzanine                                                                    Peel
                                                                                                                                                                                                         D          E                  F           G
                                          Richmond Tower                                                                                                             Carleton




                                                                                                                                                                                                   Richmond Tower

                                                 Entrance                                Front Desk                       Queen Street West

                                                                                                      Tour                 Money                        Queen St.                      Metro I Room                     The Plaza Shops
 Lobby Level                                                             Bell                         Desk                Exchange                       Doors

                          et                                            Captain      Queen Tower                                                        Waterfall                                   Catering Offices
                       re                                                             Elevators
                    St                                                Valet                                                                                  Duck                                                                                                    Ba
               rk                                                    Parking
            Yo                                                                                                                  Elevator                                                                                                                                        et
                                                                                                   Escalators                                                                   Business Centre
                                Motor Court
                                                          Traders                                                                                                                                                                                               Le Bifteque
                               Main Entrance             Bar & Grill
                                                                                                       Stairs to                                        Richmond                                        The Plaza Shops                                         Steakhouse
                                                                                                      Concourse                                           Tower
                                                                                                      & Mezzanine                                       Elevators
                                      Entrance       Airport Bus                                                                                                                  Tower

                                                                                                                        Richmond Street West
                                                                                    Queen Tower
                                             VIP Room
                                                                                                                             To City Hall                                              The Plaza Shops
  Concourse                                                                                                                   Parking
                                                                                                                                                                                                                 To The Bay & Eaton Centre
                                                                                                                          Elevator                          The Plaza Shops
                                       Grand Ballroom
                                                                                                                                                                                                             The Plaza Shops                            Service Area
                                                                                                                                                                On Site
                                                                                         Convention                                                            Suppliers
                                                                                         Registration/                             Richmond Tower
                                                                                         Checkroom                                     Elevators                     The Plaza Shops

Lower Concourse,                                                                                       Stairs to
 Grand Ballroom                                        Ballroom Foyer

 & Sheraton Hall                                                                                North Promenade

                                                                                            Vide Foyer                                          Sheraton Hall
                                         Grand Ballroom                                                                  Elevator

                      West                 Centre                       East
                                                                                        Escalators                      Vide                                                                                                  3-Bay                           Enter Via
                                                                                                                        Office                                                                                      Receiving & Loading Dock           100 Richmond St.West

                                                                                    123 Queen Street West
                                                                                  Toronto, M5H 2M9 Canada
                                                                                     Phone: 416.361.1000
                                                                                      Fax: 416.947.4854

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