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									Fail Your Way To Be Successful Online
by Jean-Francois Gemme | on January 12, 2013

                                                         Your Way To Be
                                                        Successful Online
                                               Isn’t it revealing that almost 100% of successful people
                                               fail their way to success?

                                               To Be Successful Online is NOT any different…

                                               If you pay attention to ALL the people that are
                                               Successful Online… ALL of them failed for various
                                               period of time before they eventually succeed…

                                               I say this with confidence because ALL the people I
                                               came accross in the last 3 years that are Successful
                                               Online have ALL stories that begin with struggles and
                                               massive amount of failure!

                                               And the fact that 98% of people will never be
                                               Successful Online is just that they want it to be easy
                                               and at the first sign of failure…

                                               THEY QUIT!!!
Fail Your Way To Be Successful Online
Let’s look at some of the most unusual “Success Stories” in history if not in the univers!!!

Go thru them and just imagine for a second if those people had quit at the first sign of failure?

Albert Eintein

He wasn’t capable to speak until he was almost four years old and his instructors stated he’d “Never amount to
Micheal Jordan

After being cut from his senior high school basketball team, he went home, locked himself in his bedroom and

Walt Disney

He was fired from the newspaper for “Missing Imagination” and “Getting no Original Ideas.”
Steve Jobs

At Thirty years old, he remained devastated and depressed after being unceremoniously remove fro the
organization he began.

Oprah Winfrey

Was demotes from her job like a news anchor because she “Wasn’t fit for television.”
The Beatles

Declined by Decca Recording Studias, who stated “We do not similar to their seem – other product future in
show business.”
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Fail Your Way To Be Successful Online

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