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        MODEL: EV3000-P-EMCCD-300


        With its built-in night vision Electronic Multiplying CCD the EV3000-P-EMCCD-300
has a light sensitivity that is more than 100 times better than average. The fact this camera has
been selected as the solution for the unmanned surveillance needs of military front of lines
proves its capability.

      The EV3000-P-EMCCD-300 can detect and distinguish a moving subject from over
one mile away in a pitch – dark environment, and send the image to a military command center
for immediate response.

 Lens                                           10mm-300mm, 30 X optical zoom
 Total pixels                                   680(H) x 500(V)
 Effective Pixels                               658(H) x 496(V)
 Resolution                                     Color: 450TV lines (Min)/ B/W: 470TV lines
 Video output                                   VBS output Video 0.7 Vp-p Plus terminal nature
                                                 Sync 0.3 Vp-p Negative polarity
                                                 Burst 0.3 Vp-p, More than 8 cycles
                                                 Impedance 75 Ω Un -balancing
 S/N ratio (Y signal)                           50dB (AGC off, weight on)
 Min. illumination                              Color in full motion mode: 0.0009 lux
                                                Monochrome in full motion mode: 0.00005 lux
                                                Color accumulation mode: 0.000015 lux
                                                Monochrome accumulation mode: 0.000008 lux
 IP version video streaming with PC software   option, Support MPEG-2, MPEG-4
                                                with 25/30 fps
 Communication                                  RS-485, TCP/IP
 Iris control                                   Auto – video IRIS
 Pan / tilt                                     Pan 00 ~ endless / tilt -700 - +200 ± 50 , preset 0 –
                                                127 positions
 Operating temperature                          -100C ~ +600 with Sunshield
 Operating humidity                             20 – 90% RH
 Power                                          110/220
 Weight                                         70 lbs
 Environment                                    NEMA 4X IP68 Marine version to be extreme

Options for EV3000-P-EMCCD 300
       IP Version with Mpeg-4
       Video Stabilizer

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