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					                                       Maryland District
               RIDERS                            Newsletter
                                      V O L U M E      3 0 ,   I S S U E   2                   F E B R U A R Y   2 0 1 1
     DISTRICT STAFF                  District Directors
   Director
    Ray & Cheryl Hartman             Hello everyone.

   Assistant Director                  By now I’m sure you’ve all heard of the major
    Bruce Hill & Regina Smith        change at the top of Maryland District Team
    Pete and Alice Surrette
                                     chart. Well, if you have been under a rock or just
   Educator                         have not kept up with things lately, Allen & Gwen
    Tim & Anna Grimes                Willingham have stepped down as our District
   Treasurer
                                     Directors. Cheryl and I have accepted the
    Terry Gardner                    appointment as your new District Directors. The District staff will stay intact
                                     with only a few changes. Starting next month, Pete & Alice Surrette will now be
   Couple Of the Year Coordinator
    Gerry Yager
                                     our second pair of Assistant District Directors, Paul & Betty Koermer will be the
                                     new District Newsletter Editors, Steve & Cathy Kelley will be our District
    Leadership Trainer
                                     Logistics Coordinators and Doug Walmsley our new District Webmaster. We want
    Sidney Spunt
                                     to personally thank each and everyone one on our District Team for staying on or
   MEC                              stepping up.
    Rick & Cathy Brown
                                        The past two months have been very busy for all of us on the District Team has
   MAP Coordinator
                                     had to prepare for WinterThing 2011. If you where there, then you know an
    Al General
                                     excellent time was had by all. The Friday night Renaissance themed dance was a
   Webmaster                        great time. For the second year in a row, you really had to look hard to find
    Doug Walmsley
                                     someone NOT dressed up in costume. The dance floor was full all night long and
   Newsletter Editor                the table decorations were awesome. There were 204 total attendees for the
    Paul & Betty Koermer             many seminars that took place over the weekend. The WinterThing Speedway
   Visit Coordinator
                                     races, Wii Bowling tournament, and the MVA’s bike simulators were a big success
    Sue Miller                       as always. The Saturday night’s dinner banquet was also excellent again. That is
                                     where Allen & Gwen handed off the torch and ran for their lives. It is now behind
   Events Coordinator
    Allen & Gwen Willingham
                                     us and we look forward to a new year and next year’s WinterThing.

   Logistics Coordinators
                                        We want you all to know we are here to help make your Chapters, and our
    Steve & Cathy Kelley             District, as strong and as FUN as possible. Please call us whenever you need
   Ambassador
    Hampton & ShaRon Conway             There have been many changes that have all seem to come at us at once and if
   Public Relations Coordinator
                                     we all work together as a TEAM we can make it work and have FUN doing it.
                                        One of the main topics we need to clear up is that Treasurers and Membership
   Historian                        Enhancement Coordinators now have officer status. At the current time, the only
    Vacant                           paperwork needed is signed copy of the updated MOU form and they are to be
                                     sworn in. This can be done at your gatherings and we will hit them all as soon as
   Auto & Bike Tag Coordinator
    Greg & Vicki Smith               possible. This form has already been sent out to the CD’s. I encourage each
                                     Chapter to get these forms signed and sent to me as soon as possible. Currently,
                                     Treasurers and MEC’s are not required to take the OCP class.
                                                                                               (Continued on next page)
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District Directors
   We have a few officers, old and new, who still need to take the class and we will be working with them and
Sidney to secure a date that works for everyone. We realize it takes some of our personal time, but I truly
believe that GWRRA is heading in the right direction.
   Another topic to discuss is the N6 Rider Education Activity Reports. Each Chapter must send these to
District Educator Tim Grimes every month. The responsibility of this rests on the Chapter Educator. If your
Chapter does not have an Educator, it is the job of the CD to file them. Tim Grimes can inform you how to
handle these forms. These N6 Reports are the documents that prove our 501(c) 4 tax-exempt compliance. Our
educators have become some of the most important members of our staff. If your chapter does not currently
have one, please contact Tim. He is more than willing to come to your gatherings and discuss duties to ease the
minds of possible candidates. It is one form a month, nothing more than it always has been.
   The Maryland District encourages each of our Chapters to select a Couple of the Year. It should be
considered an honor and treated as such. Please inform our Couple of the Year Coordinator, Gerry Yager, of
your special pair.
   The MD website’s District Calendar is available for your use again this year. As your Chapter sets it’s event
schedule for the year, we ask that you share it with everyone in the District. Please contact Doug Walmsley
and provide him with a pdf version of your event flyers to be posted on the website.
    Region B is responsible for assisting with the Parades at Wing Ding again this year. The Light Parade is on
the evening of Wednesday, July 6. The Grand Parade is on the afternoon of Friday, July 8. Please let us know
if you can lend a hand. We need to document our volunteers to ensure that things work smoothly.

                                                              Have Fun, Ride Safe,
                                                              and be Knowledgeable

                                                              Ray & Cheryl Hartman

                                       Friendly Reminder

    MDI is attempting to setup a Rider Education course for April or May timeframe. The plan is to have
     an Advanced Rider Course (ARC) and Trailering Course (TC) taught each day. Times and Location are
     being looked into at this time. A registration form will be provided to all Chapter Directors once we
     have finalized number of classes and maximum student load. Due to class size limits, all forms received
     will be on a first come first serve basis. Please get the word out that if folks are coming up on the
     expiration date for their levels, to consider this golden opportunity.

    Dave & Debbie Sorrick are looking for help in setting up and manning a Motor Awareness/Rider
     Education booth at the State Fair from August26—September 5. Please contact them
     (dcsorric@hotmail.com) if you are interested in participating. More to follow.

                          Newsletter inputs are due by the 25th of February.
        It is with great pride and honor that Gwen and I present this year’s
                    Charlie Gallagher District Award
                   to our District Treasurer, Terry Gardner.

                                    . . .
  Terry is the kind of person who attends Region, District and so many Chapter
events, Wing Dings and many other motorcycle events always with a smile and a
warm demeanor.

    Terry Gardner has worked tirelessly in an effort to help out where ever I or
the Maryland District was in need of assistance. He has spent so many hours
behind the registration desk at past and present WinterThings, that we would
have to run him off. He has also been such a great help to each and every
Maryland chapter, helping to prepare their IRS forms and year end paper work.
With Terry, it seems to require ten staff members’ signatures on a check before
allowing it to be released. Terry has served under two District Directors and has
been asked to stay on for a third.

   The District and I truly appreciate all the hard work and sacrifices Terry has
selflessly given.
                                               Rick & Gerry Yager
                                                        recipient of the
                              Jimmy Colbert Memorial Award
                                                               For 2010

   I first met part of this team in 2003, when the husband stopped by the original location of Motovation Cycles. He came in asking about
trikes, specifically the Volkswagen version. After a few more stop ins and a few more conversations with me and Danny, he was convinced
that a Goldwing was in his future.

  Fast forward to his purchase of the Golden Treasure Trike – appropriately named because we later determined that it had spent some
time at the bottom of some body of water based on the amount of sea water that had infiltrated the wiring. But it was a treasure to him
and he was determined to ride it for all it was worth and get involved in all things Goldwing. That included GWRRA. Anyone who knew him
knew that once he got involved in a project, it was an all-out assault. Luckily, his wife, to whom he always referred as his beautiful bride,
seemed to be at least a willing cohort in his projects.

  Never one to take their involvements lightly, this couple ingrained themselves in the framework of Chapter I, serving at various times as
Chapter Couple of the Year, Treasurer, Newsletter Editor and eventually as Assistant Chapter Directors. They were instrumental in the
creation of MD-I’s largest fundraiser, which, over the last few years has raised over $ 10,000, and benefits the Susan G. Komen Foundation
for Breast Cancer Research. They became the chapter’s Social Directors, and were instrumental in helping to arrange other chapter
functions and parties, including the annual Christmas Party.

  Looking to expand their involvement in GWRRA, they were nominated and selected as District Couple of the Year, and represented the
District at the Regional Selection event. They also made it a point to attend several local and regional rallies each year, and logged many
miles on each of their 3 Goldwing Trikes.

  They continued support of both their chapter and the District as Couple of the Year Coordinators and worked hard to recruit Chapter
Couples for each Chapter in the District promoting involvement and goodwill throughout the organization.

  All of us suffered a tragic loss with the husband’s sudden passing in April, 2010. There was a huge hole created on all levels – personal for
his family, as well as his large circle of friends; professional for all of his former colleagues in the Air Force and Army, and social for all of
us who also knew him through his Goldwing and GWRRA activities.

   His memory lives on however in all of our hearts and in our actions. His wife has stayed on as Assistant Chapter Director through their
term, and currently serves as MD-I’s Newsletter Editor. She also recently became the proud owner of a new Spyder trike and plans to
continue riding with MD-I. Their daughter has picked up the gauntlet and is now the proud rider of his Goldwing Memorial Trike – it is a
lasting legacy to him and to all of the fallen service members and 9-11 victims to whom tribute is paid in all of its original artwork. Their
daughter and her husband have also stepped up and have been helping out with the coordination of events and activities in MD-I while the
Directors were recently under the weather.

  This couple epitomizes the essence of the Jimmy Colbert Award. He never met anyone he wouldn’t talk to or try to get involved in one way
or another in MD-I’s activities or events. They have served both the Chapter and District tirelessly, and are always willing to step in and
lend a hand, whether it be putting up the tent at Chrome and Crabs, or making huge batches of famous macaroni and cheese for a hungry
crowd. It is with those thoughts in mind that I humbly nominate Rick and Gerry Yager for the Jimmy Colbert Award for 2010.
Fun Awards:
Top Ten Chapter High Mileage

Award calculated by totaling the combined mileage of the top ten chapter rider’s
          1st MDJ 186,225        2nd MDI 129,724      3rd MDB 101,618

Total Chapter High Mileage

Award calculated by totaling the combined mileage of the entire chapter rider’s

          1st MDJ 212,704       2nd MDI 208,191       3rd MDH 114,441

Individual High Mileage

  Males:   1st Ken Trass (MDB) 29,073                 2nd Terry Gardner (MDJ) 23,767     3rd Al General (MDJ) 22,776
  Females: 1st Shelley Greene (MDI) 13,284            2nd Marge Nagel (MDH) 10,476      3rd Robin Little (MDI) 7,513

MD District Visitation

          1st MDJ 2,255                    2nd MDH 1,450                    3rd MDA 1,390
V O L U M E     3 0 ,     I S S U E   2                                                                            PAGE         8

Ride Educators
                                     The following article is taken from the Rider Education Tool Box ―Give Me Five‖. It
                                  was written by Joe and Judy Pirillo, Iowa Senior District Educators. As I read this
                                  article, I began to wonder if they had our Region in mind as they wrote it.
                                      How many of us have ―been there, done that and got the T-shirt‖? How many of us do
                                  not think that GWRRA has anything new to teach us? After all, if we have taken one of
                                  the various Seminars or Riding Courses that GWRRA offers, then we have seen and done it
                                  all. But, have we really?
   There are an increasing number of accidents occurring within GWRRA. WHY?? Is it because we do not feel the
necessity to participate in a Parking Lot Practice after a winter of non-riding? How about a Riding Course to refine and
sharpen our skills? UNNECESSARY?? Personally, I have never taken a Riding Course where I did not learn something that
could improve my riding, no matter how many times I took the same course.
   Please take the time to read through the following article and open your minds to the message that it delivers. Let’s all
strive to make GWRRA work for us and take advantage of the opportunities that it affords us.

                                Is there a problem with GWRRA…
   Our organization has been around for 30 years. Many people retire after working 30 years. Over the past 30 years have
you ever stopped to think of how many changes and life corrections you have made in your life? Is GWRRA changing? No,
GWRRA has stayed eccentrically the same while doing things to enhance the membership’s life learning environment. We are
the ones that are changing. We don’t want to learn any more than we already know. We have been riding for years and no
one can tell us how to ride. In fact many of us are beyond being educated. Stupidity hurts.
   A challenge is being made to the readers of this article to visit as many other GWRRA Chapters as they possibly can. I
am not saying to go to as many rallies as you can but to REALLY visit as many individual Chapters in your own District as you
can. Then take note of how various Chapter gatherings are conducted and which Chapters seem to be having the most

FUN.      When we have visited many of the Iowa District Chapters, we’ve noticed that the Chapters with officer
commitment to the GWRRA family knowledge sharing, along with a strong Rider Enhancement Program, seem to flourish the
most. That’s because people are learning new things and accept this new found knowledge with gratitude. Those Chapters
with enthusiastic officers are the ones that are thriving and growing their membership. These Chapters personify

                                  PARTICIPATION = FUN.
Get out there and ride to the four corners of Iowa District and see what knowledge can be picked up.
   It is sad that people let personal feelings effect an organization that has given them so much. If the longer term
members would be honest with themselves, they would quickly admit they have gotten more out of the organization than
they gave. We all owe it to the GWRRA to give back; of our knowledge we have learned, friends we have made for life, and
positive effect on our personal life and riding skills. All members need to share AND receive knowledge with other members
of our GWRRA family.
   Don’t put down the very educational programs that have had such an impact on us. We were once new members too, so let
the brand new members benefit from those same old programs that made us better riders over time. Encourage your fellow
long term and new members to gain the benefits from the many riding courses and seminars that are available for rider
refinement. Don’t be the one that helps reduce the impact of this organization; be the one that helps it to continue to grow.

After all we   ALL      are   “Friends for Fun, Safety and Knowledge”.
… If there is a problem, maybe it’s us!
                                                                     Joe and Judy Pirillo
                                                                     Iowa Senior District Educators
V O L U M E   3 0 ,   I S S U E   2                                                                    PAGE    9

                      GWRRA ANNOUNCES NEW PROGRAM
 RELEASED FROM: Phoenix, Arizona
 RELEASE DATE: January 6, 2011


 Phoenix, AZ – Gold Wing Road Riders Association (GWRRA) has announced a new program, called the ―Passport
 Program.‖ The Program is geared to encourage the Members of GWRRA to ride more - mainly to GWRRA
 Chapter gatherings, events, rallies, their Honda Dealers, vendors, etc. The Program will kick off officially in
 March, but is being announced now to encourage sponsorships of this Program. Paul Hildebrand, Founder and
 COB of GWRRA, said, ―This program will encourage more riding with our Members and also provide a vehicle
 for more camaraderie by having Members and providers getting together to sign/stamp their ―Passports‖ and
 compare their travels!‖

 The Passport books have 64 pages, with 4 spaces on each page, for Members to get stamps/initials for each
 place they visit. GWRRA will be providing a special website for those Members who fill their Passports and
 send them into the GWRRA Home Office. To capture those special travel moments, use this Passport when you
 go to GWRRA Events or Wing Ding. At each Event or Wing Ding (at any GWRRA booth), the Chapter Director,
 District Director or Region Director will apply a special stamp or initials (one per event) to recognize your

 After completing the entire Passport, send it to the Home Office by December 31, 2011, for a chance to win a
 prize. The winners will be chosen randomly from all entrants.

 Mr. Hildebrand goes on to state that ―I am looking forward to seeing this Program bring riding and
 camaraderie back to the forefront of GWRRA!‖ GWRRA will support this Program through editorials in Wing
 World magazine; our FREE monthly e-Newsletter, Wingin’ It; and electronic media through our websites.

                   FEBRUARY 2011
       Sun               Mon                    Tue                   Wed                     Thu                     Fri                  Sat
                                                           1                       2                      3                        4              5

               6                    7                      8                       9                    10                        11             12

              13                  14                     15                     16                      17                        18             19
                                                                                                                                       MDH Spaghetti

              20                  21                     22                     23                      24                        25             26
                                                                                                                                       MDJ Afternoon

              27                  28

                                                                 90 Day Outlook
                                              Maryland Chapter’s Upcoming Events

February 19        MD-H Spaghetti Bingo - Bel Air, Maryland
February 26        MD-J Penny Dollinger’s Afternoon Tea – Severn, Maryland
March 6            MD-A Bowl-a-thon – Linthicum, Maryland
March 26           Maryland District Meeting – Location TBD
April 10           MD-J Parking Lot Practice – Annapolis, Maryland
April 16           MD-I Rick Yager Memorial Golf Tournament – Andrews AFB
April 23-24        MD District Rider Education—Rider Courses—Location TBD
April 30           MD-B Fish Fry – Bowie, Maryland

                       Northeast Region and Neighboring Region/District Events

                     Remember the District Events in our Region count towards the Visit-A-District program for visitation bars.

April 30           DE-A Hobo Stew – Lums Pond State Park, Delaware
  You Are Cordially Invited
        Afternoon Tea
   To Benefit Ride for Kids
      February 26, 2011
Three O’clock In the Afternoon
 Wear Your Favorite Bonnet

 Penny Dolinger’s Tea Room
    8127 Windmill Court
  Severn, Maryland 21144
        Cost: $25.00

   R.S.V.P. By February 21, 2011
  Email: pmbunda1@verizon.net
     Telephone: 410-969-5923
        Sunday, May 1st
   Worship Service at 10:30 AM
     Worshiping at Martin Luther King Middle School
                4545 Ammendale Road
               Beltsville, Maryland 20705
                             Directions from Maryland I-95
                            Exit 29 East Beltsville
                            Follow Ammendale Rd
                            School on the right side of the road
                            4545 Ammendale RD
                        Enter the first entrance into the parking lot and follow
                                    the directions of the attendant.

  For more information: Phone – 301.210.5091 (Hampton Conway)
                 or email – ummhamp@yahoo.com
               Emergency calls only on the day of the service
301.980-9777( phone at the school) or 301.221.1677 (cell phone until 10:30 AM)

You are Invited to Join GWRRA MD-B for a
       Dinner Ride after the Service
                                RIDER INSURANCE CELEBRATES 40 YEARS
                                       IN THE MOTORCYCLE INDUSTRY

SPRINGFIELD, N.J. – 2011 marks the 40th Anniversary of Rider Insurance. Currently the largest motorcycle insurance
provider in New Jersey and the only company exclusively serving the motorcycle community, Rider attributes our success to
the extraordinary support of our loyal customers and to the dedication of our employees in staying focused on what we do
best – motorcycles.

―We understand the needs of our customers because we don’t just serve the community – we belong to it,‖ said Harry
Bleiwise, chairman and founder of Rider Insurance. ―It has been both a privilege and an honor to serve a group of people
like no other in the world.‖

Much has changed in the past four decades, and Rider Insurance has kept pace with that change. To see how far we’ve
come, we need only look back at how it all started. Working out of the basement of his home, Harry Bleiwise founded Rider
Insurance Agency in 1971 because, as a new member of the motorcycle community, he discovered that motorcyclists were
not being treated with the respect they deserved. Harry wanted to do something to change that. His dedication to
motorcyclists was rewarded as, over the next six years, Harry gained the loyalty of over 20,000 New Jersey riders.

In 1977, one of the largest insurance companies that Harry’s agency was placing business with pulled out of the state of
New Jersey. Rather than abandon his fellow riders and dedicated customers, Harry felt it was his responsibility to come
to their aid. He invested everything that he had and borrowed the rest to come up with the capital required to start his
own insurance company. On June 3, 1977, Rider Insurance Company, the only insurance carrier exclusively serving
motorcyclists, opened for business.

Since opening our doors, we at Rider Insurance have prided ourselves on offering competitive rates, excellent coverage, and
hassle free service. Our employees are committed to providing the outstanding service needed to allow riders to enjoy the
freedom of the open road with peace of mind. Rider is also committed to giving back to the community and actively
participates in numerous local and national motorcycle events. In addition, through the Bleiwise Family Charitable
Foundations and general corporate sponsorships and donations, Rider has been able to support many worthy causes and

Although for many years Rider was only available in New Jersey, in 2007, after many requests, operations expanded into
new states. Rider now provides great coverage and service to motorcyclists in Indiana, Maryland, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and
West Virginia. While we’ve come a long way since Harry’s basement, we have remained true to our mission to serve the
motorcycling community with the respect they deserve.

―In reaching this milestone, there is a great deal of appreciation and thanks owed to our employees, both past and present,
as well as our valued loyal customers, without whom Rider would not be the company it is today,‖ said Charles Lally,
President. ―We plan to continue to grow and expand until we are able to provide the same great service to all riders across
the country.‖

For more information on Rider Insurance or to get a quick quote, call 800-595-6393 or visit www.rider.com.

VOLUME         30,   ISSUE   2                                                         PAGE    21

                             Northeast Region B – Staff
         Director of GWRRA                        Director              Assistant Director
Mike Stiger                      Ed and Dottie Bahrenburg                     VACANT

800-843-9460                     607-427-8777
Director@gwrra.org               gwrra.ed.dottie@gmail.com

                Educator                          Trainer           Membership Enhancement

Tim and Anna Grimes              Ed & Dottie Bahrenburg      Donna and Joe Wheeler

301-994-1394                     607-427-7204                508-278-5129
tim@gwrramdi.org                 Gwrra.ed.dottie@gmail.com   dwheeler11@charter.net

       CPR/FA Coordinators &                                      COY & Chapter Coordinators
       Assistant Ride Educator
Keith and Elaine Price                                       Rich and Doreen Lampe
4794 Meyer Road
North Tonawanda, NY 14120

716-625-9577                                                 973-584-0949

pricewingk@aol.com                                           RLAMPE@Yahoo.com

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