How To Use Social Media for MLM Success

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					January 12th, 2013                                                                                         Published by: Janet Johnson

How to Use Social Media
For MLM Success
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  Social media is an excellent resource
  and tool to use if you are looking for a
  way to have MLM success.
  There is Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest,You
  Tube, Google+ to name a few.

                                                                       Some people believe they can actually sell people on
                                                                       their business by spamming their social media sites with
                                                                       business links multiple times per day on Facebook for
                                                                       You know what I am talking about. Are YOU guilty of
  Social Media is all the rage today. People use this as
  a form of connecting with others either for personal                 After a while, the spammer will actually do more harm
  purposes or for MLM success.                                         than good for their MLM success by using this method.
                                                                       It gives no credibility at all to the guilty party.
  But there is a right way and a wrong way to have MLM
  success using social media as a tool.                                Think about it…. when you receive multiple times per
                                                                       day on your news feed posts from someone pitching
  First I want to suggest the biggest WRONG use of social              their business, how do YOU like it? What if you have
  media for trying to achieve MLM success.                             others in your group in that same business making
                                                                       multiple posts per day to your news feed?
  SPAMMING!                                                            It makes you either delete the guilty parties from your
                                                                       list or causes you to scroll on down without even reading
                                                                       their posts. The spammer could really post something
                                                                       worthy every now and again and you would miss it
                                                                       because you have become accustomed to seeing spam.
                                                                       It’s okay to be passionate about your MLM or other
                                                                       home based opportunity, but there are other ways of
                                                                       using social media to have “MLM success” besides
                                                                       An occasional mention of your opportunity on social
                                                                       media is okay but there is definitely a right way of doing
                                                                       so. Remember, occasional is the key.

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January 12th, 2013                                                                                         Published by: Janet Johnson

  Another SPAMMING problem I encounter on social                       Don’t just take, take, take. Give something to others and
  media:                                                               give them some love when they have something good to
                                                                       say. Interaction shows you care and in time it becomes
  Have you ever “friended”someone on social media only
                                                                       an effective tool for MLM success.
  for them to immediately start spamming you with their
  non-stop business links? I had this to happen recently.              Never, ever forget that the people you interact with on
  I even messaged the person and suggested to them                     Facebook and other social media sites are real. Treat
  spamming was not helping and that it annoyed people.                 them like that and you will have much better chance at
  They just made a silly comment and kept on doing it. I               MLM success using social media as a tool. Don’t look at
  haven’t deleted them….. yet. I am hoping they will see by            your followers or friends as money. Look at them as real
  my example how to properly use social media for MLM                  people with real emotions.
  Another form of spamming, particularly on Facebook,
  is posting on someones wall their opportunity without
  their permission. Don’t do this!

  Let me offer a few ideas
  that you can utilize for your
  MLM success if you are
  using social media as a tool.

  Building Relationships
  People want to do business with people that they like,
  know and trust. And even though your friends and                     MLM Success
  family probably do like you, you must follow guidelines
  for promoting your opportunity if you desire MLM                     Use common sense when using
  success… even with family and friends.                               social media sites for MLM
  Give Value                                                           success.
  Instead of posting non-stop business links, offer to your            Here are some common sense rules or ideas to follow
  followers useful information. A blog is an excellent way             when engaging with others on social media for MLM
  of doing this. In your blog you can write helpful ideas              success.
  about any range of subjects, including your business
  opportunity. Then just provide a link of your post with              1. Find groups on social media sites that share your
  a short description of the post and share in your social             interests (personal or business) where no business links
  media pages and groups.                                              are allowed to just meet new people and build new
  Encourage Others
                                                                       2. There are social media groups that allow you to post
  Offer encouraging words to others on your social                     your opportunity. But even here I feel that providing
  media sites. This is also an excellent way of building               value in the form of a blog post with helpful information
  relationships. Occasional quotes are excellent for this.             is still better than spamming your opportunity links. I
  Congratulate Other When They Have Success                            believe respect is still key here and will give you more
  Whatever success others may have, people love to be
  congratulated and praised. Offer up congratulations to               3. Ask yourself before you post anything on FaceBook,
  others who are having MLM success.                                   etc:
  Become a problem solver not an annoying pest.                            • Would I want to read this?
  Pay attention to what other people are posting. You may                  • Would this turn me off to this MLM opportunity if
  find that you have a solution to offer them in the form of                 I read this post?
  your opportunity.
                                                                           • Will my followers find any value or help in this
  Be Yourself.                                                               post?
  Never, ever try to be someone you are not. It will show                  • Does this sound pitchy or spammy?
  through in a big way.
  Comment on other worthy posts.                                       4. Have integrity. Enough said…

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January 12th, 2013                                                                                        Published by: Janet Johnson

  5. Create reasons for your followers to want to know                 enough other people get what they want." (Zig Ziglar) I
  more about about you. Be interesting!                                truly believe that success comes through helping others.
                                                                       When I lost my job in early 2012, I joined a network
  If properly used, over time social media can be an
                                                                       marketing company. Network marketing is truly a great
  effective tool for MLM success and will produce leads for
                                                                       industry to be in. It is an industry where you must have
  your opportunity. Remember, common sense is the key.
                                                                       a servants mentality. If you cannot help others, you will
  Unfortunately, a lot of social media users don’t have any.
                                                                       NOT succeed. I joined into a great Empower Network
  I trust this was helpful to you! Please let me know by               team with great training. You will receive the same great
  commenting below and sharing with others! Here’s to                  training if you join my team. I would love to help you
  MLM Success!                                                         build your dreams.

  Blogging is an effective tool for promoting your business          The content of this story is not displayed. You need a Zinepal
  to the world and on social media sites for MLM success.            Pro Account to add your own extra stories to an eBook.
  Learn how you can have a blog to promote your
  business… (and make money)

  Success Through Helping Others,
  Janet Johnson

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