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For the year ended March 31, 2011
    Executive Message

                                         In the spirit of “coexistence and mutual prosperity”
                                         that is our founding management philosophy, we are
                                         committed to making wide-ranging contributions to
                                         the stability and development of local communities
                                         and society in general.

                                         Kenji Sugiyama
                                         President and Chief Executive Officer

    I would like to express my appreciation to all our                activities, which are distinctively those of an insurance
    customers, sales agents, and other stakeholders for their         company rooted in cooperative unions and organizations.
    encouragement and support.                                           Our three-year medium-term management plan,
       We express our sorrow for the many victims of the              “Kyoei-ism,” launched in fiscal 2010, ended March 31,
    Great East Japan Earthquake, which struck on March 11,            2011, identifies three basic policies: enhancement of
    2011, and offer our heartfelt sympathy to the people of           strengths in product provision and service responsiveness;
    the affected areas and their families. In order to fulfill our    conversion to a profit-focused operation; and the
    responsibility as a non-life insurance company to                 transformation of our corporate culture.
    contribute to stability and development in the daily life            Fiscal 2011, which is the midpoint of “Kyoei-ism,” is
    and functioning of society, we are devoting our utmost            forecast to bring continued uncertainty in our business
    efforts to ensuring prompt and efficient payment of               environment due to the impact of the Great East Japan
    insurance claims and conservation of customer contracts.          Earthquake. We intend nevertheless to press ahead with
       Kyoei Fire & Marine was established in 1942 by the             the implementation of the various policy measures
    Industrial Cooperatives, the predecessor of all of Japan’s        identified by “Kyoei-ism.” As part of the transformation
    modern-day cooperative unions and organizations,                  of our corporate culture—which is one of its basic
    including agricultural, forestry and fishery cooperatives         policies—we are working to meet customer expectations
    such as the Japan Agricultural Cooperatives (JA) Group            by promoting reform of working practices based on an
    and the Japan Fishery Cooperatives (JF) Group, regional           awareness that each piece of work we do has an impact
    cooperative banks (shinkin banks), credit unions, and             on the customer. At the same time, we are acting to
    consumers’ cooperative unions. Since then, we have                create a working environment that allows each and every
    worked steadily to establish an independent position              senior executive and general employee to realize their
    while maintaining strong links with cooperative unions            maximum potential. Strengthening our overall corporate
    and organizations. In the spirit of coexistence and mutual        capabilities will allow us to steadily fulfill our social
    prosperity that is our founding management philosophy,            responsibilities as a non-life insurance company.
    we work consistently to ensure that our business takes               Going forward, we will continue to engage in
    the customers’ perspective and to further strengthen our          business activities that emphasize interpersonal ties and
    business relationships, which extend not only to the              relationships of trust, which will allow us to make wide-
    cooperative unions and organizations with which we                ranging contributions to the stability and development of
    maintain close ties, but also to the major enterprises with       local communities and society in general. This reflects the
    which we have built up firm partnerships, agencies such           spirit of coexistence and mutual prosperity that is our
    as auto dealers and auto repair garages, our own sales            founding management philosophy.
    channel Kyoei Proclub, and direct sales agents. Through              I look forward to your continued support.
    these efforts, we aim to continue expanding our business

Kyoei Fire & Marine’s Strengths

   We will work to further strengthen our business relationships with
   cooperative unions and organizations, and utilize our strengths to
   actively expand operations.

 Diverse Markets with a Solid Business Foundation
Kyoei Fire & Marine was established by the Industrial                                            forms of mutual aid, Kyoei Fire & Marine is working
Cooperatives, the predecessor of all cooperative                                                 to help members of these cooperatives lead
unions and organizations currently operating in                                                  stable lives.
Japan, including agricultural, forestry and fishery                                                 In addition to its superior hold in the markets of
cooperatives such as the JA Group and the JF Group,                                              cooperative unions and organizations, Kyoei Fire &
regional cooperative banks (shinkin banks), credit                                               Marine offers individual customers a diverse range of
unions, and consumers’ cooperative unions, to                                                    products and services through dedicated sales
spread the use of insurance in rural areas. Since                                                agencies and automobile sales agencies.
then, the Company has developed and maintained                                                      Kyoei Fire & Marine is committed to enhancing
strong relationships with the numerous cooperative                                               customer satisfaction by putting to work its expertise
unions and organizations that evolved from the                                                   accumulated thus far, further strengthening
Industrial Cooperatives. By providing insurance                                                  relationships with cooperative unions and
support for businesses run by various organizations                                              organizations and continuing to develop business
and taking on the role of supplementing various                                                  operations that draw on the Company’s strengths.

   Kyoei Fire & Marine Business Model

                                                                      tiv   e uni                                        Pro
  Cooperative union members                                       era                                                          visi                                       Customers
                                                            oop                                                                       on
                                                   h   ec                                                                                  of
                                          o   ft                                                    Dedicated                                        tim
                                       rs                               JA Group,
                                  be                                  JF Group, etc.               sales agents



                                        Regional                                                                                agents

                                   cooperative banks


                                  (shinkin banks) and                                              The i

                                      credit unions                        ra t                                      vid


                                                                     op          ns                                     ua                      Companies
                                                                   co atio                                                lc

                                                                       iz                                                      u

                                                             or y
                                                       and ed b


                       Consumers’                                                            s    Busi


      ce p

                    cooperative unions                                               era                     s
                                                        f or m


                                                                                 p                               o

                        and other


                                                                                                                                                           Direct sales

                    cooperative unions


                                                                                         Kyoei Fire



                                                                                         & Marine

    Major Management Indices

     Major management indices are explained here in order to provide a
     clearer picture of our corporate activities in fiscal 2010.

    Indices of the Status of Major Businesses
                                                                                                                            (Millions of yen)

                   Years ended March 31                   2009                         2010                            2011

    Net Premiums Written                                   ¥159,700                      ¥158,857                          ¥155,899
    Year-on-year change, %                                     –3.6%                       –0.5%                              –1.9%

    Ordinary Income                                          213,293                      207,734                           209,543
    Year-on-year change, %                                     –7.2%                       –2.6%                                0.9%

    Underwriting Loss                                         (14,337)                      (1,790)                           (1,553)
    Year-on-year change, %                                           —                              —                                  —

    Ordinary Profit (Loss)                                    (42,923)                        3,135                                873
    Year-on-year change, %                                –2,339.0%                                 —                       –72.1%

    Net Income (Loss)                                         (33,733)                      (8,858)                                901
    Year-on-year change, %                                –6,834.9%                                 —                                  —

    Share Capital                                              52,500                      52,500                             52,500
    Number of shares outstanding                    293,452 shares                  293,452 shares              293,452 shares

    Net Assets                                                 35,546                      41,982                             42,816

    Total Assets                                             666,727                      651,254                           643,163

      Net Premiums Written                  Total Assets                                        Net Income (Loss)
      (Billions of yen)                     (Billions of yen)                                   (Billions of yen)
                                                            Non-investment Assets
    200                                   800               Investment Assets                  1

                                                 666.7      651.2       643.1
           159.7          158.8   155.8
    150                                   600     78.8       63.6                              0
                                                  587.8      587.6      579.2

    100                                   400                                                 -12                   -8.8

     50                                   200                                                 -24

      0                                     0                                                 -36       -33.7
            2009          2010    2011            2009       2010       2011                            2009        2010        2011

Corporate Governance

In order to ensure a sound and transparent management structure, Kyoei Fire & Marine has made the thorough
implementation of corporate governance a priority management issue. We will continue our efforts to maintain
and further strengthen this sound management structure with efficient utilization of management resources,
effective checking and control systems, and appropriate risk management.

 Internal Control System
In accordance with the Companies Act and the Ordinance                                   Internal Control System. Based on this policy, we have
for Enforcement of the Companies Act, the Board of                                       established and operate an appropriate internal
Directors resolved the Basic Policy for Establishing an                                  control system.

 Corporate Governance Structure
The Kyoei Fire & Marine Board of Directors comprises 13                                  addition, the Board of Corporate Auditors attends
directors, including four external directors. The Board                                  important internal meetings including meetings of the
makes decisions regarding the Kyoei Fire & Marine                                        Board of Directors, Managing Directors, Regulatory
Insurance Group’s management strategy, business plans,                                   Compliance Committee, and Corporate Risk Management
organizational reform, and key personnel, among other                                    Committee. It periodically holds discussions with the
matters. Furthermore, the Board oversees the execution of                                independent auditing firm contracted by the Company and
corporate business and generally meets once a month.                                     collaborates with the internal audit and compliance
   Further, Kyoei Fire & Marine has introduced an executive                              departments and sections to conduct audits.
officer system in which 16 executive officers conduct                                        Individual committees are established as required to
business with guidance and directives from representative                                deal with critical management issues. These committees
directors. The Managing Directors’ Meeting, participated in                              promote, manage, and oversee the implementation of
by managing directors and managing executive officers, was                               initiatives related to specific issues and bring matters up
set up to discuss important business matters pertaining to                               before, and report to, Managing Directors’ and Board of
business execution, and is generally held once a month.                                  Directors’ meetings.
   The Board of Corporate Auditors consists of five                                          Kyoei Fire & Marine has also established a Management
corporate auditors, including four external corporate                                    Advisory Board consisting of executive officers and external
auditors. It formulates policies and plans for audits, and                               experts to provide advice and recommendations on
accordingly reviews important documents and conducts                                     important managerial issues and ensure sound and
on-site audits at branch offices and other business sites. In                            transparent management.

    Corporate Governance Structure                                                                                                               (As of June 27, 2011)

                                                            General Meeting of Shareholders
            Appoint                               Appoint                                            Appoint
                      Report   Board of Corporate Auditors            Audit                                            suggest
    Independent                           5 auditors                               Take managerial decisions/                       Management Advisory Board
                                                                                      oversee operations
    auditing firm               (including 4 external auditors)
                                                                                    Board of Directors 13 directors
                                                                                    (including 4 external directors)

                                                                  Report                              Oversee,

                                                                  Report                Business execution             Discuss,
                                                                                    Managing Directors’ Meetings        report
                                                                                                                                   Committees for specific issues
                                                                                         Executive officers                         Regulatory Compliance Committee
                                                                                                                                  Corporate Risk Management Committee
                                                                                                                                     Product Development Committee
                                                                           Audit                                                          and other committees
                                       Internal Audit Department                   Divisions and branch offices

      Initiatives to Ensure Compliance                               for instance that employees must comply, in letter and in
    For Kyoei Fire & Marine, compliance means not only               spirit, with all relevant laws and regulations and must strive
    observing laws and regulations but also adhering to social       to carry out all business activities in a fair, transparent, and
    norms, fulfilling expectations and meeting ethical               efficient manner, conducting themselves responsibly
    standards set by customers and society at large. This is         and in keeping with socially accepted standards of
    particularly crucial in the non-life insurance business, given   behavior. The Regulatory Compliance Standards lay down
    the highly public nature of services we provide.                 specific guidelines to be followed by employees in the
       In order to promote and enhance compliance                    practical conduct of business. Additional measures to
    awareness, Kyoei Fire & Marine has created a Compliance          promote compliance include continuous training and
    Manual, which is distributed to all senior executives and        compliance meetings.
    general employees. The manual contains the Kyoei Fire &             To foster compliance at a practical level, each
    Marine Code of Ethics, which sets out the basic principles       department and branch office formulates and implements
    underlying our business operations, and the Regulatory           an individual compliance plan in line with a compliance
    Compliance Standards, which is a code of conduct for all         program outlined by the Board of Directors.
    senior executives and employees. The Code of Ethics states

     Risk Management
      Kyoei Fire & Marine’s Approach to                                Basic Policies for Risk Management
      Risk Management                                                The Board of Directors has formulated Kyoei Fire &
    In conjunction with rapid financial deregulation, the            Marine’s Policies for Overall Risk Management as well as
    business environment surrounding Japan’s insurance               Policies for the Management of Individual Risks. The
    business has undergone dramatic changes. Business risks          respective departments responsible for managing
    faced by insurance companies today are becoming ever             individual risks undertake risk management based on these
    more complex and varied. Recognizing how important it is         policies. Specific measures implemented include
    for insurance companies to make themselves responsible           establishing risk management regulations; assessing and
    for accurately identifying and managing various potential        monitoring the impact of individual risks and reporting to
    risks, we have positioned risk management as a top-              management; and developing and improving risk
    priority management issue.                                       measurement methods, such as methods to quantify the
       The Risk Management Department oversees risk                  impact of a risk.
    management on a company-wide scale, while each
    individual risk is managed by a department that is in
    charge of that particular risk. In addition, the Corporate
    Risk Management Committee was established to
    comprehensively manage all risks.
       To enable detailed discussions on risk management
    from a specialist viewpoint and take appropriate decisions,
    Kyoei Fire & Marine has established the Product
    Development Committee, ALM Committee, and
    Information Asset Management Oversight Committee.

    Risk Management Structure

                       Managing Directors’ Meetings                    Board of Directors                 Board of Corporate Auditors
                                                                                                              Corporate Auditors

                                    Corporate Risk Management Committee (Secretariat: Risk Management Department)

                                                                                                                  Emergency response management

                                             Overall risk management                   Risk Management Department

                                Asset management risks                                                               Market risks

                                                                                                                      Credit risks

                      Risks associated with insurance underwriting
                                                                                                              Real estate investment risks

                               Product development risks
                                                                                                                 Market liquidity risks

                                     Liquidity risks

                                  Administrative risks

                                     Systems risks

                                                       Department responsible for managing individual risks

 Internal and External Audits and Inspections
  Internal Audit Structure                                                                  External Audit Structure
From the perspective of ensuring sound and appropriate                                In accordance with Japan’s Companies Act and Financial
business operations, the corporate auditors conduct audits                            Instruments and Exchange Law, Kyoei Fire & Marine
to ensure proper business execution by directors. The                                 undergoes accounting auditing by Ernst & Young
Internal Audit Department, an independent business                                    ShinNihon LLC, an independent auditing firm. The
organization, conducts internal audits of the Sales, Claims,                          Company also undergoes inspections by the Financial
and Head Office Departments. These audits verify the                                  Services Agency and Finance Bureau of the Japanese
effectiveness of internal control functions. The Internal                             Ministry of Finance as stipulated by the Insurance Business
Audit Department takes steps to strengthen and improve                                Law in Japan.
the internal control system through measures to resolve
any issues identified during audits and by following up on
their implementation. The results of these internal audits
are reported to the audited departments and regular
reports made to the Board of Directors.

    Kyoei Fire & Marine’s Social Contribution Activities
    —Hand-in-Hand with Communities

     Activities for Coexistence
      Giving and Receiving Chocolates—                              medicines to be sent

      The Valentine Charity Fund                                    to refugee camps in

    In 1993, the Valentine Charity Fund was begun at Kyoei          the Republic of Mali.

    Fire & Marine by a female employee. She wanted to turn          Furthermore,

    the practice of giving and receiving “obligation                donations (in units of

    chocolates” on Valentine’s Day and White Day into               300 yen) are collected

    something more meaningful. Under this program, instead          to transport the

    of buying “obligation chocolates” employees donate 500          goods. Employees

    yen for each co-worker they feel obliged to give chocolates     themselves sort and pack the numerous articles received

    to that year. The donations collected each year are used to     each year from all over Japan, and hand them over to a

    support refugee camps in the Republic of Mali, West             nongovernmental organization to be sent to Mali.

    Africa, where nongovernmental organizations use them,
                                                                      Volunteer Activities using the Hot-Air
    for example, to build wells, schools and medicine stores
    and to plant trees                                                Balloon “Mamoru-kun”
    to prevent                                                      Since 1992, Kyoei Fire & Marine employee volunteers have

    desertification. In                                             visited welfare facilities all over Japan in a hot-air balloon

    recent years, the                                               to convey the message of “Dream sky-high!” The hot-air

    donations have also                                             balloon is decorated

    been used to lay out                                            with pictures of

    paddy fields.                                                   “Mamoru-kun,” the
                                                                    promotional mascot
                                                                    named after one of
      Christmas Charity                                             our main products,

    Since 1993, Kyoei Fire & Marine employees have also been        building insurance.

    collecting used clothes, toys, stationery, sewing tools, and

     Earth-Friendly Activities
      Kyoei Fire & Marine Eco Forests—                              7.24 ha in four locations across Japan. When the planted

      Forest Conservation Activities That                           trees mature into forests over a period of several years, the

      Contribute to Global Environmental                            Eco no Mori Tomo no Kai and the Japanese government

      Preservation                                                  will share the profits in a predetermined ratio. Kyoei Fire &

    The Eco no Mori Tomo no Kai (Eco Forests Friendship             Marine will reinvest the profits earned into new

    Association) was established in 1992 with the objective of      afforestation projects and other activities to preserve the

    conducting afforestation activities. Kyoei Fire & Marine        natural environment.

    employees who are members of the association pay a 500
    yen membership fee that is used to cover operating
    charges. The association’s activities focus on cultivation of
    forests through participation in profit-sharing afforestation
    projects of state-owned forests. Kyoei Fire & Marine
    employees participate actively in these afforestation
    activities, having cultivated and preserved, to date,
    approximately 22,700 trees covering a forest area of about

Non-Consolidated Financial Statements

Non-Consolidated Balance Sheets
The Kyoei Fire & Marine Insurance Co., Ltd.
As of March 31, 2011 and 2010
                                                                                                                                                   (Millions of yen)

                                                 2010        2011                                                                       2010          2011

 ASSETS                                                                 LIABILITIES

 Cash and deposits                              ¥ 38,741    ¥ 36,815    Reserves for insurance contracts                               ¥554,943      ¥542,905

  Cash                                               47          35        Reserve for outstanding claims                                61,610         63,564

  Deposits                                        38,694      36,779       Underwriting reserves                                        493,333       479,340

 Call loans                                        1,600       5,200    Other liabilities                                                38,307         41,900

 Money held in trust                                 64         111        Co-insurance accounts payable                                   833           1,001

 Securities                                      461,115     460,521       Reinsurance accounts payable                                   4,939          6,537

  Government bonds                               126,105     132,680       Foreign reinsurance accounts payable                            702              640

  Municipal bonds                                 28,878      29,144       Loans payable                                                 25,800         25,800
                                                                           Accrued income taxes                                            525              509
  Corporate bonds                                151,037     150,076
                                                                           Guarantee deposits                                              628              548
  Stocks                                          55,911      53,541
                                                                           Unearned income                                                 123              104
  Foreign securities                              92,262      88,250
                                                                           Accounts payable                                               2,702          4,988
  Other securities                                 6,920       6,828
                                                                           Temporary receipts                                             2,051          1,682
 Loans                                            32,936      24,128
                                                                           Asset retirement obligations                                      —               88
  Policy loans                                     1,853       1,747
                                                                        Reserve for employees’ retirement benefits                        9,046          8,831
  General loans                                   31,082      22,380
                                                                        Reserve for directors’ retirement benefits                         552              532
 Tangible fixed assets                            54,657      53,914
                                                                        Reserve under the special law                                     1,881          1,639
  Land                                            32,625      32,617
                                                                           Price fluctuation reserve                                      1,881          1,639
  Buildings                                       20,614      19,917
                                                                        Deferred tax liabilities on revaluation difference                4,540          4,538
  Other tangible fixed assets                      1,417       1,379
                                                                        Total liabilities                                               609,271       600,347
 Intangible fixed assets                            256         256
                                                                        NET ASSETS
 Other assets                                     36,935      37,255
                                                                        Share capital                                                    52,500         52,500
  Premiums receivable                               498         533
                                                                        Additional paid-in capital                                       12,559         12,559
  Agency accounts receivable                      10,193      10,806
                                                                           Capital reserves                                              12,559         12,559
  Co-insurance accounts receivable                 1,198        861
                                                                        Retained earnings                                               (27,176)       (26,274)
  Reinsurance accounts receivable                  7,550       7,861       Profit reserve                                                 2,952          2,952
  Foreign reinsurance accounts receivable          1,147        419        Other retained earnings                                      (30,128)       (29,226)
  Accounts receivable                              1,947       1,848             Reserves for provision of dividends                      2,500          2,500
  Accrued revenue                                  1,970       1,792             Special emergency reserves                               4,000          4,000
  Deposits                                         1,259       1,151             Retained earnings carried forward                      (36,628)       (35,726)
  Guarantee deposits for earthquake insurance      7,174       7,595    Total shareholders’ equity                                       37,883         38,785
  Temporary payments                               3,026       3,545    Net unrealized gains (losses) on other marketable securities      7,819          7,750
  Other assets                                      969         838     Revaluation difference on land                                   (3,720)        (3,719)
 Deferred tax assets                              25,419      25,393    Total valuation and translation adjustments                       4,098          4,030
 Reserve for bad debts                              (473)       (431)   Total net assets                                                 41,982         42,816

 Total assets                                   ¥651,254    ¥643,163    Total liabilities and net assets                               ¥651,254      ¥643,163

    Non-Consolidated Statements of Income
    The Kyoei Fire & Marine Insurance Co., Ltd.
    For the years ended March 31, 2011 and 2010
                                                                                         (Millions of yen)

                                                                      2010         2011
     Ordinary income                                                  ¥207,734     ¥209,543
       Underwriting income                                             199,743      203,597
          Net premiums written                                         158,857      155,899
          Deposit premiums by policyholders                             24,739       28,334
          Investment income on deposit premiums, etc.                     5,382        5,322
          Reversal of outstanding claims                                  2,304           —
          Reversal of underwriting reserves                               8,447      13,992
          Foreign exchange income                                            11           48
       Investment income                                                  6,554        5,657
          Interest and dividend income                                  10,132         9,392
          Gain on money held in trust                                         0           27
          Gain on sales of securities                                     1,673        1,103
          Gain on redemption of securities                                  121          382
          Gain on financial derivatives                                       1           —
          Foreign exchange income                                            —            73
          Other investment income                                             6            0
          Transfer from investment income on deposit premiums, etc.      (5,382)      (5,322)
       Other ordinary income                                              1,437          287
     Ordinary expenses                                                 204,598      208,669
       Underwriting expenses                                           171,779      175,996
          Net losses and claims paid                                    95,047       94,811
          Loss adjustment expenses                                        8,019        7,663
          Agency commissions and brokerages                             29,715       28,988
          Maturity refunds to policyholders                             38,881       42,470
          Dividends to policyholders                                          0            0
          Provision of reserve for outstanding claims                        —         1,954
          Other underwriting expenses                                       114          106
       Investment expenses                                                  757        2,538
          Loss on sales of securities                                       321        1,739
          Loss on revaluation of securities                                 267          487
          Loss on redemption of securities                                   58          193
          Loss on financial derivatives                                      —            56
          Foreign exchange loss                                              32           —
          Other investment expenses                                          77           61
       Operating and general administrative expenses                    31,070       29,491
       Other ordinary expenses                                              991          642
          Interest paid                                                     693          532
          Sundry ordinary expenses                                          297          110
     Ordinary profit                                                      3,135          873
     Extraordinary profit                                                   333          245
          Gain on sales of fixed assets                                       2            3
          Reversal of reserve under the special law                          —           242
             Price fluctuation reserve                                       —           242
          Other extraordinary profit                                        331           —
     Extraordinary loss                                                     279          100
          Loss on sales of fixed assets                                      51           36
          Loss on impairment                                                  4           —
          Provision of reserve under the special law                        222           —
             Price fluctuation reserve                                      222           —
          Other extraordinary loss                                           —            64
     Income before income taxes                                           3,190        1,018
     Income taxes—current                                                   137          127
     Income taxes—deferred                                              11,911           (10)
     Total income taxes                                                 12,048           116
     Net income (loss)                                                ¥ (8,858)    ¥     901

Corporate Data and Stock Information

 Corporate Data (As of March 31, 2011)                                     Major Shareholders (As of March 31, 2011)
Name: The Kyoei Fire & Marine Insurance Co., Ltd.                                        Shareholders                 Shares Held Ownership (%)

                                                                           Zenkyoren (National Mutual Insurance
                                                                                                                      217,729          74.19
Head Office: 1-18-6, Shimbashi, Minato-ku,                                 Federation of Agricultural Cooperatives)

             Tokyo 105-8604, Japan                                         The Norinchukin Bank                         18,907          6.44

                                                                           Shinkin Central Bank                         17,857          6.08
Established: July 1942
                                                                           Mitsubishi UFJ NICOS Co., Ltd.                1,786          0.60

Total Assets: ¥643.1 billion                                               Zen-noh (National Federation of
                                                                                                                         1,785          0.60
                                                                           Agricultural Cooperative Associations)

Number of Employees: 2,786                                                 Kyosuiren (National Mutual Insurance
                                                                                                                         1,785          0.60
                                                                           Federation of Fishery Cooperatives)

Number of Sales Agencies: 9,915 outlets                                    Japanese Consumers’ Co-operative
                                                                                                                         1,785          0.60

Capital: ¥52.5 billion                                                     Zenrosai (National Federation of
                                                                           Workers and Consumers Insurance               1,785          0.60
Ratings: Standard & Poor’s
                                                                           YACHIYO BANK, Ltd.                            1,785          0.60
            (Insurer Financial Strength) A–
            Japan Credit Rating Agency, Ltd.                               Sekisui House, Ltd.                           1,785          0.60

               (Long-term rating) A+                                       Daiwa House Industry Co., Ltd.                1,785          0.60
               (Short-term rating) J-1+                                    MAEDA CORPORATION                             1,785          0.60

  Supporting Customer Activities Overseas through a Global Service Network

In line with the Company’s management philosophy, Kyoei                   companies, and insurance claim processing agents across
Fire & Marine is an active member of the International                    the world, we provide overseas travel insurance customer
Cooperative and Mutual Insurance Federation (ICMIF)*, an                  services such as cashless medical treatment, quick
organization of insurance cooperatives within the                         payment of insurance claims, and support in the event of
Insurance Committee of the International Co-operative                     an emergency.
Alliance (ICA). We provide insurance support to our                          In addition, as a risk management measure against a
overseas customers through a global network of                            potentially large-scale natural disaster in Japan, Kyoei Fire
cooperative insurance and other companies, including                      & Marine has signed reinsurance agreements with major
ICMIF members.                                                            insurance companies across the globe. In the unlikely event
   Kyoei Fire & Marine also has a well-developed overseas                 of such a catastrophe, measures are in place to claim
network of insurance-related services so that customers                   insurance coverage and ensure continued operational
can feel peace of mind. Through business tie-ups and                      stability of the Company.
subcontracting agreements with hospitals, travel assistance

* The International Cooperative and Mutual Insurance Federation (ICMIF) is a specialist body within the Insurance Committee of the
 International Co-operative Alliance (ICA). Its objectives are to strengthen collaboration among cooperative and mutual insurers of the world
 and further enhance the quality of services provided to customers. ICMIF has 210 members in 72 countries around the world.

Head Office: 1-18-6, Shimbashi, Minato-ku, Tokyo 105-8604, Japan
Telephone: +81-3-3504-0131
Facsimile: +81-3-3502-2230

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